something fishy going on

Thinking about it, I love how the biggest, “loudest” declaration of war Aizawa has made is changing into a suit, cleaning himself up and step in front of the media.

Like - he isn’t one for big words, threats or dangerous smiles or something. But him, the lazy, scruffy, media-hating guy, doing all of that? The moment the villains saw HIM on TV, and not All Might, or Nedzu, or anyone else, they should already have been alarmed and known that there was something fishy going on.

Aizawa must have been freaking pissed off at the fact that his student was kidnapped, he just shows it differently.

Because these conspiracy nerds KNOW the moon is hiding something. Based off of this photo:

Lois Lane is amazing. She’s simply amazing.
Just think about how much money she could have made with that newsstory in MoS.

Just imagine knowing the full identity and story of superman before anyone else.

But you know what? She decided that he wasn’t just an alien. That he wasn’t just a sensation.
She decided that he had the right to privacy and to live without the media hype that would inevitably follow him if he were found out.

It’s so incredibly interesting that she took the time to properly investigate him. She didn’t just shrug him off as an alien and a momentary sensation she was sure he had a story and that she wanted to find out about it.

And when she had gathered all knowledge about him and concluded that he was human. When she saw the sacrifice John Kent made for his son? She just said no. This is not what I should do and she’s never looked back.

On the other side when she does see something fishy going on she will not let go until the truth has been discovered. Lois Lane was the first to not only see what Lex was doing but also find evidence for it.

And she has a range of going from holding her head high in front of dangerous people who insult her and threaten to harm her to being able to hold Clark to her chest and comfort him when he needs it. Or letting him take her mind of things.

She gets to worry, she gets to save and she gets to be saved.
And she does all that with her wit, her morality, her empathy and her love.

Lois Lane in the DCEU is good example of what a woman without superpowers or combat skills can do and that they too can carry weight in a movie.

“Y/N, I bought you a coffee and a croissant from that fancy little French café down the block!” Your eyes shot open at the sound of Y/F/N’s voice, the slam of the front door and the jingle of the house keys following soon afterwards. “You better wake up!” 

“Oh god. Oh my god.” You whispered harshly, your voice still scratchy with sleep. “Harry, wake up!” You hissed, shaking him awake as you scrambled out of bed, picking your clothes up off the floor. No one knew about your relationship with Harry. Could you even call it a relationship? No, no. It wasn’t a relationship. It was like, a negotiation kind of thing. Whenever he was back in town, he’d come over, you two would.. catch up, and when he had to leave, he had to leave. You couldn’t complain, you couldn’t be sad.. No feelings could be involved. 

Both you and Harry had come up with the terms, but lately, he had been feeling a little different. Lately, he had been wanting you to snuggle up to him after sex. Lately, he wanted to wake up with you tucked in his side or wake up to the sound of you tinkering in the kitchen making breakfast. He could never tell you that, though. He couldn’t! He was the one who had harped about how you couldn’t catch feelings for him because he was never in one place for a long time, but now he was the one who was catching feelings. 

“Mm, wha- Wha’s happenin’?” Harry mumbled, sitting up straight with droopy eyes as he tugged at his tangled curls. 

“You need to get outta her-” 

Are you getting up or what? Expensive coffee doesn’t taste good when it’s gone cold! Do you need me to come up?” 

“No, no! I’m up! Gimme a second!” You called back, ripping the sheets off of Harry and pushing him off. 

“Why can’t yeh wake me up with kisses instead? It’s a much gentler way.” Harry teased, hopping on one foot as he shimmied into his jeans. 

“Here’s your shirt.” You tossed the shirt towards Harry, rushing to clean your room up a little and try to make it look like Harry didn’t fuck you against every corner of the place. 

“Here’s your kiss.” Harry pressed his lips against yours in a loving kiss after pulling you into his chest, smiling when you melted into him with a hand cupping his cheek. 

“Y/N, if you don’t get outta bed soon I won’t hesitate to-” 

“One minute, one minute!” You pulled away from Harry, rushing over to push the windows open. 

“Feel like a teenager again, sneakin’ out through the window.” Harry snorted, hooking a leg over the ledge, but not before pulling you in for another sweet kiss. 

“You’re not leaving for a couple more days, right?” You whispered, reaching up to fix the collar of his coat. Harry shook his head, nuzzling into your cheek gently before pressing a chaste kiss against it. 

“I can sneak over t’night. Y/F/N will never know.” Harry grinned, wiggling his eyebrows slightly. 

“I knew something fishy was going on!” You jumped in shock, nearly pushing Harry out the window when you heard Y/F/N from behind you. 

“Y/F/N, I can explai-” 

“No need for the explanation. And Harry - There’s this thing called the front door. Maybe you can use that instead.” 


gif isn’t mine!

  • Percy: Boy, there sure is something...fishy...going on, isn't there?
  • Annabeth: Indeed, it'd probably avoid any trouble.
  • Nico: No, stop this right now.
  • Jason: My, what a... shocking... development
  • Leo: Oh, things sure are...heating...up alright.
  • Nico: Zhang, make them stop, please.
  • Frank: Alright guys, you heard Nico, just let me be... Frank... with you.
  • Nico: You're all idiots,
  • Piper: I don't know, i find them quite..
  • Nico: Don't you dare!
  • Piper: ...Charming.
  • Hazel: I'll say. These puns are pure... gold.
  • Nico: You're all dead to me.

Okay, but I really love how the newest BNHA chapter shows the different kind of heroes. (At least to me.)

On one hand, we have Mirio - a bit more experienced then Izuku. A lot of things he does are similar to what All Might would do or would have done - he smiles, he is bright and shining and strong. A bit off a dork, too. He aims high - while his hero name does not cover the “with all my might” or “saving all the people” it still says “I want to save millions of people”. That’s a great and wonderful goal.

And then, there’s Izuku. Izuku who is inexperienced, dorky, determined and still a bit insecure in himself and what to do in certain situations, but still he does it, ad most of the time it works out. He’s not a real hero yet. He is getting there,  but he isn’t there yet, and his reaction to meeting a villain and almost making the man suspicious makes this very clear. He still has a lot to learn.

Both of them are great kids and will be great heroes one day, I have no doubt about it. But there is one thing that perked my interest today.

The way they reacted to Eri, Overhaul, and the possibility of the girl being mistreated or in danger because of Overhaul.

Mirio and Izuku meet Eri at the same time. They both saw Overhaul at the same time. But to both this new (old) faces, the boys reacted very differently.

Izuku lost his cool for a second. He has always been very expressive, his face shows his emotions like a  neon sign, literally screaming Oh my god, we run into the villain we’re looking for!

Mirio, more experienced, more trained, keeps his cool. Puts Izuku’s hood up and starts small talk with the villain.

It shows the difference in their experience. Mirio is closer to being a professional than Izuku is for now.

But then, there is the reaction to Overhaul wanting to take Eri with him.

Izuku doesn’t want to let the girl go. Eri is clinging to him, shaking, scared, and Izuku instantly goes into being protective about her. He is scared himself, he really is, and he knows that he shouldn’t, but instead of keeping the facade up and letting Overhaul take his supposed “daughter” with him, Izuku confronts Overhaul straight out with the fact that there is something fishy going. He doesn’t care that he is endangering their and Nighteye’s mission, or putting himself into danger - all he thinks about is that he has to help, has to not look away.

Mirio would have let Eri go. Certainly with a bad feeling about it and with the thought that they could save her later, when they have more information, when Nighteye has completed his mission. But he literally thought to Izuku “Just look away. Pretend that nothing happened. Keep the facade up.” He wanted to keep the mission going, to play it safe.

It probably saves their lives, that Mirio keeps them from running after the villain. Overhaul certainly would have killed both Mirio and Izuku. But it really points out that for all their similarities, Mirio and Izuku are different at the core. While Mirio thinks rationally and professionally, Izuku - who is a thinker most of the times - just acts on his instincts, puts his fear away and puts all his power into saving and protecting.

It reminds me a bit of what we have seen from Nighteye and All Might and their dynamiques. While Nighteye wants to “make people smile”, even by force and tickling and making them laugh even if they don’t want to, All Might is all about “I will keep smiling for everyone”.

Nighteye and Mirio both symbolize the “take the best plan and route and make the world better” while Izuku and Toshinori are more like “sacrifice myself to protect other’s happiness”.

I’m not saying that one of the two parties is the better one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are fighting for what’s right. But I’m impressed by how well Horikoshi is portraying that there are different things that can coexist, be right and good and well, without one being better or more normal than the other.

That even goes for heroes. There are different kind of heroes, and that doesn’t mean that one kind of hero is better than the other. They are just covering different aspects.

Skam S4 theory:
Even didn’t try to kiss Mikael, he tried to kiss YOUSEF.
Nothing of what we have seen of Mikael makes sense with the story Yousef told. Mikael is always super touchy and lovey with the boys, he wears nail polish, drinks wine (as seen when the balloon and girl squads were on there way to the party, therefore probably not “really religious”), and most notably when Even was mentioned in the Hei Briskeby video he didn’t seem upset at all. But Yousef did.
Yousef feels guilty for what happened with Even, that’s why he stopped believing in Allah, because he thinks HE is the cause of Even’s suicide attempt. Is this the twist?
I could be looking for something that isn’t there but the story he told Sana felt real but…off to me. Anyway had to get this out there.
Anyone else think this is possible?

EDIT: Okay so the more I think about it. Yousef probably wouldn’t lie about Even kissing Mikael because it’s too easily debunked. BUT something fishy involves Yousef. Maybe Yousef encouraged Even to “go for it” with Mikael because maybe he thought it was mutual? Whatever happened, Yousef clearly feels guiltier than the other boys.
flintwood: through the eyes of the weasley twins

for the @hpwritersnet‘s prompt #1: the weasley twins

okay so i’ve been thinking about this a lot and there’s a lot of shit to go over in this headcanon so let’s get started

  • so the gryffindor quidditch team was tight with each other and had closer relationships with each other than with any of the other students 
  • and sure, everyone has their secrets (to some extent) but the gryffindor quidditch team all had a certain in with one another
    • they all felt like they could easily trust each other
  • so when fred and george noticed oliver wood, the epitome of team spirit, sneaking around and keeping secrets, they had to investigate
  • the sneaking around wasn’t obvious to most people, but fred and george had a keen sense of when some shady shit was happening 
    • and a perfect example was oliver wood showing up to saturday morning practice four minutes late, hair gently ruffled
    • oliver was never late to practice, especially as captain
  • “hey olly, man, what’s got you held up?” fred would ask, flicking his eyes to meet his brother’s, a knowing smirk living on his mouth
  • “oh! er, i had to drop some things by mcgonagall’s office,” oliver would reply, thinking that he had only been four minutes late and how could those two possibly suspect anything?
    • but he decided to not let it bother him because it was just the weasley twins and they were always up to something
  • “well, you seem awfully giddy for this hour of the morning,” george would point out
  • “i’m just enthusiastic about the upcoming match with slytherin and the opportunity to kick their asses!” he shouted, rallying the remainder of the team and sufficiently diverting the focus of the twins’ leading questions
  • after that practice, fred and george tracked down harry and asked to borrow the marauder’s map
    • confused, harry lent it to the twins
    • “just don’t drag me into whatever it is you’re doing this time”
  • they hang onto it throughout the day and check where oliver is periodically
  • much to their dismay, there wasn’t ever a girl’s name situated next to his
  • “maybe he really was just running some stuff for mcgonagall,” fred suggests after the map reveals nothing new for hours
  • and george would punch fred in the arm because of course oliver had something fishy going on
    • he was late to practice, fred
  • so the twins don’t give up, and later that night after dinner fred pulls out the map because they’d both noticed oliver’s absence from the great hall that night
  • “where’s he at now, freddie?” george would ask curiously, peering over his brother’s shoulder
  • marcus flint?”
  • “isn’t he from the slytherin team?”
  • shit do you think they’re at each other’s throats?”
    • “but that doesn’t explain why he was late and in a good mood this morning”
    • “who cares, george. we’ve gotta go save his stupid ass. flint’s a ruthless bastard. wood may have a temper but i’m not sure he would win in a fight”
  • the twins looked at each other, both wearing looks of worry for their friend but shameful excitement at the thrill they felt coming 
    • this feeling both brothers always got when they were about to embark on an adventure that would easily become a story for the future was so irreplaceable
    • fred struggled to think of how he would possibly survive without his other half
      • but he quickly dismissed that thought because he knew nothing could ever separate them  
  • moments later, the twins arrived in the library, wands at the ready
  • when it was strangely silent, considering they expected to barge in on a duel, they exchanged another look, practically communicating without saying anything
    • “check the map, freddie,” george would urge. “maybe they’ve left the library?”
  • the map still showed oliver and flint both in the library, albeit on the opposite side from where the twins were
    • “okay, what the hell?” fred would ask his brother, only to receive a shrug in response 
    • “maybe we can’t hear them fighting because they used a silencing charm?” george would suggest
      • shit, you’re probably right,” fred would say, picking up his pace to a run in order to reach the spot the map said oliver and flint were
      • (“when am i not right?” 
      • “oh, shove it, george”)
  • “it looks like they’re in the restricted section,” fred would say, glancing down at the map
    • “oh, of course, they are. bastards.” 
  • the twins confidently and a bit blindly rounded the corner into the restricted section, nearly knocking over a group of second years
  • “wood, we’ve come to save your ass from that snake,” george would shout, wand at the ready
  • however, the sight the twins were bracing themselves for was nothing like the one they got
    • oliver was there, and so was flint, just as the map told them
    • but the map didn’t tell them that both boys were shirtless, with flint straddled across oliver’s lap
  • “fucking merlin, weasley, what the hell?” oliver would exclaim, jumping up and nearly throwing flint off of him
    • “well, it looks like you’re not fucking merlin, but somebody else,” george would crack, nudging his head in flint’s direction
  • then george would turn to fred and say, “i told you something suspicious was going on”
    • (”okay, okay, so you’re always right. woop de doo”)
  • oliver coughed. “hate to interrupt your weird ass twin moment, but what the hell are you doing here? how did you find us?”
  • fred and george looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t disclose the secrets of the marauder’s map
  • instead, fred would tell oliver, “you’ve got your secrets, we’ve got ours.”
  • ”nice to formally meet you, flint,” george would blurt as he tucked his wand away 
  • “be good to our olly, now, yeah?” fred would add as the twins left the restricted section, and the two boys, to their business
  • yup, this would be a great story someday
Cookie Time

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (kinda…you’ll see)

Requested by: Anon - please let me know what you think hope you don’t mind me changing it a bit!

Hi~ could you please make a story where a member of the avengers share a secret stash of rare/limited edition midnight snacks with reader and one day they are caught in the act by the whole team cause they think there is something fishy going on.

A/n: REQUESTS ARE OPEN!  Please support your local Girl Scouts, they are a wonderful organization that teaches young girls to be independent and entrepreneurs.  

You had no idea how T’Challa had managed it. He had managed to get Girl Scout cookies sent to Wakanda for you.  After looking at him in disbelief and demanding to know where he got them, you ran into his arms giving him a big hug.

“It was nothing. I knew you missed home so I thought I could bring a bit of home to you.”  T’Challa had been hiding and protecting you and the rest of Team Cap since all the unpleasantness with Tony.

T’Challa had quickly become on your closest friends, you knew he made a point to look out for you and the others.   You had been in Wakanda almost a year and there was tons of progress on Bucky’s mind.  So much so, he decided to leave cyro.  However this didn’t change things with the government and you and the others were still unable to go home.

You took your stash of cookies and hid them in the cleaning closet in the far hallway leading to the bedrooms.   Only leaving out one box of Trefoils, you head to the living room where you knew Steve and Bucky would be.  You remembered Steve and Bucky talking about tasting the cookies back in the day and both seemed that they were dying to try the cookies once again.

Walking into the living room you find them each on either end of the couch.  Plopping into the space between them you give them both smiles.   Pulling out a cookie for each you handed one to each of them.  You watched as the two super soldiers on either side of you took a bite before letting out twin moans of delight.

Not twenty minutes later the cookies were gone.  The guys beg you for more but you refused to tell them where they were.  “But I am your boyfriend you have to tell me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on Steve’s face.  Getting up to head to bed you laugh as Steve stands to wrap his arms around you and give you a breathtaking kiss, when he finally pulled away you melted into him.

Kissing up your neck and whispering in your ear, you let out a laugh when Steve said “Please tell me where the cookies are”

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anonymous asked:

can you do 27 for marichat pretty please. I love your writing!

I got inspired from the webisode ‘Repetition’ :) I hope you like this!

“Can we go someplace high so I can jump off it?”

“Well, why not just practice on me?” he suggested with a devious grin.

Marinette had been up on her balcony that night trying to perfect the way she would ask Adrien to the movies the next day. She was fine when she wasn’t looking at the picture of Adrien, but when she did, her words turned to incoherent stutters and babbles.

Chat Noir had chosen that night to visit, and he wondered what she was trying to do. Reluctantly, she explained the situation to him, with his promise that he would never tell a soul. His eyes had lit up when she had finished describing the problem, prior to his mouth curling into a sneaky smirk.

And that was when he made the suggestion to practice asking Adrien out, with him in Adrien’s place.

Marinette drew back a little in uneasiness, put off by the cunning twinkle in his green eyes. Her gut instinct was telling her that something was fishy about this, yet she decided to go through with the practice session anyway. She needed all the help she could get with asking Adrien out, after all.

“Alright, why not?”

Chat’s smirk curled deeper at her permission.

Purrfect,” he replied before clearing his throat. Instantly all traces of mischief were wiped from his face and replaced with boyish innocence.

“Hi, Marinette!” he greeted in a slightly higher voice. “Is there something you wanted to ask me?”

She blinked in pure shock at how eerily similar he sounded to Adrien. She quickly dismissed the similarity to reply.

“H-Hi, Adrien! I was wondering if…”

She paused to look in his eyes, which somewhat widened as he nodded to spur her on.

“If you wanted to see a movie with me tomorrow,” she finished confidently.

However, her breath was robbed of her when suddenly Chat surged forward, taking her in his arms and lowering her in a dramatic dip. She was left with her mouth hanging open and lying limply in his arms while he grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.

“I would be delighted to, Princess,” he purred.

Marinette huffed and moved to get out of his hold, all the while with Chat snickering behind her.

“Adrien would never do that, you mangy cat,” she bit out as she dusted off her sleep pants. “But,” she added, perking up. “I think I did a pretty good job with the question, considering you sounded a lot like Adrien. How did you do that, anyway?”

“Raw talent, I suppose,” he replied with a wink. “Want to try asking me again?”

She shrugged.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

“Hey, before we start again, can I ask you something?” he asked, donning a more solemn look.

Marinette tilted her head, intrigued by his request.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Why is it that you can’t talk to Adrien without stuttering?” He frowned and started anxiously twisting her fingers together, his belt tail twitching in sync. “Does he intimidate you somehow?”

She sighed, going over to the balcony railing to lean on it. Her head peered up to look at the full moon in the sky above them.

“He doesn’t intimidate me, but I still get nervous talking to him.”

“Why? Did he do something to you?” Chat asked, sounding almost fearful as he stood next to her.

She shook her head.

“No, he didn’t do anything. I just…” She released another breath before continuing. “He’s so…perfect. And not model perfect, or magazine perfect. I mean perfect-in-my-eyes-perfect. He’s so kind, and generous, and smart, and athletic and handsome…he’s everything that I’m not. To be honest, even if I do manage to ask him out, I doubt he’ll say yes.”

“Yes, he will!” Chat argued desperately as his cheeks were strangely pink. “He’ll say yes, I know he will! Maybe he doesn’t see himself as the way you described him, maybe he thinks that you are the perfect one and that you’re everything he isn’t.”

Marinette stayed quiet, mulling over his words. She highly doubted they were true, but knew if she tried denying it then Chat would have only kept countering her opinion.

“Hey,” he whispered, gently touching her arm, prompting her to look at him.

He smiled.

“Let’s practice one more time, okay?”

A wry smile tugged the edges of her lips upward.

“Sure, kitty. Why not?”

He took both of her hands in his, eliciting her to fully face him. His mouth was set in a soft smile, his green eyes shining with warmth. He looked at her with such awe and adoration that she found it difficult to remember that she was supposed to ask him a question.

“Hi, Adrien,” she began quietly, her voice just above a whisper as she stared deeply into his eyes. “I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the movies tomorrow.”

Chat grinned.

“Plagg, claws in.”

Marinette gaped, horror in her eyes as she vehemently protested the detransformation. Yet he ignored her pleading, and thus she was resigned to keep her eyes squeezed shut as the green-yellow light engulfed him.

Finally, a hand that she could feel lacked a glove touched her shoulder.

“Marinette,” Chat’s voice coaxed. “Please open your eyes.”

“Why would you do that?!” she snapped, unrelenting on keeping her eyes firmly shut. “Why would you just risk your secret identity like that?”

“If you open your eyes, you’ll see why,” he replied, humor lacing his tone. “Besides, I would like to accept your request with you looking at me.”

That was enough to get her to open her eyes. She stood there, stunned as she took in her longtime crush, Adrien Agreste.

Adrien was Chat Noir.

She was rejecting Chat Noir all this time for Adrien, who was the same person. And she was just practicing asking Adrien out to the movies with Chat, who was Adrien!

A hot, embarrassed blush took over her cheeks. Adrien frowned worriedly.

“Marinette? Are you okay? I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to reveal myself, since I know you’re Ladybug and when I overheard you trying to ask me out to the movies I figured this would be the perfect opportunity and…Marinette?”

She buried her face in his shoulder, not able to look at him any longer in her embarrassment.

“Can we go someplace high so I can jump off it?” she mumbled into his shirt.

Adrien laughed and encircled his arms around her to pull her in closer.

“Not yet, bugaboo,” he joked as he pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, which only served to get a choked squeak out of her. “First we have to go to the movies, remember?”

Power Play AU

Characters A, B, C, D are members of the royal court. A and B, as the most experienced, do a fine job of running things. That is, until the ruler of the kingdom introduces a new enforcer, Character E, who quickly goes power hungry and is none too happy about Character A and Character B’s greater confidence and experience. Character A is a bit concerned, but Character B just does their best to stay on their new superiors good side. That is, until Character A disappears.

Character B is knows what happened, but is too afraid to speak up. When Character C suspects something fishy and tells Character B they’re going to put themself at risk to speak out, Character B realizes that, as the most experienced member of the court, it’s their duty to step up and defend their fellow less experienced comrades.

anonymous asked:

all jokes aside, their ambiguity with their upload schedules on their mains is making me really fucking intrigued. i don't remember a time when they were not only shady about when it would be and what it would be, but also at the same time. i'm legit getting coming-out vibes from this, or something of a similar nature, cus something fishy is going on here and you can't deny that.


I Am Here For You Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 1, 572

Request: “ Can I get a Tate, Jimmy or James imagine? Something that would make a broken heart feel better?” -Anon

Description: You break up with your long term boyfriend and Tate helps you through the tough time.

Author’s Note: I apologixe this is so SHORT! I am so sorry!!! I hope you guys like this. XOXO


It was a sunny day in Los Angles, California, I was just about to go on a date with my boyfriend, Gardner. I had met him when I first came to California. I was walking around the office I worked at and had bumped into him spilling my paperwork every where! He helped cleaned it up and ever since that day in 2013 we have been dating. I loved Gardner but I could sense something fishy going on. For instance, when we would have our annual movie night he wouldn’t stop texting someone on his phone. I would always ask and he always responded, “Oh, it’s just my mom,” or “Don’t worry about it.” It made me upset because he wasn’t being honest. I knew that. The way his eyes would light up when the person texted, when he would laugh forever on something that the person sent him. It was happening everytime. He wouldn’t even want to hold hands at all or embrace. I was feeling sad because he didn’t like me. 

        So as of now I am arriving at the resturant, “Nourriture Par Le Rivage.” I walk in and i want to run away and crawl up in a ball. I look over to look at where Gardner is and I see him kissing another girl. I run away but it’s too late because Gardner stops and his smile turns into a frown. He rushes to get up but I’m already running away.

“(Y/N), WAIT!” Gardner shouts. He was always a faster runner and he catches up with me and yanks on my arm, holding my wrist. 

“Let go of me jerk!” I say forcefully.

“I can explain, (Y/N), I can.” He says.

“No you can’t. I was waiting this day to happen. I prayed that you weren’t, but I knew. I knew it all along. The texts. The laughs. The weird attitude, I mean what else? I didn’t want this to happen. I wanted to believe that it was just your mom.” I said with tears streaming down my face. He raises his hand to dry my tears but I slap it away.


“No. I just want clarification Gardner. How long? How long has the lying been going on? How long ago did you stop loving me?” I asked looking away.

“Its been going on for a year. The lying began two years ago. I never stopped loving you.” He said. I turned my head and looked straight into his eyes.

“That is such crap! You have stopped loving me for a LONG time Gardner. I am done with this relationship. I need to go back home. I knew it was bad to live on my own at the age of 18. I hate you. I never want to see you again. Do not come to my parents house. Do not come after me. I am done with you.” I said and I ran away and hauled a cab. 

It was a good forty minutes before I arrived home at the infamous Murder House. I missed my family. I needed to come home. I pay the tax driver his money and got out of the door. I looked around and saw that my parents weren’t home and that’s when I realized they went on their wedding anniversary trip. I ran up to the door and got the key under the mat.

“Somethings never change.” I thought. I unlocked the door and walked in, I quickly entered the security code and walked to the kitchen to get some food. I open the fridge and take out some ice cream and sit at the table, sulking. I all of a sudden feel a presence next to me and I see Tate, my best friend.

Originally posted by violate4always

 He has a smile on his face but it slowly fades when he sees my mascara running because I was crying. He rushes over and sits on the bar stool next to mine. I look at him and he puts his cold hand on my cheek and brushes my tears away with his hand.

“What happened (Y/N)?” He asks.

“Oh, Tate. Something terrible.” I say as my body shakes because of my harsh crying. Tate opens his arms so that I could cuddle next to him. I accepted it and caressed my hair and kissed my head.

“Let me guess, Gardner broke up with you.” He said.

I just shake my head yes because I knew if I spoke then it would sound hoarse. Tate pulled away from me and put his hands on either side if my face adn made me look into his eyes. 

“(Y/N), you are so much better without him. He is a big jerk for breaking up with you, I just want you to know that I am herer for you.” I looked in his eyes and leaned in to kiss him. My lips met his cold ones. It started to get heated and Tate broke apart. “(Y/N), I have something I want to say to you.”

“Yes Tate? What is it?” I asked.

“I love you. I always have. Ever since you walked through that door I had feelings for you. I stayed away because you had Gardner and seemed happy. I love you so much.” Tate says.

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“I love you too Tate.” I said. We start to kiss again adn I break it apart. “I think I am going to go to bed. I’m really tired.” I said as Tate pushed back a strand of loose hair.

“Okay. Do you want me to come with you?” I just shake my head yes. We walk upstairs to my room that looked like I had always lived here. I layed down and got under the covers. Tate got in on the other side and cuddle me with his arm over my waist and keeping me close.

“Good night (Y/N), I love you.”

“I love you too Tate. Good night.” I turned around and pecked his lips. I finally went to sleep knowing that somebody loved me.

Eight Months Later

 It has been eight months since Tate and I started dating. These months have been the happiest times in my whole entire life. Tate and I were in the TV room watching a movie and eating popcorn, as our date night since my parents left for the weekend. We were cuddled on the couch with a blanket over us as we sat with our legs tangled together, We kept throwing popcorn at eachother and shared some kisses here and there. All of a sudden I hear the doorbell ring.

“That must be the pizza guy!” I said excitedly as Tate laughed. I got up and took the money that I had on the counter for the pizza. I opened the door and to my suprise I saw Gardner. I automatically got scared not knowing what he was going to do. 

“What are you doing here Gardner?” I ask defensively.

“I came here to apologize for me acting like that. I was a jerk. I never should of done that. I love you. I miss you.” He said while fake crying.

“Well sorry buddy, you are too late I already have a boyfriend and he treats me better than what you have. The funny thing is, is that he makes me more happy in eight months than you ever did in two years!” I knew that was crossing a line but it was true. 

“Babe what is taking you so long?” Tate asks but then stops when he sees who is outside. “What do you think you’re doing here?” Tate asks while he puts his hand around my shoulders pulling me close. 

“So this is the guy huh?” Gardner asks and I shake my head yes. Gardner gets mad and grabs Tate by his shirt collar and throws him on the ground.

“HEY!” I say. “LET HIM GO JERK!” I say getting inbetween Gardners hits towards Tate. I did not see what happens next. Gardner starts hitting me.

“GET OFF OF MY GIRLFRIEND!” Tate yells and picks Gardner up and throws him outside. “STAY OUT! The next time you lay a finger on her, I will call the police.” Gardner runs as Tate shuts the door and locks it and all the other doors and windows. He runs over to me. “Are you okay? What can I do?”

“Tate it’s okay just a cut on my eyebrow, you look worse.” I say laughing.

“No Gardner does.” He says and we start laughing. He picks me up and takes me to the bathroom and gets the first aid kit. “Sit here.” I go over and sit on the bathtub edge. “This might sting a little.” I nod my head as in acting as an okay. He puts some alcohol on the cotton ball and puts on my eyebrow and I take a deep breath. He kisses me on the lips as a reassurance that it’s going to be okay. 

He finishes fast by putting a band aid on my eyebrow. 

“Are you okay?” Tate asks looking straight into my eyes.

“Yes, Nurse Langdon.” I say and we both laugh. He pulls me into a hug and I kiss him on the cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I am here for you. Always.” Tate says and I kiss him on the lips.

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hello! do you mind doing a mtl of getting jealous of your guy bestfriend? thankyou! :-)

I wasn’t sure if you meant like them getting jealous as your boyfriend or as your friend who has a crush on you so I went with as your boyfriend, hope that’s okay!!

Jaebum - oh man… he’d definitely get jealous, he wouldn’t trust your best friend who so happened to be a guy like himself. he’d be paranoid and always think he was trying to make a move on you which would piss him off bc you’re his and his mood would instantly change when seeing him or when you mention him. his jealously could get a bit toxic, so it’d be best if he talked his feelings out with you.

Jinyoung - he’d get super jealous tbh, he wouldn’t like your guy best friend one bit. He’d get quite clingy without even noticing tbh. he’d also throw salty and petty comments at him without even noticing as well. he knows his behavior is childish, but he can’t help it.

Jackson - he’d get a little bit jealous and he’d hate that he would. He’d feel terrible because he knows you and your guy friend are just that: friends, yet he can’t help the envy to stop growing inside him. it’s not that he doubts his trust for you, he just can’t help getting jealous. He’d feel a bit threatened and paranoid thoughts would consume his mind.

BamBam - it would depend on his mood. He’d sometimes get super jealous if your guy friend got too close or was too touchy and he’d make it obvious that he’s yours and you’re his. Also he’d sometimes get jealous, but wouldn’t admit it, he’d just suffer with the envy unless it really started to bother him.

Mark - it’d take a lot to make Mark jealous. He’d only get jealous if he thought your guy friend was getting a bit TOO close to you. That’s when he would get jealous but he’d keep it to himself most likely… unless it started to bother him A LOT. His jealously would be painfully noticeable and you’d always tease him about it, but he’d deny it every time.

Youngjae - he would get jealous for a little bit, but then realize he’s got nothing to worry about because you only love him.

Yugyeom - this boy wouldn’t be threatened, he wouldn’t think much of your friendships with guys unless he saw something fishy going on. He knows you love him, so he wouldn’t doubt it.