something i did with viria's art

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I didn't want to be sappy, but I was listening to a sappy song so this came out. You saved me, viria, or at least your art did. And it continues saving me even now. Even when everything comes crashing down I can rely on your art to make me smile and think of the bad things as another opportunity to grow into someone better, bigger and wiser. I want to thank you for that, for creating something that can make me pick myself up after falling and smile at the world. Thank you viria.

I feel so warm thank youuuuuuu<33

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dear viria, why do you have a -13- behind your name in twitter and deviantart? i guess it s not youre age ;) i was just wondering!

ahh…back then I wanted to take just “viria” on deviant art, but it was taken I think? so I had to add something and added 13 because I was born on 13th of May. and in twitter I don’t really remember, I think I just did the same.