something cute for a change

Reyes: Ves, what are you doing?
Ves: Playing videogame! This is Dragon Age Inquisition, some sort of medieval RPG
Reyes: Medieval? I cannot believe that you are actually playing a game that doesn’t involve shooting…
Ves: Okay, there are romantic things involved…
Reyes: A-ha
Ves: It’s because of this guy, Cullen, blonde hair, awesome lips, a little bear, sweet and romantic boy, super shy and cute!
Reyes: …do you have to tell me something?
Ves: Please, never change!


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  • hoseok, with as wild and open as he can be, is someone that romantically needs familiarity,,,,,,,like he’s the classic case of “oh no im in love with my best friend”
  • except he’s really good at hiding it from other members and people because yeah he initiates skinship with you, throws his hand around your shoulder when you’re showing him something on your phone, ruffles your hair, tells you you look cute when you wear something new or cut your hair, but hoseok is like this with literally everyone so you never know whose special to him ,,,,,,in that way
  • but hoseok plans his confession,,,,he doesn’t fall into his feelings headfirst like jimin or get straight to the point like yoongi,,,,,,he takes the time to learn what you like and who you are as a friend and then,,,,,when he feels like it’s right 
  • he asks you out and it feels like a shock,,,,because you?? hoseok chose ,,,,,,,you??
  • and it’s not secret that everyone always makes up assumptions about hoseok’s love life because with a personality so bright and so,,,,,hot,,,,,there’s got to be a long list of people willing to do hoseok’s every bidding
  • but here he is, standing in front of you with flowers on a saturday night and he wants you,,,,,,,to go on a date with him
  • and it’s a date that seems almost perfectly catered to you. hoseok remembers that movie you wanted to see,,,,,,he remembers that you like popcorn a certain way even if he doesn’t like it like that,,,,,,he knows that you always pick seats towards the middle of the row,,,,,,he gives you his jacket because the theater is cold
  • and after he knows what restaurant you’ve been dying to try,,,,,he picked a theater close to it,,,,,,he points out that he likes how you look in the lighting and that afterwords you guys should take a photo together to remember this day
  • when the waiter takes your order hoseok asks if the dish you’re getting has anything that you might get sick from and it’s so considerate?????
  • but that’s hoseok and ,,,,,,,he knows,,,,,,you,,,,,,he knows your quirks and habits and what you like and don’t like,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when he’s walking you home,,,,,,hoseok asks  you to close your eyes for a moment. he wants to give you a gift
  • and so  you do and you feel something drop into your hands and quietly you ask if you can open your eyes but he says,,,no there’s one more thing,,,,,,,
  • and that’s when you feel his hand on your cheek, gentle and delicate,,,,,,his warm breath and how he smells really good up close,,,,,,
  • “can i?” he asks for permission, just like a gentlemen and when you nod he kisses you with such softness???? such,,,,,,restraint because you can feel a chill go down your spine and his almost at the same time
  • and hoseok wouldn’t want to be rude and take it to far on the first date but if you grab him, open your eyes and ask him to kiss you again well,,,,,,
  • then hoseok takes a hold of your waist, lets you tangle your fingers in his hair and he kisses you the way he’s been dreaming of kissing you for soooooo long and you can see his restraint is broken,,,,and your lips are both going to be swollen,,,,,but it doesn’t matter because
  • now hoseok knows another thing about you: you,,,,get weak in the knees for his lips hehe
  • and hoseok is such a charmer,,,,,you get home and you’re still giddy over everything and you get a text that just reads “my angel, goodnight~” 
  • and just that makes you fall over onto your bed with hearts in your eyes because,,,,,,,,,,oh god you’ve liked hoseok for so long and finally,,,,finally he’s shown you that you’re,,,,the one he likes too
  • but hoseok has a bad habit of being selfless and you learn this over the course of your dates where sure you two will do things you like,,,,,,,but you never hear hoseok as much as mention what he wants to do
  • so that’s why you always ask hoseok that instead of doing something for yourself or whatever how about you two do something new???
  • and hoseok loves this,,,,,because hoseok likes going out and being active and you guys throw away the notion that you have to stick to what you know to have fun
  • like sure why not go to the new amusement park, get scared on the rides together and scream your lungs out while holding hands????? a new rollerskating rink is open,,,,,can either of you roller skate????? what does it matter! you have each other!!! a cafe just got opened and they have raccoons??? ok hoseok might be a little frightened but he wants to go and wow now you guys get to tell everyone in bts you petted a raccoon named sylvester like,,,,,,,life is for living so why not do it together with the person you trust the most
  • and hoseok every now and then will pull out the romantic,,,,picnic by han river, cuddling under the stars thing that you like but you always make sure to set up a nice date at the practice studio where you and hoseok put on random music and dance around while no one else is there
  • namjoon once walked in on you guys dancing and hoseok was doing a handstand while you were holding his ankles and namjoon was like,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im out
  • and you and hoseok were like,,,,,,we might have scarred him,,,,,oh well
  • but what hoseok is really the best at,,,,i mean he’s the best at everything, but what he does that no one else has ever done for you is he supports you with his entire heart.
  • he never has doubts about your dreams and he never makes you feel like something is impossible. he trusts your decisions and gives his wholehearted love to you,,,,,,,
  • if you have a dream, hoseok shares that dream with you. that never changes about him
  • even if everyone else tells you you’re pushing it, even if they’re your family or close friends, hoseok will tell you with all his honesty that he thinks you can achieve anything
  • he’s always smiling, arms open to hold you, in your times of needs and that kind of emotional support is something that isn’t common. not the the level of hoseok
  • and sure he worries about your safety and well-being but he knows your potential and he does everything for you to know it too,,,,,,like how can somebody embody the word positive - idk but hoseok does 
  • and being around him never makes you feel weaker or discouraged because hoseok respects you,,,,,,,,and wants you to succeed 
  • he puts you before himself and it’s so lovely to have someone whose first thought when you tell them you want to try something is “do it! ill be behind you, supporting you the whole way!”
  • the sad part is,,,,,,hoseok fails to support himself the way he supports others but that’s ok because now he has you!!!! 
  • people see him for his smile, his athleticism, his never ending cheer but hoseok is honestly hard on himself. and you catch it in how he refers to himself as “ugly” or “unwanted”,,,sure he might say it jokingly but you know better
  • and when you’re alone, you can see the darkness the festers inside of him sometimes and that’s when you tell him how much he means to you. how you’re not joking when you tell him he’s the sun,,,,,he’s everything warm,,,,,,he’s kind and handsome and so so so so talented and that his family, his friends, and you are so proud that he’s here. all that he’s achieved and more
  • and hoseok cries sure ,,,,,, but when you give him that comfort and that assurance he just holds  you so tightly because you are everything precious to him and he is everything precious to you
  • and with each other you can really do anything,,,,,,,
  • and WOW that WAS EMOTIONAL,,,,,,but seriously as hoseok’s significant other you have to give him all this love because he deserves it. buckets and buckets of love. but yes on to the cute parts of boyfriend!hoseok
  • he loves giving you compliments and cheesy-gooey-lovely nicknames,,,,,,,,,,he loves it so much every damn week your name in his phone changes to something cute and sugary followed by every heart emoji avilable
  • and jungkook was like “hoseok, i want to call you s/o what’s their name in your phone?” and when hoseok said it out loud jungkook was like u know what nvm im not calling some named honey bunny all that is my heart -______-
  • you once played a trick and hoseok was like whats my name in your phone!!!! and you were like oh it’s just hoseok and he got all pouty and sulked and asked hoW could you do that to him
  • but you were like baby im joking it’s ‘prince of my heart, i love you 2 the moon and back’
  • hoseok had literally lighted up like a christmas tree and pulled you into his lap to give you eskimo kisses and tickle your sides for tricking him but he was smiling the whole time,,,,,,,,
  • he really likes it when you tell him about your day and you get to something frustrating and you get all cutely animated and he’s just grinning and you’re like!!!!!!!! it’s not funny
  • and hoseok is like no no it’s not,,,,,,you’re just so adorable i can’t help myself
  • and you hit him playfully but he catches your hand and kisses it you’re like rolling your eyes,,,,,,but it’s so sweet
  • but seriously hoseok loves when you’re open and truthful with him,,,,,,,communication is everything to him
  • to the point that you two can be sitting in silence, you’re in between his legs with your head on his chest texting on your phone 
  • and he’ll just lean to whisper in your ear that right now, he loves you so much like it’s random and whatever but he just has the need to say it
  • knows you like a specific kind of cologne on him so he carries it with him everywhere,,,,,,even if he’s far away from you he has it with him
  • knows your takeout order by heart
  • you know his by hear too
  • yoongi: this is the epitome of love, knowing that your s/o wants menu number 4 on sundays and menu number 2 on mondays.
  • hoseok and u: can’t tell if yoongi is being sarcastic but thanks yoongi
  • hoseok tells  you about how he really just wants to make his mom proud so sometimes when he’s practicing you take videos and send them to her
  • and hoseok finds out and is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!! and you’re like “because your mom said she likes seeing you dance!!!!!”
  • and hoseok is like,,,,,,,,,heart shattering because you’re so cute,,,,,how are you so damn cute
  • takes pics of pretty things he sees on tour and is like “reminds me of you!” 
  • loves to buy things for you,,,,,,like you’ll be like don’t i don’t need anything!!! but he has an impulse to spoil you,,,,,that’s just how he is hehe
  • looks super hot coming back from practice,,,you know wet hair from sweating and low hanging tank top and he knows you’re into it so he’ll send you selfies in the mirror and you’re like !!!!! don’t tease me jung hoseok
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,wish you were here ;)))
  • but intimacy with hoseok is really just again about trust and being there for one and other and hoseok has the capability to be so gentle and loving when you need him to make you feel good because the day has been shitty and whatnot
  • but hoseok can also snap,,,,,and become this sensual,,,pleasure above all person with kisses that burn into your skin and a grip so hard and so needing that it makes your head spin
  • but like anything, he puts you first and sometimes you seriously have to flip him over and be like “ok, my turn - no no no hoseok stay down”
  • likes it when you wear his accessories more than his clothing (because you’re better without the clothing cough i didn’t say that) but he thinks it’s cute when you wear like a bracelet of his or that time you stole the keychain off his bag
  • and it was the keychain of the hiphop monster version of jin and you were like hehe so cute but hoseok was like ,,,,,here take this one instead
  • and traded that jin version for his and you were like you’re right,,,i should carry you my boyfriend around with me instead
  • hoseok,,,,blushing,,,,,,,,,,but also smiling because being called your boyfriend makes him so happy
  • concentrates when watching dance videos and his mouth is always open, tongue peeking out and you’re like dammit hoseok and he’s like huh
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,what no i didn’t say anything and he’s still eyes glued to the screen like uhuh and you’re just like seriously what how is he so hot he’s literally not doing anything and im turned on????
  • hoseok’s magic wooo
  • yoongi is especially fond of you for taking care of hoseok and he won’t admit it but you guys are his favorite couple and when you get all pda and soft if jungkook opens his mouth yoongi shoves some candy into it and he’s like “let hoseok have this - do you understand me?”
  • you lay side by side with him when he’s tired and falling half asleep
  • and he’s at this stage where he’s just mumbling his answer and you’re just ever so quietly like hoseok,,,,,,,,are you made of stars,,,,,how can you be so bright
  • and he mumbles and cuddles his head into your neck
  • and you hold him and you think he didn’t hear you but the next morning hoseok hums to himself about him?? made of stars??? if that’s true,,,,,,you’re made of gold
  • and you overhear him and blush like i,,,,,,,im gonna go take a shower
  • hoseok: ok ill come with you!!!!
  • hoseok scribbles lyric ideas down on random scraps of paper that he can forget about but you collect them and tape them up in your room and when hoseok sees he’s like ???? you keep them
  • and you’re like shrugging and telling him you love reading what he writs
  • and hoseok touches the paper and looks at you and you’re just standing there smiling and hoseok is like “i,,,,,i love you so much you know that right?”
  • you: yes you’ve said like the 53rd time today. not that im complaining i love hearing it!
  • hoseok the type to buy you three bouquets of flowers so big that he can’t see in front of him when he’s walking down the street tbh,,,,,,,,,,
  • also last but not least,,,when hoseok wears glasses and is reading or at the cafe with you it literally takes all your might not to kiss him so hard because he looks SOOO CUTE 
  • boyfriend hoseok ,,,,,,is everything ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Grand Blues 765 Sutera and the Power of Girls

[Sutera has come to the mixer in order to work on her Girl Power.]
The Sharpshooter of Spring, Sutera: “At this party, I hope to learn about the Power of Girls from everyone!”

Su: “At this table, the one who seems like they’d have a lot of the Power of Girls is…” /glance

Rosetta: “If it’s about Girl Power, then leave it to me!
Su: “Ooh! Rosetta-dono! I would love if you were to teach me!”

Ro: “Well then, first is the basics of Girl Power! Divvy up that salad!”
Su: “Understood. Ah, but there’s no tongs, are there…”
Su: “Excuse me, I’ll quickly ask a waiter…”
Ro: “Hold it!!

Ro: “At times like these, a good woman is…”
Ro: “Always ready with tongs already!”
Su: “Personal Tongs!?
Su: So this… is the Power of Girls…!!

can ace attorney lay off like this. One really specific character trope for all their young female characters who aren’t in the main cast, where she’s introduced as being really sexy / cute and flirty and innocent and helpless and the judge is completely weak for her and the gallery yells at you for being mean to her but then you pick her testimony apart and her personality does a 180 and she’s abrasive and angry and snaps at you and the judge says something like “miss ___! you….your demeanor completely changed! you’re much less cute” and the gallery turns against her and she usually gets completely humiliated before being revealed to be the murderer/an accomplice to the murderer/ a minor antagonist.

like off the top of my head, i can think of april may, dahlia hawthorne, mimi/ini miney, betty de famme, and wocky kitakis gf all who fit exactly into this trope. and that’s just off the top of my head, if i looked for them i would probably find more. like aside from being annoying, it’s just boring and predictable like im playing through spirit of justice blind and geiru was just introduced as being sexy and ditzy with painful boob jiggle animation and im waiting for it to turn out that she’s a sadistic horrible person

also like every brown and black person in the ace attorney series is either the murderer or dead, im not even kidding like the only brown people i can think of are juan corrida, marlon from dual destinies, puh'ray zehlot, gant, and tah'rust inmee. maaaaybe the gavin brothers too. and they are all, respectively: dead, a murderer, dead AND a murderer, a murderer, dead, and a murderer. the only exception is klavier. the series is soooo predictable and terrible when it comes to women and brown/black men

Asexual!remus headcanons

•Remus is asexual and doesn’t really voice it unless necessary
•for months Sirius says sexual pickup lines to Remus when he first becomes interested in him
•"hey moony that sweater looks nice on you, it would look better on my bedroom floor"
•"hey moony I may not go down in history but I will go down on you"
•(cheesy, but that is Sirius blacks middle name)
•Remus either laughs it off or just ignores it
•one day as Sirius says one of his “brilliant” pickup lines in the almost empty common room
•(“I see you haven’t been studying, you must want the ’D’”)
•when Remus just nonchalantly says
•"Sirius you know I’m asexual"
•and Sirius is just completely ?????what ?????what does that mean??????
•and Remus sighs and explains as simply as he can
•"it means I don’t actually wanna have sex with you…or anyone for that matter"
•and Sirius stares at him in shock
•and Remus sits there waiting for a rejection or a disgusted remark like always
•and Sirius just throws his hands in the air and says
•"moony why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I would have just asked you on a date instead of trying to get in your pants first!“
•and Remus grins cause wow Sirius Black is such a dork
•but also wow he respects his sexuality like no one ever has before
•and he wants to take him out on a date too how special
•"so do you wanna?”
•"wanna what?“
•"go on a date with me silly?”
•"of course I’ll go on a date with you padfoot.“
•and they just continue on with their business grinning like two idiots


then & now

Just A Lock Screen, Right?

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45: “I’m your lock screen!?” - “You weren’t supposed to see that”

Ship: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluffy/Friends to Lovers Drabble

Word Count: 1,314

A/N: I finished my last exam today so I celebrated by finally finishing this drabble! Thank you so much anon for giving me my first request! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Also the beginning thoughts of the reader are from a free verse poem I wrote called “Love Like Soccer” and I thought it fits this scenario really well!
- Cas <3

All it took was one day, which happened to be the first day we met. One glance from him to me that made my heart explode.

But there was no way in hell that I was going to tell him that.

So my lovestruck heart stood on the sidelines like the kid who is only good at doing one thing when he plays soccer. And so my lovestruck heart just sat there and watched us as we developed our friendship while it wanted nothing more than to stop the game and run up to him and scream at him, “CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I LOVE YOU?”

But it was way too risky. What if he didn’t feel the same way?

So that brings me to my current situation. And my heart is about to be thrown into the soccer game. But this time, there’s nothing I can do because it’s about to be painfully obvious that my heart does NOT know how to play soccer at all.

- - - - - - -

The quiet calm of my sleep is fizzling out with each buzz and ding from my phone. I twist to the right to check the time on my alarm clock. It reads 8:39. Seriously, who is texting me this early on a Saturday morning? I sit up slightly and twist back to sit normally. I unplug my phone from the charger and turn it on.

“4 New Messages from DabKing ;)”

Of course HE would be texting me at this hour. I open the messages.

DabKing ;) : Hey Y/N

DabKing ;) : Heyyyyyyyyy

DabKing ;) : Do you wanna hang out today????

DabKing ;) : I miss my friendddd :(

My heart rate quickens slightly at the fact that he wants to see me and that he misses me. I quickly type a reply,

Y/N : You little fucker you woke me up >:(

Y/N : But yessss ofc i would love to hang with u!

DabKing ;) : Yayyyyyy!!!!! meet at the usual spot in 10?

Y/N : Ugh fine, but I’m gonna have to go barefaced :/

DabKing ;) : That’s ok! You look pretty without makeup

WHAT?! Did he just say I’m pretty?

Y/N : ummm thanks

I throw my phone across my bed, acting like that situation didn’t just happen and that I totally didn’t just respond in the dumbest way possible. I do some very light makeup and change into something cute and comfy because I want to look cute for myself and because I don’t need to try and look nice to go hang out with Bambam. If anything it would be weird if I wore something fancy when we hung out. I still have just under 5 minutes to get to our favorite cafe. Good thing its only a block away from my apartment complex.

I run down the stairwell of my complex and start walking a steady pace towards the cafe. I check my watch. Dammit I’m gonna be late. I pick up my pace slightly. By the time I arrive to the front of the cafe, a certain lanky boy, drowning in gucci and everything that’s expensive, wearing a pair of sunglasses that don’t look designer but they are, is standing right next to the door leaning against the wall as if he had been waiting on me for an hour. My heart starts beating faster. He looks like the bad boy (who’s really a sweetheart) that just popped out of a drama.

“Hey! BamBam!” I wave, then jog up to him.

“Hey Y/N! Its been a while since I’ve seen you face to face” He stretches his arms out, asking for a hug.

Oh shit…This is not what I need right now…

I go in to hug him despite my conscience yelling at me to stop and pull away. My heart is beating even faster now.

“Yeah it has.” I say shyly.

“Let’s go inside and get some breakfast” He smiles, opens the front door, and gestures for me to go inside. He is being oddly polite today.

I walk inside and BamBam shortly follows. I scan the room to find an empty table. Luckily, the corner table we used to always sit at up until a few months ago was open. I turn over my shoulder to ask Bam.

“Hey do you wanna sit at our old table?” I ask.

“Yeah sure” he replies.

We make our way over to the table and sit down. The waitress comes over quickly, with 2 menus in hand.

“Hello! Welcome.” she smiles as she hands us the menus, “Can I get you started with anything to drink this morning?”

“Can I just have a water?” I ask.

“Me too” BamBam says.

“Sure! I’ll have 2 waters back out in just a minute!” She flashes her smile again and walks back to the kitchen.

“I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back” I say as I stand up from the table and make my way towards the bathrooms, leaving my purse behind and my phone on the table.

I go to the bathroom to calm myself down. I didn’t need to go to bathroom but my heart rate had been jumping ever since he hugged me. I splash cool water on my face and dry it off without ruining the little makeup that I have on. I take a deep breath and head back out to the table where BamBam is waiting. I sit back down across from him. He stares at me for a second before I realize and he places my phone on the table rather harshly and looks at me with confusion and a hint of joy and mischief.


“So, Y/N…” he says as calmly as possible.

I can hear myself swallow hard. I know what is coming.

I’m your lock screen?!” He borderline shouts as he turns on my phone, displaying my background of a high quality fansite photo of BamBam himself.

“Y-You weren’t supposed to see that. Anyway its been nice talking to you I have to go, urgent thing for work-” I stutter as I grab my things and stand up, ready to bolt out due to embarrassment.

“No. Sit down.” he strongly demands.

I accept my fate and approaching doom as I wave my white flag and slump back down into the chair.

“If you could please explain Y/N…” he says with the same calming voice that I listened to on the phone many nights when I was sad and emotional over who knows what. He always knew how to calm me down.

This is it. Now or never.

“Okay look, I’m obviously a fan of Got7. You know that. But, even before we met, I kinda had a thing for you. And meeting you in real life and spending actual time with you didn’t exactly help my case. But I’m not used to liking people or relationships or anything like that. So that’s why I’ve stayed away and chose to become friends with you instead of trying to get with you. Also, because I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries as an acquaintance and being friends with you is better than not knowing you at all. I’ve been avoiding you because it all got too much for me and I couldn’t handle myself being around you so often. I didn’t want to blow my cover. I just really like you. And now I’m so worried because I don’t know what you’re gonna make of this and I’m sorry for not saying anything.”

“No need to worry” he smiles warmly at me and reaches to gently cradle my hands in his, “I like you too.”

Seventeen Reaction to: Receiving Nudes While At Practice [NSFW]

i’m having so much fun writing these smutty reactions lol

S.Coups: intense lip biting ensues. he appreciates the picture, not only for what he’s seeing but also because it means you’re thinking of him, craving his touch. however, what he doesn’t appreciate is being surrounded by the guys when you send him the nude.

so he can’t help flinching when chan comes running up to him, “hyung, hyung, guess what!” and his innocent eyes stare deep into his soul. he feels like he needs to be the responsible one, esp. in front of the younger ones. but he can’t ignore the dull throb in his trousers, can’t help messing up the rest of practice bc his mind is elsewhere. he sends you a text, “be ready for me when i’m home. you’re in big trouble, baby girl”

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Jeonghan: smirks and laughs a little in disbelief. he never expected you would do this while he was at practice. “did (Y/N) text you something cute?” voices joshua, at his friends sudden change in demeanor.

“yeah, yeah, you can say that,” jeonghan replies, sending you a sneaky pic back of his collarbones and neck, dripping in sweat. two could play at that game

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Joshua: is completely horrified. not by what he sees, of course, but by the reaction it has on him. he turns entirely red, feels ashamed at how he’s immediately turned on, even while surrounded by his friends that felt more like family

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Jun: blushes a little but is also tremendously happy. it’s not a rare occurrence for you two to tease each other in public like that so he has no issue with focusing on practice again after seeing the pic, even though it’s imprinted on his mind

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Hoshi: spaces out, just staring at the pic, taking in every detail he can. he doesn’t even realise he’s done this until there’s a firm hand on his shoulder and seungcheol’s voice whispers in his ear, “be more discreet, soonyoung. what if chan had been standing behind you instead of me? and we’ve still got more practice left, worry about that stuff later.”

now soonyoung’s embarrassed and can’t look s.coups in the eye, or any of the boys really, afraid that they had seen your nude on his phone too

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Wonwoo: is able to mask his shock but can’t hide the blush forming. mingyu notices, asks him what’s wrong. wonwoo plays it off as being hot from practice, with a level tone. it’s convincing, so mingyu goes back to playing around on his phone. wonwoo only wishes he could convince his groin just as well, crossing his legs and hoping it goes away before they have to go back to practice

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Woozi: wishes he’d never checked his damn phone. now, his break is ruined. instead of being able to relax; he’s tense and aggravated. why did you have to be so damn frustrating? tempting him while he’s with the guys? now he’s just thinking about sex, about making you pay when he gets home. he texts you a warning, telling you he’s going to fuck you into unconsciousness for being such a tease, meaning it 100%

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DK: unintentionally gasps, nearly dropping his phone. “what, what?” some of the boys wonder, hurrying to his side in curiousity.

“n-nothing! i just remembered that i, uh, i didn’t ring my mom today” cue nervous laughter. annoyed that nothing interesting had happened, the boys wandered off and he’s left to stare at the picture, curled up in a corner of the practice room. his jaw is slack, breathing deepening.

seungcheol notices, comes over to press the back of his hand to dokyum’s forehead. “ah, you’re burning up, dongsaeng. why didn’t you tell me you were sick? maybe you should just go home early and get some rest?” and dk leaps at the opportunity, knowing he wouldn’t have been able to focus on practice anyway, not with something so good waiting for him at home. once outside, he runs the entire way home

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Mingyu: without meaning to, his jaw drops and he looks around, to see if anyone had caught a glimpse of his phones screen. the others are either messing about, laying down or preoccupied on their own phones. except wonwoo, who’s blushing and not making eye contact. mingyu scoots over, saying quietly, “i know you saw, hyung. please cover me while i try to sneak past seungcheol, will you?” awkwardly, his friend swiftly nods his head while mingyu waits until s.coups is busy before sneaking out

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The8: nudges jun, whispers, “hey, guess what” but doesn’t wait for a reply, “i’m getting laid when i go home.” with a grin, his friend proudly thumps his back; “nice one, minghao. then i’ll do your chores when the rest of us get back to the dorm. but you’ll owe me for it!” minghao nods, really appreciating how jun always had his back #bromance

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Seungkwan: soooo dramatic about it. with a gasp, he drops his phone and it clatters loudly, sliding across the dance floor. “what?” the other 12 chorus.

“n-nothing,” seungkwan stutters, trying to reach for his phone but they know it’s not “nothing” so hoshi, dk and dino race him for the phone, leading to the four grappling in the middle of the dance studio for it.

seungcheol intervenes, snatching the phone and holding it out of reach of the squabbling boys, in a pile on the floor. “yah, boys! no fight - ” he catches sight of the screen, goes completely silent. decides to lock it and hand the phone back to seungkwan. then walks away. seungkwan is shouting apologies after him, telling him it’s all you, not him. he’s a good boy, he swears, his mother raised him right. and now the rest are REALLY curious. this leads to lots of arguing and shouting and practice ends up finishing shortly after bc no one can focus when they’re too busy trying to figure out what happened

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Vernon: chokes on his water, coughing violently. seungkwan beats his back, asking, “what’s wrong?” once he’s caught his breath, hansol replies, “ah, nothing, man. just mom telling me i have to babysit whenever i go back home.” but he’s hella shifty and can’t make eye contact so seungkwan knows what’s up. “ah, did (Y/N) say something dirty?”

the uncomfortable laugh and “hah! uh, no ??” tells him all he needs to know

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Dino: no one is sending tHIS CHILD NUDES, YA HEAR? just look at that cute face instead

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seventeen scenario (fluff/sort of angsty/ a little nsfw)

seventeen reactions of you wearing a short skirt/dress out

vernon- short flowy skirt- ok vernon wouldn’t like the idea of you wearing the skirt out but he would let you cause he’s a chill guy but then like every time you moved the skirt would sort of lift up in the back and he would see and get protective and he would eventually just back hug and walk with you so to make sure no-one saw you skirt flying everywhere.

scoops- pleated skirt- immediately after seeing you exit you room scoups would practically tear off his jumper and run towards you tying it around your waist and you would kinda stop and look at him like ‘I’m old enough to wear what i want’ and he would be all annoyed and say something like “if anyones going to see you ass its gonna be me” and you would like stand there and in shock and be like “damn ok ill put on a longer skirt”

mingyu- pencil skirt- ok mingyu oh my god- ok so mingyu would see you and he’d start like stomping his foot and wiggling his shoulders and he would make this ‘eung’ sort of whiney noise and you would ask ‘whats wrong?’ and he’d be like ‘how can other men see you like this *still while stamping his foot and wiggling his shoulders* and you would be like ‘what do you mean?’ and he’d be like ‘your mineeeee’ so soon you would give into his cuteness and go change into something longer.

wonwoo- black (clingy) dress- oh my god ok so like it would be wonwoos birthday and he would have been dropping hints like ‘i really like that short black dress you have its a shame i haven’t seen it on you yet’ but you’d be like ok ok i see you so for his birthday you would wear the dress to his party and he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you and he would constantly be like ‘you need to wear this more often’ then blatantly stare at you ass gjnoewFSXK

dino- emerald green satin dress- his jaw would literally hit the floor like he would just stand there looking at you in shock and you be like ‘what??’ and he’d be like ‘you look really sexy in that’ and you’d be like really taken aback and go red cause you never saw this side of dino and would like pull you close to him but grabbing your waist and you’d be like really read and would mumble a lot.

the8- tight white skirt- oh my god ok so like you would be introducing the8 to your parents and he would come and knock on the door and when he saw you open it in that skirt the tips of his ears would go all red and he would immediately like look at the ground and like your parents would be in the background like laughing and you would giggle at him too and he would just be all red eh.

jun- tight red lacy dress- the biggest smile would spread across his face and every chance he got he would sneak up behind you and like grab your hips and like rub his hands up and down and then he’d wrap his hands around your waist then rest his head on your shoulder and whisper things like ‘i love you’ and like pull you closer to him oh my god tnijtkewf

hoshi- oh my god if hoshi saw you in anything above the knee he would just get all giggly and all like ‘I’m in a dream’ sort of feel to him and he would just stare at you non stop and giggle and you would be like ‘kwon hoshi get your head out of the gutter’ and he would like lazily giggle *if you know what i mean* and be like ‘but you look so good’ and he would be complete fool for you for the rest of the day and follow you around like lost little puppy ahh.

woozi- navy blue velvet dress- woozi would be looking for you at a party and see you across the room and he would go racing over grabbing your waist from as to cover your butt and he would be like ‘you look amazing but that dress is a little short’ and he would pull you over to a corner so no one would be able to see how short your dress was and protectively stand next to you for the whole night.

dk- gold/black flow and layered dress- dk would be all about you in a short flow dress and he would legit just cling to you the whole day and would not stop staring at you and you’d be like ‘why’ and he’d be like you ‘just looks so beautiful in that’ and you’d like giggle and lightly hit him on the arm and he would giggle and his eyes would turn into little crescents ehh.

joshua- red (clingy) mini dress- *don’t kill me but like i just want to see joshua’s like more smutty side- anyway*  his like mouth would fall to the ground and he would like just walk up to you and put his hands around you waist and like pull you into a really intense kiss and he’d whisper into your ear ‘I’m gonna make everybody jealous tonight’ gfjkgnsdkew.

seungkwan- red skirt with a slit up one side- you would surprise seungkwan cause you never wore anything risque round him and as soon as he saw you he would take a step back and look you up and down a few time and then you would start to walk closer to him and like lean in really close to his face and like whisper in his ear ‘i wore it for you’ and he would be really taken aback and his ears and face would go super read and you be like ‘you’re the same colour as my skirt’ lmao.

jeonghan- white short frilly skirt- you’d be sitting on the couch under a blanket at svt’s dorm and you would sometimes be like ‘oh I’m just gonna get some water’ but before you could get up jeonghan would have gotten it for you and this would keep happening and you’d finally be like ‘i can do stuff on my own you know’ and you would stand up and the blanket would fall of your legs and jeonghan would be like ‘aLL THE OTEHR MEMBERS WILL SWOON AROUND YOu if they see you like this’ and then he’d like look at the members and be like ‘if i see any of you guys look anywhere below her waist your dead’ but ofc the first thing the member would do is look at your short skirt and jeonghan would just like run at them screaming ‘YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE TODAY’