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Need someone to make you uncomfortable? Call NI-KO!

Okay, so, I’m having my first year of middle school right now. I’m ¾ through, and I have a lot of friends. Now, there’s one person in particular at my school that I don’t really consider an actual friend? At least, not anymore. She considers me as her friend though, which means I am going to suffer for the rest of this year, and probably next year, too.

Terran - Me!

Ni-ko - Weaboo

Tw: violence, stalking, harassment

Now, Ni-ko looked perfectly fine the first day of school. She looked shy and stuff, so I decide to sit by her when I enter the classroom. I was wearing my FMA lanyard (it’s the only one I actually have), and she points it out.

“Oh heey, you like FMA too? Niice!” I’m happy that she happened to like FMA, so I was hoping she would have some interests similar to mine. So, we talk about normal topics and stuff like “what’s your favorite color/animal/food” until I finally ask, “Okay, what songs do you like?” Right then, I noticed something… off? I figure out she likes death metal like Machigerita-P and One Ok Rock. I DID listen to Machigerita-P a long time ago, but I was growing out of it as the lyrics to the songs were too graphic for me. Now, this meant something. I was really freaked out over a LOT of Machi’s songs, so naturally, Ni-ko begins to go into great detail about his songs. I start to feel uncomfortable, but I brush it off hoping that she had more safe interests for me.

Waiting to see just made it worse.

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