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I want you guys to think about something.
Is it okay to harrass people over fictional characters?
Is it okay to continuously send them messages when they’ve blocked you? Is it okay to harrass them because ‘they don’t do this character justice’? Because they seemingly hate or dislike the character?
Sending them long, drawn out messages explaining how or what they should draw/write/create, and refusing to stop even though they’ve openly expressed you make them uncomfortable? Upset? Even though they’ve blocked you and you still find a way to send those petty messages?
If you agree to any of that, then here is something else you need to hear:
Creators don’t owe you anything.
Yeah? One more time.
Creators don’t owe you Anything.
It doesn’t matter how many requests they take, how many asks they answer, how fast they draw/write, or anything. Creators do not owe you jack shit. Nadda. Zip.
Creators are people. We are not vessels for you to scream at because we drew a hand too big. Because our voice cracked when hitting a high note. Because we wrote something you didn’t enjoy.
The moment you cross the line from being an innocent fan, into doing the things listed above, you’re assuming we owe you something. You’re assuming we owe you our personal lives, time, and voice. You’re assuming we’re only there to cater to you, and to you only.
You’re assuming that we’re going to stop what we do, just because you and a friend or two bypassed our blocking system to just. Send. Hate.
And if you think that’s okay, you need to spend time working on something, you need to spend hours. You need to fall in love with what you made, even though insecurity and doubt is there. Then you need to have someone essentially come by, and destroy it.
That would suck ass, wouldn’t it? No matter how much you explain “Hey, I’m trying to get better.”, “I’m sorry you didn’t like this.”, “Please leave me alone.”, These people come back and talk shit to your face about how bad the thing you made was.
And no, I’m not saying whatever you made was disgusting. This is something you worked on for a bit, excited and anxious to share it with the world.
Just to have continuous harrassment sent again and again, even when you’ve explained away the complaints they keep coming back with, even when it’s obvious that no matter what you say, politely or aggressively, that they keep coming back.
That’s gotta do wonders with you finding the inspiration to make something new, huh? To keep trying to make things that make you, and friends, happy, huh?
That would fucking suck, in other words, huh?
And you guys wonder why so many content creators, fans or not, go on hiatuses​ and sparsely post.
It’s not like we’re people or anything, huh?

i learned today that the “lion” in jojolion comes from the greek tale of pygmalion and his statue so that’s pretty cool??

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Do you have any tips to people who want to start drawing? I really want to start but I'm afraid it will never turn out how I want it.

That’s wonderful!! Always great to hear people want to get into drawing :D 

Ok here’s some things that helped me when I was starting out and I hope they’ll help you too:

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Papercut | part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

fluff | light smut at the end

Originally posted by sweetly-delirious

Groaning you slammed your head against the wooden door frame, nothing was going right today and it was honestly a big headache for you.

  1. your parents found out about your soul mate via the bruises that appeared on your body.
  2. Min Yoongi showed up at your doorstep sporting the exact same bruises and then stayed for dinner.
  3. You got so nervous around him you spilled water which led to accidentally wearing his shirt.
  4. Your parents found out then decided to leave you with him.
  5. It started pouring so now Yoongi has to stay the night.
  6. You’re hyperventilating in the bathroom because nothing went right

Breathing in and out you slapped your cheeks before opening the bathroom door to reveal a dark hallway, closing your eyes you shook your head before walking out-right into his chest,

“Woah there, you alright I heard you banging something in there.” Yoongi said to you raising an eyebrow,

“It’s nothing” you muttered scooting around him and closing the door in his face

“Uh, i’m sleeping in there so, can you open the door?” he asked

“No you’re most definitely not. Go sleep on the couch.” You yell back before tripping and falling over the futon on your floor with a loud thump. Yoongi just chuckled and opened the door to find you on his futon looking a little dizzy.

“Didn’t know you wanted to sleep with me that badly baby.” he said before suddenly leaning down and hovering over your body,

“W-w-what?” you whispered shocked at the sudden closeness, “Shouldn’t you back up?”

“Nope.” he replied popping the ‘p’ before leaning even closer. “You really do look good in my clothes.” he mused out loud to himself watching as a blush rose on your cheeks.

“G-get off me I’m tired.” you stutter before pushing him off you and crawling into your own bed, sighing you turned away from him cursing your parents to high hell for making him sleep in your room. Turning away from him you could feel your heart in your throat before slowly dozing off.

“Oof.” Yoongi groaned being rudely awoken in the middle of the night to something heavy falling on top of him. Blinking tiredly he looked down to be met with you, a very beautiful sleeping you. Your hair was messy but it suited you, gently breathing on his chest. Sighing he leaned his head back on the futon unsure of what to do. He could try and put you back in bed but if you woke up he’d look like some weird pervert, or he could just go back to sleep and deal with it tomorrow…….he chose the latter, obviously. Yawning he realized you were still wearing his shirt and no pants. Chuckling he just  shifted slightly resting his hands on your back(a little low) before pulling the blanket back up over the both of you. “Good night y/n.” he hummed  before slowly dozing off.

You blinked early morning sun peeking out through the curtains. Groaning softly you tried to get up, key word-tried. You couldn’t because someone with the name of Min fucking Yoongi was sleeping, next to you arm locking you in. Eyes snapping shut in hopes that it wasn’t real, because there’s no way you could be sleeping with Yoongi, nooooo. As the sleep clouds slowly drifted away you finally and slowly opened your eyes again to be met with his chest, looking up your faces were mere inches if not centimeters away. Taking a shaky deep breath you started to slowly untangle yourself from the limbs underneath the blanket before you felt his arms suddenly tighten around you like an iron grip latching you in with no means of escape.

“Hmmmangenakfewnk.” Yoongi groaned softly wrapping his arms around you tighter before yawning and prying his eyes open, to be met with you chewing your bottom lip unsure of what to do. He was about to tease you when you started talking to yourself, then he snapped his mouth shut and decided to listen.

“Ugh, how did I even get here? Did I fall? Oh my god what if he-” you stopped yourself shaking your head quickly. “No, it’s purely by accident. When he wakes up i’ll explain that to him thoroughly.” you say nodding to yourself before looking up, “what do you know, he’s actually pretty attractive, wait no! Bad thoughts!” you scold yourself as Yoongi tries not to laugh his eyes closed. “Aish, he’s such an idiot,” you mutter sighing to yourself.

“But i’m an attractive idiot ain’t that right y/n?” Yoongi suddenly whispers into your ear arms pulling you closer as his body curls around yours.

“W-w-what?” you splutter, “Did you-” you start sweating nervously,

“Yup, all of it.” he said smirking before suddenly hovering over you, “I didn’t know you found me attractive.” he teased as he playfully nipped your ear.

“I-i-i didn’t say that!” you managed to get out letting a squeak out from your throat as you felt him nip your ear,

“Oh but i heard you say that, and I quote,” he starts his knee between your. “He’s actually pretty attractive.” he whispers before starting to gently kiss your neck lightly,

“Y-yoongi!” you whisper nervously nerves on overdrive as you felt him start to kiss down your neck. You strained your head away, only giving him more skin to work with. Chuckling he just smirked using one elbow to hold his weight as he fluttered kisses down your throat while the other hand was holding your hip gently fingers starting to rub small circles into the skin.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asks lightly tonguing your jawline before sucking a small hickey onto your collar bone smirking,

“S-stop! My p-p-parents!” you whisper harshly before letting out a low moan as he sucked on your collar bone, legs trying to close but only squeezing the his leg between yours,

“If you’re quiet we’ll be fine baby.” he says a hand slipping under your shirt cold fingers starting to trace shapes and lines onto your burning skin, “Do you want me to stop?” he asks afraid that maybe he took it too far, shivering at his touch you hated to admit it, but you wanted Yoongi. Already his touch was addicting, he was like that new catchy song that no one could get out of their head and suddenly you didn’t want him to stop.

So when he asked you just responded by leaning up and smashing your lips together, surprised Yoongi tensed up before smirking slightly as he kissed you back, “No, don’t stop.” you breathe breaking away from the kiss whimpering slightly at his cold touch before leaning up to kiss him-less violently- again. His tongue swiped against the seam of your lips and then you were opening them letting him in, tongues mingling you let out another low moan into his mouth as he sucked lightly on your tongue both hands now on your hips under your shirt. Breathing getting heavy you felt yourself getting turned on, and you hated and loved it at the same time. “Y-yoongi.” you manage to breathe out,

“Hmm?” he hummed mouth having moved back to your throat,

“A-ah!” you whimpered again hips suddenly grinding up against his thigh between your legs. “Yoongi,” you were panting slightly now as your hands gripped his arms the feeling of want and need starting to rise within you, “I-I-more! I need more-daddy!” you pant hips grinding up again on his thigh,

“Well aren’t you needy baby girl.” he says huskily into your ear feeling a spot of wetness start to form on your underwear, definitely not expecting you to have a daddy kink but you learn something new every day huh. 

“S-shut up!” you groan in frustration before he silenced you with another heated kiss lips moving in time with yours saliva mixing hands wandering, then you’re door opened.

“Honey, are you-” your mom started only to be met with you making out with Yoongi that obviously looked like it was about to become more due to your heavy breathing and the way you already had a couple of hickies littered onto your skin, you didn’t hear your mom though. No not yet still caught up in the whirlwind that was Min Yoongi,

“Y-yoongi-ah!” you moan softly into the kiss again as he smirked,

“Awake?” she finished before your dad walked in behind her,

“Y/n, are you awake-what in GODS name?!” he suddenly yelled surprised leaving you and Yoongi pulling apart staring at them with wide eyes, a string of saliva still connected to your lips from him as he hovered over you your hands gripping his arms tightly.

“Fuck me.” you breathed cheeks flushing red as you groaned head laying back against the futon. This conversation was not going to be fun.


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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NaruHina prompt: It's sometime after the incident and Naruto is kinda self conscious about his new prosthetic arm. You get to decide between Regular!Hinata and RTN!Hinata. Also, for some reason the words "high school AU" keep popping up in my head. Your writing style and characterization is amazing btw!

It was bizarre.

Uzumaki Naruto couldn’t wrap his mind around it, couldn’t make sense of it. He held up his right hand and watched the sun catch in the steel, glowing metallic silver. His brain said: make a fist.

And he felt absent fibers obey, as his fingers curled against his palm, knuckles gleaming. His brain said: twist your wrist.

And he did.

He could still feel the burn, the ache, piercing and radiating up to his shoulder. His elbow was the worst of it, a constant throb he couldn’t rid himself of. Tsunade had told him it was called phantom pain; that even though his arm was gone, completely, the pain was there. He wasn’t crazy.

It was real.

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Music to My Eyes (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I rreaallyy like this one so thanks anon for requesting it! I thought it was such a cute idea! I have two more requests after this imagine and then I will have my requests open! PS I’m not sure why this imagine is so spaced out. I’m posting from my computer and i don’t know why it did that 🙃

Warnings: none

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: the reader is deaf and Spencer learns sign language just to ask her on a date

Requested by: anon

Upcoming Imagine: the reader is short…


Spencer walked into his everyday coffee shop and placed his order.

Nothing was out of the ordinary; the same spot he sat at was open, the same barista was working at the counter.

But something, well someone, new did catch Spencer’s eye.

A beautiful girl with y/h/c hair stood at the counter as she scribbled something on a piece of paper and then handed it to the barista, making the barista smile.

The girl then stood off to the side as she waited for her drink.

When it was ready, Spencer leaned closer to hear her voice, but she didn’t say anything.

Throughout the next few days, Spencer made sure he went to the coffee shop at the same time every day to get another glimpse of the beautiful girl, and every day he had the goal of talking to her but he was way too nervous until one day, that all changed.


You scribbled down the new order you wanted and slid the small piece of paper towards the barista, making her smile.

“Something new every day, huh?” She asked, making you smile and nod.

You have been deaf since you were 13, and throughout the years, you have picked up the skill of reading lips along with speaking, but you weren’t very good at it, so you rather don’t.

One of the days you visited, you decided to stay a little while and read.

As your eyes scanned the words on the pages, you saw someone approach you, so you marked the book and smiled up at them.

The person standing before you was a young man, with messy brown hair and matching eyes.

He looked nervous, but it was hard to be reassuring when a stranger doesn’t know your deaf.

“Hi can I sit here?” He asked as you watched his pink lips move to form the words you could hear with your eyes.

You nodded and smiled before pulling out your notepad and pen.

You quickly wrote down, ‘My name is Y/N. I am deaf so I can’t hear you, but I can read your lips so I know what you are saying. I prefer sign language but not everyone knows it.’

He took the piece of paper with a confused look but when he read it, the confused look exchanged for a curious one.

He looked at you, and you could see him clearing his throat before speaking slowly.

You laughed and took the notepad back and wrote, ‘You don’t need to speak slowly, I can understand you when you speak normal. I’ve been deaf since I was 13 so I got pretty good at reading lips believe me.’

He read it again and his eyebrows raised.

“Thirteen? Wow, I-I’m Spencer Reid. It’s really nice to meet you.” He said.

You smiled and pointed to yourself before putting two fingers up, hoping he gets that your saying ‘me too’.

It’s not sign language but it would make since to someone like him who doesn’t know it.

Spencer’s phone rang and he looked at it briefly before a disappointed look came across his face.

You silently asked what’s wrong by leaning closer to him with a concerned look.

“I have to go to work, I would love to talk with you tomorrow, can we meet here at the same time?” He asked.

You smiled and nodded before flipping the page in your notebook and quickly writing, ‘see you tomorrow’ with a smiley face.

He read it and smiled before waving goodbye.

You watched as his long legs carried him out of the door, leaving you with your thoughts about what his voice must sound like.

You weren’t one to make assumptions, but you like to fantasize that it is calming and sweet.


The next day, you got to the coffee shop a little earlier than usual and you placed a new order, than you did yesterday.

This morning, you put a little more makeup on than you did yesterday, knowing you were going to meet your prince charming again.

You sat at the same table you sat at yesterday and read while you waited for Spencer.

About 10 minutes later, you saw the same boy from yesterday, but his hair looked different.

It looked a little bit shorter.

You started asking him in sign if he got a haircut but then realized he doesn’t know sign so you pulled out your notepad, until you were stopped by his hand on your wrist.

“Wait I got you something.” He said before sitting in his seat across from yours and digging into his messenger bag.

He then pulled out a little white board with 6 different color expo markers and a little eraser.

Your eyes lit up as he displayed the gift to you.

“I figured this would be easier to use than flipping all those pages in your notepad.” He said with a smile.

You leapt across the table and hugged him.

You thanked him in sign language, hoping it was obvious you were thanking him.

He then signed ‘you’re welcome’ with a smile.

Your mouth opened in shock before you signed, ‘do you know sign language?’

He then said, “I’m learning, I’m just a beginner.”

You smiled, knowing he’s learning and it will be easier to talk to him.

You started to pay attention to the gift he bought for you.

You opened the package of markers and took the cap off of the purple marker and wrote, ‘did you get a haircut?’

He read it and smiled. “I did, it was getting a little long.” He responded. “How would I sign your name?” He asked making you smile at how dedicated he was into learning your primary language.

You showed him step by step and he mimicked the gestures perfectly, his long fingers mirroring your smaller ones.

You smiled once he repeated your name all together, making you clap as he did so.

Today, you spent most of your time teaching Spencer sign language.

It wasn’t until you looked at your phone.

You both have been having so much fun, you hadn’t realized nearly 4 hours went by.

You quickly scribbled on the whiteboard after erasing the previous message.

It now read ‘I have to go let my dog out. Can we meet here again tomorrow?’

Spencer nodded. “Of course. I would love that.” He said.

That night, Spencer read 4 books on sign language and by the time the sun was up, he was fluent in sign, thanks to his eidetic memory and speed reading.

He came into the coffee shop running on 3 hours of sleep and was exhausted.

He asked for 4 shots of espresso, hoping that would wake him up.

As soon as he sat down at their table, you walked into the door.

You didn’t even need coffee today, you just needed Spencer.

As you approached him, you noticed something different about him.

His hair was messier than usual and his posture was very weary and tired.

When he saw you, his eyes lit up and he signed ‘Good morning Y/N. How did you sleep?’

A big smile spread across your lips as he signed perfectly to you.

‘Mine was great but now it’s better. How about you?’ you signed back.

‘I slept 3 hours but this coffee should help’ he signed back.

You laughed and it was music to Spencer’s ears.

He has never heard your voice and just the little sound made him feel well rested.

‘You have a beautiful laugh’ he sighed slowly, making you blush.

He then signed, ‘Can I take you to dinner sometime? I love our meets here but I would love to take you to out on a date.’

You nodded quickly before signing, ‘Of course, I thought you would never ask.’

Jumin - Valentine’s Day Special

  After you chose the rich and serious member, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

 Some hours later, you woke up feeling a lot better. Unlikely before, your body seemed extremely light. However, you weren’t expecting that. You woke up in an incredible room, the bed was extremely comfortable and everything seemed perfect.

  You were worried, but that was a nice place. There were a letter and a note near the bed, you took them and looked for your phone. Most of your contacts and photos were lost, but you had a new message from… Jumin?!

I left a note for you near the bed. Don’t forget to see it.”

  That was strange. How could the game know about the note? Since you were a little scared, you decided to read the letter first.

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Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 8)

Summary: Steve seems like he’s ready to commit… or is he? Steve and [Y/N] have the exclusive talk.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1611

Warnings: Not even a swearword. Ok, maybe one.

A/N: Hold your horses, there’ll be trash later on. You trash you (me trash me too).  Read Part 7 or check out the Masterlist for more.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Chapter 8: Brooklyn Bowl

“We’re going bowling?” [Y/N] looked at the doors of Brooklyn Bowl, before he opened them for her.

“Yeah, I thought it would be fun, and something different.”

“Afraid to be alone with me, Steve?” She squeezed his hand and laughed.

“Maybe.” He gave her a cheeky smile and they walked inside.

The interior was dark, with black, red and brown walls and floors, but the colorful illumination that hung all over the walls made the place look attractive and welcoming. Steve had a wistful smile on his face as he showed her around, and she knew they were in for a great time. After they got all the practicalities out of the way (ordering something to eat and drink, finding the right bowling shoes, and so on), they walked through the a stage area where at certain nights there were music shows, and found their bowling lane.

“I can’t believe I haven’t been here before.” [Y/N] said as she looked around.

“Ah, so I finally showed you something new, huh?”

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Are You Scared Of Flying?

“You excited?” Jack jumped when he heard Joe’s voice suddenly, and he tore his eyes from the plane sitting on the runway to look at his smiling boyfriend.

“Yeah.” Jack offered a weak smile, eyes darting back over the plane. “Ready to be somewhere warm.” He joked, trying to calm himself.

“And we don’t have to worry about being quiet.” Joe smirked, standing in front of Jack to wrap his arms round his waist, reaching up to kiss him quickly. “Just the two of us.”

“About time.” For a moment, Jack forgot about everything except for the man standing in front of him. They were heading off on holiday together, just the two of them, no one else. And Jack was excited, he honestly was. It was just the matter of transport that was bothering him. And as the boarding call came over the speakers, his fear returned.

But Joe didn’t know about his fear, so Jack plastered a smile on his face and followed the smaller man, who had begun to ramble on about what they were going to do while on holiday.

Jack was sure if he was listening, he would have caught on to the subtle hints through Joe’s words about what they would doing that should not be heard by other people, but all he could hear currently was the blood rushing through his ears and his heart pounding as they moved closer to the plane.

It wasn’t until they were settled in their seats, with Joe in the window seat because Jack didn’t think he could handle watching the plane take off or land, that Joe picked up on something.

“You alright?” He frowned over at Jack, placing a hand over Jack’s shaking one.

“Just so excited.”

“I didn’t realize you shook while you were excited.”

“Time to learn something new, huh?”

“Jack,” Joe’s eyes bore into his, “Talk to me.”

“I’m fine. Honestly.” Except he jumped when the flight attendant walked by, his nerves on high alert.

“Are you scared of flying?”


“Stop lying.”

“Maybe a little.” Jack finally admitted, smiling sheepishly at Joe, who sighed and shook his head.

“And of course you tell me after we are already on the bloody plane.”

“I didn’t want to ruin our trip.” Jack mumbled, flipping his hand under Joe’s so their fingers can twist together.

“It wouldn’t ruin it, but it would make for a more enjoyable time for you.”

“I’ll be fine. I promise.” Except that was when the plane began to move, and Joe winced at the sudden grip on his hand. His face softened as he looked over at Jack, who had closed his eyes tightly and had gone quite pale.

“Hey, listen to me.” Joe spoke softly, his free hand moving to rest on Jack’s arm. “You’re okay. I’m right here. Everything will be fine.”

“I know. I know.” The younger man mumbled, but his eyes remained closed, although his grip did loosen slightly on Joe’s hand, to the point where he could now feel the blood returning to that limb.

“Jack, look at me.”


“Jack.” Finally, he opened one eye enough to look at Joe, who then smiled softly at him. “I swear, nothing bad is going to happen. It’s just you and me, going on a holiday. Think of how much fun we’ll have.”

“You really want to talk about that right now?”

Laughing, Joe shook his head. “I meant the stuff outside of the bedroom, love. We’re going to a beach! Didn’t you want to go scuba diving? Or try surfing? Maybe we can find a boat to rent or something.”

“Jet ski’s?”

“Now that sound’s like a good idea. What else do you want to do? Talk to me.”

And so Jack did, stuttering slightly at first as his nerves still had a tight hold on him, but slowly, as Joe continued to ask him questions and talk to him, Jack felt himself relax.

He did tense up at the brief bit of turbulence they hit, but Joe talked him through that again, getting the younger man to look him in the eye instead of closing his own.

When they ran out of stuff to talk about for their holiday, Joe brought up past memories, which encouraged Jack to share some of his.

By the time it came for them to land, he felt as if it had just been him and Joe lazing around at home, talking about anything and everything.

“Shit.” Jack mumbled as they felt the plane dip into its descent.

“Think of it like a roller coaster.” Joe said, “You like roller coasters.”

“Roller coasters can’t fall out of the sky from thirty thousand feet!” Jack snapped, but regret flashed across his face instantly. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright. You’re freaked out. But you need to stay calm. Besides, think of it this way, we’re almost on holiday!”

“Remind me to never do this again.”

“It’ll be fun and you know it.”

“It’s a damn good thing you look good tanned. And that you wear very little clothes when it’s warm.” Jack’s words caused Joe to blush, but he couldn’t help but smile still, because it meant that his boyfriend wasn’t nearly as freaked out as before.

“Well,” Joe leaned closer, his lips brushing against Jack’s ear, “I’ll wear absolutely nothing for you if you can stay calm during landing.”

This time, when Jack’s grip tightened on Joe’s hand, it wasn’t from fear.

And well, Joe ended up being naked quite a bit during their holiday.