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  • [How the butt-touching scene actually happened in my head]
  • Christophe: *touches Yuuri's booty* Yuuri, why didn't you invite me?
  • Yuuri, inwardly panicking: C-Chris...
  • Christophe: Looks like you got into shape. *flashes mature eros smile* Guess your master's giving you very thorough training.
  • Viktor: *appears to save his boyfriend* Chris!
  • Viktor: *hastily mutters in a low low low voice* Who-and-where-the-fuck-do-you-think-you're-touching?
  • Viktor: *reverts to his normal tone of voice* How's it going? *points his finger at the two*
  • Molly: Oh come on! I just want to be ready for next week!
  • Sherlock: *unmoved* It's becoming obsessive, and you know it.
  • Molly: B-but there's so many little details to pick up on...even in those short clips! Don't you have any theories about-
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Molly: *excitedly* But, I mean, just based on the trailers alone, if you HAD to say who would end up-
  • Sherlock: *exasperated* We have essentially no solid evidence, which makes any theories meaningless. And besides, I am a professional detective, therefore I refuse to use my brain power to engage in pointless guessing about the fictional plot line and characters of your favorite television show which has no real bearing on our lives!
  • Molly: ... *narrows eyes*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...

So I was looking at the Yuri On Ice event screencaps and noticed something familiar about Yuuri’s voice actor’s pose here.

Where have we seen this look before?


“Well, sometimes, you just have to operate on faith.”

There’s a little scene in FZZT where Jemma injects the trial antiserum on the second rat. She and Fitz are both hopeful, and then the rat floats and dies. The camera focuses on Jemma’s hopeless face, but if you look in the background, Fitz is literally moving his lips trying to come up with something encouraging to say. 

“That wasn’t very cooperative of him now, was it?” was the best he could conjure. It’s such an awkward, almost annoying thing to say, yet you could tell it was Fitz trying to put Jemma at ease by saying something seemingly asinine to give here a sense of familiarity. He’s insanely freaked out about the idea of her being a literal ticking time bomb. But this very emotional person is keeping his feelings in check to try and keep her focused and help her feel safe.

It’s just a lovely little side note that I didn’t pick up on the first time, having not been as familiar with their personalities/dynamic. Also “You’ve been beside me the whole damn time”, Jemma sacrificing herself for her team, and Fitz on the brink of jumping out of a plane kind of overshadowed all the other moments. 

“Donde estas, Yolanda?”

I was just listening to the song on the background when Sherlock and John reunites in The Empty Hearse and I goggled the group to see the cover album and here you have, don’t you see something familiar?

A tall person with dark hair and long coat with a blonde guy, in dark clothes too. There’s something on here that…oh, wait.

I hate this show.

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‘ i’ve been dead far longer than i’ve been alive. ’

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            ━━ “That’s the price of survivin’ these days, kid.Not the prettiest of poetry, but he doesn’t have the energy to soften the blows. That talent, never one he could boast with all that much confidence, had left him a great long time ago. Ain’t no other version of alive than walkin’ and breathin’ now. Long as you’re doin’ both of those, then you’re still ahead’a most. The sentiment was familiar, however; something Joel knew to be true of himself. 

         Out here, everything hurts. What gets taken from you, you never get it back. Never. 

             His next words escape in a mumble, almost unsure, too revealing for comfort, at least by Joel’s standards. “But for what it’s worth… I know what you mean.

Rhett would know. (x)

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“Something purple?” It didn’t sound familiar but Izzy was starting to wonder if maybe it hadn’t been Hodge Clary had seen, but someone posing as Hodge. Either way it didn’t seem to matter - the tiny bit of trust she’d seemed to gain fell away easily and Clary was back to looking terrified and suspicious. Izzy pulled away again, further this time. “I’m not stopping you. I promise. I’ll just sit here and you can do whatever you want, okay? I’m not your enemy.” 

Coruscant, Ferus reflects, hasn’t changed much. He’s grateful for that because through the majority of his life, he’s viewed Coruscant as home, and there’s something very bittersweet in finding himself here again, but it’s the familiarity that ultimately wins out.

It’s less straightforward with the Temple itself. His actual home. Not anymore, of course, not for years, but where he’d come from and lived and learned, and so in looking up at the familiar spires he takes a moment. Just a moment. For the mixed feelings to sort themselves out. The odd sense of nervousness that is the most prominent is new but not altogether unexpected, because he’s never been here before as someone who isn’t a Jedi.

Because he’s not. He’ll never be a Jedi again, and yet the whole Order, even from his spot outside of the Temple, still feels like family. He can still feel the connection. The Force is strong here, and he can tell that much with certainty, despite the fact that he no longer accesses it.

Drawing in a soft breath, he starts up the stairs to the main entrance.

this poem says nothing; i stand through a cyclone as the world changes around me, unaware. remembering how last year felt like a thousand rolled in one, but time doesn’t exist, and i’m just trying to hold on to something familiar.

i stand on rooftops, and yell- there is no poetry here / and on most days i cannot write it. i cannot shake the feeling of drowning, and the taste of salt from my mouth; i promise my insides are like honeycomb. i promise my lungs are blooming with love, but i cannot write about it.

maybe misery dies a slow death, and mama coloured me blue at birth. maybe dad swayed too much as when we danced, and i’m still catching my breath. poem- i am lost. here is a jungle, and i am far from lion / yet i feel like one. poem- i am deer horned or broken, i am not sure.

i am not sure of anything here, my golden boy; and i cannot look to your mouth for decisions. tell me a story about the place where a book turns into a heart, and where our spines meet as one or where our teeth clash. tell me a story about a girl, with melancholy skin, and a boy with a smile, and how it rains when they kiss; tell me, golden boy, where my poem lies. take me there.

i am standing at a stop sign, as it slowly turns green / and this feels like a whirlwind; the confusion is devastating, but maybe the world is brighter because of it. i stand here, and look for this poem, with my darling, golden boy-but maybe its not meant to be found yet; i am writing it anyway.


KYLE: Ms. Tucker, I found something that I think belongs here.
KYLE: Does this look familiar to you?
CRAIG: Hey, mom.

LAURA: Oh- oh! Craig!
LAURA: My baby, oh! I’m so glad you’re safe!
CRAIG: Yeah, we don’t have to. Do this.
LAURA: Craig, for God’s sake, let your mother hug you!
LAURA: You’ve been gone for months!
RUBY: Craig!

CRAIG: Hey, kid.
RUBY: You’re alive!
RUBY: And you grew a beard!
CRAIG: It’s getting there.
LAURA: (thank you, for getting him home.)
KYLE: (not a problem.)

Join Me ( Theo Imagine)

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You could feel the familiar pounding in your head as you came round, groaning and sitting up. The pack was staring at you, eager to hear what you saw. You could see the future, but only glimpses and you couldn’t control it, usually passing out after you saw something.

“What did you see Y/N?” Lydia said, a pen poised above a notepad as she made it her duty to keep track of everything you saw. You though about the images that had appeared in your mind before you passed out. “It was weird, really strong images this time.” You started, Lydia already writing notes as the pack leaned in closer. “There was someone screaming, they’re angry.” The sound echoing through your head. “I could feel sadness, but I don’t know who it was coming from.” The swallowed, licking your lips. “I saw an extended hand, someone’s taking it and being led away.” Scott looked up, shocked at what you said.

“And then there’s flashes, laughter and happiness. Someone is hugging someone.” You said.

“Is that it?” Malia asked, as if expecting more. There was something else, a graveyard and an empty grave, but you weren’t going to tell them that. You just nod.

Stiles stepped forward, “I read about some techniques on how to control it, after the meeting I can teach you some techniques on controlling the visions.”

Nothing was working, Stiles had had you concentrate on previous memories, he made you prick your fingers in an attempt to trigger something, he wanted to back your head so you would pass out. You drew the line there, flopping down on the couch. “I don’t think it’s going to work Stiles, we’ve tried everything!” You exclaim, lying on the couch.

“Come on Y/N, you just have to focus, I have some more things we can try.” He said, rifling through some more loose papers. “Y/N, I need some more of your blood.” You were exhausted, usually you took a nap right after you got a vision, but Stiles had you trying to control your abilities for the past 4 hours. “Stiles, I’m tired. Can we not do this! I don’t think it’s going to work!” Stiles was frustrated, he sighed, flinging the papers down.

“I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! STOP BEING SELFISH!” Stiles yelled at you, making you sit up from your reclined position. “Stiles please-“ you tried, not wanting to fight.

“NO! JUST BE QUIET AND DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR ONCE!” Stiles demanded. You leapt up from the couch, storming out of the house. “YEAH! JUST GIVE UP! LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!” Stiles yelled at your retreating back. Tears streaming down your face as Stiles continued to hurl insults at your back.

You were sitting on a park bench, pulling your jacket closer to you and rubbing your arms, trying to keep warm in the chilly night air. You looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps, seeing Theo walking down the path towards you. “Hey Y/N, do you mind?” He said, gesturing to the empty space beside you. You nod, moving over slightly to give the boy more room on the bench. The both of you sat in silence for a moment before Theo spoke.

“I know about you, and your abilities.” You head snapped up to look at him, only the pack knew about you. “How do you-“ You started but he cut you off.

“It doesn’t matter, the point is, I can help you control it.” He lifted a ring from his pocket, placing in in your palm. “I had it made for you, when it senses a vision coming it heats, alerting you so you will be ready.” You looked at the thin ring before sliding it onto one of your fingers, feeling it fit snugly. “This will help you control it.” Theo said, smiling when he saw your smile. He stood from the park bench, extending his hand towards you.

“Come with me Y/N, join my pack. We won’t treat you badly, you’ll be respected. So come with me Y/N, please.” You placed your hand in his, his fingers instantly curling around yours and pulling you off the bench. Just like in your earlier vision. Your old pack will not be happy.

A/N: Heyyyy, I really enjoyed writing this! I hope you have a nice day xx

Here it goes again. The trouble of “Trouble” READ IT!

The story starts in 2013 a little after BTS debut. At the time nobody knows about the “Trouble” song. At least I didn’t. Accidentally I found that video ( where in description it clearly says “I guess that’s Jin’s voice? right?”  

But God little I know that my mistake would lead to this….So I post this vid here without SUCH REMARK without all these “maybes” and “guesses”. 

The problem at the time was that we didn’t have much songs of RM and we DIDN’T HEAR HIM SINGING. So I too as well as many of people though that maybe it’s Jin’s voice there cuz c’mon RM doesn’t sing (remind you. 2013. a little after debut). 

The problem of all of there that it WAS ALL SPREAD OUT without these “guesses” and “maybes” so people just saw it and began thinking that IT’S OFFICIALLY JIN. But there’s nothing official. NOTHING! 

At least THIS should be a warning for you claiming “Trouble” as a duo song. 

Later on, we were lucky to have other RM’s songs such as “Too much” and “Something”. AND! We heard him singing! And if you listen and compare YOU WILL REALIZE THAT IT’S RAP MONSTER WHO SINGS IN “TROUBLE” and NOT JIN! 

It’s 2016 now and if you’re with the boys since the debut I guess you can easily differ their voices from each other. So if you still don’t believe me then play the “Trouble” and turn up the volume to the max. For better effect out earphones and LISTEN CAREFULLY! Without the addiction to namjin. Be adequate, pls. And if you know RM’s voice by heart and heard him singing you’ll UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS HIM! AND NOT ANYONE ELSE! “TROUBLE” is RM’S SOLO! JFC! 

I was really glad to find some people in the comments under the video I put above saying the same thing. That there’s no Jin. True ARMYs and especially RM’s fans know better. 

All I want to say that I’m so tired of proving this. Yes, there was my mistake cuz I didn’t put this “guess” and people believed me. BUT NOW THEY DENY TO BELIEVE ME WHEN I WANT TO DAMN FIX IT! 

So if you still stand for the opinion of “Trouble” as a duo song, I strongly advice you at least to find the roots of it. Because it’s all started because of that video. And it didn’t confirm Jin’s voice. NOTHING DID OMG!