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It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

Samwise Gamgee and I want to send love to anyone who is struggling tonight. I know there’s a lot of people scared and hurting about the US Presidential elections.

Theory TIME!

Wow has been a while since the last, hasn’t it? This time: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Spoiler alert!) 

Sooo I just watched all the new episodes and this is just something burning in my mind. Is Toffee related to Star?

Like okay. Let’s start at the beginning. In the Episode “Baby” it was revealed that Star is the most powerful in her ancestry since Eclipsa. In “Into the wand” we learned not only that Toffee was immortal. I don’t now how many generations lie between Star and Eclipsa, but with Toffee immortal this is not relevant for my theory. Which is: Toffee might be Eclipsa’s son. Or at least was really close to her. Why?

Toffee had in the season 1 finale the chance to claim the wand for himself. Instead he told Star to destroy it and became part of the “evil wand” (as we learned in “the hard way”). What I always was wondering about was, how did Toffee know the whispering spell or that it was the first spell she had learned from her mother? My idea: Eclipsa told him. Maybe it is tradition that the first spell you learn is the whispering spell. If that’s true Eclipsa must have learned it the same way. When she ran away with her monster boyfriend she probably had to leave the wand behind (to have some peace maybe?). But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tell her child about it. 

My other point is kinda silly but stick with me here okay? 

I have the feeling we will get LOTS of parallels between Star and Eclipsa. At the end of “Baby” the shot from the portrait of Star to Eclipsa’s kinda made that obvious. Both look very somber but as we know that’s not how Star really is. So what if Eclipsa is not “The queen of darkness” like the stereotype but kinda Star’s future if she goes the path of “evil”.

That’s Eclipsa’s husband (?).

That’s Star’s ex.

They seem to have the same type don’t you think?

Star had her moment where she realized that the monsters are not purely the bad guys. They have been wronged too. 

Then there is the dark magic stuff. The only chapter in the spell book about it is in Eclipsa’s chapter. Which is ALSO the chapter Ludo looks at when Toffee takes over.

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(attention! Huge spoiler in the next paragraph!)

We have seen that Eclipsa is frozen in a crystal. She’s not dead. So I’m 99% sure we get to see her soon. (With the crystal loosing it’s power. Pizza guy was freed trough a punch) And I think we will see a more matured Star in her. Still silly, but she understands the world more and sees through all this good vs evil lies the Mewmans believe. 

In “the hard way” we see Ludo’s minions rebuilding a place “his wand told him about”. So probably a old base from the war or something that belonged to Toffee or Eclipsa and her husband. We also learn that Glossaryck knows Toffee.  He can tell who he is only by hearing his voice, so he even seems to know him pretty well. He belonged to Eclipsa once so maybe he kept an eye on her even when she left Mewnie?

I also think it’s fascinating that Toffee seems to be his real name (I thought he told Ludo a fake one till that point). Don’t you think Toffee is a really stupid name for someone so sober? It can’t be a name he choose so it must be his birth name. You know who loves silly names? Star. 

If Eclipsa really is the “evil Star” like I suspect than it would make sense for her to look at cute little baby lizard and be like “He looks like a Toffee!”. 

I don’t know anything about monster anatomy in Star. But I’m pretty sure that that 

IF it can reproduce, doesn’t make sexy lizard mans. So maybe he was adopted when he was little? Like all alone and sweet Eclipsa took him in? That would explain his devotion to freeing her (I suspect that’s his goal with all the foreshadowing).

The man BLEW HIMSELF UP for crying out loud just to get into the wand. Why he did that and didn’t just take the wand I don’t know. But I’m sure his plans will make more sense after some more episodes. Also I’m 90% sure his goal is to free Eclipsa. I don’t know why else they would show her in her prison. 

At last he fought Moon in the war. 

Look at the skulls. They have the same symbols on their cheeks (?) as all the lady’s in the butterfly family (and miss heinous, but that’s another can I won’t open).

Maybe he did that to look more menacing to them? But STOP look who also has spades on her cheeks:

She would be probably frozen at this point so maybe the monsters are trying to get her back and fail because Moon and the wand? The diamond skull representing defeating Moon and the spade-skull the trapped Eclipsa?

I don’t know. I’m tired and exited and overthinking things. But I think it would be really neat if they really go down that path with this show!

(EDIT: probably way to late but I changed the error with calling Eclipsa’s spades clubs. It was 4am and they are not called that at all where I am from okay? Even if nobody actually cares about it except one person and me)

Intersex Haise Thoughts/Headcanon’s

This is working under the theory that Rize’s Kakuhou had some effect on how Haise/Kaneki’s body regenerated and/or on the biological sex their body expressed. Or just the fact that the whole nature of Haise/Kaneki’s ghoulism apparently carries something ghouls can identify as biologically female (which we know from Nishiki and Banjou) either that or Kaneki was possibly born intersex. Of course all these thing’s could be applied under the circumstance Haise’s biological sex was just XY (I’m just going to use gender neutral pronouns to be safe).

  •     I feel like awakening as a “new” person would probably cause a lot of questions to enter into Haise’s mind upon learning about the nature of their body. Part of Haise would be curious as to how their old self felt about such things as their gender identity, but eventually Haise would realize how they felt about themselves would be what really mattered which lead to a lot of self examination.
  •     Haise finds himself unopposed to the idea of being recognized by female titles in canon they responded well to being known as “maman” and find themselves comfortable falling into the role with the traits of a traditionally feminine parental figure.
  •    Haise discussed such thoughts and worries with Juuzou which helped them draw close after Juuzou revealed the complicated past with concepts of sex and gender Juuzou dealt with growing up.
  •     Haise has been shown to be comfortable and even enjoy appearing as a female in public as Sasako, It wasn’t really telling the whole truth when Haise said, they’d learned how to do the makeup from a book. In truth Haise had tested out the concept of appearing as a traditional female in public before as well as just different ways of expressing femininity and masculinity in general.
  •    What conclusions did Haise come to? we will see.

Here’s where my thoughts lie with this weekend. I liked it I did. I didn’t really need to get any clarity with my relationship with God or anything because I know my relationship with him is good and I know where I’m at with that. Here’s what I realized. I realized you gotta just love the friends you have that genuinely want you around. Friends that care for you all the time. Enjoy the time we have left with these people. I didn’t have any of my close friends on this retreat but it gave me a chance to branch out and make some new friends which turned out pretty okay actually. It made me realize how much I truly love the friends that weren’t there and how I have to use my time wisely with every single one of them. We spend so much time worrying about stupid shit but why not just try something new and love those that have and will be there for you. Embrace those who you went to school with for 4 years but just recently stepped into your life for a couple a days. Just some things that went through my mind this weekend.

Okay but dragon/shapeshifter AUs are always the best to write. Just imagine:

• “I kinda forgot that I had a tail but that vase was kinda really hideous bUT IF YOU LIKED IT SO MUCH WE CAN GET A NEW ONE IM SOrry please don’t cry.”

• “I sneezed an almost burnt the house down but it’s fine and- oH GOD HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR EYEBROWS TO GROW BAck.”

• “yeah, no I’m like 80% sure I won’t lay eggs”

• “no I will not come to the con so we can be the best cosplayers there…. oKAY FINE BUT STOP WITH THE PUPPY EYES.”

• “okay so it turns out I can lay eggs.”


• person A going to the basement for something and finding person B hoarding gold and shiny things

• person B adding person A to their hoard

• person B calling person A “their princess”


• PLEAs E start wrITING THUS


okay but, nonsexual rey and ben headcanons, right? imagine:

rey and ben trying to figure out the logistics of kissing. neither of them know which way to turn their head and ben’s nose keeps getting in the way, and he’s immediately really self-conscious about it, tries to pull back and turn his face away from rey. maybe he’s blushing a little.

and rey having absolutely none of it, taking his face between her small hands and holding it steady, so he’s forced to cross his eyes to keep her gaze as she leans in to plant a kiss on the tip of his nose. telling him not to worry, they’re both new at this and and they’ll be good at it in no time.

or how about rey and ben in the hallway on base. she really doesn’t like the way one of the resistance officers is looking at ben, like he’d try something if he thought he could get away with it. and she’s sure ben notices because he’s always sensitive to these sorts of things and she can kind of feel him both prickling and sinking into himself at once.

it kills her to know that people don’t see what she sees in ben - except maybe she’s not even sure what she sees in ben sometimes - and the way her hand curls around ben’s, there in the hallway, that’s not something she can control. she just knows it’s the first time they’ve held hands on public, have touched each other in public at all, and somehow she was the one who initiated it and she doesn’t want to let go, even once the officer has passed and ben is staring at their joined hands like he’s not sure he believes she didn’t deny him.

or rey having the realization one night, ben drooling into the crook of her neck, that they’re sleeping together. sleeping together as in full on, passed out, snoring and making little sleep noises sleeping together. ben doesn’t sleep well, of course - before they started doing this, he’d sleep at most an hour at a time, and rey spent so much of the night running from her room to his, woken by the disturbances in the force, that this arrangement is only logical.

he sleeps best draped across her, all long limbs and wild, messy hair in her nose, and he’s heavy. sometimes rey wakes up and she’s being absolutely crushed and ben is a furnace, he gets so warm when he sleeps. she tries to wiggle a leg out from under him, but when he twitches in response, rey freezes. she’s used to the desert - she can handle heat - and to see him rest is still so sweet that instead, she just rests her hands on the mop of his hair and breathes in the knowledge that tomorrow, at least, she’s not going to wake up alone again.

or, my personal favorite, rey knowing that ben loves her very early on. it’s in the way he looks at her - every time like he can’t believe she’s here and hasn’t run yet, like she lights up the galaxy, but not just for him, for everyone. it’s broadcast through the force, whether he’s sleeping or waking. rey knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, but being unable return the sentiment at first.

rey, treating him with a gentleness born of compassion and empathy and that’s all until the day they’re leaving the mess after a meal she bothered him into eating, and she’s teasing him, calling him picky - and suddenly, she’s in the air and ben’s holding her like she weighs nothing. and then he’s spinning her and her legs are wrapping around his waist while she lets out a little squeak of surprise and he’s smiling, wide and open and vulnerable like she’s never seen.

rey realizing that this right here - the way she feels when she looks at his goofy face - this is love. she loves him. she loves ben solo. rey telling him so, in between the kisses she litters his face with. rey, feeling weightless in ben’s arms.

(leia, taking rey aside and warning her to be careful, that she knows what it is to have a child before you’re ready, and rey just laughing and laughing because there are so many things they have to worry about, but for now, this is not one of them.)


Sam was sitting on a park bench idly watching as a manplayed fetch with his golden retriever. It had been days since their last case, days since they needed to haul ass somewhere to kill something. He knew his brother was probably back at the bunker sleeping or using his alone time to his advantage. All Sam wanted was a nice peaceful afternoon with fresh air and birds chirping. It reminded him of a time before the demons and angels.

“Hello, Sam.”

The hunter didn’t even flinch, almost too conditioned to the gravel voice that would pop in from time to time unexpected. “How’s it going, Cas?”

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Impossible Dream

Hey everyone, I really hope you like this. Thanks so much for all the support and for following me :) send in any requests you !

You laughed in front of the camera, the lights still shone in your face. You and your friend had a popular YouTube channel; doing covers of songs on ukulele or some fun challenges your followers wanted. (Y/b/n) turned to you and said something before signing off. As she started to edit the current footage your phone signaled a new notification. It was a tweet from the oh-so-famous Matthew Espinosa. His tweets always reminded you of how much you liked and how you’d never get to be his. Nor will he ever notice you no matter how popular your channel was. You favorited the tweet and reblogged it because it was ‘worthy enough’. It was a joke you and your friend made.

“Okay so the video doesn’t need much we can post it now?” (Y/b/n)s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You pulled a chair up to the desk and did a once over.

“Yeah do it, it looks awesome” but your reply came out a bit dull.

“alright what’s the problem then?” (Y/b/n) caught on rather quickly, but@ to give her credit you grew up together.

“Matthew again” you said before going over to your bed and planting your face in the covers.“Why can’t he notice me"you groaned. Soon the bed shifted under the new weight that was added. She placed a hand in your back.

“Well maybe he does but does’t think you feel the same” her little confirmation gave you hope but it soon vanished. Your phone chimed again, but when you saw the tweet you thought it couldn’t be true. The tweet was from Matthew. It read “literally those ukulele girls on YouTube are the bomb”. Maybe he didn’t mean you though. You favorited it and your phone signaled another tweet. This timer read “the pretty one favorited my last tweet”. No way. There is no possible way. Your the pretty one. You screamed which made your friend jump.

“What!?” She freaked.

“Matthew Espinosa. OMG. I’m pretty. Aaaaaa” you tried explaining to her between your breathing but failed. She took your phone out of your hand and read. Soon a shocked reaction came from her as well.

“Freaking DM him!!”

“No way! He’ll think I’m weird or something!” You yelled out, your heart was racing. Your phone was soon taken from your hands again. “Nooo stop!!” Your reached over her feet an attempt to grab it back but was failing. Miserably.

“Done” she tossed it to you with a smirk, “ gotta run bye” she said and with that, left. Leaving you after moments before texting Matthew Espinosa. Please do not have embarrassed me you thought quickly as you checked the screen. You had a reply.

Matthew: Yes let’s do it!!

Wait what. No. (Y/b/f) told him that you two should do a collab. He said yes. A new message displayed.

Matthew: when are you free? I’m in LA for awhile now so.

OMG. Okay calm down you thought to yourself and let your fingers hover over the keyboard of your phone, finally you had a response.

You: um how bout Thursday? Can I give you my number to text the address or would you like to come to my place?

He quickly replied back.

Matthew: sounds like the best plan ever :)

You felt your breath stop and you had to remind yourself to breathe again. A sigh escaped your lips. Then the overthinking happened. Thoughts and possible outcomes swarmed in your head liked a bees nest. Finally you just took a deep breath and calmed down though.

The rest of the week went by or the majority. You didn’t have school Friday so you could stay up late Thursday. When Thursday did come around you couldn’t get up home fast enough to change into something decent and reapply make up. Your phone chimed of a new message, but you already knew who it was.

Matty: Ay I’m heading over now to pick you up? Then we can film at Nash’s place.

You: Sounds great

Eventually he showed up at your door but you were already there waiting for him.

“Let’s go” you smiled and he let out a small laugh. His laugh was so cute.

When you reached Nash’s house Matthew quickly explained his idea. You were to do a challenges in which your fans tweeted you. He already had the camera set up and everything was in place. You both went over to the couch in front of the camera and settled yourself in. Soon the video was rolling and you were laughing along with Matthew and doing all sorts of crazy things that your fans suggested. Soon one fan dared Matthew to explain how he feels about because they thought something was going on. He pointed at the camera.
“I accept” he exclaimed then turned towards you. He cupped your face and pulled it towards his own, soon your lips meet his. He pulled away after a good minute and turned back to the camera,”Actions speak louder than words” he winked. Then closed up the video.

“What was that” you stuttered out, the kiss left you breathless and shocked. You were still trying to regain your composure.

“Oh did you not get it? I like you and would like to take you on a date” he smirked but all you could do was smile. Your impossible dream came true.