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I know it’s just been a few hours since the last update, but I miss Yousana.

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I sometimes forget how much I miss my boys because of all the sana/yousef cuteness. But then we get like a sprinkle of new content and all I can think is... I MISS THEM SO MUCH! How are they doing? What does their apartment look like? Are they eating 3 meals a day and sleeping well? Are they still dancing in their kitchen to Gabrielle? I NEED TO KNOW.

they do all of this and more! brushing their teeth in the morning, hips gently brushing against each other, toothpaste kisses, pillow fights, listening to stupid pop songs that make isak bop his head and make him sing along while even seduces him with his dance moves, isak sitting on even’s lap whenever he gets the chance to just because it’s comfy and he wants to be so close to his boyfriend, isak coming home to candle light and dinner because even is that kind of romantic, isak rolling his eyes at even whenever he does something like that but his heart starts racing, midnight cuddles when one of them is super stressed and so much more

my boyfriend picked me up after school today and it was so nice tbh. he had driven his dad to work so he stopped by the restaurant and made his mom and me food which was honestly so delicious and just so thoughtful cause I always leave the chem lab starving and anyway we went back to house and hung around with his mom and siblings eating and watching scary movies and just chilling. it was really nice his mom is so sweet and really tries to make me feel welcome. plus we watched a pretty decent scary movie which meant optimal cuddle time. his brother was so cute tho omg cause he’s turning five in a couple weeks and any time he sees anyone he says “it’s my birthday!” and they’ll be like “really!” and he’s like “no! but we’re going to chuck e cheese!” he’s so excited omg. anyway overall a nice day we laid down a bit it was nice and lately he’s been trying to be cute like taking pictures and shit which I love

Apparently Carvajal was taunting Luis Suárez “ go watch the cl @ ur home ” or something like that

he was also taunting him about the juventus match

Homie is talking so big like juventus is just one of them small unthreatening clubs that got where they are by sheer luck & the CL is already in his pocket

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Another Unicorn Crossed my Path

Not as exciting as some of the stories on here, but it was one of those lovely rare moments I thought I’d share.

Last night on audit shift around 1:30 am, I was starting to put in the wake-up calls. Well, I must have hit a wrong button and all of a sudden I realize I’ve CALLED the room instead of putting in their wake-up call. I hear, “Hello? Hello?”

So, I picked up the receiver and said, “Oh, I’m SO sorry, I was putting in the wake-up calls and must have hit the wrong button!” And he mumbled something like, “Okay,” and that was it.

Several hours later, as the hotel started to wake up and people were passing by the front desk heading towards breakfast, a man goes by and looks at me and says, in a stern voice, with a stern face, “Are YOU the one who woke me up at 1:30?” And I sheepishly said, as I waited for my head to be handed to me on a platter, “yes…” (head hung in shame).

He said, “Well, I hope i wasn’t too cross with you or anything…sorry. I had just woken out of a sound sleep.”

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. Here’s the guy, I woke him up out of a sound sleep, and HE’s apologizing to ME! There are some nice ones in this world.

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So, here's a random question. How do the boys react to being shown affection (e.g. a random cuddle or holding hands, being given a kiss out of the blue, etc.)?

I’m going to assume this affection is from someone they wouldn’t be genuinely shocked to receive affection from (I mean, a snog from a strange is going to surprise everyone. LoL)

If it’s someone the guys are romantically involved with in some way - whether it’s a flirt or a full on relationship…it would go like this:

Corvin would just happily reciprocate - maybe get a little silly. He’s naturally pretty affectionate anyway so if you randomly cuddle him, he’d just scoop you into his arms for cheek nuzzles and tickles. Even with holding hands or something, he’d be likely to pick you up and swing you around or just be a dork about it. For him, affection comes naturally so it doesn’t shock him or surprise him. He just goes with it.

Danny would also reciprocate - a cuddle would get a hug in return, a hand hold would get a gentle squeeze (and maybe a peck on the cheek), a kiss would get a kiss in return. He’s pretty easy going with affection so his reaction is just to respond in kind. He also really likes people who are open about how they feel so he appreciates when others just casually show affection like that. A lot of the time, he’d be the one initiating surprise affection. 

Elliot would nearly always respond with surprise and delight - and maybe a little uncertainty as to whether he should respond and how he should respond. He worries a lot about messing up or being overbearing which can cause him to hesitate over things like that for fear of doing the wrong thing. But inside he would be jumping up and down with glee. OwO

Ewan…would depend. It would undoubtedly embarrass him but if it was in public he’d try to be totally cool about it (but would definitely turn bright red.) And, potentially…flee the situation. Not only because he gets embarrassed easily but also because his head…issue…can be exacerbated by his emotional state. In private he’d just pull the culprit into his lap for hugs or engage in flirty banter. All the flirty banter.  (He’d still turn bright red though)

Marc would be very…Marc about it. To be fair, though, any sort of unexpected touch tends to be a bit jarring for him so he prefers to initiate. I think anyone close enough to Marc to be affectionate like that would probably know it’s best to not just run up and hug him suddenly. He’d probably just go all stiff and wide eyed, then gently detach himself. Marc can actually be really intensely affectionate but it needs to be the right time, place and situation.

William would inwardly freak out if it was public affection. He’d just turn red, his brain would shut down and he would implode due to embarrassment (and concern - lots of concern). But if it was a safe, private place…he’d still be embarrassed, but wouldn’t freeze up. He actually really craves physical contact with others and just being close to people so he’s sort of cat-like in the way he’ll lean into any touch - even if he’s blushing bright red at the same time. 

Today was the day! I am officially pregnant. As you all know, I was a complete ball of nerves all last week. I was extremely afraid that we would go into that appointment and there would be nothing.

Thank goodness we have a fetus and a strong heartbeat. It was at 169 bpm. I’m measuring about 5 days later than expected, but it’s probably just because I ovulated later. My official due date is November 30th.

The only concern my doctor had was my blood pressure. Whenever I first went in, my BP read 150 over something. He definitely did not like that. So he came in 5 minutes later and took it again. It had dropped to 130/80. So he was happy, but I still have to monitor.

I go back in two weeks for another Ultrasound and my followup visit. I’m sure my vitamin D is going to come in low, as it is always low, so I’ll probably have to start supplementing again.

Either way, I am one happy Momma. I feel 1000% better now that I’ve heard a heartbeat and I know everything with the baby is fine.

Side Note: There is only 1 baby. I would have been perfectly happy with two, but I am even more happy that there is only 1.

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For those who are wondering, the live was quite short. Tom sang something he had already played before. There were trafic noises, it wasn't really easy to ear, and then we ear a fan asking him probably an autograph and he answered something like "No not now lovely, please. Is it ok?", he was interrupted by her so he was confused to sing again, then said: "nice try" to the camera before stopping the live. He probably went after her to give her what she wanted (I can only guess). Nice guy!

Thank you!!!