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we will never be satisfied - bad-ass broadway feminists who have empowered women and changed the face of musical theatre

the schuyler sisters - hamilton // i can do better than that - the last five years // it won’t be long now - in the heights // right hand man - something rotten! // watch what happens - newsies // all to pieces - violet // ring of keys - fun home // on the steps of the palace - into the woods // naughty - matilda // everything’s coming up roses - gypsy // take me or leave me - rent // don’t rain on my parade - funny girl // colored woman - memphis // lot’s wife - caroline, or change // bring it on - bring it on: the musical // before it’s over - dogfight // astonishing - little women // shall i tell you what i think of you - the king and i // get out and stay out - 9 to 5 // satisfied - hamilton // defying gravity - wicked // so much better - legally blonde //


so I was going through the loss.jpg tag and people are getting angry because of how miscarriage isn’t a funny thing. And that’s true! Miscarriage is a sad thing and not at all something okay to laugh at!

But the thing that makes loss.jpg funny is because of how it’s bad storytelling. When you want a funny comic, you often have simplistic, similarly arranged panels to deliver the punchline. It’s funny because of either something being said or something changing! (Buckley could work on the funny though.)

See, Garfield is a good example of this:

Almost all of those panels have the same two figures in roughly the same spot. This helps accentuate how the last panel (the punchline panel, if you will) is different!

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a comic series that kept to this pattern:

Here, again, we have panels arranged simply, and the figures in the same  arrangement (height and placement, if you will) so that people pay attention to the text. The text is the funny part here, so there is no reason for the figures to change much.

But loss.jpg is a serious piece. I mean, I’ve never experienced this, but I’m willing to bet that if I or my spouse or my friend experienced a miscarriage or something, I’d be devastated! However, it kept to the silly, simplistic format.

“Well, okay.” you say. “How do you convey serious emotions in comics?”

And that depends on the emotion! The regular squares of the above comics enforce a sense of regularity. Meanwhile, with, like, an action comic, the panels will often be misshapen and crooked to give the idea that woah! something is happening.

Woah!! that guy almost go eaten by a dino thingy. It’s chaotic and confusing- meanwhile if you had put that into our “loss” format, the action would seem to have been much less important. In fact, you could almost say that it looked funny! See what I’m getting at?

“Okay. But whateverhisnameis from CAD isn’t fighting dinosaurs. Would he need those wacky panels?”

Well, sort of! You might want a misaligned panel for the panel when he opens the door, because I’m pretty sure he’s slamming it open, not gently pushing the door aside. But for the other panels, it would seem DragonBall Z levels of overdramatic to have WOAHH ACTION panels. You’d want something that isn’t too repetitive, thought. Something like this!

Here, the panels are pretty regular. But the placement of the figures is different according to each panel, creating that difference that we need to keep the actions from seeming funny. Sure, nobody is throwing punches, but there is something serious going on!! This isn’t perceived as funny because the figures are different per each panel.

Compare to loss.jpg and what do we have?

we have figures all positioned about knee height, with our protagonist always on the left, and always facing right. The last panel is almost always the punchline panel- that’s why people think that loss.jpg is people laughing at miscarriage. It’s not.

So what would make loss.jpg look like the serious story it’s trying to convey?

I scribbled this in 5 minutes in paint, but here’s my idea of what a better “loss” would look like:

He bursts through the doors and rushes to the receptionist, who directs him to the doctor. As he steps into the hospital room, he sees his wife crying and approaches to comfort her.

Is this perfect? Probably not! I’m honestly just learning comic theory right now. But does it convey the serious and honestly sad story of loss.jpg? Yes! You can’t tell a serious story in a silly manner. It’s like trying to tell a WWII survivor’s story with wingdings font. Using the wrong tools and techniques will get the wrong story across.

TL;DR loss.jpg’s punchline is that Tim Buckley needs to learn how to tell a story, not that miscarriage is in any way funny


Let’s be fashion twice.

21 Jump Street sentence starters

67 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes, violence

  • “Oh my god… You’re not asking me to prom, are you?”
  • “There’s not a nice way to put it. You’re a fucking nerd.”
  • “You’re good at this, huh?”
  • “Hey, you want to be friends?”
  • “Get ready for a lifetime of being badass motherfuckers.”
  • “You want me to beat your dick off?”
  • “Don’t run from me! You’re making it worse for yourself!”
  • “I’m not playing anymore! I’m so not kidding!”
  • “You got the right to… suck my dick, motherfucker!”
  • “This place is weird…”
  • “Keep that dirty dick in your pants.”
  • “They put this on the internet for everybody to see?”
  • “_____, I just really don’t want to fuck this up.”
  • “This house is adorable.”
  • “Oh my god, _____, did you do all this yourself? This is unbelievable!”
  • “Just shut up.”
  • “I think I shit my pants.”
  • “What the fuck are those things?”
  • “I’m so confused right now.”
  • “You don’t care about the environment? That’s kind of fucked up, man.”
  • “Oh my god. Relax, dude. Who cares?”
  • “Chemistry’s the one with the shapes and shit, right?”
  • “I was just busting your balls.”
  • “Wow. You’re fast. Not… like that. Just… let me check you out. I mean—”
  • “Okay, I’m not asking. Take it now or get the fuck out.”
  • “I don’t like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth.”
  • “Organized sports are so fascist. That shit makes me sick.”
  • “It’s backwards and unnatural, and it’s gotta be stopped.”
  • “Fuck you, man. I don’t need to tell you.”
  • “You saying we should throw a party?”
  • [phone call] “It’s so weird that you’re calling me. I pretty much text except for when a random old relative calls.”
  • “Wow. You’re a sharer. I dig that.”
  • “Where is _____, man? He said he’d be here.”
  • “Yo, this is butt. There’s, like, no hot dudes here.”
  • “Are you drunk? Have you even been drunk before?”
  • “Did you see that shit?! That was crazy!”
  • “Oh, shit… When did I get stabbed? That’s awesome!”
  • “Dude, I don’t know if that was a good idea.”
  • “I’m sorry, what are you getting mad at me for?”
  • “Shut your fucking mouth, you understand me? Shh!”
  • “I will straight-up punch you in the face if you do not shut up.”
  • “You’re so lucky your parents don’t give a shit about you.”
  • “Wow, that’s a bigger hug than I was expecting.”
  • “I just want to make sure that you and _____ are going to be careful with whatever it is you’re getting involved in.”
  • “Is that a code for sex?”
  • “I’m so happy that I met you.”
  • “God, just let me do my thing. I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Seriously, if you do that again, I’m gonna Whack-A-Mole you in the balls.”
  • “Get the fuck out of the car!”
  • “What’s wrong with you?! Run!”
  • “That’s right. Go to sleep, bitch.”
  • “You just got head-butted, motherfucker!”
  • “Are you fucking serious right now?!”
  • “What are you doing? Have you completely lost your mind?”
  • “You’re embarrassing me.”
  • “Worst best friend ever!”
  • “I don’t want to talk to you ever again.”
  • “Have some fairy dust, motherfucker!”
  • “You’re supposed to be my friend!”
  • “I would’ve taken a bullet for you.”
  • “I’m lost without you.”
  • “How do you ever expect to make any new friends with that attitude?”
  • “The only approval that I ever needed was my best friend’s.”
  • “You think I’m hot?”
  • “You’re a goddamn rock star.”
  • “I think you should be mad at more guys, because you deserve a guy who’s good and who doesn’t lie to you. You shouldn’t settle for less than that.”
  • “Thanks for saving my life. Asshole.”

steve’s sketchbook bucky’s hair day edition

Congrats on the followers babe!!! You deserve them all!!!! Okay uuuhhhmm maybe where Dean & I are in like an argument, he tries to say something funny to change the mood but then sees how serious my face is?? Idek dude lol - Thank you Rose! Hope this is what you are looking for!

“Dean, we only have three weeks until our son arrives and we have disagreed on every name one of us has suggested. You even through Sam out of the Bunker because he liked my choices! Quit being such a stubborn ass and throw out a normal name for once!” You rolled out of bed as well as could be expected at 37 weeks and padded your way to the kitchen. 

Thank god for Girl Scouts and their tasty treats. You broke the Samoas out of your secret hiding spot. Sam would confiscate them if he knew.  You grabbed the milk and a glass, sitting down at the table. You ate the first cookie while going over your argument with Dean about baby names, again.

Before long, he careful crossed the threshold into the kitchen and sat opposite you at the table. God, why did he have to be so fucking attractive. And that blue plaid, with the red and white, just made him look even better. Oh how you loved him in that shirt. He reached across the table and held your hand, gingerly rubbing circles in your palm with his thumb. 

“Rose, Baby, I am so sorry. I know I am being an ass. I just don’t want a ‘normal’ name. I want our kid to be an individual and not have a name that a hundred other kids are gonna have.” Dean confessed. 

“I know, Dean and I am sorry that I have been so emotional about the whole thing, but its the damn hormones and I can’t control it. Can we just start over, please.” He leaned over and kissed the tip of my nose. 

“So, how about Angus Samuel?” He threw out with a grin and then tried to eat one of my cookies. 

“What the actual fuck Dean?” You slapped his hand away, grabbing the cookies and holding them tight to your swollen chest and belly. “You throw out a fucked up name like Angus AND you think you can steal my cookies! Ya know, the sun does not rise and set in Angus Young’s ass. Try again Winchester!” You challenged him.

“Baby, I am trying here. I am sorry about the cookies. I really am. Let’s compromise, here okay. As long as we can use Samuel or Robert as a middle name, you can choose our son’s first name. Deal? He leaned over and kissed me.

“Oliver Samuel Winchester sounds good, don’t you think?” You kissed him back and popped another cookie in your mouth. Dean tried to grab another one, thinking he had softened you by letting you pick your son’s first name, but instead, you just dead panned him and shook your head slightly. “I don’t think so.” 

Time to find a new hiding place for your cookies.  

tfw you’re one of the few people that really like the powerpuff girls reboot

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May have lost myself to Youtube for about an hour tonight watching Bernie Sanders debates and videos and all I can say is…

There’s really no one else I want for president. 

Trolls eating beets

just thought of something funny-

You know how with humans if we eat certain foods it changes the colour of our pee (or our skin if you’re chugging Sunny-D) ?

Imagine nervous trolls preparing to enter the fleet who’ve heard urban legends that if you cram enough of a certain food it might tint your blood for a night or two. Olive bloods chugging fake-ass blue raspberry slushies to try and inch that one hex code closer to teal. A pompous violet cramming down beets to see if they can get themselves in the data base as a higher shade of violet to their counterparts for bragging rights. Mutants desperately trying to see if they can shunt their colour around a bit to try and seem legit even though it’s probably a myth or a brief novelty at best.

I find it annoying when people say that Merida isn’t brave. She had experience with heights, not bears. And the bear she feared the most was her own mother! Her instincts told her to kill the beast in self defense, her heart knew it’s her mother. She dared to stand up for herself in a corrupt society! That’s bravery! And for once it wasn’t the heroine who had to learn a lesson, it was her mother who had to learn something for a change! And I tragically find that funny that critics didn’t see it..!


“A pilot created by Julia Vickerman.
One of three new pilots released on Cartoon Network’s website.”

Ok this is VERY cool. While the plot of the pilot is rather goofy, I love love love this premise. We have a preteen-aged girl who absolutely refuses to let herself fall victim to the expectations that tend to arise for girls of this age group. It’s around age twelve when girls tend to start going through developmental changes, and the way these changes are treated in society is something I’ve always found a little off-putting. Because males tend to go through these changes a bit later, it’s during this particular age that girls are expected to be more mature than boys. (It’s funny how something so arbitrary as physical development can change things huh?) However, in Twelve Forever, the main character does not let herself “become mature” just because society wants her too. It’s her best friend, Sean, a boy, who is the more mature one of the pair, but still is as fun-loving and childish as her at times. I really hope that this show gets green-lighted. I truly believe that Twelve’s attitude will have a good impression on young girls who feel as though they HAVE to become mature, telling them that no, they don’t have to be.  (This is not too say that there is anything wrong with maturity, only that I believe that there is too much of a pressure to become mature placed on young girls.)