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Oh my gosh, I NEED to know what bugged you about the routes in SLBP and Midnight Cinderella! I can totally agree with the DTL one <3

I think everyone, even people who have never even heard of otome games, knows that the route I hate the absolute most– THE MOST – is Alyn’s Ever After. Go on, put your dukes up. I said it.

You have Leo and Alyn trailing after you the entire time telling you that you have a whole palace overflowing with people who will help you. Support from all over. Even Stein. People coming out of the woodwork to help you. Anything you need, right?

What does your dumb ass do? 

Oh, well I don’t want this person, that I literally just met, to feel bad. 

So I’ll let her marry the guy that I fell in love with, even though he doesn’t like her at all and refuses to give her the time of day. Oh! And he’s also completely opposed to the idea, and I’ll ignore everyone telling me that my decision is stupid and that there are better options. And I’ll just wait around until someone else fixes my problems for me, even though I could have not derped tf out in first place, and can at any point say that I changed my mind.

I just don’t want Cosette to cry! 

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

One of the most heavily criticized moments of the movie was this scene, which is literally minutes after Loki died, the tone whips around into comedy in a way that doesn’t fit at all with how LOKI JUST DIED.  And I think I’m a little more lenient than a lot of people are about this, but I also look at it as a case of really bad pacing and/or editing.  I’m not sure if there was more in between these two moments (I have no reason to think so, other than that a lot of stuff was cut out/changed with this movie, but I’ve not heard of specific things that were meant to go here and you’d think we would have) or just that this movie definitely had a lot of pacing issues.

The problem isn’t in that the moments themselves are bad, but that you can’t (seemingly) kill off a popular character, have it be the biggest dramatic note in the movie, and then moments later head right into comedy, you can’t have it both ways!  It makes the jokes less funny (even to those who don’t get as invested as the fans, it feels weird to go from such a devastating moment to one that’s meant to be light-hearted) and it makes the drama have a hell of a lot less impact.

I don’t mind that TDW was meant to have a lot of funny moments, I like my popcorn flick movies to have moments of humor!  And I know that the constant revisions and changes on this movie made things more difficult than usual, so I’m trying to be generous and assuming that this is one of those things that comes across worse because of it.

But whatever humor I had in the theater while watching this moment is gone on repeat viewings (whereas other scenes that are appropriately paced still make me laugh) and what I’m instead left with is, “Christ, this scene needed to be a little further out, to give the dramatic stuff room to fucking breathe.”  I L O V E Thor getting into the car and it’s clear that he’s too giant for Midgardian vehicles like this, I want that to be one of my favorite things!

But his brother, whom he’s known for a thousand years, who finally seemed something like himself again, just died a few minutes ago, you really think now is the time when he’d be wondering who “Richard” is? Especially when Thor is the one who deliberately chose not to visit her ever since the Bifrost was repaired?  Like, I know that people can suddenly get kind of jealous when something goes from intellectual to reality, when it’s right in front of their face, but it fits so poorly with everything else of the way their relationship was written and how it undercut the weight of the previous scene for me that I just… get kind of incoherent about how much I dislike all of this terrible, terrible pacing.

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I know you gave that answer about potentially losing your right hand to a swordfight with a pirate which is totally understandable, but just in case that is an embellishment of the truth why *are* you learning to draw with your left hand?

honestly I… just kind of felt like it would be a cool thing to do (゜▽゜;)