something good has come from facebook

Clip “Snakket ikke om han”(“Didn’t talk about him”) - at 11:21, 26.04

Text from mom:
Are you going to serve your friends food on Friday? 
We won’t be home until late, but I can make something you could heat up?

Text from Sara:
It’s ok to bring alcohol for the bus meeting, right?

(Even comes up behind her)

Even: Hey.

Sana: Hey!

Even: Everything alright?

Sana: Yeah.

Even: I heard that you and Isak were talking about Mikael?

Sana: …uh yeah, or well, he saw a picture of Mikael on my Facebook.

Even: Okay? 

Sana: We didn’t talk about him, or anything.

Even: How are the boys?

Sana: Good.

Even: What is Elias up to these days, then?

Sana: Elias, he..has a gap year. Just messing about, like usual. Leeching off of mom and dad.

Even: You have to say hi to your mom and tell her I miss her chebakia.

Sana: I’ll do that.

Even: Sana, that chebak-

Isak: Hello

Even: Hi! I was just asking Sana if she knew where you were.

Isak: Yeah, here I am. You joining me to Mcdonald’s, with Jonas? 

Even: Of course.

Isak: Swell. You joining? 

Sana: No, thanks.

Isak: Let’s go?

Even: Yeah.

Isak: Bye!

Sana: Bye.

Even: See ya.

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But please, someone who knows, tell me what food Even mentions that he misses. Thank you to the anon who informed me it is called ‘chebakia’ - I had such troubles making out what he said..!

Edit: How did I get McDonald’s wrong (Macdonalds)? Guess that goes to show how “often” I eat there.

foxes + thanksgiving

okay so this isn’t how i thought this was gonna turn out but my brain is about to fall out so here we go:

  • dan calls to invite neil and andrew to her place for thanksgiving
  • neil’s all “wtf is thanksgiving”
  • and does his whole internal monologue about he hasn’t experienced one
  • and andrew is all like “okay.”
  • so finally neil says that yes, he does actually want to go
  • and andrew “I’ll do just about anything neil asks me to” minyard consents
  • so a couple weeks later they go to dan and matt’s for thanksgiving

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Cooking with Tom

Author ladyoftheteaandblod


And now on the BBC “Cooking with Tom” 

The voice over lady seems to be having a rough day.

 (Strike up the theme tune and away we go. I could have done the voice over for any show and I get this, every week the torture of watching him, the god of the apron, strut his stuff….shit time to speak)

Ladies tonight on cooking with Tom, Tom will cook up a lamb shanks, with baby Roast potatoes, spinach and baby carrots.

( Shit nearly said Shag instead of shank, but let’s face it who really gives a toss what he cooks. As long as we get to look at those long fingers handling the food, twirling his utensils and chopping things up nobody cares. If he licks his body fingers like last time I’m done.

Oh god the camera man’s gone for the butt shot as he goes to the fridge. Bloody sadist, that shit does it on purpose. Last week he zoomed in on Toms rear as he bent to put his spotted dick the oven)

For this week’s dessert he will be whisking up a  raspberry mousse with sponge fingers on the side.

(Fuck that means he’s using cream. Whipping cream!

The thought of him and me with that bowls content and all the things I would really love to do with that white fluffy stuff. How I would love to lick it off his….. Maybe I should just do the voice over for country file.

Look at him running his hands over his neck as he explains how to make those sponge fingers, he bloody knows what he’s doing. You should be on the porn channel you bastard!)

As ever Tom will have one lucky lady from the audience to help him hold his equipment, as he beavers away in his steamy kitchen. She will get to see close up his amazing talents in the kitchen.

(Who writes this script? I bet it’s him. Mind you last week’s girl burnt herself stirring his hotpot, and by the way this one’s looking at him she’s about to go the same way.

He was so sweet about it, he kissed her burnt fingers and looked into her eyes as he apologized, then gave a speech about safety in the kitchen in that chocolate voice of his. The lady that cleans up after did say there were some very odd prints on the work surfaces after filming last week, I wonder what they got up to?

Look at this weeks girl all eyes and boobs Keep your eyes on the food you lucky bitch.)

Tom will help take you through tonight recipes so when your man comes home, he’ll have something hot and filling to look forwards to.

(Yes it’s me on heat and as for food it will be a meal for one from the freezer because after doing this, all I’m good for is being bent over the work top and shagged and that only happens if hubby has nothing else is going on, on his Facebook page. Oh god I need that man and his dipping sauce) 

Tom will give you tips on how to whip your cream to perfection. Just look at that hand action ladies, this is what you are aiming for to get the perfect consistency.

(Trust me I’m watching that hand action and my cream is already whipped)

His sponge fingers are firm to the touch but soft on the inside, this means they have a little resistance when you bite into them, of course some of us use them to lick off the mousse first but that’s up to you.

(I demand to know who wrote this I’m gonna kill him! Get Hiddleston off the telly I need to be able to think again….shit look at his tongue wrapping found that sponge finger….don’t you dare lick off the cream that just ended on her nose…….OH SHIT! THATS IT I’m out of here that bitch did that on purpose)

Next week on cooking with Tom he’s going to show you how to cook and eat asparagus in Parma ham. Sticky barbecue, ribs the kind that you eat with your fingers as the sauce drips down your chin and chocolate covered strawberries. So to help you get through that make sure you have yet another set of batteries ladies because I’m off to my dressing room right now for some me time and I am sure you are too!

(Yes I know I’m sacked I should have stuck to news night….I need a lie down get me my rabbit!)

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picture not mine I just played with it and the thoughts it started.

BTS reaction to you (gf) saying they give the best hugs

HA bet most of you had been waiting for this day…well i mean the day whenever i write a new reaction….yeah i’m just gonna go to the reactions now.

Jin: jin would probably get super excited about it and start giving you a ton more hugs
Jin: What!? Really!? I should give you more hugs then!

(been waiting to use this gif)

J-hope: why does j-hope always seem to be a happy sunshine in all of my reactions (well the good ones atleast)

Suga: considering that suga is not really the skinship person it’s very rare that he gives out hugs so when he does its either because he is expecting something from you or he just had a really good day.
Suga: well i mean i got be good if i want stuff from hugs.

Rapmon: yeah not gonna lie…he would get kind of cocky about it
*talking to other members* HA HEAR THAT I GIVE GREAT HUGS!
jungkook: hyung we don’t care
rapmon: you’re just jealous

Jungkook: so you take rapmon…and make him more cocky
Jungkook: You know there is a reason why i am called the golden maknae

Jiminie: * peanut comes back in* sorry had write a joke on some post on facebook about you and tae going at it and your dad hears you, anyway jimin….hmmm fluffy squishy thing that you just want to hug ;) so tight that you might actually kill him
Jimin: no…i can’t possibly give the best hugs…REALLY NAWWWW!

Taehyung: so what you do is you take a bit of hobi, a bit of jin and a lot of jungkook and poof thats how tae will react

now if you will excuse me it is 5:00 am and i have stayed up all night because of my insomnia and fear of clowns, so i need my coffee, good day.


Hey everyone! Alex and I happen to be going on vacation tomorrow- to Scotland! So I have to take a break from blogging for 10 days because you can’t listen to records on a plane.

This vacation also comes at an interesting time. Very quickly, this blog has gone from something I shared with my family and friends on Facebook, to being liked and reblogged a lot on tumblr (thanks, you guys) to being written about and accused of reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes.

I’ve given a lot of thought to whether I should write a response- my instinct is no, but my heart is telling me that maybe if I write about it, I will feel better. Because I love writing, you guys. Writing makes me feel good, and excited and alive. That’s why I started this blog. I also love learning about new things. I saw this project as a way to learn about music. I also saw it as a fun thing to do with Alex in the evenings, because it’s been a long, cold winter and we have experienced way too many Netflix binges together in 2014.

I decided to call it “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection,” as a joke. I obviously don’t think it’s stupid at all or else I wouldn’t want to listen to all of the records. Stupid sounded funny to me, because maybe he takes it more seriously than I do. But do I really think it’s stupid? No. I was trying to be cheeky.

After I had the idea for the blog, I almost didn’t do it because I thought, “but I don’t know how to write about music.” But then I decided to put a record on and write stream of consciousness reviews. I decided to be courageous enough to talk about something as a layman, to focus on emotions and the way the music was making me feel, and certain memories or stories it would conjure up rather than the fact that I don’t know how to write about music. These thoughts are me. These are my opinions formed from my experiences. And yes, I happen to be a woman writing about her experiences and having an opinion. I guess that’s still controversial these days.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008. When I first started blogging, I tried writing reviews of children’s and young adult novels because I’m a children’s and young adult librarian and this is something I know a lot about. But that blog was boring for me. I didn’t enjoy writing about something I know a lot about. Writing about something I’m not an expert in feels curious and exciting.

A lot of the criticism of this blog is that it plays up this idea that women’s voices are marginal or less important, but for all that has been written, no one has made any effort to reach out to me for comment, or even to ask me a question. One article got my name wrong throughout. It’s clear that critics are more interested in making me a symbol of some harmful stereotype than understanding what this is, or who I am. Talking to me might make that difficult. It might humanize me.

I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. I couldn’t write this blog if I didn’t know who I was and what I like. Unfortunately for my critics what I like often isn’t all that gender transgressive.  But that’s not bad or something that I should be ashamed of. 

The same holds true for Alex, with whom I’d happily do a blog where he has to read a pile of my favorite children’s books, or go to 10 of my favorite ballets, or go to soul cycle with me for a month and write about it - parts of my life of which he is completely culturally ignorant. The reason we did this project instead of any of those is because of the two of us I’m cooler and more adventurous.

So, if this blog has put me in the category of women with controversial ideas and opinions, then I will happily join it. It’s not my responsibility to compromise who I am in the name of subverting gender stereotypes. And it’s not fair to say that every project that involves a man and a woman should have it’s main focus be gender. I just wanted to comment on the music. I wanted to write in a style I enjoyed, I wanted to learn something new, and I wanted to do something creative with the guy that I love. “Let’s lie on the living room floor and listen to records together!” I have the best marriage ever.

vampire-goth  asked:

oh, hey, what's up with Jared?? I had seen that something had come up and he needed support, but do we know the full story?

Okay, I’m gonna give you the long version

So basically on Friday, some people noticed Jared’s twitter bio changed to this:

which is apparently a quote from his sister’s book, but a lot of people use quotes to show their feelings so as you can guess the fandom was a little worried. The week before Jared had also been asking his followers on twitter and facebook if they could tell him some good that has come out of Supernatural and the Always Keep Fighting campaign (x,x).

Pretty soon after, the official Jibcon twitter announced Jared wouldn’t be appearing at the con (x), and then we found out he’d also cancelled his appearance at AHBL in Australia next weekend. 

Jared tweeted this:

After which, there has been a huge outpour of support, not only from his fans, but also from the cast

There are a number of ways in which fans can help support Jared besides sending him messages on twitter and facebook, including The Jared Project, a video project, a virtual card, sending him a postcard, and a place to write open letters to Jared. If you don’t have a twitter or a facebook, there’s the Jaredlove Week, where fucktoysam will post your message for you.

Jensen has talked about Jared several times at Jibcon, mentioning that he overtired and overworked himself and he just needed time with his family. Here are his remarks at Jibcon’s closing ceremony. We also know that Jensen and several other cast members, including Misha, told Jared to go home and get some rest, which hopefully he’s doing. Jared’s talked about his bout with depression around Season 3, so a lot of people believe he’s dealing with similar issues now, but from what I’ve seen people have been pretty good about not jumping to conclusions.

As of earlier today, we know this:

Hoped that explained it all and I hope I’m not missing anything

Also: Jensen sang to Jared last night at Jibcon

wandererandponderer  asked:

I may appear ignorant, but I don't quite understand Stephen's answer on Facebook from the fan who asked about Felicity as a love interest. Could you explain your thoughts? Your good at that. Every time I read it, I come away with him meaning something different. Thanks.

Well let’s remind folks what he said. 

Andrew Stone Stephen, is this felicity love interest solely because of the fans? or was that a long term plan?

Stephen Amell I’d be careful calling a single kiss a love interest. Or the fact that it’s just one kiss could make it incredibly important. Aren’t you glad this season has 21 more episodes.

There’s a reason why I used that gif.  Stephen was being coy. 

Let’s put on our Marketing Hats shall we? The summer media blitz was all Olicity. Right? It was fabulous. One HUGE spoiler, one HUGE comment about Olicity after another. Begs the question…why?

1. Because they had to repair the damage the ruse did in 2x23. Many many many fans were upset about the 2x23 finale and felt toyed with. The media blitz was specifically targeting those fans to let them know - OLIVER MEANT EVERY WORD. OLIVER LOVES FELICITY.

2. They were selling the premiere. The premiere was a HUGE Olicity episode so everything the writers/actors were saying was true.

3. The Olicity goodness was meant to distract us from the real premiere shocker…Sara Lance’s death. Worked didn’t it? You bet your ass it did. Most of us were so excited about the Olicity goodness we didn’t see the Sara death coming. Or if we did…we didn’t expect it in the premiere.

That was then. This is now. The premiere is over. Now it’s about selling the remainder of this season. Which from an Olicity perspective...will they ever be together?

I love Stephen Amell…I love this man. But you MUST remember, every time Stephen gives an interview or a Facebook Q&A his NUMBER ONE goal is to sell his show. That’s what an actor does…they promote.

The reason why Stephen is being coy about Olicity is because we are back to the Will They or Won’t They storyline. Yes, Oliver confessed his feelings to Felicity, but they are not together. They are spinning the two characters off into separate directions AND the Oliver, Felicity, Ray love triangle is a key part to the S3 storyline. Stephen needs to sell the will they or won’t they aspect to the fans, which means…keep them guessing. Don’t confirm, don’t deny so we have to find out from the show (and the 21 episodes) not from Stephen.

What Stephen was saying is that the kiss might be nothing. Oliver & Felicity could fizzle out this year. OR the kiss might be everything. Felicity is THE love interest for Oliver.  We have to watch and find out.

What’s hilarious about his answer is that he doesn’t address the actual question, which was insulting. The person was asking if Olicity was fan service. I love that Stephen didn’t even address it because it’s so ridiculous at this point to be asking that question.

Bottom line? Stephen made MULTIPLE statements that Felicity is Oliver’s main love interest this season. So one Q&A of Stephen fucking with us doesn’t negate the previous comments. Of course she’s a love interest but rather than come out and say it this time, Stephen had a little fun and was being coy. Sometimes you gotta change it up to keep the fans guessing.

Hence, the coy bastard gif. It felt apropos.

kiismehardy  asked:

jily for the ship game thing :)

always wins at trivia crack

james, he knows all these weird random facts and it’s so nerdy but he gets so excited about it

laughs when their partner trips over something

both of them lbr

would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt

lily, 100% lily

spoils the endings of books or movies

lily gets super excited when talking about the ones that she loves so she inadvertently spoils them a lot, oops

always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW

james loves doing it just because lily always gets flustered about it

eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it

james, and then he gets all sorry and amused when lily confronts him (it usually ends with him picking her up something at the bakery the next day on his way back from work)

obnoxiously celebrates monday punsday every week

james??? duh????? (although lily drops pretty good ones occasionally and james is fucking delighted each time she does)

makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc

both their facebooks are littered with embarrassing statuses, and usually hacks on twitter create full-on wars that somehow drag in the rest of the marauders

has to beat their partner in every game

lily has a ridiculous competitive streak in everything that’s only matched by james’ competitive side when it comes to quidditch

keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff

they both can’t shut up about lots of things and they’re both night owls so they talk a lot during the night, sometimes until the sun starts to rise

eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway

james. lily lets him.