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Snake in sheep’s clothing

Sniper Lance!

I really love these types of headcanons! Just…anything involving any type of badass Lance. Thank you @plouffe-dans-leau for suggesting this, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to actually get to it.

•Lance pretty much grew up in a gun range.

•his father and uncle were snipers and took Lance to the gun range as a way of bonding.

•turns out Lance is a natural, and his father and uncle teach him everything they know. They can’t help but be proud of their little son/nephew.

•and as the years go by, Lance just keeps getting better. But he also wanted to fight, like his father and uncle.

•so he signs up for the garrison, hoping to learn to be a trained fighter pilot and make his family proud.

•of course than he gets whisked away by a giant robot lion to fight in a galactic war.

•when the bayard turned into a type of rifle, Lance was so happy, but it was very different from what he was used to ( which is a lot! His father made sure to train him in practically every gun he could.) so when no one was using it, which was a lot harder than originally thought, Lance practices with it relentlessly to get a better handle on it.

•and Lance realizes how much he misses his family. On Earth, he knew that he could always call or Skype, even when he would be able to deploy, he still would have some contact.

•but out in space, he can’t even send a letter to them letting him know he’s ok. (Doesn’t stop him from writing them though.)

•when Pidge makes the comment about him not being the sharpshooter, it definitely shakes his confidence. All his life his father and uncle have told him what a sharpshooter he is, how he’s better than some of the men they’ve worked with. But what if thy were just saying that because he was family (they weren’t. They literally think he’s one of the best.) and it slips in with every other insecurity about his position on the team.

•hearing Shiro call him their sharpshooter does lift his spirits, and helps him regain some confidence in his skill.

•the only people who know about Lance’s crazy skills are Hunk and Coran.
•Hunk has known Lance since they were kids so Hunk heard all about Lance’s skills from Lance’s family.
•Coran accidentally walked in on Lance when he was doing a casual long range training, (in other words, Lance was on a very high level on the training deck and kicking ass.)

•but of course, none of the others really believe that Lance is this trained shooter who could probably pin a fly to the wall with a butter knife with precise accuracy. (He’s like crazy good)

•great, now all I can think about is how his uncle wouldn’t just stick with just guns, he would practice with bow and arrows as well, and Lance just knocking them dead with his crazy accuracy. He’s pretty good with throwing daggers as well, but he’s better with bows and guns.

•Lance joined the archery team. Took them all the way to nationals ( is that something archery does? Not exactly sure.)

Wow, this took a completely different turn than I thought. But now just think about how, during a diplomatic mission, they’re challenged by some nobleman of that planet, either to try and discredit them or to distract them and the other nobles from some nefarious plot. And pretty much only one of them can compete in the nobleman’s choice of contest. Archery. Of course Hunk, the pure ray of sunshine that he is, immediately tells Shiro to choice Lance to do this. Shiro is a bit apprehensive about it at first, not sure how well Lance is with a bow like he is with a gun, but he agrees and lets Lance compete, even though there are some nay-sayers(cough cough-Keith and Pidge-cough). Anyways, the contest is that both contestants must start at a certain distance from the target and with each hit, they have to move farther back, first person to miss the target loses. So they get underway, and Lance is just slaying the nobleman, who is starting to struggle. But Lance sees something is off, and immediately puts two and two together, so instead of the next arrow hitting the target, Lance takes out the Assassin trying to take out one of the royal family.(which Is even farther away from the target, Lance got like eagle eyes, nothing gets past him) of course, there is some panic when this happens but once everyone pieces it together, the nobleman is arrested and Lance didn’t just save a planet’s monarchy, he proved to his entire team that he really is their sharpshooter.

Wow, this got way longer than I thought. I just love these au/headcanons so much! So, if you guys have any questions pertaining to this ^ or to any other au’s I have made, or if you want to give me an idea for an au, please feel free to send an ask! I’m always looking for new ideas for au’s! Again, thank you @plouffe-dans-leau for sending the idea!

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We’re getting close to 8,000 followers on this blog! WOW! I can’t believe that many people enjoy the content on this blog! You’ve all been wonderful and we want to try something fun for this new milestone.

Send us requests.








I’m talking shitty MS Paint style quick sketches. It can be whacky scenarios, our favorite quotes from this blog, a scene from Hetalia, etc.

I’m only going to ask that none of the requests are sexual, involve nudity, are offensive to a country’s past, or groups of people.

You’ve all been really cool with not sending us this type of stuff anyway (sending in nsfw quotes with sex is fine idc but I don’t wanna draw it) but I just want to lay out some basic rules anyway.

So, send in requests for us to draw and we’ll let you know when the requests are closed!
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Look you guys!! Season six – in a white male executive’s fancy office. Wow, this is something completely new and different for #Elementary! So glad they’re addressing the poor response and ratings by doing the exact same thing as the last two crappy seasons! #Sarcasm

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Fanfic where a guy flirts with annabeth and percy gets super jealous and posessive? Or maybe calypso and leo in there place? Thank you

I chose Percy and Annabeth! Sorry this is ten years late.

Of all the places Percy expected to be insulted, the library was pretty low on his list.

He followed Annabeth quickly through the aisles holding a stack of her books on colosseums as she searched frantically for the best author of a book about Roman funeral pyres. Her blonde hair bounced against her back as she strode past the shelves of books, running her fingers along their spines.

“Annabeth slow down,” he huffed as she turned a sharp corner, nearly disappearing out of sight.

“I’m over here! I think I found it.”

Percy blew out a puff of air and then followed the sound of her voice, sighing when “Pyres Through the Ages” landed in his arms. After she grabbed a novel on fantasy genre architecture for her own reading, they made their way to the checkout, both of their arms filled with books. The guy at the checkout desk looked to be about their age with a tight sweater and hipster glasses that reminded Percy uncomfortably of Where’s Waldo.

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Demigods watching Disney’s Hercules

„I love those ladies.“ - Percy

„Hera wasn’t even Hercules’ mother, what the fuck is this movie?“ - Annabeth

„Honestly, fathers place looks nothing like that.“ - Nico

„You forgot to mention that HE looks nothing like that.“ - Will

„I don’t even think that there really is a potion for making Gods mortal.“ - Hazel

„Honestly, this movie could make people think that Zeus actually cares about his children.“ - Percy

„How did nobody ever think about asking themselves why that freakishly strong boy is wearing a sign of Zeus? How?“ Piper

„Wait… that’s supposed to be Chiron? Which legend did Disney read????“ Annabeth

„So not fair, I never get a sudden burst of sunshine when I kill a monster.“ Jason

„Oh sure, fall in love with the very first woman you see after being on that island for years, why don’t you!“ *throwing popcorn* -Percy

„Uh, Percy, didn’t you kinda fall in love with the first girl you laid eyes on when arriving in Camp?“

„Shut up Leo, that’s something completely different!“

“Why would Hades free the Titans? WHY?” -Jason

“Wow… Tyson looks so much better than that.” -Percy

“hehe. Slimy Souls.” - Nico

*throwing popcorn at the screen* - probs everyone but Frank

“Wait, what does this remind me of?” -Nico

“Percy you totally went all Disney for Annabeth!” -Piper (squealing, probably) (Jason and Nico dying of laughter in the background)

“Hmph. They never greated us like that when we defeated Kronos. Or Gaea. Or anyone else.”

“Why is Hermes making music when my dad is around there? Does Disney know nothing???” -Will

*credits roll*



“We should totally show the others!”

(Annabeth groaning in the background because that movie was so freaking dumb and wrong and ugh!!!!)

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Hola!! Will you please do how Monsta X react if you (their girlfriend) got sick but was being really stubborn and refusing to rest? I love this blog so much, thanks youu!!

Ooh I haven’t done a Monsta X one before. I hope you like it! I thought this one was kind of funny :P

Shownu would definitely argue with you. He’s all about health and is such a caretaker that if you were sick, the second you sneezed or coughed, he would be putting you on bed rest. If you’re being stubborn, he’d probably make little promises to get you to stay in bed. “When you’re all better, we can go wherever you want but you have to rest.” I don’t know why but I could see you leaving bed and him catching you and literally carrying you back and tucking you in. Like no, you stay.

Wonho would probably be a little more understanding just because I’m sure he’s stubborn when something is wrong with him, too. But he’d still probably nag a little bit about your health. “Well, if you won’t go to bed, will you at least take some medicine?” He’d probably hang around you a little more than usual and you’d have to remind him that you might get him sick, but does he care? He’s gotta look after you, so of course not.

Minhyuk would be really worried about you and I’m not gonna lie, he would be incredibly doting. Like, supplying all the tissues, nagging a little to get you to stay in bed, bringing you soup. “Minhyuk, I’m not even hungry.” “It’ll make you feel better, I promise.” “But I’m not hungry.” “Jagi, eat it, please.” He wouldn’t necessarily guilt trip you, but you’d feel bad for not listening and end up resting anyway.

Plot twist, Jooheon’s the one that got you sick. Don’t know why, but I just feel like that’s how that happened and he would probably feel bad about it and would probably use disgustingly adorable amounts of aegyo to get you to go rest. Like apologizes and tells you he’ll take care of you if you go lay down and that you need to go rest because the sooner you get better the sooner he can take you out on an apology date.

Hyungwon is a bit of a fluff imo so he’d probably be super gentle with you. He’d ask you nicely and maybe even distract you a bit as he walks you back to your bed and before you realize what’s happened, he’s tucked you in and is getting you medicine for your fever. Fully believe he would work through distractions, like you start to complain about being sick or having to rest and then you end up talking about something completely different and wow when did you finish that bowl of soup and when did this cold compress get on your forehead?

Kihyun seems like such a caring person tbh so he’d probably be prepared. Like he’d know how to convince you to do anything at this point and would figure out some way to get you to stay in bed. He’s ready with his little sick day kit and, just like Minhyuk, would still hang around you for most of the day even though you’re all sickly and stuff. He would not let you leave your room no matter what, though. You getting better would be top priority.

Changkyun would probably tuck you in when you first get up. You stumble out of the bedroom and he notices you don’t look good or that you have a fever and he’s just like “nope!” and puts you right back in bed. He’d probably yell at you if you got back out. Not seriously but just “Yah! I thought I told you to rest! Do you not want to get better?” That worried kind of yelling ya know? Like I’m telling you what to do because I care but you’re not listening. He’d probably feel bad though and bring you soup later.