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The Layers of Meanings Behind the Rings

VictuuriWeek 2017 – Day 7 – Victor Prompt – Promises

So for VictuuriWeek day 7, I’d like to talk about the rings and all the various promises they hold. This post is written as a complimentary piece to @lazuliblade‘s amazing meta here (2 metas for 2 rings) so please make sure to read that one as well! In this analysis, we’ll be looking at the various tie-ins the series has to the various layers of meaning represented by the rings.

I’ll be going in the order of how they’re mentioned in Laz’s post so please enjoy!

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You can tell who’s playing ME:A


edit: I haven’t posted shit in the past five days.
Arrow's Stephen Amell Previews the Gnarly 'Deconstruction of Oliver Queen' — Plus, Game-Changing Secret Ahead!
Now being held captive by the unmasked Prometheus aka Adrian Chase, Oliver Queen will not so much go toe-to-toe with his season-long adversary as much as “chain-to-chain,” says Arrow st…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Offering a taste of what’s to come, prior to the #DCTV stars holding court at last weekend’s PaleyFest, Amell said while this Wednesday’s episode is titled “Kapiushon'” — the Russian word for “hood” — “it could literally be called ‘The Deconstruction of Oliver Queen. It’s pretty gnarly.” So much so that Amell copped to feeling “incredible levels of anxiety” during filming. “I felt like if there was a misstep, it might be something we couldn’t come back from,” he said.

Coming out of his first episode of captivity at Adrian Chase’s hand, Oliver will be “very changed,” Amell shared. “And resolute, but in the wrong way. Like, resigned.” After all, as has oft been made clear, “Chase isn’t trying to kill him. Chase is trying to sell him something, and Oliver buys it. And that causes a lot of problems within the team.”

As showrunner Marc Guggenheim put it for TVLine, “I don’t think Chase wants to show Oliver who he really is. Chase wants to get Oliver to admit who he really is. That’s the mystery of [the March 22 episode]. Oliver is being told by Chase, ‘Confess your secret,’ and hopefully the audience is going, ‘He already knows Oliver is the Green Arrow, so what secret is there?’ And there is a secret.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that anyone is expecting,” the EP added, “but it’s going to have ramifications for the remainder of the season, if not the whole series.”

Surveying Amell’s work opposite TVLine Performer of the Week runner-up Josh Segarra, Guggenheim effused, “It’s basically a stage play between [them], and it’s spectacular. Those two guys on screen are so good, you actually don’t want to cut away. We were saying we almost could have done an entire episode with just these two guys in a room talking to each other.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever worked so hard on an episode before, aside from maybe the second episode of the entire series,” Amell said of the intense hour. “I was just in everything.”

glitterywitchtale replied to your post: “Is Daniel Lissing leaving the show?”:

I don’t think so. In an interview, he talked about his hopes for a Season 5, not that that means anything. If I find it again, I will share. I just wonder where they are headed with the story. I just hope that he isn’t gone for too long, because I think that it will hurt the series.

I could see them going the missing in action route and have the whole town worried about his safety for an episode or two or maybe even drag it out to the finale if he is indeed going to be gone for a stretch.  We’ll just have to see.  I don’t know anything other than speculation.  The detailed episode description for next week should be up tomorrow most likely so hopefully there will be some mention of something.  The preview showed Elizabeth not having heard from Jack but who knows how long they’ll drag out his return.
"Preview" from See Something Say Something by BuzzFeed on iTunes
Download the episode "Preview." from the podcast See Something Say Something for free.

Hello my dear and precious first internet fans

I’m happy to announce I have a podcast at BuzzFeed, where I get a bunch of people in a room to drink chai and laugh about the hilarious experience it is to grow up Muslim in America. Have you ever wondered what my voice sounds like? Well now you can listen to it EVERY WEEK waaaaaaoooooo

Fic Preview

As promised, here’s a preview from the currently untitled sequel to “Something Worthy”. It’s one of the few scenes that sort of make sense outside of the context of the story, but anything that doesn’t make sense should become clear once the whole thing is published. I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: References to mpreg and miscarriage.


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lmao it’s funny how peole are still asking Kuhn to apologize when the episode aired and they never had to portray an ugly girl. The members told him they were giving him a “goblin makeup”. It has nothing to do with black people or saying that they’re ugly. But of course, most people who are hating don’t even know Up10tion and won’t even take 5 little minutes out of their life to learn more about the situation. Only believing things that were taken out of context. You seriously judged something coming from a preview, a teaser where it was never even said he was supposed to be an ugly girl.

That’s seriously pathetic and stupid to hate on someone who did nothing wrong. 

Also his face looked more like it was covered with ashes??? And they never mentionned that black people were ugly, they did not even use the word ugly during this segment.

You seriously need to calm down, it’s getting ridiculous.