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Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.


NMB48 5th Anniversary Concert: Yuri Theatre

↳ SayaMomo moments

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here’s a shoutout to all the trans people losing their invisibility today!
The trans people who:

-disappeared years ago to their family and friends and will have to talk to them today

-drive their cars into drive-thrus and scare the people working there

-pretend to be ghosts, walk around haunted houses, and chuck shit around

-put tiny lizards down the back of people’s shirts while walking through the street

-have to be the special effects people for their cis friends’ harry potter stageplays

-sneak into the white house and graffiti penises on trump’s desk while he isn’t looking

-have been invisible for so long that they’ve forgotten what they look like, and like it that way

-whose idea of fun is harassing swans and geese in the lake, making them angry, and then directing them to transphobes

-give sad stangers hugs so they feel better, or terrified. it varies

-stand behind people in long flowy dresses and wave them around so it looks even better

remember, you are valid! tomorrow you will be invisible again!

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you like knb? I just went through your knb tag and you seem to have drawn/even cosplayed for it ! wow! what are your ships? will you be drawing for the movie that came out ?


MAN, like is a very mild word for how big my KnB phase was, and it’s definitely one of those fandoms I always go back to, and MAN was the movie a slap to the face of nostalgia and wonderful memories ;A;. I didn’t produce much content for it back in the day, I didn’t have much time to draw in general back then, but I wanted to try again now that my art’s changed a bit and:

Something like that <3

Yep! I cosplayed a TON of characters from it. Originally I wanted to cosplay Kuroko or a member of GoM, but instead I ended up wanting to match my friends so I cosplayed Takao, Himuro, Momoi, Kagami, and Nijimura >.>;;;; I ended up much fonder of these characters as a result tho LOL


If you thought my Yuuri poly shipping was bad…look at it this way, I mainly ship Yuuri with 4-5 husbands, and why not throw in the rest occasionally, the more the merrier right? This is around the number I tend to ship many of my fandom protags with (which is still a lot oops).

But KUROKO. Kuroko to me is the ultimate harem queen. To me, he has, minimum, EIGHT husbands. GoM + Kagami + Takao + Himuro. But I also ship him with a ton of other charas on the side like Kasamatsu, Nijimura, Hanamiya, Haizaki, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi, Miyaji…man the list is endless. I LEGITMATELY SHIP KUROKO WITH EVERYONE. (and Nash! my mother screams in the background…)

I started out with a strong bias for AoKuro that still remains on occasion, but reading a massive amount of pixiv fics started leaning me heavily towards Takao. So yeah, if I had to pick one, TakaKuro is my fav now. I also really like HiGuro (Himuro x Kuroko). But really, and most sincerely, THE MORE THE MERRIER.

KnB is also awesome bc it has so many wonderful Kuroko-centric combinations. I’m more partial to shipping certain characters when they’re in a set, and man the pixiv names for these are so great :’D. Fav combos include Light Sandwich (Aomine x Kuroko x Kagami), Aibou-gumi/partner squad (Takao, Himuro, Kasamatsu, occasionally Mayuzumi -> Kuroko), Rival sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Kise), Demon King Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Himuro), Hawk ‘n Dragon Sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Himuro), Black-Hearted Sandwich (Hanamiya x Kuroko x Imayoshi), Captain Sandwich (Nijimura x Kuroko x Akashi), Highlighter Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Midorima), Returnee Sandwich (Kagami x Kuroko x Himuro), of course all their respective schools, the combinations are endless…*dreamy sigh*


(other than Kuroko-centric? I didn’t ship him with Seirin (other than Kagami) too much, tho I certainly don’t mind it, and I very lowkey shipped Kiyoshi + Riko + Hyuuga + Izuki as a poly 4some)

Will I be drawing for the new movie? Well it certainly brought all my feels tumbling back ^ ^; But at the same time I can’t really draw for more than one fandom at a time without getting distracted, and in general there is SO MUCH CONTENT I LOVE in KnB that going on Pixiv often satisfies me, unlike the frustration/craving for something that doesn’t exist I get with YOI ^ ^;; But at the same time, now that my art skills have improved a ton, I sorta want to draw one illustration that has all my fav Kuroko husbands just all crammed in…sighhhhh we’ll see ^ ^;;

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You are one of the most inspirational artists I've ever come across! Your use of color and conceptualization is amazing! That said, do you have any tips about how to effectively boil down ideas to one image? Whenever I try, I'm always underwhelmed by the results as they seem very obvious to me. I know it's kind of a hard question, so can you maybe share your thought process behind your work? Thank you and keep on rocking! :)

I hope you keep on rocking as well : )

Grammys part two: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Y’all this went from hardcore fluff to hardcore smut reaaaaal fast. Lol jk. No, but really. When the boys lose their pants the fans lose their shit. Anyways, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy.

Anonymous said:
Omg, please do a sequel to grammy??????? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Part one:

*continued female reader, light smut

“Okay, I didn’t know what you meant by taking off your pants, but now I clearly do,” Jenna burst out laughing as you all entered into the restaurant and took a seat. “Goodness gracious you guys.”

“I bet you were staring,” Tyler smirked. “I’m sure you were.”

“Shut up,” she rolled her eyes as you all sat at a table, opening up the menus.

“You’re all dressed awfully fancy tonight. I assume you all just got back from the Grammys. Twenty One Pilots, right?” the waiter smiled.

“That’s us,” Tyler grinned proudly.

“Sweet,” the waiter beamed. “Anything I can get you guys at the moment? Drinks?”

“Yeah that sounds good,” Jenna nodded. You had all decided to go out for a celebratory meal after the awards. You had settled on a nice Mexican restaurant, not too fancy, but not too casual either.

“Hey,” Josh nudged you beside him. “Check your phone.”

“Why?” you stared at him, confused.

“Just do it, baby,” he insisted.

“Fine,” you sighed, picking up your phone but your expression slowly fading away into uncomfortableness as you read the text he had just sent you.

J: Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?
Y/N: Fucking behave. We’re at dinner.

You glared at him and he turned his head away, acting unfazed.

J: Answer the question.
Y/N: You know I always like what I see when I’m staring at you
J: Yeah but how did you feel?
Y/N: Wdym?
J: All those people staring at me, all those fans probably lusting over me, and you there, watching me tug down my pants…

“Hey!” Jenna snapped. “He’s asking you what you want to drink.”

“Huh?” both you and Josh looked up from your phones, turning red, staring at the waiter.

“Anything to drink?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, uh yeah,” you stammered out. Josh just looked at you, pretending as if nothing had happened. The waiter took your drink order and walked away, Tyler striking up a conversation about some of the performances.

“What if you guys performed?” Jenna laughed. “You think you’d bring the hamster ball and giant confetti canon to the Grammy’s?”

“Oh I’m sure we would figure something out,” Tyler nodded. You felt your phone buzz in your lap and you shot Josh a glare before opening it.

J: Stop leaving questions unanswered babe
Y/N: Stop texting me dirty things and actually pay attention to the conversation
J: I am
Y/N: Jenna and Tyler invited us here to celebrate, not to be antisocial
J: Answer the question
Y/N: Fine, sure. I was turned on. Is that what you wanted to hear?

“Don’t you think, y/n?” Jenna wondered and you flickered your eyes up, completely lost in what they were talking about. There was a second of silence before she hinted you on. “We’d get the drum kits and just make the crowd hold them up?”

“Oh definitely,” you gave a fake laugh before glancing down at your phone again, angry and annoyed at Josh’s attempts.

J: How turned on?
Y/N: I might be turned on but I’m about ready to turn my phone off if you keep this shit up
J: I’m not even doing anything
Y/N: Sure…
J: You wouldn’t dare
Y/n: Watch me
J: Don’t

“You guys, okay? You seem pretty distracted,” Tyler finally brought up the obvious.

“Just a lot of people congratulating us,” Josh shrugged. “Sorry, it’s probably not the appropriate time for this.”

“You’re right,” you quickly agreed. “I say we turn our phones off for the rest of the dinner.”

“Smart idea,” Jenna smiled at the proposition, but you caught Josh giving you a death stare beside you. You quickly shut off your phone and put it face down on the table, watching as Josh slowly did the same.

“You’ll be sorry you did that,” Josh murmured under his breath, just enough for you to realize. You swallowed uncomfortably, trying to ignore his comments. What was he so worked up about anyways? Geez.

“Do you think we’ll get invited back?” Tyler joked.

“Most likely,” Jenna nodded. “You guys are so talented. You’re bound to win another.”

“Then we’ve got to take it up a notch,” Tyler decided. “What’s more attention grabbing than standing up there in our underwear?”

“Oh I’m sure you two could think of plenty of things,” Jenna chuckled softly. Your hand was laying in your lap when you felt Josh lay his hand on top of yours underneath the table. You drew in a sharp breath and Tyler gave you an uncertain glance for a second before dismissing it, and you exhaled, trying to ignore it. Maybe he was just trying to hold hands.

“We’ll go streaking next Grammys!” Tyler cried.

“No way,” Jenna shook her head, stifling her laughter. “Not on my watch.”

“I bet y/n would love to see that,” Josh smirked and you narrowed your eyes, apparent you didn’t find his humor amusing. You felt him grab ahold of your wrist underneath the table, lifting your hand off your lap and moving it towards his leg, then down, resting your hand right over his crotch, his hard on becoming extremely obvious. Shit, of course he’d pull something like this. Especially now without the texting. He laid his hand on top of yours again, pressing down and your felt your cheeks turn red, trying to act nonchalant as you were being guided on how to grope him underneath the table.

“You okay, y/n?” Jenna softened her eyes. “You look sort of uh…”

“I’m fine,” you shook your head. “I think I just need to use the restroom and clear my mind for a little bit. I think I’m a little dizzy from the Grammys, all those people and the lights and noise and stuff.”

“Okay, take care of yourself sweetie,” Jenna replied. “We’ll be here when you come back.” You tried to get up but Josh grabbed your arm, grip tight around your wrist. You tugged several times but he wouldn’t let go until finally you swiveled your arm out of his grasp and snatched your phone off the table, marching off to find the bathroom. Of course, when you got in, there were several texts from Josh. So much for the not using the phones thing.

J: Get your ass out here right now.
Y/N: I don’t know what the fuck is up with you tonight
J: You know exactly what’s up with me, stop playing stupid
Y/N: I don’t know if it’s just cause you won a Grammy so you think you can be cocky and all, but you’re acting like a total dick, Josh
J: I just want you baby
Y/N: You’re the one who said yes to dinner!
J: You’re the one who said no to texting
Y/N: And look where that led us
J: We can always ditch
Y/N: Shut up, that’d be so rude. Jenna and Tyler have been nothing but nice tonight
J: I just really want to fuck you, I saw you in that dress when we walked in the restaurant and maybe it’s the lighting or just the adrenaline rush from being on the stage or me taking my pants off earlier, but I really need this right now baby
Y/N: I know I want it too
J: Then please
Y/N: After dinner
J: During dinner
Y/N: No
J: Fine. Either way come out right now. Jenna’s getting worried and she’s gonna check up on you if you don’t show soon.
Y/N: If I come out, will you behave?
J: Sure
Y/N: See you soon
J: Love youuu
Y/N: Love you too, dimwit

You took a deep breath and collected yourself before heading back to the table and sliding in the seat beside Josh, plastering a smile on your face. “You feeling better, honey?” Jenna wondered.

“Yeah I’m doing just fi-” you couldn’t help but stop midsentence as Josh put a hand on your upper thigh, resting it there above the fabric of your dress. “Fine. I’m doing fine.”

“Okay…” Jenna shrugged.

“Did you feel sick?” Tyler frowned, looking worried and concerned. “I think Jenna has some painkillers in her purse if you need it.”

“I’m fine, r-EALLY,” your voice wavered as Josh tugged up the fabric of your dress to your waist, both your legs bare and exposed underneath the table. Fuck.

“You sure?” Tyler insisted, sensing something was off.

“Yeah, honessssssssssst,” you reassured, ignoring the way your voice dragged out at the end when Josh’s thumb dipped underneath the waistband of your underwear and slid the fabric down your legs to above your knees.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” Josh reassured, sly smile on his face only you could detect. Hell, and to think Tyler and Jenna thought he was being sweet. You bit down on your lower lip hard when you felt Josh’s fingers brush past your clit and rest against your folds.

“Who’s ready for some appetizers?” the waiter wondered, smile on his face as he approached.

As soon as you were about to answer Josh’s fingers pushed into you and you let out a moan, everyone at the table turning their attention towards you. “Ohhhh those sound delicious,” you tried to recover. “Mmm god, appetizers? That just sounds so, oh fuck-” Josh began to pump his fingers in and out of you, staring at you above the table as if nothing was even going on. “I’m so hungry. Appetizers, hell yeah.” You were doing such a shitty job at covering up your act but it was the best alternative you could think of at the moment. Your legs were starting to shake and you could barely speak.

“Someone’s um, particularly hype for appetizers,” Tyler commented.

“I love me some good fooooood,” you moaned the last part as Josh curled his fingers inside of you, hitting your g-spot. “Shit, food is so great. Damn.”

“Someone really likes food,” the waiter chuckled, looking confused and uncomfortable, almost everyone unable to understand what your problem was.

“Come on baby,” Josh prodded. “Why don’t you order something?”

“Sure,” you glanced at him, noticing the way he was trying so hard to suppress a smirk, then flickered your eyes back to the menu. You attempted to cross your legs in hopes of Josh quitting it but he only rammed his fingers deeper inside of you and you gasped in your seat, Tyler and Jenna whipping their heads towards you.

“Okay, spill it,” Jenna demanded. “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s wrong?” the waiter softened his expression. “Uh, is there anything I can do to help?”

“I just think I need to get some fresh air,” you shook your head. “Josh, um, why don’t you come out with me for a little bit?”

“Sure,” Josh agreed slowly. “Whatever you say, babe.” He slowly drew his fingers out from inside you and you took the opportunity to slide up your panties and tug down your dress, then grabbed Josh’s hand with a tight grip and basically dragged him out the door.

“You’re fucking dead,” you hissed, tugging him outside and to the back of the restaurant.

“What do you mean?” he raised his eyebrows, acting innocent. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Shut the fuck up,” you demanded, tugging him to a place without windows or cars or pedestrians and quickly surveying the area before crashing your lips on his, pushing him back into the wall of the restaurant, slamming his body against yours and grinding yourself down on him. Your sloppy, messy, desperate kisses became more heated and you finally pulled away, staring into his eyes. “Don’t pull that shit during dinner ever again. I hate you.”

“You fucking love me,” he rolled his eyes. “You know you were just as turned on as I was, baby.”

“I still am,” you murmured, tilting your head back as he sucked on your neck, his lips trailing down your skin.

“Dammit you look so good in this dress,” he sighed. He traced the outlines of your body with his palms, sliding them down your figure, resting at your hips when you took a step away. “Where you going baby?”

“To dinner,” you snapped. “To behave.”

“You’re going to leave me like this?” he frowned, disappointed. “Come on, I’m dying here and I’ve already tried everything.”

“Listen up, Joshua,” you sighed, walking closer and poking a finger in his chest, glaring up at him. You leaned in close, remaining eye contact, lowering your voice to a whisper. “When we get home, you are going to get in that bedroom with me, and you’re going to receive another big award with yours pants off. But that’s never going to happen unless you behave, understand?”

“I like the sound of that,” he smirked.

“Good,” you decided. “Now come with me and let’s order some fucking appetizers.”

i do have a private blog i made for ships, and i dont have to disclose why i ships those things bc its personal to me, but i did make sure the blog was flagged nsfw and private, i only gave the url to people who asked for it and were above the age of 18

and the fact that you ‘exposed’ it isnt you trying to protect kids, you literally linked it for them to see. and the chat that got ‘linked’ was just from one chat group we had that was centered around nsfw, no minors were in that specific group. we all also used it for venting and talking, and a lot of the things we said were said in anger and not meant to be shared with the whole internet.

everyone in that group has dealt with some form of mental illness/abuse, we all made that chat to cope and bond over similar experiences. 

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

Imagine Crowley has a confession for you

Crowley X Reader

“We need him, whether you guys like it or not.” You stood in front of the demon, your hands on the blades you kept in your pockets, ready to pull them at any second. The Winchester’s exchanged surprised glances at your behavior. “You kill him, I kill you. Got it?” You looked between the two, waiting for an answer other than their shocked facial expressions.

“What has gotten into you?” Dean growled, taking a step towards you. You pulled out one of the blades and rested it against your thigh, a subtle threat.

“I’m doing my job without letting my emotions get the best of me. You should try it sometime.” You snapped. Dean’s jaw clenched, obviously more than annoyed with you. This was out of character for you. You always showed Sam and Dean the upmost respect, but something about the man behind you caused a shift within. You knew you had to protect him.

“Then you deal with him.” Dean pointed a finger at you, something a father would do to his daughter, and then turned to leave, Sam following behind. Sam looked over his shoulder at you, concern in his eyes. You sighed, giving him the smallest of smiles to reassure him. Once the Winchester’s were gone, you turned to face the cause of the situation.

“That was quite the show, Poppet.” Crowley smirked. “Seeing you get so defensive over little old me gets me bothered in all of the right ways.”

“Shut up.” You snapped, running a hand through your hair and pulling up a chair so that you could sit across from him. “I just need you to tell me about the deals going on in this town. There’s too many and we don’t know how to stop them all.”

“You don’t. They’re deals, (Y/n). Once those morons lock lips with one of my demons, that’s that.” He shook his head at you. “Why don’t we talk about something else, yeah? How about the way you can’t stand to see me tortured and beaten? Or the way you’re constantly trying to justify the evil things I do?”

“Don’t try and turn this into some twisted romance. I’m here to save those peop-”

“Romance? I didn’t say anything about romance, Kitten.” Crowley raised his brows, feigning innocence.

“I don’t care what you said.” You threw your hands to your side, starting to get aggravated.

“How about you tell me why you haven’t pulled a knife on me for pissing you off when you were so quick to threaten Moose and Squirrel. They’re like family to you and you were ready to kill them to protect a demon.” He was getting inside your head. You stood up from your seat, turning away from him. You considered pulling out your other blade, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Why couldn’t you do it? You shook your head, annoyed with yourself. “You know, I’ve done the same thing.” You turned back to him, confused.

“What are you talking about?” You almost snapped.

“Have you never found it off that none of my demons have ever come after you?” He asked. Honestly, you never really thought about it, but now that he’s mentioned it, you can’t remember a demon ever attacking you specifically. “That’s because when the thought even crosses their mind, I take their head off their shoulders.” Crowley’s eyes were following your every move. “Because I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt.”

“Why are you telling me this?” You blinked, more confused than ever. “Listen, I just want to know how to stop-”

“No, you listen.” Crowley interrupted. “You’ve been dancing around this for far too long and I know damn well if I’m not the one to say this, you never will. We care for each other, (Y/n). We protect each other, we go out of our way to make sure only good things come to one another. What does that look like to you?”

“Are you trying to say that you’re in love with me, Crowley?” You walked towards him.

“Well, when you say it like that..” Crowley raised his brows and looked to the floor. “Yes, I guess that is what I’m trying to say.”

I Meant It

A Shawn Mendes imagine


Y/N, come on, open the door. Please just let me explain. I know you saw the video and I know how freaked out you probably are.“

Shawn was pleading on the other side of the door, knocking every once in a while. I sunk down to the floor against the door, pressing the restart button on the YouTube clip, running my hands through my hair.

"Alright, Shawn. Hard hitting question we’ve got lined up for you.” The interviewer spoke, crossing his legs and looking up from his card at Shawn. Shawn made a goofily nervous face to hide his real nerves, cheeks blossoming in red as he ran a hand through his hair. “You and Y/N Y/L/N grew up together, is that right?” The interviewer started. Shawn swallowed and nodded.

“Yeah, she was my neighbour. We’ve known each other since we were four. Is that your hard hitting question?” He joked, laughing nervously. The interviewer laughed and shook his head.

“It gets worse. You and Y/N are very active on social media, and are always seen together on each other’s accounts and out in Toronto. We’re wondering if there’s anything about your relationship that you haven’t told the public? Or if anything’s happened in the past with you guys? I’ve noticed both of you are supposedly single, and there’s a lot of hand holding in these pictures.” He continued. Shawn looked visibly uncomfortable as he thought out his response.

“Y/N has always been someone I’ve admired and felt completely comfortable around no matter what. We’ve helped each other through so much and grown up together, right? That kind of history makes you close to someone. I’m very fortunate to have her in my life.” He replied. The interviewer raised an eyebrow.

“And are you just friends, or is there something more?” He asked, although Shawn was evidently avoiding the question.

“We’re not dating, if that’s what you’re asking. We’ve never dated in the past, either. I mean, my relationship with her has always been complicated in some way because people don’t think guys and girls can be friends. We’ve both had significant others that have broken up with us because they thought we were together. It must be the way I look at her or something, but yeah, I understand the confusion.” He replied. The interviewer jumped at him.

“The way you look at her? Care to elaborate on that?” He asked. It was obvious that Shawn hadn’t realized that he said that, and the blush he had grew to the tips of his ears.

“Well, y'know, I do love her. And not just as my best friend. I think that kind of honesty can always be seen in the way someone looks at someone else.” He shrugged.

I turned off the video and stood up, pacing up and down my front hall for a moment before stopping at the door and opening it quickly. Shawn stood at the other side, his sullen expression turning into immediate worry as he opened his mouth to explain, but I cut him off. “We need to talk about this for a sec. Jesus. Come in.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief and leading him to my room.

Shawn took a seat on the edge of my bed and watched as I paced in front of him, muttering under my breath. “Shawn, people are freaking out! I’m freaking out!” I cried, stopping in front of him. Shawn ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. “I had to turn my phone off because it was glitching from all the notifications. Everyone is flipping shit. Have you talked with your publicist yet? That fucking interviewer just kept pushing and pushing until you said what he wanted to hear. How the hell do you explain that to everyone on planet earth and have them understand?” I continued. Shawn grabbed my wrist to stop my pacing, and I turned to him.

“Wait- that’s what you think happened? You think I just said that to get him off my back?” He clarified. I stared at him, my mind going a million miles per hour.

“Is that not what happened?” I asked. Shawn let out a small laugh, running his hand over his face.

“Why do you have such a hard time accepting that people actually genuinely like you?” He laughed, “I confess my feelings for you accidentally on live television, and you automatically think it was fake.” I blinked, stared at the top corner of my room, then looked back at him.

“It wasn’t fake?” I said dumbly. Shawn let out a breathy laugh and leaned his forehead against my stomach before straightening out again.

“No, Y/N, Jesus. I meant it. I love you as more than a best friend, Y/N. I look at you differently because I love you. I actually honest to god really love you. I just didn’t mean to say that for the first time aloud in an interview, I didn’t mean for you to find out that way. I wanted to say it in person. I love you.” Shawn said earnestly. I took a deep, shaky breath, not looking at him.

“Oh.” I breathed. Shawn laughed again. “You love me. What the fuck, Shawn? You love me?” I said in disbelief. “Me?”

“Yes, Y/N, I thought we established this. I love you.” Shawn laughed, his callused thumb rubbing my hand as he held it.

“What the fuck.” I breathed, still in shock. “I’ve literally had a crush on you since second grade. But all this time you’ve been this weird, unattainable fantasy for me. You’re way out of my league. How could you possibly love me when you could have anyone on the planet?” I asked. Shawn’s eyes were bright as he smiled up at me.

“You’re out of my league, Y/N. Are you serious? You’re my best friend. You’re this witty, hilarious, passionate, beautiful girl. It would be impossible not to love you. No other girl can make me laugh like you do, or support me like you do, or know me like you do. And I don’t even want to bother trying with them, because I want you. Every single day of my life, Y/N.” he said, standing to his full height and looming over me, his hand finding the side of my face. I was awestruck. He really loved me.

“But, Shawn, we’re best friends. If we start dating, we either get married or break up. Those are the only two options. And if we break up, then what? Our families are friends, we live next door to each other. That could ruin it all.” I worried. Shawn tilted my head so I could look at him, and licked his lips. I was distracted by them for a moment.

“Y/N, I’m not going to propose to you right now. Not yet. And I know the thought of it all scares the shit out of you, because it scares the shit out of me too, but I love you. Through and through. And I don’t think I can ever stop that. You might stop feeling the same, but I don’t think I could ever stop loving you, Y/N. Even if we break up, I’ll still love you, and I wouldn’t let any of that get in the way of our families or anything like that, because I’d still be dying to see you everyday. I love you. Do you understand?” Shawn was near tears by now, and so was I. I searched his eyes and found the special way he looked at me. I found the honesty.

“I love you too, Shawn. Ok.” I said finally. Shawn barely gave himself time to smile before swooping down and pressing his lips to mine. Every inch of me tingled and my mind went hazy as we kissed, my hands on his neck and his wrapped tightly around my waist. I fit perfectly into his mold, flush against him. I didn’t ever want to not be kissing him. When we pulled away, we were breathless and giddy.

“I love you.” He breathed.



Request:  Number 16 Aaron burr. Where Alexander somehow blackmails or dares Aaron to ask the reader out with a cheesy pick up line. Please? <3

Prompt 16:  “You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend/partner” “And you look exactly like the person I turn down two seconds from now.”

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1,783

Warning: None

A/N: Here it is! Finally, an Aaron imagine for you Burr-loving rascals. Hope you enjoy!

On days like this, Aaron wished he had better friends. Ones that didn’t insist on horsing around in public. Ones that didn’t nearly get kicked out more than three times in one trip to the mall. Ones that had a little more class. Yet, of course, Alexander and his friends were actual maniacs and Aaron had to put up with them.

“Alexander, I don’t think you’re allowed to take drinks into the stores,” Aaron pointed out as the accused man sipped on his coke obnoxiously.

“Yeah? And who’s gonna stop me?” Alex questioned smugly.

“Probably that security guard,” John said, pointing over Alex’s shoulder at the strongly built member of mall security glaring straight at Alex. The small man froze before turning on his heel to find the nearest garbage can, leaving his friends to laugh at his terror. 

“Hey, isn’t that (Y/N) with Jefferson and his little lackey?” John suddenly spoke up, turning everyone’s gazes to your little group. 

Aaron felt butterflies flutter in his stomach at the sight of you. You were laughing at something James Madison had said, sprawled out in your bench seat so your leg was resting on both your friend’s laps and your back was against the arm. Your other leg hung off the side, foot tapping against the pristine marble of the mall’s floor. His eyes were soft as he admired you, but Hercules had to ruin everything as he called your name.

“Hey, (Y/N)!!” He said, waving his arm in the air to catch your attention. You looked up from your conversation and smiled brightly as you waved back, much more calmly. Aaron was almost caught off guard by your beautiful smile, but he had only one question in his mind.

Since when did you know these buffoons?

“Who are you waving at?” Alexander, finally returning to the group, asked, trying to see over Hercules’ shoulder.

“(Y/N).” Lafayette answered. Alexander grimaced as he noticed you, or rather who you were sitting with.

Ugh, they’re with Jefferson.“ He said in disgust before getting onto his toes and waving frantically your way. "Hey (Y/N)!!!" 

"Keep your voice down!” Aaron scolded in a hushed tone, as if he was trying to keep the world’s biggest secret. They were already getting dirty looks from staff and security. He worried they might toss them out if they continued to misbehave. Plus, the last thing he wanted was for you to see him with these idiots.  

“What’re you so scared of, Burr?” Lafayette asked watching as Aaron subconsciously glanced your way. John, also catching the look, grinned widely  
“Getting tossed out, mostly," Aaron answered, noticing the mischievous glint in John’s eye.

” You sure it doesn’t have anything to do with (Y/N)?“ John asked, throwing his arm over Aaron’s shoulder. Aaron glared at the curly haired man.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“So you didn’t just look at them?”

“I didn’t." 

"I saw it too,” Lafayette mentioned, with a small chuckle. 

Aaron tried not to act too defiantly,  knowing they were just picking on him, trying to find any way to get on his nerves. They didn’t actually know about his crush… right? 

“I hardly even know (Y/N).”

“Well, since that’s the case,” Alexander began, a mischievous grin on his face. “why don’t you go talk to them?” 

"And why would I do that?”

“Because I dare you.”

"What, are we in middle school?"  Aaron asked, eyebrow raised accusingly. He almost couldn’t believe they were being this childish. Almost.

"I double-dog dare you,” Hercules piped up, a devilish smirk on his face. 

“That’s just childish." 

"I triple-dog dare ya!” John exclaimed excitedly.

“Now you’ve gotta do it, Burr,” Laf said with a grin, crossing his arms. 

Looking the group over, Aaron let out a heavy sigh. He knew he wouldn’t be able to win. They’d hound him until he agreed. 

“Fine, I’ll go talk to them if it’ll make you children happy.” He groaned.

How hard could it really be?

“Wait. You gotta say something to them while you’re over there.” Alex said.

In that moment, the look in Alexander’s eye said nothing but trouble. 

As Aaron walked up to your group nervously, his fingers fiddling with the hems of his sleeves, he knew for a fact he was done for. He would become a laughing stock to Thomas and James, and likely ruin any chance he had with you, just with a single sentence. 

James was the first to notice him walk up, as you and Thomas were engaged in conversation. He greeted Aaron, which caught your attention enough to notice he had even approached you. You’d only vaguely recognized the face as someone you’d occasionally seen on school campus. 

“Are you going to be joining us?” James asked, beginning to scoot closer to Thomas to accommodate for the new person. Aaron quickly stopped him though.

“Uh, no, I just wanted to tell (Y/N) something." 

"Me?” You asked, looking at Thomas to see him give a knowing glance to James. The exchange only left you more confused.

What did Aaron have to say to you? You’d hardly spoke three words to the guy.

“Alright then. Shoot.”

“I just wanted to say…” He paused, taking a breath before speaking,  “You know, you look a lot like my next partner.” 

Thomas’ hand flew up to cover his mouth and muffle the laugh that threatened to escape. James looked at Aaron with raised eyebrows, almost unable to believe he said something so idiotic.  But Aaron only focused on you. Your unamused face, your crossed arms, and he immediately felt the need to run.

“Really? ‘Cause you look exactly like the person I turn down two seconds from now.”

As if it couldn’t get worse,

Thomas began laughing hysterically into his palm. James coughed awkwardly as you stared expectantly at Aaron, waiting for what else he had to say. But that was it. That was all Alexander had told him to say.

Aaron began babbling, trying to collect his words into proper sentences. Nothing.

He turned on his heel and stormed beck to Alexander’s little group, face burning. Thomas’ voice could be heard in the split second before he hurried away.

“Damn, (Y/N), that was cold.”
When Aaron returned, Alexander and his entourage were fighting off laughter, clearly amused by the train wreck they had just witnessed. Aaron was not pleased.

He took his old spot beside the group, crossing his arms. Alexander grinned, gently punching the other man

“Aw, come on. It could’ve gone worse.”

“I just made an idiot of myself in front of (Y/N). It literally could not have gone worse.”

“Why does it even matter?” John said with a roll of his eyes. “Do you like them or something?”

When Aaron didn’t respond, the group seemed to simultaneously understand.

“Oh my god, dude, you like (Y/N).”

Aaron’s response was a loud groan.

“Look, we can fix this!” Hercules exclaimed hurriedly, feeling bad for Aaron. Alex, feeling slightly guilty for causing this whole thing, nodded in agreement. 

“Yeah, definitely. We can-”

“I don’t want your help. You’ve done enough." 

After a moment of shocked silence, Aaron let out a deep breath. “Look, can we just leave now? Alexander and I still have this project to work on for civics.” He said before heading towards the exit. 

The boys he left behind all exchanged guilty glances before following him out.


The weekend passed by quick with no worries. Though Aaron was still irritated with Alexander, they still got the project done and he had seemingly forgotten about his humiliation. It wasn’t until Monday rolled around and Aaron stepped onto campus that he remembered what had happened with you a few days before.

He imagined himself being laughed off the school grounds by his cruel peers once they all found out about the rejection, and he was anxious as he walked to his first class.

However, instead of being met with ridicule in the halls. he was met with you.

“Hey, Aaron. Uh, can we talk?”


You let out a sigh at his dumb answer and grabbed his hand, pulling him off course to his class. He nearly protested, but the feeling of his hand in yours had his heart speeding and his brain malfunctioning.

Before he realized you’d taken him anywhere, you were both stood in the courtyard. It was mostly empty, students filing out so they wouldn’t be late.

“Look, about what happened at the mall…” The look of guilt over your features hurt his heart. He was ready to forgive you without you even apologizing. Not that he was very upset with you in the first place.

“I’m really sorry. You just caught me off guard before, at the mall. I just wasn’t expecting you to say something like that-”

“It was a dare,” Aaron said quickly, not allowing you to believe those were his own words any longer. “Alexander and his friends dared me to do it. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.”

“Alexander, huh? Yeah, that sounds like something those four would do.” You said with a giggle. The sound itself brought a smile to Aaron’s lips. “I’m sorry on their behalf.”

Then, it fell silent. It wasn’t necessarily awkward, but Aaron had the sense that you had more to say.

“So um…. After you left, Thomas told me something,” You squeezed his hand and his heart fluttered.

“What’d he tell you…?” He questioned cautiously. 

“Well, he said that… That you really liked me? I’m not sure if that still stands after I horribly rejected you but…” 

“It still stands,” He said in a moment of boldness. You grinned

“I told Thomas and James not to tell anybody about what happened, so you won’t have to worry about the word getting around.” 

A moment of relief washed over Aaron and he smiled gratefully.

“Thanks, (Y/N).”

“Anytime.” You released his hand, both of you noting how much you missed the warmth. “So, since you do still have feelings for me would you maybe like to go out sometime?”


You exchanged numbers with him and left to your class with the promise that you’d text him later. He watched you disappear behind the double doors that lead inside before he let the joy consume him.

Though he briefly thought he wanted to scold Thomas for spilling his feelings for you, that thought was replaced with the strange need to somehow thank him for it.  He’d never be going on a date with you if Thomas had said nothing, after all. But he didn’t need to worry about that at the current moment,

For now, he needed to get to class.

"What Are You Gonna Do!" Monsta x Wonho Smut

Tittle: “What are you gonna do!”

Monsta x Smut Wonho x Reader

•REQUESTED: “Hi! Can you do a Wonho smut with spanking involved and slight asphyxiation (breath play)? Maybe where he gets jealous and he has an argument with you that leads to this? Thank you!!”
(Hope you liked it! ❤️)

“Y/n! What the hell were you thinking!” Wonho said slamming the door to your house. You two were just at a costume party and for some reason he couldn’t handle you looking like a ‘slut’ in front of his friends. “It’s called a fucking costume! And I was more dressed than half the girls there!” You yelled back at him ripping off his coat he made you put on to ‘cover yourself.’

“I don’t think the other girls had boyfriends!” He said yelling back at you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the bedroom to take the itchy costume off. Wonho always got jealous but this time it was his fault. He agreed to the costume until he didn’t realize others would see you in it. “Everyone was fucking staring at you!” He said throwing stuff down on the couch. “Who give a shit wonho!” You yelled back at him slamming the bedroom door not wanting to hear him anymore.

Wonho growled “I fucking care! Why didn’t you tell me it was so revealing!” He said pushing the door open so hard it sounded like it was going to come off the hinge. He walked towards you, you now just in your bra and some shorts you were under the short skirt. You looked at him dead in the eye “what! What are you gonna do Huh!?” You hissed in his face. He clenched his jaw as he picked you up throwing you on the bed. “I’ll fucking show you!” He snarled as he ripped off his shirt and climbed on top of you. “Maybe you just need some punishment to learn” he said with dark eyes.

He turned you so you were on your stomach and looked down at you “this ass” he said slapping it “is mine!” The slap sent chills down your spine it felt heavenly. He slapped the other cheek leaving to big hand prints on your ass cheeks. You moaned with another slap a little lighter this time. You looked back at him and smirked “going soft already” his eyes widened “not at all princess” he said and slapped the already stinging cheek harder. You moaned as his hand connected to your ass.

Wonho pulled your shorts down with you panties and slapped your bare ass. “Look how wet your getting, your enjoying this arnt you!” He said smirked as he leaned down to lick a long line up your folded witch made your arms give out. He chuckled as he flattened his tongue making quick movements against your core. You moaned loudly “best punishment!”

He growled “oh yeah?” He flipped you over now on your bad completely exposed to him. He quickly pulled his pants off “do you want this?” He asked teasing your entrance as he moved the head up and down your folds. You groaned “fuck yes!” He said trying to grab ahold of him to pull him to you. “Tisk tisk” he said pulling away “I don’t think I heard a please baby girl” he said smuggly rubbing himself. “Fuck y-” you started to say but quickly submitted just wanting to feel his cock inside you. “Please Wonho I promise I won’t wear something like that again.”

He smirked “such a good girl” he alined himself as he pushed into you. His rock hard member pushing deep into your warm lust. “Sh-shit!” You said breathy. He stayed there for a second and moved agonizingly slow. “Wonho go faster!” You whined. He looked down at you and stopped. “This isn’t funny!” You said getting annoyed, You just wanted him to move.

“P-please Wonho” you said softly. He smirked as he started to move faster. “Your so sexy when you beg” he said smugly. You didn’t even wanna fight it felt so good. He started to go deeper hitting your core “Fuck!” You screamed, your hands flew to his hips digging your nails into him.

“Your not already gonna cum are you?” He chuckled as he felt your walls tighten around his member. “You better not cum before I do” he said his voice deep. He pounded into you going hard. He leaned down and nibbled on your neck the room filling with the sound of skin hitting each other.

“Im close!” You moaned feeling your orgasm reach. “Your not aloud to cum yet” he growled as he went slower. You whined “please keep going Wonho!” He arched a brow and his finger went around your neck. You have told him before you wanted to try choking but he was always afraid. I guess this was the time to try it? He tightened his grip not to tight but tight enough. “Now you can’t complain.” He chuckled as he started to pick speed back up.

He gulped feeling your orgasm coming closer he must have felt it “you can cum princess, all over my cock” he said groaning loosening his grip a bit but tightening again as you took a few breaths. You moaned slightly it getting broken up from the lack of breath. You never thought choking would turn you on so much but God was it ever.

Wonho slammed into hard hitting your spot “fuck im gonna cum!” He growled as he slammed In and out of you. You came hard all over him your body shaking. He came soon after cumming on your side of the bed. You to were breathing heavy. “Wonho I need to tell you something.” He looked at you raising a brow as a way to say ‘yeah what?’

You smiled at him “I think I’m addicted to this outfit if it makes you choke me.” He just laughed “maybe I’ll do it more often” he said giving you a soft sweaty kiss.

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

anonymous asked:

Nurseydex "quit it or I'll bite" ? Pls and thx xx

Here you go, lovely! You’re beautiful and your hair looks especially good today. I hope you enjoy, and have a great day.

The best things about playing hockey with your boyfriend:

1) the chemistry. Dex always knew where Nursey was. Nursey always knew where Dex was. They had a bond that was undeniable

2) all the time they got to spend together. If Dex were dating anyone else, between classes and hockey, he wouldn’t get to spend nearly as much time as he did with Nursey, who he shared practices and roadies with.They understood the stresses of each others’ schedules because they were the same.

3) having someone there when he got hurt. Hockey was violent, injury was expected. That didn’t make it any easier. Having someone there to help you did help, though.

At least, that was what Dex expected. His concussion wasn’t bad. He didn’t necessarily need help, but that little part inside of him who still begged for mommy when he got a cold was happy with the idea of Nursey taking care of him through it.

As it turned out, though, Nursey’s bedside manner left a lot to be desired, in the exact opposite way Dex expected. If anything, Dex thought that Nursey would be too aloof, dismissive of Dex’s requests. Maybe that Nursey would use them as ammo for chirps.

But no. Nursey hovered. He was constantly there, always looking for something else to do, some way to ‘help’ Dex. And, yeah, one of the things Dex liked about playing hockey with Nursey was the time they got to spend together, but there was also such a thing as too much time together. For nearly a week straight after his injury, they were practically attached at the hip.

The worst thing, though, wasn’t the hovering. It wasn’t the weird pain diary Nursey was forcing him to keep. It wasn’t even the constant arguments about whether or not Dex could go to class by himself. No, the worst was Nursey’s obsession with feeding Dex.

It made a sort of sense for Nursey to feed him when Dex still saw fireworks behind his eyes anytime he tried to push himself too hard. But that wasn’t long, a couple days, at most. A week was pushing it, and driving Dex insane.

After a particularly tough day eight of his concussion, he just wanted to cuddle his boyfriend and watch a stupid movie without being force-fed whatever Nursey had in reach. He didn’t care what he had eaten that day, he wasn’t counting his calories, but apparently Nursey did and was. Nursey kept trying to shove those disgusting gummy candies Nursey loved so much in his mouth.

“Nursey, stop.”

The only response was another slice of gummy pizza landing in his open mouth. Dex resisted the urge to spit it back at Nursey, who took that as acceptance that he wanted another. That one, Dex did spit out.

Nursey’s eyebrows shot up. “Eat the pizza, Dex.”


Nursey rolled them so that he was crouched over Dex on the small dorm bed. He put on his best hockey face on, failing to look intimidating when his cheeks bulged a little with candy. Dex clamped his mouth shut, trying to defend himself against the gummies that Nursey was persistently trying to smoosh into it.

“Eat. The. Candy. Dex.”

“Quit it or I’ll bite.” Before he could respond, Dex added, “Not in the fun way. In the painful way.”

Dex snapped at his fingers to prove his point. With a sigh, Nursey relented, but there was something more to it. He seemed to wilt a little, resting back on his heels, though careful not to settle too much weight on Dex’s thighs or knees.

Nursey dumped all the candies on Dex’s bedside table. With his now free hand, he carefully cradled Dex’s face, thumb brushing his cheekbones, the place Dex knew was a nasty yellow color from where he hit the boards.

Dex realized that, for the first time, Nursey was actually reacting to his injuries. He wasn’t focused on how Dex was feeling, or what doctor’s orders were, or how to be the best boyfriend cum nursemaid he could be. Just that the person he loved was laying before him, injured.

His expression was heartbreaking.

That expression, the look in Nursey’s eye, said more than the man would ever say by himself. All the mothering Nursey was doing was just as much for his benefit, as Dex’s. Nursey was terrified of Dex being hurt the way he was. He was angry that he couldn’t have done anything on the ice to prevent it from happening. He was upset that his attempts to help were more annoyances than actual help.

With a sigh, Dex grabbed one of the fallen candies from his sheets and popped it in his mouth. It tasted plasticky and he hated it, just like he hated every other junk food his boyfriend made him eat the past week, but. But he could deal with it for a little while longer, if that’s what it took to make Nursey happy.