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There was something odd about having a day off. Not long ago every minute of every day had been a push towards finding something, anything, that might defeat Zoom, yet there you were, mixing cupcake batter as if your life hadn’t been put at risk multiple times over the past few months, as if you hadn’t travelled across to a whole new universe with your partner to try and save his daughter, as if your life was no different to the millions of others that were simply enjoying the weekend off.

“How are the cookies coming along?” you ask easily, so very relaxed by the soothing swirls you were mixing into the bowl in your hands.

“Hm?” Harrison hummed in response, not catching your question as his brow furrows ever so slightly in curiosity.

“Cookies” you repeat with something of a chuckle. “How are they?” you repeat, turning your head with a good natured look of disbelief on your face as you face him.

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 5

Photo note mine (Though I did edit a little)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,538

“You didn’t have to do this,” I smiled up at Luca who was sprawled out beside me on my bed. He decided that since he didn’t do his job as a brother yesterday when he let me run off into danger that he had to make it up to me with breakfast in bed. The tray of food placed in front of me was more than I could eat in a days worth but luckily Luca was hungry too.

“Hey,” He poked me in my side with a piece of toast between his fingers. “I don’t need you falling down the stairs or hitting your head off something and you getting another concussion as you’re making your way downstairs just to get breakfast.” I rolled my eyes playfully at his reasoning but didn’t complain, continuing to mow down on the two pancakes. I noticed him checking the time on his phone before saying, “I promised Elliot that I’d hang out with him today but I know that you need me here so I guess that I’ll have to cancel…”

He continued on only causing me to roll my eyes once again at him. “Go,” I ordered Luca. “I’m fine. I promise to keep it low key today. No parties, no clubbing,” He laughed knowing that parties and clubbing were the exact opposite of who I was. “just me, a blanket and my good old friend Netflix.” He smiled before asking again if I was sure. I was almost certain that he asked at least five times before i finally convinced him that’s I’d be fine on my own while he goes to his friends.

After eating as much of Luca’s homemade breakfast, I padded downstairs to the main living area, plopped down on the sofa and switched on Netflix.

I was about half way through an episode of How I Met Your Mother when a knock sounded at the door. Letting out a groan of pure laziness I forced my body to move towards the foyer to see who was standing behind the door.

“Long time no see.” I almost let out a scream when I saw the familiar smirk and ocean blue eyes looking at me with enjoyment.

“Luke,” I mumbled. “What a pleasant surprised.” I left the door open for him to come in find my way back to the couch and cuddling into the oversize blanket for warmth.

I heard the door click behind Luke after he came inside. He quickly took his worn out black Vans off and took the place next to me on the sofa.

“So what are our plans today?”

My plans,” I began, making sure to put as much empathist as possible on the word my. “Are to sit back and watch Netflix, maybe take a nice nap around 2." 

"Sounds peaceful.” He commented before both of us went quiet and continued watching How I Met Your Mother. Every so often one or both of us would laugh and even comment on something Barney or Ted did. It almost felt as though Luke and I could have been friends even though I wasn’t too keen on the guy.

After watching at least six episodes we both decided to call it quits. It was almost three now and the boredom of doing nothing was killing me.

“Well I’m going out.” I told Luke getting off the couch and making my way over to the front entrance to put on my navy Keds.

Luke was fast to get to his feet following me to the foyer and catching my arm between his hand. “I think you should take it easy,” He told me. “I mean it was a pretty nasty hit you took. Not to mention that it shows on your face.”

Instinctively, my hand trailed up to my jaw wincing once I brushed over the spot where jai hit me. I could only imagine how it looked.

“Well do you have anything in mind then?” I challenged.

His award winning smirk made its appearance back on his face. I watched him as he made his way into my kitchen going through cupboards in attempt to find whatever he was searching for. I notice him reaching for something as he placed the cupcake mix on the island counter.

I felt the corners of my mouth turn upwards as I moved over to where he stood. “Now how many people get to say that they’ve baked cupcakes with bad boy Luke Hemmings?”

“Bad boy?” I shrugged at the question, averting my gaze from his as I lifted the cupcake mix and began reading the instruction.

“Eggs are in the fridge and the mixing bowls are above in the cabinets.” I told him. Both of us began wandering aimlessly around the kitchen in search for the supplies we needed. After retrieving all the supplies and ingredients that the box told us we needed, we began mixing them all together.

“Did you actually just put in 5 eggs?” I laughed at Luke as he shrugged.

“I like to live on the edge.” He joked. I began stirring everything together making a smooth, thick mix before Luke bumped me causing some to spill on my shirt.

I let out a gasp from the cold mixture seeping through my shirt. “Luke!” I shrieked while we both laughed as I collected what was one my shirt onto my fingers. “You know the only way to make this fair is if you get some on yourself.” Luke’s eyebrows shot up.

“Oh really?” he began. “And who’s theory is this?”

Instead of answering his question I flung the chocolate mix that was on my fingers at his face. Most of it missed slapping against the cupboards behind him with only a few drops making it on his cheek. I ran over to the bowl that I was just stirring only a few seconds ago before gathering a handful of it into my hands. The cupcake batter war continued on for another 5 minutes, both of us running in circles around the kitchen island flinging the mixture at one another’s head while the other tried dodging it. Instead of taking a handful of batter like we were doing every time we passed the mixing bowl, I grabbed the entire bowl laughing at Luke’s expression.

“Biggest cheater ever.”

“Sometimes you gotta cheat at life to win.” I smiled innocently at him before throwing some batter his way. He dodged it easily though he quickened up his pass to catch me. His legs had to be twice the size of mine as he caught up to me with ease before wrapping his arms around me in attempts to grab the bowl.

Then I felt a pain that coursed through my body. I stopped mid stride, Luke’s body colliding with mine but he was fast to balance me so I didn’t fall.

“Is it your head?” He asked. I nodded not trusting my voice to speak as he brought me over to sit in a chair. “Go take a bath, I’ll clean up here than come up to check on you.”

I nodded my head once again as he helped me up the stairs to my bedroom and awkwardly backed away. “Do you, uh, need help, you know…” He asked and I felt a laugh get caught in my throat making it sound like I was choking.

“I’m fine,” I told him once I saw his worried expression. “And even though I know how much you’d enjoy helping me undress I think I can manage.” He gave me a cheeky smile before leaving my room to go clean the kitchen.

I stripped from my battered covered clothing before wrapping a towel around me and heading for the bathroom that connected between mine and my brother’s room. I decided that a bath would be the better choicce today, not knowing if I could even stand for five minutes while I washed myself.

After ridding myself from the smell of cupcake mix and giving myself a bit of relaxing time, I got out of the bath tub and put on the jogging shorts and a loose fitting hoodie that I had lied out for myself on my bed. After getting settled underneath the covers that were pulled all the way to my chin I finally felt myself relax as sleep began to take over me, though after a minute or so I felt the bed shift beside me causing me to turn to find Luke lying beside me.

“I had fun today.” I told him as he smiled down at me. “Thank you.”

“For what?” He asked looking genuinely confused.

“For reminding me how it felt to laugh again.” If you thought Luke’s signature smirk was his only smile, you’d be wrong. My heart fluttered at the sight of his full stretched smile showing his perfect white teeth and his eyes crinkling a bit at the corners. I felt him pull me in closer to his body and lean down to plant a light kiss on the crown of my head before exhaustion took over my body completely.

“I’d do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face, Ella.” I heard him whisper distantly.


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