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It wasn’t my school but a school like right next to us. So these kids had shot a bobcat hoping to sell it to some guy for it’s fur and left it in their truck. They come back to check on it and it’s not fucking dead.

The legit brought a live bobcat to school and then the school went on lock down because it got out and ran into the building.

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One question: Do you know how Waxer and Boil got their names? Cuz I still wonder and I cant stop thinking in something really funny that might had happened to this two guys😂

I have no idea, but I bet it’s a hilarious story. Boil probably got his name because he “boils” over a lot, and Waxer probably had a tragic incident involving wax strips.

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i’m so full from all the hanhao feast

a dutchman, six germans, an american and 80 horses walk into a bar. i’m sure something funny is happening but it’s too crowded and i can’t see

Often I ask myself why I’ve fallen for you; how is it possible I’m in love with someone who isn’t mine? But then I replay our interactions over and over in my mind. The way you tease me, our playful fights, the stupid inside jokes. The way you look at me when something funny happens, the way your head jerks up when I begin speaking. And the answer becomes obvious. I’m in love with you because you’re my someone special. You’re incredibly stupid and immature and blind to others feelings; but you’re also talented and funny and unique in your childish ways. And you’re not mine, but our memories don’t lie. You’re the one who read the love hearts to me, you’re the one who asked for a dance, but you’re also the one who’s afraid he’s lost his chance.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1206 // I must ask you this: you’re in love with me too, so why don’t you take the risk

honestly one of the most friggin hilarious things about bob’s burgers is how drastically the scale of the story-lines fluctuates.  like some episodes are so everyday, sit-com mundane; gene joins the cheerleading squad, tina goes on a date, linda gets another job, something funny happens at the school or the restaurant

but then some episodes are preposterously dramatic??  the family gets trapped on a crazy cruise ship or they have to fly and crash land a plane or mr fischoeder’s brother TIES BOB AND MR FISHOEDER TO THE PIER TO MURDER THEM SO HE CAN INHERIT AND SELL THE AMUSEMENT PARK 

and you never know if you’re gonna get an episode where the plot revolves around a grill not working properly or, like, bob gets threatened by the mafia 

also some episodes are inexplicably musicals 

Funny and Dumb Things my friends have said

-“Catch me on the streets of Lake Superior!”

-“In space, does your blood turn blue?”

-“Close your eyes, you’re not going to want to hear this”

-“Yea sorry I couldn’t hear you I have dyslexia”

-*turns bright light on* “UGH why is it so loud!”

-*writes ‘milks’ instead of dairy on food pyramid*

-pronounces memes as memé to piss people off

-“ you: memé
Me, an intellectual: meme”

-“ I used to choke on bananas”

-“ why is it called a knee slapper? You don’t even hit your knee you hit your thigh, let’s call it a thigh slapper”

-* someone says good bye, but it sounds like something else* “did they just say soy sauce?”

-*now says soy sauce instead of goodbye*

-* uses Texas as a verb"

-*sees big fish* “ Run it’s a shark!”

-*someone asks if they got a haircut because they did* “no I just lost some weight”

-“ yea, and I came down stairs and there he was, sleeping on my couch with 3 cans of beans in his hands!”

-* band teacher is upset because we talk to much* “ what does music start with?” * is looking for the answer 'silence’*


-*is really foggy outside* “look at all the frog!”

Sweeney Todd but every time there’s syncopation it switches over to Sunday in the park with George but every time someone says hat it switches over to into the woods but every time the time signature changes three times in one song it switches to company but every time people sing over eachother to the point you can’t understand them it switches over to assassins but every time there’s syncopation it switches to something funny happened on the way to the forum but every time someone gets their identity confused it switches to once

High Ti problems #2

There’s a funny picture or chat or something funny happens.

Everyone: *laughs*

High Ti user: Good joke, but actually.. *explains why it doesn’t really make sense or some other logical flaw in it*

Person 1: Omg can’t you just laugh about it like everyone else?!

Person 2: You must be fun at parties.

Person 3: No one likes know-it-alls.

High Ti user: … Why is everyone overreacting?