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Well since I'm in love with Moira, may I request a piece with her where her Talon!S/O gifts her a black coffee mug (since she seems like such a caffeine addict) with a big red 'EVIL GENIUS' text on it and how would Moira react to it? I did a post of something similar to it awhile ago and I would love to see it in text form.

You surely may lovely! Since I’m not sure what post you refer to, I still very much hope that I could answer your request well enough and that you’re going to like it.

Moira pauses in surprise when she sees the mug sitting by her workplace, it’s handle facing her. Since she just  stepped in her office, it’s rather early in the morning and she doesn’t leave any old, used mugs standing around, she knows it isn’t one of hers.

Stepping closer, she sees that it’s filled with fresh, steaming coffee. Closing her fingers around the handle, she lifts the mug to inspect it closer. As soon as she sees the word’s printed the front, a smile spreads over her face.

Taking a sip, she feels her chest warming both from the coffee and the affection that curls around her heart. Humming softly under her breath, she steps out of her office again, taking the mug with her.

It doesn’t take long for her to track down her partner, who is looking over their equipment. Moira enters the room on quiet feet, though she keeps at the edge of her love’s vision, so that they notice her and don’t startle when she stops at their side.

His partner straightens to look at her and Moira presses a smiling kiss to the corner of their mouth.

“Thank you, the mug is perfect.” She murmurs and when her partner tilts their head, she kisses them fully on the lips.

Her love smiles at her. “I’m glad you like it.”


The before and after of a magazine page I edited. I saw a post on tumblr awhile ago and I said in the tag that I was gonna get rid of all the text and I finally did!!!! It took such a long time and you can tell where I gave up but I’m super proud of it!

I wanted to add Ace but I couldn’t find any official art of him in a film gold outfit so if anyone knows where to find something like that or wants to send it to me I would be forever grateful!!!

Too Good At Goodbyes

You must think that I’m stupid
You must think that I’m a fool
You must think that I’m
new to this

“Although, what m'trying to say is, guys like those deserve to be moved on from.”

Harry said seriously, shrugging mindlessly as he set down the meal he reheated even if it was delivered minutes ago since he insisted it would taste different if it wasn’t, slightly shaking you to go and look at him.

“Not to be a dick or anything but that guy? He’s an asshole.”

He nodded to himself after making the statement, shoving in two pairs of utensils onto the plate the both of you were used to sharing with each other, playfully pouting when you didn’t dig in immediately as you used to.

“Oh come on, love. The food isn’t going to eat itself.”

You silently sighed, setting the plate on the coffee table for the both of you to share it as he followed you on sitting down on the floor.

“Still a bit hungover in him, are ya?”

Harry knowingly and rhetorically asked, taking a bite from the lasagna you shared common ground on being both of your favorite, him being the one to adjust since he was the one who was influenced by you.

“Did he make you happy?”

He chewed quickly, propping his face up with his hand as his eyes were trained on you who’s looking down the floor, not knowing whether to feel happy or a bit more upset that Harry’s cheering you up.


“Was his happiness yours too?”

You’re stopped momentarily by the question, your mind drifting off to the though of the man who’s in front of you and not the one who just dumped you literally awhile ago.

The question struck something in you, your answer revolving around Harry as he’s the one you’re trying to forget, the one you’re trying to stop on loving.

Your lips straighted into a line, the sinking feeling in your chest only being worse as he’s awaiting for your answer which little did he know was about him.


I’m never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
‘Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I’m never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case y
ou go and leave me in the dirt

“Y/N, love, what are you doing here?”

Anne gently asked with caution in her voice, the both of you knowing the question wasn’t rude and didn’t sound like what someone else would think of, her hands coming up to hold your shoulders.

“Figured that I just wanted to drop by and give Harry a little housewarming present, then see you and Gemma.”

You smiled, Anne being the first to engulf you in a grateful hug, a little hesitation settling upon her as she didn’t know how to tell this.

“He’s got himself a lovely place, that’s for sure,” she started off, nodding as she led the both of you slowly to what she thinks is the patio, a lump growing in her throat as she knows the hurt you would feel.

“Truly did. Said he wanted to experiment on how to decorate it himself.”

She nodded, her hands going through each other as you finally felt something off the moment you’re led outside overlooking the view Harry chased for into buying this house, a hesitant smile on her face.

“Is there — is there something wrong?”

She knew that this confrontation would come as soon as Harry called her that he met someone he’d like for her to meet, unable to deny it since she knows she needed to support her son, yet still a part of her being sorry for you.

It was her instinct. You never told her but she knew. She knew that you’re in love with her son so dearly but he knew that Harry too only understood it in a level that wasn’t in par with yours.

Anne shakily breathed out, “Y/N, love. I — I honestly don’t know how to tell you this but-…”

She stopped, her eyes diverting to the couple who just walked out of the pation and yelled her name and Y/N’s, shakily smiling as she looked at your reaction she’s regretting on seeing.

It’s Harry and a girl, a girl who isn’t you but you wished to be in her position, underneath his arm with a smile on her face.

And all you could’ve did was smile while holding back the tears, your tight grip on your own loosening.

Anne didn’t need to speak the words, because she knew you didn’t need them for you to realize and be hurt.

I know you’re thinking I’m heartless
I know you’re thinking I’m cold
I’m just protecting my innocence
I’m just protecting my soul

“Harry wanted me to give this you. He’s sorry that he couldn’t come.”

Gemma sorrily said, handing you the present that’s nearly wrapped to perfection which you know isn’t the work of Harry himself, a little smiley face written on the middle by a marker.

“It’s okay.”

You smiled timidly, letting her in to your house that only held a small amount of people at the moment, lacking a presence you both wanted and didn’t.

“Are you okay?”

She hesitantly asked you who mindlessly sat on the couch and put the present on your lap, her lip tucked in between her teeth just like what her younger brother does.

Gemma knows the answer to her question but she wanted to make sure of it even everyone knew too.

She knew too that it was a rubbish excuse that Harry couldn’t go but it’s the best she could think of, the both of you well-aware that he could go but chose not to, a small part of you already visualizing the pap pictures that’s going to flood your feed later on.

“Of course.”

“I’m sorry.”

She spoke lowly that made you look up at her and shake your head no, a little gutted feeling upon your chest.

“You have no reason to be.”

“I let it happen anyway.”

You humorlessly stifled a laugh, your fingers fiddling with each other as you felt this really isn’t a happy birthday as the cake that was given to you.

“I couldn’t really do anything about it either.”

Cause overtime you hurt me, the less that I cry
And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry
And every time you walk out, the less I love you
Baby, we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true
way too good at goodbyes

“Where’s Y/N?”

Harry confusedly asked, getting to sit beside his mum and his sister without having someone with him since she went upstairs to freshen up, knowing to himself it would take a few minutes so he just let it be.

He took a sip of his drink, taking turns on looking back and forth on the two women on both his sides who had an uneasy look on their faces.

Anne knew it’s been a month since, only a few texts being sent here and there as she constantly checked up on you.

No one’s gonna answer me?”

He asked again, a frown on his face as he looked at Gemma who he’s now pressuring to answer him.

“Didn’t you know?”

His sister answered, a slightly sharp tone on her voice that caught Harry off-guard and made him look at his mum instead, being more confused at the moment as his gut’s telling him that something’s being kept from him even though it wasn’t.

It’s just that Harry never noticed.

“She left, Harry.”

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I'm starting a new convo because that one got really long...but can we talk about the fucked up way SHIELD dealt Steve? Here's this guy, this 26 (???) year old who was frigging DEFROSTED from the ice he was in for 70 YEARS and they put him in a house in the middle of nowhere before bringing him out to fight ALIENS using HYDRA weapons. Like. What. The. Entire. Fuck.

Ookay so yeah. I stopped watching Agents of SHIELD awhile ago but when I heard about that, I checked out the episode. I was really heartbroken. I don’t have the psychological knowledge to have an opinion on how to handle a situation like that, but I feel putting someone in isolation who has been through something as significant as that wasn’t the best plan?

I want to know, did they ever ask him if he even wanted to be Cap again? Was he even given a choice? I mean, clearly, he’d still say “yup sign me up.” But…did anyone ask if he’d want to go back at it? Or was he just “you have a mission and here you go the end.” It’s been so long since I’ve seen Avengers I kind of forget what Fury and Steve talked about in the gym with the punching bag. (Oop, looks like I need to watch again!) haha 

I would’ve liked someone to have been his friend. Just a person to talk to and hang out with in the cabin. I don’t care if they’re even a professional psychologist. I would’ve just liked him not in isolation. He had all that time to hate himself and miss Bucky and wonder where Peggy was or how she was or wonder about all the people he knew and what happened to them. I just think that’s so sad. 

Not to mention the effects of solitary confinement on anyone detained….. like …. it’s not easy for anyone and it’s certainly not something anyone should subject someone to (but here we are IRL detaining people in solitary…. I’m not bitter or anything…. -_-)

But anyway, Steve. 

I didn’t like that :( 

The Mysterious Case of Missing Moose Items

Warnings: None. Just fluffiness
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You keep taking Sam’s stuff
Reader’s Age: Any
Word Count: 588(like I said it’s a drabble)

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Wrote half of this awhile ago when I still had my laptop and I finished it a few days ago and boom here it is! Also figured y'all needed something nice and fluffy after the last imagine… Heh… Enjoy!

“Dean, have you seen my laptop?” Sam asked his brother, looking frantically around the library.

“No. Did you lose it?”

Sam gave Dean the classic Winchester bitch-face. “If I hadn’t lost it, I wouldn’t be asking you,” Sam snarked.

“Well looks like you also just lost my help,” Dean picked up his book and walked off.

Sam’s alarm clock blared in his room and startled him awake. He rolled over with a groan and shut it off. Sighing, he got up and dragged his feet, heavy with sleep, over to his dresser. Sam opened a drawer, realizing he only had two flannels left. With a confused look, Sam took one of the two flannels left and came to the conclusion that simply no one’s done the laundry in awhile.

Sam had a shower, got dressed and made his way to the library.

“Is Y/N up yet?” Sam asked once he saw Dean scrolling on his laptop, feet up on the table and leaning back in a chair.

“Not that I know of,” Dean answered, noticing Sam’s flannel. “Didn’t you wear that a few days ago?”

“I thought so too…” Sam looked down at his clothes, “All my shirts and flannels are disappearing. Has anyone done the laundry?”

“Yeah. Y/N did it yesterday,” Dean told Sam, fianlly getting into this odd mystery.

“Maybe she hasn’t brought my clothes to my room yet.” Sam said just above a whisper, but with the quiet that the Bunker always had, Dean heard.

“Dean!” Sam yelled from down the hall, peeking his head out of his bedroom door.

“What?!” Dean yelled back, not bothering to get up from his comfy spot in a chair.

“Did you take one of my books?” Sam yelled back, walking around the corner into the kitchen.

Dean called back, “Dude, I haven’t taken any of your stuff.”

Sam’s eyebrows furrowed together, wondering why his stuff keeps magically disappearing.

Sam’s thoughts were interrupted as he saw you waltz into the kitchen. His eyes instantly went to the flannel you were wearing, not just any flannel, his flannel.

Sam cleared his throat. “Y/N?” You turned around, giving him a silent cue to continue. “Is that my flannel?” He pointed to the giant red plaid flannel you were wearing. You looked down at it and fiddled with the soft, long sleeves.

“Uhmmm… no?” you answered, avoiding Sam’s eyes in hopes he won’t make you give them back.

“Are you the one stealing my stuff?” Sam couldn’t help the grin that wormed it’s way in.

“Okay,” you huffed in defeat. “I usually just take like one or two of your flannels, but then I kept losing them so I kept taking more…”

Sam gave you a straight and unreadable face, making you crack like an egg. “They’re comfy!” you defended, waving your hands around and the long sleeves flew around, nearly hitting a pan.

“I want my flannels back, and all the other stuff you took from me,” Sam chuckled, “but… you can keep one.

“Fine…” You pouted, shuffling back to your room to find all the hidden flannels you stole. Dean started laughing as he watched the mystery unfold.

“I don’t get why she goes after my things,” Sam chuckled.

“As long as she doesn’t take my stuff…” Dean snarked, earning an eye roll from Sam. “Y'know… Some of my blankets have been going missing- Y/N!!” Dean yelled, racing out of the kitchen after you as he heard Sam burst out laughing.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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(Just cause I love the title so much I gotta give cred to @20secspnfam4 who came up with it XD)

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If you are still taking request? Could you do something with Mirajane in her yellow dress from the Tartaros arc? sorry for bothering ^^"

I am always open for a good request~! I hope this is the right dress! There is not a lot of references with this dress, but i still think it’s cute! You are never a bother! Have a good night! 

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5 headcanons about Victor annoying Yuuri (or Yuuri annoying Victor)

(these are 100% inspired by chrissy teigen’s tweets, and also by our chats when we were talking about her lmao)

1. victor has taken to doing this thing where he sends yuuri nudes and then says, “sorry wrong person.” it’s funny, it’s really funny, it’s comedy gold—until it isn’t. until at one point yuuri texts back, “no worries, happens to me all the time :p” and then victor realizes. he realizes that he’s never, not once, gotten a nude from katsuki yuuri. “wait what?” he types back, fingers flying over the touch screen. “yuuri? yuuri. who’ve you been sending yours to??” but no response comes, and victor is frantically shoving the groceries into the recyclable bag. he ignores the looks he gets from the cashier and surrounding customers. then he’s stumbling out of the store, pulling his phone out again and hitting call.

“what does that mean?” he asks, no preamble. // “hmm?” yuuri’s voice is nonchalant on the other line, innocent. // “yuuri,” victor whines. // but yuuri only yawns: “sorry, which one are you? i have so many contacts saved under the name ‘boyfriend’ so you’re going to have to identify yourself.” 

victor never tries to be funny again. 

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1925

Request:  Can you do a really fluffy stiles imagine where him and his girlfriend have been together for a while and y/n tells him that she thinks their relationship has become comfortable but stiles mistakes this for thinking that she thinks their relationship is boring. So he does loads of cute and silly things to make their relationship fun and fresh like it used to be. I hope this makes sense and you like the idea 😋😋

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long! Thanks to the best, @maddie110201 for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

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Request: things you said when you were drunk. Thank you.

 (I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG, I SUCK.  I made it longer than I’d originally planned to try and make up for it.

I wrote this as an AU, I hope you don’t mind!  If you do mind, and this isn’t what you wanted, send me another ask and let me know and I’ll write you something else.)

“Thanks for staying with me.”

Rick’s eyes moved from the movie she’d put on awhile ago to where she reclined next to him on the couch, her eyes slightly closed, lips stretched into a wide, serene grin.  The expression on Michonne’s face made him smile, and he chuckled and shook his head as he took another sip of his beer.  She was more-than-well on her way to drunk, and it amused him to no end.

“How much of that tequila did you drink?” he asked, motioning to the half-empty bottle sitting on the small table in front of them.

She rolled her eyes, and kicked him from where her feet were stretched out in his direction, groaning through her smile.

“Shut up, Grimes!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he defended playfully, “I’m not judging you.  That’s what we’re here to do, right?  I mean, that’s what we would be doing if we were out with everyone.”

“Which brings me back to my original point,” she said in a sing-song voice as she sat up and pulled her knees towards her before draping her arms over them.  “Thanks for staying with me.”

He could tell she had more to say, so he took another sip of his beer and waited.  Michonne sighed slowly.

“It’s just, the bar Andrea wanted to go to - which, might I add, she only wanted to go to because that dick from her Political Methodology class or whatever said that’s where he’d be - “

“Wait,” Rick interrupted, “that Philip dude?”


“I thought we all told her that guy was an asshole.”

“We did,” she confirmed with a grimace.  “But ‘Drea isn’t exactly known for her taste in men.”

Rick hummed, and set his bottle down on the floor in front of them before nodding at her to continue.

“Anyways, Philip Whoeverthefuck wanted her to go to this certain bar, and it turned out it was the bar that Mike always goes to.  And it’s the weekend after midterms, and I know for a fact that he’s gonna be there.  And we just broke up a couple weeks ago, and I just don’t want to deal with that right now,” she explained, throwing her hands up in the air dramatically and flopping her back onto the couch cushions with a huff.

He tried to hold back his laughter at her antics.  He didn’t want to seem condescending, and he got what she was saying, completely.

He just didn’t often get to see her drunk - this was maybe the second or third time in all their four years of school.  She was always so cool and collected and put together.  Drank her alcohol in small, controlled amounts.  This was an extremely rare occurrence.

He thought it was adorable.

“So, yeah,” she continued, “thanks for staying home with me.”

“You know how much I love hanging out in crowded, loud bars with a bunch of trashed people I don’t know,” he reminded her sarcastically, tapping her leg gently.  “It’s not a big deal at all, ‘Chonne.  Honestly, I’m glad you gave me an excuse to skip.”

Given a choice between going to a bar with a bunch of friends or staying home with Michonne, he’d pick Michonne every time.

“I made you miss hanging out with Jessie, though.”

Her words so starkly contrasted from the thoughts in his head that it made him choke on his beer.

Jessie?” he asked incredulously through a few lingering coughs, setting his drink on the floor again and turning his body completely in her direction, eyes wide.  “You think I want to get with Jessie?”

“Duh, yeah,” she said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.  “Everyone does.  And she likes you back, by the way.  You’re the kind of person who can be oblivious to that kind of stuff for like, years.  You shouldn’t torture the poor girl.”

“Michonne.  I do not like Jessie.”

“Whatever you say, Casanova.”

He couldn’t hold back this time, and barked out a laugh that echoed through the room.  She frowned, and kicked him in the side.

“Don’t laugh at me, asshole.”

“I’m sorry,” he said while shaking his head, not being able to completely dispel the chuckle from his voice, “Did you just call me Casanova?”

“Yeah?” she confirmed as she pressed her lips into a pout.  “So?”

He just smiled at her.  He was so going to make fun of her for tonight later on.

“You’re really drunk, ‘Chonne” he told her, as he leaned down to reach his bottle.

“Am not,” she insisted, crossing her arms over her chest.  “And so what if I am?  You said yourself that’s what we’re here to do.  Midterms are over.  It’s Friday night.  Not my fault you’ve been nursing that one beer all night.”

“It’s not my fault I gotta walk back to my place after this.  Sorry for not wantin’ to stumble home, or trip into the street and get hit by something.”

“Whatever,” she sighed, and he could tell she was fighting the smile trying to creep onto her face.  “I guess I’ll let you off the hook.  Just this time, though.”

“Duly noted,” he said, saluting her with his beer bottle.

“Now stop running your mouth, and let me watch my movie.”

He snickered gently, and turned back to the television screen with a soft ‘alright’, the lip of his bottle still pressed against his mouth.

He squinted at the screen, trying to figure out what was happening with the characters and the story playing out before him.  But he really hadn’t been paying attention, and he was having kind of a rough go at it.

So he wasn’t at all upset when he heard her voice ring out quietly only a few minutes later.  In fact, he was glad for the interruption, if he was being honest.

He wasn’t expecting what she was about to say, though.  Not in a million years.

“I’m glad you stayed with me.”

He turned to her, about to open his mouth and tell her again to stop thanking him, that staying with her wasn’t at all a big deal, but his gaze found her not even looking in his direction.  She was still focused on the screen, and her expression was soft, and far-away.  It was almost dreamy, and it was like she wasn’t even aware she was speaking out loud.  So he didn’t say anything, and simply watched her.

“And I’m not just glad in the general sense, that someone stayed with me and I’m not alone right now,” she continued, her words light, like she was narrating a daydream.  “I’m glad you stayed with me.  I’m glad it was you, because you’re my favorite.  But not like an Andrea favorite, or a Sasha or Maggie favorite.  A different favorite.  A more favorite.  More than them.  More than that.”

His heart literally stopped for a second or two.

His head reeled, and his stomach flipped and twisted, suddenly making him even more glad he’d stuck to one beer, because anything more than that and he feared he’d be on the way to the bathroom right now to chuck up anything he’d consumed in the past few hours.

And she lied there, merely watching her movie, as if she hadn’t said a word.

Because you’re my favorite.

Her words echoed in his head, bouncing back and forth in his brain over and over again.  His palms started to sweat, and his throat was dry and his tongue was tangled, but he managed to gather himself enough to say something.

“’Chonne,” he breathed.

She hummed in question, and turned to him lazily, looking like she was about to playfully scolding him for distracting her again, until she saw the flabbergasted look on his face.  Her eyes widened, and she sat up and leaned in his direction.


He let out a short breath and blinked slowly, trying to pull his thoughts together into something cohesive.

“Michonne,” he said, biting his lip.

Suddenly, her face fell.


She threw her hand over her mouth and stared at him, shaking her head back and forth slightly.

“Shit.  Shit, I didn’t say that out loud.  Did I say that out loud?” she asked, her voice muffled from her palm pressed against her lips.

Before he could even get a word out, she went to get up off the couch, seemingly trying to put as much space between the two of them as possible.  But he reached out and grabbed her wrist, and she turned towards him, her expression still twisted in distress.  He smiled gently, attempting to put her at ease.

“Will you sit with me here for a second?”

She hesitated, but eventually nodded and sat back down, keeping her eyes trained on the ground.  He moved his hand from her wrist so that he could hold her hand, and twined their fingers together, quickly, before he could lose his nerve.

He heard her breath hitch in her throat, but she didn’t pull away.  Instead, she turned her head so she could stare at their clasped hands.

“Did you mean it?” he asked her softly.  “What you just said - that I’m your favorite, more than everyone else.  Did you mean that?  Is that true?”

She didn’t answer right away, and he was about to ask her again when he saw her give him the smallest nod.

“Yes,” she whispered.  “Yeah, it is.”

He couldn’t stop the grin that began to turn up his lips, and he wished she was looking at him, so she could see it too.

She started to pull away again, but he tightened his grip on her hand and leaned into her, putting his lips at her.

“Can I tell you something now?  A secret?”

She nodded again.

“You’re my favorite, too,” he told her.  He could hear the smile in his own voice, and hoped she could hear it, too.  “You’re my favorite, and not like Shane is, or Glenn or Daryl.  You’re my more favorite.”

She pulled back a bit so she could gaze up at him.  Her eyes were still wide, but they were bright now, and he reached up with his free hand to cup her cheek.

“You’ve been my more favorite for a long time,” he admitted.

And before he could have a second to think of something else to say, or blink, or even breathe, she leaned up and kissed him.

It was everything he had wanted it to be, everything he imagined it would be, and so much more.  It was everything he had been waiting for since he saw her for the first time during freshman orientation week.  They had been broken up into small groups to play stupid getting-to-know-you-games, and he saw her, sitting across the circle from him, her head thrown back in laughter, and he had suddenly decided that maybe all the icebreakers they had to do wouldn’t be so bad.

It was more than he had ever dreamed, and he’d never really liked tequila but now he was tasting it on her tongue and it was his new favorite drink.  And he may have only nursed a single beer throughout the whole night, but he knew he was still going to walk home drunk, and it wasn’t going to be from the alcohol at all.

Kissing her was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

He felt her hands slip under his shirt and her fingers begin to pull at the waistband of his jeans and he felt like he would die if he stopped her but he knew he had to.

“We shouldn’t do this while you’re drunk,” he murmured against her lips, and he reached down and stilled her hands on him before pulling back an inch.

“People have drunk sex all the time, Rick,” she insisted, and she leaned forward to try and find his mouth again, but he dodged her, and she frowned.

“They do,” he admitted, letting go of one of her hands to tuck her hair behind her ear, “but you’re drunk and I’m not.  Plus, it’s our first time, and I just…let’s make it different than sloppy, drunk sex on the couch.  We will, ‘Chonne.  God, we will, Michonne.  And soon.  I promise.”

She stared up at him and listened, biting at her bottom, kiss-swollen lip, and he couldn’t help but press his lips against her cheek.

“Let’s just be here, tonight,” he said.  “Let’s just sit together, and watch your movie, and just be together.”

She didn’t answer him, but she didn’t resist when he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest, and she quickly settled into him, tucking her head under his chin and bringing her hand up to rest on his chest, right over his heart.

“Can I tell you one more secret?” he asked her after they got comfortable.

She hummed in affirmation, and tilted her head up so she was looking at him with her wide, pretty brown eyes.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I saw you during freshman orientation week.”

The smile that lit up her face at his words was dazzling, and made him smile, too.  She sat up, and pressed a kiss against his jaw and his nose before dropping a final one on his lips.

“Only took you four years and some beer and tequila,” she said, and he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess it did.”

She giggled and then brought her head down to rest against the side of his.

She whispered in his ear, “I’m glad we finally kissed.  Even if I was the one who had to kiss you.”

He grinned, and blushed, and nuzzled her cheek.

“I am, too,” he murmured.

He’d never been more glad about anything in his life.

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Under the Table - George Weasley x Reader

It’s finally here guys. The George smut.

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WARNINGS: it’s public sex my dudes

“Let’s sneak out tonight.”

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Hide and Seek

“Oi, Y/L/N.” Michael shouts as he enters the room, sauntering over to you with confidence in his step.

“What do you want now Gray?” You ask flirtatiously, flicking your eyes up from the book to meet his for only a second.

“What are you doing tonight?” He’s stopped next to you, leaning back against the table cooly with his hands in his pockets.

“I don’t know, what’d you have in mind?” You hum, looking up at him with admiration as your head’s in your hand.

“Tommy asked me to watch Charlie.”

“You? Isn’t that what the maids are for?”

“Yeah well after the whole kidnapping he doesn’t really trust Charlie with anyone but family.”

“What are you trying to get at Gray?”

“Would you want to help me? I’m no good with kids but I told him I’d look after Charlie anyways.” He rambles as you get up from your seat so your close to him.

You cock an eyebrow at him. “Are you saying you think of me as family?”

“And so what if I am?” He says, looking down at you.

“Well then… I’d say I’m in.” You say giving him a pat to the chest, steadying yourself as you lean up to kiss him. “Pick me up after work.”

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what was supposed to be a series of doodles morphed into a comic- based on an ask I got awhile ago (although at this point, I don’t remember exact words, or who sent the message).

I would have liked to touch upon stuff like this after I did the whole “How did the Skelebros meet the boneheads” comic, but I didn’t want to stop working on this after I started drawing it down. So, consider this a comic that takes place after the events of a comic that hasn’t come out yet 8D;. (something tells me one of my next pages for my blog, is one that shows the comics in some kind of chronological order >>; 

Like I said, I don’t remember exact words for the message, but I think it was something along the lines of whether or not Sans and Papyrus would be freaked out of one of the boneheads suddenly removed their head, only to see they were completely fine. I don’t remember what my answer was at the time (wow there’s actually a lot I don’t remember from this ), but my conclusion while making this was, yeah they probably would be. Considering the only time we see Papyrus’s head detached from his body is when he’s killed, I get this sense that maybe that’s just something Papyrus and Sans can’t do. Not unless they want that specific body part to turn to dust.

continuation/slightly different ending under the cut:

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neptune-nerd  asked:

Hello, so I'm trying to draw Starscream and I'm looking at all your posts and refs for inspiration and I'm like "YES" and then I put my pencil to the paper and I can't. So overall I'm wondering if you can help me with drawing the mighty lord birb because I'm having a hard time

It’s not much, but I actually did some structural sketches/composition of how I draw Starscream for a friend awhile ago. 

As I said, not much, but I’m happy to draw more. Shoot me an ask if youd like anything else, and dont be afraid to get specific if theres something in particular I could help with.

So a few weeks ago @xTheDragonRebornx approached me about a potential collab, and we ended up choosing Battlewinner to draw. I did the sketches and chose the scene; I can’t recall seeing a picture of Battlewinner talking to Greatness, and I wanted to give the fandom something new.

I knew I wanted to have Battlewinner’s huge form hulking out of the lava, and her pose was pretty straightforward. But with Greatness it took me awhile to get the pose down; I wanted a combination between a dog cringing and a snake that was pulling it’s head back in a defensive posture. I think I did alright with it.

Holy shit though did Reborn’s part bring this to life. The lighting and overall atmosphere are phenomenal, if this piece had just been black and white it definitely wouldn’t give much of an impact. But Reborn’s details like the lava, the ice on Battlewinner’s breath, and the faint smoke in the room really makes this piece stand out. I had a great time collabing with her!

You can fav it in her account as well if you’d like!

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 4

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 4

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

My Masterlist - Here

Bruce Wayne x Reader - Romantic Relationship

Jim Gordon x Reader - Father/Daughter Relationship

Jerome Valeska x Reader - Past Friendship

Word Count: 1620

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Violence, cursing (the usual),

Summary: Jerome announces that he has you live on tv and then welcomes you to his lethal big top circus.

Author’s Note: This was kind of written quicker than the other parts. I really wanted to get the points across while also sticking kind of true to the storyline and adding my own stuff into it. I hope I did it justice. I honestly can’t wait to write the next parts and have you guys read it! It will be lengthier, so please bare with me! 

I do have an idea of writing the next part from Bruce’s point of view and then having the part after that be the one that is super intense. We’ll see if I run with that idea or not.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

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You woke up and found yourself still handcuffed, but you were no longer in the GCPD. You didn’t know where you were, but it was some sort of warehouse or factory. Most of the lights were out or super dim. Looking around, you didn’t see Jerome. There was a chair in a spotlight to your right though. A man was tied to the chair with a multitude of explosives surrounding him. He noticed that you were awake.

“So you’re the one Jerome talked about. You’re sweetcheeks!” You cringed at that. Trying to shuffle further away from him, he started to laugh. He really was as crazy as the rest of Jerome’s followers. Just as you were about to stand up, a door on the other side of the room opened. Jerome stepped through with a large camera that had a Channel 9 logo on the side of it.

“Do I really have to tape your mouth shut too, Dwight? You’re freaking her out.”

You had a feeling you knew what he was going to do. It would be very unlike Jerome to not show off that he is alive. What better way to do it than with a literal bang.

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Title: The Other Woman
Words: 445
Rated: T
Fandom: Marvel/MCU/Spider-man Homecoming
Pairing: Pepper Potts x Tony Stark
Summary: Tony’s flirtation with May Parker did not go unnoticed by Pepper Potts. Her reaction to it is quite surprising though. 

Okay, so Spider-man Homecoming has revitalized my long ago love for the pepperony ship. It was so strong that I had to write this cute fluff fic about them.

Be gentle, readers…it’s been awhile, lol.

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Seeing Is Believing (Pt 13)

A/N: Here. *throws confetti* I wrote this.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, torture, blood, pain

Word Count: 1.5k

Seeing is Believing MASTERLIST

Originally posted by canonspngifs

You heard Dean yelling into the phone before you began seizing.

You fell over as your body convulsed and everything went black.


“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice, but you couldn’t wake up. You felt tired, like you needed to rest.

Dammit, sweetheart, please wake up.” Dean was carrying you, you could feel that you were in his arms.

Dean!” you heard Sam’s voice echo through the building before Dean set you down. You tried to wake up. You fought to wake up. There was demons here. You could smell them. They smelled of blood and rotting flesh. In your half conscious state you wondered if Sam and Dean could smell them too.

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