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Darcy/Bucky. They're connected by dreams before they even meet, Darcy turns his nightmares to nice dreams (ex: carnival). When they actually do meet, it's a surprise, they thought the other didn't exist.

Pure Imagination

“Wow. This isn’t your average Winter Wonderland. Did I make a wrong turn at Asgard and end up in Narnia? Cause let me tell ya, if that butt is on a fawn, I’m reconsidering some things." 

It’s been happening for months now. And she never is quite the same in any of his dreams. But the point kind of is that he’s having dreams at all now, so James Barnes doesn’t mind so much. Maybe she was one of the many people he killed, and her face just… stuck with him. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t really care. 

On the run from the only friend he can remember, this woman is a bit like a band-aid for loneliness. 

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