something borrowed; something blue

I remember seeing an interview where the interviewer was lowkey flirting with Billie Joe and he wasn’t that into it and Mike was talking about playing new material live like “you’re gonna hear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and she turned to Billie like “hopefully something as blue as your eyes” and Billie just goes “they’re green, actually” like WHOOPS looks like you just got slapped with the Sasstrong

  • Me: *walks down the aisle @my wedding carrying a pile of books*
  • The groom: What is this?
  • Me: It says "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This is the oldest book I have. And this other one I bought yesterday. The third one I borrowed from a friend. And the fourth one is blue. Do you have any better ideas?


Getting married to Draco would include:

  • It’s the wedding of the century
  • All heart strings and violins; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; the day they never thought they’d make it to
  • And Draco is nervous as he straightens his tie
  • He’s lived through a war but he can’t ever remember his stomach being tied up in knots like it is now, all sweaty palms and muddled vows on a parchment shoved deep in his pocket
  • He doesn’t deserve her
  • And yet his ring is on her finger and his name is in her mouth and he doesn’t know/isn’t quite sure how he’d ever managed to get so lucky
  • The altar is in his mother’s rose gardens; silks draped from the marble columns and a crystal chandelier catching prism lights
  • The strings are crooning as he stands beneath it, counts the number of heartbeats until the doors will open and the Bride’s march will begin. It feels like the countdown to a new era of his life: all bright lights and lipsticked smiles, hums caught in guests throats and rose petals blooming in the spring breeze
  • When he finally sees her -
  • His heart is in his mouth, on his sleeve; every promise, kiss, uncertainty building up to this moment now
  • Because she’s beautiful. White lace and diamonds at pulse points, soft smile and fluttering eyes, something worth opening his eyes for
  • He holds her hands, traces the burns on her fingers from the Fiendfyre, remembers how he’d kept her close every second of the war and now, now they’re finally here
  • He’d entertained fantasies of dying sixth year
  • He’s glad that he didn’t, now
  • Now, as she clasps his fingers and recites her vows
  • Now, as he says, “I do,” and she slides a ring on his finger
  • Now, as he recites his vows and thinks of the letter in his pocket
  • Now, as she’s saying, “I do” and he’s sliding a ring on her finger
  • Now, as they’re being pronounced husband and wife and he’s kissing her, kissing her like he had during the last moments of the final battle and it feels like the whole world is falling into place
  • Draco Malfoy marries Y/N in the spring
  • But, really, that’s when his life began
something old, something new (something borrowed, something blue)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Written for Swan Queen Week Day 6: Trapped in an AU.

Henry blinks at them. “Mom. Mom…Mom,” he says, eyes flickering from Emma to Regina to his future mothers, who are still holding hands. “Mom. Something you want to tell me?”

“They’re from the future,” Regina says.

“They’re married,” Emma says. “To each other.” She’s still standing in the middle of the room, utterly discombobulated.

Henry rolls his eyes. “Duh. Can I go get my Playstation?”

On Iwaizumi's wedding day
  • Iwaizumi: What's this?
  • Oikawa: Your old Seijoh uniform. You know the saying, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
  • Iwaizumi: This is TEAL! And you can't give me a wedding gift if it's OUR wedding, moron!

Ok so I made this because I really wanted something for Kaider’s wedding….

We all know Cinder would prefer a smaller ceremony, but there a multiple reasons that would never happen 1) she’s a former queen marrying an emperor and 2) it’s an interplanetary marriage 3) Iko would kill Cinder for not letting her plan it.


Iko helped the seamstress, who made Cinder’s coronation gown, to make the wedding dress. Had she been able, Cinder would’ve cried the first time she tried it on.

The something old, something new tradition would carry on. Scarlet would lend Cinder Grand-mere’s pin for something old and something borrowed. The dress is new, and the shoes are blue.

Cress has a crescent moon necklace, and Winter a snowflake one. Everyone except Cinder would wear the gloves and bracelet in the bottom right corner (Iko and Kai both insisted they wear gloves)

And of course…Iko is the maid of honor

In the meadow there are no governances
water’s green edge dissolves into cerulean

the cranes and herons
empty themselves
in slow spasms
through the shallow hedgerows 

I live quietly
so none will know me

I live the thicket of shadow

all my days misconstrued

I was always something blue,
something borrowed 

who can bear it?

mrdaxxonford  asked:

okay an eruri day at the mall, food court? fitting room montage? running into someone they know?

I think this was a regular prompt, but we’ll see where it goes! (LOL, I think this was the day I was thirsty for eruri prompts). Thank you, friend!

Here it is, also neatly added to AO3 here:

Something Blue, Something Borrowed

Why are we here again? Do I look like a fourteen-year-old kid looking for Hot Topic?” Levi’s look is dark as he stares at Erwin outside the mall’s front door, eyes piercing.

Of course, suddenly it’s very noticeable that he’s also wearing all black and he’s about the right height…

Before Erwin can answer and think of something neutral to say, though, Levi snaps, “Don’t answer that.”

Erwin just grins a little and shrugs, using that wholesome, boyish expression he knows Levi kinks on; sure enough, there’s a slight swallow, and then grumbling.

“It’s not my fault you don’t have any suits,” Erwin points out.

“Hanji is not going to expect anyone to wear a suit to her fucking wedding.” [Read more here:]

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