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Jus’ wanted to give my sincere thanks to Jack and his lovely community for giving me something to draw everyday, the motivation, support and kindness has been extremely overwhelming and never would I have ever thought jack would see my artwork, this year Ive accomplished many of my goals and strive to do much more because of it, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart :D

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if someone is gender flux does that mean that one day they could be non binary, and the next a demigirl? just depending on how they feel?

Nope! That sounds more like Genderfluid. Genderflux is when a person’s gender changes in intensity! So one day they might feel 100% male, then another 0%, then another like 52%, etc. So labels they use might change, so at 100%, “male”, 0% “agender”, 52% “demiboy”, etc. But the gender it’self doesn’t change.

Genderfluid, however, is when someone’s gender changes completely. So yes, one day they could be NB, then another a demigirl, etc. 


♡ — au where yoongi is a rapper and a producer while jungkook is a music student trying to become a singer


I feel the need to say something because of this post, so I’ll just say it and I hope someone reads it.

Today I woke up, went through the notifications on my phone (constantly waiting for the hixtape to drop) and then I saw bts’ Twitter with this photos of Jin and I fel in love again for this amazing human being. Everyday, something makes me realize, sadly, how little appreciation Jin’s get. How people insists on ignoring his amazing vocals and his kind heart. I felt the need to, through my AU, say what I wanted to say to him. How much I love him, how much a lookup for him, how much I treasure every little thing he does. I wish we all could say this more, could love him more, could show him more how much we are happy that he’s in Bangtan, and how important he really is.

Let’s show him the love he deserves, everyday ♡

Buff starters

“Woah, do you go to the gym everyday or something?”

“How much exactly CAN you lift?”

“Hey [name] can you lift me up??”

“Are you one of those people who constantly keep a protein shake on hand…?”

“Heyhey [name] you look like you work out, wanna head to the gym with me”

“There’s no way you DONT work out”

“[name], how did you get so strong looking??”

“Hey, wanna arm wrestle? I wanna see if I can beat you!”

“You look like you could crush a watermelon with your hands”

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okay but imagine Dolokhov working at a coffee shop and Anatole will go and order something like everyday. Dolokhov would always misspell his name just to annoy him. ("FEDYA! YOU KNOW MY NAME ISN'T ALBERT >:(" "isn't that what you said?")


Cancers don’t try to have many friends because we put our heart and soul into them. We cut away pieces of ourselves to invest into friendships. Can you imagine all the slivers of our soul we could potentially have missing with too many friends? As an act of self preservation we put on our armor to see who will make the effort. We put on our armor in order to preserve our psyche from overload. To be a friend of a cancer is to willingly exchange a part of your soul for a part of theirs.


Red Velvet 

I’m really confused as to why people can’t leave black girls/women alone. Everyday it’s something new on twitter. “Black girls want your hair”. “My happiness started once I decided to stop dating black women”. We’re literally just here minding our own business and people just feel the need to put us down outta nowhere and for no good reason.

Summer is here!!! (for some people)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active few weeks again, finals are over last week and I needed to recharge and drawing random stuff after drawing not so long. I don’t really had that much energy to begin with.

Here is crappy pic of the three assistants in swimsuits that I randomly thought of, I’m changing Gogo’s for sure. Also there might be spamming

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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!