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I wanna apologize in advance to anyone who wants to talk to me because I’m the driest, most awkward person you could ever imagine and I can barely hold a conversation on my own jeebensjsnsjs

There’s something really dangerous about the generations of today and how they react to conflict. I’ve noticed that social tolerance levels have dwindled down to almost nothing, to the point where it almost rivals the older gen that we’ve tried so hard to separate ourselves from. If one little thing is out of place in regards to a relationship, movement, or thought process, especially when expectations are centered around tumblr-based ideals, people will just cut it out of their lives completely, with no remorse or chance of redemption.

I believe we can safely establish that the world is not like tumblr, and no one should assume that it will ever function like tumblr does. Yes, as a whole the human race has come a long way in terms of open minds and forward-thinking, but holding everyone to the higher standards this website has (whether it’s unintentional or otherwise) can be emotionally compromising and a bit counterproductive.

  • “You don’t agree with us about so-and-so issue? Ugh we’re done here”.
  • “You don’t conform to our idea of so-and-so? Lol bye.”
  • “You prefer this over that? This is a waste of my time then.”

The end. Roll credits??? That’s not a very satisfying conclusion, in my opinion.

You can’t open new doors for people only to slam it back in their face if they don’t come in right off the bat. Change requires time. Change requires healthy communication and a certain amount of tolerance for it to set in. Change sometimes means accepting the plot of dirt that won’t grow anything, and instead of abandoning it and sticking with an already flourishing pasture, you continue to plant around the plot in hopes that a seed will take root. Most importantly, change requires patience.

“What if there are thorns involved in maintaining this plot of dirt? I don’t want to get hurt, and I don’t want it to hurt anyone else, so wouldn’t it just be better to call this a lost cause?” It would certainly be easier, yes. Not necessarily better. It’s not inherently difficult to shut out all of the crap that’s hard to confront in our lives, but I don’t think people realize the amount of strength and sacrifice it takes to keep working through those obstacles towards the change we so want to see. Or maybe they do realize this, and they just don’t want to put forth that much effort. It’d be more convenient if we had a quick fix for everything, after all.

Well, unfortunately, with how fast-paced and instantaneous everything is in our world today, that’s what we’ve come to expect out of time-sensitive things like our relationships, problem solving, and general social issues. “Everything should just work out in our favor all the time, no questions asked, and no room for any controversy or differing perspectives - a simple, quick, black and white solution!”

This is unreasonable.

As humans beings, we are fully equipped to deal with conflict. We are the most intelligent species on this planet, and this allows us the perseverance and the resolve we need to address problems within ourselves and each other, which helps us build stronger, more meaningful connections. When we choose not to use these assets anymore, they get dull, and at some point we might stop trying to use them altogether. Rather than fight or flight, we’ve settled ourselves into perpetual flight mode, content to live in a rose-tinted world where nothing will harm us, as long as we sidestep everything that has the capability to upset our sense of balance.

Tumblr (along with a vast majority of social media) has done a terribly marvelous job at instilling this stubborn, dismissive attitude in many of its users. Avoiding conflict on the internet is one thing; it’s definitely not a healthy way to treat real world experiences. Physically removing someone or something from your life shouldn’t be as easy as hitting the block button, should it? We want to be all-accepting and make a difference in society, and yet half of the community just stays within itself, opting to jeer or shun or ridicule, rather than reaching out to those who need that change of heart the most.

With that being said, we aren’t exactly helping anyone other than ourselves. This isn’t to say websites like tumblr haven’t changed peoples lives for the better, or sent out good messages, but I feel there’s very little tumblr has done to effect where change really needs to happen. The whole one-strike-and-you’re-out mob mentality makes that prospect a bit difficult to achieve.

I will end by saying that tumblr has helped me grow and connect in ways I never expected, and it’s a great community of individuals at the best of times. People just need to reconsider how their battles are fought and whether they even need to be battles at all, but rather an educational enlightenment for everyone involved. That’s my hope, at least.

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! :)

This is cute so I’m gonna try and do it! 

5 Things That Make Me Happy: 

1. My boyfriend <3 

(not posting a real picture cause I don’t think he’d be down with that ^^’ Sorry ya’ll - maybe one day!) 

2. My puppy <3

(Not posting an actual picture cause I must protect my son XD ) 

3. Delicious foods <3 

4. Perfect Atmosphere <3 

(cold room, fluffy blankets and pillows, and a Disney movie playing) 

5. Blue Exorcist! <3 



just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

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You said Jonghyun talked about happiness a lot in blue night. Would you mind telling us a little about the diff meanings/things he said about it ? I'm new to the ''fandom''. When/if you got the time ^.^

fortunately for u anon!! i have nothing but the oppressive desire to procrastinate! and fyjjong exists!

arranged in chronological order so u can see his evolution on the thoughts of happiness!

Sources: 151118 / 160212 / 160330 (1) / 160330 (2) / 160408 / 160422 / june 2016160611  / may 2017

alex trebek seems like a neutral figure if you almost never see actual episodes of jeopardy but if you have ever even occasionally watched full jeopardy eps like i have then his true nature is quickly revealed

its like an extremely accelerated version of the process where you start to notice one small annoying thing about a person and eventually these annoyances become insufferable. but you realize it in the course of like 21 minutes

firstly it is in part what is annoying about the show in general; like how most of the categories are always completely irrelevant information even if you know a lot about a lot, like architectural manuscripts of medieval italian cloistered nuns or something. and how the final question is usually mark twain trivia or something. alex trebek is merely an extension of this, but the annoyance is still transferred onto him

but what really rises to the surface if you have seen alex trebek do his thing for like an hour or more is the smugness. sometimes he seems to manage to stifle it for the most part but it inevitably becomes obvious that when none of the contestants can answer the clue or whatever, whether it is fairly common knowledge or totally archaic, he likes to give the answer as if it is obvious. it may not be easy to imagine the tone with which he manages to do so but it is, like him, always entirely unnecessary. he likes to condescendingly give the answer and then pause for a second or two to let everyone wallow in their ignorance

as an extension of that, he sure acts like he knows shit for a guy who has all the answers provided. it is not necessary for him to try to exude oxford-tenured omniscience. he is not even competing and it doesnt matter how much he knows or not

also annoying is that he likes to suddenly launch into an intense accent whenever any obscure french phrase crops up, and yet also will mispronounce things like “beyoncé.” like make up your mind, trebek. it is just the shit icing on the waste-of-time cake

the part where they ask contestants to extrapolate on some random fact about themselves is also generally annoying for everyone, but alex trebek also does that thing where if someone says anything at all interesting or humorous he acts like they are a total weirdo, a real wild card, loose cannon, etc. like its called having a personality but i guess you wouldnt know anything about that

and generally: what does alex trebek do? what does he provide? anyone could be the person to read the prompts, acknowledge who buzzed in first, tell them if theyre right and/or provide the answer. whether the Learnedness of the person in that position is real or a front is irrelevant. he is unnecessary. all he is there to do is represent the notion that true intelligence belongs to the person who can win at jeopardy / some universally-hated college professor who wants to maintain some sense of superiority at all times and probably goes to wine tastings

if i ever met alex trebek i wouldnt have anything to say to him, i’d just like to prank the hell out of him. like i dont need him to be aware of his own uselessness and other bad qualities. i just like the idea of him having to be annoyed too because it seems like it would be really easy. once i listened to a guy prank call him for like twenty minutes about a freight shipment of sod in his name and it was really good. trebek was so indignant and i am fairly sure he is just The Way That He Is all the time and not just when he is doing what anyone could do and probably do more interestingly. like imagine a person who was even a little bit occasionally funny hosting jeopardy. someone with a personality worth even a moment of your time. a vast improvement. fuck you trebek

I’m sorry but I need to say this, I’m getting angry that Even doesn’t trust Isak enough to tell him about his old friends and what happened. That he is leaving Isak in the dark here and almost making Sana do it too. Yes, Isak should hear it from Even, but the impression of the clip I got is that Even only went up to Sana in the first place is to hear from her if she had said anything about his old friends to Isak.

Isak deserves to know and I’m glad he notice something was up when Even kissed his cheek. And I hope we will find out soon for Isak sake.

This makes me think that the one who really is going to get hurt is Isak here. He will probably find out from someone else and will be hurt that Even didn’t trust him enough with this. (And then Even will get hurt because Isak is hurt etc).


make me choose:
Braydon Coburn or Slater Koekkoek

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Would it be possible for you to like make a list of what happened in April? I keep hearing the phandom talk about April 2017 being the greatest thing to happen ever but I just hear snippets of stuff and I gotta admit I'm confused. 😅

yes ofc ! i hope this helps a bit (i’m pretty confused myself too tbh so i’ll just list som things i consider relevant and sorry these aren’t in any chronological order)

- dan fully embracing the curly hair (x)

- phil and his adorable butterfly shirt (x, x, & x)

- dan wearing ripped jeans (x, x, & x)

- other v cute outfits (x, x, & x)

- The Selfie aka the one where dan had glitter nails (x)

- just all the selfies in general (f.e. x, x, x, x, & x)

- phil pranking unsuspecting dan with the chili gummy bears (x)

- phil showing more of his “true self” (humor, innuendos etc.)

- pastel easter baking (x)

- phil lending his coat to dan (x) and other ‘fanservice’

- aesthetic boomerangs and photos (x & x)

- “give the people what they want”

- the heart eyes and other v good moments (x, xx, X, x, X, x, x, & x)

- Daniel Lester G00d suGgESTION (x)

and last but definitely not least


so yeah I mean,, it truly was quite a good month