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The more I think about it, the more I want the 42nd Black Wing Project to be Douglas Adams.

Like full on, just Douglas Adams. Everyone’s like ‘Shit dude, what powers do you have?’ and he just shrugs his shoulders 'twirly-whirly writing and thinly disguised bitterness?’

Then they find out everything he’s written is, quite impossibly, the WHOLE DANG UNIVERSE


We’ve had a tough few days, so here’s some adorable pics of Queen Sofía playing with some Panda cubs in 2011 to help you feel better.

y’all my mom today,  was all like ‘ughh you can never make a decision’ 

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a teeny teaser

ok like so i’ve been writing on and off and i think that posting a snippet will help make it real cause people will actually know and come ask me about it at some point if i don’t end up finISHING THIS FUCKING SHIT- so here’s a tease as to one of the things i’ve been writing


The befuddled look on her face is gone, replaced with her chuckles. “Have you been reading up on Shakespeare or something?”

“And what if I have?”

She pushes her seat back and stands up, taking her dirty dish and mug with her. “Then it’s a sign for me to get going.”

““Wound me not with thine eye but with thy tongue”,” he quotes, turning and leaning his hips against the wooden dining table, ankles crossed.

She sets her plate and mug down on the counter. “Might wanna wash your dirty dishes before I do mine,” she states, completely ignoring his quote and turning toward the direction of the hall. “Wouldn’t want to be late for work!”

The washroom door clicks shut and he grumbles to himself, propelling himself toward the sink to wash his dishes.

And hers.

Killian Jones is too much of a gentleman.

every single time i watch this scene or see gifs of it i’m always so confused like

the last time we saw them, drax and gamora were sitting down and peter was looking at his picture of hasselhoff, so they clearly started off in the same room

was it like gamora went to the bathroom or something and came back, and peter’s all like “wow i haven’t seen gamora in two whole minutes look at her 😍”

what the heck is he gonna be like once they’re actually dating

Fitz and Jemma have been planning this day for literal years. Once Jemma discovered that Fitz’s 30th birthday and the date of the solar eclipse nearly coincided, she set to work, mapping out charts, factoring in their unpredictable schedule with S.H.I.E.L.D., and making sure the day would be unforgettable. (It was meant to be a surprise, and Fitz let her think he was oblivious, but she was asking way too many - oddly specific - questions.)

So naturally both of them were immeasurably pissed off when they found themselves in space, against their own volition, during the eclipse.

But they’ll always have Sleeping at Last. Even though the future is uncertain, and they’re still trying to navigate the waters of their ever-evolving relationship, and some days are more difficult than others, they know that at as long as they’re together, they can face anything. On the day of the eclipse they find themselves at one of the station’s windows, looking out at the cosmos. Perhaps missing the eclipse wasn’t that bad.

(The view is better from up there anyway.)

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((Mun, what have you done. Because I looked at that video, I have been thrown into the Welcome to Night vale fandom. I don't know whether to thank you or not.))


((But in all seriousness you’re the 8th person I’ve infected that I know of XD but it’s one of my favorite things, and I love to listen to it while drawing, some episodes I love to put on repeat like my favorite episode 73 - Triptych, but PLEASE do not listen until after you’ve heard episodes 49 a and b - Old oak doors, or there are major spoilers, and if you’re not past episodes 19 a and b - the sandstorm, then it won’t even make any sense, so do not listen until after 49 if you don’t want spoilers.))

((also Pi has Carlos’ voice, you’re welcome))