something else to waste my money on

I hope I will find someone who will accept me the way I am and stay with me no matter what. That person deserves the best of me. Someday.

I am tired of trying. Right now I just want to go with the flow and just focus on my family, friends and my own self-growth. That’s vital.

If I manage to text or call once in awhile, consider yourself lucky because I think about you. I only have few people that I truly care about them.

Some people just don’t deserve my attention, energy, time and money. I should’ve invested all that on something or someone else.

Know when to walk away. Something just didn’t work out no matter how much efforts, time and energy wasted. You deserve better.

I know how it feels like to feel empty. When people keep asking “are you okay?” and your answer will always be “I am fine no worries.”

Fiona: I don’t understand why Sasha gets so excited about celebrating each year. This holiday is such a waste of time… and good money. 

Rhys: it’s a Dahl invention… what do you expect?

Fiona: …. Happy Mercenary Day, you corporate jackass.

Rhys:  … Happy Mercenary Day, you Pandoran scum. 


Happy Mercenary Day set:

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An escort does not equal consent

So a problem I have come across more recently is men AND women taking me being an escort as their free pass to do anything and everything. WRONG. I’m not dissing on girls that stand on corners for work but that’s not me. If you are my client then we are talking about everything you want to do before we meet up and how much it’s going to cost for it all. I’m greedy as hell. I charge by act and by hour so if you show up and try to do something else that isn’t what we discussed I’m just gonna leave with all the money and give you nothing for wasting my time.

But anyways, last night I went to see a new client and it was his first time hiring an escort so I was excited because I knew I could charge more without him knowing too much. Bonus was he was young and hot. I get to the hotel and he meets me in the parking lot and pays me all the money first (how I normally do it) I count that shit up and it’s good I’m excited to go up and fuck this guy. We reach the room and he goes in first. I take one step in and see that there’s another man in the room. I ask what’s going on and he said that his friend wanted to join in. I refused, they got upset and demanded money back. I’m still standing in the doorway so I politely say go fuck yourselves and storm off with all the money.

DO NOT LET ANYONE TRY TO CONVINCE IR PRESSURE YOU INTO ANYTHING. Being an escort does not give someone the right to do things without your permission first. You have the right to say no. It is still rape 100% if you do not consent to something. Please don’t let men or women bully you into something.

Also!!!!! If you agreed to use a condom and he doesn’t use one that’s rape. 1000000%

You make the rules girl. Do not let anyone break those rules. Stand strong. There is nothing wrong with being an escort. This goes for sugar babies too.

The signs deciding on a party outfit

Aries: “If someone is wearing the same dress as me they WILL change”

Taurus: “It’s dressy?” *turns up in jeans*

Gemini: Asks everyone else what they are wearing and decides on something the complete opposite

Cancer: “What if I turn up under dressed? What if I turn up over dressed? I know how to solve this…” *doesn’t go*

Leo: Colour coordinates everything

Virgo: Their make-up skills come to life

Libra: “I only know fancy or casual. There’s no in between.”

Scorpio: “Idk man I mean I have a lot to wear but I need something new?”

Sagittarius: “Whatever I wear I will look good in so anyways…”

Capricorn: “I do NOT want to waste my money, I’ll just wear the same thing as last time”

Aquarius: Acts like they don’t care when they do

Pisces: “I want to make a statement but I also don’t want to stand out…”