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Hey kiddo! I'm a Handsome Jack cosplayer (married to a gorgeous Nisha), and I've long been a HUGE fan of your art and AU stuff. If you still take suggestion prompts for sketches, here's something: Imagine Nisha wearing some uncharacteristically frilly, lacy, pink, and just overly-girly lingerie that Jack bought her as a present. Picture Nisha standing around wearing in it, with a weird, semi-uncomfortable look on her face, while a totally oblivious Jack looks on, openly drooling over her.

here ya go ,pumpkin! 

Maid Cafe

MC x Ichigo

The school festival was coming up and our class was busy preparing, doing a haunted house this year.

I was walking down the hallway with a box of supplies when two girls from another class stopped me. “Excuse me, are you Remi?” One asked.

“Yes. Do you need something?” I asked.

“Um, since you aren’t representative for your class and all the other girls declined, could you maybe help our class this year?” She asked me, putting her hands together in prayer as they both looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Um, sure I guess.” I said. We went to my classroom and asked my home room teacher, who said it was fine, because our class was on the bigger side. The girls told me to stop by in five minutes to get caught up after I gathered my things.

“Where are you going?” Ichy asked me, tapping in my shoulder. I turned around to see him not so happy, trying to grab my bags out of my hands. “I’m helping out another class this year.” I said.

“Mmhm. And what are they doing?” He asked me, skeptical. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know, I’m gonna find out now.”

“I’m going to come too.” He said, not even asking as we made our way to the classroom. Although what we found really surprised us. The class was mostly girls, so they opted for a maid cafe, having the five guys in their class cook.

“No.” Ichy declared right as we walked in. He grabbed my arm and started to walk out. “W-wait you can’t just—”

“You can’t take Remi!” Some girls yelled, pulling me the opposite way back into the classroom and out of Ichy’s grasp. They quickly closed the door and locked it, leaving a very angry Ichy on the other side. “We won’t be done till after 7 so wait all you want, we won’t let her out.” A tall girl with long black hair called out. Ichy just glared at the girl in a attempt to scare her before he locked eyes with me. “I’ll be waiting Remi.” He said loudly before walking back to our classroom.

“Common Remi, we need to get you fitted for your costume!” The black haired girl called out, “My name is Yuki by the way.” She said all smiles before quickly taking my measurements and starting my costume.

“Maya over there with the short brown hair will tell you what you need to know. Maya!” Yuki called out. The short brown haired girl named Maya came my way, and instantly I was surrounded by other girls, learning the ropes to the maid cafe.


It was almost 8, as we all stayed later than we anticipated finishing all the decorations and practice meals. My arms hurt from caring the bags of ingredients from the store, but I had fun and can’t wait for the festival tomorrow. When I reached outside I saw Ichy, leaning against the school hate waiting for me. “Ichy.” I called out, surprised to still see him there.

He took my hand and pulled me along to match his fast pace. We didn’t speak the whole way to Black Ship. He dropped me off and quickly went in his way home not saying a word to me. “Uh…Ichy?” I called out, but he either ignored me or didn’t hear me, because he kept walking home. 


I got to school the next day early to get into costume. Arriving at Yuki’s class, she greeted me with a smile and pulled me into the bathroom, thrusting me into a stall with the costume to change. Mine was an dark navy blue with white detailing, and it looked like something you see from tv. It was frilly and girly and…short. I awkwardly put it on and came out, to hear a squeal from Yuki, saying I looked cute. I blushed and held down my outfit, ‘This is going to be something.’ I thought and made my way to the cafe. 

Our class was the busiest. We had a line of people outside of the door and orders being thrown out left and right. “Remi table 7 requested you!” Someone yelled out to me as I ran to take their order. I didn’t even notice how long I was working, because soon enough Ichy came in with Haru and Take. “Hey guys!” I called out, showing them to a table, “What would you like?”

Although I got no response. Haru blushed, Take was still looking at the menu and Ichy glared at me. “Umm…” I asked, pulling my costume down, which was too short for my tastes. “When are you done?” Ichy asked me, not interested in the cafe at all. I looked at the clock to see it was almost two. I have been working since eight this morning with no break and missed the whole festival as it was practically over. We were the only class with a line still out the door.

“Um, I don’t know really. No one has been able to take a break so probably when everyone else leaves.” I said. Before Ichy could ask something else, Yuki called out to me saying table 9 requested me as well. I quickly rushed off, feeling Ichy’s glare in my back as I took another table full of guys orders.

When I finally managed to get everyone’s orders, I went back to Ichy’s table to only find it empty. I sighed, ‘I know he wanted to hang out today and I did to.’ I thought, cleaning the table to find a note written in the napkin.

‘Yuki said you could leave once you finished table 7 and 9. I’ll be in our classroom. -Ichigo’

“Ichy…” I mumbled as I worked fast to finish my work. A half hour later I was still in costume, running towards my classroom to see Ichy. I slid open the door to find Ichy sitting at his desk, looking out the widow. He turned to look at me when he heard the door open, pouting.

“Hi…” I trailed off, closing the door and walking closer to him to sit in the desk in front of him. He still looked like he was pouting, until he face turned red and looked away. “You are such an idiot.” He said.

“Wha—!” I started to say before he cut me off.

“I can’t believe you agreed to the maid cafe, not knowing what you were doing and still kept doing it after you found out!” Ichy said irritated.

Now I looked away out the window. Of course I felt bad, but they needed help. Ichy reached out and grabbed my hand. “I’m not mad at you,” he said looking into my face, “I’m more mad at all the guys requesting you and checking you out and flirting with you.” He said, “Your mine.” He finished, blushing so hard his ear even got red.

I smiled and squeezed his hand. “I’m sorry” I said, blushing a little from his previous confession.

“You are to never help anyone out again without my approval." 


"And you are to never wear that costume again." 


"But only for me." 

"Oka—wait, no. That’s embarrassing.” I retorted, feeling the heat rising to me cheeks.

Ichy only smirked and got up, putting his jacket over my shoulders and pulled my along. “We’re going home.” He said, pulling my arm and looking back with a smirk on his face. I blushed and nodded my head, ready to head home with Ichy.