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So on Saturday Jared decided to go golfing with Jensen, cool!

But wait a minute, wasn’t there something on Saturday that involved someone close to jared? 

whaaaaaaaat? you mean jared cared more about spending the day relaxing with Jensen rather than go support his “wife” and attend her panel? 

I’m so shocked!!!! 

zach werenski // like father, like daughter

requested by @wenniss

warnings: cute fluff

who: zach werenski x reader

premise: you take your daughter skating for the first time (and Zach is so proud!)


Mornings in the Werenski household were, in one word, a nightmare. First there was the every day struggle of getting out of bed, which actually happened to be the best part of your morning. Yeah, the whole “waking up” thing sucked, but the fact that you were waking up next to your husband, who smiled a little in his sleep and looked extra cute with morning hair, made it a little easier. Somehow, you manage to pull yourself away from his arm wrapped carefully around your waist, and steal ten minutes to yourself to get ready before you go wake up your daughter. 

Tessa, like her father, also sleeps with a smile. But, also like her father, that smile is gone in a hurry when she has to wake up. Your husband and daughter were NOT morning people. 

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Shape of You (2)

GUYS. I just love writing this. I’ve got an idea of where I”m gong and I cannot wait until all the drama and angst unfolds. Here’s chapter two. Thanks for the love =)


Chapter 2

We spent an hour hammering out the details. We got the story down, both of us telling it without faltering. He was right, that would be the leading story, the thing everyone kept asking us once we got to the house. So we made it real, believable considering I didn’t do anything but work and sleep. So we met at the book store, which of course would’ve been oh so romantic if I truly believed in romance.

As we sat there and talked I realized that Cassian wasn’t horrible. I could’ve been his friend, before everything happened. Before I closed myself off. I could’ve laughed at his corny jokes and his stupid comments. I might have even been interested in him if the world hadn’t hardened me into this girl I barely recognized.

Cassian was actually sweet and charming. I had to remind myself a few times that he wasn’t actually my boyfriend.

The waitress told us we were cute when she brought the check. Luke watched us the entire time, especially whenever Cassian would reach across the table and touch me. I didn’t fight it, I let his skin touch mine to get used to it. I had a feeling he was going to push the PDA things. I could already see how much of a challenge this was going to be.

“See the waitress already believes us,” he said as he paid for my coffee and his piece of cake. I fought him, I told him I could pay for my own food. But he told me it was the least he could do since he was about to making more money than he should’ve off of me.

We were standing outside the diner, awkwardly wondering how to say goodbye. I sighed loudly and then stood up straighter. I had let a bubble surround us while we were sitting at that table. Somehow I had forgotten my walls and Cassian’s charm and infuriating laugh got to me. I pushed it away and put up my guard once more.

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athenrys  asked:

MadWife (Mad Sweeney x Laura Moon): "You don't look so bad" extra points for jacket sharing

i waited for your heart to melt

AN: Four things:

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this right away! I have a feeling I might only have the time to bang out fic on Sundays.
  2. Is Mad Wife the official pairing name for Mad Sweeney and Laura? I’ve been calling them Mad Moon but I could swing either way, as with most things in life. Mad Wife is actually cooler, imho.
  3. This was so much fun to write lmfao. I realize now how vital curse words are to my vocabulary.
  4. My pale ass has no clue how tanning works


The stench of rot and desperation ripens with the summer heat. Even with the cab’s windows cracked open and his nose pinched between his fingers, Sweeney can’t escape Laura’s reek. If he closed the partition it would help tremendously, he’s sure, but sliding it shut would mean isolating himself from the dead wife and the cabbie. He’ll be damned if he affords them the opportunity to plot against him and run away with his coin because of a little smell.

So the partition stays open, and the windows do too, and Sweeney battles against his gag reflex when the wind blows the evidence of a corpse up his nostrils.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Do you think Kara's advices this past couple of episodes are out of character or is Kara just really bad at giving advice? Because telling Maggie to basically get over it and suggesting Lena to visit her abuser because "she's still her mom" are terrible advices in my opinion

Hi! Sorry for getting to this so late.

The advice was definitely terrible advice. 

On Lena: 

Lillian emotionally (and I’m assuming physically based on what transpired last episode) abused/abuses Lena. Lena needed/needs to stay away from Lillian, not go visit her in jail where she can be emotionally manipulated.

On Maggie: 

It’s not even advice, just a terrible suggestion basically saying: ignore your trauma. Get over it. Which should never never never be something you tell a trauma victim. I’m sure being kicked out of her own home at 14 was extremely traumatic and it’s not something she should be forced to “get over”. 

[I know Kara didn’t know what happened to Maggie, but we do, and the writers do: so we know it’s terrible advice but more importantly so did the writers. And since fiction does not exist in a vaccuum, this is a huge problem.]

The scenes felt really out of character to me but I couldn’t figure out why so I talked with @superbigirl​ for a while (an awesome human you may know as salty anon) and came to this conclusion:

Kara giving said advice was definitely out of character.

On Lena:

Kara despises Lillian Luthor. This is the woman who, as far as kara knows, among other things:

• held kara in a cage for a long period of time, forced her to drain her powers, and then tortured her

• tried to commit genocide against all aliens

• is the leader of cadmus [a secret governemt organization that tortures aliens and has her foster father held captive]

• created a kryptonite man who tried to kill kara

• is “cold and dangerous” and Lena is nothing like her

And Kara knows this about Lena’s relationship with her mother:

• Lena “always seemed to fall short” as her daughter

• Lena wants to distance herself from the Luthor name

• Kara believes Lena is “too good and too smart to follow in [Lillian’s] path”

• Lena expects anything her mother has to say to her will be horrible [”What do you think she wants? Probably to tell me that my outfit in court was horrible and that I need a makeover.”]

• Lena thinks her mother is a monster and she doesn’t want anything to do with her [”You don’t think I should feel guilty for not wanting to go see that monster, right?”]

Which brings me to the analysis of the interaction between Kara and Lena. In CBS canon (which is what I’m going to go by because Kara has acted fairly ooc all season regarding certain things), Kara would never have given the advice she did.

After Lena asks Kara “You don’t think I should feel guilty for not wanting to go see that monster, right?”

The first thing out of Kara’s mouth season one would have been a resounding “No.” 

This is a person who understands what it’s like to have a family member so awful you hate them, so awful you have to kill them. No, I’m not talking about Astra. I’m talking about Non (we’ll get to why I am using him as an example in a bit).

Instead, Kara responds to Lena with “Well, do you think you would find peace of mind by visiting her and telling her how you really feel?”

This makes no sense. Kara is extremely empathetic. She would have made sure Lena had no doubt that her feelings were valid. But let’s consider for the sake of argument that this was a question Kara wanted to make sure to ask right away to make sure Lena doesn’t do something she regrets (even though she likely wouldn’t because Lillian is an awful human being, but I digress).

Lena’s response to the question is “Even if I did, it wouldn’t make a difference. You know She’s been the same way since the day I met her.”

At this, season one Kara, who understands that some people are too far gone to change, would have said something like “If it causes you too much pain to visit her, you shouldn’t have to. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for it.“ 

Instead, Kara replies with “I’ve spent most of my life wishing I could talk to people that are no longer here. She’s still here. And she’s still your mom.”

Here’s why that doesn’t make sense and why Non was the most relevant example: 

Lena’s relationship to Lillian is most similar, not to Kara’s relationship with Astra or her parents, but to Kara’s relationship with Non. 

How, you ask? Look at the lists above. Astra and Alura and Kara’s father all did terrible things, yes, but they loved her. And when it came down to it, though Astra fought Kara, it was abundantly clear to Kara that she still loved her. Non showed none of that, only ruthlessness and a will to kill her. Lillian, as far as Kara knows, does not love Lena. [Also both Lillian and Non tried to kill all [aliens, humans respectively] in national city, but I digress]

The reason the advice Kara gave makes no sense is that those people Kara wishes she could still talk to? I am certain Non is not one of them. Because the relationship with Lillian is so similar, it makes no sense for Kara to recommend a visit. 

Remember Astra’s funeral? Kara wanted nothing to do with Non. Nothing at all. Kara saying “she’s still your mother” is as unbelievable as Kara saying “he’s still my uncle” because blood related family can be crap and Kara knows this.

Kara’s past experience makes her far less likely, not more likely, to recommend that Lena visit Lillian in prison.

On Maggie:

Kara and Maggie haven’t interacted much on screen so we don’t really know what Kara know about Maggie but there’s still plenty of reasons to call bullshit on Kara giving that advice.

They talk for less than a minute and the only thing Kara has to say is “Look, I know Valentine’s Day might not be happy for you, but it means something to Alex to spend a romantic holiday with someone she cares about. Maybe you might want to consider making some changes for her. I gotta go.”

Kara giving this advice, especially in such an offhand manner, makes absolutely no sense. Let’s break it down:

Kara doesn’t know what we know. Presumably, we only know that Kara knows Maggie hates valentine’s day, she has no idea why or with what intensity. But that still doesn’t make Kara’s advice make sense.

I am sure Kara Zor-El understands what it is like to hate a day, to be immeasurably saddened by its existence. 

Kara lost her entire world and we have seen just how angry she is about this. Season one had scene upon scene of Kara enduring anger from tragedy: screaming, crying, firing lasers at holograms of relatives that were no longer there. I am sure that Kara Zor-El hates the day Krypton was destroyed.

And you may be thinking that Kara wouldn’t connect the tragedy with a simple holiday but I guarantee you she would. As we’ve seen in other episodes, Kara is highly empathetic, to the point where she apologizes for having to kill when the situation is kill or be killed. 

Kara would not give the advice she gave [which is basically “get over it to make somebody else happy”] without knowing the reason Maggie hated that day. Kara cares too much about strangers let alone people she knows to give advice without knowing the extent of the situation.

Which brings me to the other thing: Kara gave that advice in such an offhand manner. Kara would never do that. Again,  Kara cares too much about strangers let alone people she knows to give advice so lightly, as if what the other person is feeling isn’t valid or doesn’t matter.

Kara has experienced too much pain and is too empathetic to ever give advice in an offhand manner, to ever suggest a person should simply “get over” their feelings.

tl;dr: the advice was terrible and Kara was out of character because her past experiences and personality would suggest that she would give the exact opposite advice (and at least give Maggie a second thought)

anonymous asked:

I have spent an obscene amount of time trying to think of a drabble that has not yet been done lol so I hope this is one lol. Emily finds herself in an embarrassing / compromising position and Alison has to help her while trying not to make her feel worse about the situation .

So you had a difficult time coming up with a unique drabble, and this idea actually caused me to spend an entire day, simply thinking of something that’d be embarrassing yet not too bad because I’d get secondhand embarrassment and that would not be a good time. Nevertheless, I got this idea and I think I at least somewhat managed to stay within your guidelines. Either way, I had a blast writing this, so thank you:

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Rosewood Anemones Chapter 1

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3,232

Story Summary: Living as a woodworker crafting furniture and nicknacks in the small town of Elysia, Sorey lead a peaceful lifestyle. Pieces came and went along with customers, most never leaving a lasting impression. Never could Sorey have imagined the day a beautiful boy, with knowledge of ancient history rivaling his own, would come in to order a coffin. 

Notes: Ggggaaaaahhhhhh over a month of sitting on this secret project with all of two people I could scream to. But I’m finally beginning to post and holy shit does it feel good. Some of you may recognize this from a post way back when by the lovely @amarietie​, who is too fricking awesome for letting me take to writing it. Okay, I’ll stop my screaming there (for this post anyway). 

AO3 Link

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five sets of two hands, fingers spread wide
my best friend lying next to me squeaks out
“never have I ever masturbated”
a chortle and a shrug between the boys as they flick down their obligatory fingers
and I can’t help but feel a twinge in my stomach as my pinky follows suit
the silence in the room is thick and grey and suddenly sliced by
yes really.
have you ever experienced fun?

I pull away a hair caught in my scarlet lipstick
in my reflection I see my table mate from english class
behind me she blinks twice and scoffs
“who are you trying to impress?”
the bathroom door is closed behind her before I can ask
the last time she did something to impress herself.

before a trip to the mall
one of my friends spends two hours
perfecting her bronzer
and choosing the perfect pair of shoes
the other rubs in dry shampoo
and is out the door in less than five minutes
they are two of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.

my father calls me beautiful through a mouthful of popcorn
as I pour a glass of milk to accompany my now third piece of leftover birthday cake
he plants a kiss on my cheek and I grin as I wipe it away.

she asks me what to do to start loving herself
and I send her away to my full length mirror
and demand to only speak to her
when she’s found something to adore
the way I did with my knobby knees
and tiger-striped hips
and big square teeth
fifteen minutes go by
and she finally points to the freckles on her nose
splits into a grin
the one that makes everyone weak in the knees
and I watch the lightbulb go off above her head
as she realizes
it’s never been her job to hate her body

i tell my sister she looks cute today
and the look on her boyfriend’s face
when she blurts out “damn right I do!”
is priceless.

I used to worry that I’d never find someone who loved me at all
and now my biggest fear
is finding someone who can adore me as much as I’ve come to.

—  seven thoughts on self love that came to me before I got my driver’s license (llb)

anonymous asked:

What is the point of animals like crane flies, where once they reach their adult phase their purpose is to lay eggs then die? They don't even have mouths (apparently) so. Their life cycle just seems so irrelevant like why would evolution do that? (Please no crane fly pics if u get to answering this question, I hate them very much D:) (sorry if this is phrased strangely)

Kind of an interesting question here, though you must be careful with words like ‘purpose’ when describing the way animals have evolved- there’s no purpose about it, it’s literally what randomly came together and worked.

The life cycle of the crane fly only seems confusing if you look at it from a human standpoint. Certainly it seems to us that the most proper life cycle includes a short nonreproductive juvenile period and a much longer reproductive-capable adult period. This, after all, is how most the lives of most vertebrates are structured. For example, a dog lives perhaps an average of twelve years, and only spends about six months of that time growing to sexual maturity.

And it does confer advantages from an evolutionary standpoint: having most of your life available to find mates seems like a pretty good way to maximize the number of offspring you produce. Here’s a really lazy timeline of that strategy, which in scientific terms is called an iteoparous lifestyle:

But there’s a danger in assuming that the juvenile period is wasted time, which it isn’t- otherwise it wouldn’t exist. Evolution rewards species that can successfully propagate themselves, and the timing of the nonreproductive period hinges on this. You see, there’s a slight problem with being ~READY TO BONE~ 24/7. Sexual organs, sexual secretions, and sexual behavior are all extraordinarily expensive. I’m not just talking about being sweaty and tired after a netflix and chill marathon. I’m talking about the biological costs incurred by producing eggs, sperm, secondary sex characteristics like giant antlers on deer and gaudy tails on peacocks, building nests for eggs, competing for opposite-sex attention and fighting off other suitors, and heck, even finding the dang object of your attraction. Think about how successful dating sites are, for goodness’ sake. In the US alone, about $80 million each year gets spent by horny people on dates.

Knowing how expensive all this can get, perhaps now it’s less surprising that some species want to make sure their offspring are as prepared as possible before they’re thrust into the Lust Pit. This may mean that they have proportionally longer juvenile periods than reproductive periods- however, when Fuck Time comes, they have a much better chance of finding a partner than you do on OkCupid because the entire species has synchronized their genitalia to develop at the same time. They may not even eat or sleep- they spend their last few weeks, days, or hours in a furious haze of lovemaking. Sometimes until they literally fall apart, in the case of the antechinus, a little marsupial that has such furious sex that he’ll lose all his hair and bleed internally (and then die). Which you wouldn’t expect when you see one:

This type of get-fucked-or-die-trying lifestyle is called semelparity, in contrast to our own iteroparity. Here’s another lazy timeline of that:

Semelparous animals sync up their breeding cycles to maximize their chances of finding a mate. This means it’d be pointlessly expensive to be reproductively primed during the off-season. Instead, they focus on preparation: growing as large and strong as they can so that when the time comes, they have the best chance possible. One of the best examples of this is the cicada, which is likely the longest-living insect- some species live up to 17 years. However, of those 17 years, only 2-4 weeks are spent as sexually mature adults. Emerging en masse after such a long absence not only makes it much easier to find a mate, it also overwhelms potential predators. Yes, cicadas are delicious, but you can only eat so many in two weeks compared to how many you could eat if they spent all seventeen years not buried deep underground.

Periodical cicadas are an extreme example, but many other animals have similar strategies. Calling something short-lived a “mayfly” refers to the fact that the sexually mature form is extraordinarily short-lived- in one species, it lives for less than five minutes. However, it’s often forgotten that this only refers to the adult form; the larvae will live possibly two years in rivers or streams.

It’s not just invertebrates that practice extreme semelparity. I already mentioned the little antechinus- the males of that species, by the way, live less than a year, while the females live for two years and generally die after weaning their first litter. Pacific salmon are another familiar semelparous species, which spend up to five years in the ocean before returning to freshwater to spawn and die within the span of a few days.

Perhaps the most extreme example of a semelparous vertebrate that I know of is Labord’s chameleon. The eggs of this species take roughly 9 months to incubate before hatching. After hatching, the juveniles reach sexual maturity at about two months old- and die another two months later. That’s right: this species of chameleon spends more time in an egg than it does in the outside world. Not only that, but because the mating takes place seasonally, there are long periods of time in which no adult individuals of the species exist. All of them are encased in eggs- silently growing, and preparing for the pinnacle of their lives: the Great Fuckening.

Godspeed, little one.

Further reading:

Dobson, F. S. (2013). Live fast, die young, and win the sperm competition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(44), 17610-17611.

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Young, T. P. (2010). Semelparity and iteroparity. Nat Educ Knowl, 3(2).

helenrenee  asked:

What would happen with Fibro!Tsuna in the Kokuyo arc? How would he react to Chrome Kissing his cheek in the Ring Battle Arc? How would he react if someone (Lussuria) sent him one of those huge, fluffy teddy bears? Does he like Chocolate or vanilla?

what an odd assortment of questions! /rubs hands together

1) kokuyo arc would be Such A Ride. like, it would be the first time reborn’s actually pushing tsuna to do something? besides y’know Finding Guardians (Socializing) and taking care of lambo (…..also socializing, but somewhat more responsibly) tsuna is smol, he is a child, he is in pain, he doesn’t want to think about things like being a mafia boss or capturing! prisoners! what the hell. he may have the emotional / mental energy to do it but the inner core of tsuna is always going to say ‘No I Don’t Want To’ out of fear and just general Denial. he’s the epitome of that ‘i am just barely a person’ txt post except that is perfectly okay with that. zero ambition.

so, initially very reluctant to do anything just like in canon. but like canon tsuna he really Just Wants A Normal Life (even if his is filled with eternal lowkey suffering and simmering in brimstone fire, that’s preferable to namimori being invaded by wanted mafia prison escapees?? right?? right), so when push comes to shove and mukuro starts hunting down Important People Who Matter To Tsuna? nuh uh. he just found these people! they are nice people! he wants to keep them mukuro can’t have them.

it takes tsuna a bit longer to actually go into battle mode than in canon but the battles themselves are a lot shorter on account of:

  • Always Ready To Do Things As Though He Were To Die
    • his DWM probably lasts less than 5 minutes in this case too actually, but everything is Ramped Up
    • basil: the reason why thine Dying Will State lasts 5 minutes only is because thou wouldst spend all of it at once.
      basil: thou needst only be Willing to Die for but a moment.
      tsuna: but mine doesn’t last 5 minutes?
      basil: …pardon?
      tsuna: reborn times me. i can barely clear 3 minutes at best.
      basil: …….then thine Dying Will must either be too little– or thou art Willing to Die too much!
      tsuna: oh is that it? haha and here i afraid there was something wrong with me
  • i mean he barely wants to do anything at all, so if he’s does something you better damn well bet he’s doing it with his dying will
    • or something close to it
    • more like ‘i will do this even if my body (feels like it) is falling apart’
    • which i mean that’s what reborn said Dying Will is supposed to be anyway

i’ve already mentioned what happens afterward when HDWM aftereffects set in for the first time and tsuna just

tsuna: *literally almost in tears and gritting his teeth through the pain spasms*
tsuna: wow, i haven’t had flare-ups this bad since i fell into the pool last winter.
tsuna: *immediately passes out*
reborn: *not quite sure whether to be impressed or disturbed by this revelation*
reborn: *settles for Slightly Concerned*

2) is it possible to spontaneously regain lost spoons? would a kiss from a cute girl do it? like trope-ical ‘i am RE-ENERGIZED BY THIS KISS!!’ probably not. maybe? no?

either way, i suppose tsuna would.. react the same way… but a lot more slowly and intensely? just. kind of stare at her for a moment. sorry? he is processing. there is a lot going on that he’s gotta process through and- was that a kiss? did she just kiss him? a girl?? kissed him?!? his head might explode if that were possible.

this is probably also when takeshi realizes that tsuna’s face going red and fluffy and sputtering is kind of adorable, oh no. gokudera doesn’t know whether to be horrified or happy for juudaime landing a kiss (on the cheek) within like 10 seconds of meeting a girl. tsuna’s reaction is not helping in picking which course of action to take.

3) a HUGE FLUFFY TEDDY BEAR might scare the ever living shit out of him and then he gets into the habit of leaving it near the window while he’s at school and flopping down on it when he gets home and its all nice and sunny and warm. not sure how much help it would be but it’s indulgent if nothing else.

4) mint, because it’s numb and tingly, just the way he likes / would like to feel

A Day in The Life of My ADHD Brain

LOL. J/K Let me tell you one thing about having a non-linear neuro-type. Every day is different. Some days, you’re on top of the world, ma! You have superpowers! Legit. And other days those same functions that made you feel so AMAZING yesterday, have turned on you and you feel so incapacitated you might as well be hooked up to a ventilator. My brain moves hella fast so sometimes I seem like I’m rambling, but truth is I’ve skipped a few steps in the physical world, so bear with me. You’ll probably notice this post jumps around- and I’ve left it a bit like that to show you what my brain is like. Enjoy. (I have edited it to make it slightly more readable.)

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It starts simply to prove a point.

They’re at a party, all in various states of drunkenness, and Oikawa’s reaching the sixteenth minute of continual complaining (and yes, Matsukawa has his timer open on his phone, so Takahiro is certain it’s been that long), saying so-and-so did this and such-and-such happened, and he’s so upset because of blah-blah-blah.  It’s the usual dumb stuff that they’re both used to hearing Oikawa complain about, until: “And then Iwa-chan kissed me!”

Takahiro hasn’t been following the conversation at all; he blinks into attention at the statement and throws a hesitant glance in Matsukawa’s direction, noting the equally confused and helpless glance Matsukawa sends back his way.  Taking a moment to collect his breath, Takahiro says, “What was that?”

The argument that follows is simple, and the sides that are taken are clear.  Oikawa, who Takahiro begrudgingly goes along with, says that kissing someone implies something more than friends.  Matsukawa, on the other hand, says that kissing doesn’t have to mean anything at all–and more importantly, that it doesn’t have to change anything between friends.  (Iwaizumi, for lack of presence, remains ambiguous.)

“But, Mattsun, how am I supposed to think it doesn’t mean anything?  If he kissed me, and it doesn’t mean anything, am I just supposed to forget it?” Oikawa frowns, but it resembles a pout.

Matsukawa shrugs.  "I mean, do you like him?“

Oikawa splutters something incomprehensible, and they pretend to ignore the obvious feelings beneath it.

Takahiro sighs.  "I mean, let’s pretend Oikawa doesn’t like Iwaizumi.”  He ignores Oikawa’s offended squeak.  "Does that mean Iwaizumi would kiss him without reason?“

"He was drunk,” Oikawa supplies.

Matsukawa raises a finger in agreement.  "But that’s not even the point.  The point is that it doesn’t have to have a reason, or implications.  Kissing is just–“  He shrugs.  "Kissing.”

“So you would just kiss a friend and it wouldn’t mean anything at all?”  Oikawa looks dubious, and Takahiro has to admit that his interest is piqued now.

Matsukawa raises an eyebrow, pointing his finger at– oh no, Takahiro realizes.  It’s pointed at him.  "I’d kiss Makki.  Doesn’t have to mean anything.“

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What do you mean most 20-somethings don’t spend their Friday nights closet cosplaying characters who are closet cosplaying other characters? What on earth do they do, then??

In other news I am now seriously concerned that I have been underselling my legs for… my entire life probably. Also, I put my glasses down for this, promptly forgot where, and spent no less than 5 full minutes stumbling around my apartment using my hands to help me squint as hard as possible. It’s a mystery why I’m single.

Letter of Continued Interest

If you’re still finishing up your last few applications please do my little worry-wart mind a break and get off Tumblr until you hit submit.

Otherwise hey! Have you heard of a letter of continued interest?

You may have gotten a few EA or rolling schools back that didn’t come back exactly how you had planned. That’s okay! Deferral isn’t a death sentence.

However there’s a really easy step you can take to add a little bonus point to your application. And if you read my blog you know that when it comes to admissions can almost always means definitely should.

It’s called a letter of continued interest. It’s a short update to your application that lets them know what’s been going on since you applied. Even if not much has happened  you need to write the letter and show what you did last semester- did you get MVP of a game on your soccer game? Are you in NHS now? Did you get cast as Shrek in Shrek the Musical?
Even if you didn’t do anything of particular note (and I bet you did if you really think on it) you need to write the letter anyway. Just remind the school that you really love them and you’re still very interested. Did you talk to their rep at a college fair or at a school visit? Did you interview with an alumni interviewer?

It’s more the act of writing and making the effort than the content of the letter itself. It’s short and easy.

How easy is this? By short I mean less than 1 page double spaced ideally- remember they spend like 15 minutes on your application total.

And how helpful is it? I’m not sure for sure on the numbers. But I know that pretty much everyone I know who got in after getting deferred last year had written one. And if you can do something that makes even a small difference isn’t it worth it?


I know my boyfriend’s remicade infusions take that long. It takes so long to get everything mixed and set up. Then the actual infusion takes ages too. Good news is you get a comfy reclining chair and can sleep through it

ughhh of course it’s because they’re mixing things, why doesn’t that surprise me >_< I wonder why all the home infusion clinics I was talking to took so much less time, though? Maybe they mix it before or something, because they would always say 1-3 hours which is a significant difference. I’m not even sure sleeping will help, whenever I go out for more than 45 minutes I have to spend the entire rest of the day recovering and I probably end up sleeping until 2-3pm the next day no matter when I go to bed. Unless IV fluids work miracles, like biblical level miracles, I legitimately can’t do treatment.

hair tied

Genre: Angst

Group/Member: iKON/Donghyuk

A/N part 2 of the donghyuk series, the stories don’t necessarily go together. I just had a request for a donghyuk angst, fluff, and smut so I made this series. Sorry if this is bad, it’s so hard trying to write angst for this cutie cause I can’t imagine him ever like fighting with his gf or anything. Part 1 can be found here

Here is the song I listened to while writing this part

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Fic: Interruptions

I was telling @skivvysupreme that my summer internship (working at arts camp) warned us that we’re gonna have to stop teens from making out, like, constantly. She told me to turn it into this.

~1200 words, PG-13.

“We don’t get paid enough for this,” Kurt said, flopping down on Blaine’s beach towel.

“We don’t get paid anything for this,” Blaine corrected teasingly, putting a bookmark in his novel and turning his full attention to Kurt. “It’s all about the experience, remember?”

“I’m seriously going to Google the legality of this set-up when we’re back in civilization,” Kurt said with a scowl. “But seriously, back to my point - I just had to bust up another make out session. It’s been three days.”

“At least that’s better than last year?” Blaine said, shrugging. “When we found those kids full-on groping like four minutes after check-in.”

“I was trying to forget that, Blaine,” Kurt said, but he had a little smirk on his face. “I’m amazed they let Harmony come back this year after that.”

“I think administration doesn’t want to turn away anyone who can afford to pay full tuition,” Blaine said. “Seeing as it costs the same as a semester of school for only half the program length.”

“So we’re stuck with her for another two summers? Ugh,” Kurt whined.

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low-key-gay-hyena  asked:

ALRIGHTY. Picture this. Alternate universe where Drerek's family didn't burn, we get a glimpse at Derek being a love sick puppy for this guy named Stiles at school. And Derek hasn't come out to his father because he's so scared he'll be hated but really his dad is all for it. And it's just a big scene of Papa Hale assuring Derek he loves him and helping him figure out how to get Stiles attention. But he already has it without knowing!! Just give me Papa Hale and Derek Hale father son love!

This is actually really interesting because in fics it is always Stiles who is afraid to come out to the Sheriff. I have always had the headcanon that the Hales taught their kids love is love, so I haven’t thought much about how this could go, but in an AU where the Hales aren’t werewolves, this could definitely be a spin. 


Imagine Derek getting all worked up because he has watched too many things and read so many articles online telling him that his parents might not accept him. That he needs to be ready for them to say they don’t understand. And maybe some of his friends at school are homophobic which just makes matters so much worse. 

So cue this little bundle of nerves sitting his dad down and telling him he likes boys. And not just boys, but one boy. The Sheriff’s son. And he closes his eyes, ready to be asked why he thinks he feels this way, or be met with a dozen arguments and questions. He is ready to have to try and prove to his dad that being gay is healthy and good when his dad just says, “Stiles Stilinski? I knew it! “ And then “Your mom owes me twenty bucks. She was convinced you liked that Paige girl instead.” And Derek just blushes because, well, he did like Paige, but that was only because he hadn’t fallen in love with Stiles yet. (They became study partners last month for a project and Derek has thought about no one else since. 

Before that, Stiles really annoyed him. Like, really annoyed him. And sure he was attractive, cute, but Derek wasn’t going to let himself go there when Stiles made him want to punch the wall just by opening his mouth and winking at him. Derek is not proud of the angry jerk off fantasies he had back in the pre-study partner days. Except, they were kind of better than these days. Where he dreamt of holding Stiles’ hand and got himself off just by imagining Stiles touching him and smiling that smile of his with his beautiful mole speckled face.)

Anyway, let’s say Papa Hale overhears the Sheriff talking about how his son is doing a paper on the male circumcision and well, the next thing he knows he is telling the Sheriff he has some great anatomy books if Stiles wants to borrow them. AND THIS IS BASICALLY HOW PAPA HALE SETS UP A DATE FOR HIS SON. “Derek, there are some books on the table. Someone is going to come pick them up later.” And then later happens and there is Stiles, and then there is Papa Hale going “oh, Stiles, good, would you like to stay for dinner?” And maybe he and Talia make a game out of pretty much peacocking Derek out to Stiles and Stiles is super confused and Derek is going to die. 

(However this is nothing compared to when Claudia comes by later in the week- maybe Papa Hale and Claudia are friends- and then one thing leads to another and suddenly the Hales and the Stilinskis are spending just about every weekend together which means Stiles and Derek are spending every weekend together and why are their parents looking at them like they are about to announce their engagement??????)

I am also 100% convinced Claudia locks them both in a closet at one point and yells “seven minutes in heaven!!” because Claudia is just this kind of mother. @crossroadswrite, I know you’ll want to add something here. 

And so, yeah, Stiles and Derek have their first kiss because Stiles’ mom is apparently less mature than them. It’s an amazing kiss though, stars colliding, and when they get married several years later, Papa Hale takes a bow and Claudia throws flowers at herself and all the while Talia and John are just groaning into their champagne glasses because oh my god, why are they married to these people again?