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8.17.17 // 4:00pm // guide to freshman year of college

so… you’ve finally finished high school and you feel like you’re on top of the world. then you realize you’re going to college, where you’ll be a super small fish in a very large pond. which is totally ok. here are some tips to make your transition to college easier. good luck! xoxo, m

ps. i also have a post about making friends here

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Misplaced Anger

Title: Misplaced Anger

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Word Count: 808

Warnings: angst, near rape (…?)

Summary: Every year you go to the cemetery to see your deceased family. This time something goes terribly wrong. 

Notes: Fic was written by my other half @anechoofbella. She technically co-runs this blog though she’s never on Tumblr. She also wrote “Suprise?” if you were wondering.

Master List | Part 2

The cemetery was rather quiet on your annual visit. You held two bouquets, one full of different colors of roses, and the other containing a beautiful arrangement of lilies. The first grave you knelt at, you set the roses down, leaning them against the headstone.

“Love you mom.”

You turned toward the grave next to hers, sickeningly smaller than the first, “Hey sis, how’s it goin’ up there? I miss you two,” your gaze travels to your mother’s headstone, “a lot.”

A single tear rolls down your cheek, before you place the lilies down on your sister’s final resting place and rotate away from the sad sight. Wiping the tears off your face, you make your way to the exit. Spotting the ‘67 Impala, you pick up the pace and wrap the rain jacket tighter around you.

It had been raining when you left the bunker, so Dean made you take the Impala instead of walking to the ‘store’. Neither the Winchesters or Cas knew about your mother and sister, they just thought you ran away from home. That’s what you told them, anyway. You hoped it would stay that way until you were ready to tell anyone.

The cemetery was surprisingly empty, especially for a weekend. Probably shouldn’t think that, you thought, that’s what everyone in the horror movies say before they get killed.

Just as you reach the driver’s side door of the black chevy, a hand grasps your wrist and flips you around, pinning you against Dean’s car. The pocket buttons on your jeans scrape the paint, and you throw out all your survival instincts in replacement with worrying what your boyfriend Dean will say when he realizes you scratched his beloved Baby.

All of these thoughts fly out of your head as the wrist-grabber jams his lips onto yours, “What the fu-”

His lips migrate to your neck as you struggle to get out of his grip. Somehow, he has your arms and your legs trapped. Soon, you hear a zipper unzipping, and the man fumbles with unbuttoning your jeans.

“Get the hell off me!” You managed to break one of your legs free, and knee him in the crotch. He goes down, and you whip out your mace. Tears begin to blur your vision as you yell at the man, and spray him in the face.

Screaming, the guy runs away, not giving you the chance to find any distinguishing features. A quick twist and your forehead is resting on the door, “Oh. My. God. Did that just happen?”

Your stuff falls to the ground as you turn to vomit. Fingers trembling, you collect it.

Fingers brushing the scratches on the door, you sigh. Getting in the car, you make your way to the bunker, tears streaming down your face the entire time. As soon as Dean sees you, he knows something’s wrong. Judging by the way you hold his keys, he yells.

“Why did you do to baby? Huh? I can see it in your face. Did you spill something? Bring another damn dog in there?!”

The couch is a welcoming sight, and you plop down, staring at the wall, letting it all sink in. Dean storms out, which also marks the entrance of Sam and Cas. They sit down on either side of you, trying to get your attention.

“Hey, Y/N/N, what’s wrong?” Cas’ voice is soft.

You take a shuddering breath, and speak in a whisper, “Um, I was out, and I was getting ready to leave, and there was this guy… he tried to, to, um… and I scratched b-baby.”

Sam wraps an arm around you, and you lean into him and start bawling, soaking his shirt. You grip his shirt tight enough to turn your knuckles white. The couch shifts as Castiel exits, going who knows where.

A comforting hand begins to rub your back, as you continue to sob louder. You were almost raped, and on the day your entire family died, no less. The worst thing? Now you were going to have to tell them what you were doing at the cemetery.

Running footsteps pound towards you, a door swings open and slams against the wall, and all of a sudden you’re being transferred into Dean’s arms. He gathers you up and holds you close.

“Oh, babe, I’m so sorry. Where was this? What did he look like? Please let me kill him. Are you alright? Do you need anything? Sam, go get-”

“Dean.” Your voice is raspy, “Can we just, sit like this for awhile, please?”

He nods into your neck, noticing for the first time the hickies running along it. He stiffens, and bites his lip hard enough to bleed. Lacing your fingers with his, he takes note of the hand shaped bruise on your wrist, “I’m gonna kill this bastard.”


Wanna be tag in more fics like this? Ask me or check out my tag list where you can put yourself on a specific list: click here for tag list

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Spaces Between Us (Part 1)

Originally posted by justalittl3reaction

Summary: Dean is pushing the reader away. To clear her head, she goes on a hunt, but something goes terribly wrong…

Request: Dean x reader where Dean and her are in a relationship and she’s a hunter and she is kidnapped by a demon and is tortured for information but doesn’t give in and dean saves her and she kills the demon with her last bit of strength and then a lot of fluff and maybe some smut if you feel like it I don’t mind. I don’t know why I was so specific but as I said I’ve never done this. Thanks x

Hi could you do one where Dean tries to push the reader away so they can be safe but they are stubborn and it gets really heated and ends up smutty and dean is like ok you can stay. (Sam goes out to give dean some alone time to talk to the reader and maybe before hand could there be a talk between Sam and Dean saying sending the reader away is the best option to keep her safe) thanks

Pairing/Characters: Dean x reader, Sam Winchester, Police of Chief, Garth Fitzgerald IV

Word Count: 1885ish

Warnings: angst, language, mention of murder victims, drinking, neglect, violence, depressive thoughts

A/N: Decided to mash two requests together :) Enjoy!

You felt the cold space on the other side of your bed and you sighed. Sitting up, you looked around the dark room to find no sign of Dean. You threw the covers off and walked down to the kitchen. As you entered, only Sam was sat at the metallic table that occupied the Bunker’s kitchen. He had the newspaper in his hand and you knew that Dean probably was here at one point, but bailed soon after. This had been the new normal lately. You’d only see him at night or the next day if he had found a solo hunt. He was pushing you away. It all started because of a hunt a few weeks ago. A child had died. Dean’s day consisted of constant hunting or drinking. If you tried to talk to him, he’d walk away. Your heart was broken, but you never said anything.  You opened the fridge to see that food was scarce.

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Flour Power

Originally posted by hardyness

Request: You could write about Newt trying to do an “accio flowers” spell for you but something goes terribly wrong (like he gets flour instead of flowers idk) 

A/N: I’M BACK. This is my attempt at fluff, which doesn’t really happen ‘till the end, I tried I’m sorry!  Also- I’d like to thank @the-socially-awkward-extrovert once more this wonderful prompt! I hope I did it somewhat justice! xx

You were quite young when you found out you were different from everyone else.

Your mother was terrified that the neighbors would somehow find out and make a spectacle of you, while your father refused to admit that his own child was as strange and bizarre are you.

All they wanted to do was be normal, thank you very much, and of course, you were the one that had to ruin it.

You remember your parents not being home one day, grudgingly trusting you to stay at home by yourself, when you heard a knock at your front door. You couldn’t have been more than eleven years old, so of course you opened the door without hesitation; and was met with a tall woman with dark brown eyes, a pointy green hat, and what looked like a matching bathrobe.

She smiled warmly at you and said, “Hello, there. Are your parents home?”

You blinked a few times before shaking your head slowly, “No,” you uttered, “they’ll be back later.”

The tall lady hummed to herself in response for a few moments before she said, “would you mind if I wait here?”

“I don’t know you.” you retorted immediately, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

However, just before you could close the front door, the tall lady kneeled down with a soft, but sad smile on her face. “Don’t be afraid,” she said calmly, “I’m not dangerous. My name is Olivia Fawn, I’m the assistant headmaster for a school full of special people just like you.”

Instantly, those words seemed to send a shock to you as you looked down, “My mom says I’m not special,” you replied, “she say’s I’m normal, and that there’s nothing wrong with being normal.”

“Hardly,” replied Miss Fawn as she lifted a delicate hand up to your face, only to open it in front of you to reveal a bright yellow sunflower. “You and I both know (y/n) that you’re so special, and I want to help you.”

It was at that moment in time that you wished you had let Miss Fawn into your home, but not for the purpose that she was there- but to hide her, because right before you could touch the flower in her hand, you heard a piercing voice cry out, “(y/n)! What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

In the instant that it took your mother and father to reach the front door, you raced to your room and slammed the door shut, panting slightly. Positive you were going to receive a mouthful once Miss Fawn was gone, you slid on the floor and placed your head in between your knees and shut your eyes tightly, not sure of what to do next.

But when you opened your eyes again, you were shocked to see the same bright, yellow, sunflower.

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September 29

Feel free to tag me in ANY fics you post, and see previous week’s fic recs HERE


‘Til Next Time by @babypieandwhiskey
   Reader starts a new job next door to a brewery, which Jensen just happens to be the owner of. 

Stripped Bare by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog
   The reader plays strip poker with Dean.

Play With Me by @docharleythegeekqueen
   Dean and Sam realized a long time ago they were in love with their shy hunting partner, but never thought they’d ever had a chance. Needless to say, a random accident leads the boys to a shocking truth about her and hopes that just maybe they’ll stand a chance with her after all.

Dean’s Red Shirt by @impala-dreamer
   There are few things more sexy than Mr. Winchester in his red flannel…except maybe him catching you in it.

Time for A Little Break by @notnaturalanahi
   Dean’s feelings for you are the only thing holding him to the ground, aware of it you decide to do something about it.

Barely Legal by @saxxxology
  It’s your eighteenth birthday, and Sam finds himself yearning to test the boundaries a little.

Overcompensation by @saxxxology
   After a disappointing sexual encounter, Sam makes it his mission to give you everything you deserve.

A Tongue for Atonement by @scorpiongirl1
   Dean apologizes to the reader very thoroughly.


The Walk by @curliesallovertheplace
   Misha has a plan and GISHWHES is the best way to cover for the real reason that he’s walking so far.

Post-Hunt Relaxation by @supernaturallymarvellous
   Relaxing with Sam after a hunt while Dean slaves away in the kitchen can only be a good thing, right?


The One With Charlie’s Herbal Tea by @boxywrites
  Reader gets injured after a hunt and isn’t handling it very well. Neither is Dean. Charlie tries to help but should really have brushed up on her Latin skills before doing so.

A Promise by @whispersandwhiskerburn
   Dean and Y/N end up hunting each other in the bunker when something goes terribly wrong on a day off from hunting.


House of Gold by compo67 (on AO3)
   The sequel to “They Met at the Photo-Op Booth.” Small-town book clerk Jared Padalecki is engaged to Hollywood actor Jensen Ackles. Life is much more complicated than planning their wedding and keeping up with each other. Telling their families, moving in together, dealing with the press, and figuring out what they want individually and as a couple–can they handle it? Lacey things and guitar strings will tell.

Hasty Decisions Part 1 and Part 2 by @katymacsupernatural
   The reader makes a hasty decision, changing her life drastically.

Paper Faces by rainywriter (on AO3)
   When Jared puts on his mask, he becomes Masquerade, male belly-dancer extraordinaire. In his real life, the unmasked one, he’s simply Jared Padalecki - cripplingly shy librarian. He’s very careful to keep the two facets of his life separate – until one Jensen Ackles comes along and seems to want both Jared Padalecki and his alter ego, Masquerade. The problem is Jensen doesn’t know they’re the same person.

It’s hard to find ace fics, and even harder to find good ones. There are a variety of ace experiences in this list. In some of them the main character is ace, but not all of them. Some of them are stories about asexuality, and some of them aren’t. But sometimes it’s just nice to have ace characters without their identity being the centre of the known universe. There are a variety of ships here, so hopefully if you also like ace fics, you’ll find something here you haven’t read before!

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anonymous asked:

71 with Derek Hale please? <3

Derek Hale - “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”

You sighed while you crossed your arms over your chest. Your back started to hurt and you could barely feel your legs anymore. You had no idea how long you and Derek were already sitting in his car to watch Mister Douglas, who was nowhere to be seen, but you started to grow really tired of it.

“Can you stop it?” Derek turned his head towards you. His lips were forming a straight line and if looks could kill you could have been dead by now. “I like this as little as you do.”

“He’s not going to do anything today.” You placed your arm on the elbow rest in the middle. “I’m in need of coffee and I’m hungry.”

“Seriously? You’re gonna complain even more?” Derek raised his eyebrows. “And here I thought that Stiles was bad company. You’re even worse.” Derek crossed his arms over his chest too while he leaned back.

“Well, you’re not the Alpha anymore. You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me. And I’m gonna complain about this as much as I want, whether you like it or not.”

“You forget I’m the one with the claws and the sharp teeth.” Derek turned his head back to stare at the door leading towards Douglas’ house.

“Sounds like an excellent plan.” You grinned and shook your head. “Those claws and teeth aren’t gonna save you when Douglas does come out and does notice you with a dead body on the seat next to you.” You laughed out loud. “I know you don’t want to hear it, but you need me, Derek Hale. You need me and my guns to save your ass if something goes terribly wrong.”

“Things won’t go wrong. We’re not here to fight. We’re here to observe so we can fight later.” Derek took a deep breath and he played with the car keys.

“Who sends a werewolf and an assassin to observe some weird nazi-officer?” You scoffed and once again your crossed your arms over your chest. “We have the skills to kill him. I don’t understand why they don’t let us use them.”

“Scott has a plan that doesn’t involve killing. We stick to the plan.” Derek murmured, but it was clear that his heart wasn’t fully in it.

“Yes, because Scott’s plans are obviously always brilliant and always work out so well.” You knew that Derek had a soft spot for Scott, that in a way he saw the boy as a better Alpha than he could ever be. You knew that no matter how strong Scott was, most of the time he was simply lucky that things worked out.

“We stick to the plan.” Derek hissed between his teeth, but he also tensed all his muscles and clenched his jaw.

Half an hour passed without anything happening. An hour passed without anything happening. Two hours passed without anything happening.

“Screw the plan.” Derek slammed his steering wheel and he started the car. “He can come up with something else. Something that doesn’t involve us staring at a closed door for hours.”

“That’s what I said…” You shook your head and stared out of the window. “I still need coffee and food though.”

“I’ll find a starbucks or something.”

Paene Perditus

FFXV Prompto/Reader Oneshot

Word count: 9,469

Rating: Teen (SFW)

Summary: You and the boys split up to track down a pair of hunters’ tags, but something goes terribly wrong. (Post-timeskip; Soulmate AU; Noctis Lives AU)

Warnings: angst; blood and some gore

Disclaimer: I do not own FFXV or any related characters, nor do I own you. No money is made from the writing of this story.

Tagging: @toranyx @paopusunshine @sailormars109 @waterwifewrites @flurryofwritingflames @ultimoogle @alecair @vashiane @me-yasato @noxhighwind @rhysspeaces

A/N: This was originally a small section of a roleplay that I’ve been doing with @toranyx , and I decided to rework my favorite scene into story format. 

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Concept: something goes terribly wrong in the world of Avatar, during Aang’s adult years… the ocean spirit is damaged. Yue can only do so much to assist, but can assist another to take it’s place. Sokka steps forwards without hesitation.

Katara feels closest to her sibling whilst water-bending, or on the beach. 

llygaidwideshut  asked:

I enjoyed your cupcake delights series a lot :) Would like to prompt you for Wintershock where Darcy or Bucky accidentally get their gender changed :)

glass shards, darcy/bucky (T)

okay, so. I feel like you were hoping for something light and fluffy and funny, but considering Bucky’s backstory this definitely took on a hurt/comfort tone. 

that being said, the ending is so sugary sweet you’ll probably get a toothache. ;) hope you like it!

(also, you won the prompt lottery. this thing is hella long.)

On the fiftieth trial of the Terrible Trio’s experiment, something actually happened.

Darcy was neck deep in the pile of paperwork the scientists insisted on ignoring—Tony straight up refused to fill it out, Jane’s handwriting was illegible to anyone but Darcy on the best of days, and Bruce claimed that bureaucratic inanities tried the Big Guy’s patience. She didn’t believe that last one, but Bruce was by far her best-behaved scientist so Darcy let him get away with the excuse.

For once, the scientists seemed to have things well in hand science-wise. They hadn’t even reached hour forty of their bender, so Darcy felt justified in leaving them unsupervised for a couple of hours while she dug into the bureaucratic bullshit of Stark Industries. In hindsight, that decision was a total mistake.

Darcy was so absorbed in her paperwork that she missed it when Tony distracted Bruce with some off-color quip. The scientist’s measurement was off by a millimeter as a result, and no one noticed.

Chewing on a pen—trying to decide whether form 2187-A or 2187-B was most appropriate—Darcy also missed it when Jane tripped over a machine cord in her haste to mark down Trial #49’s disappointing results. The plug didn’t come all the way out of the wall, and Jane continued obliviously on her way.

She didn’t notice the smoke creeping across the floor at first, but jumped at the subsequent explosion of sound.

The scientists shouted at her in unison, but it was already too late.


There was a click, followed by a flood of light. Bucky blinked several times at the sudden change, knife already drawn and poised to throw.

It was Sam.

His hand faltered, then dropped back to his side. After all the years and all the horror, Bucky needed the dark and the quiet to find some semblance of peace. He retreated to a soundproofed room off the gym several times a week, and it was rare—unheard of, actually—for anyone to interrupt Bucky’s meditation unless there was a call to assemble.

He was already headed in Sam’s direction, mouth open to ask for a sit rep, when Sam held up a hand. Bucky stopped and cocked his head in question.

“There’s no call to assemble, Barnes. But there’s been an…incident…in the tower.”

Retrieving his knife, Bucky flipped it lightly with his fingers. It was mostly reflex, and gave his restless muscles something to do. “What kind of incident, Wilson?”

“Stark, Banner, and Foster were working on an experiment. It went wrong, and Foster’s assistant got caught in the crossfire.”

“Darcy?” Bucky’s heart thudded hard in his chest. He liked the woman. She was brash and mouthy with a bold smile and curves that went on for days. They didn’t know each other well, but it was impossible not to be aware of her. She was a force of nature—the kind of gusty wind that wore away at his hard edges and general resistance to the 21st century.

Within seconds, Bucky was only steps away from the door and the other man. His body moved on instinct as his mind whirled with possible scenarios and extraction plans. Sam’s eyes lit with recognition, and he muttered a soft “Fuck.”

“I forgot you knew her, Barnes, sorry. She’s not injured.” Sam hesitated, mouth working as he tried to think of the right thing to say.

Bucky’s hand clenched around the knife; it was no longer spinning in his hand. “Spit it out, Wilson.” His weight shifted forward, ready to explode into motion.

Sam held out his hand again in a steadying motion. “Give me a second, man. This shit is weird to explain, alright?” He sighed. “You know how they work on crazy shit in the labs?”

Bucky did know; he avoided the lab floor at all costs as a result. At his terse nod, Sam continued, “I don’t even know how to say this, man. They were working on something—I can’t tell you what they were trying to do, it all goes over my head—and something went terribly wrong. And it—” he rubbed a tired hand over his face, “—it did something to Darcy. Changed her.”

Shifting his weight, confused as to why Sam sought him out when immediate intervention wasn’t required, Bucky questioned, “Changed her how, Sam?”

With a helpless shrug, Sam elaborated, “It changed her body. Like, completely.”

Utterly baffled, Bucky stared at him in confusion. “I don’t understand.”

With a huff, Sam spit out, “Man, she woke up with a different body. Like a male version of herself.”

Choking on his own spit, Bucky sputtered, “What?”

“Yeah, man. I told you it was fucking weird.” After a slight hesitation, Sam added, “She’s having a hard time, Barnes. A really hard time. Won’t come out of her room, or talk to anyone. Jane and the other two are working on a cure as fast as they can, and I thought—”

“You thought I could help, somehow,” Bucky finished skeptically.

With a significant glance at Bucky’s prosthetic arm, Sam agreed, “Yeah, I did. You know a thing or two about body horror. And being uncomfortable in your own skin.”

As always, the reminder of what he’d lost stung. But that, Bucky supposed, was the point. He did know a thing or two. And if he could spare Darcy some discomfort, it would be worth facing his own.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Talk to her, for one. Let her know she isn’t alone.”


“Miss Lewis, Sergeant Barnes requests entrance to your apartment.” From under Darcy’s mountain of blankets, FRIDAY’s voice sounded gentle. Like the AI was talking to a wounded animal. Which, she figured, might be a fair assessment. She was definitely hurting, and didn’t feel at all like herself.

Without moving an inch—she’d finally found a spot that didn’t send her muscles into spasms, as long as she stayed as still as a statue—Darcy asked, “Bucky? What does he want?”

There was a tiny pause, then FRIDAY answered, “To help, Miss Lewis.”

Bitterly, she scoffed, “Well unless he’s been hiding a scientific genius that can outsmart Jane, Tony, and Bruce, I don’t see what good he can do.”

Bucky’s voice floated from the doorway. “I have a little bit of experience with pain, doll. And with feeling like a stranger in my own body.”

At the sound of his voice, Darcy flinched. Her back and arm muscles immediately cramped, and she sobbed soundlessly into the mattress. She couldn’t answer, consumed with pain and despair.

“Will you let me help you, Darcy? You don’t have to do this alone.” His voice was closer now, and Darcy flinched involuntarily at the thought of him pulling the covers back and looking at her. Other than the scientists and Dr. Cho, no one had seen Darcy since the incident. She couldn’t handle it, couldn’t even look at herself.

Instead, she had sequestered herself in her bedroom, turned off all the lights, and hidden herself under a pile of blankets so thick she couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face. No, not her hand. Her hand didn’t look or feel anything like that. But it seemed to be attached all the same.

Bucky patiently reminded her of his presence. “Will you let me help, Darcy?” he coaxed gently. His voice drifted over the covers, level with her head. She had an image of him kneeling at her bedside, that gentle look in his eyes he got sometimes when he looked at Steve and still saw the sick little boy from Brooklyn.

She choked on a sob at that thought, not silent this time. “It hurts, Bucky.” It was a desperate wail, a literal cry for help.

There was a rustling sound, and faint pressure from him smoothing the covers next to her head. He didn’t touch her at all, which she was grateful for. At the same time, all her muscles tensed and focused in his direction, wanting him to soothe their hurt.

“What hurts, Darcy?”

She laughed, sharp and bitter, around a throat clogged with tears. “Everything, Bucky. Everything hurts.”

The sound of shifting fabric reached her ears. Still calm, still gentle, Bucky responded, “Alright, doll. Let’s take this one step at a time.”


They talked for what felt like hours. Other than softly probing questions, Bucky just sat and listened. She told him about the pain, about the discomfort. He listened as she described her inability to walk on legs that were too long and weirdly shaped. How her hands were too big to button a shirt or grip a glass of water properly.

Most of all, he understood when she told him about the spasms and the pain. “Ah,” he said, when she spoke of the nerves that set themselves on fire with every little movement.

Overwhelmed, Darcy stopped. Tears slipped down her cheeks, and she tried to keep her breathing even. Without commenting on her emotional state, Bucky smoothed a hand against the topmost blanket and prompted, “Do you trust me, Darcy?”

She thought hard about her answer. It was true that she’d always liked him—he was genuine and funny and had never given her a reason not to—but trust was another matter altogether. Then again, she’d let him in, figuratively and literally. “Yes,” she whispered.

(read more link here)

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Types of Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes

  • Space Ethics Conundrummer
  • Something Goes Terribly Wrong In The Holodeck (Again)
  • Something honestly just fucking stupid
  • Something honestly just fucking stupid but also incredibly amusing
  • Denise Crosby Fucked Up Her Career So Tasha Is Back Again For Some Reason
  • Riker gets some 🅱ussy
  • Worf is a Terrible Father
  • Space Politics Goes Horribly Wrong
  • Wesley Crusher does something unreasonably Amazing
  • Oh Fuck It’s The Borg
  • Something super intense with Picard that makes you cry
  • Data Saves The Day Because He Is An Android ™
  • Data Fucks Up The Day Because He Is An Android ™
  • Related to Above: We Feel Sorry For Brent Spiner So We Will Let Him Play Multiple Wacky Roles Even Though He Sucks At It
  • Throwbacks to TOS that are fantastic and emotional
  • Travel Loop Episode, The Time
  • Q

anonymous asked:

#26 symmetra and pharah

Okay since it’s march, I’m probably going to switch gears and put out a different prompt list, but I feel like this one’s a good note to end on for the Valentine’s day prompts. I think I’m going to do something different this time and have the first couple paragraphs of the fic out for a preview, and then the rest under a cut.

26. Date gone completely awry


“So charming,” said Ana, straightening Pharah’s tie and collar. “Oh—hold on.” She grabbed a loose eyelash that was on Pharah’s cheekbone, then thumbed away the specs of mascara that were there behind it. She took a few steps back. “Okay, now stand up straight.” Pharah scoffed and smiled a little and straightened her back and struck a bit of a pose. Ana covered her mouth with her hands and her one remaining eye sparkled. “Oh ḥabībtá,” she said, and then gasped a little, “Reinhardt can you—?” Reinhardt was at her side in a second, handing her a camera.

“Mum,” Pharah said with a roll of her eyes, as Ana took pictures of her, “I’ve been on dates before.”

“And I’ve missed so many of them,” said Ana, taking another picture, “Let me be an old fool.”

Pharah snorted and folded her arms, “You keep making a big deal of this and you’re going to jinx it,” she said, with a grin.

“Fareeha—-you don’t still believe in that silly curse, do you?” said Ana.

“Curse?” said D.Va as Reinhardt took his seat back across from her at the virtu-Chess board.

“Oh mum don’t tell them about the—” Pharah started.

“It started back when she was 14,” said Ana and Pharah slapped her forehead.

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More AU prompts

So my last list of unconventional aus got really popular???? SO HERE ARE MORE

“I’m the slowest on the track team and you’re the fastest and we were doing this run through the wilderness and I was super far behind so no one noticed when I fainted but then you found me when you were somehow ALREADY GOING THROUGH A SECOND TIME???” AU

“You think I’m a literal genius but we got partnered up for labs in science and OH SHIT you can’t know that literally every time I do a lab something goes terribly wrong GOD dammit I’m supposed to be the smart one” AU

“We’re sitting next to each other at a classical concert and oh my god I am so pissed at the people clapping between movements that is nOT GOOD ETIQUETTE oh shit I think the security realized I snuck in please help” AU

“I work at target and you’re doing one of those projects where you live in target for a week as a social experiment, I guess…I don’t really care, but dude you need to spread the beds the right way I keep getting in trouble and yes of course I noticed you’ve been fucking living here” AU

“You’re a painter trying to sell art at the Art festival in my town and I really loved your art and I was going to buy one the next day but you were gone so now I have to go on a quest trying to find the next town the festival is in so I can find you to buy your freaking painting” AU

“You’re so freaking closed up and serious I’ve never heard you say more than two words what are you doing in this nightclub??? Oh wait dang you can dance” AU

Advent, advent – Jungkook

December 13th, Jeon Jungkook, 473 words.

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I’ll be home with my love
This christmas
I promise, I promise
I’ll be home with my love

»–and I swear to you, it’s like this every year. There’s always something that goes terribly wrong and it ends with Mom screaming, Dad laughing and the rest of us facepalming our way through dinner. Someone should make a movie out of it.«

He switches the phone from his right to his left ear, blinking through the steadily falling snow. It’s quiet around him, just the sound of snow crunching under his footsteps and his own breath. And your voice of course, retelling the last hours of your evening to him and sounding far more fond than annoyed, even though he can practically feel your eye roll through the phone.

»I would watch it.« He answers, smiling, »As long as some famous actress is gonna take your part.«

»You’re an ass.« He can hear you laughing, still fond, but becoming softer and dying soon after. He can’t see your face, doesn’t have to, to know that he said the wrong thing just by the change in your voice. There’s shuffling on your end, indicating that you moved and it takes a few seconds for you to start talking again and by then, your voice is thick with sadness, »I know it’s selfish but– I wanted you to be here this year.«

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Do you ever just have a ride on your horse and it’s going so well and because it’s going so well you decide to try something new and it goes terribly wrong and you and your horse are like “wtf” for the rest of the ride and it feels like all your teamwork has gone down the drain, bc same.

Goldilocks 07 || PREVIEW

A/N: In celebration of 800 followers 🎉 and the fact that every Goldilocks part so far has reached over a hundred notes, I would’ve liked to release the part early, but unfortunately I’ve not had as much time as I would like to write it (not to mention edit it). I’m still planning on posting the full part on schedule unless something goes terribly wrong, but until then, here’s a preview! Oh look! In the distance… exposition…

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || 01

“Tae, where did your pants go?” you yell to be heard over the pounding bass of the music.

He looks down, blinking blankly a couple of times at his boxers, “I honestly don’t know?”

“And where did you get this tie?”

The band of silky material is wrapped firmly around his head like a bandana, both ends trailing down either side of his neck. He tugs at it, bursting into a fit of laughter, “I don’t know that either.”

You can’t help but smile, “Do you know anything? Pabo.”

“I know you’re hot and I’m fucking smashed. Let’s make out.”

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ahbaesae  asked:

So I don't really think Combeferre is the most responsible of all the Amis but I think he's at least the most level headed when all's going crazy (especially when Enj is too caught up with something to be reasonable). And I just can't get rid of a scenario in my head of Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire doing something unbelievably, extremely stupid and poor sighted Ferre who knows these 3 idiots are hopeless just goes "I can't look at this shit," and removes his glasses.

Okay but usually when Ferre nopes out of being the responsible parent™ something always goes terribly wrong

Like the first time it happened Grantaire ended up in the ER with a concussion and broken glass in his stomach