something i can store in my phone now

HEY GUYS!!!!!!! You can now buy my art at!!!!

I just uploaded a picture of Canada x JJ from my crossover series and you can buy prints, phone cases, stickers, etc. of that drawing.

I will upload more eventually, but if there is something specific that you would like to see, please message me!

Hiatus Notice Now -> 1/16

This blog is being put on an official hiatus til about 1/16 when I return to college because I just can’t right now. Everyday something happens here at home that just causes me to be unable to really give myself 100% in RPing. For example of how f*ed up my life is right now- Sunday my family was going at each other like it was Jerry Springer, yesterday I had the stomach flu and a head cold, and today a customer found my phone after I accidentally left it in the bathroom proceeded to give a cashier her name and number and left the store with my phone. (Luckily my mom works there to and the manager has her number, she just texted that it was returned and now is in the safe.) But still, it’s been so crappy for me lately that I just can’t deal with trying to RP. I hate to do this, but I want to give you guys 100% of me, not maybe 50% of me.

Chocolate Store

St. Louis in a Mall

(Several year ago I worked at a very expensive chocolate store in a mall. While we get some product from a manufacture but we also hand dip and package items in the store, and sometimes make things special for customers.)

(My coworker answers the phone and I can only hear her end of things.)

Coworker: Hi, thank you for calling (chocolate store) my name is (name) how can i help you?


Now we don’t have chocolate peanuts but that is probably something we could make for you. How many were you needing?  


Ok, so that’s 50 chocolate peanuts on sticks?

(Her expression suddenly changes)

Oh, Chocolate penis’s? Not peanuts? No, we don’t make chocolate penis’s on sticks. But maybe we could make them for you. Now we don’t have a mold for that, but if you got a mold and brought one in we could probably make those for you.

(My manager, overhearing that the costumer want chocolate penis’s not peanuts stops my coworker and explains to the costumer that unfortunately we can’t make that for them cause we could get in trouble if people start hearing that our brand of chocolate has an item of that nature. Funniest call we ever got though!)

i got hit on and it was awful and because he kept nagging i gave him my number (the social anxiety wanted to get out of the situation and fast and that was the only solution i camr up with) and now i have to ignore my phone or get a new number or something. why can’t i ever go do my shopping in peace. leave the demisexual with her anxieties alone please.