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y’all thought it was gonna stop at lavi and lena?? foh

ok so we know he’s canon got that giant scar from CC and his curse duh, BUT
honestly. this boy should be way more marked w/the kinda shit he been thru

The burns are from when he dove into the fire to rescue lavi. only the bottom half of his face is burnt b/c he was wearing the mask, and his uniform was tattered on the left side of his chest from when he reached critical point. so. exposed flesh, burnt up all nice & crispy. his arm gets saved b/c of CC

TALKING ABOUT CC, you cannot tell me he didn’t get nasty bruises from where CC puppeteer’d him around. Hoshino says he didn’t have a belt around his neck, i say ok but what if. His arm didnt get wrapped up since it’s already covered w/CC, but boy his legs got McFucked up. they fade away before he gets the wound at paris though, since theyre just bruises. but i wanted to put them here anyway

and considering just HOW MANY TIMES this boy been shot, like he’s gotta have some star that just never faded 100%. They’re super faint, honestly fainter than this they’d be impossible to tell apart from his skin tone from a distance, but if u pay attention. theyre there. mostly around his chest since he tends to get shot there the most

A Sins & Virtues Prompt List
  • Lust: ‘I want you more than I care about the consequences’
  • Chastity: ‘Wait for me? Say you’ll stay’
  • Gluttony: Give it to me. I. Want. It. All.’
  • Temperance: ‘There’s strength in denial and I need to be strong’
  • Greed: ‘They took what was mine and I’ll never forgive them’
  • Charity: ‘It’s all I have. But it’s yours.’
  • Sloth: ‘I’m bored of this place. This life. With myself’ (paraphrase)
  • Diligence: ‘Last time I failed you. I wont do that ever again.’
  • Wrath: ‘I have never hated anything,anyone as much as I hate you now’
  • Patience: ‘One more time. Please just try one more time.’
  • Envy: It should be mine and I intend to have it.’
  • Kindness: ‘Take my hand. It’s the least I can offer’
  • Pride: Tell me something lovely about myself. Even if it’s a lie’
  • Humility: ‘This is all that’s left. Maybe it could be enough.’
Bucket list

Damon was startled to see a girl lying in the middle of the road. He has some company he thought. “Hi,” he said “Hi,” you replied in a proud voice “I hope you wont mind if i join you.” He said while lying beside you. You smiled he clearly didn’t care if you’d mind or not. “No, I won’t” “So you’re new in town?” “Yes, I am on my holidays so What are you doing here?” “The same thing you’re doing.“ “And what am I doing?” You asked him challengingly. “To get something to eat.” You laughed at his reply. “Okay, then you’ll get me something to eat.” “Sure.” “But you didn’t tell me your name?” “Damon.” “Y/N” Now you were both lying in the middle of the road staring in each other’s eyes instead of stars. Those blue eyes were so dark that you could get lost into them. And he knew your Y/E/C eyes were so bright that he could find himself in them. He was now listening to your heartbeat. It was calm. He realized that you’re not what he thought you are. “So, what were you doing here?” “Umm, nothing just looking at the stars in the middle of the road, ticking some goals off my bucket list. And you?” “Nothing.” He heard a car coming, he realized that it was fast and if you’re human you’ll not be able to run when you’ll hear it. You and him were looking at each other, it was something you never felt before. He was dark, mysterious, and… The next moment you were in his arms at the side of the road with the speed of light. You realized that he saved your life. Now, your heartbeat was fast but your face was still calm, you were not afraid of him. For you, he was a hero. You closed your eyes and your lips met. It was a feeling you couldn’t describe. It was a feeling you’ve never known. And you know, you never will. When your lips parted and you opened your eyes. He was still looking at them. “You will not remember anything from tonight. We never met. Nothing special happened tonight” And the moment you blink, he was gone. You were there at the side of the road alone. Puzzled you started walking to boarding house where you’re staying.

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It’s my first attempt in writing and please ignore any grammar mistakes as English is not my native language.

its in all of my abouts???? and said abouts go to a link describing it if you’re unfamiliar w/ what it is?????

like. i wasnt getting upset at you i didnt condemn you i just said ‘please dont call me a girl’

all you have to do is say ‘sorry, i wont next time’ and thats it!! thats all u hav to do!!! no excuses, no nothin, its simple, its polite, + its a lot more respectful than going ‘well i didnt MEAN to make u upset how could i have known??/??????’

im not trying to be condescending or rude im just. saying that if you misgender someone/someone tells you to not call them something, literally all you need to do is say ‘sorry wont do it again’ and Not Do It Again, nothin else! thats it!

“Were you ever be mine, Viktor?”

I dont have something that as great or wonderful for inktober. In fact i lost interest and motivation but im trying to catch up. Heck smtimes i got anxious if I should post it or not.

And I just wanna say, yes I do ship Victor and Yuri. If you tell me why iys gnn be long but as for the short its because im getting too biased with blonde characters and a quirk personality.
But that doesnt meant i hate Victuuri. I know its already canon, from the beginning. Its just not my cup of tea and I want people understand and wont mad at me anymore.

So i hope you wont get dissapoint if I ship other than victuuri. Good night.

if you’re cis one simple but supremely important thing you can do as a trans ally is unlink birth name and real name in your head

a birth name is just that–a name given to you at birth. teach yourself that a birth name is not something anyone is required to give out. teach yourself that someone is not lying to you or hiding something from you by not giving you their birth name. 

teach yourself that if you somehow learn someone’s birth name and it’s not the name they’ve told you they go by, that is not their real name and you should not start using it instead.

a person’s real name is the name they give you. it may or may not be their legal name, but it is their name. a person has a right to be called what they desire. a name is important–teach yourself that a name and a birth name aren’t always the same thing, and that should always be respected.

(and this does mean applying it to all avenues of your life. no more hunting around for someone’s ‘real name’–be they real or fictional, trans or cis–when you find out they don’t go by their birth name. no more calling a person–real or fictional, trans or cis–their birth name instead of their preferred name because you think their birth name is somehow more real. treat preferred names as real names in every avenue of your life.)

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Okay, how about the S/O dating UT Sans, UF Sans, US Papyrus and SF Papyrus for a few months, never letting them into their place. Until one day they nervously decide to take them back and introduce them to their big sibling with Downs Syndrome xx

Okay so I don’t want to be offensive with this ask. I have never met someone with downs syndrome. So the only information I have is from googling and also media. I’m not claiming to know anything about it, and I’m sorry if this can be seen as offensive in any way. Please correct me if I say something wrong.

UT!Sans: He finds it a bit odd that you wont let him see you at your place. Do you have roommates that are anti-monsters? Are you ashamed of him? Or are you just not taking the relationship as serious as he is? He tries to not let these thoughts get in the way, but he can’t help but wonder. When you tell him that you want him to meet your sibling he sees it as a step forward in the relationship. But he can’t for his life figure out why you’re so scared. He doesn’t say anything about it though, he’ll just see where this leads. You take him by the hand and introduce him to your older sibling. And suddenly he sees why you were so nervous. He’ll talk to them a little, and get a sense of their personality. He’s the kind of person that most people love. And you can see that they get along just fine. He jokes with them and tells them stories, just like he would with any other person. He’ll say hi to them every time he comes over to pick you up, give it a few months and they’re basically family.

UF!Sans: He was very nervous about introducing you to Papyrus, since he can be a lot to take in. But when it’s been a few months and he still haven’t met your family, he’s a little worried. Sure, the thought of it fills him with anxiety but it would’ve been nice if you at least mentioned that you were interested in letting him meet your family. That’s what couples are supposed to do, right? And then finally, you tell him that you’d like for him to meet your older sibling. And the anxiety is back x1000. Is this where he’s going to have to act polite while your older sibling grills him for dating you? Can he get through that without snapping or breaking something? He’s not even sure. But you tell him that there are some things he should know first, and his anxiety flares up yet again even though it doesn’t show. When you’re done talking about you siblings situation and what it means he’s quiet for a while. He didn’t even know Downs syndrome existed since monsters doesn’t have that. And he’s a ruff person who’s also pretty scary looking, what if he says something bad or just acts completely wrong. When he finally meets them he’s on his toes, figuratively. And it’s a very cute scene. After spending an hour around them he decides then and there that he will protect you and your precious siblings from all harm. They’re part of his family now, and safety is one thing he knows he can provide.

US!Papyrus: He’s not sure why you wont let him near your home. But it’s your choice and he’ll respect your privacy. When you tell him that you want him to meet your older sibling he agrees to go with you. He doesn’t like pushing a relationship faster than the other person wants to, so he lets you decide the pace. If you’re ready for him to meet your family, he’ll go meet your family. Simple. When he meets your sibling he’s surprised for a second, but it doesn’t show. He’s more sociable than Tale Sans, and both your sibling and other family members love him. He’s very charming when he wants to.

SF!Papyrus: The fact that you wont let him meet your family or even visit your home bothers him a lot. Are you already in a relationship and just using him? Are you homeless? Do you need his help? Should he force you to take him home with you? Okay no, that last thought is dismissed pretty quickly. He’s still a bit worried that this means you’re not as invested in him as he is in you. Because he is pretty damn invested in you. When you finally tell him that you’d like for him to come meet someone in your family he’s a nervous wreck, even if it doesn’t show. He can be very civil though, and he knows that you wouldn’t let them be too hard on them. You’ll vow for him and rest of monster kind. When he meets your sibling it all falls in place. This was why you didn’t want him to hang around your place. He is so relieved. He does his best to learn what it all means. He’s a quiet person, and very calming to be around. He doesn’t do a lot of talking, instead he likes to listen to your sibling and other family members. They all love him.

Authors: Cassandra Clare , Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Jonson, Robin Wasserman

Book Review

I just finished this piece of art and I couldn’t hesitate to write something! This book really completes the ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series.
But I have a note to the authors of the last chapter: WHY DID YOU DO IT TO ME?
I literally cried at he death of… I wont tell you, I do not want any spoilers around here.( but you can ask me in private)

Plot: It is the time after all the six TMI books and the Dark War( do not worry if don’t know what this is. I will write more reviews soon). And as Simon has his demon amnesia he doesnot remember why all of them love him and he wants to know who he is. So, he goes to the Shadowhunter Academy, where meets new people. But, after a couple of days there he finds out that it is not that easy.

Pros and Cons:

¤ The book always can give you more and more surprises

¤ I loved the way how every character we already know from the TMI is included in the book

¤This book shows you more about Simon, Magnus and Alec’s personalities.

¤You can learn a lot of things about people from the TMI series that werent cleared up then. Like about Ragnor Fell.

¤The end is very surprising, I should say. I already said that I cried. Well, it one of that moments when you just don’t expect it to happen.

¤Maybe there aren’t any bad poins. You tell

To take all set: I enjoyed this book so much and it goes to the shelf with my other “Elites” .
In several words: awesome, breathtaking, emotional and lovely book

Thank you for this Cassandra♡

i hope she was worth it. i hope she fucked you better than i ever could. i hope her skinny body was more beautiful because it was more typical. i hope she smiled a little more than i ever could. i hope she is less broken than i am. i hope her passions are your passions. i hope she was everything i tried so hard to be without even trying. i hope your parents like her. fuck i hope she’s even worth telling your parents about. i hope she can run faster than me without getting tired i mean i hope she can keep up with you. i hope she looks cuter than me in workout outfits. you see im not jealous im tired. very tired. i just want to be enough, feel enough to someone, have anyone tell me im enough for you, for anything, for something. theres one thing i know she wont do though, she wont give you as much as i did, she wont do what i have done. you think she’ll remember that on your left side you have a birth mark do you think she’ll pick up on your lingo the way i did, do you honestly think she’ll be there, the way i was, even on the days i had no reason to. do you think she’ll know that without coffee you basically aren’t functioning, you think she’ll do all the cute things i’ve done for you. all the surprises? all the giving, giving and more fucking giving. well at least she can be your work out buddy and get your testosterone level up but when you have a bad day, or you feel like maybe you arent enough, even though you like to act like you are so tough, she wont know exactly what to say like i always do. but hey at least her stomach doesnt hang out like mine does and shes easier for you to lift.

you didnt have to say it but i knew what you meant


when i met Rafa Nadal like a year and a half ago there was this guy there whose met him probably hundreds of times to get his autograph so he could sell them and the guy was telling me and my friends that once you’ve met Rafa several times and gotten multiple autographs/pics from him, he’ll remember you and start telling you “no i’ve already signed something for you before” and he wont do it for you ever again and i think that’s amazing and i think it’d be fucking hilarious if the boys started doing that to stalkers lmao like they’re so fucking entitled they’d be shook if they were told by one of the boys that they’re never getting a picture or autograph ever again lmao

Meeting rescheduled

Sorry for the inconvenience as my net wouldn’t let me be great and I couldn’t log back on IMVU for the meeting. We will reschedule it for tomorrow (3/10/17) at the same time at 8pm. I had 1 or 2 people tell me that they weren’t gonna make it beforehand. If you doing something in RL that’s understandable and most def wont be questioned, but if your sitting online and know about the meeting and don’t show up that wont be tolerated. I’m not chewing nobody head or anything. Although I wasn’t there the other bosses know the topics we were going to discuss so it should been no reason 3 people showed up. If you can make it to the meeting please by all means come. Once again contact myself or Krisa or skrawberry if you wont make it. Its important for us as a company/family to be on the same page and grow and build. Lets get it together ladies and gents.

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So Ive talked with my gf about sex and all before and shes told me she masturbates and all but i never have and shes had sex with guys but i never have before and i just feel like I'll be really bad at it and she wont. Idk i want to like be able to satisfy her too but i feel i wont be able to cuz idk how??? Sorry if im being confusing but its just worryin me cuz im seeing her v soon. Any advice? 💖 thanks!

Really you should never expect to be amazing at first try, because it’s something you learn by experience. Idk if she knows that it will be your first time, but it sometimes helps when you let her know. And she will guide you/tell you what she likes if she’s up for that. Then you’ll get the hang of it and you know you’ll be doing what she likes


Who are you? How do you possess the byakugan? Don’t tell me you have ties to the Hyuga?

Larry Skype
  • Harry: *calling Lou*
  • Louis: *answers* hey hazza!!
  • Harry: hey boo *fond look* what you doing?
  • Louis: *hesitates* uummm...., i'm.., kinda, sorta..,
  • Harry: common boo. You can tell me
  • Louis: *sighs* promise you wont be upset? *hurt puppy look* only because you're not here..,
  • Harry: yeah sure *wondering*
  • Louis: I'm writing a song about you *blushes and looks down*
  • Harry: *fonds* oh.., well.., that's okay. I thought you were doing something else.., *hints*
  • Louis: ...., *shocked*
  • Harry: I miss you

now that we know that clarke can speak trigedasleng, I just want one scene, at least, of lexa telling clarke something heartfelt in trigedasleng, not knowing that clarke actually understands her

imagine lexa telling clarke in trigedasleng “ turning my back on you was the hardest thing I will ever have to do. your eyes haunted me wherever I went.”

or better yet imagine lexa and clarke seconds before lexa’s fight with roan. with lexa telling clarke “I love you” even though lexa thinks clarke wont understand her because she wants to tell her her feelings just in case she doesnt make it

I just need one scene. give me one scene where lexa miscalculates clarke’s knowledge of trigedasleng and accidentally admits something. because I would honestly combust if that actually happened