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i hate life i’ve been reading a comic online for the past 2 weeks and the internet told me it was still ongoing and now i was reading it, i thought that i was about to catch up and wait for more updates but then they hit me with an extra emotional chapter and then this


The Odyssey is a strange, adventurous tale of a grown man trying to get home after fighting in a war. He’s on that long journey home, and it’s filled with traps and pitfalls. He’s cursed to wander. He’s always getting carried out to sea, always having close calls. Huge chunks of boulders rock his boat. He angers people he shouldn’t. There’s troublemakers in his crew. Treachery. His men are turned into pigs and then are turned back into younger, more handsome men. He’s always trying to rescue somebody. He’s a travelin’ man, but he’s making a lot of stops.

He’s stranded on a desert island. He finds deserted caves, and he hides in them. He meets giants that say, “I’ll eat you last.” And he escapes from giants. He’s trying to get back home, but he’s tossed and turned by the winds. Restless winds, chilly winds, unfriendly winds. He travels far, and then he gets blown back.

He’s always being warned of things to come. Touching things he’s told not to. There’s two roads to take, and they’re both bad. Both hazardous. On one you could drown and on the other you could starve. He goes into the narrow straits with foaming whirlpools that swallow him. Meets six-headed monsters with sharp fangs. Thunderbolts strike at him. Overhanging branches that he makes a leap to reach for to save himself from a raging river. Goddesses and gods protect him, but some others want to kill him. He changes identities. He’s exhausted. He falls asleep, and he’s woken up by the sound of laughter. He tells his story to strangers. He’s been gone twenty years. He was carried off somewhere and left there. Drugs have been dropped into his wine. It’s been a hard road to travel.

In a lot of ways, some of these same things have happened to you. You too have had drugs dropped into your wine. You too have shared a bed with the wrong woman. You too have been spellbound by magical voices, sweet voices with strange melodies. You too have come so far and have been so far blown back. And you’ve had close calls as well. You have angered people you should not have. And you too have rambled this country all around. And you’ve also felt that ill wind, the one that blows you no good. And that’s still not all of it.

—  Bob Dylan, excerpted from his Nobel Acceptance Lecture
Hidden Sides of MBTI Types
  • ESFJ: While they are usually kind-hearted and well-intended, they're often not warm and fuzzy. This is because they often try to love people before they learn to like them. They are the biggest nerds out of all the ESxx types, often gravitating towards Enlightenment Era ideals. They also make great pranksters, because they are clever and love to get reactions from people.
  • ISFJ: They're a lot more laid back than most profiles will have you believe (because ALL SJs MUST HAVE THEIR NOSES TO THE GRINDSTONE 24/7 pssh yeah right). Yes, they take what they do very seriously, but they need an awful lot of downtime because they are highly sensitive to sensory and social input. They may have a tendency to give up on things they should persist on, and persist in things they should give up. They are more open-minded than they seem - while they are extremely cautious with strangers, they are usually willing to learn to understand others as they get to know them, regardless of their differences. They are also the most fantasy-prone of any Sensing type, with a love for lore and literary analysis - it is a way for them to keep in touch with traditions.
  • ESTJ: Most of them aren't actually self-righteous. If they are, it's only toward their family members - this is mostly out of insecurity rather than a firm belief that they have made all the right choices. When faced with someone close to them making different choices than they did, they worry that perhaps they themselves should have taken a different route in life. Out of the SJ types, they are probably the worst at teamwork.
  • ISTJ: Sillier, softer, and stranger than any profile would dare to mention, and often more so than they themselves are aware of. They become so firmly set in their habits that they often fail to realize how idiosyncratic some of them are. They are quite vulnerable and can become depressed and anxious when they are faced with a difficult decision, more so than other types. This is because of their strong sense of accountability. They can also have a knack for puns and poignant descriptions, though most would never peg this type as "poetic."
  • ENTP: The main reason they appear "non-committal" is because they are often, in actuality, extremely committed to someone or something that prevents them from pursuing new possibilities far enough or for long enough to gain anything from them. Imagine a fish that struggles to swim off in a variety of directions only to be reeled back in again and again, not even realizing that it's attached to a hook. They are probably the least self-aware of all iNtuitive types. Contrary to popular belief, they are not reckless. They may participate in reckless activities, but they are extremely cautious while doing so.
  • INTP: They care a great deal about what other people think of them and theirs - the "socially awkward" stereotype comes from over-thinking the situation, rather than under-thinking it. They are not wishy-washy, they are just extremely skilled at picking their battles. They can argue a lot for its own sake, but it wears them out more than they let on. Out of all the NTs, they are probably the best team players. They may pretend not to care about gossip or "sap", but they often secretly find these things irresistible.
  • ENTJ: They are usually not Machiavellian. Their strong sense of individualism often extends to others (which makes them respectful of others' uniqueness), and they use their brave and outspoken nature to amplify others' voices who may be going unheard. They are often the "bully's bully" - if they see someone picking on someone who's in no place to fight back, you can bet they will not hesitate to put that person in their place. They may seem tireless and unsinkable, but when they fail to meet their own standards, they often need to temporarily withdraw from their endeavor in order to regroup.
  • INTJ: They value free will fiercely, but they aren't stubborn. If they learn the value of something they previously resisted, they can do a complete 180. Because of their tendency to analyze things for extended periods of time, this is something that can happen quite often. They are more aesthetically oriented than other Thinking types, and they are often quite whimsical (though they may not always express it). While they can appear cold, they can usually be quickly defrosted by a cause or by something they relate to. They tend to be quite compassionate towards people and things that are misunderstood, urging others to look beyond their biases and at the facts and circumstances. While they are very independent in their thoughts, they usually don't mind (and can sometimes prefer) to assist and be assisted, due to their keen sense of where they and others fall short.
  • ENFJ: They tend to suffer from a poorer self-image than most ExxJs. While their perpetual concern for others may look like the picture of responsibility, it can also be a means for them to avoid dealing with their own problems. This hyper-altruistic tendency coupled with a weaker Sensing function can lead to an ENFJ's life falling into severe disarray, and because of their Fe image-focus, they tend to be very good at hiding it. They are quite prone to vices - contrary to the Goody Two Shoes picture painted of them by most MBTI profiles.
  • INFJ: While their NF righteousness usually compels them to be open and honest, they can be surprisingly artful and manipulative due to their knack for knowing what people want (and don't want) to hear. They are masters at keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. While many INFJs are spiritual people, their aptitude for coming to conclusions with little to no evidence does not come from any sort of mystical source, but rather their constant unconscious analysis of small details that most others don't notice at all and which they themselves have difficulty pinning down specifically. They are the most cerebral of all the Feeling types.
  • ENFP: They may be extraverts, but they are often not outgoing because their Fi compels them not to over-extend themselves emotionally. Their extraversion manifests more in exploration of various interests and gathering information from outside the self, interpreting it in terms of the connections between different pieces of information. While they almost always have unconventional senses of humor, they are not necessarily "goofballs" - they take their moral causes, values, and social relationships very seriously and one can readily observe this intensity any time these topics are brought to the ENFP's attention.
  • INFP: Often regarded as frivolous daydreamers, they can be shockingly practical, readily seeing the value of using time and resources wisely. They often have no time for things they see as irrelevant to their causes, projects, or values. In a society where ExxJ behavior is seen as the norm, this might look like someone acting "too cool for school". In reality, the INFP is as busy as they are. The only difference is that the source of motivation is intrinsic, and the projects are usually personal. They are also not as pleasant as most sites paint them as. Many INFPs are harshly judgmental towards people and things they see as transgressing against their values. Though they may not always speak up about it, they will frequently shun those who don't meet their standards without a second thought or a closer examination.
  • ESTP: Contrary to popular belief, they do value book-smarts and often enjoy conversing with Rational types. They may not grasp the concepts as easily (nor apply them as responsibly), but they find philosophical topics stimulating - another piece of equipment on life's big playground. While they are naturally persuasive people, they are often disinterested in the corporate and political spheres where they could potentially thrive - ladder-climbing within organizations doesn't appeal to them (in fact, many ESTPs cringe at the very idea). Because of this, they often do not pursue these career tracks despite their high level of potential for success in them.
  • ISTP: They are usually much more caring than most profiles give them credit for. They have a deeply fraternal nature about them and they often use their trouble-shooting skills and practicality to give advice and assistance to their friends. While typically independent and solitary in the pursuit of their hobbies, they are usually not aloof in social situations and they have a knack for observational humor.
  • ESFP: Out of all the Feeling types, ESFPs often have the most difficulty dealing with emotions, whether their own or those of others. They are not good at giving advice or confronting their own emotional issues - this is because of their tendency to minimize problems. Their Feeling side manifests more in their genuineness. You typically won't find them deliberately playing games with others' feelings or pretending to be someone they're not in order to be liked - their natural confidence is usually enough for them to win friends and influence people.
  • ISFP: They're not snobs or hipsters. Well, not necessarily. They know what they like, full stop. Whether their tastes are considered refined or eclectic by the rest of the world varies from ISFP to ISFP. They're not that shy - many an ISFP is possessed of an SP-typical brazen sense of humor and they love to talk at length about their interests. They are also not as prone to spring at new opportunities or experiences as other SP types - "I don't know, it doesn't sound like something I'd like" is a phrase commonly uttered by ISFPs.

Murder on the Orient Express updates via Variety today:

  • Branagh and the cast (minus Depp and Pfeiffer) introduced 10-15 min of new and previously unseen “work-in-progress” footage in London today - the introduction of the central characters, the establishing of the murder, plus the epic vistas of snow-capped mountains, and the trailer again from WonderCon
  • The cast loved the camaraderie on set, there was a “wonderful company feel about it”. “What was very extraordinary was that we were all together. It wasn’t like a film where you all do different bits. In this case we were all there all the time.” (Judi Dench, Princess Dragomiroff)
  • For the train interior scenes they have an on-set railway carriage, with pre-recorded background footage rolling in the windows. Branagh: “I found myself going to the end of the train to watch the scenery go by as if I was on a real train, and I wasn’t the only one. Quite a few of us got motion sickness.”
  • The production design is incredible. Josh Gad (MacQueen): “It was surreal. I just had the opportunity to go on the real Orient Express, and the detail that the production team brought is unreal, exquisite. It is so spot-on. For us that intimacy really lends itself to Ken’s vision. When you’re in a confined environment, it creates a sense of unease, even if you have nothing to hide.”
  • James Prichard, Agatha Christie’s great-grandson, said securing Branagh to direct and star was “awe-inspiring.” “He gets the grandeur of the work, and his vision as he first told it us made my hair stand up.”
  • Branagh made a conscious decision to not watch the ‘74 movie version, and advised the cast to do the same: “Our goal is to try and find a new approach. That’s why classic stories are worth retelling.” He also said “there are some surprises.”

the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

“I have to stop him. I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

have a little doodle of young Melarue in the Four Horsemom’s AU aka the au where Melarue is a baby and is raised by Maibrit, Lela, Kel, and Olwyn. Pffft Mel, you think somehow you’re going to sneak out to go and fight the Dread Wolf without one of your mom’s noticing? Not in a million years. 

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whats with all this furry shit

honestly like?? idk?????

summer and i talk about warriors a Lot so it only makes sense that… it would eventually… Fruition. into the hell you see unfolding.

but it’s fun! making aus is fun!! you get to take stuff you love from one series and characters you love from another and smash them together to make something new and recognizable. it’s fun to take a few steps to the left and watch everything shift and fall into place. what stays constant? what gets changed? how does context shape a character?

like yeah, the warrior cats au is embarrassing. and yeah, summer and i are probably flirting the line with being Actual Furries. but.. it’s fun. i’m having a blast chatting with summer and throwing all sorts of canon at a wall to see what sticks. i scream every time we find the perfect storyline parallel that actually, really works well with canon. i laugh my ass off with every fanart i’m tagged in, but i also appreciate it on a serious level because someone put time and effort into this, and that does mean something.

fehdskjfd not to get too meta about this but… idk. i’m happy.

When a Scorpio holds their emotion in, it can be detrimental. They are full of transformational energy, but transformation frequently looks like destruction at first. Something must be destroyed to make something new. If they direct it inward, it can destroy them from the inside out. Pluto is devastating. They must learn to process and use their intensely powerful healing abilities to better themselves, and to help better the lives of others.

So I’m watching the free episode of Run, BigBang Scout! and I’m thinking when is Block B going to make a premium show too? I mean a lot of groups are making shows that you have to pay money towards. If a main tv company not going to take Block B for a new show on national television then why don’t they go through a alternative source that will make them more accessible to the whole fandom in Korea or out? Money will most likely be more directed into their pockets too and they will have more freedom. I mean let’s be real here people will complain about having to pay for content but I’m willing to pay $$ for a 12 or so episode series that will be translated that allows me to connect to my boys. I miss them and to know more of my money will be going towards them and I get to see more of them and I’m okay with it.

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5 sentence prompt Hansy "You're going to poke someone's eye out with that thing."

“You’re going to poke someone’s eye out with that thing.”  

Pansy glared at Harry but he kept the knitting needle he’d pulled away from her up high and showed no signs of giving it back.  She knew it was illogical and unreasonable and possibly insane, but his last girlfriend had been all about the knitted jumpers.  Granted, she didn’t make them herself, but he still wore them sometimes.  She’d wanted to make something new, something from her.  So far all she’d managed to make was rage and lumpy hate in yarn form.

“I do like you better, you know,” he said.  

That was when she began to cry.

from the send me a Harry Potter ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five game.  (no more please)

The Signs And Their Dream Date

Aries: Front row tickets to their favorite teams game, wether it be football, soccer, a UFC fight or the derby. They want to be able to cheer at the top of their lungs and they love the excitement of chance. They want to go all out, paint up, bring the beer hat and be themselves completely.

Taurus: Netflix and chill but forreal. They want a million blankets and pillows, a good tv show to binge watch and their favorite pizza, all this plus the person you love…what more could you ask for?

Gemini: A surprise. They want something unexpected, they want to tell everyone about their anticipation and they love the wonder and excitement of something they don’t see coming around the corner from a mile away.

Cancer: A group date. While they value one on one time with their sweetheart they also love to be surrounded by friends and this way they can make their other half feel special when they take time out of the conversation to zone in on them and only them. They want to be surrounded by people and noise but to look at you like you’re the only person in the world. They also love to be social.

Leo: The Movies. A Leo is a classic when it comes to dates, movie and popcorn and a side glance at their sweetheart when they are least expecting it is all they really need. Plus they get to pull the classic “yawn while I discreetly put my arm around you” and they’ve always wanted to get away with that. They can also make jokes about whatever movie genre they’re watching and keep their other half more entertained than the movie itself, Leo likes these kinds of challenges.

Virgo: Drive In + A Chocolate Shake. Virgos love eclectic and old fashioned things and what’s more classic than a drive in movie date? It’s romantic because it’s at night, and they can plan for this. They know where they are headed and they know what to bring. They like the entertainment of the movie but also love the seclusion of the car, and not to mention the unlimited snacks.

Libra: A club. Libras love the spotlight, they love games, they love excitement and a club offers all of these. They can get out in the middle of the crowd and show their crush the confidence that they have stored up inside them and they can disappear into a corner when things get serious. Libras love to show off affection but they need something to keep them excited and interested…plus this is an excuse for them to pull out their new outfit and look their best.

Scorpio: A nice dinner. Scorpios love direct eye contact and conversation, it helps them read a person and get to know them even faster and they can do just this during dinner. Give them a few drinks and some interesting conversation and they’re yours. They don’t like to have other people in the mix when they find someone they like so taking them out for some one on one time is perfect.

Sagittarius: A hike. Sagittarius needs something to release all of this excess energy and they love the outdoors. There’s always something new to grab their attention and they feel accomplished when they reach the top, and it’s even better that they reached it with you. They just want a place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the beauty of you.

Capricorn: A good show. Capricorns love music and have a very specific taste. They want to make you feel protected when you’re out in the crowd and they want something that’s going to stick with the thoughts that come to mind when they think of you, and a favorite song is perfect for that.

Aquarius: Throw them in a mosh pit or take them to an art museum and give your honest, well thought-out opinion on something and they’ll love you forever.

Pisces: Something unique. Pisces feel special when they feel unique. They love finding and trying new things, an underground bar or little hole in the wall diner is perfect for this. They don’t want to be around a lot of people and they don’t want to go the same place everyone else is going. So break off from the crowd and show them something new. When things in the real world can grab their attention (which most things rarely do) this will be something they will talk about it for ages and always remember you by.

Thoughts about Spn 12x10


I have a lot of feelings about this. Also Steve Yockey might be my new favourite writer next to the Dabb and Bobo Berens. So, let’s take a closer look at this.

Lily Sunders

First of all, I really like the way this character was portrayed. And that they didn’t made her into a monster, but instead told us her story, her real story, and through that made us understand why she wanted revenge. And it’s a very legitime reason. Which creates a moral dilemma for Sam and Dean here. Because they get it, and if it wasn’t for Cas they might have didn’t intervene and let Lily get her revenge. So their approach is yet again a non-violent one. They try to talk to her, reason with her. After deciding not to kill the soldiers in 12x09 because they were just doing their jobs and Dean solving the Amara-Chuck-conflict in 11x23 through talking, this becomes a theme.

But Cas is their family. And when they met the other angels from Cas’s old flight and he tells them the reason why Lily wants to kill those angels they are painfully reminded of the way Cas used to be. Still, I think the way Sam and Dean cared so obvious about Cas and tried to help him and reason with Lily might be one of the reasons Lily didn’t kill him. She knows through Akobel that not all angels are bad. And speaking of Akobel: he was such a strong Cas parallel. An angel whose mission it was to observe humanity but instead he fell in love with a human. So Lily recognizes the same kind of devoution Akobel had for her with Sam and Dean and knows that Cas must have changed.

I also think that Lily worked as a parallel for Sam. Both believed in angels all their life, but when they finally got in contact with them they soon realized how evil and conflicted they can be. Both are associated with magic - Lily used it to give her strength and youth, Sam is usually the one who comes up with spells. And just when we think, hey Enochian magic sounds cool, we lern it comes with a prize: losing your soul piece after piece. And well, Sam knows a thing or two about losing your soul (and of course Lily lost an eye in the process - they are the windows to the soul after all).

The angels

I’m always so excited when we meet new angels, because we kind of never know what we get (good guy or bad guy?) and we still learn something new from them.

So, let’s talk about Benjamin here. We first see him playing “Rampage”. According to Wikipedia its a play about monsters (who were formerly human) trying to survive against military forces. Sounds familar? Angels are described as monsters in this episode, taking a formerly human vessel, trying to survive on earth. And speaking of vessels: I think this the first time we heard of an angel thinking of its vessel as a friend. (And the way Cas said friend it kind sounded like more than just a friend???) Normaly angels don’t seem to care a lot about their vessel. In seson 9 we saw countless angels taking whatever vessel they could get, even it kille some of the humans. The only other angel who cared about her vessel was Hannah. (And Cas in a way, but since Jimmy was already dead, he tried to redeem himself towards Claire.) Cas also reminds Dean that Benjamin was no woman, but his vessel was, and I think it is fair to assume angels are indeed genderless. But this tells us a lot about Dean, who humanized Cas since the beginning, and always applied a gender to him. (*shippergoogleson* Which makes his attraction to Cas so complicated because he sees Cas as a man, when in fact he isn’t, and not a woman as well, or even human *shippergooglesoff*) Also kudos to the show for showing us Cas in a female vessel.

Back to the game Benjamin was playing: I wondered a bit about this, why an angel would do this/find enterainment in it. But it kinda reminded me of Cas bingewatching Netflix. Maybe it was a way for Benjamin to distract him as well, a mundane game to fill the void an angel without a mission felt.

The other angels (well, mostly Ishim) were there to remind us what Cas has done, his standing among other angels, and to question his loyality and identity. I think Cas wants to seperate his (former) angel family and his new family that he found in the Winchesters. Previously whenever he had to deal with angel business he did it on his own. This time though Sam and Dean come along. And despite what Dean said not because they are worried Cas does something stupid again, but because they are worried. They’ve met enough angels and know how they think of Cas to be suspicious. And after all, whatever Cas’s problem is is theirs as well; they are family.

This of course creates the great conflict of this episode: the question where Cas belongs. Both sides question Cas why he cares about the other. To Ishim humans are beneath him, they are apes. He thinks Cas doesn’t owe Sam and Dean an explanation of what happened or that they should get involved at all. And that whatever bond formed between them weakended Cas (the way Lily weakened him).

Sam and Dean though don’t get why Cas allows Ishim to talk to him like that, calling him weak and fallen. Cas doesn’t care as long as he is able to might save the remaining angels (because of course in true Cas fashion he blames himself for it and in the end is the only one who shows remorse and apologizes). Though I wished Dean would have told Ishim that Cas has indeed a family and home with them, thank you very much.

And then we had some great plot-twist with the nephilim that wasn’t a nephilim after all. It was a good way to bring thi topic back, though it never really left. We start the episode with Dean trying to find new leads on Kelly (and could it be that the powers of her unborn child help her to disappear?), and end with the brothers talking about it. But what the episode did was to bring back the moral dilemma of it. We hear Lily’s story and even in the first fake version we feel pity for her and that her child didn’t deserve to die. And is Kelly’s situation any different? Even though an archangels child is more powerfull, at the end it is like Sam said: a mother and her child. So we either go the route of non violent conflict solving again (though the British MoL will disagree) or the nephilim does something bad enough the Winchesters have no other choice than to kill it. They also talk about the mix of grace and a human soul, and that that is what makes the nephilim so powerfull. We know that both things alone - angelic grace, a human soul - contain a lot of power. Combining both is like a nuclear bomb. But we know that angels leave some of their grace in a human vessel when they leave it (Gadreel did so with Sam) and some fans headcanon Cas left some of his grace in Dean when he rescued him from hell. So does the grace mix with the soul in those instances as well?

But back to Ishim and his obsession for Lily. Though from his side it was love. And that is yet another ongoing theme: false love. We had it in season 11 with Amara confusing her feelings for Chuck with love for Dean, and this season with Rosaleen’s and Lucifer’s false love in 12x07, or the false love of Magda’s mother in 12x04 (and at some point I might write a proper meta about this, because it leads us to the question how real love looks like). If Akobel worked as a mirror for Cas then Ishim does as well, but as a dark mirror. Like I said Ishim thinks his love/obsession for Lily made him weak and thinks the same happens to Cas, when instead Cas tells him his relationship to Sam and Dean made him stronger. Ishim thought of Lily as his human weakness and killed the one person she loved most in the world: her daughter. And he considers Dean to be Cas human weakness and in order to punish Cas he wants to kill Dean. If we see Ishim’s love for Lily as romantic (and I think it was intended as this) it means Ishim thought of Cas’s love for Dean as romantic as well. Also this line:

You know why we’re meant to stay away from them humans? Hmm? It’s not because we’re a danger to them. They’re a danger to us. 

Because humans corrupt. They make angels start to question their orders, their existence. They make angels feel. Not just love, but also pain. Lily broke Ishim’s heart, so he broke hers.

Also, Ishim calls Cas a spanner in the works. Which of course are the exact words Naomi used, so I don’t think this was a coincidence. Did he work for/with Naomi? Lily said he is a big name up in heaven after all.

And at last that abandoned church was one of the most beautiful sets that had lately. And I think it is intersting that Ishim used a church as a safe house. I feel like there might be some connection between churches and angels: the first episode that mentioned angels (2x13) takes place in a church. They first encounter Anna in a church (I think her human father was a deacon). And human!Cas seeked chelter in a church in 9x03. Someone write some meta about this.

The Winchesters

So Mary is hunting again. This gives the show a good excuse why is not around. And the reason she didn’t ask her sons for help is because she might already work for the British MoL and knows they won’t be happy about it.

Also Dean and Cas give each other the silent treatment and Sam is awkwardly stuck in the middle of it. And let me tell you, I loved every single minute of it (especially the moment Dean stormed into the diner like a jealous boyfriend) . This was such a classic example of Anger Born of Worry. For Dean Cas action at the end of 12x09 and his speech are a painfull reminder just how much Cas loves him. And Dean can’t deal with it. Because who is he to deserves such love? To let Cas put himself in such danger just to save him? And what Cas said at the end, that he doesn’t regret his decision even if it costs him his life, made me worried. Because right now Cas really doesn’t care if he lives or not. He cares about the Winchesters and making up for his mistakes. But not about himself.

And Cas reminded us yet again how special he is. He remembered Lily, unlike Benjamin. He killed Ishim after he realized Lily told the truth. And he was the only one to apologize to her, to show remorse, and to leave his fate to her, given her the decision to kill him or not.

And that is the reason she didn’t. Because she realized how much he changed. How special he is among angels. If only he could see himself like this as well.

some things to keep in mind.

·Look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, just get off social media once in awhile.
·Too much of it will drain you, instead of inspire you.
·Read a book, watch a movie, call a friend (call!), don’t sleep, catch a sunrise, go outside, walk in the woods, catch a sunset.
·Take chances and do something new.
·Embrace your failures, learn from them.
·Don’t follow the trends.
·Be real, be genuine.
·Be yourself.
·Stay true to yourself.
·Do what feels right to you, for you.
·Remember to sometimes turn your mind off and follow your heart.
·Above all - do what makes you happy.

Gotta get me some sonic now, damn

There’s angry confusion, disappointed confusion, then there is Kevin Owens lmao.  

ENZO LOOKS SO GOOD HERE??? Wow. (Cass, you look good too bb.)

More confused face lmao


… puppy dog face Cass holy shit. 

NO BEARD ENZO WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF he looks so good without?? This coming from someone who literally lives for the beard and scruffy????? woW

Gotta have a pic with Deano bc I love him I’m SORRY

“Bitch, wut.” 

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NEED ME A TALL FRIEND LIKE THAT. It honestly takes no effort even, he just like reaches over and barely taps the stupid bowl. “COme on.” 

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I love Enzo and Cass so much omfg. 

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Need me a tall bear hug like that

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HAHAHAHAHA they are so good for each other i need emotional help 

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Basically, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.