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He always struck me as the type of person who would wear butterfly clips!! XD


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If you aren't bombarded with requests already or if its already been answered, I apologize - watching the stars with Noctis, how would it go? (Headcanons)

  • Noctis sometimes has issues with sleeping. Sometimes it just restlessness, other nights he’s ripped away from his soft slumbers by the claws of nightmares and unable to return until the next night. But more often than not his lack of sleep is caused by feeling too depressed to even fall asleep.
  • There’s a lot of times were he has trouble in finding joy in things, let alone cheering himself up. When he’s stuck having to share a room he feels it’s damn near impossible to do anything without disturbing someone (or so he fears). But when he’s by himself, or stuck in the tent, he sneaks out to get to one of the few things that brings him solace; the stars.
  • That’s one of a handful of nice things he can say about his journey is that he gets to go far out into the wilderness, far from the bright lights of the city, and he gets to see the night sky at it’s clearest.
  • But often times he grows lonely with this, but it’s a kind he had already gotten used to. Ignis and Gladio are much more of early birds(Gladio wasn’t one who just wanted to lay down and look at a sky of all things, and Ignis he might be able to con into doing it but even talking about sounds like a chore to Ignis), and while Prompto sometimes comes he is often quick to fall asleep on Noct. But you?
  • You’ve managed to come around for star gazing with the Prince on well more than one occasion(the first couple of times you had asked him, but after that you had an open invite to join. Unless he was feeling particularly bad), staying up far too late into the night and sometimes early morning with him, and barely would you complain about it (after all you had the option to go and sleep at any time).
  • You’ve come to find out that this is when the Prince seems to be most like himself. He let’s his guard down and starts to act and talk a little different than he does normally, less reserved, an you imagine this is closer to what he’s like by himself.
    But even the nights where he feels down, there is a kind of joy and serenity that seems to come with star gazing. The two of you get to sit side-by-side or lay on the ground. For a change you’re the one who mostly stays silent, and it’s Noct who fills the silence up. Talking, he points out the different stars he knows by name, the different constellations and the stories behind some of them (some of them you feel like he had to be making up to pull your leg).
  • Of course Noct doesn’t take the whole spotlight to himself, you get your chances to do the same too. You’re better at finding falling stars than he is. And you’re not sure how it started or why, but eventually you both started to give names to the falling stars.
  • People say that by the time early morning comes that people become more open and honest, that the tiredness makes them more likely to spill the beans. That’s very much true in Noct’s case. The A.M. comes, and eventually he starts to talk more about himself. He starts to go over how he even got his passion for the stars to begin with.
  • His father was more into silly stories, whimsical stories, and embellished stories for his journeys. But his mother, before she passed, was the one that got him in to all this. He tells you about how she sometime snuck him out to look at the night sky with her. She believed in astrology. She was the one with a full bookcase dedicated to the galaxies and everything that they had known as of that time. She was the one who liked sci-fi stories that had taken a trip outside of Eos. 
  • And now you knew why some of this was so important to Noct. The stars were a reminder of that, and your heart bled for him over the fact that one aspect of his life was never going to be the same now that he doesn’t have that anymore, hasn’t since he was a child.
  • Really if anything stargazing had strengthened your bond with the Prince. If not for it you both probably wouldn’t be growing as close of friends as you have, it was the time where it was mostly just you and him (with the few exceptions of Prompto from time to time) where the two of you could feel comfortable enough to talk about nearly anything, everything. 
  • It stands to reason that something like this becomes a frequent occurrence. And to the point where eventually you couldn’t imagine going back to a time where your nights weren’t occupied like this…
The Star Stable Cosplay Contest~

Of a quick little though here we go - I’m doing a contest. The deadline is August 19th, you have to post your entry until then. You will get to know the winners the next day.

How to enter?
First, maybe comment on this post so I will know you are planning to post an entry. When you post your entry I’m going to give you a number.
Then, you will need a horse, tack and outfit based on any fictional character outside the game.

“Classes” and prizes
You can choose to do an edit or a photoset.
There’s not too much to explain about the edit, it can be just hair, mane and tail or making completely different tack and clothes.
A photoset must have at least 2 pictures and maximum 10. You can change the size and use any effects.
Both classes will have it’s own winner. You can enter both, but only with two different outfits. The winner is decided with a random number generator. Then the winners get to decide if they want a full body drawing of their SSO character in the cosplay or the “original” character on their horse. Bonus gifts may happen if I really like your entry or the character you chose to cosplay.

There are no rules about the cosplayed character and the way you do it, just be creative~

When uploading your entry, you have to fill the following form;
Rider: the name of your SSO character
Horse: your horse’s show name if they have one, if not the in-game one’s perfectly fine (but you are more than welcome to include a nickname too)
Character: the one you are trying to look like, but please no NPCs from SSO
Fandom: it’s more like a little help to me, so I will know where to look
Theme song: it’s not something really useful but it gives a nice feel to the whole entry
Everything else is optional. Feel free to add little details about the clothes, tack, hairstyle that’s not on the pictures. Details like that are very useful, and after all, bonus prizes are for the idea not your art skills.
Make sure you tag me in your entry, so I won’t miss it.

Hope this was clear enough, if you have any more questions, please come to me!

Tagging @ssoevents, hope you don’t mind, even though it’s not an event but it’s the closest I can get to that~

Well I just thinking… what would it will be if sans find out that he’s just in a ‘game’

a game that must finally go to an ending, everything would be like that forever with a short word appears on the screen, ‘The End’.

His story suppose to be done, but for some reason, he’s the only one who isn’t in an ending with everyone. All he saw is black, no continue or reset button, and everything is just like that. He was lost and alone.

While he didn’t know how to handle this and how to go back to his world, there was someone appeared in front of him and told him what’s really happend. That one gave him a weird rubik’s cube. If he tranforms the cube to another pattern, he can go to others game. Each patterns are each different games, and one of those patterns is the one that will take him to go back to his ‘game’. But the problem is, the rubik’s cube has more than billions configurations, so how can he knows which one is that pattern? That’s a reason why he’s still trying to tranform the cube over and over, for his only wish to see his friends again.

yeah.. I think I just made this as an au, this’s what happend when I go through gaming stuffs too much ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Soulmates - MCxLiam fanfic

Summery : After the whole thing with Liam’s father queits down and he finally has some time, he finds MC and they share another stolen moment.

Author’s note : This is my entry for this round of “Choices Creates” for the prompt  “Some souls just understand each other upon meeting” 😊
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ we need more Liam love  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Also, i couldn’t decide if i wanted to write a MC/Liam piece or MC/Jake piece, so i might submit a second entry for this prompt. In the meantime, enjoy! 😘 @hollyashton@pixelchoices

MC was standing in the middle of the apple orchid, leaning on the railing of the bridge, absorbing the beauty of her surroundings. Sometimes she was still wondering how she got into this fairy-tale like story. She didn’t know how could she fall in love this hard in such a short time, and how soon all of this could end, leaving her with nothing but a memory, and a broken heart. The other possible outcome was resulting with her ruling a kingdom, which wasn’t any less stressful, but at least she would have Liam by her side.

As the thoughts ran through her head, she didn’t give much thought to the sound of the approaching footsteps in her direction. “MC?” the lovely sound of Liam’s voice brought her back to reality. It was a pleasant surprise, considering the fact that as the coronation approached, spending time with him - especially alone - became a difficult task.

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Hi there Mel! Hope you're having a nice day and if it's not too much could I request oda + uesugi-takeda forces reacting to mc taking care of them after they get sick or pass out? ( i love fluffy imagines ^v^ ) thanks for your time!

Hey there, anon! *Is grinning away here because it’s fab when people use my name~*

I’m having a lovely day, thanks! I hope you have a wonderful one yourself, hun ;) and this ask is right up might street, so I’m super pumped to write it! You’re very welcome, and thank you for sending this in :D

Some of these are passing out as a result of injury, if that’s okay~ just to spice it up a bit!

Oda Forces (Azuchi Castle)


  • He overworked himself, of course. It’s Hideyoshi we’re talking about.
  • He’s been trying to take on everything he possibly could lately, doing job after job for Nobunaga and then assisting Masamune and Mitsunari with tasks of their own.
  • You’ve been telling him it’s going to catch up to him, but every time, he just brushes it off with a smile and the occasional ruffle of your hair.
  • It irks you just a bit.
  • But then, when he turns up at the castle one day looking completely haggard, worse for wear and ready to just drop dead, you can’t help but feel sorry for him.
  • Adorable idiot.
  • You know he’s too stubborn to take the day off, so you instead make sure to do everything you can to make his day easier, subtly leaving food for him here and medicine for him there.
  • He has a feeling it’s you, and it warms his heart so much, thinking that you’re looking out for him.
  • But then when he goes home at the end of the day:
  • BAM.
  • You lash the door open to his manor and storm inside, equipped to the nines to take care of him.
  • He tries to tell you it’s unnecessary, but your heated glare stops him short and he swiftly gives up.
  • From then on, you insist that he lies down and make soup and tea for him, then dabbing at his forehead with a damp cloth and monitoring his temperature.
  • At first, he can’t stop thinking that he’s inconveniencing you and that he should make you go home so you don’t get sick.
  • But then he realises how nice it is to see you hovering over him, granted with that worried expression he’d rather not see.
  • So, he catches your hand when you finish swapping the cloth, pressing it against his warm cheek. He nuzzles into it for a long few seconds, savouring the reassurance he feels from having you there, before he turns your hand and kisses your knuckle softly. Then, he rests the backs of your fingers against his forehead, shivering when your other hand rises up, stroking over his cheek very tenderly.
  • He’s so happy. All the sensations of illness fade away, leaving him content and at peace, safe and taken care of before you.
  • He can’t help but smile angelically, sighing out, “Thank you, ___, really. I’m glad you’re here right now.”
  • You just laugh softly, brushing his hair back and twining your fingers through his, then kissing his forehead. “You’re welcome, silly. I’m glad I’m here, too.”


  • Good luck!
  • … seriously, good luck, because this one literally works with medicine and basically stays perfectly on top of his health so you’re very rarely going to get a chance to take care of him.
  • As such, it’s not sickness that ends up getting him, but an injury.
  • In a particularly fierce battle, Ieyasu ends up sustaining a severe blow to his head, and can barely stand to make his way to where you’re treating the injured.
  • If you were in high gear before he walked in, there’s a whole new gear now just for this.
  • However, you’re in the process of getting a space ready for him when he suddenly sways, wincing and pressing his hand to his bloodied head. “Ieyasu-”
  • He just drops. It’s so sudden and fast, you nor the soldiers who brought him in have time to catch him. He just passes out in an instant.
  • You nearly die, watching his head hit the floor with the most sickening, sharp crack.
  • You focus on him entirely, getting him into a bed and treating the wound, then making sure he’s still breathing properly before returning to the other soldiers.
  • You’re back with him when he wakes up, dazed and confused from passing out. When he tries to sit up straight away, you’re forcing him back down, instructing,
  • “Ieyasu, don’t move. You’ve hit your head really hard, and probably have concussion. You need to stay down for a good while until it recovers.”
  • He moans. He groans and makes bitter remarks about not needing to stay still for this long.
  • Bu then, when he’s wracked with nausea and dizziness all at once, along with shortness of breath, he can’t help but let out a soft sound of discomfort, very much not enjoying the sensations.
  • You’re there though. In a second, you’re on your knees next to him, dabbing at his forehead gently and hushing him, murmuring that it’ll pass.
  • He hates to admit it, but it soothes him so much and calms him completely.
  • He’s already pale from the injury, so it only makes it more obvious that he’s blushing intensely.
  • You just smile, deciding not to tease him, but stay by his side as much as you can, cradling his head and kissing his temples until he falls asleep.


  • This idiot thought it was a good idea to go and see him men, who were all taken down by a rather strong bout of the flu, and ends up contracting it himself.
  • You’re low-key laughing because you’ve never had it in your life, even when people around you have had it, and so know you’re almost certainly immune to it.
  • Despite your impressive immune system, though, this doesn’t make it any easier to get Masamune to stop working.
  • You’re literally clinging onto his arm i his manor, yanking backward fruitlessly in a failed attempt to stop him from leaving.
  • … he just drags yo around the room like you’re not even there.
  • “Masamune, you’re taking the day off! Sit! I’ve already told Nobunaga that you’re ill and can’t work, so lie down, dammit!”
  • “Kitten, I’m not taking a day of- achoo! A day off… for something like thi-”
  • Cue him breaking into an intense, violent coughing fit.
  • You basically tackle him to the floor and force him into his futon.
  • You end up sat on his chest, arms crossed, while he glares up at you. “Kitten, get off. I’m going to work.”
  • “Make me.”
  • “No problem.”
  • He tries to push you off, but he’s that weak that you’re actually able to grab his hands and pin them down above his head.
  • You’re now completely unamused, snapping, “Masamune, look at you. You can’t even push me off you - stop being a hypocrite and trying to take on the world when you’re in no state to and will just endanger yourself if you try.”
  • He realises at this point how much of a divvy he is and reluctantly gives up.
  • But he’s sulking and pouting the whole time, and gets back at you for stopping him from working by being as uncooperative as possible the whole time.
  • You just treat him like a child and ignore him when he does this, cooing to Shogetsu about how if Masamune doesn’t get better soon, his men will be disheartened, and that it’s selfish to be o stubborn for pride and that he’s being unfair by not taking care of himself.
  • You also cuddle with the tiger cub and spend the day smooching him, and letting him kiss you.
  • From then on, Masamune downs all his medicine and doesn’t disobey a single word.
  • But when he tries to get up before you tell him to, you just look at Shogetsu and order, “Put him to bed, Shogetsu. Where’s Masamune?”
  • “Ack! When the hell did you train him to tackle me, woman?!”
  • “Pffft. When you were busy glaring at your medicine, numpty.”

Mitsuhide (Got a bit carried away here… biassssss… hehe. Get it? Sssss? Snake? No? I’ll see myself out…)

  • It’s not illness or injury, as such, that takes Mitsuhide down. If anything, it’s a twisted combination of them both.
  • He feels off in the morning and you sense it right it away, when he arrives at Azuchi Castle looking pale, drawn and weak. You confront him, of course, all too aware of his somewhat self-destructive secretive ways, but he dismisses it as nothing more than a little cold.
  • Bullshit, you think. You don’t trust it at all.
  • So, you stay with him as he goes to see Nobunaga, brushing off his attempts to assure you that he’s fine.
  • It’s when he arrives in the corridor to Nobunaga’s room that it happens.
  • He suddenly starts to cough and choke, gasping quietly but obviously in immense pain. You’re immediately grabbing hold of him when he teeters to the side, trying to keep him steady.
  • Then, a sudden howl of pain escapes him, one that shakes something inside you, rattling it in a way that leaves you mortified.
  • You’ve never heard him so agonised before.
  • And that’s when he drops, going limp and collapsing in your arms.
  • You manage to stop him from crashing down and hurting himself, but he still hits hard. You turn him onto his side, and you can only scream one thing. “Nobunaga! Something’s wrong with Mitsuhide! Help me!”
  • Three hours later, Mitsuhide comes around, barely able to think from the pain.
  • However, he’s able to ignore it when he sees you hovering over him, warm hands on his cheeks and expression agonisingly worried.
  • He’s so happy. He doesn’t even know what happened to him, but right now, he’s so glad to be alive and with you that he doesn’t care.
  • “Mitsuhide!” Your choked voice sends pain searing through his already hurting heart, but also his mind. “Thank God! You were poisoned - someone tried to kill you. Ieyasu managed to make an antidote, though, so you’ll be fine. I’m so… I…”
  • Your head droops. He can’t bear to see you so upset.
  • So, for his sake and your own, he gently cradles your head and waist, tugging you down atop him so you’re draped over his chest, ear resting against his heart. You focus on the steady thumps, the steady flow of like, as he kisses your forehead softly, murmuring,
  • “I’m alive, ___. You need not suffer like that for me; it will take much more than poison to take me away from you.”

Mitsunari (And again… oops?)

  • It starts with a dull, little headache. Nothing to worry about, thinks Mitsunari, simply shrugging it off as strain from all the reading he does.
  • But a day passes. Then two. Then three. Then four.
  • And the pain doesn’t go away. It only gets worse and worse and worse, until Mitsunari’s barely keeping himself stood, dizzy and nauseous and unable to be in bright light because of the agony it causes him.
  • You notice it now, even though you’re barely around him with your jobs as chatelaine. As soon as you take in his symptoms, dread surges through you. Migraine.
  • You take charge instantly, going to Nobunaga and telling him that Mitsunari’s on the verge of collapse with a migraine. He agrees to let him have time off until it fades, and gives you the day off to take care of him.
  • The big softie.
  • You thank him before heading back to Mitsunari.
  • You don’t even explain what’s going on - you just grab his hand and tug him out of the castle, using a parasol to shield him from the light, and practically drag him back to his manor while tactically ignoring his questions.
  • As soon as he’s inside, you’re rattling out instructions.
  • “Mitsunari, go and lay down in your futon, okay? Don’t worry about anything. I’m going to take care of you, because at this rate, you’re going to end up seriously ill and could even pass out. I’ve already cleared it with Nobunaga, so don’t even dare to think about work go.”
  • For a few seconds, he can only stare at you, realising that you’ve been watching him and have seen that he’s in pain. You’ve been looking out for him the whole time.
  • He’s used to the others doing the same with littler things, like making sure he eats when he gets lost in his work, but this feels different. Be it because he’s feeling fragile from the pain, or maybe because of the look of absolute concern swirling in your eyes as you lower the sudare to keep the light out for him…
  • It brings tears to his eyes, and makes his throat swell up. It makes his heart ache, but somehow, it’s a good thing.
  • You notice this and instantly run over to him, reaching up to cup his face and ask in a carefully soft voice, “Mitsunari, what is it? Is it getting worse? You need to lie down-”
  • His arms encircle you. He swallows hard, blinking away the tears through the pounding of his head, and lets out a breathy, slightly choked laugh, kissing your forehead fiercely. “I don’t care about the pain, ___. As long as you’re here with me, I can face any suffering that comes my way. Thank you for doing this for me. I love you.”
  • You can only embrace him in return, stroking his hair and whispering, “I love you too, Mitsunari. You know I’d do anything for you.”
  • And this is a sweet moment and all but sorry, gonna have to ruin it.
  • He passes out and sort of crushes you.
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nobunaga (Another long one… bias…)

  • This idiot gets hurt like Ieyasu, but instead, it’s his fault.
  • After being taunted by some of Kenshin’s soldiers, he decides that it’ll be clever, meaning a massive boost to his already moon-sized ego, to prove that he still beat them without a weapon.
  • Yep. Nobunaga’s arrogance idiocy self-destructiveness lunatic tendencies confidence knows no bounds.
  • He actually does pretty well… for about two minutes.
  • And then he gets slashed across his chest, deep, when two of them rush him at the same time.
  • H I D E Y O S H I ‘ S  I N N E R  B E A S T
    H A S  B E E N  U N L E A S H E D
  • Uh oh. The guy who slashed Nobunaga finds himself headless not four seconds later.
  • However, Nobunaga’s pride is now wounded, along with his chest cavity, and so he goes on a mad I’m-still-strong-everyone-fight-me-now-I’m-armed spree.
  • And Hideyoshi nearly kills him and spends the rest of the battle screaming at him to get the MASSIVE TEAR IN HIS BODY looked at.
  • Nobunaga doesn’t. He sees out the entire battle.
  • Afterward, however, he returns to camp, and you’re already livid because you’ve been told of his injury. Instantly, you’re sprinting up to him, quite literally punching him in the shoulder and snapping at him for being so stupid.
  • He just hugs you, cooing that his princess is all he needs to stay alive…
  • Before promptly collapsing. On you. You, who is much smaller than he.
  • Hideyoshi’s about ready to die himself.
  • Once he’s off you and in a futon, and you’re cleared for injury yourself, you’re treating his wounds, working with Ieyasu to patch him up properly.
  • When he comes around and you’re the only one there, he just gets this massive smile on his face like a kid at Christmas. It disappears instantly, though.
  • “Nobunaga Oda, you are a complete and utter idiot! I’ve never known someone so self-destructive and ridiculous! You could have died! How is it fair for you to sit there and gamble with your life, when it means everything to me? You can’t just do that!”
  • You go on, and on, and on, eventually finding yourself near tears because you’ve been so worried about him.
  • And he just finds you beautiful, because you really do care and want and need him, and it warms him through, even though he doesn’t quite think his wound was that bad.
  • So, he just reaches out and wraps his arms around you, tugging you down and forcing you against his chest. You just about shriek in panic, since you’re on his wound, but he doesn’t even feel the pain. “___, listen. Stop squealing for a moment and listen.”
  • You’re offended, but then he presses your ear against his chest over his heart.
  • Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.
  • “I’m alive, ___, and I am going nowhere. I have yet to rule the world with you at my side, and so I will not be leaving this earth until I am ready.”
  • You punch him again but it’s okay because you care really.

Uesugi-Takeda Forces (Kasugayama Castle)


  • Surprisingly, this one is an idiot like Nobunaga.
  • Seeing as he’s in the full belief that he’s lucky and death avoids him like the plague, granted you’re slowly teaching him that he’s very much able to die, he usually comes out of battles unscathed. However, this time, he doesn’t.
  • He’s mid-battle when one of his soldiers informs him that the camp set up for the wounded nearby, where you are, has been attacked in a sneak manoeuvre, but that it’s now under control and the reinforcements have surrounded the camp to protect it.
  • Dread just consumes him. You’re there. He’s untouchable, but you’re not.
  • What if I loses her? What if she dies? What if she dies alone, afraid and in immense pain?
  • In the midst of his mild panic, he’s not paying attention to his surroundings. One of the enemy’s vassals manages a very, very, very lucky hit, slashing Kenshin across his non-dominant arm.
  • The surprise of feeling himself being wounded, of actually sustaining damage for once, leaves him extremely confused and momentarily dazed.
  • In a way, he’s glad - perhaps he’s not truly immune to death.
  • But also, he’s infuriated, because how dare that soldier hurt him? How dare his comrades threaten you?
  • He loses it. He truly is the “God of War”, and it shows in the rest of the battle, because after that there’s no holding back.
  • He slaughters so many, but now that he’s been hurt once, he finds himself sustaining more and more injury, thrown off by his body’s impaired abilities. By the time the battle’s over, with a victory on Kenshin’s side, he’s lost a horrific amount of blood and is practically painted in it.
  • However, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t even stay to give out orders; he heads straight for the camp.
  • When he gets there, he’s waiting to see your dead body, but all he sees is you tending to the wounded, untouched and unharmed.
  • Thank God- she- she’s safe-
  • He pitches forward, onto his knees. Everyone can only watch in horror as he collapses and doesn’t move again.
  • You treat all of his wounds while he’s passed out, finding him cut up to hell. When he comes around, you’re the first thing he sees. If you weren’t, he probably would have passed out again.
  • You don’t even get to ask him if he’s okay, because he’s locked his arms around you and bound you against his chest, almost crushing you despite his injuries.
  • He’s shaking, trembling and rattled with relief. His lips find your forehead and temple, painting the skin with the softest of kisses.
  • “You’re alive. You’re safe.”
  • You understand as soon as he breathes the words. You relax into him, reaching up to stroke his hair. You let him feel you there, feel your life and existence, whispering back, “We both are. I’m here, Kenshin. I’m not leaving you.”


  • Sasuke’s ill. That much is easy to see.
  • He’s been pale and shaky for the past few days, and has been coughing in increasing amounts as time has gone on. You’ve tried to get him to just take a few days to relax and get better, but he just assures you he’s fine and that it’s just a cough.
  • You don’t believe it at all. Screw that - you can hear that he’s got a chest infection when his coughs start to echo and become hoarse, rattling inside him.
  • Even Kenshin, Shingen and Yukimura have noticed he’s really not well.
  • “Sasuke,” Kenshin says during a war council, eyeing the ninja trying fiercely to subdue and stifle his coughs beside a very worried you. “You sound on the verge of death. You cannot operate if you are ill.”
  • Yukimura chips in now, frowning and commenting, “Lord Kenshin is right, Sasuke. You need to take at least a day or two off so it’ll clear up.”
  • Cue Shingen chipping in as well. “Indeed. And, look at ___’s beautiful face, Sasuke. You’re worrying her to no ends, and I’m pretty sure she’s about ready to drag you off and force you to relax.”
  • You can’t argue against that, albeit ignoring the compliment. “Trust me, Sasuke, I’m this close. You’re going to seriously hurt yourself if you get much more ill.”
  • He’s reluctant, but he finally agrees and takes four days off at Kenshin’s instruction. You take him back to his room, getting him to lie back and then making some tea and soup for him.
  • He’s hot, you see, though, so you clear your throat and stare down at the cloth in your hands, advising, “Sasuke, you’re really hot. You’re going to overheat if you stay in your clothes.”
  • You’re both blushing pretty hard by this point, even around Sasuke’s rising fever.
  • Still, he lets you help him take his upper clothes off so he’ll cool down, and then you dab at his damp skin, using all your modern-world knowledge to fight off the infection.
  • He can’t help it. Every time you dab at his face, he leans into your touch, finding comfort and reassurance in feeling you there.
  • Every time, you inch closer to him, hands lingering a little longer, fingers grazing over his hair every now and again.
  • Eventually, he’s starting to fall into a much-needed sleep, since his coughs have lessened for now. You lean down, holding one of his hands and stroking his hair with the other, while your warm lips press against his burning forehead. “Sleep, Sasuke. I’ll be here when you wake up.”
  • His heart thuds harder, and he grips your hand just a bit tighter, mumbling, “Thank you, ___. I’m… I’m glad you’re here. I love… you…”
  • With that, he falls away, drifting into the world of sleep. You can only gaze down at him adoringly, lips brushing over his cheek very gently. “You’re very welcome, Sasuke. I love you more.”

Shingen (Who am I kidding. Bias again~)

  • Injury is what takes Shingen down, as well.
  • He’s in battle alongside Kenshin and Yukimura, and while he’s in no way safe, his experience, strength and skill means that you’re able to stay calm while you help out in the field hospital a little way away.
  • Shingen thinks of you near enough the whole time. Every death, every kill and hit he takes and delivers, is for both his goals and for you. The faster he gets this done, the faster he can return to you and hold you in his arms.
  • Unfortunately, Shingen ends up motivating himself just a bit too much when he thinks this, and ends up almost sprinting through enemies like the tiger he is.
  • He’s in no danger… from melee weapons. He forgets about ballistic weapons.
  • “Shingen!” Yukimura suddenly screams, voice tearing through Shingen’s near-haze like the blade in his hand. He whips around, watching the younger warlord lurching toward him. “Behind you! Rifles!”
  • There isn’t enough time to drop. Shingen can only shift around, rotating just enough to turn his head. Shock surges through him.
  • A second later, his there’s a thunderous collection of gunshots, and then he’s thrown back so hard he nearly falls over.
  • His shoulder’s engulfed in blistering pain. It’s mind-numbing, because it’s a pain like no other, something so intense and aggressive that it blurs one’s thoughts and stuns them into motionlessness.
  • But he shakes himself out of it. He’s still on the battlefield.
  • He manages to get through the rest of the battle, using his other arm to fight now instead, and Yukimura’s orders to push harder and harder thankfully brings them victory not too long later. Shingen’s immediately guided toward the field hospital, where he’s taken into one of the tents for higher-ups.
  • As soon as he sets foot inside, though, everything fades, too fast, too suddenly. He tips, and he’s down.
  • When he wakes up, he’s shirtless and lying down on a futon, and seemingly tiny, gentle hands are on his shoulder. When he opens his eyes and sees you checking his bandages, eyes glistening with tears but hardened with determination, his heart may as well shatter into pieces.
  • My most beautiful angel. She’s here with me.
  • “It appears I must have died, for before me is an angel. If this is death, I don’t think I mind it-”
  • “Shingen-”
  • You almost burst into tears, choking out his name and stopping him short. He just smiles, curling his arms around you, cradling you against him and dusting the sweetest kisses over your face. His heart feels like it’s overflowing with love and relief, that you’re both alive and okay and that he’s with you again.
  • “There now, my angel. I’ll live, so I hope I can be blessed with seeing your smile, not your tears.”


  • One morning, Yukimura doesn’t report for the arranged war council, and naturally, Kenshin’s not very happy. Shingen’s more concerned than anything, and you’re low-key panicking, afraid that something’s happened to him.
  • So, when Kenshin tells you to find him and bring him to the council, you’re more than happy to.
  • You practically bounce to the room he’s staying in within Kasugayama Castle, calling in to him eight times and receiving no answer. Increasingly worried, you slide open the door, peeking in.
  • He’s in his futon, still, but he’s not just asleep.
  • He’s shuddering, shaking and trembling, gasping for breath and rasping in sharp inhales that sound painful, somehow.
  • “Yukimura!” You exclaim, rushing over and dropping to your knees beside him. Your fingers brush his hair back, away from his face, and you’re instantly filled with dread at the immense heat exuding from him. He’s ill - badly ill.
  • You immediately set about taking care of him, knowing he won’t survive ten minutes trying to work in this state.
  • As such, you forget to return to Kenshin, who, losing his patience even more with the lack of action, sends Shingen to drag you back.
  • He walks in and sees you hovering over Yukimura, and notices the worrying state the younger boy’s in. He assures you that he’ll explain to Kenshin what’s happened, and that you can stay with him, before setting off once more.
  • You take care of him while he sleeps, dabbing at his face, neck and upper chest with a damp cloth to cool him down. You also turn him onto his side when he starts to cough, so that he’s less likely to choke if anything’s in his throat.
  • He comes around after a few hours, feeling like absolute hell, and also extremely confused.
  • What time is it? Is it morning? Has the council started yet?
  • His eyes fly open and he jerks up, only for his head to spin and body to collapse back into the futon again.
  • You’re there immediately, stroking his hair and face, hushing, “Yukimura, it’s okay. You’re sick, but you’re off-duty until you’re better, okay? Kenshin’s orders. Don’t worry about a thing and just rest.”
  • He doesn’t like that you’re seeing him like this, even if your hands feel amazing on his heated face. “But- the war council. I need to go-”
  • “Yukimura,” Your voice is softer than he’s ever heard it now, as you murmur to him, leaning over and brushing your lips against his forehead. “Shush. Everything’s been sorted out, and you wouldn’t last two minutes with the state you’re in. Just let me take care of you, okay?”
  • He can’t say no. He couldn’t if he tried.
  • You stay with him the whole time while he recovers, letting him use your lap as a pillow like he often does, whispering sweet nothings and stroking his hair, and finally kissing him into oblivion when his eyes drift shut. You don’t miss his likely delirious mumble of, “Thank you… like you being… here… love you, ___…”
  • A last, long kiss to his forehead. “You’re welcome. I love you too, Yukimura.”
Predictions about tomorrow
  • Camila's bday wish to Lauren: happy birthday lauren omgz I can't believe you're 18 thank you for being a good friend ily have a good one
  • Lauren: *rts and favs it*
  • Harmonizer #2: what the fuck that was the shortest bday wish ever y'all destroyed camren with your assumptions ugh i miss them so much
  • Harmonizer #3: guyz they did it on purpose I bet camila gave lauren the sweetest wishes in person and then had bday sex