something from down under

Ride Till The End

Part 2:

Keith wasn’t exactly sure what to make of the guy that kept claiming to be a vampire.
He was loud for one thing, being on the road with him for a couple days now Keith found that he just never shut up talking about anything and everything .
He also never seemed to sleep, Keith had offered to take shifts driving so they didn’t need to stop but Lance turned him down and just kept going only stopping now and again to go the bathroom.
Keith had woken up really late one night to find him still up humming along to some song he didn’t recognise.
All and all Keith found Lance very strange.
Then again, considering he was now a purple freak he really was t one to judge.
They were out of the city now, driving along an abandoned highway without a single zombie in sight.
Keith was routing round the cupboards for something to eat when Lance suddenly slammed on the breaks sending him flying forwards.
“What the hell man!” He snapped
“There’s people outside…” Lance pointed to what looked like a barricade made from an overturned truck with two people standing on top holding guns.
“That’s good isn’t it? We need food and gas after all.” Keith grinned.
“Your purple and I can’t go out in the sun, how do you think they’ll react when a strange RV comes driving towards them?” Lance questioned.
“Again with the vampire bull shit really.” Keith grumbled under his breath.
Lance of course heard him but was too focused on the two figures that seemed to notice them as they climbed down and came running over with their guns raised.
“Shit” Lance cursed putting the RV in reverse and driving away from them only for the sound of gun fire a burst tire to echo through the air.
They skidded across the road, Keith holding on to the back of the seat and Lance trying to keep them from flipping over.
They managed to remain upright and came to a stop at the side of the road just as the two figures made their way to the door.
“What do we do?” Keith asked as Lance jumped up and tossed him some bandages as he began to apply a heavy layer of sunscreen.
“Put those on and if they ask your a burn victim.” He ordered in a serious tone Keith had never heard before.
As Lance pulled on as many layers of clothes as he could including a large ladies sun hat, Keith wrapped the bandages around his face using a spare hat to cover his ears and his is tail down the leg of his pants.
By time the door was kicked in the two looked strange but totally human.
“Who are you and where you heading?” One demanded pointing his gun at Lance who had stepped as daw away from the intruding sun light as possible.
“My names Lance, this is my friend Keith. We ran away from the hospital before the outbreak got bad and are headed to Cuba.” Lance lied so effortlessly that it honestly disturbed Keith a little.
“So what’s with the get up?” The other a tall blonde woman asked gesturing to them with the barrel of her gun.
“I have skin cancer and Keith was caught up in a fire, we have to be careful around the sun and dust ya know.” Lance shrugged again trying to seem casual.
The man looked sceptical but the woman nudged him in the ribs and pointed towards the built in fridge.
“Tell you what, we’ll let you pass in exchange for whatever you’ve got in there.” He smirked.
Lance paled looking to Keith slightly panicked.
Keith had never opened the fridge but Lance had told him that he would die if he didn’t get what was in there regularly.
“No can do… we kinda need it.” Lance said too quickly.
“It wasn’t a request.” The woman smirked cocking her gun and aiming at Lance’s chest.
Keith couldn’t let them take something that Lance relied upon to live.
“I’ll count to ten before I start filling your pretty little body with lead.” She glanced at the fridge almost hungrily but made no move towards it. “One, two, three, nine.”
“Wait!” Keith yelled. “Just let me get the key.” He said quickly moving towards the drivers seat with his hands raised.
“Be quick about it.” The woman spat.
Keith nodded kneeling down as if to get something from under the seat, then he suddenly jumped into the seat and slammed his foot down on the gas pedal.
The RV lurched forwards knocking the two outside as Keith sped straight into the barricade.
He head shooting and hissed in pain when a built grazed his arm.
He ignored it as they crashed right into the truck flipping right over the top.
Keith was air born for a moment before everything turned black.
When Lance woke up everything hurt.
He was lying halfway through the wind screen with pieces of broken glass sticking out of all visible skin.
He was lucky he could heal so fast or he would surly of died.
Groaning he climbed back inside examining the wreckage.
The RV was a wreck and Lance could smell something strange.
However that smell was over powered by the scent of blood.
Lance’s eyes widened at the sight of Keith lying limply over the air bad with red blood dripping from his nose.
Lance felt his fangs descend at the sight, but shook his head to clear any thoughts of drinking from Keith.
He limped over to him trying to shake him awake earning him a small moan.
Good he was still alive.
Lance hears gun fire again, it hitting the metal creating small sparks.
It was then that Lance realised what that strange smell was.
It was the propane tank.
It must of burst in the crash.
Lance didn’t waste any time.
He picked Keith up and started to run along the highway not even stopping to grab any of his blood.
He thanked whatever God that still watched over him that it was cloudy enough so that he wasn’t burning.
Lance didn’t look back when he heard shouting and gun fire on metal.
Or when the explosion sent him flying forwards falling to his knees as he fought to keep Keith in his arms.
He didn’t look back.
He just kept running.
Even though now they had lost the RV, Lance’s blood supply, all their weapons.
And most importantly, the only shelter from the sun they would likely see for miles and miles.
It was a waiting game now.
What would happen first?
Lance find shelter?
Or the Sun coming out and turning him to ash.
Only time will tell.

30 Day OTP Challenge Day Three: Playing Video Games/Watching a movie

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Note: Fluff! Loki has a kink! 

Word: 1235 

You smiled looking down into the microwave at the bag of popcorn popping as you stood up straight. You were excited because you hadn’t seen your love for almost a week due to a mission you were sent on. You had an arrangement of horror movies, you rather enjoyed these types of movies, considering you’ve seen worse on the field. Though Loki didn’t know that and you devised a plan within the contents of your brain as a grin spread across your face. You checked the popcorn, and the drinks that you had and the movies on the coffee table.

Now you waited for the man of the Hour to come out from the shower as you smiled laying a blanket for the two of you to cuddle in. Suddenly you heard your bedroom door open as you looked over before you froze at the sight before you. Loki was drying his long raven black hair only standing in sweatpants and no shirt on his torso. That’s what you were staring at the entire time seeing a few droplets of water clinging to his chest. He wasn’t built like Thor, or Steve, he was more lean, but he was not weak with such a small chest.

His piercing eyes fell onto yours as you stood with you jaw slightly agape standing in front of the couch when a smirked danced across his lips. “Do not know that it is rude to stare My darling?” He asked in a smooth, but teasing voice that made your face lit up. “I-I know, but you’re not playing fair!” You huffed crossing your arms as he laid the towel onto one of the chairs before running his fingers through his hair to move it back from his face. “Oh, do tell me what I am doing that isn’t fair?” He asked as his stalks over towards you.

His movements were graceful yet striking at the same time like a predator going in for the kill when you let out a giggle. His hands cupped your face as his smirked turned into a smile that beared his pearl white teeth. He leaned forward kissing your lips gently, your mouths moved in perfect sync when you pulled away slightly breathless. “You wanna watch a movie to relax? I know you’ve been stressed out due to the mission.” You smiled when he nods. “As long as I am at your side. I do not have a care of what we do.” He said as you sat down onto the couch.

He takes his place at your side as you look at him when he noticed they were all horror movies. “I thought you didn’t care for horror movies?” He asked when your heart swelled for a moment. You had told Loki months ago you didn’t like horror movies despite loving them, but you thought he had forgotten. “Yeah, well it was either this or a chick flick.” You counter as he raises an eyebrow. “You know sappy, girl meets boy and they fall in love.” You explained as Loki grunted rolling his eyes. “Thank the gods you choice Horror.” He huffed making you laugh loudly.

“How about Friday the 13th?” You asked waving the movie in front of him as he shrugs. “Whichever one makes you happiest.” He said as you blushed softly putting the movie in when you grabbed the bowl of popcorn snuggling against Loki’s side. He wrapped his arm around you as the movie began to play as his gaze turned to the television. Phase two of your plan was coming into play while you waited for one of the stupid people to get attacked. You bit you lit softly as you wrapped your arms around Loki’s waist like you were scared.

His hold on you tightened when suddenly there was a scream that was echoed by your own when you buried your face into his chest. You had to force the smirk that danced across your lips when Loki’s eyes widened when he looked down to you in concern. “Are you alright? Do you want to stop watching?” He asked placing a hand onto your face as you shook your head. “I’m sorry. I’m okay!” You said immediately before turning back to movie as Loki frowns before his gaze fell back on the movie.

It was a while later while you bury your face into his chest every time Jason came on the screen to slaughter the campers or the councillors. Loki paused the movie as you felt him pull you into his lap when he ran his fingers through your hair. It always calmed you down whenever you were upset as he leans forward kissing the shell of your ear. “Do you desire to watch something else? If you are watching this for my benefit only, don’t.” He said in a stern voice. “I am serious, I’d rather watch something we both desire. Not this if it frightens you this much.” He said softly.

You smiled softly against his shoulder while laying in his lap when you looked up to him. “I’m sorry, I promise. I’m okay.” You said softly when he shuts of the movie as you glance back before gasping softly feeling his soft lips onto your neck. “We shall pick another movie. No horror. Something more intriguing that silly fake blood splattered across the screen.” He said making you look back to him with his index and middle finger. “I love you.” You said smiling when he smiles back in return when sudden realization hits him.

“Oh you are a very naughty girl.” He said as his smile turns darker making your eyes widened. “W-What? Why?” You asked in slight shock at his change in tone. “You dare lie to the God of Mischief.” He said tilting his head up to meet your gaze when you bit your lip. “What do you mean?” You asked still trying to play innocent. “Oh my darling, you love horror movies. And if you don’t you’ve seen worse on the battlefield.” He said placing his cheek his onto his hand that rested on the arm of the couch before you looked down away from his gaze.

You mumbled something under your breath when he chuckled making his chest vibrate, giving a tingling sensation in your fingers that laid on his pectoral muscles. “I can say I am impressed though. I did for a little while believe you were frightened of the masked man.” He said making you blush. “But.” He said a his voice grew harsher. “I do not like when you lie to me.” He had a frown dancing on those kissable lips. “I’m sorry my King.” You said before his eyes darkened slightly. “Room. Now.” He growled. “What about the movie?” You asked looking at him.

“Fuck the movie.” He spat standing up abruptly making you gasp in shock before clinging to his body. Your legs immediately wrapped around his waist as your nails dug their purchase into his back. “Warn a girl next time!” You hiss from the shock as he chuckles. “Oh my darling, you know I desire surprises more.” He whispered into your ear before walking you back towards the bedroom. “L-Loki!” You squeaked blushing harder. “King. I am your King.” He whispered in a raspier voice before he slammed the door shut behind you. The movie was long forgotten. Best. Plan. Ever.

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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam, Jody
Word count: 1,379
Warnings: Angst, swearing, death
Request: Anonymous. For the requests/Drabbles/oneshots thingy-DeanxReader, the inspiration: “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. Please and thank you this is the first time I’ve ever asked for anything hope I did it right 😖 Also I’m in love with all the stories here. You all are so talented and I love you all. AHHHHHHH I’m so sorry I forgot the relationship. Either the reader is a sister, or a good friend(TBH whatever you feel is right). This is in regards to the song “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. I’m sorry

Leaning on the door frame to your room, Dean had his arms crossed over his chest. You looked so peaceful, so innocent. Then there was him. This life had eaten away at any goodness that had ever been inside of him. His jaw tightened as he fought back the tears.

Dean never had a real home, Sam never had a real home, but you? You had. You’d have a loving mother, an awesome step-father, and an older sister. Then they were ripped from you. Word got around that Sam and Dean Winchester had a little sister. Half sister, really, but technicalities didn’t matter to demons, to vampires, or anything else the boys had hunted down over the years.

Here you were, two years later. You were nearing those harder years of growing up- your teenage years. Years when a home, friends, and normalcy was most important. “Dean?” Came the voice of Jody, rough with the remnants of sleep.

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Stop the Pain

Okay so here’s my little Langst ficlet. I was just gonna make it a prompt but whoops my hand slipped it’s been written. Sorry about any typos or if they seem ooc or anything. :TRIGGER WARNING:


It starts with someone calling Lance’s name. They sound so familiar. It’s his mother. He opens his eyes as far as he can and squints at how bright it is. She’s holding his head in her lap and crying, his father is at the door, one the phone, talking. He’s crying too. Lance feels tears still running down his face from earlier and he hurts. Everything hurts. His stomach, his arms. His mother is still shouting his name and sobbing as his vision begins to go black.

“Lance!” He jerks awake, looking around at everyone staring at him. He sees a couple of concerned glances, but mostly everyone seems annoyed. “Were you even paying attention?” Keith asks, glaring at him. “Uh, sorry guys,” Lance sniffs, wiping tears off his face. “Didn’t get much sleep last night, must’ve dozed off. What was that again?” Keith lets out an annoyed sigh. “I was SAYING that the black lion still has to choose her new paladin, so we’ll all meet in her hanger in two quintants, alright?” Everyone nods and begins to disperse. As Lance walks away he feels a hand land on his shoulder.
“What was that back there?!” Keith almost shouts. Lance winces, remembering his flashback. “You need to start focusing on our job. We’re paladins of Voltron. We defend the Universe! If you can’t pay attention then how are you supposed to be a sharpshooter?” His voice increases in volume and he lets go of Lance. “Get it together Lance. Don’t let this happen again.” Lance just stands there, he can’t move. Tears start to slip down his face, as much as he tries to hold them in, and he breaks.
“Am I the sharpshooter Keith? Am I?” He asks. Keith turns and is shocked by the tears running down Lance’s face. “Because I don’t think I am. I’m not good enough to be the sharpshooter, I can’t focus enough to be the sharpshooter, now can I Keith? I can’t match up with you and your fantastic flying and your amazing combat skills and your valor and your intelligence and your……your anything! I can’t match up to you! Or Hunk, or Pidge, Or Coran, Or Allura! And I obviously couldn’t match up to Shiro! So what am I on this team?!” Lance pants, angry and upset. “What am I Keith? Because I know I annoy all of you, and I know I don’t bring anything to the table. So if I’m all that, what am I?” Keith stares at Lance, in shock from what he just heard and Lance turns and leaves, heading straight to his room. He sits down by his bed and pulls something from under his pillow. It’s silver and shining, glimmering in the light, and it’s sharp. Too sharp. Lance wants to run it across his skin, make a mistake, go too deep. Stop the pain.

Bad Luck~Part 4

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(gif isn’t mine credit to owner) 

Hi, so part 4 is here, and I’m way too into my storyline ffs i’m loving this, sorry not sorry :’) 


i hope you like this part as much as i do :3


-3 194

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader + Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Highschool AU 

~You try making Yoongi jealous..~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 , part 9

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I feel like sassy Naomasa (and burning Endeavor), so here you go, new headcanon:

A few months or even years from the actual events of BNHA, there are things that have changed and things that didn’t. All Might has retired. Class 1-A has grown further. Villains are still on the move every day, and heroes are still needed. The top of the heroes has changed only so little – Endeavor is still the current number one, but the All Might will always be the Symbol of Peace. Literally nobody will ever call Endeavor of all people a peaceful man, much less a Symbol of said peace.

And between changes and not-changes, Naomasa is still the only police officer who doesn’t cover in fear when the fire-hero has one of his fiery days, so he’s, sadly enough, the one who always has to deal with Endeavor.

Even on this particular day, when he’s waiting for something – someone – and would rather not be distracted.

He doesn’t get to decide, though.


While Naomasa is still fiddling with his mobile phone, tapping his foot lightly (seriously, though, where were they?) he quickly gives the area an once-over. Hostage situation in a bank, approximately 30 citizens had been captured by five villains with unknown quirks. Police hadn’t dared to move in yet, and the heroes that had been available were not really fitted for something as delicate as this.

One hero in particular doesn’t understand that.


“Why did you even call me here when you’re holding me back now?!”


Biting back a sharp comment, Naomasa manages a strained smile as he looks up at the raging Endeavor. “Why, Todoroki-san, you don’t seem happy about getting to save the poor people in there.”

A huff sends fire sparking around the tall man’s head. “I could handle this situation in under a minute if you would just let me go in there!”

“And while you go straight in there and beat the villains up, the victims of this whole situation will be the civilians who will get hurt in all of this,” the detective shoots back. “So please wait until reinforcements arrives.”

“And what reinforcements would that be?! Whoever it is, they are late!”


They were late, Naomasa had to admit. He had called for reinforcements almost fifteen minutes ago, they already should have been…


His phone buzzes, and there is a message from his old friend who he had just wanted to call, reading


They will be there in a second.


Almost at the same moment, someone calls out for him.


He bits back a grin as he takes a large step to the side, not bothering to warn Endeavor even as a shadow falls over them.

(He is only a little bit disappointed when the unlikeable hero actually manages to dodge in time.)

The ground where the two man had been standing shatters under the impact of something – someone – swooping down from the sky.

There is laughing, shouting and something distinctly sounding like an explosion.

Naomasa has to bit back an amused snort as arguing floats over to him.

“Do we really have to do this all the time? The jumping and floating makes me sick…”

“It’s our first real mission, we have to make a statement!”

“By blowing up the street?”

“Ah, that was Baku-…”

“Hey, don’t you fucking blame me, Deku was the one who wanted to jump over here! I had to slow us down somehow!”

“I’m really sorry, I just wanted to hurry up because we were so late…!”

“Don’t worry about it, Deku – U.A pays for the damage, remember?”

“Aizawa-sensei won’t be happy….”

“Aw, come on, he will find it funny, I’m sure!”

“Are we talking about the same guy right now, Mina?”


“What an entrance,” Naomasa calls out, effectively interrupting the on-going discussion. “Reminds me only slightly of your teacher.”


The smoke clears and a group of teenagers, almost-adults, steps out of the crater the impact had punched into the ground. A familiar mop of green hair waves through his peers who make way for him, and Izuku steps forward, scratching the back of his head and grinning brightly. “Ah, we thought we should do something special for our first mission. Sensei would think so, too!”

“Depends on which Sensei you mean!” Kirishima calls out from the back row, causing a bout of laughter and a chuckle from Izuku.


Naomasa looks them over, especially Izuku who was stepped up to him. Years have not only given them more experience, but they had also grown into their roles as hero physically. The green-haired teen is already slightly taller than Naomasa, and there are muscles were once had been lankiness and bones.

All of them have grown into proper heroes, outwards and inwards.


Izuku flashes him a grin that reminds almost painfully of a certain blond while he asks, “The situation, Naomasa-san?”

“Hasn’t changed,” the detective answers easily, slipping from proud friend and almost-uncle back into his role as policeman. “The hostage-takers have yet to try and contact us. They have barricaded themselves in there. No life-signs from them or the hostages.”

“Hmmm,” Izuku hunches slightly into himself, pulling at his bottom lip in thought, mumbling to himself. “We will have to get in there unseen and restrain the villains before they can hurt any of the hostages.”

“I can handle the unseen-part!” Tooru calls from somewhere to the left, only her hands and boots visible.

“You won’t go alone, Tooru,” Ojiro warns her. “Tokoyami?”

“On it.”

“I can sneak in, too,” Tsuyu calls out, hopping slightly to demonstrate that her jumps make close to no sound at all.


“Great,” Izuku looks up, looks around. Everyone has gathered around him, obviously waiting for his plan. “Uraraka-san, you can bring everyone on the roof of the building with ease. Tooru, Tsuyu-chan, Ojiro and Tokoyami, you will be the ones to sneak in from up there. Jirou, Momo, Kouda, please accompany them, you will have to spy out the exact locations of both villains and hostages. Kirishima, Kaminari, try to short circuit the power supply system of the building somehow, the villains will be distracted when the lights turn off all of sudden. Everyone else…”


“What do you think you’re doing?!”


There is a pause as Endeavor’s sharp voice cuts into Izuku’s planning. Twenty-one gazes turn towards the flame-hero, slowly, as if they had forgotten he was even there to begin with.

Naomsasa hadn’t forgotten, and he had taken great pleasure in watching the control being taken away from the top hero by mere beginners.


“Ah, hello, Enji,” Todoroki speaks up, unimpressed. He even has the nerve to blink innocently at his enraged father – who he doesn’t call as such anymore. “Can we help you somehow?”

For a second, Endeavor looks as if he wants to remind his son of the fact that he can’t just call him by his first name. Then he realizes that he probably would look like an insulted child if he complains about that.


So he rounds on Naomasa instead, snapping, “First you call me here only to let me wait for nothing, and then you let some children handle this situation?! What kind of joke is this supposed to be?!”

“Oh my,” Naomasa smiles for real this time, only barely hiding it behind a palm. “How rude of me. Did I really forget to tell you that you were our second choice in this?”

“Second choi-…?” The words get stuck in Endeavor’s throat as he splutters in indignation.

“Yes, yes, we called U.A first, but since it took them so long, we kind of decided that we needed a plan B, so we called you here, Todoroki-san.”

“Sorry for being late, Naomasa-san!” Mina chirps from the detective’s side.

He pats her head for that, smiling generously. “No problem, you’re here now, after all.”


There goes a chuckle through the group at the variation of the quote, and then Izuku just continuous where he left off, completely ignoring the flame-hero next to him, “Everyone else, we will be the ones to storm the building through the main entrance as soon as the lights turn off. Aim for the villains as fast as you can, don’t let them get near the hostages. Iida-kun, Aoyama-kun, Mineta, please do everything you can to get the hostages as fast and as safe out of there as possible while the rest of us takes care of the villains.”


“Heck yeah, let’s beat them up!” Bakugou smirks, savage and wild, but subdued in comparison to the hot-headed boy he once was. (He’s still terrifying enough, though)

Izuku rolls his eyes in amusement, used to the temper of the other, and asks the group, “Everyone ready?”


“Let’s go!”

“Let’s make our teachers proud of us, okay? Plus Ultra-style!” Tooru cheers, and there is an enthusiastic shout of agreement, “PLUS ULTRA!


The young adults split up without hesitation, darting away in different directions with their goals in mind. Some of them run past the stunned Endeavor (sticking out their tongues behind his back) and others high-five Naomasa in passing.


Todoroki steps up to his father just as he, Izuku and Bakugou are about to walk past the man. Stopping, the young Todoroki reaches over and comfortingly pats the elbow of the fire-hero. “Don’t you worry. Why? Because we’re here now.”

Bakugou howls out a wild bark of laughter and even Izuku smirks widely, making Todoroki’s lips twitch up ever so slightly. They dart away before the top hero can react, rushing right into the action.


Naomasa all but beams at the flabbergasted and speechless Endeavor. “Isn’t it so comforting, knowing that All Might’s students are protecting us now?”

He doesn’t wait for the – most likely roared – answer and turns, walking away, already reaching for his mobile phone again.


He had promised Toshinori to record the whole thing, after all.

He will start with recording Endeavor’s face, prepared to add the caption:

Poor guy (?) got outwitted by your students. I love those kids.

(He can almost see Toshinori’s proud grin in front of his inner eye.)

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt. 12

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

Yoongi took a deep breath, glancing at Hoseok who appeared to have passed out. He was snoring lightly, and his peaceful expression didn’t seem to match the fact that he was still sprawled out on the carpeted floor.

You sat with the blanket still wrapped around your shoulders and the icepack pressed against your cheek. Part of you wanted to call someone, cry into the phone about everything that had happened, but no matter who you called it would probably result in police involvement, and that probably wasn’t the best idea.

“I don’t know how much you’ve been told, or how much you’ve figured out on your own… I guess I’ll start at the beginning.” 

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I'm Impressed [Castiel]

A/N: This is my first time writing for Cas, so it probably isn’t that good. As much as I love him, I think it’s kinda hard to write for him, honestly. He’s just so unique, it’s hard to do his character justice. Ah well, I tried.

Enjoy! And I would love it if you guys talked to me! Message me, shoot me a comment, anything! I need some feedback on my work so I know what to make more of and what to improve! I’ve also had a few requests for more A/B/O stuff, so I’m definitely looking to do some of that! Thanks guys!

Word count: 787

Pairing: Cas X Reader

Genre: Smut-ish (just some stuff leading up to it, not the actual smut itself)

Warnings: Well the genre says it all. Also, reader has a Grace!Kink that is mentioned, but not explicitly described.


His warm lips were all over you, on your neck, across the tops of your breasts, on your own.

And they were so goddamn perfect, it was hard to think when he was kissing you.

A sound against the far wall tears your mouth from his, and he continues kissing down your throat, his hands sliding up your hips.

Nothing looks out of place, strangely enough, and you let your mind return to your angel. Tonight has been a perfect night, and you’re not going to let some pesky rodent in the walls make you paranoid.

“Take this off,” he commands quietly as his lips trailed down the valley between your breasts, halting at your bra.

His blue eyes look up at you, holding your gaze for a moment as you arch your back and unclasp your bra. He never could get the hang of undoing it, no matter how much he practiced the action.

Sure, he could just snap his fingers and your clothes would be gone, but he seemed to like the build-up just as much as you did.

You pull the garment from your chest, watching as his mouth travels across the side of your breast along skin that was once covered in fabric.

Another sound, this one from the opposite wall of the first, makes your gaze shoot to it. This time you see the picture frame of some flower or another move slightly, and your grip around your angel’s back tightens.

“Cas, there’s something in here,” he whisper to him, feeling him stiffen slightly and angle his body over yours.

His gaze lifts and follows yours to the wall, and he looks it over cautiously before turning back to you.

“There’s nothing there, [Y/N],” he says quietly, his ocean gaze watching you expectantly.

“Cas, I-” you cut off as he looks back down to your breasts and smirks slightly, and you hear another sound.

This time your evidence comes in a small vase with a single rose tipping over, landing with a quiet thump on the carpet.

“Cas, something just knocked that down,” you tell him, slipping out from under him to sit upright. Your hand reaches down to your discarded jeans, for the knife you kept on your belt.

“[Y/N], it was nothing,” Cas states once more, and when you look to him, you notice a slight fluster to his cheeks that wasn’t there before. “Trust me.”

“Cas, what did you do?” you ask quietly, watching his gaze dart to the vase. “Cas?”

He clears his throat.

“It was… My wings,” he says in a rough voice, like he’s embarrassed.

“Your wings?” you murmur, looking just past his shoulder, as though you might catch a glimpse of them. You frown and look back to the vase all the way across the room. “They’re that big?”

Unlike the Winchester boys you just recently began to travel with, you had yet to come across many angels in your hunts. They were still a bit of a mystery for you, save for the awkward, blushing one in front of you.

“They grow when an angel desires… Things,” he explains with a sigh. “It is… Other angels may see our wings growing and can know of our desires for them.”

“Wait, so…” you trail off and bite your lip, listening to his flustered expression. “You’re trying to woo me by showing me that your wings are big? Like a bird puffs up for a mate.”

“When you put it like that, it is significantly more mortifying,” he leans back on the bed and looks away, and a smile crosses your lips.

“Cas, I love you so much,” you grin and pull him into a slow, deliberate kiss. “Consider me wooed by your display. Carry on.”

“[Y/N], what are you saying?” he asks as you pulls his tie and fall back to the bed, with him over you.

“I’m saying that I’m impressed,” you tell him in a sultry voice. “Now let’s get this ball rolling, before you knock down anything else and break shit.”

“If it is broken, I may fix it with my grace,” he tells you, and you smirk up at him.

“That’s another thing I like,” you purr, looping your arms around his neck.

“My grace?” he asks, looking at you with a mischievous smirk that you’ve only recently begun to see on his face at times like this.

“Yes, about that. Your wings are so big and you’re so strong,” you rake her fingers through his hair. “But your grace… Mm, I love when you make me come with it.”

“I can do that,” he says and you bite your lip, watching his azure eyes darken.

“Please do.”



Paulie knew from the moment she read Harry’s words and number scribbled on that old and crumpled receipt that she was going to reach out to him. What she wasn’t so sure about, however, was what she wanted. Or what it was about him that made it impossible for her to not think about him.

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Stargate Fluffy (literally) Fan Fiction

Inspired by johnspuddlejumper 

Jonas gets a pet.

Title: Stormy with a Chance of Love
Rated: G (Seriously)

Chapter 1

When Jack had suggested a team lunch, Sam hadn’t expected that it would be the hot dog cart in the park. It was a really good hot dog cart, specializing in gourmet and unusual combinations. They even had Perrier. She asked him about it on the way to the picnic table where Jonas and Teal’c were already seated. Jonas had a jumbo chili cheese dog. Teal’c’s was Chicago style, as was Jack’s. Sam liked hers pretty basic – relish, ketchup and mustard. They had put their food on the table and then Sam had gone back to the cart with Jack to collect the baked beans, coleslaw and French fries.

“The park?” Sam asked, knowing that Jack would understand all the unspoken words in the question.

Her CO shrugged and then tilted his head at their team mates. “They spend enough time surrounded by four walls,” he said.

“We take them off-world all the time,” Sam pointed out.

“Yeah, and they’re working,” Jack answered. “It’s hard to enjoy the fresh air when you’re running for your life in it.” He lifted his cup of root beer and waved it around to indicate the park, “This is…peaceful.”

Sam couldn’t argue with that. As they approached the picnic table she moved over closer to Jack and bumped him with her shoulder a little bit. It was nothing that anyone would really notice. Really it could have been caused when she stepped around something in the grass.

But Jack glanced down at her from under his sunglasses and said, “Welcome.”

Because he got all those unspoken words too – thank you for watching out for them, for their mental health, for their well-being, thank you for telling me why you did it so that I can learn from you, thank you for being Jack O’Neill.

Sam appreciated everything Jack did for his team and especially – at the moment – for Jonas. Jonas had spent an enormous amount of time under the weight of concrete and the hurt, resentful gaze of all of Daniel’s colleagues. Jack’s willingness to look beyond what had happened and actually see Jonas had gone a long way to helping everyone move into a place that was at least stable, if still deep in mourning.

The guys had taken places on the same side of the picnic table (which was metal and bolted to the concrete pad under it, or it would surely have tipped over just from the considerable mass of Teal’c.) It meant that Sam and Jack had to sit down beside each other. Jack didn’t comment at all. Sam kind of grinned to herself.

In the very beginning, Jonas had been quiet. Then he had started talking more and asking questions until it had reached the point where he was hardly ever silent once his curiosity had been piqued.

His questions of the moment ranged from what kind of tree is that (aspen) to is that a blue jay (yes), ground squirrel (no, gray squirrel), what game are those kids playing (Frisbee). If he wasn’t eating he was asking about his new planet. Then his attention was caught by a small, furry creature hopping across the grass.

“What’s that?” he asked, genuinely excited.

“It’s a rabbit,” Sam answered, grinning at him.

“A rabbit,” Jonas repeated, still staring at it as if he was enchanted.

Sam started to tell him more about rabbits, even though she didn’t really know all that much. But Jonas put down what was left of this hot dog and jumped up off the bench.

“Oh, Jonas, no,” she called, “It’s just going to…okay, well, you’ll find out.”

With his teammates watching with varying degrees of amusement, consternation and perplexity, Jonas chased the brown rabbit around the park until it finally took off at a dead run. Jonas stood still in the grass and the sunlight, looking in the direction it had gone. His face was expectant and hopeful but when it didn’t return he made his way back to the table.

Sliding back into his spot on the bench he reached for his Sprite and sipped at it thoughtfully.

“Will you be researching rabbits when we return to base, Jonas Quinn?” Teal’c asked.

Picking up the remains of his lunch Jonas nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “It was just so cute.”

“Well, be careful,” Jack said. “They have big teeth and they can leap about.”

Teal’c stared at O’Neill balefully. Sam choked on her Diet Coke and covered her laughter with a napkin.

“Sir!” Sam said, in admonishment.

Jonas blinked and said, “What?”

“Nothin’,” Jack answered. “Finish your lunch.”

Jonas looked quizzical but complied. “Yes, sir,” he said.


Rabbits became Jonas Quinn’s ‘best new thing in the whole world’ and somehow continued that way for much longer than anyone expected.

Coming back from P92-058, Jonas was talking about them – again – all the way from the Gate Room to the lockers.

“And they can run 35 miles an hour. Isn’t that amazing? Something that small can run that fast. Of course 50% of the rabbit is hind legs so I guess it’s not that surprising. Oh, and they can jump three feet or higher for the same reason. They can be domesticated too. Over 2 million people in the United States alone have pet rabbits.”

Sam let him chatter at her, because she always did, and Sam was just as curious about the world as Jonas.  If he wanted to give her free facts about rabbits, it seemed harmless enough. It was also a pretty easy way to give the guy some support and friendship.

Still, he managed to surprise her when they were out one day and Sam stopped at her favorite Farm and Garden store for grass seed and fertilizer. It was early spring and her lawn was more moss than grass at the moment. She’d taken Jonas along with her for another chance to get out in the fresh air, mindful of what she had learned from Jack about the team’s mental health. He’d wandered off while she was talking about weed control with the good-looking guy in the garden department and Sam wasn’t too worried about it. The place was huge and full of things that would catch his attention. She wasn’t even worried when he came and asked for her keys because he had ‘picked up a few things and wanted to put them in the car.’

She lost track of him again for a while at checkout. Dialing his number she waited patiently for him to answer the phone.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“In the car,” he said.

“Why?” Sam couldn’t quite stop the word because she was baffled.

“I didn’t want to leave all this stuff unattended.”

Okay, she had felt a small thrill of panic when he said that because Jonas had pretty good-sized quarters back on the base, but he didn’t have a whole lot of room for a lot of stuff.

“What did you get?” Sam asked, trying to sound interested and not alarmed.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Jonas said and hung up on her.

Startled, Sam looked at the phone for a moment to be sure that’s what had happened. Then the cashier needed her attention and she tucked the phone away, resolving to deal with it when she saw what he had gotten.

She could see him sitting in the Volvo with the door open. He had one leg stretched out on the pavement and something cradled in his arms, head bent over it.

Sam’s thrill of alarm returned and notched up another couple of notes. By the time she got to the car her entire carillon of warning bells was going off.

There was the top of a cage visible in the back seat and a gigantic feed bag, so she knew what he was holding before she’d gotten all the way to him.

“Jonas,” she began.

But he looked up at her with an expression of pure, idiotic joy and she stumbled to a helpless halt because Samantha Carter – badass, sharp shooting Air Force officer – was simply not that heartless.

“What did you do?” she asked with a heavy sigh.

In Jonas’s arms was the smallest bit of rabbit-shaped gray fluff that she had ever seen.

“Isn’t he awesome?” Jonas asked. “His name is Stormy.”

Sam thought, Oh god. Then she took a deep breath as her genius brain ran through the regs. Okay, the base was full of cats, mostly for pest control. But a lot of them were owned (or in the way of cats, had decided to be owned by) some of the single guys who called the base home. There really was no reason Jonas couldn’t have a pet. None that she could see anyway, though she wasn’t the final say on the subject.

Forcing a bright indulgent smile onto her face Sam said, “He’s gorgeous.


Jealousy (Yugyeom Smut)

You had no idea how you ended up at this dinner, considering the fact that it was arranged by JYP himself for the members only, who just made a comeback with FLY. In the middle of stages and promotions JYP had decided that the guys needed a night off to relax and communicate and chat with each other.

He had strictly told them not to bring anyone else, either way your boyfriend Yugyeom somehow managed to change his mind and that’s why you were there. If you could decide for yourself, you wouldn’t be here, but how could you turn down your boyfriend?

The two of you arrived and were greeted by a middle aged man who guided you further into the building and after some searching, you ended up in the furthermost room.

Your eyes fell on six other laughing guys who were sitting by the table and joking around with a water bottle, throwing it around to each other. Well, what more could you expect from them? They were pretty much kids, all of them.

«OH! They’re here!» Bambam suddenly caught us in the corner of his eye and turned to us with a wide grin plastered on his face. He opened his mouth to welcome us, at the same time as the water bottle flew across the room and hit his head without him being able to stop it.

«YAH!» Bambam shouted and turned to the guilty one. You couldn’t help but laugh at their silliness and you joined Yugyeom down by the table.


A little while through the dinner, you felt Jackson’s eyes on you and you tried to avoid him, even though it was hard. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was glaring like there’s no tomorrow and it somehow made you feel uneasy.

«You look so pretty today,» Jackson stated with his infamous smirk and scanned you from your head to toes. As your dress was new and you tried out a new hairstyle you felt insecure about, the compliment made you feel great. You returned a bright smile to him and felt flustered. «Thanks,»

Even though things were awkward at first, considering you and Jackson used to date in the past, it seemed cool now and you were glad. Someone even said he had gotten a girlfriend and you were happy for him. This dinner would have been awful if things were still tense between the two of you.


Yugyeom was bothered. Or maybe mad would be the better word.
Yup, definitley mad.
He hadn’t said one word on the ride home, but all his movements were a little too forceful, a little too jerky; slamming doors and throwing his jacket on the floor. You tried to minimize your existence so as not to have that anger directed at you, even though a small feeling of irritation was creeping up your spine.
Yugyeom had simply dragged you away from the dinner, leaving the other members in awe of what had gone wrong. He was obviously angry for some weird reason and it annoyed you that he didn’t even tell you why, he just treated you like a dog he could pull around.

You quickly ripped your arm free from his grip as you came into the apartment and stared unamused at up at him. Even though you were pretty tall yourself, he was still a good amount of centimeter over you, and was with that staring down at you.

His glare was sharp, scarring through you life a knife and it gave you chills down your spine. «Oppa, what’s wrong?» you asked, completely unaware of what made him act this way.

«‘Whats wrong’?» he mocked. «Well, apparently, Jackson thinks you looks so good today,»
You could practically taste the saltiness in his words and you put your arms in a cross in front of your chest, staring over at him.

So that’s what this was about. Jackson Wang, your ex-boyfriend who gave you a compliment about how you looked.
Of course you understood his side of the situation, - you and Jackson used to date, but that was a long time ago. Besides Yugyeom had never said anything about it so you assumed he didn’t care about your past relationship with his friend.

«So did you. And Bambam. And others as well. I don’t get why it coming from Jackson is such a problem,»

«Oh, you don’t get why it’s a problem? Great, I’ll tell you exactly why,» his face was turning bright pink out of pure frustration and his eyes darkened when he lowered his head to stare directly into your eyes. He spoke in a husky voice.
«He’s your ex boyfriend. You have history. He probably still loves you. Maybe he has a plan of taking you away from me, and complimenting you is the first step? Did you ever think about that, huh?»

You couldn’t help but let a sigh slip out between your lips, he was getting out of hand. «You’re being overly paranoid,» you mumbled. «Let me know when you’ve gotten rid of that paranoia, meanwhile I’ll sleep,» you concluded.

«We’re not done here!» He exclaimed through clenched teeth as you pulled away.

You turned away from him on your heels, ready to take your leave for the bathroom when he suddenly pushed you towards the wooden walls, making you gasp and almost loose your balance.

Yugyeom’s teeth were introduced to the crock of your neck as he bit it roughly. He had you pressed against the wall, squirming in pain, unable to move away. He pinned both of your arms on each side of your head.
«Stop!» You whimpered. A flash of relief ran through your body as he lifted his head, but a chill ran down your spine when he huskily whispered into your ear. «You. Are. Mine. I’m going to fuck you into this wall and mark all of your body so that he and you remember that. You belong to me.»

Yugyeom felt dangerous, which is the reason you didn’t move even one centimeter, you tried to minimize yourself but you already knew how this would end. Your neck wasn’t the only thing that would hurt tonight.

He still held your waist from behind and his as his other hand went up your thigh. You felt a shiver go through your body the moment you felt his tempting, long fingers stroke over your clothed clit. «D-don’t,» you begged, but all you got was a dry chuckle back. It wasn’t just a laugh, it was dark and husky, sounding mocking and right by your ear; it made you shiver like crazy.

The silence spread in the room as the only sound hearable was your unsteady breathing, caused by the tension in your womanhood due to what Yugyeom was doing to it. He had now dragged down your panties, you hadn’t even dared to tell him otherwise because you knew what the punishment would be.

So you simply stood there and let out a gasp as his thumb met your clit. He began to rub it in a rough pace, and you shut your eyes closed, trying your very best not to moan at the sensitive touching. He then slipped two fingers inside of your core, making you whimper.

«You like it, don’t you? Nasty girl,» you heard a husky voice whisper dangerously close to your ear, making you whimper in need and lust, although you didn’t want to admit it. He had been an ass so you wanted to act they way he deserved, but in this situation it was impossible. You had no way of escaping Yugyeom.

You could feel his hardened bump as his crotch was pressed up against your ass while he fingered you. He was using two of his long, slender fingers and they pumped in and out of your dripping core. You were soaking.
«Baby girl. Daddy is very mad at you, you wronged him. You looked at another man, didn’t you? Daddy is mad at you. You want to cum, don’t you? You nasty girl. You wronged him and now you want to cum, don’t you?» Yugyeom kept on whispering things into your ear which was half of the reason you were about to cum all over his fingers so early. He could sense that, so right before you were about to cum, he pulled out, making you gasp in surprise.

«D-Daddy. Please,» you realized how desperate you sounded after you said it, but at this point you didn’t even care. He hadn’t let you cum after getting you so worked up and it annoyed the shit out of you.

«I’m deciding whether you get to cum or not,» Yugyeom hissed while pushing you away from the wall and towards the bedroom. On your way there, he ripped off your dress before pushing you one last time onto the bed, dragging of his shirt.

«Get on your fours,» He commanded coldly and you swallowed the lump of nervousness that had placed in your throat. Without hesitation you placed yourself on the bed, on all fours and shut your eyes closed as you knew what was next. He approached you and when he came up, he rubbed the delicate skin on your ass, almost as to warm it up.

You let out a mix of a yell and a whimper when you felt his palm harshly hit your naked ass. «Daddy, please,» you exclaimed but that was a dumb move from your side as it only made him spank you harder.

«Who fucking allowed you to talk?» you heard a dark voice above you say. It didn’t even sound like Yugyeom; it sounded like a hungry and mad beast, the kind you would want to stay far away from. Once again, his hand smacked your bare bottom and you let out a whimper, trying not to make too much noise as that would only make the punishment worse, even though it felt like your butt was on fire.

After ten hits he finally stopped spanking and instead forced you down underneath him, picking up something from under the bed; you could see the shining bright silver on the handcuffs and you shook your head while sitting up in the bed. «Y-Yugyeom.. don’t,» you stuttered and tried to free yourself when he tied your two hands up over your head.

You realized a little too late what you’d called him but there was no going back when he suddenly froze right in his tracks. His head slowly turned against you, his eyes was dark and empty.

«What did you just say?» his tone was cold, he was scary and you’d never seen him this way before, but in a sense it only made you even more wet.

«I-I meant Daddy,» you whispered.

You were locked up and when he leant down to your stomach, parting his lips, you knew what was going to happen and your eye widened. «Daddy, please stop!» You exclaimed, but it was too late when you felt him take the skin in between his lips and he bit it harshly.

And so he began to mark every single part of you as his own, starting from your stomach and going up to your breasts where he left red spots and wounds. He placed them all over your arms before beginning his work on your thighs and legs, your hips turning blue over how hard his grip was around it. «All of this,» Yugyeom hissed as he bit down one last time. «Is mine,»

After punishing you for using the wrong name, he undressed his boxer and was ready to fuck you senseless.
He was playing before your entrance and it was making you impatient as you’d gone through so much torture to get here to the final reward, and he was being cocky about it.

He then, on top of you and staring directly into your eyes with a hungry look on his face, entered you slowly, mostly to tease.

You arched your back as moans began to slip out of your mouth, he was also groaning at this point. It was amazing how your bodies melted together so perfectly, just like it was meant to be. He rolled his hips a few times so you could adjust to his size.

After a little while he began to pick up pace, pulling all the way out of your burning pussy before slamming his hips back onto yours, sending waves of pleasure into your body every single time. He was now thrusting into you with breathtaking movements and you tried your very best to match his pace although it didn’t do anything but speed up.

He went faster by every second and you yelled his name when the edge was building up inside of you, already so early. «Fuck!» you yelled.

«Who am I?» he hissed while drilling his cock inside you, continuing his torture on your womanhood without any mercy on your tolerance


«Scream my fucking name, baby girl,»


There was no holding back anymore as he was thrusting inside of you. Considering he was a dancer, he had the movements almost too good, making you see white and moan his name over and over again.

You had turned into a moaning mess underneath him and it was all because of the enormous pleasure that came with his length dipping inside you, hitting your spot over and over again. Suddenly he did something; he lifted your leg, threw it over his shoulder and was with that fucking you from an entirely new angle.

All this pain and pleasure was surrounding you and you closed your eyes, witnessing your sight turning white as a flash off paradise occurred in your womanhood. It then spread around in your stomach and your entire body, making you curl your toes and scream out his name one last time as your orgasm began to fade after a good twenty seconds of pure heaven.
He flushed his seed inside you and came shortly after you, grunting. «Your body feels so fucking good, fuck,» he cursed as his high also came to an end.

He still had both your arms tied up and unlocked them with a little sigh, dumping down beside you in the bed. You pouted towards him as you looked down on your body and found it that it was covered with bite marks all over. Yugyeom stared satisfied at you. «Don’t talk to him again,» he hummed as he pulled you up into his embrace and held you tightly.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you place your head on his chest. «You know I can’t do that,»

«Yes you can, baby. Now let’s sleep,»

Imagine meeting Jensen when he’s drunk

Living in Austin always gave you the hope of maybe bumping into Jensen Ackles while he was home from work, and on more than one occasion you’d been at the same bar or restaurant as him.

You were a huge fan, but you never approached him, seeing as he was bombarded most times he was out in public. You didn’t want to annoy him, so you just admired him from afar.

Tonight, though…

Tonight, you were at the karaoke bar with your friend having a casual drink and enjoying the drunken entertainment. There was a lot of commotion over the other side of the bar, so you assumed that someone important had come in.

Your friend left for the restroom, so you were alone in your booth.

All eyes turned to your table as someone started making their way over.

Your eyes widened as you realised it was Jensen, grinning toothily.

“Uh, hi,” you blushed as he slid in next to you, “What’re you doing?”

“I’ve seen you in here before,” he told you, slurring his words and blinking heavily, “Why haven’t you said hi? You’re very pretty.”

Your blush deepened, and you cleared your throat, “Thank you. So are you.”

He grinned at you again, grabbing the coaster from under your drink and scribbling something down, “We should get a drink sometime.”

You nodded, noticing that he’d written down his number, “I’d like that.”

He smiled, leaning closer to kiss your cheek, before getting even braver and pecking your lips.

“I’ll… I’ll text you,” you mumbled, blushing deeply and smiling shyly.

“I hope so,” he told you, looking into your eyes.

His attention snapped to the stage as they called his name.

“Come sing with me,” he prompted, trying to take your hand.

“I don’t sing,” you chuckled, “Have fun though, Jensen.”

“You too…?”

“Y/N,” you provided.

“Y/N,” he grinned, “Pretty name for a pretty lady.”

He shot you a wink before walking over to the stage, shooting you flirty looks throughout his entire song.

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33 Finn Balor

Requested: Yes, #33

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warnings: cuteness 

Part Two: maybe :)

Rated: PG

Prompt: “It’s a T-Rex, I call her Lollipop.”

Originally posted by britstap85

               “Are you excited?” Finn asked, his thumb caressing your cheek lightly as you pulled into your driveway, taking a deep breath and opening your car door.

                “Of course, I can’t wait for you to see where I grew up,” you leaned up and pecked him on the lips. “We can get our bags later, come on,” you murmured as you pecked him again and pulled him toward the door to your house. As you entered the foyer, you were greeted by your mum and dad who immediately pulled the both of you into their arms, excited to see the both of you again.

                Your parents adored Finn and the way he treated you right, excited that their child was finally completely happy. “Dinner should be ready in about half an hour if you want to show Finn around,” your mother told you before you nodded and pulled him down the hallway to your old bedroom.

                “This is my room,” you told him, pushing the door open to reveal a light green painted room with floral curtains and matching bedding on your full size mattress. He smiled at all the pictures and Christmas lights that decorated your walls.

                “It’s so you,” Finn mumbled, letting your hand go to walk around and look at the different memorabilia of your life. He picked up a picture frame next to your bed and smiled, looking up at you with a twinkle in his eyes. “Is this the first time we met?” he asked and you nodded, smiling at the memory.

                “September 25th 2014,” you told him quietly, “It was your debut for NXT and the day I got to meet you. The day I fell in love with you.”

               “And I asked you out for coffee a week later,” Finn said with smile and put the picture frame down and turned to pull you down onto your bed with him, his lips pressing to yours lightly as he took in the moment, letting the two of you reminisce.

                “It took you long enough to call,” you giggled when you pulled back and he gasped playfully pulling you down ontop of him before he pulled something from under his head. It was a stuffed dinosaur and he looked up at you confused.

            It’s a T-Rex, I call her Lollipop,” you giggled, pressing your lips back on his and he giggled.

                “You’re adorable.”

Christmas Eve in The Bunker

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and Dean enjoy a special Christmas Eve together~

Dean x Reader

1,019 Words (I tried to drabble, oh well)

Warnings: Exceptional amount of Fluff. Kinda like you got stuck in a snow globe filled with powdered sugar. Tiny bit of almost smut in the end. FWP.

A/N: Merry Christmas Muffins! This was inspired by Steph @torn-and-frayed being silly the other night. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Cam @babypieandwhiskey for the read over and tongue pic ;)

Christmas Eve, Men of Letter’s Bunker, Den.

Zoom in on the tiny Christmas Tree, hastily put together with a few random ornaments purchased from the Gas n’ Sip, a single strand of multicolored lights, and a picture of Castiel adorning the top. Dean had put it up there to be funny, but Sam and Y/N had agreed that it fit, so there it stayed.

It was her first Christmas in the Bunker. Her first Christmas without her family, her first holiday season living with and loving Dean Winchester.

The boys weren’t that interested in the Holidays, but as Thanksgiving approached Dean noticed how excited Y/N got, and he loved the childlike smile that spread across her face when she described her holidays back home. Over the last year he had grown quite attached to Y/N, and wanted to see that smile as often as he could. So, that morning he had snuck out early and collected a few items from around town, setting up a little Christmas scene before Y/N had gotten up.

He fought with the lights, getting himself more tangled up than a cat with a ball of yarn. The ornaments were wrapped in shrink wrapped designed by the same guy who built Fort Knox, and the tinsel seemed to fuse with his fingers, refusing to stay where he put it. His hour of annoyance had been worth it, however, when he saw the amazement on Y/N’s face.

“Dean, it’s…”

“A mess, I know,” he confessed, frowning at his lopsided evergreen.

Y/N wrapped her arm around his neck, “I was going to say perfect.” She brought her other hand up and placed it on his cheek, pulling him down to lay a kiss on his lips. He smiled, proud that she liked his gift and gathered her up in his arms, deepening the kiss and dipping her back slightly.

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Okay I’ve been listening to Christmas songs incessantly for 4 days straight now. Just give me Christmas already. Anyway, this one wasn’t a Christmas story so much as it was snowy and Bucky being adorable as fuck. Hope that’s enough. Also - DO NOT GO INVITING STRANGE MEN INTO YOUR HOUSE JUST ‘COZ. This is purely for the story and because we know it’s Bucky. You guys are smart enough to know this already but I don’t want you thinking that I don’t. Anyway, lecture over. Enjoy, my darlings - this was requested by @jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes

Prompt:  if you havent guessed i’ve missed your writing very much XD I was wondering if youd be so kind to write a buckyxreader based on christmas seeing as it almost here? :*

“Falling For You”

The cold December air filled your lungs and prickled your insides as you trudged home. The world was painted white and the snow crunched deliciously underneath every step of your boots. They were new, purchased after the weather warning had come through your radio, but so far they were holding up well. Combined with a pair of fluffy red socks, thick leggings and a long winter coat, the short journey back from the corner shop was warm, snug, and secure.

After a few more minutes of crunch, crunch, crunch-ing through the snow, you reached your driveway and huffed. Your house, along with many others down the street, was at the bottom of a short, steep bank down which your driveway ran. The gradient of your drive was steep and a few metres long but it was only ever a problem during the winter months when ice and snow paved the way down. In fact, the weather had been so bad this year that your car was rendered useless, leaving you without a means of getting to work. Once you’d called in and informed them of your absence, you’d realised that your cupboards were looking dangerously bare. You suited up and prepared to brave the atmosphere.

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HI i just read the ziam fake relationship drabble you wrote for a request, and in your tags you said you were considering making it into a longer fic, which means you have more ideas for it, could you write a bit more or add more details about what happens? it's so short but i love it so much and i need more??

“This is who I gotta pretend to be in a relationship with?” Zayn whines, shaking his head when he sees the crinkly-eyed boy with the styled quiff, the hoodie, the sunglasses.

“You’re no looker yourself,” Liam snorts, squinting his eyes at Zayn as he pulls off his sunglasses. But he’s lying. Of course he’s lying. His cheekbones are sharp enough to cut wood, his eyes bright enough to start a fire. But Zayn doesn’t have to know that.

Zayn is perplexed—already—by Liam. He’s sharper, quicker than he expected. With a sigh, Liam slides down his hood, tiredly sliding his fingers through his hair. “Alright, well, let’s get this… thing started. I want it over as soon as possible.”

Zayn wonders suddenly what Liam’s hair feels like, has a strong urge to reach forward and kiss him back into the wall, find his own fingers in the boy’s brown hair.

Zayn’s lying, too. But Liam doesn’t have to know that.

[From the prompt: Fake relationship au]

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This is @dreamcatchersdaughter‘s third part of the Stuckony ask. The first one can be found here and the second one here.

23. “I don’t want to break up”

Tony was smushed between Bucky and Steve, but he was comfortable. They didn’t even have sex this evening, they all had just felt like cuddling and so that was what they did.

Tony’s back was pressed to Bucky’s front, while Steve had curled up on Tony’s front, face hidden in his neck and Tony’s arms around him. Tony was a bit too hot, his super soldiers ran warm after all, but Tony had never been more comfortable.

“I don’t want to break up,” he said into Steve’s hair and Bucky’s arms around him immediately tightened.

“We’re not breaking up,” Steve said and pulled a bit away so that he could look Tony in the face.

“What in this situation makes you think we’re going to break up?” Bucky asked curiously, but also carefully.

Tony smiled fondly, because it wouldn’t be the first time his boyfriends had to talk him out of some insecurity, but this wasn’t like that.

Tony wiggled himself free of their grasps and leant back against the headboard. Bucky and Steve also sat up slightly, now really looking worryingly at Tony, and Tony took their hands into his.

“Tony, what is going on?” Steve said when Tony kept quiet for too long.

“Wait a second,” Tony responded and got up, hurrying out of the room to get the little boxes he hid in the bar.

When he came back into the room Bucky and Steve had moved closer together and they were quietly talking. Tony got back up on the bed and wedged himself between them again.

“Tony, you are worrying us. What is happening?” Bucky asked and Steve stroke Tony’s arm in a reassuring gesture.

“I don’t want to break up,” Tony repeated. “I want this to be permanent. And I know we really can’t get married in a church or anything but that’s what I want to. And you know, Clint is ordained and officially certified, had to do it for a mission once he said, so he could do it. It still wouldn’t hold officially or anything, but we could pretend and it’s at least halfway legal.”

Tony fell silent when he realized that Steve and Bucky were staring at him.

“Or we could not, if you don’t want to, that’s fine as well, just pretend I never said anything,” Tony rushed out and hid the boxes behind his back.

“You want to get married,” Bucky whispered and Steve dragged his hands out from behind his back.

“You got us rings and you thought about this,” he said and he sounded awed.

“I…did? Maybe? If you want this, then I did. If this is you going to freak out then I certainly didn’t.”

“Wait a moment,” Bucky said before he got up and fled the room.

Steve stared after him, but Tony couldn’t bear to look at the open door right now. A simple ‘No’ would have been enough.

But before Tony could really start to freak out Bucky came back, two similar boxes in his hands.

“I never dared to ask, I didn’t know if this was something we would all want,” he rushed out and then smiled, “but if Tony can ask, then I can as well.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Steve mumbled and then leaned down to get something from under the bed. When he came back up, also two black boxes in his hands, Tony started to laugh.

“We are such saps,” he happily said and Steve and Bucky agreed.

“So I’m guessing that means yes?” Bucky asked and Tony and Steve nodded enthusiastically.

When they exchanged rings, Tony had to blink back a few tears. He had designed the rings with a little blue stone, to resemble the arc reactor. Steve had  let them made out of vibranium with the shield symbol incised and Bucky’s rings looked like his arm. They all were utterly perfect. Tony couldn’t wait to show them off.

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Day 5: Camsten - Snow

For our-stitch-lab​‘s prompt “Snowflakes” I kind of just went with snow in general - I hope that’s OK!

Loosely based on this photo:

Sarah Goodkin and Simon belong to camerongooodkin - thanks for letting me use her again!

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“Um, I was wondering, do you have any plans for Christmas?” Cameron asked hesitantly, looking over the table towards his girlfriend, who was just about to tuck in to her lemon chicken.

“Christmas?” Kirsten replied absent-mindedly, sticking her fork into the carton in front of her. “Well, Camille is spending it with Linus’ family, so I just assumed I’d spend it here with you.” Cameron’s heart leapt. They’d only been dating for a few weeks and sometimes he forgot that to Kirsten it felt like they’d always been together. He was so used to holding himself back around her that it still surprised him whenever she was so open about their relationship.

“Great! I mean, yeah, of course. It’s just that Sarah has invited us to spend the week at her place.” He watched her carefully, worried that even with her condition she would think it was too soon to spend Christmas away together.

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