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Fictional History: The Silver's Salvation

“A flicker of light, a trick of the mind, and suddenly a population has razed civilization as we know it to the ground.”
— Lucern Mercer, founder of House Merandus, -7 NE

listen, i know a lot of you in this fandom are young, so let me just say this:

FFS and iDubbbz are heavily satirical. When they say edgy shit, there’s a very different context. That doesn’t make it okay, it still makes me uncomfortable personally. However comma, I still see a big contextual difference between, say, Ian pulling a meme on Tana and y'all pulling out the n***er word because you think it’s funny.

“Either all of it’s okay, or none of it’s okay” doesn’t mean “It’s okay to say n***er now”. You still sound like an edgelord and it’s cringy as fuck to put sp*c or w*tback or g**k in your edits because you think it’s ~aesthetic~. It isn’t. It looks ugly and you just look like a racist.

Don’t take things out of context, kids. It’s time to stop.

Went to see Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers today with former crush and friends AND IT WAS AMAZING.


man watching movies has never been this fun before, until I went with my friends. I need to do this more often.

Welp, gonna go listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack now, because fucking Evermore.

EDIT: I thought more about it, and I just REALLY love Billy in the Power Rangers movie (whenever he did his little clap, I clapped too because I just couldn’t help it) and also, best part about it while I was watching the movie is that throughout it, I was hearing someone clapping and it took me some time, but it turned out the clapping was coming from a little boy who was sitting by us and JUST…

it was SO cute, like it was offputting at first because I didn’t know where it was coming from, but after I discovered the source, it made a lot of sense. The clapping certainly happened whenever I started shaking and felt like flapping because the movie was JUST SO GREAT (he was likely stimming). And what was even better is that his clapping caused the rest of the audience to clap a few times with him.

Just, it was a great movie experience.

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Just an FYI, i'm perfectly ok with you changing the rating of "21"...


I’ve had to have conversations about this where @gmwpluto and @katdvs had to talk me down from it because I was SO there for that. SO SO SO there for that…especially with some things that are about to happen.  GAHHHHHHH….

I have to be strong.  I have to be strong.  I’ve had so many M fics lately! I really feel like most people are over the intimate thing.

cosplay mindset troubles: 

  • i want to cosplay
  • i don’t really know how to make things and i don’t have money, but if i reaaaaally wanted to that probably wouldn’t stop me
  • i don’t want to buy or make costumes until I get in shape cause I don’t want to make something that’s not going to last a while and I don’t want to feel sad when it doesn’t fit anymore if it turns out ok
  • i probably won’t lose weight anytime soon because i have depression and i suck
  • i probably won’t cosplay anytime soon
  • also i’m scared of wigs
  • because of the money issue i have a hard time finding characters i reaaaaally want to cosplay enough to spend money on because i doubt myself and my skills so spending money on cosplay seems wasteful if it won’t turn out at least okay because i’m an amateur
  • even though i know everyone doubts themselves especially when they see someone else cosplaying the same character, I don’t want to spend the money if I feel bad about myself
  • i haven’t cosplayed at a con in 3 years and it’s depressing
  • but so is the amount of weight i’ve gained in three years

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I have anxiety and depression and my lovely lovely bio teacher likes to target me in class. He's made me cry multiple times and hasn't even *once* apologized even though he's SEEN me crying because of him. I even get anxious just by walking into his class sometimes. Fun, right?