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Leela why the heck did they post that video? At the end they were making so many jokes about the idea flopping and they just went through the ending without giving any shits at all. I feel like this would've been scrapped footage if not for some good entertaining fun moments here and there.

man idkkkk but honestly im not mad at it??? i kind of enjoy them loosening up the Ultra Professional barriers for a video and just posting something random and quick. ik maybe thats not a universally held opinion and i think it would definitely upset me a lot more if we were in the middle of a severe content drought or something but given that theyve just made rly solid gaming videos that they put out in the last week, like the newest dream daddy and the sonic mania one, im definitely  more okay with them putting out something fluffy like this? and yeah they def thought this was silly and kind of annoying by the end but in a way i kind of appreciated this look into how they were attempting to make do with an idea that didnt end up working, how they still somehow kept it humorous and entertaining (although dan was probs ready to peace out like five minutes in). it was just a fascinating look at their dynamic under slightly diff circumstances i think? and there some moments in there that still made me laugh!!! so overall, kinda dull and boring, but somehow still cute idk!!! and i think they felt more ok releasing it bc theyre uploading so frequently and its ok if one vid is kind of a flop amidst a bunch of longer, solid ones

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Maybe Ford in 3

#3. Demon.

I considered making Ford’s sweater something other than red but than I realized that he would still wear a red sweater even if it did clash with his red skin so here we go. :)

Anyway I assumed you wanted a “one of us” au design, but when I got this ask all I could think of is Ford as the classic sort of devil look, probably because one of our Friendship Campaign players is a Tiefling, which sort of look like classic demons. So I thought it would be fun if he were just straight up a Tiefling.  

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Hey can you show jealous jensen moments i think its so cute!


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Let me tell you something, Nonnie. Jensen is one possessive SOB. Someone glomps his boy? Jensen is having none of it! 

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Alright, that’s enough! [x]:

Oh yeah? He hugged you? I can hug you better!  [x]:

Oh, this shit is just unacceptable, better not look at it  [x]:

Are you having fun without me?

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Twice on the same weekend? [x]:

He is also not very amused when people touch that beautiful hair [x]:

Chuck forbid Jared touches someone else [x]:

Kisses someone else [x]:

Or gushes about someone else [x]:

Or, you know, gives them lap dances [x]:

Or the “business” [x]:

And also, the classic from season 1, Jensen doesn’t like pretty guests stars laughing with his soon-to-be-boyfriend [x]:

I’m sure there’s more jelly Jensen out there. Feel free to add stuff :D Jealous Jensen is my jam. 

PS. Sorry for taking some time to answer, real life got into the way, and I’m not very good at adulting, so it always takes me twice as much to get my shit in order. 

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Painkillers? Did something happen? Are you alright lovely?

Oh, nothing happened! I just have chronic pain (its been years now so I’m mostly used to it) sometimes stronger painkillers are required tho - on bad days I can have up to 18 pills a day just to function so like, that’s fun #sarcasm

Thank you for asking though, that’s very sweet of you!

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What happened that made the golden circle so bad?


Basically I’m major pissed mainly because they killed off Roxy right at the beginning of the movie. Like she literally did nothing at all, except feed Eggsy some information through his glasses to impress Princess Tilde’s father. Like they just completely destroyed her character because they were done with her.
Also they killed off Merlin, which I’m mainly annoyed by because he was my favourite character, but also because I swear at some point I heard something about them saying they were going to write in that he was gay, but zip no nothing mentioned. Just death instead. Don’t take that as absolute truth though because I don’t have a source. But yeah I’m pissed because of that mostly. The film was fun to watch though and I did enjoy it. I just feel like Roxy deserved so much better.
They also killed JB so ya know that’s a kick in the teeth too.


hey yo quick question, how did I never know about these games?

I’m LOVING the art and music in them so far, and the gameplay (from what videos I’ve seen) looks like a lot of fun too.  Did they just not do very well or something?


“Mom, relax, I’ve got this. Coop and I work in Aunt Lea’s joint. We’re good. We deal with more pressure.” Bailey rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Hun. I want everything to run smoothly. And don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Mooom, just chill, m’kay? Go have fun or something.” Bailey did want her mom to have a good time, but she also wanted her out of the kitchen. She was too much of a distraction right now.

child handling for the childless nurse

My current job has me working with children, which is kind of a weird shock after years in environments where a “young” patient is 40 years old.  Here’s my impressions so far:

Birth - 1 year: Essentially a small cute animal.  Handle accordingly; gently and affectionately, but relying heavily on the caregivers and with no real expectation of cooperation.

Age 1 - 2: Hates you.  Hates you so much.  You can smile, you can coo, you can attempt to soothe; they hate you anyway, because you’re a stranger and you’re scary and you’re touching them.  There’s no winning this so just get it over with as quickly and non-traumatically as possible.

Age 3 - 5: Nervous around medical things, but possible to soothe.  Easily upset, but also easily distracted from the thing that upset them.  Smartphone cartoons and “who wants a sticker?!!?!?” are key management techniques.

Age 6 - 10: Really cool, actually.  I did not realize kids were this cool.  Around this age they tend to be fairly outgoing, and super curious and eager to learn.  Absolutely do not babytalk; instead, flatter them with how grown-up they are, teach them some Fun Gross Medical Facts, and introduce potentially frightening experiences with “hey, you want to see something really cool?”

Age 11 - 14: Extremely variable.  Can be very childish or very mature, or rapidly switch from one mode to the other.  At this point you can almost treat them as an adult, just… a really sensitive and unpredictable adult.  Do not, under any circumstances, offer stickers.  (But they might grab one out of the bin anyway.)

Age 15 - 18: Basically an adult with severely limited life experience.  Treat as an adult who needs a little extra education with their care.  Keep parents out of the room as much as possible, unless the kid wants them there.  At this point you can go ahead and offer stickers again, because they’ll probably think it’s funny.  And they’ll want one.  Deep down, everyone wants a sticker.

I’m suppose to be drawing angst, this is not angst. This is the opposite, but hey here’s a preview for the one of the next illustrations for Celeb AU with @destatree! I haven’t decided if I want this in chapter 3 or 4….We’ll see <3  

lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,


WEEK 1 // very first week of college is done! it was okay? kinda fun? but i was more excited to work on my spreads (≧◡≦) finally, there is something to write about. i just couldn’t see why i should journal on my summer vacation when all i ever did was take naps, watch films and shows, eat, and just chill. i think it’s just a waste of ink lmao. my summer isn’t just exciting as yours, guys :-( but here i am again! trying out some new stuff, what do you think?

studygram // @studyathenus — i post some sneak peeks / behind the scenes!

So in the kid’s class I work in at my church, we have a little boy who has a really hard time sitting still. The kids sit on the floor, but he’s always crawling around the room. Well, last week I had an idea. I got a roll of masking tape, made a shape on the floor, and told him he couldn’t leave it unless he had the “key” (the roll of tape) which I put out of his reach and only gave to him if he had to go to the bathroom or something. And it worked! He had a lot of fun with it and it kept him from distracting other kids. The first week I tried it, he wanted a house shape. This week, he asked for a circle, so I did my best to make a circle out of masking tape on the floor. Then he added that he wanted a triangle inside the circle, so I did.

Then I stood up and realized that it looked like I was inscribing runes onto the floor to trap him. “How do you keep control in your classroom?” “Oh, I just call upon the ancient magics to bind the children in place, you know.”

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Hi I'm indy I'm a new follower I plan on going in to computer science! Any advice ?

Hi there! Ohhh that’s so awesome, good luck! Computer science is an amazing subject to study! I was terrified at first because I haven’t had much experience in coding before going to uni, but you’re going to be just FINE trust me!  ✨

💻  first of all DON’T BE SCARED YOU CAN’T CODE - that’s why you’re going to computer science in the first place, to learn to code. Of course, there’s going to be people who are pro-coders already, but don’t get intimidated by them, find your own pace and just do your thing! They’re probably repeating the year anyway or they transferred.

💻  I know in computer science you’re mostly like ‘why do I need lectures when I need to CODE not listen about coding’, but trust me GO TO LECTURES - I attended (almost) every lecture possible during my first year and it really made a World of a difference especially if you’re a newbie to all of this! You’ll meet the professors and you’ll know what they’re expecting of you and they’ll probably tell you some funny stories as well. Plus you’ll have more familiar faces on the campus :) 

💻  DO SOME READING - there’s one lecture that I didn’t go to and that was a mistake I tell you. I didn’t go because the lecturer's voice was boring and I was literally falling asleep. But after I did some reading about the subject before the exam I realized his words were very valuable, but unfortunately if you already knew a bit about the subject, so if you have a subject that bores you - do some reading on your own and then go to the lecture. you’ll get much more information out of it! 

💻  CODE AT HOME - after you’ve practiced some skills during the classes, go home and practice them again on your own. Try doing something useful or fun with it. Like make it print out “Yolo” in a circle (I did that, no regrets lmao)

💻  INSTALL ALL THE SOFTWARE DURING YOUR FIRST WEEK - install all the things you’re going to need during the year on your first week, honestly, please do! It’ll save you time later on. As soon as the professor mentions what you should install, note it down, go home, install it. 

💻  PRACTICE EVEN REALLY SIMPLE THINGS - if you don’t understand anything just type it on youtube and you’ll find plenty of the video tutorials which ARE AMAZING. They helped me a lot with understanding some stuff I couldn’t get a grip of. And I know you’ll find some stuff that you’re like “I don’t need to practice this, this is trivial” IT’S NOT and you’ll get it wrong if you don’t code it at least once, just do it, it’ll take like 30s. 

💻  here are some links which really helped me out and I would recommend checking out beforehand: 
* c++ step by step video tutorials with Bucky (Bucky saved me before the exam)
* learn c++ in one video ( doesn’t really teach you c++ in one video, but there’s some useful stuff especially if you’re new to this) 
* sorting algorithms with hungarian folk dance (lmao these are really useful, I promise) 
* codeacademy (here’s just basic coding, but good to start with :) )
*  introduction to 3D graphics with Blender ( THE GOD OF BLENDER) 
and finally:
* incredibly realistic wolf animation 

HAVE FUN, RELAX AND GOOD LUCK!  ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ Hope this helped! 


“There is a very strong correlation between the subject of royalty and the color purple in the scriptures. The word, royal, means that which belongs or pertains to a king. The children of a king are said to be his royal seed. The clothing of a king are his royal apparel. The cities of the king are referred to as royal cities. Thus, all the possessions of a king are royal possessions.”

“Satan is an imitator. He tries to imitate Christ, but in a wicked way. We see in the scriptures where his false or idol gods are clothed in purple: Jer. 10:8 But they are altogether brutish and foolish: the stock is a doctrine of vanities. 9 Silver spread into plates is brought from Tarshish, and gold from Uphaz, the work of the workman, and of the hands of the founder: blue and purple is their clothing: they are all the work of cunning men.”