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The night is a life of its own. The energy that the darkness emits is stronger than the comfort given off from the light, and at times, it is provocative. The darkness, in that way, penetrates through our skin. By letting our endless pleasures and desires take the lead, they take, clasp, and shake our hearts. And we can’t refuse it.

I honestly can’t take D’Vorah seriously when she does that sassy neck-roll. Still, Divvy’s probably got more sass in her neck than any kombatant alive. #Respect.

(Also, is it me, or does it look like in the second GIF Divvy’s telling Cassie “Settle down, b****h”?)

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I saw once a cat description that was: Long-haired cream cameo she-cat. Is cameo a type of pattern or something?

yep! cameo is red smoke or red silver shaded or even a red shell, (smoke, shaded and shell are all varying degrees of the same gene). it’s only called cameo when referring to a red cat o: (vs like black smoke, blue silver tabby etc)



WELL IN SHORT i wasted spent a whole week on this so please enjoy it or something

((also a cameo of me and @jonsspaghetti being the limes we are))

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Honestly I thought the GEM figures were only a nostalgia thing for OS characters and the 20th anniversary, which is why I was surprised when May was announced. So far prior to Lillie, she's the only non-OS character there. Them skipping ahead to Lillie now IMO doesn't bode well for the gens they skipped. I do think they'll at least make Dawn, but I'm guessing the feeling the BW and XY cast won't get figures.



And yeah I’d love another Dento figure since it seemed they’re doing everyone (but Tracey…) but at least he was lucky enough to get one the first time

But Iris? Either she gets an anime figure or her champion self gets a game figure after Diantha this is just unfair

Just got back from the LEGO Batman Movie!

It was much better then I expected! I’m not really into comic book stuff, but the trailer hooked me to go see this and I was glad I did!

I started laughing before the opening logos were over, the colors were absolutely amazing and the amount of cameos was something I hadn’t anticipated! I couldn’t take the climax seriously at ALL, but it fit the movie well and really brought the LEGO aspect into play.

And yes, I was freaking out as my theater played the trailer for the Ninjago Movie!

i have fallen too deep help me

He knew that one day it would come back and haunt him. Since the day his partner had picked up the knitting needles, he knew this ought to happen. Asgore should have stopped it right then, but two things had crossed his mind; the thought that his obsession with flowers was no better, and then… the look of happiness that was seen in the scientist’s eyes was more than enough for him to keep quiet. He had even encouraged Gaster and had bought him wool. But only because it had been on sale, and not because the other’s eyes had shone bright with joy and he had hugged Asgore like he had returned from the war and not from the store.

So he let the guy knit. Soon various places in the house had been filled with lace doilies, knitted lampshades, and new pillows. In retrospect this should have been the point in which Asgore should have asked him to stop. Undyne had even given him the perfect chance by asking one time during a visit, “It’s becoming a bit much, isn’t it?”

But Asgore had just shrugged his shoulders and said, “If it makes him happy.”

He hadn’t told anybody about the conversation he had with Gaster before the knitting had started. How the scientist had admitted that he felt useless, like he was just a failure, and that he wasn’t good at anything; something not even Alphys knew.

It had broken Asgore’s heart, but he had never been good at cheering people up- or so his ex wife mentioned once. So he had suggested that Gaster should pick up a hobby.

And now, staring down at one of the cheesiest Christmas sweater he has ever seen, Asgore sort of comes to regretting the suggestion. The sweater has green and red stripes, with little snowflakes dotted along the sides of the reindeer on the front. It doesn’t even look bad, but it was one of the only things Asgore refused to wear. But there was also a pair of obviously excited, grey eyes looking at him, which made him feel bad.

“And? What do you think?” His voice is quiet, but Gaster bounces up and down like a child and is doing a poor job of hiding it.

Asgore doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. It would crush him completely.

“It looks great. Thank you.” he says instead, putting on a warm smile.

“Don’t you want to try it on?” Gaster asks, and Asgore has to swallow.

Undyne, who had let herself in again moments ago, chokes on her tea as Asgore enters the living room moments later. There are tears running down her face, and Asgore is not quite sure if she is coughing or laughing.

“Not one word now.” Asgore says, voice firm but quiet, all while Undyne wipes away her tears.

“I told you we should have told him to stop.” Undyne says with a grin, and Asgore just sighs. He knows Undyne is right, but then said man enters the living room, beaming brighter than a shooting star when he spots his partner. A grin is plastered all over his face and Asgore has to smile back, feeling a warm tingle rushing through his body. He doesn’t care that the sweater looks kind of hideous, he doesn’t care that Undyne is still trying not to laugh out loud… as long as the other is happy, everything is fine.

Also the sweater was, surprisingly, very comfortable, but nobody needed to know that.


>>Orion plays for everyone near by ! It can be heard for quite a distance<<

|♫ ♪  ♩ ♪|♩ ♫ ♩ ♩| ♫♪ ♩ ♪ |♩ ♫ - | ♫ ♪  ♩ ♪ | ♩ ♫ ♩ ♩|♫♪  ♩ ♪| - ♫♩ | |♫ ♪  ♩ ♪|♩ ♫ ♩ ♩| 

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Summary: After tasting a piece of pie straight out of his past, food critic Castiel has set off on a mission to find his childhood friend by making his way across the country reviewing the places Dean has worked. Will he be able to find the missing piemaker? And how much food can he eat in the process?

Part 2 of Chasing Pie, click here for Part 1

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September 18 - Lebanon, Kansas

It has recently been brought to my attention that the readership for this column is…less than stellar. I was - we’ll say encouraged - to find a new angle. Something to entice you in, rather like a sampling of wine that convinces you to go ahead and buy the bottle.

My initial plan was to create a column based around the desserts offered by various restaurants. High end, low end, there would have been a little bit of everything. I even had a cheesy title planned out. Happy Endings. I know, corny but cute, right?

This idea was inspired by a specific dessert I had at a small diner, just on the outskirts of Lebanon called Benny’s. To understand this inspiration a little better, you’ll need a bit of a back story.

When I was a child, I had a best friend with whom I was very close. I was over at his house all the time. And his mother made the best pie. I’m sure you’re thinking this must be pure hyperbole. But her cooking was the reason I write about food at all. When she passed away, many things changed in my life. My best friend moved away rather suddenly and I never heard from him again. Everything seemed a little dimmer after that.

And then I made a quick stop at Benny’s. I wasn’t there to review the food. I just needed a place to eat. Yes, even critics just need a meal for the sake of a meal every now and again. As I told my very friendly and competent server, Madison, the food was adequate. Actually, for a diner its size, with the equipment and ingredients I know they had access to, it was above par. Not gourmet, but that’s not what you’re looking for when you go to a diner. I was running behind that day and sadly had to rush my lunch. But Madison, wise woman that she is, knew there was something else I needed to try. She sent me home with a slice of pie.

When I got a chance to take my first bite, it was like I was a child again. Everything from the smell, to the flavor and texture, was exactly like when I was ten years old. I was happier than I’d been in a long time, and let me tell you, that piece of pie was gone far too quickly for my pleasure.

It’s amazing how food can trigger such strong memories. So much of our lives are spent around food. So often it is a shared experience that we can connect to a specific person or event. And who can be unhappy over a great piece of pie, cake, or a bowl of homemade ice cream? So I decided that’s what I would share with you.

My first stop? Benny’s. And that’s where this narrative changed.

To my dismay, the cook who had made the amazing pastry that inspired my new direction, had moved in a new direction himself. He was a temporary fill in, working his way across the country towards a larger goal. The only pie they had on hand that day was frozen. I asked the ever helpful Madison if she knew the cook’s name and where he was headed next.

I discovered he was none other than my childhood friend.

I will not give his name since I do not have express permission to write about him, but from the moment I discovered it was him, my purpose changed. This column will still be about dessert. But now there is a larger goal.

I will be setting off across the country, starting by heading in the direction of Denver - the last known destination of my friend. Along the way, I will stop in as many diners and drive-ins as I can to see if I can again find that elusive slice of pie - and hopefully in the process reconnect with a long lost, and much missed, friend. I am hoping you will join me on this quest. Perhaps in the end, there really will be a happy ending.

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