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let’s look into that mess:

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  • Jhope’s mixtape aka Hixtape can drop any moment … I am scared
  • Namjoon and Jungkook may collab with Major Lazer or/and Diplo and if they do … will that be IN the album or will they drop it BEFORE? 
  • Is anyone keeping track of Tinashe? Didn’t she say she will collab with Jhope? 
  • Why are ARMYs not voting for Soribada, we are literally losing and no one bats an eye ????!!!!!!!! (Find how to vote HERE)
  • I cried because wings tour was over … well, it’s not. BigHit keeps announcing new dates. “GIVE ME BACK MY EMOTIONS AND TEARS”. This comeback will start a new era, but why is the wings tour still going on? there must be something fishy linking the two !! OMG !!
  • OH SH*T I FORGOT ABOUT BTS MEMORIES 2016. That thing is coming too …
  • Is Suga going back to rainbow hair? Is Jungkook going to dye his hair some crazy color for once, is he going to put a wig because he said he wanted to have long hair? Is Jimin going back to black? Is Jin going back to blond? Are V and Jhope’s foreheads gonna be shown? Don’t you dare try a weird hair style on Rapmon jdcjdjdbchdb 
  • Jin going to Jeju for some secret schedule … What is ITTTTT?
  • I need the picture of Taekook in Jeju 
  • Why is there no Bangtan bomb these days, just show me BTS tying their shoelaces or something
  • Is next week’s Bon voyage gonna show us Jikook and Vhope sharing beds? If not I am revolting
  • The next era … will it be something under water or in outer space? Or are we sending some members to hell and others to heaven?
  • Will there be solo songs? or will there be collabs between the members? 
  • “North Korea wanted to attack the US ended up firing missiles into Japan’s sea” YA! Don’t you dare start WW3 before Hixtape or BTS come back you hear MEH !!!! BTS will be firing missiles at me you don’t need to do that. STOP IT!

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THUS: ARMYs are very moody these days … stay as far as possible from them or you may become the stress relief 

I hope Y'all ready for the new kidge theory because oh boy I’m ready to show you guys my thoughts! This one is so interesting to think of and makes me wonder many times, many doubts and fears…
Anyway, let’s take a closer look at “Greening the Cube episode”

This particular episode is focused on Pidge’s element; nature and technology.
We are introduced to Olakrion and people who live there are called Olkari.
Olkaris are similar to Pidge, of course except the fact they love their natural environment, full of trees and flowers and many sorts of things you can find in the woods. Their technology was forced to evolve in a symbiosis with nature, they grow and they never stopped learning and progressing. Instead of just dealing with nature, Olkari used their surroundings to accomplish something more. Would be weird, if we Picture Pidge as Olkari for a one second? Not at all But, we will get back to this later.
So let’s stop right here, and talk about Keith’s performance in this episode.
He was very concerned about the possibility of him being a galra, that sometimes he looked like he was lost in thoughts, but that’s just the part of the deal.

So I just took an opportunity to make this because they’re staring at each other, first Pidge and then Keith.

And Keith, still being worried about his possible connection to Galra, noticed Pidge being a goofball against the air. I found it hilarious, “Yes, I’m not paying attention to anything” *Pidge fly away!* “Okay, I’m paying attention to one thing”.
So after that, Keith seems to be very focused on the task and being the one who took Pidge from her rambling mode “Pidge, what does it say?”
He knew, she was going to ramble for too long and she wasn’t mad or sad, she just gets to the point. He brings her back to focus.
Maybe, it’s just me, but Keith was so curious, and asked so many questions in this part, like, it’s interesting to think of.
First, he asks about the cubes, I’d never seen Keith being this fascinated ever.

The second thing is, how he sees the Olkari. He described them as “Literal tech Wizards” which leads us to think about a parallel between their power and power of the Galra druids. Both use the energy of life in some form and are able to manipulate it.Olakirs believe that every living creature is made from the same cosmic dust. But what if, this dust they’re talking about is a reference to the Quintessence, the same Galra are sucking from the whole planets?
I see here a parallel between Pidge and Haggar as both are able to work with these energies and both are scientists.

Of course, something else that is interesting is the fact how Keith is the only one who speaks about Pidge’s element. He compliments it, he likes nature, because it’s quiet. Why anybody else said nothing? Like, this was a conversation just between these two and no one was willing to interrupt their chit-chat.
Later he, Pidge and the rest of the crew are amazed by technology Olkari created, he is willing to get one tree robot, but, only Pidge was able to connect with the nature enough to pilot one of these things.
Slowly, getting to the point.
Meanwhile, Voltron Team was informed about Olkari’s problems with the Galra, and how Lubos is a hostage, they decided to help them.
So, listen.

First, we see how the team is looking very confused at the King Lubos watching a romantic - drama movie. Look at the team. Everybody except Keith is kind of “What the hell is this”, while Keith is more like “Hmm, this is interesting, I’m invested in this movie”
And then there is this scene:

At first, you see two aliens who seem to be arguing and maybe something more
Look what they’re wearing and what this scene reminds you of.
Their colors are mainly green, black and red. 

And then they’re going to kiss. What’s interesting, the green crock man is roaring at her.
Now King Lubos is screaming very interesting lines:


What if this is a reference? A symbol? What if there is more to this scene that we all were thinking there is? I told you, to try imagine Pidge as Olkarian right?
Let’s take a few steps back and remind ourselves, what happened between Keith and Pidge in the first season.
Keith was furious when Pidge wanted to leave Voltron.
He took it more personal, and from what we heard about his mother, we can assume, he felt betrayed by Pidge, leaving the team, leaving him for her brother and father. What if, he yelled at her as a defense? To do not let her reject him first? And don’t forget about the fact, Keith actually remembers that and we all saw it in the flashbacks from his blog. That was the only one time, he took that situation personally and yelled directly at one person.
You can say:”Okay, Jay, so what’s the point?”
The point is, DW always tend to show prophecies in this show and never put something just for the sake of showing it and not doing anything with it later. Prophecies in this show and never put something just for the sake of showing it and not doing anything with it later.
There are always hints, you could catch if you pay more than enough attention.

See, if we just answered what could “Betrayal” mean, there is still “She loves you” to explain. See, in this picture, we can already catch some petals in the background of the movie, it might represent a “blossoming romance”
Or… Blossoming relationship. Remember how Bex described the potential Pidge and Keith’s interactions? As “adoring each other secretly” and how she would like to see it turning into a blossoming EMOTIONAL relationship, friendship at first.
Notice, how crocks facial expression is similar to most Keith’s reactions.
My point is. These characters are simmiliar to Keith and Pidge.

Notice, Keith used to have a similar piece of clothing, he is actually the one who used to wear that kind of thing. 

And now look at his screenshot of Pidge in season 4.
She has a similiar hood as the Olkarian Lady from the movie.
In summary, I have a theory - we are missing something between their interactions. AND WE ARE BEING TROLLED ALL THIS TIME, ALL THE SMALL HINTS, ALL THE SIMILARITIES, ARE SLOWLY MAKING BIGGER PIECE AND MAYBE… It’s just the matter of time before we will see a big Keith/Pidge interaction plot in the show.
But hey, that’s just a theory.
Go ahead and feel free to add your own thoughts!

Sunny Disposition

Summary: Dean has a hard time believing that the reader is a hunter because of her sunny disposition.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

A/N: This is for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge. My prompt is Optimistic.

“What would you like to order, handsome?”

“Two slices of your finest pie, sweetheart. One apple and one cherry.” Dean requests with a lick of his lips, handing over his menu to the voluptuous waitress.

“Between you and me…I won’t tell if you make the pieces a little bigger than usual.”

“It will be our little secret.” She promises with a wink, before slinking away with a swivel in her hips.

“I don’t want pie.” Sam interrupts, making Dean unwillingly tear his eyes away from the waitress’s plump ass.

“It’s for Garth. The last time we worked together, he tried stealing a bite of my pie and I nearly shot him. The dork is getting his own this time.” Dean declares with a huff, his grumpiness getting worse by the second.

“I see.” Sam awkwardly shifts in his seat and it makes Dean squint his eyes suspiciously.

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sherlock: it’s not like it is in the movies. there’s no big spurt of blood and you go flying backwards

mary: big spurt of blood and she goes flying backwards

a character called the abominable bride introduced in the episode immediately after john’s new bride shoots the hero in the chest: “shoots” herself (and subsequently gets shot by some helper) and then haunts dudes via spectre while singing “do not forget me” 

mary: gets shot by someone and then haunts john via spectre

also mary: i’m probably dead

also mary: when i’m gone, if i’m gone 

me: alex i’ll take foreshadowing for a thousand please


This took a long long time, man.

We’ve all seen the Twincer theories circling around the site and I wanted to ensure that a full thought-out one was on here for when we look back on these amazing theories.

Firstly, I would like to point out that even though PLL does tend to drop storylines every now and then, they never leave them too open-ended without subtle hints as to what the reveal could be like. For example, the NAT Club plot from Season 1. That was left unanswered but the actual story surrounding it was thought-through and explained with detail. Remember this as we go along with this theory.

Let’s start off by talking about the Hastings/Dilaurentis storyline. We now know that Jessica and Peter had Melissa. We also know Peter and Jessica had Toby. We also know that Peter and Mary had Spencer and Charlotte. (I think it’s crazy that Cece and Spencer were sisters this whole time, but I’ll go with it). We know that Dr. Cochran said he dealt with two of Mary’s babies. One, of course, was Charlotte, and the other was unknown. The doctor said the second child was quite tenacious. (Flash forward a season later and Toby calls spencer that same word). Ignoring all of the specifics, who’s to say Mary didn’t have a second baby after that.. or even.. AT THE SAME TIME. One baby was given to the Hastings, and the other was sent to a psych ward.

Forward to 7X15, and we see Spencer’s twin for the first time (for all we know) at the airport with Wren. 

The reason I’m assuming this is Spencer’s twin is because this scene was shown from EZRA’s point of view, instead of from Spencer as all of her scenes usually do. This is quite unusual, and since this episode was directed by Troian herself, I 100% believe this means something. Also, two seconds ago, Spencer was wearing a totally different outfit while she was getting ROASTED by Detective Fury. Why would spencer show up suddenly to meet up with WREN, a person who we haven’t seen for three seasons, right after being interrogated and caught out by her ex-boyfriend? It’s super fishy. Also, Spencer seemed as if she was fighting with Wren for some reason.. She even asked Ezra not to mention it to anyone, which is also strange. Coming back to what I stated in the beginning of this post, this scene was NEVER BROUGHT UP AGAIN. Throughout all of this show’s crazy seasons, little breadcrumbs like this never get dropped and not picked-up again. Just sayin’

Here’s what Spencer’s outfit looked like during that Marco scene.

After that, Spencer is seen at the Barn coming outta the shower. This makes sense seeming as though she wants to clear her head and she’s probably exhausted.

Now, we’re back to normal Spencer.

We DO know however that Wren is for sure going to re-appear in the finale. Hmmmm… 

We also see (from the promo) a bald-headed man holding a gun during the finale…

So are we really gonna ignore the fact that Wren only showed up in 7X15 with “Spencer” and is gonna re-appear only in the finale while holding a gun? Does that not sound at the least suspicious?????

Flash forward to 7X17 and Spence’ is saying goodbye to Mary Drake. After she leaves she hears a strange noise, and turns around quite frantically. This scene practically ends the episode, and guess what? It hasn’t been brought up since!! Again, PLL never does this unless it means something specific.

We know Spencer is a genius. For her to feel something fishy going on MEANS that something fishy is for sure going on. After all, things are pretty crazy in Rosewood.

Flash forward AGAIN to 7X18, Spencer sees Toby for the first time since Yvonne died. Now, before I go on with this point, you should all know that Spencer is NOT THE TYPE OF PERSON TO HAVE SEX WITH HER EX BOYFRIEND RIGHT AFTER HIS WIFE HAS JUST DIED. Anyways. You can see that Spencer is talking to Toby quite calmly and sympathetically. Of course, it’s typical Spencer to be showing love and compassion to a person who’s in need of it. 

Forward to later on in the episode and “Spencer” shows up to Toby’s apartment wearing all-black (like Mary Drake’s style of clothing) and immediately starts to have sex with him. This is fucking crazy! Firstly, Toby literally says a quote along the lines of “That’s not the Spencer I know.” to her. After that, she starts to chug down a bottle of beer which - by the way - she never does.

After that, they proceed to have sex. Keep in mind that “Spencer” is the one who’s pushing the sexual agenda forward, not Toby.

I’ve seen some people saying that the bullet-wound ruins this theory but I actually think it strengthens it. A bullet wound from a month back should NOT be that red. Also, I think that “Spencer” inflicted a fake wound on herself. That explains why she immediately averted Toby’s hand from it in a really sexual - and really gross - manner. Nevertheless, I will for sure give props to Troian for her amazing performance here.

We should also remember that Keegan stated in an interview that there definitely is not gonna be ANY Spoby kisses for the rest of the series.

Now, don’t ask me why, but I just really think he was telling the truth on this one. To be fair, Spencer is really hurting cause of the Marco situation. It makes no sense - and is completely out of character - for her to jump back to Toby Like this.

To make matters even more obvious, Spencer comes home TO THE BARN she left from in a completely different outfit ONCE AGAIN.

To finish things off, let’s all remember the real reason why this new A.D. has re-appeared is to avenge Charlotte’s death. Now. Who better to get revenge for Charlotte’s murder other than her very own sister.. Spencer’s twin…. The real A.D.

Let’s not forget the first thing Mary ever said to Spencer..

“You look just like your sister.”

Thanks for reading!! - Nasser
flintwood: through the eyes of the weasley twins

for the @hpwritersnet‘s prompt #1: the weasley twins

okay so i’ve been thinking about this a lot and there’s a lot of shit to go over in this headcanon so let’s get started

  • so the gryffindor quidditch team was tight with each other and had closer relationships with each other than with any of the other students 
  • and sure, everyone has their secrets (to some extent) but the gryffindor quidditch team all had a certain in with one another
    • they all felt like they could easily trust each other
  • so when fred and george noticed oliver wood, the epitome of team spirit, sneaking around and keeping secrets, they had to investigate
  • the sneaking around wasn’t obvious to most people, but fred and george had a keen sense of when some shady shit was happening 
    • and a perfect example was oliver wood showing up to saturday morning practice four minutes late, hair gently ruffled
    • oliver was never late to practice, especially as captain
  • “hey olly, man, what’s got you held up?” fred would ask, flicking his eyes to meet his brother’s, a knowing smirk living on his mouth
  • “oh! er, i had to drop some things by mcgonagall’s office,” oliver would reply, thinking that he had only been four minutes late and how could those two possibly suspect anything?
    • but he decided to not let it bother him because it was just the weasley twins and they were always up to something
  • “well, you seem awfully giddy for this hour of the morning,” george would point out
  • “i’m just enthusiastic about the upcoming match with slytherin and the opportunity to kick their asses!” he shouted, rallying the remainder of the team and sufficiently diverting the focus of the twins’ leading questions
  • after that practice, fred and george tracked down harry and asked to borrow the marauder’s map
    • confused, harry lent it to the twins
    • “just don’t drag me into whatever it is you’re doing this time”
  • they hang onto it throughout the day and check where oliver is periodically
  • much to their dismay, there wasn’t ever a girl’s name situated next to his
  • “maybe he really was just running some stuff for mcgonagall,” fred suggests after the map reveals nothing new for hours
  • and george would punch fred in the arm because of course oliver had something fishy going on
    • he was late to practice, fred
  • so the twins don’t give up, and later that night after dinner fred pulls out the map because they’d both noticed oliver’s absence from the great hall that night
  • “where’s he at now, freddie?” george would ask curiously, peering over his brother’s shoulder
  • marcus flint?”
  • “isn’t he from the slytherin team?”
  • shit do you think they’re at each other’s throats?”
    • “but that doesn’t explain why he was late and in a good mood this morning”
    • “who cares, george. we’ve gotta go save his stupid ass. flint’s a ruthless bastard. wood may have a temper but i’m not sure he would win in a fight”
  • the twins looked at each other, both wearing looks of worry for their friend but shameful excitement at the thrill they felt coming 
    • this feeling both brothers always got when they were about to embark on an adventure that would easily become a story for the future was so irreplaceable
    • fred struggled to think of how he would possibly survive without his other half
      • but he quickly dismissed that thought because he knew nothing could ever separate them  
  • moments later, the twins arrived in the library, wands at the ready
  • when it was strangely silent, considering they expected to barge in on a duel, they exchanged another look, practically communicating without saying anything
    • “check the map, freddie,” george would urge. “maybe they’ve left the library?”
  • the map still showed oliver and flint both in the library, albeit on the opposite side from where the twins were
    • “okay, what the hell?” fred would ask his brother, only to receive a shrug in response 
    • “maybe we can’t hear them fighting because they used a silencing charm?” george would suggest
      • shit, you’re probably right,” fred would say, picking up his pace to a run in order to reach the spot the map said oliver and flint were
      • (“when am i not right?” 
      • “oh, shove it, george”)
  • “it looks like they’re in the restricted section,” fred would say, glancing down at the map
    • “oh, of course, they are. bastards.” 
  • the twins confidently and a bit blindly rounded the corner into the restricted section, nearly knocking over a group of second years
  • “wood, we’ve come to save your ass from that snake,” george would shout, wand at the ready
  • however, the sight the twins were bracing themselves for was nothing like the one they got
    • oliver was there, and so was flint, just as the map told them
    • but the map didn’t tell them that both boys were shirtless, with flint straddled across oliver’s lap
  • “fucking merlin, weasley, what the hell?” oliver would exclaim, jumping up and nearly throwing flint off of him
    • “well, it looks like you’re not fucking merlin, but somebody else,” george would crack, nudging his head in flint’s direction
  • then george would turn to fred and say, “i told you something suspicious was going on”
    • (”okay, okay, so you’re always right. woop de doo”)
  • oliver coughed. “hate to interrupt your weird ass twin moment, but what the hell are you doing here? how did you find us?”
  • fred and george looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t disclose the secrets of the marauder’s map
  • instead, fred would tell oliver, “you’ve got your secrets, we’ve got ours.”
  • ”nice to formally meet you, flint,” george would blurt as he tucked his wand away 
  • “be good to our olly, now, yeah?” fred would add as the twins left the restricted section, and the two boys, to their business
  • yup, this would be a great story someday
Instagram AU

Okay but imagine best friends Keith and Shiro, they love messing around online on Instagram when someone posts and the other comments. They’re not together but everyone thinks they are.

[photo of Keith sprawled on a sofa]
RedRanger Too tired to do anything at the mo. :/
BlackRanger Do you want me to massage you, babe? ❤️

Only close friends know nothing’s going on, but is there really nothing? 

[photo of Shiro climbing his bed]
BlackRanger Time for bed!
RedRanger I’m ready. 😘
Pidgeon GET A ROOM.
Hunkules @Pidgeon they kinda are.
Lancelot Disgusting. BUt cute. lmao

However, their friends play along.

[photo of Keith holding a cup of coffee]
RedRanger Always yours. ☕️
BlackRanger I already know that, baby. 😏
PinkAllura Awww, you two are so sweet. 😊
Lancelot Sweet? I’d say Keith is fucking bitter. GET IT?
BlackRanger Don’t be mean to my bae @Lancelot ☹️

But later on… it turns into something more and their friends see it unfold.

[photo of Keith’s pinky caressing Shiro’s knuckles]
RedRanger Why are your hands so big?
Pidgeon Why are you holding his hand?
Lancelot Technically he’s NOT holding it.
BlackRanger He’s holding it. 

[photo of Keith in class giving a peace sign]
BlackRanger Isn’t he the most beautiful? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lancelot NO.
BlackRanger @Lancelot YES.

People started noticing that Keith stopped posting photos and that Shiro’s account is full of nothing but photos of Keith.

[photo of Keith asleep]
BlackRanger God. I love him so much. Just the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. I’m so happy he said yes. We’re officially #boyfriends.
Pidgeon HELL YASSS! @Lancelot OWES ME 100 BUCKS!
Hunkules I always knew there was something fishy going on. You can’t just fake those thirsty comments. 😏
Slavalicious 👀  Whose bed is that?
RedRanger I swear to god Mr @Slavalicious NOTHING IS GOING ON.
BlackRanger BABE ☹️  You telling me last night meant nothing?
RedRanger DON’T MAKE IT SEEM LIKE WE DID SOMETHING! We just played Snake and Ladders! 
Lancelot Snake and Ladders, huh? 😏  

Thinking about it, I love how the biggest, “loudest” declaration of war Aizawa has made is changing into a suit, cleaning himself up and step in front of the media.

Like - he isn’t one for big words, threats or dangerous smiles or something. But him, the lazy, scruffy, media-hating guy, doing all of that? The moment the villains saw HIM on TV, and not All Might, or Nedzu, or anyone else, they should already have been alarmed and known that there was something fishy going on.

Aizawa must have been freaking pissed off at the fact that his student was kidnapped, he just shows it differently.

Because these conspiracy nerds KNOW the moon is hiding something. Based off of this photo:

Hey I don’t know if anyone did this before but I checked the tags on the last Bio Inc video ( TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR | Bio Inc. Redemption #4) and LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND! Especially the last one “c̡͡rá̵͞cķ͘͠ś͢” in zalgo text :O Anti’s breaking out guys!

“infect”, “spreading disease”, “plague” tags are also interesting but they make more sense with the game itself and are present in all the bio inc videos (I checked all of them^^) Tell me what you think, here’s another hint to make us theorize even more and I love it! You’re a sly bastard @therealjacksepticeye ;)

EDIT : Apparently the “c̡͡rá̵͞cķ͘͠ś͢"  tag wasn’t there when the video was uploaded, I’m behind on the videos so I only checked it today, this means that jack only added it a few days after upload! Why? Does it mean something?

EDIT N°2 : Jack liked this post so there’s definitely something fishy going on! What is he planning…
After The Maze - Thomas (Part Two of ‘Before The Maze’) [Smut]

Authors: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Minho, Newt, Teresa

Word Count: 4619

Notes: Y’all this sin was inspired by the Thomas fest yesterday, it was fabulous. We have fairly public sex & nudity, oral (both receiving), fingering and dirty talk.

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Okay, but I really love how the newest BNHA chapter shows the different kind of heroes. (At least to me.)

On one hand, we have Mirio - a bit more experienced then Izuku. A lot of things he does are similar to what All Might would do or would have done - he smiles, he is bright and shining and strong. A bit off a dork, too. He aims high - while his hero name does not cover the “with all my might” or “saving all the people” it still says “I want to save millions of people”. That’s a great and wonderful goal.

And then, there’s Izuku. Izuku who is inexperienced, dorky, determined and still a bit insecure in himself and what to do in certain situations, but still he does it, ad most of the time it works out. He’s not a real hero yet. He is getting there,  but he isn’t there yet, and his reaction to meeting a villain and almost making the man suspicious makes this very clear. He still has a lot to learn.

Both of them are great kids and will be great heroes one day, I have no doubt about it. But there is one thing that perked my interest today.

The way they reacted to Eri, Overhaul, and the possibility of the girl being mistreated or in danger because of Overhaul.

Mirio and Izuku meet Eri at the same time. They both saw Overhaul at the same time. But to both this new (old) faces, the boys reacted very differently.

Izuku lost his cool for a second. He has always been very expressive, his face shows his emotions like a  neon sign, literally screaming Oh my god, we run into the villain we’re looking for!

Mirio, more experienced, more trained, keeps his cool. Puts Izuku’s hood up and starts small talk with the villain.

It shows the difference in their experience. Mirio is closer to being a professional than Izuku is for now.

But then, there is the reaction to Overhaul wanting to take Eri with him.

Izuku doesn’t want to let the girl go. Eri is clinging to him, shaking, scared, and Izuku instantly goes into being protective about her. He is scared himself, he really is, and he knows that he shouldn’t, but instead of keeping the facade up and letting Overhaul take his supposed “daughter” with him, Izuku confronts Overhaul straight out with the fact that there is something fishy going. He doesn’t care that he is endangering their and Nighteye’s mission, or putting himself into danger - all he thinks about is that he has to help, has to not look away.

Mirio would have let Eri go. Certainly with a bad feeling about it and with the thought that they could save her later, when they have more information, when Nighteye has completed his mission. But he literally thought to Izuku “Just look away. Pretend that nothing happened. Keep the facade up.” He wanted to keep the mission going, to play it safe.

It probably saves their lives, that Mirio keeps them from running after the villain. Overhaul certainly would have killed both Mirio and Izuku. But it really points out that for all their similarities, Mirio and Izuku are different at the core. While Mirio thinks rationally and professionally, Izuku - who is a thinker most of the times - just acts on his instincts, puts his fear away and puts all his power into saving and protecting.

It reminds me a bit of what we have seen from Nighteye and All Might and their dynamiques. While Nighteye wants to “make people smile”, even by force and tickling and making them laugh even if they don’t want to, All Might is all about “I will keep smiling for everyone”.

Nighteye and Mirio both symbolize the “take the best plan and route and make the world better” while Izuku and Toshinori are more like “sacrifice myself to protect other’s happiness”.

I’m not saying that one of the two parties is the better one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are fighting for what’s right. But I’m impressed by how well Horikoshi is portraying that there are different things that can coexist, be right and good and well, without one being better or more normal than the other.

That even goes for heroes. There are different kind of heroes, and that doesn’t mean that one kind of hero is better than the other. They are just covering different aspects.

  • Percy: Boy, there sure is something...fishy...going on, isn't there?
  • Annabeth: Indeed, it'd probably avoid any trouble.
  • Nico: No, stop this right now.
  • Jason: My, what a... shocking... development
  • Leo: Oh, things sure are...heating...up alright.
  • Nico: Zhang, make them stop, please.
  • Frank: Alright guys, you heard Nico, just let me be... Frank... with you.
  • Nico: You're all idiots,
  • Piper: I don't know, i find them quite..
  • Nico: Don't you dare!
  • Piper: ...Charming.
  • Hazel: I'll say. These puns are pure... gold.
  • Nico: You're all dead to me.

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If you had to sort TW characters into a Leverage-esque team, which role (hitter, hacker, thief, grifter, mastermind) do you think best suits each character and why?

Hmm honestly I could see a few combinations here. Stiles as either the thief or hacker is possible - I can see him breaking into places or digging up information pretty successfully, although if I made him the thief, Danny would definitely get the position of hacker. Lydia would hands-down be the grifter, she has the elegance and skill with manipulating people to pull it off. And I’d want Allison as the hitter. I mean a few others could fit the role - Derek, Isaac, etc., but Allison is bamf enough for that too, and with Peter as the mastermind to round out the team, I could see myself writing it.


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Rick knew that Jerry was tricking him.

I think Rick actually knew that the The Whirly Dirly had that spot where you could actually be killed. And I think THAT’S why he apologized to Jerry. 

hThink about it, WHY would Rick apologize to Beth again? He already did? He knows Beth would accept his apology and say he doesn’t need to apologize in ANY circumstance because he’s faultless in her eyes.

Maybe Rick suspected something, he said it himself that Jerry was a terrible lair. He didn’t freak out when Jerry told him to get out of The Whirly Dirly, not in a normal Rick kinda way…  So Rick just said that to Jerry because he knew Jerry would feel some remorse in trying something fishy. I’m not sure Rick knew exactly what was going on but he apologized because he knew he was going to get some response from Jerry emotionally, hence Jerry regretting his decision to kill Rick, and he did. Jerry felt sorry and tried to make Rick leave the ride, then they get attacked and Rick kills the assassins. Rick was defending both Jerry and himself because he didn’t knew but I think it’s almost impossible for him NOT to know. I think he actually KNEW but he just wanted Jerry to confess himself.

It’s important to take that into consideration that Rick maybe was happy Jerry didn’t get killed just because he said it at the beginning of the episode “If I come home without you I doubt Morty is going to let me off the hook.”  

BUT I do think Rick wanted to just spend some time with Jerry genuinely. I mean before everything, Rick seemed like he was really enjoying himself. Then when Jerry tried to betray him again, he’d had it. He got to break down everything he thought about Jerry. He never ment to kill him “that was never an option”, but he did said everything on his mind.

And in the end… That actually worked. Jerry DID accept what was wrong with him and Rick was HAPPY, satisfied. Like he could actually give Jerry a chance to change. I think Rick actually got to respect A LITTLE of Jerry in this episode. I think there’s so much more potential. SPECIALLY after that smirk with a nod in the end.

Jerry is growing on Rick. But only because he accepted himself and will try to change. 

BUT AT THE SAME TIME, Rick actually may admire Jerry for that… Because Rick can’t accept himself and change. Maybe Jerry on his full potential, accepting shit in life and doing something about it, stop acting like a baby, accept his feelings and stop screwing around with people making them feel sorry for him because he’s no victim, is something Rick wants for himself.