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We've gotta be like long lost twins or something. I'm sixteen too. Plus you like Overwatch, Supergirl, RWBY, Carmilla, and many other beautiful ladies?? Same here! Anyways. You're blog is a dream to be following and I'm really glad I did awhile ago, consider my formal appreciation lmao.

aweee geee thanks haha. this is super nice! 

but mayne, dont be formal. Formal is for scrubs (aside from formal wear because shits dandy)


Some facts about The Beatles’ Girls by goddamnthebeatles

Cynthia Powell

  • Born 10 September 1939, died 1 April 2015
  • Dated John Lennon since 1958 and was married to him during 1962 until 1968
  • Mother of Julian Lennon
  • Cyn met John at Liverpool College Of Art, people used to say she was too good for him, George Harrison used to idolize her at the time
  • She found John and Yoko sleeping together in her own house, divocing from him immidiately after
  • Her dream job was being an Art teacher, which she accomplished for a few years
  • Paul McCartney looked after her and Julian during her entire life, being a loyal friend
  • She wrote the book “John” in which she talks about her and Julian’s relationship with John

Jane Asher

  • Born 5 April 1946
  • Dated Paul McCartney during 1963 until 1968
  • She came from a rich, high class family from London
  • Successful actress in her early years, later on she became a writer and a famous baker
  • Jane was the main inspiration for many Beatles’ songs, like “And I Love Her”, “Honey Pie”, “I’m Looking Through You” and many others
  • Paul wanted her to quit her acting career 
  • Jane and Paul broke up definitely when she reportedly found him in bed with Francie Shwartz

Patricia (Pattie) Boyd

  • Born 17 March 1944
  • Dated George Harrison since 1964, meeting him in the set of “A Hard Day’s Night” and was married to him since 1966 until 1977
  • She was a famous model since the late 50s, getting even more acknowledge in the 60s and 70s, later on in her life she became a photographer
  • One of the main reasons why The Beatles went to India in 1968 was through her interest in eastern mysticism
  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a crush on her
  • Inspiring muse of “Something” and many other Beatles and George’s songs 
  • Later on she married anotther famous musician, Eric Clapton
  • Pattie wrote the book “Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight” in which she talks about her life, her childhood, her abusive stepfather and her troubled relationship with Harrison and Clapton

Maureen Cox

  • Born 4 August 1946 and died 30 December 1994 from leucemia
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1965 until 1975
  • Part of the first Beatles’ fans, she used to watch the boys playing at the Cavern Club in the early 60s, at that time she kissed Paul McCartney as part of a dare with a friend
  • Maureen left school at 16 years old to become a hair dresser, her dream job
  • She’s the mother of Ringo’s children Zak, Jason and Lee
  • Maureen had an affair with George, leaving both Ringo and Pattie in dismal

Yoko Ono

  • Born 18 February 1933
  • Married to John Lennon since 1969 until 1980 
  • Mother of Sean Lennon
  • As a child during the WWII, lived in a concentration camp for awhile
  • It is said that Yoko met John at an art gallery where she had an exhibition, although Cynthia’s book reclaims it, assuring she used to send John letters and staying at Keenwood’s gate waiting for him
  • She’s a very well known and respected plastic artist, peace and feminist activist, she also was a musician, being part of the Plastic Ono Band and recording albums with her husband John
  • Yoko introduced Lennon to many new ideologies/phylosophies, she was also a great influence of his actions, there’s a great discussion wherever their relationship was abusive or not
  • Inspiring muse of many of John’s song, being “Woman” the most famous one
  • Yoko was present the day John was murdered

Linda McCartney

  • Born September 24 1941 and died April 17 1998, from a long battle against breast cancer
  • She was married to Paul McCartney since 1969 until 1998
  • Linda met Paul at a bar in London, before that she took pictures of him and the other 3 beatles at the Sgt. Pepper album premiere
  • Mother of Heather, Mary, Stella and James
  • Famous photographer of the 60s, keeping up her work in a more domestic way in her late life, she was also a animal rights activist and a musician, being part of the band Wings and recording albums until the late 90s with her husband Paul 
  • Linda was a Beatles’ fan, she saw the boys playing at the Shea Stadium in 1965, John Lennon was her favorite Beatle
  • She was the source of strength for Paul when The Beatles ended
  • Linda was the first woman to have a photograph featured on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  • She published several books of her photographs: Linda’s Pictures, Sun Prints, Sixties: Portrait of an Era, Roadworks and more

Olivia Harrison

  • Born 18 May 1948 in Mexico
  • Married to George Harrison since 1978 until 2001
  • Mother of Dhani Harrison
  • She met George through the telephone, she was a secretary at Dark House Records, they used to talk for hours before meeting personally
  • Olivia bravely protected George from being stabbed when a assailant broke into their house
  • She took several important roles on books, documentares, concerts and others regarding George after his death

Barbara Bach 

  • Born August 27 1947
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1981 until nowadays
  • She met Ringo in the set of “Caveman" 
  • She was also a Beatle’s fan and watched the boys at the Shea Stadium in 1965
  • Barbara is a very famous actress and model of the 70s and 80s, mostly well known for being a bond girl
  • She struggled through years of Ringo’s dependency on acohol
  • Nowadays she’s a philanthropist along with Ringo, both run the Lotus Foundation dedicated to charity

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~Admin Sierra

I kind of noticed something today

In That Would be Enough, Eliza tells alex that she “wrote to the general a month ago” and told him to send alex home. If that’s true, Washington probably waited for a bit so he could have a reason to send Alex back

I just love the idea of washington thinking to himself “ehh, it’s alexander. He’ll do some stupid shit sooner or later.”


what was supposed to be a series of doodles morphed into a comic- based on an ask I got awhile ago (although at this point, I don’t remember exact words, or who sent the message).

I would have liked to touch upon stuff like this after I did the whole “How did the Skelebros meet the boneheads” comic, but I didn’t want to stop working on this after I started drawing it down. So, consider this a comic that takes place after the events of a comic that hasn’t come out yet 8D;. (something tells me one of my next pages for my blog, is one that shows the comics in some kind of chronological order >>; 

Like I said, I don’t remember exact words for the message, but I think it was something along the lines of whether or not Sans and Papyrus would be freaked out of one of the boneheads suddenly removed their head, only to see they were completely fine. I don’t remember what my answer was at the time (wow there’s actually a lot I don’t remember from this ), but my conclusion while making this was, yeah they probably would be. Considering the only time we see Papyrus’s head detached from his body is when he’s killed, I get this sense that maybe that’s just something Papyrus and Sans can’t do. Not unless they want that specific body part to turn to dust.

continuation/slightly different ending under the cut:

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Blaise Zabini trying to end Draco's drama

Blaise: *transfiguring himself as Luna* I hope this work, Hey Hermione! *trying hard to be cute like Luna*

Hermione: Oh, hey Luna! Are you okay? You seem kinda bit odd.

Blaise: Oh, I’m okay, so, I have to tell you something, and it’s a secret.

Hermione: What secret?

Blaise: *goes closer towards her ear and whispered* Draco likes you.

Hermione: What?! That’s impossible Luna, I mean, he bullies me everyday! Why would be that git likes me?

Blaise: Well, I heard this from Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. They were talking in the nearby hallway awhile ago.

Hermione: Nonsense!

Draco: very nonsense indeed.

Blaise: Dafuq?! When did you showed up?!

Hermione: L-luna? Since when did you swear?

Blaise: I—

Draco: Because this isn’t Luna, this is Blaise Zabini. *changes his friend back to his normal self and get busted.*

Hermione: Oh, so it was all a lie…

Draco: yeah. It was all a lie, I mean, why would I like you if all I can see through you is your goddess like face, your hair like the waves of the Caribbean sea, your lips that is so soft like a cushion and your—

Hermione: Okay, I heard enough. Thanks for telling me Blaise, now I know why he keeps talking to me like that.

Blaise: My pleasure. Now, if you may excuse me—


Blaise: Excuse me for trying to hide from Malfoy! Ciao!

I Missed You

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1625

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: This turned out a lot longer than I expected because being me I got a little carried away and it’s been so long since I watched the Pilot of SPN so if somethings wrong sorry (did someone SPN marathon anyone?).. Enjoy!

“Damnit pick up.” You heard your brother cuss as he paced around the room, “Dean give it up, let’s just go look for him.” You suggested as you sat up from laying on the bed.

Your dad has been missing for awhile, he usually calls but for some reason he stopped a few days ago and now Dean won’t calm down. “Okay, I got an idea, come on” Dean said as he grabbed his stuff and headed out the door, you not to far behind.

“Dean where we going?” You asked as you walked to the passenger side of the Impala, “I’ll tell you later.” Dean replied as he got in. “How ‘bout you tell me now.” You snapped as you buckled up and Dean pulled out onto the road.

Dean sighed, “Stanford.” He stated, your eyes widened. There’s only one thing in Stanford that involved you, Sam. “No, no, no, we are not going to Stanford! We’re leaving Sam out of this!” You yelled throwing your arms up.

“Y/N, we don’t have a choice, we need his help.” Dean said calmly, “Sam made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with us.” You leaned back in your seat with your arms crossed. “Argue with me all you want you’re not going to change my mind.” Dean stated, you sighed and looked out the window. You remember that night like it happened yesterday.


“You’re what?!” You yelled as you chased after your brother Sam, “I’m leaving.” Sam replied as put his bags into the trunk of his car. Sam just told you that he’s leaving the hunting life to go to Stanford, how could he do this to you?

“Sam please don’t! I need you!” You begged, you tugged on Sam’s jacket whilst giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Sam looked at you, his eyes soft. “I’m sorry Y/N/N, maybe when you get older you can leave this life to.” Sam said.

“You can’t bail on me! You can’t bail on Dean!” You yelled as you took a step away from him, “I’m not bailing on anyone! I just.. I just want nothing to do with hunting.” Sam said as he shut the trunk to his car. “I always knew you would abandon us.” You quietly said, Sam paused.

“I just want nothing to do with this family.” Sam said not even looking at you, and with that Sam got into his car and drove away. That was the last time you ever talked to him.

…End Flashback…

That was four years ago, he left you when you were eleven, now at fifteen you have a lot more to say to him. Actually scratch that, you have nothing to say to him.

You fell asleep on the ride to Stanford, you were awoken by someone shaking your arm, “Y/N/N, wake up we’re here.” Dean said. You woke up and rubbed your eyes, you looked out your window to see a small house.

You got out and followed Dean, “Dean why are you lock picking the door?” You asked afraid of the answer, “Have you seen the time? Obviously he’s not awake.” Dean replied.

A moment passed before Dean silently cheered in victory for getting the door unlocked, he had a smug smile on his face, you rolled your eyes and proceeded to follow your brother inside.

Everything was dark, no lights were on, you could barely see anything. Then you heard a crash, “Shit.” You heard Dean from across the room, you face palmed realizing that whatever he broke woke Sam up.

Then you heard a loud bang and grunting, “Dean?” You heard him, Sam. You placed your hands on the wall and began looking for the light switch, once you found it you turned the lights on. You looked down to see Sam on top of Dean, Sam looked shocked before Dean threw him off.

“Looks like you’re out of practice.” Dean chuckled, “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam whisper-yelled. You observed your brother, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him.

Sam’s eyes landed on you, his face instantly softened, “Y/N, hey you’re uh… Older..” Sam pointed out the obvious. “Yeah it tends to happen after four years.” You snapped, Sam’s eyebrows knitted together, before he could reply a woman’s voice was heard.

“Sam?” You all looked at where the voice was heard, a blonde woman was standing there in her pajamas. “Uh hey Jess, um this is my brother Dean and my little sister Y/N.” Sam said while he walked over to Jess.

“Oh nice to meet you.” She said, giving you a small wave, “Hey Jess.” Dean winked at her giving her a flirty smile. You elbowed him, “Ow, alright, alright, we need to borrow your boyfriend here, for some family business.” Dean informed her. “Oh what happened?“Jess asked concerned.

“Oh uh, it would be better to talk to Sam alone.” Dean said, “No, anything you have to say to me you can say in front of Jess.” Sam said putting a arm around Jess’ shoulder. You rolled your eyes, “Okay, dad hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean replied hoping Sam would get the hint.

“So, he’ll be back later.” Sam said like nothing was wrong, “Let me rephrase that, dads on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean repeated hoping once again that Sam would get the message.

“Jess could you excuse us for a moment?” Sam asked, Jess nodded and went into the next room. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” Sam snapped as he approached Dean, “Listen dad may be in trouble we need your help.” Dean informed Sam.

“No you don’t, you have Y/N.” Sam pointed to you, you decided to let them hash this out and left the room.

“So you’re Sam’s little sister.” Jess stated, you nodded, “He talks about you a lot.” She said, “I highly doubt that.” You responded, why would Sam talk about you?

“No really he does, he cares about you a lot.” Jess gave you a smile, “Okay Y/N, let’s go.” Dean said, you didn’t even realize that Sam passed you to go upstairs and he came back down with a bag.

Sam said his goodbyes to Jess and you all went back to the Impala, you by natural habit went to the front seat. “Nope.” Sam said as he kept your door shut keeping you from getting in. “Really?” You sighed, “Sorry Y/N/N, you know the rules.” Dean replied as he got in, you threw your arms up in defeat and went into the backseat.

You all drove for a while before you stopped at a gas station, Dean got out to refill Baby and you got out to stretch your legs. You walked over to Dean, “Hey gimme some money.” You said quite greedily as you held your hand out. Dean sighed knowing it’s better not to argue and handed you twenty dollars, and you went into the gas station.

You heard the door open after you went in, you looked over the shelves and saw Sam looking around. He came to your isle and stood next to you as you looked at the assortment of food.

“So what have you been up to since I’ve been gone?” Sam asked, you rolled your eyes, “Like you care.” You mumbled, “Hey, I do care.” Sam replied obviously offended. “Yeah whatever.” You said as you grabbed the food and headed to the register.

“Hey what’s your problem?” Sam asked, concern laced in his voice, and that’s when you had enough, “You’re my problem Sam! You can’t just talk to me like nothing ever happened!” You yelled.

“Whoa hey,I know that I said some things that I’m not proud of, but I just thought that since its been so lo-” You cut him off, “Y'know what Sam, just don’t.” You replied as you grabbed your stuff and headed back out the the Impala.

You got into the backseat, Sam got in shortly after you, “I missed you Sam, you hurt me.” You mumbled to yourself hoping Sam wouldn’t hear, but he did.

When he heard that his heart broke, “I’m sorry.” Sam turned around in his seat to look at you, “I’m sorry I said the things that I did, I’m sorry for leaving, I’m sorry for… Being a crappy brother.” Sam said as tears filled his eyes.

“It’s just..” Sam stopped, he turned back around and got out, the door opposite of you opened and Sam got in, “I hated hunting, I wanted a normal life, and I regret leaving the way I did. I’m sorry.” Sam finished. By this time a few tears already made its way down your face, you jumped into your brothers arms and he didn’t hesitate to wrap them around you.

“I m-missed you so much.” You said in between sobs, “I missed you too Bug.” You smiled at the nickname. You heard the Impala door open and felt the car shift, Dean looked back at the two of you finally happy to see that you both made up.

You didn’t let go of Sam, and he sure as hell didn’t let go of you. You soon fell asleep while listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you write a sisfic where she’s about 15 and Dean and her go and get Sam from Stanford but she’s pissed at Sam and doesn’t make an effort with him and Sam’s a but hurt by it and then fluff please?”

A/N: This didn’t turn out EXACTLY like the request… Mainly because I forgot the whole request like half way through and didn’t bother to read it again.. *hides* I would never..

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!


For all of my snake parents out there!

Above is a (probably not) link (just copy and paste it I’m on mobile) for an etsy shop that’ll make your day!

I found this girl on Instagram awhile ago and she was working on opening her etsy shop. She custom makes snake pendants, as you can see above, she did Ozzy and Hades flawlessly. All you have to do is send her a picture of your noodle baby and she literally copies their pattern! I’m not sure what the prices are anymore for customs because I got mine at a special opening shop price and unfortunately that’s over, but it’s still definitely something worth investing in if you like her work!

The vials are about an inch tall, and the snake wraps around it perfectly. It’s perfect to put sheds into, she can leave them empty or put shed into it for you from her own shed collection. I got mine empty and put Hades’ baby shed in his and Ozzy’s most recent shed in his. I can’t stop wearing them. They’re perfect to keep your little noodles close to your heart.

She’s so sweet and friendly, and she goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. Please check her out, she’s so amazing.

Unfortunately she doesn’t do lizards, snakes only. I’m not sure if she’ll ever do lizards but if she does, I’ll be buying. I hope you guys love this as much as I do!

(She supplies two different type of necklace chains, or a keychain option that is free with purchase)

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How did you find out that photo of the perfume Jungkook likes? And since when did he like to wear women's perfume? - like has he actually admitted to it before that he likes thee smell or something?

I saw it on twitter awhile ago. But according to peachisoda he actually has a bunch of fruity scented things lol

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So, for once, I'm going to go with something different than Saint Seiya for the emoji meme you just posted XD If I recall correctly Digimon was on the list you put up awhile ago about other series you're a fan of, so how about palette 12 and emoji A2 for Hikari?

Color palette challenge

YAY! thank you Teary @teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship :D 

I think I didn’t tell you before but I have not been drawing Digimon stuff FOR YEARS (probably 12+) sooooo I hope I did a good job even if Takeru doesn’t look like him I have never drawn Takeru :9

Hope you like it! 

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I know you did a tutorial on profile views awhile ago but can you maybe do something on how you do front-facing faces?

my secret: i never draw fully front-facing faces

but when i do i keep in mind how the features of the face change as u turn them; drawing eyes & noses full on are different than drawing them for ¾ or profile views, and it’s key to making a front-facing face convincing imo

i don’t rly have a tutorial, but i do have tips, like keeping it approximately symmetric by flipping the canvas periodically (or using a mirror/holding it up to the light if you’re drawing traditionally) and using guidelines to make sure the features of the face are level. using copy/paste on half the face to make a full one does work, but it looks more natural if it’s drawn slightly differently

um, i do have 1 or 2 process gifs below for how i set it up before drawing the face but they’re just how i do it, and might not be helpful:

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i downloaded musescore yesterday and this was the first thing i did

anonymous asked:

not starting but im rly curious on ur kin faq it says something about a group of girls who started the kin out of race discourse? can you explain it please i have never heard this

ok so awhile ago there were a group of girls known as the yandere bitch club that basically kin/id’d as japanese girls while they were white. 

they didn’t want doubles of their kintypes and became super protective of them so they invented the kin/id outside of race drama and race faked as Japanese to prevent / deter doubles while they themselves were not japanese… its kinda a mindfuck idk why they did this but w/e. 

they also sent gore and other imagery to doubles of kins and were basically really goddamn nasty and rude. so basically. the entire discourse was created by racefakers in the first place dsfjsdjfsfd

romas georg, who has never brushed her hair in her goddamn life, is an outlier adn should not have been counted
plus the love of sweet’s life, The Promised Art, and RM is heelies but the H got cut off
and a redraw of something i did awhile ago

AJ Scrap, [19.03.17 12:13]: okay they are its canon
AJ Scrap, [19.03.17 12:14]: everybody in the syndicate wears different styles of clothing but RM insists on EVERYONE wearing heelies