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I really want Malec saying I love you to be kinda something that slips out. Like Alec saying "see you later, love you, bye" and then them just staring at each other for a moment

at this point all i ask is that it’s not interrupted or a big dramatic cliffhanger

i’d actually prefer it wasn’t an accident like that but more of a surprise like just staring at each other and one of them says it and it’s just… breathless and slow smiles. something kinda tender

the most important thing to me is both of their feelings being acknowledged and given time and energy and their serious moments not to be treated like jokes, and especially not cut off before magnus’s feelings are addressed

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How does one convince ones brain that sleep will actually help their heart feel less cold and black and is not something to be avoided aka please tell me how I can convince myself to sleep because lately? I just plain old don't want to.

pick yr favorite place to lay down

turn off the lights

put this song on repeat, with the volume low

close your eyes, listen to it, and match your breathing to the slow rise and fall of the music. keep doing that. keep doing it. just focus on that, and maybe your heartbeat. deep breathing.

(it usually takes me four repetitions of the song to fall asleep)


Tai lifted his head slowly to see Qrow dangerously close to him. Tai threw his head and back against the wall, only to find that he had no extra space to spare. He was scared of this man. Qrow frightened him. Something was unhinged in him…something that Summer Rose had kept closed off for years. No…something that only her death could set free.

“Why are you sorry?” Qrow asked once more, eyes continuing their piercing gaze. He spoke in such a raspy, matter-of-fact manner that it threw Tai off. He questioned his apologies as one would ask for a glass of water. When Qrow finally did speak, he thought it would be consumed with emotion and grief for Summer. Instead, he seemed almost barren of any feelings he once held. ‘Though,’ he thought, ‘that could change.’

Tai shook his head frantically, unsure of how to answer him.

“I keep hearing that phrase.” Qrow continued, sounding almost confused. “ ‘I’m sorry’. Why? What are you sorry for?”

Tai squirmed under his gaze, unsettled by his question. ‘What, are you stupid? Why wouldn’t we be sorry for your loss? For what happened?’. In an attempt to hide from Qrow’s intense eyes, he found an item he wasn’t sure still existed in this world.

On a coat rack right next to Qrow’s bed, hung a tattered, white cloak stained with blood.  He couldn’t control the tears once he realized how Qrow had most likely spent his nights staring at his partners- his wife’s signature cloak.
A subtle, eerie smile graced Qrow’s lips, bringing Tai’s vision back to stare into Qrow’s. “That? You’re sorry for that?”

Why was he being so nonchalant about it? That was Summer’s cloak for Gods’ sake! Did he feel nothing?

“Taiyang, let me ask you something. Does it ever cross your mind that you’re not supposed to have happiness?”

Jarred by the usage of his name, Tai scrambled. What kind of question was that? All he could do was stare back at Qrow, bewildered by such a question. Qrow picked up where he left off, seeming to be satisfied with silence as his answer.

“It’s crossed mine. I am the human avatar for disaster. My life has been on a path of mayhem and destruction. Until…” His eyes searched for a moment, looking over his shoulder to the cloak. Qrow’s mouth quivered into a grimace, unable to finish his thought aloud. Turning his head back to Tai, Qrow shook his head slightly. “That…that was stepping over my bounds.”

Tai raised his eye, unsure of what he meant. ‘That’? His eyes narrowed, trying to make sense of what the hell he was talking about. Quietly, Tai mumbled, “…Summer?”.

His smile only widened at the mention of her name; a long, disturbed smile. “You needn’t be sorry for something you didn’t do, Tai. You have to ask yourself, though…do you know what your sin is?” A low chuckle rumbled in his chest. “Do you know your sin, Tai? Because I know mine…

The rest of the dialogue is on AO3. It was too long to post here, so I just put an excerpt here. Please go and give it a read if you’d like. I’d highly recommend it if you want any context to what is happening and what will happen in future posts.

“Do you know your sin?”

Yup, Tai is the friend I spoke of in my last drawing. He is the one to get Qrow to start talking again, even if it is a little messy and incoherent.

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TFLN about missing harry and his cuddles and you guys get all "lovey-dovey" then one of the boys take his phone lmao

Harry. Missus.

I miss you.

Your house is so boring without you.

Why are you in my house?

I was bored at my flat today.

And I wanted something to remind me of you.

Don’t you have work today?

I thought you had a busy day at the nursery today? I know you’ve been planning some arts and crafts with everyone.

Took the day off today.


What’s the matter?

Not feeling so great today. I didn’t want to infect the kids with my cold.

That’s why I miss you, too. I just want your cuddles when I’m sick. Being in your house just makes me feel all warm and cosy.

Also, I ran out of soup and you have loads of chicken in your cupboard and it’s my favourite flavour; I know you stock up for me.

I’m sorry. :(

Thank god I’ve still got all those tins from the last time you were sick. And refused to leave my house until you resembled a human and not a zombie.

Shut up, you tosser. You should see me now. I look worse than a zombie.

I’m tucked up on your sofa in your clothes - your jumpers are so warm, by the way - because I just want to cuddle with you and sleep whilst you rub my sick tummy and give me forehead kisses.

I’ve got tissues hanging from my nose because I just have the snottiest nose ever - gross, I know - and I’ve got a bucket beside me in case I throw up and ruin your sofa.

Please don’t. You know I can’t handle sick.

I won’t.

If it helps though, I miss you, too. 

Plane rides aren’t the same without you curled up under my arm. And the hotel rooms are a lot colder when you’re not here. Also, it doesn’t feel right waking up to no one beside me and no one kicking me and no one kissing me awake.

Don’t. I may just cry.

I miss you so god damn much.

Miss you toooooooooooo.


I want you to cuddle me so badly!!!



Who’s taken Harry’s phone?

Who is this?

Liam, is this you?


Who is this?

Who do you love more than Harry?

Tom Hardy!?

No, you donut. 

It’s Louis.

Do I get your cuddles too?

Why do you have Harry’s phone?

Why did you ruin this moment?

For the record, you’re a close second to Harry. Harry’s my favourite love.

Ouch. ;)

But, Harry went for a wee. Left his phone on the table. Idiot leaves his phone unlocked so I took the opportunity to mess with him. 

It would have been Niall otherwise; and we know he gets cheeky when he starts pranking people. He was staring at the phone and smirking.


I love him but my god, he would give himself away. He jumps right into “My dick misses you, babyyyyyy. xxxxxx”

Harry doesn’t text like that.

Doesn’t he? ;)

When we sext. Sure.

Harry’s coming back. Byeee.

I’m going to kill that wanker.

Don’t be silly.

He ruined our good, sweet, lovey-dovey moment.

You left your phone unlocked, you moron.

Skype call later? I’ll be back at the hotel soon from rehearsals. 


I’m going to borrow some of your face stuff because my face looks horrible. Love you. Byyye. x

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follow-up to the brownie headcanon: when newer people like jeremy and lynsey first join the crew and they're uneasy around ryan when he still sometimes wears his mask around the penthouse, the others all continually prompt them to offer him food. the new person always thinks they're being dicks trying to get them to piss ryan off or something but actually they all just wanna see the new person's reaction to ryan's love affair with food

Ryan’s revealed his face but he’s still wears the mask around more often than not. Newer members, specifically Jeremy, who was a huge admirer to the crew before they took notice of him, are hell bent on staying out of his way. Others, mainly Ray, who is now the Vagabond’s biggest fan after discovering he’s not as terrifying as it seems, keeps snacks in his hoodie pocket specifically for Ryan. He can see Jeremy apprehensively eyeing the masked man on their couch, and Ray plops down next to Ryan and pulls out a cookie. Of course Ryan rips the plastic off and shoves it in his mouth and Jeremy is left gaping at the man in the face paint with cookie crumbs on his lips. Ray thinks it’s quite a trick to show off and the others end up requesting for him to give Ryan snacks until everyone in the penthouse has seen his face.

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I already booked next Monday off. But I'm thinking I might take Tuesday off as well. I feel delirious and drunk but also energised and refreshed. My hands are fluttering. My legs feel unsteady. My heart is pumping oxygenated blood more efficiently than it ever has in my 30-something years on this earth. Even so, I have spoken to a probate lawyer, because you can never be too careful in a life-threatening situation like 7x12. Be safe out there, Ash. See you on the other side.

So I’m glad I’m not the only one. Because, like, my whole body gets to quivering whenever I think about what’s gonna happen in this episode? It can’t be good for my heart that it starts beating faster whenever someone even mentions the numbers 7 or 12. Like, I’m not okay. At this point, I’m just tryin’ to make it to Sunday. All bets are off after that. So it was nice knowing you, friend. I don’t really know how long it takes to recover from death, but honestly, you might wanna take off the whole week. Or at least prepare your coworkers, let ‘em know they’re gonna be working with a ghost from here on out.

Just Jefferson

Summary: A one shot where Reader’s aware of Storybrooke’s secret and has a run in with Jefferson who just wants to feel something other than the sorrow of being unable to approach to his daughter.

Warnings: smut, angst, scar kink (Is that a thing? Idk but I know I can’t be the only one who wants to kiss that scar on his neck)

“I’ll be back in a few days, mom.” You pressed on the brake, pulling off to the side of the road. “I’m just checking something out.”

“Does this have to do with the dreams you’ve been having?” She tried to hide the judgement in her voice but she failed.

“Gotta go, mom, I’ll call you later.” You heard her yelling your name through the phones speakers but you ended the call. “They’re not just dreams, mom, they’re reality.” You mumbled down at the phone, unlocking it and opening the camera. 

You opened your door and stepped out, looking towards the sign in front of you. You inhaled deeply, you were face to face with the sign you’d seen every night in your dreams. You snapped a picture and returned to your car.

“Storybrooke…what’s your secret?” 

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okay wait so like, the bachelor fucks the contestants? as part of a reality show deciding who he's going to marry? am i wrong for finding that totally off-putting? i mean i find competition for affection off-putting in general i guess.

I mean, they don’t always fuck, but it’s true that they usually do, and you’re not wrong that this is a pretty inherently weird and sketchy premise, idk what to say about it. I feel like they - they being everyone involved in the show - try pretty hard to mitigate what they can of the strangeness and grossness of the prospect of fucking as part of a reality tv competition but I am not trying to defend the premise, there’s only so much mitigating you can really do. It’s something that puts a lot of people off, and rightly so, and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it personally. On the one hand I think they never have anyone on the show at this point who has never seen the show and seems unprepared to deal with the question of having sex for television maybe, the first couple seasons were rough in this respect but they screen pretty thoroughly and after over 30 seasons of various combined bachelor shows I think contestants pretty much know what they’re getting into. On the other hand, I think it says a lot that the highest praise the sexual politics of the bachelor ever gets is “well that’s, like, not rape, at least.”

I think that looking at the bachelor as a competition for affection is… not wrong, like that’s an accurate description of what goes on, but it’s also not necessarily, I dunno, the whole picture? The bachelor and other shows recycle contestants a LOT, so you get a good sense of who enjoys being there enough to come back and participate multiple times, for starters, and also it’s just a weirdly self-referential, kind of meta media… thing. I tend to think of it as being a lot like professional wrestling in that they craft these fictional narratives out of real people’s interactions in real time, which I guess is fundamentally what reality tv is but the bachelor is kind of one of the purest distillations of that idea. That doesn’t excuse the weird and gross shit that happens on the show (see: Rod, Josh). But I try to think of it less in terms of a love contest and more in terms of like… pro wrestling but instead of fighting they drink champagne in hot tubs and talk about their feelings. Which is kind of what I sometimes wish they did on wrestling programs.

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How to hook these men on dates and keep them after the initial first date, and I'm having trouble with keep them hooked and conversation, the first dates goes great (no gifts payment or anything) just meet up. And by second day after that nothing, I don't fuck first 2 dates

Okay here’s what I do:

-Literally act enthralled with absolutely everything they say, like seriously you need to become an actress to make them believe you are just so impressed by them. Stroking the ego is step one.

-Major eye contact. Learn the art of eye fucking, you need to give serious bedroom eyes to throw him off and turn him on subconsciously. Eat something that requires you to wrap your lips around it while looking into his eyes.

-Be playful, stroke his face/his arm, compliment him on something.

-Thank him for the date sincerely. These guys like have a dire need to feel appreciated, tell him you loved the place/food/his company even if you didn’t.

It’s good you don’t fuck the first two dates because the more you tease the more they’ll want to win you over, also I highly suggest reading ho tactics that book absolutely saved my life.

Some Very Important (and Non-Spoiler) Facts About John Wick Chapter 2

1. Most important: the dog is not hurt, and is never even shown to be in danger. He is also a Very Good Boy.

2. The movie picks up right where the fist one left off, so maybe re-watch John Wick before going to see Chapter 2. (Incidentally, John Wick is on Netflix right now!)

3. If you have a small bladder, don’t get a drink going in. There is no good part at which to go to the bathroom, and I feel like I missed something really important in the name of not peeing myself. Clearly I will have to see it again.

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I think I might kill myself tonight. I can't find a reason to go on, my family doesn't love me, I think my friends all hate me, and my life is going nowhere. I'm failing out of school and I can't find work. I've been telling myself everyday for the past week to just go one more day without doing something, but I'm sick of doing that. It isn't getting better and I don't want to live if no one appreciates my existence. I don't think anyone would even care if I killed myself, if they even noticed.

Just because life sucks rn doesnt mean it always will, everything is temporary, and even when you want to give up you have to keep pushing through for the good things in life to come along, If you feel like nobody cares, I care, and you can message me off anon anytime

Hi guys, one more response before I sign off. I’ve received a couple asks from people wondering how I feel about the drama people two tumblr users, and something one user started, or something similar. I reserve the right to not answer these because:

  • 90% of the time I don’t actually know what you’re talking about
  • I stay away from tumblr drama whenever I can
  • My blog is a positive space and the last thing I want to do is bring drama into my posts

I hope you guys understand. I don’t hate you for asking, because it’s a reasonable thing to ask, but it’s not healthy for me to include myself in negativity.

Is anyone else getting concerned with how Square Enix is handling romances lately, though?

I’m starting to see a trend here (and not a good one):

Ashe and Rasler… Rasler is killed off in the intro, and we really only get a few scenes with these two (stuff in the opening, one flashback, things with Rasler’s “ghost”, and moments of Ashe holding onto her wedding band).

Snow and Serah… Snow and Serah are separated the entire game, for the most part, and their story is told through flashbacks (until they’re reunited at the end). Actually, their story in XIII was handled pretty well; I don’t care what people have to say about that. It’s XIII-2 and Lightning Returns that messed it all up: XIII-2, in having Snow and Serah separated the entire game again (for no real reason this time), while Noel and Serah spent all of that installment with each other and not their actual love interests. And then Lightning Returns is by far the worst, in only giving Snow and Serah ONE interaction with each other–despite everything–where they barely even acknowledge each other! And then we don’t even get to see their dang wedding!

Noctis and Luna… Oh, Noctis and Luna. I think they might be the worst handled out of these three pairings. I’m not going to say why, in case anyone’s reading this doesn’t want to be spoiled, but… The fact that the general public thinks you can make better cases for Noctis/Iris, Noctis/Prompto, and/or Luna/Nyx certainly doesn’t help them out at all. 

And then Sora and Kairi… Where if you were to tell me Kairi died after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, and stopped existing in the rest of the franchise for exactly that reason, I’d almost believe you.

There ARE some good exceptions to all of this, that show Square Enix does want to handle romance some and to do it well… But there’s still all of the above happening, too.

…But seriously, am I the only one feeling greatly concerned by all of this?

What happened to the good old days of letting your couples actually interact with each other? Cecil and Rose, Cloud and Aerith and/or Cloud and Tifa (because I’m not touching that argument with a ten-foot pole), Squall and Rinoa, Zidane and Garnet, and Tidus and Yuna. I hope we get those days back soon, honestly:/

Final Fantasy XVI, whatever you end up being, please give us properly handled romance again–where our love interests actually get to spend time with each other, and to grow and develop that way.

I came of online age on message boards, and then on personal diaries meant for my friends to see, so the conceit of blogging—the real-time process of working out one’s thoughts and feelings via writing pegged to the flow of life, shared within a growing community—has always appealed to me. Blogging has always been characterized by excess and triviality; not for nothing will 99% of the medium’s output be lost to digital decay and quietly shuttered servers. (The other day, we explained to an intern what Videogum was.) But the snap and crackle felt from those tossed-off pieces of writing, where you can sense the author reaching toward something meaningful, will always resonate with me. It was a lot of garbage, but it was my garbage, even if the wave was beginning to recede by the time I got in the posting rhythm. 

Though blogging is no longer heralded as some fresh form, the ethos is felt across the internet in the form of editorial cycles whose primacy is founded on the impression of speed, and the impression of communicating something worthy and/or important to the reader. Nobody gets unironically called a blogger, but everyone’s basically a blogger—the low-to-medium paid (with the exception of some prestige ringers at legacy publications) getting out their thoughts as tied to the news cycle, usually through some mix of humor and earnestness. You can smell the blogger by his caustic humor, his glimmer of whimsy, his outraged liberalism, his need to connect, his encyclopedia of references, all of which will occasionally combine into an actually enjoyable piece of writing. I still have faith, even when I don’t.

But matched to the risk-reward cycle of an internet where the eye of Sauron always threatens to turn toward the publicly problematic has created a dynamic that seems just a little unsustainable. You have hundreds of aspiring writers encouraged to simultaneously develop and express their thoughts; you also have, at least on the progressive internet, a tendency to inflate minor transgressions by strangers into issues of the day, leading to entire periods where people I respect are nevertheless informing me of the existence of someone who apparently really stinks. 

Earlier today, a writer for the A.V. Club wrote something off-color in a blog that, if you choose to read it so, revealed her as some total asshole. It’s not worth recounting—I definitely didn’t endorse the sentiment—but soon enough, the site gave the above apology, and amended the post. At the same time, the writer went on a total apology tour on her Twitter timeline, genuflecting in a way you rarely see from people who are supposed to apologize. She said she’d reflect on her prejudices; she even pledged to donate money somewhere, a Catholic indulgence to erase her sin. And yet it didn’t feel… great, to see someone kneel and crave forgiveness for a slight that, in the context of everything going on right now, hardly seemed worth a death sentence. Even with her apology, I saw replies chanting It’s not enough, it’s not enough. If not that, then what? 

You know, if there’s one thing I hate it’s when people, in an effort to do better, default to canned language created by the awkwardness of trying to be a person. I remember someone once said something mildly racist and overbearing to me, and then apologized for “whitesplaining,” and a part of me found that more offensive than the original argument. Maybe because for all my received wisdom (hehe) I still don’t know much more for sure other than all of this is messy, whether or not you do it in public or private, and while saying whatever you want isn’t so great, I still believe in a discourse that’s better at intuiting when people’s hearts are in the right place, even when they’re accidentally racist and overbearing according to standards they didn’t know existed. That’s vague, and sometimes maddening, but whenever good people break out the whip (or worse, beg to be whipped) it feels like we’re getting away from a basic kindness, which is at the root of whatever I imagine my side to be.

The blogger will be fine, or she won’t; it doesn’t matter more than a lot of things. But aside from what I described as that unsustainable tension—the freedom to post combined with the instantaneousness of widespread judgment—I panic just a little when I see all that energy expended in a fight against someone who can’t possibly be the real enemy. Well, at least to me—obviously, nobody will ever agree on who the real enemy is. That might never get figured out in our global moment, which is the frustrating thing. 

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(2/2) ur life as if giving the silent treatment or ostracism isnt traumatic for the victim


I had a similar experience with my ex-friend when he decided our “friendship” was over (although luckily most of our mutual friends had caught on to him and his ways somewhat at this point) and. I was honestly heartbroken when he left and tried to amend things (because by this point he had mostly implanted the thought in my head that he was my “only true friend”).

I’m pretty sure he’s one of those users that’s like: “Disagree with your friend on something? Don’t bother to explain it and try to amend things with them, they’re an awful scumbucket and deserve to burn! Cut them off without considering their feelings, and if they ask what they did wrong or try to establish any kind of contact afterwards in confusion because you didn’t tell them shit, launch a smear campaign against them!!!! :)))” Seems fitting for him, but I digress.

TL;DR: I totally get that feeling my guy, and it’s really awful what it does to people, especially since all relationships are built on communication, or at least should be.

-Mod Disgrace


Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of those movies that I feel any aspiring artist should see. The struggle of Kiki in this movie is one that ANYONE who wants to further themselves goes through, that transition from taking what you love to do to something that you make a living off of.

As artists we have all been in the place where Kiki is. That place where we can’t draw anything right, can’t paint anything right, can’t sculpt anything right, that place where everything comes out wrong over and over and we begin to question if we’re actually good enough for the talents and skills that used to come to us like second nature when we were just using them for fun. That place where we want to give up because we suddenly can’t ‘fly’ like we want to, because everything seems too difficult to do that. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just because it isn’t working right then and there when you want it to be. If you can always fly, then it wouldn’t make those times when you did as special. It isn’t necessarily easy to grow up, nor is it necessarily easy to live with the artistic struggle of losing inspiration. But you can’t just throw up your hands and say ‘No, I can’t do it anymore’ because you’ll NEVER fly if you do that. 

You gotta wobble before you stand. 

Realistic Study Moods

the “i accomplished something” mood:
you decided to be productive that day but at night you realise you haven’t accomplished a single thing from your to-do-list. stressed you get yourself a cup off coffee and sit next to your desk really unmotivated and exhausted. half an hour later you’ve solved one math problem. you smile, you have done something.

the “i’m so fucking motivated” mood:
early morning. you get out of bed right after the alarm goes off. well-rested you brew yourself a cup of write your to-do-list. after that you take a seat in your bed and start reading trough the textbook of your fave subject. “i’ll succeed today” you think and take a sip of your tea.

the “oh i’m so gonna prove you wrong” mood:
“you can’t do it”, they say. determined you start working early. you read, you write notes, you revise, you discuss, you watch videos. on the test day you walk in with confident, take your test & fully ace it. proudly you turn your back to those bastards.

the “why do i not understand this” mood:
papers scattered everywhere, several coffee mugs on your desk. you’ve been doing that same problem the whole day and still can’t solve it. you’ve looked trough the theory, asked your friends & even your teacher. frustrated you pick up your phone and hope someone else has asked the same question on google.

the “omg i get it” mood:
you’ve been reading the same theory over and over again, you’ve watched several videos on the topic and googled everything about it. still, you can’t get the hang of it. frustrated you put your book down. later that day you pick up it again and start reading it. slowly but surely you realise that “hey i understand this! it isn’t that hard after all”. excited you read through rest of the theory.

one of the worst things about bpd is being aware that you’re splitting or getting worked up over something trivial and feeling like you cant stop it unless you reach inside your mind and manually flick all those switches off
thinking “whats wrong with me, why cant i just stop getting upset over this, i dont want to be upset” but your mind has other plans