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Note: the title sucks but i hope the imagine doesn’t. thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it. FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS WELCOME (really, I love reading your cute comments) ♥ .c

Request: May I request one where you are newly-married and express worry that Bucky would leave you for someone? Like Natasha maybe?

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Being married to Bucky was no different than when you two were just boyfriend and girlfriend, it was just a much bigger commitment, and you both were happy together. The romance is top notch, the butterflies still erupt in your stomach when he looks at you with those blue eyes of his, and you two have kept that connection between each other. None of the good changed. And none of the bad changed, either.

Bucky is best friends with Natasha, and you’ve always felt insecure when you and Bucky were around her, which is quite often and will remain so until you and Bucky find a house to live in. 

It just terrified you to think that she could easily steal Bucky away from you. She was everything you weren’t and she was close to Bucky. Maybe not as close as you and him, or even Steve-of course not-but it was a type of close that makes you worry.

You were anxiously biting your fingernails as you sat alone in the kitchen. You had just gotten back from your amazing honeymoon with Bucky today, since you two had gotten married just a week before, and he was now on a take-out run with Natasha. She was so happy when he got back, and even though she hugged your neck, too, she held Bucky a lot longer.

It was wrong to doubt Bucky, and you also doubt Natasha. She wasn’t a huge threat but it was enough to make you start an old habit you kicked after getting close with Bucky. You always bit your nails when you had nightmares, felt anxious, and were at war with your demons. The more you thought about it, the more you bit at your nails, even the skin. You just couldn’t shake the thoughts away.

You quickly stopped chewing at your nails when you heard the elevator ding, signaling that someone was about to get out. You sat still and tried your best to keep your fingers away from your teeth.

Your stomach dropped as you heard Natasha’s boisterous laugh echo throughout the area, only for it to die down as her and Bucky walked into the kitchen with a few bags. The smell of Chinese food filled your nostrils. “Hi, Doll!” Bucky cooed as he leaned down to kiss your head. You put on a fake smile and watched them unload the bags.

Natasha told FRIDAY to let the others know that food was here before she turned to you, giving you a white box of food. Her expression wasn’t all that friendly. Her smile was gone and her eyes were cold. You gently took it from her and Bucky watched, noticing a trickle of blood coming from the skin around your index finger.

“Are-are you biting your nails again?” Bucky quietly questioned, stacking his boxes of food on top of each other. His eyebrows were creased and he looked at you with those blue eyes and you bit back your tears, quickly wiping the red liquid on your jeans. “Y-yeah, I am. I’m gonna eat in the room if that’s okay.” You said quietly, hopping off the stool and making your way to the elevator.

Bucky followed after you, his long strides giving him a speedy advantage. “Why are you biting your nails again, Y/N?” Bucky asked, looking down at you as the elevator took you to your shared bedroom. You sighed and stared at the mass amount of floor room buttons. “No reason.” You all but whispered. Bucky scoffed softly.

“You don’t get to do that to me. Tell me what’s going on.” Bucky pushed further, his voice laced with concern and worry. You inhaled deeply and titled your head back a tad, tears brimming your eyes again. 

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You replied just as the elevator doors opened. Bucky followed after you, hot on your heels. “Tell me what it is, right now! You broke that habit a year ago!” Bucky nearly shouted, his voice thick. He was so frightened that your nightmares were back, or maybe you were dealing with something and hadn’t confided in him.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you shoved the bedroom door open and set your food down on the bedside table. Bucky stood there expectantly, his eyes glued to you. “Y/N, I’m not going to ask again. You’re scaring me.” Bucky whispered the last part, his jaw clenching with nervousness. You turned to face him and shrugged your shoulders. “I-I don’t know..” You trailed off, averting your eyes away from Bucky.

He sighed heavily and set his food down beside yours. “It’s me, Y/N. Please, tell me what’s wrong.” Bucky pleaded. Your lip quivered and Bucky’s left hand lifted to caress your cheek. A single tear fell from your eyes and Bucky breathed out. “You don’t-did you not want to marry me?” Bucky’s eyes filled with tears and you gasped, looking up at him.

“Of course I did, Bucky! I’m just-I don’t know how to say it!” You sobbed, quickly wiping at your cheeks. “Well, please! You’re scaring me!” Bucky repeated as his chest heaved up and down. You shook your head and took a deep breath. “I’m scared, Bucky!” You squeaked. Bucky stepped towards you and his heart started to pound in his chest. 

“What are you scared of?” Bucky’s lip quivered slightly, his hand reaching out for your arm; he hoped it wasn’t him. “I’m scared that-that you’re going to leave m-me for Natasha!” You spoke through your sobs and Bucky’s hands slowly lifted to rest on your cheeks as he processed what you just said.

Bucky’s eyes looked back and forth between yours and you inhaled shakily, moving backwards to sit on the bed. “Y/N, that will never happen. Don’t you know how much I love you?” Bucky asked, sinking down onto his knees in front of you. He placed his hands on either side of you and you sniffled harshly, your eyes blurry from your tears.

“Doll, I love you so much. I wouldn’t-God, I’d never leave you for anyone. You’re the one for me. Nobody else.” Bucky whispered, resting his forehead on your knee. You heard a soft sob come from him and you let your hand rest on his head.

“Bucky, I just-” You took another deep breath, not holding anything back. “-Natasha is so close to you. I can’t help but feel like one day you’re going to fall asleep holding me, then wake up with her on your mind.” You whispered, running your hands through Bucky’s hair.

Bucky’s head shot up and his puffy eyes stared into yours. “Doll, that won’t happen. I promise you. I promised you at the alter, and I’ll make that promise again. Every day for the rest of our lives.” Bucky quickly leaned up to capture your lips with his and you sighed into the kiss, your eyes immediately fluttering shut.

You felt Bucky leaning you backwards, his hands holding you close as he hovered above you. Bucky pulled away and placed a kiss on your forehead, and made his way around your face until he kissed your lips again. Your stomach erupted with butterflies and you couldn’t help but let a small smile show.

Bucky pulled away and rested his forehead against yours. “Y/N, I love you so much. You have no idea.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and nodded your head gently. “I think I do. I love you more than anything.” You said softly, pulling Bucky in for another kiss.

All of your worries faded away that night.

Note: I hope this doesn’t suck. I feel like it sucks. FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! .c

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From the Ruins, We shall Rise - TheSpace_Dragon, thesearchingastronaut - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Just gonna secretly update this at nearly 3 am, nbd, hahaha

Welp, here it is guys, in its 9.5k glorious addition, Ruins has been updated!!! I blame Caro for getting my butt in gear and making me finally finish the chapter by posting that gorgeous Lance from a couple days ago. Like how could I not update after that???

Anywhoodles, here’s an excerpt~

Lance lowered his collar. “Shay, you in here?”

He heard someone gasp, and before he knew it was engulfed in a bone crushing hug.

“Lance! It’s been too long! Why has it taken you so long to come visit?” Shay shook him about, his feet leaving the ground.

“Shay – can’t breathe – missed… you too –”

“Oh! Sorry, sorry!” she put him down gently and Lance leaned this way and that to realign his back.

“Yeah sorry about not visiting, been a little busy.”

Shay crossed her arms, her foot and half height difference over Lance would have made it intimidating if it weren’t for how well Lance actually knew her. She was sweet, sweeter than she should be for a black market dealer. Could still bash your head in, but sweet.

“Uh-huh, one of my runners told me you went and joined the princess. Didn’t think you were interested in that.”

Lance shrugged. “She pays well, and my family can use every aruan they can get their hands on. You know how I operate.”

“Mm. You always put them first, when are you going to take care of yourself, Lance?” she chided. She turned and started heading to the front of the shop. “So, what are you here for this time? Information? Weapons – and you know I can’t do much about that. You have these weird arrows that no one else uses.”

Lance motioned for Shiro to follow him. “Keep your hood up, Shay isn’t all that friendly with Galra, past or present,” he whispered.

“Got it,” Shiro responded.

They followed her to the main part of her shop. No one was inside, if someone wanted Shay for something, they entered in through the back. Anyone who came in through the front was guaranteed outrageous prices for anything she had.

“You got any of that Glacier wood? Broke my old bow hunting.”

Shay looked over at him, an eyebrow raised high, nearly to her hairline. “You finally broke that old thing? You’ve had that for years, ever since the war, yeah?”

“The same guy who supplies me arrows made it for me. I’ve tracked him down again and he and another friend have agreed to make me a new one. Just need the wood for it.” He glanced around, looking for any sign of it. Shay was his only consistent informant and provider for just about anything. She even made him his cloak, one of a kind as thanks for saving her shop from bandits.

She pointed over to the opposite side of the shop. “There should be some in that corner. Don’t know how good the quality is, but it’s better than cutting down your own tree.”

Lance grinned and made his way over to said corner. True enough there was some there, long links that were about five feet in length. Some of them were warped, way beyond any use, and he picked up ones that were as straight as possible. They weren’t as thick as he would have liked, but maybe Hunk could make something out of them.

He handed them off to Shiro and dug out his purse. Shiro looked a little affronted at being designated as the pack mule, but thankfully he didn’t say anything. Lance had the feeling that as soon as they were out of this place, he was going either get the lecture of a lifetime or get stuck doing some gods’ awful duty around the castle for a month. There went his free time.

He tossed Shay a few gold aruan, ignoring her squawk about him overpaying her. It was all pretense, but what he was about to ask her was really going to make the money worth it.

“Say, you haven’t heard from my old crew have you? Rin, Geoff, and all them?”

Shay froze up for a second before moving about the shop again, appearing normal, but she couldn’t hide the shake in her hands as she straightened things. Rin had been his second in command, a little ruthless in the way she took down targets, but he hadn’t been able to deny her talent when he recruited her during the war. It was safe to assume that Rin has been the pack leader since he left.

“Geoff is dead,” she said quietly after a minute.

Fuck it, Nesta thought, as she tossed aside the cup she’d been drinking wine from and brought the bottle to her lips. She took a long sip.

She sat alone on the roof of her building atop a thick blanket in the dark. She curled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them as she took another sip of wine.

She looked up at the sky. It would be starting soon.

A chilly, light breeze blew a strand of golden brown hair across her face. She tucked it behind her ear. She wore an oversized sweater and a pair of dark leggings. She wrinkled her bare toes into the blanket, maybe she should have worn socks.

She took another sip, thinking about the party in the House of Wind she was missing. She’d not wanted to get all dressed up just to stand on a balcony filled mostly with strangers. And she didn’t want to deal with her everyone playing buffer between her and Cassian. It was better this way. No one would have fun if she were there, and maybe this way he’d at least have fun.

Maybe he’d find someone to talk to, a female maybe—she took another swig of wine.

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Jughead x reader

In which the reader gets drunk after an argument with Jughead, and he has to look after her.

Warnings: drinking


“You will fail this class if you don’t get your grade up, do you understand that?” My teacher asked me, and I rubbed my face, feeling a headache coming on.

“Yes, I understand. I’ll try harder.” I told him. He excused me and I traipsed through the hallway, running through the seemingly endless list of things I had to do. I had signed up for too many advanced classes and extra curriculars, and I was swamped.

I had to talk to two other teachers and catch up on a project, before I could finally go and meet my boyfriend, and hopefully get something to eat. Unfortunately, this did not go to plan. I knew as soon as I walked into the room that Jughead was angry with me. He saw me enter and was immediately on his feet and walking towards me, seething. I stopped in my tracks and desperately tried to rack my brains for whatever I had done.

“Where were you?” He demanded, and I floundered under his gaze, combing through my calendar in my mind to remember what I had missed. I stuttered, and he shook his head disbelievingly. “You don’t even remember what you missed, do you?” He asked. I opened my mouth, but the answer didn’t come to me.

“Um… Was it…” I started helplessly, but couldn’t finish. He looked away from me.

“You know what, it doesn’t matter.” He began to turn away from me, but I desperately ran around him, blocking his exit.

“No, Jughead, please… I’m sorry, I’ve been so caught up in my work. Just tell me what it was, please.” I begged him, holding my hands out to stop him from leaving. He sighed.

“My presentation. You were going to practice it with me before the lesson.”

My stomach dropped as I remembered. Jughead had been so nervous for it, and had only calmed down when I promised to rehearse it with him and help him. I closed my eyes, hitting myself for forgetting something so important to him.

“Jug, I am so-“

“I had to do it without you, Y/N. You promised you’d help me.” He said angrily.

“I know, I know I did. I had to talk to my teachers and I just got caught up.” I tried to explain myself.

‘Yeah you said.” He snapped. “Look, you’re my girlfriend, and I only trusted you to practice it with me. I needed you, and you weren’t there.” My breath caught in my throat at his words. He was right.

“Jughead…” I started, but didn’t know what to say.

“Whatever.” He muttered, pushing past me. “See you.” And with that he was gone. I stared at the space he had left, berating myself. I sighed, picking my bag up and walking to my next lesson. All through the class, I reprimanded myself over and over, wishing I had done today differently.

After school, I saw him leaving and wanted to catch up with him, but I had to go to a tutoring session. I watched helplessly as he walked away from me again, wondering how I would make it up to him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could have done things differently. I could have set an alarm on my phone, or just been more organized, and Jughead and I would probably be together right now. The stress of the argument with Jughead and my workload, as well as my general anxiety built up when I got home, and I had to forget, so I took a bottle from my parent’s cupboard and started drinking. I didn’t know what it was, but it burnt my throat, made my eyes water, and worked quickly.

I grew flustered and warm, the alcohol and my thoughts overwhelming me, and so I walked into my dark backyard, letting the cold air float over me. I sat on the icy stone steps of my garden and tried to drink my reality away as the sky darkened. It didn’t take a lot of alcohol for me to start crying. I raised my hand to my forehead, clenching my teeth. How could I have done this to Jughead? He had been there for me so many times, and I let him down. I continued drinking, drowning in my guilt and misery. My self-deprecation reached a climax as I vividly replayed the day’s events in my head, Jughead’s words running over and over in my head.

You promised

I needed you and you weren’t there

You weren’t there

You weren’t there

You weren’t there

The late-night air grew freezing, but the hot liquid inside my body made me unaware of my numb appendages and chattering teeth. That was until my trembling fingers failed to properly grasp the neck of the bottle, and it slipped out of my grasp and onto the dark stone. It shattered violently and glass flew everywhere, startling me and snapping me out of my thoughts. I opened my mouth, my eyes wide at the amber liquid spreading out across the steps. I felt a sharp pain in my hand and looked down to find a small piece of glass caught in my skin, with a trail of blood leaking out. I pulled it out without thinking, ignoring the pain as I struggled to stand. I needed to talk to him. I needed to apologise. I jumped up and ran up the steps, stumbling when I reached the top. My head felt hollow and I think my hand was still bleeding but I couldn’t tell. Find Jughead.

I found myself at the drive in, where I knew he’d be. I blundered towards the door of the screening room. I was sober enough to know that I was drunk, but my thoughts weren’t clear.

I knocked anxiously on the door, leaning against the wall and feeling utterly desperate. After a few moments, the door swung open and there Jughead was, in all his glory. His hair was a mess and he was in sweatpants, his feet bare and his eyes tired. As I soon as I saw him, the floodgates opened. In my intoxicated state I began desperately rambling and crying at the same time.

“Jughead, oh my god, I had to find you, because- because I need to talk to you. I’m so sorry, I’m an idiot, and I hate myself and I don’t even know what time it is, but I messed up and I have to fix it.” Hot tears were streaming down my face, and I was struggling to take breaths between what I was saying. His eyes were wide, and he opened his mouth to say something but I couldn’t stop talking. “I was so, so stupid to forget about your thing, your presentation, I wish I hadn’t done that, and I just really need you to listen to me and I need you to forgive me. I’m an idiot, and I hate myself but I need you.” I stopped talking and continued crying, vaguely aware that most of what I had just said had been unintelligible.

“Okay, okay.” Jughead’s calm voice broke through my stupor as he grabbed my arms and pulled me inside. He pushed me gently onto his bed and kneeled in front of me. I tried to calm myself down but I couldn’t seem to slow my breathing.

“Are you drunk?” He asked me in a deliberate way, as if he already very well that I was. I didn’t answer but just stared at the floor, my breaths uneven. He sighed, standing up and moving around the small room. He came back with a glass of water and put it in my hand, making sure my fingers were tightly grasped around it before he let go.

“Hey, what happened to your hand?” He caught my hand gently and brought it towards him, studying the cut and frowning. He looked up at me, but I just shrugged helplessly, unable to answer him. He pressed his lips together and shook his head. “I’ll get something for that, just… drink this.” He sounded disappointed, and I was reminded of how much he was supposed to hate me at that moment. I threw back the water, downing it in the hopes that it would stop how I was feeling. I set the empty glass down and put my head in my hands, feeling sick and dizzy all of a sudden.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had let Jughead down, and tears began to slip down my face again, my whole body shaking. I heard him exhale as he sat down next to me on the single bed.

“Y/N.” I screwed my eyes shut, trying to shut him, and everything else I was feeling out. “Y/N.” He said louder, and I looked up at him, sniffing. He held up what looked like a bandage. “Give me your hand.”

I held my arm towards him and he delicately took my hand in his own. I watched him as he cleaned it, but he didn’t look up at me once, keeping his eyes on what he was doing. I didn’t even wince as he poured alcohol on it, the burning sensation nothing compared to the pain in my head. He finished, gently pressing a bandage onto the cut and making sure it was stuck down properly before finally looking up at me. I left my hand in his as he stared at me, his light eyes studying my face before meeting mine. I took a deep breath, determined to make him hear me this time.

“Jughead.” I tried to force the whirlwind of thoughts in my head into coherent sentences. “I am so sorry.” My lip shook and tears built in my eyes again. “I let you down, and I have no excuse. You… you needed me and I wasn’t there.” A tear slipped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am.” I looked him in the eye, trying to get across how serious I was. There was quiet for a moment as he looked at me, nodding his head ever so slightly. He was still holding my injured hand, and started lightly rubbing my knuckles with his thumb as he smiled tenderly at me.

“It’s okay.” He whispered, and I took a sharp breath in. I briefly wondered if I had misheard him.

“Are you sure?” I asked unsurely, my eyes wide. He chuckled quietly.

“I’m sure.” An emotional smile spread across my face at his words, and I gripped his hand tightly as tears continued to run down my face. I desperately attempted to wipe them away with my other hand, but to no avail. He shook his head at me, smiling.

“Come here.” He murmured, moving his hand from mine to reach for me. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine, his hand on the back of my neck. I put my hands on his chest and relished the feeling of being close to him. When we separated, I leant into him automatically and he put his arm around me. He shifted his body along the small bed, leaning back and bringing me with him so we were lying down, me against his chest. We lay silently as I listened to his heartbeat and tried to calm myself down. He began softly playing with my fingers, being careful to avoid my wound.

“What did you do to yourself, hm?” His lips ghosted my forehead as he whispered the question to himself. “I never wanted this.” I closed my eyes.

“I know. I’m sorry.” His chest vibrated underneath me slightly as he laughed softly, and it brought an instinctive sleepy smile to my face.

“I think you’ve said that enough for one night.” My face was pressed against his body in the quiet room, and I felt my senses numb as my head grew heavy and my breathing slowed. He might’ve said something else after that, but I wouldn’t have known, as I slipped into a drunken, emotionally-exhausted sleep. I knew I would feel like death in the morning, but it didn’t matter. I had him, and I wasn’t going to let him go again.

a sad drunk

aaaa this was fun to write (it’s really bad though sorry)

btw in this imagine Jughead is still living at the drive in, because I thought it worked better than Archie’s house 

Good Shot

Clint x Reader

The sirens blared into your ears, the building rumbled underneath you. A panic flash back of the hot desert, the bullets spraying passed you, grabbed a hold of you. Collapsing on the ground, you bury your head into your bloodied knees. People were screaming and running around you, it all felt imploding until everything went silent. Your heartbeat was loud and rapid, tears fell down your face. It was inescapable. War was everywhere you went, tucked into every street corner.

“Ma’am,” a soft voice broke through the silence. A steady hand touched your shoulder, causing your hands to grip tighter against your head. Your body trembled violently, lips quivered as a little blood spilled from your mouth.

“Are you hurt? Let’s get you the hell out of here,” the man’s voice was calm and collective as he attempted to reach for your hand.

“Leave me alone,” you cried out.

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I Dreamed of You

Deanxsister reader

for @nichelle-my-belle 4k angst challenge my prompt was “I dreamed of you last night. I slept with the lights on.” 

Summary- Reader has trouble trusting Dean after something happened while he was a demon. Angst

word count- 1700

warning- Angst, stabbing, nightmares, panicked reader  

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

Don’t Run. Don’t move. Don’t even breathe.

It’s what Dean taught you to do if you were ever trapped with a monster. In a locked building, or underground, anywhere that you might be that you couldn’t get out of.

“Don’t run, just hide. Sammy and I, we’ll come find you. If you run you’ll make noise, or you could fall,  something could get knocked over and give away exactly where you are. You’re better off hiding until you know you’ve got the upper hand.” Dean had given you the same lecture at least a hundred times, you could hear his words echoing in your head as you slowed your breathing down so much you weren’t even sure how your brain was getting enough oxygen.

You were taking every word Dean had taught you and applying it as you hid in the small dark storage closet. You’ve hidden from monsters before, but you never thought you would be hiding from them in your own home, the bunker… safest place in the world. The worst part of is was, the monster you were hiding from was the same person who had shown you how to hide in them first place. Dean.

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Word count: 4695
Genre: Angst, Smut.
Summary: You and ex-Jinyoung end up in the same university, your predictable arguments turned into something…not so predictable.


The look on your face was of pure shock when you saw Jinyoung walking into the same university as you, and his look was the exact same. All the flashbacks from your past coming back to you all at once as your eyes locked together. You and Jinyoung had a tricky past, You have been together previously, for a very long time. You shared some of the happiest moments together and also some of the most intimate, and you knew every single big and little thing of each other, whether it was personality wise, or looks wise. You meant everything to him, and he meant everything to you, but that didn’t stop you from ending things with him, you feared the feelings of love, and the responsibility of commitment, you feared it after seeing the absolute hatred you parents had for each other, especially before their divorce, you were scared that it would happen to the two of you. So you ended it as soon as you fell for him, without any explanation, and it absolutely broke you both, both of you in tears and you just left him. After that day, he spent his time trying to find out why, which turned into arguments because you never told him why, which turned into him eventually hating you, and you couldn’t blame him. You argued for the rest of the year, until school was over, and summer break finally spread you apart. You thought you would never see him again, which is why both of you tried your hardest avoiding each other at the new school you would have to share for the next 4 years. It wasn’t working out though, with both of you ending up in 4/6 of the same classes, and you cursed silently every single time you had to find out you would be sharing the same classroom. You spent the classes stealing gazes at each other, pretending that you weren’t, but your stares were entirely different, his were of hatred, and yours of regret and sadness, wondering how it got so bad. You felt okay about being in the same classes until in the last class, you scored a plain old fashioned dick of a teacher that put uni students in a seating plan, which sat him right next to you. You fell silent, the awkwardness and tension filling up and you practically jumped and ran out of the class when they day was over, heading straight to your car, but it just so happened as you were rushing, looking behind you for Jinyoung, you didn’t realise he was walking behind you, purposely bumping into you, making all your books fall to the ground.

“Oh, my bad!” he laughed as he walked past and you just looked at him in awe, this cannot be happening you thought. You just got out of a year of arguments with him, you couldn’t handle another 4. You didn’t reply, not wanting to start anything and he walked away, leaving you to pick up your books and silently curse under your breath as you walked to your car and went straight for home, thinking about him and your encounter for the rest of the day.

“ok,” you spoke to yourself “just 4 days a week, I can do this…4 days a week…for 4 years” you sighed, and you tossed and turned in your sleep for the rest of the night.

You spent the next day avoiding him and his gaze, until of course you had that last class, and you didn’t look back at him when you felt his gaze, you tried not to flinch at a snarky comment or a snicker he made when you answered a question in class, doing your best ignoring him.

“So, ruin anyone else’s lives lately?” he whispered in your ear, your back tingling at his hot breath.

“Don’t start Jinyoung please” You didn’t look at him, instead you looked at the clock, 5 minutes was left in the class and you were practically trying to leave you seat already.

“Just asking a simple question” he retorted.

“No, you’re trying to start something that I don’t want to start, so please don’t, it would be great if we could just be civil for once”

“You can try, but I’m still not done making you feel how you made me felt when you broke us off without an explanation” you ignored this comment, your hand balling into a fist.

The last minute of the class passed and you were finally allowed to leave, you and Jinyoung being the last two to leave since you were at the back of the class. He blocked the door from you, giving his signature smirk that used to make you melt, but now only makes you wonder what argument he is about to try and start.

“Move” you say, controlling yourself from pushing him away instead.

“That’s not a way to treat your peers, what happened to manners?” he chuckled at you and you kept silent, frustration rising.

“Come on y/n, one little word and then ill gladly move out of your way”

“Are you two okay over there?” you turn around to here your professor talking to you, probably noticing the tension, but not noticing enough to get up from his desk.

“All good here” Jinyoung shot him a thumbs up and then turned back to you. “One little word sweetheart”

“Move…please” you say, and Jinyoung gave you a smile, moving a way and letting you pass and you rushed to you car, already preparing for the next day to come before it has even started.

You walked into your last class of the next day, already dreading having to take that seat next to your ex boyfriend. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t say anything through this class and you thought maybe he would leave you alone. You knew that you felt his eyes on you, but a word ever left his mouth or yours and it was relieving.

The clock ticked past and you were finally allowed to leave, you  rushed out but Jinyoung left before you, and as you walked to your car  you found him leaning against it.“Where are you rushing off too so quickly?” you sighed at you walked to your car, you thought too soon. It was stupid to think he would leave you and your past with him alone.
“Can you move out of the way please, you’re blocking the drivers door”


“I said please”

“I don’t care” At this point you patience was wearing thin, and you attempted to push him out of the way, but he was stronger than you and your attempts were useless.

“What do you want!” you raised your voice, giving you and Jinyoung attention from others around you, but you lowered your head and tried keeping you cool.
“I told you, I want to make you feel as miserable as you made me”

“Why cant you just leave it alone! Move on!”

“It’s hard to move on when you STILL haven’t given an explanation on why I should!” now he was raising his voice, not even a week into university and you’re already arguing with him.

“Don’t start Jinyoung, I’m so tired of this, just get the fuck over it and leave me alone! Even months after we haven’t seen each other you still want to fight with me!”

“Stop giving me a reason too then! Maybe if you would stop being so selfish and give me a fucking explanation I would leave this alone! But you won’t!”

“And I’m not going to! So fucking MOVE!” you pushed him out of the way. Both of you officially cursing and yelling at each other, grabbing every passerby’s attention.

“You two!” you hear a shout at you both, silencing the both of you and you stared at one of the school leaders hounding towards you. You both awaited your fate. “This is absolutely disgraceful! Two students fighting in front of MY school! I won’t tolerate this behaviour! Both of you, detention tomorrow after school! My office!” the professor stormed off, everyone around you leaving too, you Jinyoung fuming at each other.

“Look what you did” He had the audacity to say to you.

“Are you fucking kidding me??” you gave him one last glare, getting into you car and slamming the door shut, speeding off to your home, as you spent the rest of the night frustrated and crying in an angry rage, knowing that you won’t be able to take this much longer.

You and Jinyoung were quiet the whole day, not wanting to worsen your consequences. The awkwardness of having to walk to detention together filling inside you both. You opened the door of the professors office, her head tilting up as you both walked into the room.

“You have an hour and a half with me, sit down, do some work” she spoke coldly, not happy with either of you.

About 35 minutes into yours and Jinyoung’s never ending detention, the sound of the telephone rung through the and both of you heads looked up at the teacher as she picked up the phone.

“Ill be there right away” was the last thing she said.

“I have to go to an important last minute meeting, I will be back to see you both off, don’t cause any more trouble or there will be another month worth of these detentions, got it?” You both nodded at her as she walked out of the room.

It took a few minutes of silence before Jinyoung finally lifted himself from his desk, walking to yours and placing his hands against it.

“Why can’t you just tell me why” You stared up at him.

“Are you serious?? Even in detention you want to start this?”

“I’m just asking a simple question I don’t know why its so hard for you to answer”

“I don’t want to answer it”

“Why!” You stood up from you seat, your faces so close together in frustration.

“Just stop asking Jinyoung!” you both stood your ground, but you weren’t prepared for what he was about to say next.

“You left me! You were everything to me and you left without any explanation at ALL, I think I deserve at least that much after how miserable you made me feel! Like I did something wrong!”

You fought back the tears that were trying to swell in you eyes.

“Jinyoung plea–”

“I loved you!” he shouted, and his words struck you, his words broke you and you couldn’t hold the paragraph inside your head anymore as you blurted out everything to him.

“I loved you too! That’s why I left! Because it scared me, ALL of it! I was scared of the feelings because you know how my parents turned out, you saw how they fought before they got divorced and you see how much they hate each other now! I was scared that it was going to happen to us so I broke it off! I didn’t want to hurt you and I hurt you so much and I’m so sorry! You were everything to me and you still are that’s why I cant stand these arguments anymore! I’m so, so sorry!”

You both shared gazes of shock and for once your facial expressions showed no hate, both of you panting heavy and then suddenly Jinyoung moved towards you, cradling your face as he crashed his lips onto yours, making you jump back slightly. You grabbed the nape of his neck and his hair with both of your hands. The kiss passionate and long overdue, all the feelings since your break up being let out it a single kiss. You moved away from you desk and Jinyoung grabbed you, his arms so tight around you that if you weren’t already holding your breath from kissing, you would be from his grip. Your lips melted into each others, and it never ended, teeth tugged at the bottom of you lips and you gladly opened them to let him in, his tongue roaming around yours and his grip around you becoming tighter as he dominated the kiss. You nibbled at his bottom lip, your tongues battling together and you missed this feeling, you missed kissing him so fucking much. The kiss stopped for only a moment, you faces apart but still only millimeters away from each other, his chest heaving up and down and he breathed and you felt his hot breath on your face, you lust for him grew and you pulled his face right back to you, joining your lips together again, both yours and Jinyoung’s heated kisses screaming of passion. He parted his lips from yours and you hated the loss until he started moving from your lips to your jaw and to you neck, leaving trails of love bites wherever he could, marking you his once again. His lips moved under you ear, remembering that it was yours and his favourite spot from when you used to do this almost everyday, leaving a bruise right in the spot and you moaned against him, the feeling going straight to your core. His hands still placed on your waist and he started walking, dodging the tables and desks, and you walked backwards with him as he pinned you against the wall, his lips reconnecting with your neck and moving down to your collarbone, leaving small bruises, the feeling engulfing you and you barely noticed when he started to unbutton the buttons of the school shirt you both shared.

“What if she comes back” you asked nervous and he looked at you, his pupils dilated and full of lust.

“I don’t care, I’ve missed this too much” you didn’t protest him because you felt the same way, you missed this, all of this, you missed feeling him and his lips and his arms around you, and all the feelings came back at once in this moment, the feelings going straight to your core. He pulled the shirt off of you and threw it onto a nearby desk, you undid the buttons on his shirt, dropping it onto the floor and admiring the body you missed so much. Your lips biting and suck on his neck as he moved his hands around to your back, unclasping your bra and discarding it on the floor. He placed his lips back onto you, licking down your breasts before attaching himself onto your left nipple and you moaned as he kissed and suck and nibbled on your hardening bud, his hand messaging your other breast, your hand gripped into his hair.

“Oh Jinyoung!” you moaned, and he did the same in response, moaning at your voice.

“I missed hearing you moan my name”

“I missed you making me moan your name” you panted in response and your chest heaved up and down from Jinyoung ministrations, he moved lower down your body, his hands moving down with him and he placed them on your thighs, underneath your skirt as he slowly dragged up the material, squeezing both you cheeks in his hands and you grunted at the feeling, you were already so wet for him and he knew it as his finger grazed over your clothed core, and you cursed at the sudden feeling.

“Fuck!” you head tilted upwards as you moaned and he started to speak, diverting your attention back to him as you stared into each others eyes.

“I bet you missed how these fingers made you feel? I bet you missed knowing that only I know how to get you all riled up, I bet you missed me inside you, my touch, my tongue, everything else that made you look like this”

His words traveled straight through your body to your core, you knew the look on your face right now would be of pure desperation, you wanted him so badly and you were showing it, and he could easily see. He raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yes I did Jinyoung, I missed all of it, and I can’t wait to feel you again” you gasped as he picked you up, your legs instinctively placed around his waist, he carried you to the professors desk placing you on it, knocking down cups of pens and other paperwork, he pulled you forward and spread your legs before he dropped onto his knees and looked up at you, smirking as he started to leave kisses on your inner thighs, so close to where you wanted him but not quite there, you leaned your hands behind you, keeping yourself upright, he looked back up at you, your eyes locking together as he pulled you underwear down your legs, dropping them to the floor and bringing his face back to your core. His hot breath fanning you and he placed a finger inside you, your head thrown back at the  sudden act.

“Ugh! Jinyoung–” he pumped his finger in and out easily, your wetness coating his fingers.

“You’re so wet for me baby, how much do you want me??” you couldn’t find your voice to reply to him as he added another finger inside of you, your mouth widening and your breathing shaky. He looked up at you while he continued his sinful act, missing how you looked when you were like this, and you looked and sounded beautiful to him, he didn’t care about anything else in that moment besides pleasuring you. He increased the speed of his fingers and started to curl them inside you, you gripped the sides of the desks, the edges making your hands red and your knuckles white with the effort as Jinyoung pleased you, hitting the spot each time with his fingers and it sent you into your own world, you moaned and cursed Jinyoung’s name and he was thriving off of it. His fingers continued their devilish act inside you, and then his mouth came closer to you, and he started to lick your clit, his tongue joining in on the ministrations of his fingers and you haven’t heard such noises and whimpers come out of your mouth like this in a very long time. Jinyoung placed kitten licks repeatedly on your clit and you felt dizzy from all the feelings, his fingers relentlessly pumping in and out of you and his tongue licking torture.

“Fuck! oH my god Jinyoung!” you screamed his name in delight, not caring how loud you were in the almost empty university. Your hand latched onto Jinyoung’s hair, tugging desperately at it making him moan against you, you felt the vibrations of his moans on your clit and it felt heavenly. His teeth joined the sinful acts as he started grazing slightly over his clit, sucking and nibbling on it and you felt your eyes roll back and the knot in your stomach start to tighten and you knew you weren’t going to last much longer, not at the rate he was going. He licked up and down you, making sure to pay extra attention on your clit as he sucked it.

“Jinyoung fuck I’m so close-AH!” your walls clenched around his fingers as you felt your orgasm approaching but then all of a sudden he stopped, his mouth separating from you and his fingers removed, and you burst with frustration.

“What are you going!” you asked, your frustration evident.

“I want to be inside you when I make you come” your heat jumped at his words and it excited you, and you anticipated what was next to come. Jinyoung lifted himself onto his feet, he grabbed you waist, pulling you off the table and flipping you around, now bending you over it. Jinyoung flipped the skirt onto your back and you were on display for him, vulnerable and it turned you on more than anything. You heard his belt and pants hit the floor and you stared back at him, licking your lips in excitement, you looked into his eyes, his eyes now black and full of lust, his sex hair on display, his mouth plum and red and he looked so fucking sexy you could come right there and then, his eyes concentrated on you and he grabbed you waist as he lined his length with your entrance, he rubbed his length up and down on you and you couldn’t handle the teasing you just wanted him inside you.

“Jinyoung please-FUCK!” he pushed into you in a instant, giving no time to spare and no time for you to adjust as he started pumping in and out of you. He brought his tip all the out before slamming all the way, balls deep back into you.

“Fuck you feel so good baby, I missed you around me” deep groans and grunts escaped his plump lips and his eyebrows furrowed as the pleasure overwhelmed you both. You rocked up and down on the desk, gripping the sides for support as he slammed hard in and out of you, but at an agonizingly slow pace which you knew he was doing on purpose, the slow speed made you write underneath him, just wanted him to go faster, but you couldn’t speak out your request because you couldn’t find you voice, you were lost in this hard thrusts and all you could do was moan. You tried to find you voice, moaning pleas to Jinyoung and he eventually got the message, deciding to finally quicken his pace, thrusting faster in and out of you.

Jinyoung hand grabbed onto your neck, pulling you and you moved up with him, your faces together and he kissed you as he thrusted into you relentlessly, you kisses messy and rushed as you bounced up down, sweat beads forming on both of your foreheads. you faced forwards again but kept yourself standing up as Jinyoung fucked you from behind, leaving kisses on the back of your neck at the same time.

“Faster please!” Jinyoung listened to your requests and he thrusted faster into you, faster than you could imagine and the room was spinning around you, your eyes clenched shut as he stretched your walls, your hands sore from gripping the table so hard and your waist to surely be bruised from the grip Jinyoung has on it. Jinyoung cursed behind you, and then he pulled out of you, flipped you around, lifting you up and placing you back onto the desk, he slammed back into you and you screamed in pleasure as he was once again fastening his pace and thrusting harder, which you didn’t think was possible. Jinyoung grabbed your leg, placing it around his waist and you did the same with the other, the new angle allowing Jinyoung to hit you deeper, and hit you right in the spot which made you mewl in delight. You honestly didn’t not know how anyone left in the university couldn’t hear you, but you were definitely not scared if they did or if they came in because you were too lost in the moment to give a fuck.

“FUck! Right there baby!” you threw you head back into delight as he hit you g-spot with every thrust, you felt your orgasm high approaching and you moved your hand to your clit, rubbing vigorous circles to help you along the way. Jinyoung stared at your fingers and their actions, watching you pleasure yourself as he also pleasured you and the sight for him was almost unbearable. You moaned and cursed and screamed in delight as he thrusted in an out of your, your fingers quickening their pace on your clit as you felt your stomach tighten, you walls clenched around Jinyoung, making him groan and curse deeply in response, he knew this meant you were close so he continued his hardest to get you to your peak, his lips once again latching onto your breasts, while he continued his thrusts and you continued the movement with your fingers. He sucked and nibbled at your breast and this was the last thing you needed before your orgasm washed over you, your juices released around Jinyoung and he groaned at the feeling, you started to see stars and you screamed as your orgasm hit you like no other, your walls clenching, your hand left your clit and joined the other in gripping the table, almost bleeding from gripping so hard, Jinyoung’s relentless thrusts allowing you to ride out your high for as long as possible and you felt pure ecstasy, your body shuddering and tingling and your breath shaking. You chest heaved up and down and your heart racing a marathon as you started to calm down from what was the best high you’ve had in a very long time. You finally relaxed from your high, feeling weak and feeling absolutely spent, but Jinyoung continues thrusting into you, chasing his own high. Although the over sensitivity overwhelmed you, you used all your effort to continue and get Jinyoung to reach his high, you grabbed his hair, pulling his face towards you and smashed your lips onto him, both of you grunting into the kiss, only separating to take many needed breaths, you bit and nibbled onto his bottom lip and your tongue dominated his as he concentrated on his thrusts inside you, your hand tightened in his hair and he loved the feeling, his orgasm starting to close in very quickly. You purposely clenched your walls around him in efforts to get him there sooner and it was definitely working as he removed himself from your kiss, moaning and cursing as he placed his head in the crook of your shoulder, your fingers gripped as his shoulders, leaving red marks and scratches and they moved down.

“Fuck y/n!” he groaned, his breathing rocky and his orgasm finally ripping through him, his muscles tensed as he orgasmed, pure euphoria making his body shake as he rose out his high, his seed released into you, the feeling warm inside you. His eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes clamped shut. His teeth bit into your shoulder at the feeling of his high and you hissed at the pleasurable pain. Worn out curses and moans left his mouth as his thrusts started to become sloppy and he started to relax, you leaned back onto the table and just watched him as he slowed to a final stop, his arms placed down to rest beside you as he hovered over you. His breathing slowly becoming steady and the pacing of his heart starting to slow, he looked into your eyes, placing a kiss on your lips as he removed himself from you, and you were saddened by the loss. He pulled his jeans back up and you watched him as he got dressed, you didn’t know how someone could make buttoning up a shirt look so sexy, but of course he managed. He walked back at you, a silly smile on his face as you fixed his very obvious sex hair as best you could. He grabbed your underwear of the floor, sliding the material back up your legs, the gesture cute and you laughed at him. He reached for your hands, pulling you up and off the table, he handed your shirt to you and you placed it back on.

“We better make this room look presentable again” he said to you and you looked around and laughed, you didn’t realise how much of a mess you created, the professors desk ruined (you started with that one first - placing everything back in the right spots), the tables moved and the chairs fallen, and when you two had cleaned up you walked up to Jinyoung, giving him a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry Jinyoung, I’m never letting you go again” his hands ran through your hair and he kissed your forehead.

“I’ll never let you go either”. You two embraced in the hug and you didn’t want to let it go, but had to when you heard footsteps coming down the hallway, you both scrambled to your seats, just in time for the professor to walk into the room, her facial expressing assuming something suss, but ignoring it as she sat at her desk.

“You two can go” she said coldly at you. You and Jinyoung smiled at each other, rushing out of the room.

“My place?” he asked you.

“Sure thing, but I’m driving” you rattled your car keys in his face, you both shared laughter, finally back together, which is the only place you two should be.

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You forgot something. (StilesxReader)

A/N: This is my first one-shot of Stiles, and I’m excited! Thank you so much to Eli aka  @credxncebarebone who’s always there to help me with my writing, ily

warnings: none

prompt: For the last day of lacrosse week! this goes to @sarcasticallystilinski   and @rememberstilinski I hope you guys like it

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

Stiles is too hot to be true.

It’s not like I think he’s a perfect human, I’m aware of his awkwardness, and how clumsy can be, but damn, this boy is killing me.

We’ve been friends since forever, and believe it or not I didn’t use to have a crush on him, this happened a few months ago before he broke up with Malia.

“So, you two are a thing now?” I asked, sitting next to him while he stared at the werecoyote, a small smile on his lips.

“I guess… I mean, I never asked but she seems to be ok with us… being a thing, ya know?” He shrugged “It’s weird”

“You’re weird” I smirked “and lucky. She cares about you a lot”

I patted him on the shoulder, he whimpered at my touch and I remembered that he had an injured on his shoulder, he refused to tell me how did he injure, and I was growing worried by the minute.

“Stiles, you need to tell me what happened to your shoulder”

“It’s nothing, ok?” he mumbled, grabbing my hand and giving me a sad smile.

A week passed and he didn’t look better at all, it was driving me insane and I didn’t know what to do.

Scott and Stiles argued, something about killing Donovan, and I couldn’t believe when he admitted all, he said that everything was true.

“Scott, say you believe me” Stiles looked broken, so empty that I knew he felt like shit and he wanted to be forgiven.

But there was nothing to forgive.

Scott didn’t say a word, he went back inside and left me and Stiles, or at least what was left of him.

He turned around avoiding my gaze, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was too much.

“I believe you, Stiles” Although it came out as a whisper, it was loud enough for him to hear it.

“Why?” He choked, I didn’t realize he was crying until he turned once more, his eyes red and tired.

“Because you’re my best friend, and I know you” I walked closer, standing right in front of him and looking into his hazel eyes, a strange feeling building in the pit of my stomach.

“I’ve killed people, y/n” The rain was so strong that he almost screamed the last part “I might be human, but I’m not better than the beast”

“How can you say that?” I was on the verge of tears, scared of what he could do if I leave him alone “Stiles, you’re not evil nor a killer, you’re my best friend”

“You deserve better friends” he tried to turn his back on me, I grabbed his arm and walk even closer than I was before, only inches apart from his face.

“I have exactly what I deserve” I mumbled, brushing my nose against his, my heart beating so fast that I’d have sworn Scott heard it “which is a kind, funny, supportive best friend like you, who needs my help more than anything right now, so I’m not going anywhere”

“I think you should, I’m not good enough for you or Malia”

Then I remembered- Malia and Stiles were a thing, they loved each other and I was trying to get in the way, even if it was unintentional, what kind of friend was I?

I stepped back, embarrassed for whatever I was doing and feeling like the worst person in the world.

“Well, you’re wrong” I grumbled, trying to control my heartbeat “and there’s nothing you can say to change that, so shut up and take me home”

I quickly walk to his jeep and climbed into the passenger’s seat, waiting for him nervously.

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anonymous asked:

It didn’t take long for Oliver to starting healing at all! One episode, Dig talks to him and boom! I was worried for nothing. Though I wanted it to be Felicity but he could barely look at her. Do you reckon it'll all be about bringing her back now?

Well… no Anon, I don’t.

I LOVE your enthusiasm; up until recently there had been a sort supply. But Oliver is FAR from healed. Or healing.

He isn’t healing. Not at all.

What he has done is accept who and what he thinks he is: a serial killer who enjoys killing and who deliberately brought in 2 of the 3 most important people in his world into it to facilitate his sickness.

He said it to Dig (not verbatim): there is something sick inside me.

He still believes that. And because Dig is Yoda he knew Oliver would never respond to belief in his character being moire than what he has been convinced that he is.

The bad, the good and the ugly. Dig knows and accepts all of Oliver’s facets, which means he also knows that no matter how hard he’ll try to convince Oliver that he’s this good person, Oliver will refute it, because Oliver now wholehearted believes otherwise.

Why beat your fragile human fists against a Steele shield covering a brittle heart.

So instead of wasting energy in the futile effort to achieve something only ONE person on the planet can achieve, Dig instead gives him something Oliver can work with.

A goal.

He asks him to try. To work for it.

Because when Dig tries to explain to Oliver that the Hood isn’t a manifestation of Oliver’s inner psycho NEEDING that release, but a symbol that has inspired, Oliver’s expression tells him… it’s only words. It won’t work. So meet him on a different level.

That’s what Dig does. He gives him a push.

Like I said: there’s only one person who can inspire Oliver the way he needs to be inspired. Only one person who can make him see that he isn’t what Adrian has convinced him he is. The person he - everyone - least expected. the person Oliver least expected.


I believe they showed it in this episode - it was a split second moment:

Originally posted by legends-of-today

His eyes cleared.

For the first time in the episode he doesn’t look quite so haunted.

Hope. Felicity is his hope.

So when you say:  Do you reckon it’ll all be about bringing her back now?

I have to give a resounding no.

Not that it isn’t going to be about that at all: a big chunk of this arc is about the two of them falling farther than they’d ever planned… and landing in each others arms, metaphorically speaking anyway.

But just because Felicity might need some help, doesn’t mean she can’t also help Oliver. She seems pretty adept at doing that to me, even when she’s breaking inside she still gives it her all.

Oliver’s put a filter on in anything concerning Felicity this season; it’s why it’s taken him so long to face that there’s something wrong with her. But I don’t think it’s because he’s angry at her. I think it’s because facing it - her - means facing the truth about himself and that truth, is what broke them up.

The truth Adrian twisted.

The reason why he lost her.

I think Oliver’s behaviour this entire season is rooted in his belief that he isn’t good. And I THINK that notion was exacerbated by loosing Felicity. I think somewhere deep down Oliver accepted that he can never be worthy of her.

It’s ALL about them two really. Or at least I’m hoping (praying, begging).

It’s why they need to bridge that gap in understanding; this season Felicity seems to be experiencing some of the same dilemmas Oliver once had to and I believe Oliver 100% understands that he was at fault. Stephen would never have said that if it were otherwise.

It’s their final roadblock.

The distance between them is going to close. FAST.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Now if what the fabulous and fantastic @jbuffyangel has been saying, the reason behind this distance between them is going to be revealed - and it’ll be good.

Not a cold reason.

And isn’t it more rewarding if the they both manage to help each other?

I might be wrong, but that’s what it feels like… because, let’s be honest. Only she can make Oliver go from this:

To this:

He needs to believe he isn’t this person Adrian has made him see in himself… but see the person she sees. The person he can be.

So I say prayer circle because I think we’ve waited long enough don’t you?!?!!?

Was that ok Anon? 

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Summary: You’re a busy tattoo artist and pregnant as fuck. Jeff tries to talk you into going on maternity leave which you refuse and leads to an argument and…other things…

Warnings: Language

A/N (to person who requested): Sorry this took kinda long anon! I got a little stuck on a few parts.

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Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Title: Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Pairing: Single Parent AU - Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1700 (exactly!!)

Warnings: light cursing (like, one F bomb)

A/N: This was written for @splendidcas‘s Birthday Fic Challenge. I’m so sorry that it’s late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! (May many wonderful pictures and gifs of Misha Collins and Castiel grace your presence.) XD

This story is written in two different perspectives (the reader’s and Dean’s). Thoughts are in italics.

Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome!

“Mary, would you hold still for just two seconds?” Dean pleaded as he attempted to braid his six year old daughter’s hair.

“But Daddy, you’re taking forever,” she whined.

Dean sighed in response, still trying to make sense of the tangled mess in his hands. He eventually gave up on the braid and settled on putting Mary’s hair up into a high ponytail.

“There,” he declared when he finished. “Now grab your backpack and head to the car. We gotta get you to school.”

Mary immediately sprinted towards her bag and then latched onto her dad’s leg as he looked for his keys and his wallet.

“Dad, hurry up. You’re gonna make us late,” Mary teased, smirking at her father.

“Yeah, yeah, alright. We’re going.” Dean ushered his daughter out the door and into the car, making his way to her school.

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Broken from Start to Finish

Originally posted by jennchoblake

Prompt List request-
Pairing: Stiles x Reader (with a not so happy ending)
Request #s:
21. “You’ve broken everything.”
23. “I can’t. Not again.”

”Hey,” Stiles had just appeared on your doorstep, offering you a half smile that screamed mischief and a half-baked explanation. “I just…wanted to see you.” He walked into your living room, throwing himself on your couch. He’d been over plenty of times since you we became friends, and once you became more than friends he treated it like his second home when the Sheriff was on night duty.

Seeing him made you feel warm, but also carried a sting. You loved him but you knew he was just there to get something. To get attention, care, conversation. Support. And you wanted that too. You always wanted to open your door and see him. And yet, something else inside you had opened. 
”Stiles.” God, even saying his name hurt. It carried so much hope and so many empty promises.
”Y/N, you ok?” Of course he could see right through you. He knew something was happening in your head. “Come here.”
Maybe, you thought, if we just clarify things it will all be put right. So you took a deep breath and gave it a try. “Stiles what’s up with you and Lydia?” 
He looked at you, his expression a mix of confusion and guilt. 
”We are um, well I’m not sure. But we are something.”
”So it’s her then.”
”You want to be with her.”
”…yeah. I mean it’s been that way for a while.”
HIs words hit you hard, you could barely breath. “For how long? How long is a while?”
Stiles stood up from the couch, sensing something bigger was happening. “A year or so.”
You stumbled back as if he had hit you. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”
”What’s wrong?” You felt yourself go blind with shock for a moment. How the hell could he ask that? “You said when you were looking…when you were ready…you said you wanted to be with me.”
”I’m sorry Y/N, I meant that at the time, but I-things change.” he explained, stepping forward, but you put your hand out to stop him. You couldn’t let him touch you, wrap his arms around you to make you forget this. Not this time.
”At the time. That was a year ago. You told me that while loving her.”
”Ok, now you’re making something out of nothing. Don’t make this something it’s not, ok.” His voiced tensed, getting defensive.
”Then what is it?” you asked definitely, waiting for him to prove his case, prove that he hadn’t just used you while waiting for her.
”It’s-we’re something! We’ve always been something!” he stuttered trying to grab hold of you and the situation as it all spiraled out of his control.

“Well to me it was everything!” you shouted. You voice, by sheer force and volume made Stiles go still, his eyes wide and hands trembling. But you couldn’t stop yourself, you just kept going, pouring it all out. “And you’ve broken everything! You broke my heart by holding onto me, but never choosing me. You broke my trust when you lied to my face, giving me hope that we were important. And you broke me.” you threw your hands to your chest, trying to show him just where this brokenness was. “ME Stiles. I used to have this light, this force inside of me but you’ve treated me like shit and now I can’t find it. Now all I do is hurt.”

Stiles opened his mouth to say something but couldn’t, his words caught in his throat. Seeing you there, your hands still grasping your chest and you face wet from crying tears you accidentally shed in between your angry words. Any attempts to justify, to explain, it all faded away. He may not have realized what he was doing but now, now it was standing in front of him in the form of you. Beautiful but so broken.
”I’m-I’m sorry. I never-I don’t know what to say.”
”You don’t even know why you’re apologizing,” you whispered. Forcing his hand as he struggled to process what had just happened.
So you began to explain, “you came to me, probably genuinely at first. Making promises of being with me, playing on my feelings so that they twisted and grew out of friendship into something more desperate,” you’re words were an accusation but your tone steady as you let it all out. All the words that never left but seemed impossible to find until your heart was broken. “But now, now I’m a placeholder. I’m a crutch. The girl who tells you you’re feelings are important. Who makes you feel loved when the rest of the world struggles to understand you. Who always opens the door to you when you need her to. I can’t be that girl Stiles.”
With a deep breath you let you’re strength fall, and exposed just how exhausted you were. “I can’t. Not again.”

Looking up at you, Stiles eyes filled with tears. Tears for what had happened and for what was going to happened because he couldn’t make it right. He took a long pause. “We’re too broken.”
He said this as both a confirmation and a confession. And in that moment you both felt it-the truth. In one moment you realized, accepted and felt the weight. God, it was so heavy. 
It was everything you needed to acknowledge, and nothing that you wanted to bear.

Severus Snape is such an awful person. I don’t understand how people can like him after everything that he’s done. Remember the time he gave an eleven-year-old child a pig’s tail because the child’s FATHER said something that made him mad? Wait. Never mind. That was Hagrid.

But he DID remove a kid’s bones from his arm and later tried to wipe two kids’ memories. How could anyone forgive THAT? Shoot, I forgot. That was Gilderoy Lockhart.

Remember the time Snape made Neville sleep in the hallway when an alleged mass murderer was on the loose INSIDE THE SCHOOL? What a fucking dick. But shit. Someone just told me that was McGonagall.

Remember when Snape treated Hermione like shit because he thought she broke Draco’s heart by showing interest in Harry? Wow, what an asshole. Yikes, I’m wrong once again. That was Molly Weasley when she thought Hermione broke Harry’s heart by showing interest in Viktor Krum.

But Snape scarred a girl’s face when she gave the Order of the Phoenix information about the Death Eaters! Can you tell me he isn’t a terrible person now? Ugh, why do I keep forgetting things? That was Hermione Granger scarring Marietta Edgecombe’s face for giving Dolores Umbridge information about Dumbledore’s Army.

Wait, I have it. The absolute worst things Snape ever did. HE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A FELLOW STUDENT FOR FUN. FOR A LAUGH. “BECAUSE HE EXISTED.” AND WHEN HIS CRUSH INTERVENED, HE TOLD HER HE WOULD CURSE HER IF SHE DIDN’T GO OUT WITH HIM. HE ALSO TOLD HER HE WOULD LEAVE HER FRIEND ALONE IF SHE WENT OUT WITH HIM. HE EVEN COMPARED HIS CRUSH TO A SNITCH FOR HIM TO CATCH, WHAT AN OBJECTIFYING MISOGYNIST. AND HE ATTEMPTED TO MURDER THAT SAME KID TOO. Wait…wait. Are you really telling me that I’m wrong here too? Okay, you’re right. You’re right. It was James Potter who sexually assaulted the kid and treated his crush like shit and Sirius Black who attempted to murder him. And guess who that kid was? Severus Snape.

“But Snape joined the Death Eaters! He was mean to his students!” Both of these things are true. However, they do not discount all the good Snape did, especially because the bad the other characters here did doesn’t seem to discount the good they did.

Books Can Be Heavy At Times(Dan Howell)

Requested: Yes!
Summary: (Heyy.. can you make an imagine that y/n moves to the apartment next to dan and phil and she doesn’t now that they are youtubers and she starts to have a crush on Dan. I know it’s very specific but I just like the idea Thx) Of course I would do this imagine it sounds very fun and cute. I like the idea as well so hope you enjoy anon!

Paying the moving people I thanked them one last time then grabbed the box next to me and headed upstairs. I cursed myself for leaving one of the heaviest boxes for last there wasn’t even that much in it just books but lot of books in one can be pretty heavy.

Walking up the last flight of stairs I could feel my arms hurting. To my luck I saw one of the people who lived on the opposite apartment from me coming out. Stopping on the last stair I said

“Hey could you help me with this box please?” I asked slightly out of breath

“Umm sure” Said the guy taking hold of the box making me sigh in relief

“Thank you so much.” I said sitting down on the stairs closing my eyes for a minute and taking deep breaths “Who knew books could be so heavy huh?” I asked letting out a slight chuckle

Finally opening my eyes I couldn’t help the smile that came from seeing the guy in front of me. He was tall, slightly pale skin, he also had beautiful hazel eyes and curly short hair. Still looking at him I got up unable to stop looking at his face, he was just that attractive to not stop.

“Well books can be heavy at times…” He said smiling at me which made my stomach feel like it had butterflies

“Uh you- you must be one of the front door neighbours. I’m (y/n), I’m your new neighbour.” I said stretching out my hand but pulling away after remembering he was still holding my box

“I’m Dan, I believe I should say welcome to the building or something like that.” He said to which we both chuckled “I do want to apologize in advance if we’re noisy at times, we get way competitive at times when we play games” He mentioned with a half-smile

“I do recall the landlord telling something about that, but don’t worry I actually find it nice that couples get competitive once in a while” I said with a fake smile thinking of who his girlfriend must be

“Oh no no!” He said with wide eyes “I live with my best friend. Besides I… don’t have a girlfriend…” He said the last part quickly and shyly

“Well that’s good. That you live with your best friend that is…” I said hoping he didn’t understand I meant it because of the girlfriend thing

“Yeah I guess it is” He said getting a bit red as he looked down at the box “What about you? Are you moving in with anyone?” He asked to what I could tell was nervous

“Oh no… Sadly I’m moving in alone. No best friend, no boyfriend” I said mentally palming of my poor attempt of flirting, looking down at the box in his hands I opened my apartment door before turning back to him “I’m sorry I totally forgot about why you were still here. I can take the box from here.” I said coming close and taking the box from his hands “Thank you so much again. I guess I’ll see you around?” I said but came out as more of a question than statement

“You welcome and of course. I’ll see you around too” He said to which he made a face clearly not meaning to say the too part making me giggle

“Thank you again Dan” I said to which he nodded and started walking down the stairs as I closed my door


Two months later

I was currently on my office doing some paper work and checking emails but got distracted every once in a while because of the conversation I was having with Dan. After briefly meeting when I moved in we kept bumping into each other until I ended up asking if he wanted to hang out. Ever since then we’d been good friends, I got to meet Phil after a short time after and he was really nice as well. We all got alone really well and hung out as much as we could but it was always at my place for some reason. I was okay with it at the start but after a while it made me feel strange in a way like they were my friends but to a curtain point. It also made me feel a bit hurt since I had developed feeling for Dan, they weren’t huge feelings but the constant crush I had on him drove me crazy to the point were sometimes I couldn’t get to close to him because of it. An hour later I finished up everything I was doing, looked for my bag and making sure I had everything I needed walked out of the house and headed to 7 dials. Since I moved I really hadn’t been out much pretty much to work then back home so I needed to get out of the house for a bit.

Once there I headed to one of my favourite book stores searching for something new to buy. Looking around I headed to the young adult section, looking at every book when I spotted one that made my eyes go wide. On the cover was Dan and Phil with the title ‘The Amazing Book Is On Fire’, next to it was another one with the name 'Dan and Phil Go Outside’. Taking hold of the first one I took a look through it before closing it again and heading to the cashier to buy it. Getting out of the store I headed to a small café I’d been with the boys before, ordered a hot chocolate and sitting down near a window I took the book out and started reading what was inside. I couldn’t believe I had a book written by the boys I’ve spent so much time with lately, I was learning so much about them meanly what they did for a living, it explained why they were so noisy at times.

After finishing my drink and reading almost half of the book I put it back in the bag I had it in and started walking to the subway ready to head home and talk to them.
Taking a deep breath I knocked on the boys door and waited for someone to open, shortly after the door was pulled back and Dan came in view.

“Hey” He said coming to hug me “ I thought you’d be working till later tonight” He mentioned with a frown

“I was but I finished early.” I said taking another deep breath before continuing “I went to town after, I went to the café we’d been to before. I also went to the book store and I saw something very peculiar…” I said holding up the bag in my hands

Dan looked like he’d seen a ghost as he went paler than he already was and his eyes went wide with shock and nervousness. Looking down at the bag he took hold of it and slowly pulled out the book inside. Revealing one of their books.

“You.. found out.” He said looking back at me

“Well by the looks of it you guys are big. I was going to find out eventually..” I said with a raising an eyebrow

Walking closer to him I took the book from his hands and out it back in the bag. With a half-smile I took hold of his arm and lightly squeezed it making look at me.

“Could we go inside and talk about this, please?” I asked to which he nodded

Moving aside he let me get in and closed the door before we both walked up the stairs. Walking to the living room and once there I could see things about them like something about the brits and a few awards. Once sat down on the sofa we had a little moment of silence before o broke it.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me?” I asked scooting closer and grabbing his hands

“I just…” He started sighing before continuing “When we first met I thought maybe you knew and as we got to know each other more I realized you didn’t know and I would’ve told you but.. I started to like you and have have feelings for you… I just wanted you to like me for me and not the 'Dan Howell’ me..” He finished off

“Dan…” I said grabbing his chin and tilting his head up so he would look me in the eyes “I like you because of you. And I would have liked you because of you not because of what you do. But because of who you are as a person. You’re an amazing guy Dan and any girl would be lucky to have you. I love your personality, how incredibly sweet you can be and how good of a friend you can become. That’s why I like you not because you’re some internet sensation” I said to which we both laughed

“I’m sorry we didn’t told you before. Phil was going to tell you about it but I told him not to, at least not yet… I’m sorry” He said moving his hand up until it was on my cheek

We both smiled before starting to lean in until our lips touched and moved little by little in a gentle kiss. Pulling away we looked at each other with the biggest smiles Is ever seen or felt.

“You know I did see one video of yours on the way here…” I said with a smirk

“Oh no… What video did you see?” He asked closing his eyes and frowning

Getting straight I moved my arms and said [Hi, I’m Dan] then started laughing my bum off. He squeezed his eyes shut even more and got up leaving the room.

“Oh come on Dan it’s an adorable video” I said laughing as I got up and went after him

House au thingy chapter one :)

Based off of the show Lin was in (heh that rhymed) House M.D.

Alex has bipolar disorder & and Lafayette is has chronic depression, even attempted suicide. They’re both in denial.

      Gilbert was tired. Tired of the same white walls, the uncomfortable cold bed and seeing the same doctors at the same time every day. The same bland foods that he never ate because he knew there was some type of medication. Gilbert didn’t need medication, he was fine. And that’s exactly what he told his doctors every day when he would see them. He was beginning to lose hope, not that he had much to begin with anyways. He hated every single doctor. Especially Dr. Jefferson.  The man would always make fun of Gilbert, not leaving until he ate all of his food was gone. Gilbert would always throw it up afterwards, though.

    A while after Gilbert was first admitted, Dr. Washington, the head doctor, thought it’d be a good idea for him to get some company. So he moved him into a room with two beds. They were both plain, just like the first one, but the one on the right of the room had an American flag hanging on the wall above it. Gilbert looked back at the bald man with a quirked brow. Dr. Washington nodded to him and smiled before leaving the room.

      Gilbert sighed and walked over to his new bed, setting his suitcase down. He began unpacking the plastic bag and set his stuff into the empty drawers. He wanted to sleep. But the bed was too lumpy for anyone to fall asleep in, He could tell just by looking at it. So he sat. He sat on the lumpy bed, and stared at the wall across from him. Why was he here?

     “Why can’t we just be friends?” Gilbert turned his head to the sound of people coming towards the door. “Okay, okay!” The voice had yelled, “I can walk to my own room, get your damn hands off of me, bro!” The door slammed open to reveal a man in sweats and silky hair tied up in a bun. Was this his roommate? What was his deal?

      The man brushed himself off and turned around to flip off the doctors who had dragged him to the room. He turned back around and jumped at the sight of Gilbert, who was staring back at him. “Those guards, man, am I right?” He laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck before walking over towards and reaching a hand out. “Alexander Hamilton.” He smiled. Gilbert looked at the hand silently and then back to Alex. His smile was still there, in fact it got larger. He stuffed his hand in the pocket of his sweats and sat on his bed, across from Gilbert. “What’s your name?”

      “Lafayette.” He said. Alex’s eyes widened. Is it bad that he found the accent attractive?

      “Oh! So you’re a frenchie, Bonjour, mon ami.” Alex winked. Lafayette gave him an ‘Are you serious?’ look and rolled his eyes.

      “I’m not your friend.” He stated, laying down and staring up at the ceiling. He honestly though that it would end the conversation altogether, but he was wrong. Alex stood and hopped over to Lafayette’s bed.

     “You’re right, you’re right. You want us to get to better more, I get that!” Lafayette groaned, “I’m nineteen, how old are you? You honestly look like you’re in your mid-twenties. Maybe twenty-four? That’s not that old, my last boyfriend was twenty-three, actually. We broke up though. He dumped me, claiming he was straight. He probably just thought I was crazy or something…” He was cut off by Lafayette sitting up and giving him a death glare and standing up.

      “Are we allowed to leave this place, or am I stuck here with you all day?” He asked. Alex stood up and gave him the widest grin.

       “Of course we can leave, man! Look, I know this place inside and out. I’ll show you around before group which is in,” Alex looked at his wrist, “About 45 minutes.”

       Lafayette quirked a brow at Alex, “You don’t have a watch.” Alexander gave him a look that seemed serious at first, but then he broke out into laughter.

      “Good eye, mon ami, now come on, I’ll show you the common room!” Alex made a move to grab Laf’s wrist to lead him out of the room but stopped himself mid-way before giving him finger guns and walking out.

      Lafayette sighed and muttered, “Pas votre ami (not your friend),” but followed after the younger boy. Not because he wanted to, definitely not. But because he found the room boring.

Possibly the best first chapter of a Hamlaf fic I’ve ever read! You should totally be publishing this on Ao3!!! I love it, and hope to see more soon. @virusap would love this!

A Monster’s Gentle Soul

Simon loses all memory of Baz. Baz wants to keep an eye on him, so he moves in as his new neighbor. And just like that, they fall in love all over again.

!Warning for the next chapter: mental breakdown

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

4. Chapter

It was late. The apartment felt empty. Something inside of Simon deeply longed for human company. There was nobody here to protect him from his poisonous thoughts; thoughts telling him he was a murderer, who had killed the Mage. How he was a failure for not being able to save Ebb. How he had always been trying to save the World of Mages, all along being the one who threatened it in the first place. What kind of cruel irony was that? It was one of these moments in which there was nothing to stop him from blaming himself for everything that had happened.
He tried desperately to remember why Penny had left him. How had he ended up like this? He saw his friends only at work, nobody was here to help. Where had he gone wrong? Simon couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something he didn’t remember, something big that had gone missing from his memory. It was like an entire piece of him was gone.
Simon knew only one place where he could go right in that moment. He took the stairs in the hallway to get up one floor and knocked on Baz’ door, in the hope that his new friend could distract him from the thoughts, the feelings, the pain. There was no answer.

So. What now? That had to mean that Baz wasn’t home. Or maybe he just didn’t want to be disturbed. Baz didn’t have any obligation to be there for him. He probably didn’t care. (Simon didn’t think that it was most likely just his anxiety speaking.)

He wanted to get away, but instead he broke down at the top of the stairs. He couldn’t keep himself from crying. Why try? He just let himself feel everything he didn’t want to feel.

He stayed there, in the empty hallway, for what felt like hours, the side of his head pressed against the white wall. Tears flowed down his cheeks and little sobs escaped his mouth. So. Maybe. Maybe had only been fooling himself; he was not alright. The cold crawled up his arms and made him shiver. The radiating warmth inside of him was gone; but, as Simon supposed, cold was far more fitting for a person called Snow.
There was nobody here to rescue him. Baz was not his knight in shining armor. You don’t need saving, spat an angry voice in his head. Aren’t you the fucking Chosen One?

Simon buried his face in his arm. He didn’t want to face this alone.


Baz shocked voice made Simon’s head snap up.
'Baz,’ he whispered, not enough strength to move any further. 'I’m sorry.’

'Don’t apologize,’ Baz said and rushed towards him. He said down beside him and lightly touched Simon’s shoulder, as though he wasn’t quite sure whether the touch would soothe Simon or ruffle him even more. But Simon leaned against him, his breath going quickly.
'Breathe in, Simon, slowly.’

Simon did as he was told and Baz slowly counted to five. When Simon had calmed down enough, Baz carefully asked: 'What’s wrong?’

'I thought I could handle this, Baz, but I can’t. I’ve built myself a whole life here and I thought I was doing fine. I thought I had moved on. But maybe I was wrong. I can feel it all growing over my head. I can’t take it any more.’
Baz hugged him tightly.

'What happened, Baz? What changed? Why am I suddenly so lost? I think, maybe, I’m feeling lonely.’

'Lonely?’ Baz chocked.


'B-but why? You have friends at work, don’t you?’
'Yeah, but it’s just not the same? We get along fine but that’s it. They’re not real friends.’

Baz stayed silent for a moment and Simon could see his jaw working.

'I’m your friend,’ he finally forced out.

'I know, but-’

'I promise. I promise I’ll always be there when you need me. Always. I’m not leaving you alone.’
'Baz,’ Simon whispered stunned. 'What’s-’

He stopped when he noticed that Baz was crying, too. What was happening?
'You’ll get through this. You’re Simon Snow. You’ve beaten far worse things than this.’
Baz buried his face in Simon’s shoulder.
'How – How do you know?’
Simon Snow, he wanted to say. You’re the most brave person I know. You’ve slain dragons and monsters. You’ve beaten the Humdrum. You’ve beaten the Mage. You’ve beaten me. You made me fall in love with you. You can do anything. I’m sorry I left you. This is my fault. I wish I could take it back. This was a mistake, wasn’t it? Please, believe me, Simon, when I say that I love you. You are not alone.

But he swallowed it all down, knowing that he couldn’t say any of it.
'Just had a feeling,’ he said and they clung onto each other in their embrace. And Simon felt something tugging inside his chest. Something he’d never felt before. He’d only known Baz for a few weeks but he adored him in a way that was completely strange to him. Eventually, Baz broke away from Simon and got up, to offer Simon a hand.

'Come on,’ he said, 'You can stay in my apartment tonight if you want.’

'Please,’ Simon answered. 'I don’t want to be alone right now.’

Baz was making Simon a cup of tea, but his hands were shaking and his heart was racing. Simon would stay the night. This was what Baz had wanted for days, but it was still not the same as it used to be. He would have to sleep on the couch, leaving the bed to Simon.

He needed to collect himself and get it together. What Simon needed was a friend; nothing more, nothing less.

Baz was not going to take advantage of him in a situation like this. (Even though he still thought about what would happen if he only leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss against Simon’s lips. He’d probably punch him. It was like fifth year all over again.)

He stood in the doorway and smiled at Simon, who laid there, looking small under the blanket. Then he turned out the light and only the lamp from the hallway illuminated Simon’s face.

'Baz,’ he whispered, sounding sleepy. 'This is your bed.’

'It’s fine,’ Baz whispered back.

Simon avoided his glance and murmured: 'I just don’t want you to think I’m weird?’

'What? Why?’

Baz felt himself tense up. Did Simon not want to sleep here after all? Was he mad at Baz for some reason? He knew he was being irrational but he couldn’t help himself.

'I just - ’ Simon muffled. 'Stay.’



Baz’ heart beat was so loud that he could hear it. As Baz slid under the blanket beside Simon, he wanted to ask, what does this mean? But he didn’t. Instead, he listened to Simon’s steady breathing and after a few moments, he thought that Simon had already fallen asleep. But then he could hear Simon whisper: 'You don’t think I’m weird, do you?’

'No,’ Baz confirmed and squeezed his eyes shut. It was all too much. Simon’s body warmth reminded him of his own cold skin. He remembered how they used to cuddle – the cold and the warm boy. Together, they were the perfect match.
Simon turned around to face Baz and then he lifted his hand. Baz pressed his palm against Simon’s and they just laid still like that, feeling each other’s skin. That simple touch made Baz feel like he was burning but he didn’t break the silence.

Over the course of the night, they shuffled closer and they slept curled up around one another. And like that, Baz could almost forget that Simon didn’t remember him.

Baz knew that Simon was a hero and he wished he could tell him. He wished for it so badly, it made his heart ache. Simon had fought so many monsters and he had done it all on his own. Now there was a different monster living inside of him. Grabbing Simon’s hand tighter, Baz thought that this time, he wouldn’t have to fight it alone.

Bad Reputation


A/N: This wasn’t requested, I’ve just had this idea in my head for so, so, so long and last night I started writing. I just feel like every one can relate to having put a label on them, idk. I may delete it again.

Word count: 4,286

Bad Reputation

The music was loud, actually giving me a rather unpleasant headache. I must admit, I didn’t really want to be at this party, but it was my first day back for months and I think my friends needed to see me make an effort.

Loads of people were here, half of them I didn’t even know, it had taken me an hour and a half to take pictures with people. I didn’t mind that, but I would just rather have been kicking it at home with Aaliyah watching Harry Potter or something.

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Practice Makes Perfect

And I’m backkkkk. I fell into the beautiful fandom of the lunar chronicles and lost my writing for a little while. It feels good to write SOMETHING again (haven’t touched my own stories in weeks)

I have another one in the works. can’t wait to share. Enjoy =)

The bed sank down beside me. I turned and his scent hit me. My heart leapt into my throat as the realization hit me. He was home. I was half asleep as I pulled myself towards his side. My hands shook, my eyes were still closed as I tried to find him in the darkness.

“Cassian. You’re back.” He pulled me into his chest, the bond finally loosened it’s death grip on my heart. It throbbed with joy, with content at finally having it’s missing brought back.

He sighed happily as his hands found my waist, "I missed you too love.”

“You’re not allowed to leave. Ever again,” I mumbled against his chest. I fit right there, in the crook of his neck. It was as if the gods had crafted this beautiful man especially for me. Everyone else seemed to believe that was true too.

Cassian’s laugh was soft, but I felt it against my temple, “I promise. Never again.”

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Alive. (Alex Standall)

Title: Alive

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Word Count: 613 words

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Swearing, mention of violence.

Summary: The reader and Alex have been friends, and she started dating a boy who hurts her fisically. One day, Alex decides to show her how a relationsip must feel.

Author’s Note: Hello, so this is my first imagine and I’m excited about it. Don’t be rude in case it’s too bad, I’m sorry.Requests are open.

“I brought some food, because I thought you must be hungry.” Alex said standing in the front door with a little smile. I let him in and just closed the door. He looked tired, and mostly like he was angry. He stared at me.

My arms were covered in bruises, and I looked skinnier than the last time he saw me. After a fight I had with my boyfriend, I stayed at home. My parents weren’t there almost always, and I could stay for days at my room expecting that my body would stop hurting. Alex never liked the dude I was dating, even when I never told him about the bruises.

“You looked terrible.” He said and his voice cracked at the end, while he held my face on his warm hands. I tried to smile and just look down.

“Are you staying tonight?” I asked and I walked to the living room. He slow followed me and we end up sitting next to each other. I opened the McDonald’s bag and start to ate the fries inside it. “Thanks for this.”

“Isn’t (your boyfriend’s name) here? I think he was taking care of you, that’s why I didn’t come the past days. If I had known you were here alone, I would have come on Monday or something.” He said worried and grabbed some fries of the bag.

“He isn’t my boyfriend anymore. We broke up on Monday.” I cleared.

“And, are you okay?” He asked and I turned to see him. He already knew the answer, but he tried to prove my weak and sluttered words, just like he did when he knew I was lying.

“You know.” I started saying but some tears start to come out. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey.” He got closer and hugged me. “I’m here now.”

I felt so bad. He told me about those tapes and I couldn’t tell him the true about how my own boyfriend hurted me so much, how he fucked me and then just if he was mad, or had a tough day I had to pay for everything.

“I promise that I won’t let him get closer to you anymore, okay?” He said really mad while I rested on his chest crying. Then I nod. “Look, now we can watch some movies, order even more food like a pizza or anything and I’ll make you feel much better.”

And just like he said, we watched some Disney movies, and we order a pizza. We spent there, while I cuddled with him and he stroked my hair slowly. Then I turned to stare at him.

“Thanks.” I said with a slow voice. “For staying, and all of this. But, why are you doing it? I know you liked me, but you don’t deserve someone like me as a girlfriend.” I never tried to make it sound rude, even it heard like it.

“I told you I liked you, and I would protect you.” He said patient.

“But, you were always here.”

And it was true. Everytime I had a bad time, I called him because he gave me peace and he gave me what I needed. I tried to comfort him too, just like he always did with me. I just, really like having Alex with me, here. I like Alex.

“Y/n, how you felt this afternoon with me?” He touched my cheek.


“Then, Y/n, this is how a real relationship should feel.”

He got closer and stared at my eyes. He made a trail between my eyes and my lips. I got closer too. He caressed my cheek carefully until we finally kissed.