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skam fic rec masterpost

so i love reading fic, its like my favorite pass time and that’s all i’ve been doing for the past three months so here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

a lot of these authors are also on tumblr im sure but i don’t have all the urls so i’m gonna put the ao3 usernames for now. please if you’re on tumblr and would like your url to be in this instead of your ao3 username, just holla at me and ill change it! <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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  • Confess by eiqhties  
    Summary: In retrospect, it probably wasn’t something he should have said when Even had a toothbrush shoved in his mouth. 

  • jeg tror du ser søte by ufologies
    Summary: Isak has to get glasses for a bit and Even reacts to it.

  • Holy by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: childhood friends!au; It was a Wednesday when he first saw him. Isak thought he looked like one of his mama’s angels. 


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Nessian Wedding Headcanons

I made these at 4am when I couldn’t sleep so yeah keep that in mind.

Nessian Wedding Headcanons:

-Nesta wears a simple elegant lace dress with her hair in her usual braid crown.
-Elain insists on putting a few flowers in it. Nesta pretends to be annoyed but really likes it.
-They have a last minute quick wedding on Starfall on top the House of Wind. Nesta says it’s so Cassian won’t forget their anniversary. (Like he ever could.)
-Cassian insists that having the wedding on Starfall will be good because everyone will be so focused on the occasion no one will bother paying any attention with them.
-An hour before the ceremony Cassian comes to see Nesta to make sure she’s okay since he knows she’s probably freaking out. They talk through the door. She thinks it’s cheesy but she doesn’t want him to see the dress.  
-Nesta asked Nuala and Cerridwen to help her make the cake. She had them decorate it. Only they know. It took 4 tries to make something edible.
-Amren gives Nesta something old and borrowed (necklace), Elain gives her something blue (hairpins to secure the braid crown.)
-Feyre and Mor decide to be a little cheeky and give her lingerie for her something new. Nesta is completely mortified.
-When the time comes for her to walk down the aisle Cass looks awestruck and cries. He even has to move a stray piece of hair that’s fallen out of his bun from his eyes.
-When Nesta gets to him she asks him if he’s seriously crying and he tells her it’s from trying to contain his laughter. She scowls thinking he’s laughing at her until he tells her that he didn’t think this day would ever come. When someone decided to be stuck with him for the rest of their life. She sheds a tear at that.
-Helion performs the ceremony after “randomly” showing up at Cass’s bachelor party. He’s makes a joke that Cazigan may not happen anymore but he’ll hold out hope for a Nessian threesome. Nesta informs him that’s never going to happen.
-They choose to write their own vows. Nesta promises to try to not bite his head off on every occasion. Then reads a poem because she doesn’t quite have the words. She stares at her paper the whole time.
-Cass promises to be patient with her mood swings, to always make sexual innuendos when possible, to call her ‘Nes’ even though she says she hates it, and to allows protect her and the ones she cares about. Then he reads a quote from her favorite poet because he knows it will surprise her that he remembers.  
-When Helion tells Cassian he can kiss the bride Cass gets the most devilish smile on his face and does the super dramatic dip kiss much to Nesta’s embarrassment and horror.
-When they cut the cake Nesta doesn’t mention she helped make it. She wants to surprise him with accepting the mating bond. When she feeds him his bite she eyes him suspiciously to see if anything happens. When he figures it out he gets that up to no good look on his face so Nesta takes the rest of the cake and smashes it into his face. This of course backfires when he tries to kiss her all covered in cake.
-The whole garter/bouquet toss is painful for everyone. Amren catches the bouquet even though Mor was jumping around like a crazy person for it. Azriel catches the garter and drops it immediately.

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I wonder if Sam is grumpy about Dean and Cas skipping the 'marriage' part and going straight to the married bickering part. Sam would've totally made a great wedding planner :p

He has scrapbooks and everything. Sometimes he spaces out at the table staring at Cas with unfocused eyes like I wonder if I could convince Dean to get married wearing Cas’s tie as something borrowed AND something blue… and then Cas looks up and squints, like “What?” “What?!” Sam says and nearly knocks over his coffee.

Then Dean comes in complaining that Cas didn’t get the usual brand of bread that Dean likes, and Cas gets up all smitey and starts telling Dean he should write a more detailed shopping list if it matters that much and Dean’s like well you should know what bread I like - 

Sam puts his head in his arms and sighs because he knows he’s missed his chance. They’re already married. He needs to move out and get a dog.

I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you

For @nerdyadventures Happy birthday my friend, I’m 10 days late and I made you beta this but this is for you and for keeping up with my texts all the time and humoring me and texting me back. You’re wonderful and I can’t it to be January so we can hang out in Disneyland.

This is the start of a hopefully 3 part story. I hope you guys like it.

Piper was applying lipstick to her lips while Sally and Hazel worked on her hair but Annabeth was hardly paying attention to them, her brain kept thinking about what was about to happen… in less than an hour she would stop being Annabeth Chase and she would become Annabeth Jackson. In less than an hour, she would be marrying the love of her life. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to keep the butterflies in her belly at bay.

It had been so long since Percy had caused her butterflies but it wasn’t a bad thing, after all, they had been together for almost eight years and known each other for eleven. Percy didn’t give her butterflies anymore but he gave her a feeling of safety, love, home, happiness and that was better than any butterfly. She felt weirdly calm, she never thought this was how she would be feeling moments away from her wedding, like any bride she had her bridezilla moments but they didn’t last long, not when they usually ended in Percy’s arms, his voice soothing the stress away, joking how they could elope in any moment, how the only thing that matters was their love.      

“You look beautiful, honey.” Sally’s voice brought her back from her thoughts, her future mother-in-law had tears in her eyes. Annabeth looked at her reflection in the mirror, two beautiful braids worked as a headband and they ended in a messy bun with small white flowers braided into it, Piper had given her a beautiful but minimal makeover, hints of gold framed her eyelids, her lips had a peachy color on them and her cheeks were covered in light pinks and she looked, well, she looked like the blushing bride she wasn’t. “But you are missing something.”

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We finally get a bit of backstory on how Happy and Walt met.

“…I crossed paths with the greatest engineer that I would ever know.” -Walter (AWWWWWW!) ❤️😍❤️

And great job to Happy for putting him in his place! She may be a tomboy, but it is her wedding day. 🎂🎩💋👰🏻💍🌷

Imagine Stiles and Derek trying to fill out their check lists: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Stiles nails it easily - something old: his Jeep and his dad’s suit, something new: the engine Derek put in the Jeep, something borrowed: the suit (his dad’s old tux from when the old man was married), something blue: the Jeep and the tie on his tux (because he wanted a touch of colour at the wedding) - but Derek is having trouble.
Days before the wedding he sits down with Cora and explains his troubles.
Cora asks, “Isn’t that something the bride does?”
“Well, we’re both the bride and the groom so we figured it’d be a fun little gimmick,” Derek explains. “I’ve got my something blue, the tie, but nothing else.”
Cora thinks for a moment before disappearing to her room. She returns with a small charm bracelet in her hands and offers it to Derek.
“Your baby bracelet?”
“Well it’s something old and something borrowed,” Cora says. “And that way you have a touch of family with you: mum, dad, Laura, everyone.”
Derek smiles, thanks his sister and takes it (later, he puts it in a small box so it doesn’t get damaged and slips it into the pocket of his tux jacket so he has it with him on the special day and doesn’t lose it).
“Okay, so I have three things,” Derek announces. “I just need something new.”
“Your relationship?” Cora offers. “I mean you guys have been going out for years but it’s your first time with a guy and your first time with someone how hasn’t tried to kill you.”
“He only tries to kill me if I take his food,” Derek jokes. “And I don’t think that counts.”
“What if your something new doesn’t come until the day?” Cora asks. “What if your something new is the ring on your finger, a man by your side, and a new life full of love?”
Derek smiles at the thought. “What did I do to deserve a sister as good as you?”

And sure enough, when the day rolls around they each have their check list:
Something old, something new.
Something borrowed, something blue.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Pairings: Dean x Reader (Series Rewrite Setting)
Word Count: 8,896. 
Summery: The boys have been gone for over a month now. But after being reunited once again with the man you love, there’s a surprise waiting for him. 
Warnings: Spoilers for season eleven and twelve! “First Blood” to be exact. (If you squint just enough, this just might be considered a rewrite.) Mary might be a bit OOC. Also, mentions of pregnancy/miscarriages.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

I know what you’re thinking; Shouldn’t this be the second part to “Sam, Interrupted” and not some drabble that turned into a monster, Danielle?! Sigh. I’m so far behind on writing/this season in general. But this came out after I have been wondering what might happen in season twelve with the reader in my rewrite series. (As some of my amazing followers sent in some ideas of their own.) You don’t need to have read it to enjoy, but since a lot of people seem to like the dynamics between the both of them, I decided to give you guys a treat! Also, “Swamp Meat” rewrite for my lovely Sam girls is in the works, too. ;) For those who want to embark on a fourteen page journey that took me two days to write, enjoy! 

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When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. The raggedy Doctor. My raggedy Doctor. But he wasn’t imaginary. He was real. I remember you! I remember! I brought the others back, I can bring you home, too. Raggedy man, I remember you, and you are late for my wedding! I found you. I found you in words, like you knew I would. That’s why you told me the story - the brand new, ancient blue box. Oh, clever. Very clever. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. OK, Doctor. Did I surprise you this time? Er, yeah. Completely astonished. Never expected that.

Moffat Appreciation Week: Series 5

@padmablossom asked for some Kiss the Cook proposing!

So I think that it happens after the first time Steve is really hospitalized after he and Bucky get together. He’s gone to the hospital a few times, for check ups and the occasional issue, but never anything major. This time, though, he’s in D.C. working with José Andrés on a restaurant concept and he passes out. José calls an ambulance, Steve goes to the ER, and it turns out that he’s got an issue that’ll take a few days to clear up.

Bucky checks his messages after his shift and his blood goes cold. He runs into Sam’s office, “Steve’s in the hospital in D.C.,” he says, already starting to breathe heavy.

Sam, bless his soul, hops into action, asking Bucky for details while texting Maria and asking her if she can lend them her car. (She not only lends them her car, but drives a good chunk of the way there so that Bucky won’t have to drive because she is, as she often reminds Sam, the best girlfriend in the world.)

They get there in the middle of the night and the nurse, very grumpily, tells them that since they aren’t family, they cannot see Steve. Bucky, who has had a very stressful day and who just wants to see his boyfriend, starts sobbing in the middle of the hospital. Sam shoots the nurse a look like, “What have you done?” she raises an eyebrow as if to say, “I know and understand this situation. It happens more often than you would think. But I am not going to lose my job over this; I have a mortgage.”

Maria gets them a hotel room (best girlfriend over) nearby, and Sam basically has to drag Bucky out of there. Bucky proceeds to spend the rest of the night watching Seinfeld reruns on TV, unable to sleep.

So when they go over for visitor hours the next morning, Bucky looks even worse than Steve. “Buck?” Steve asks from his bed, and Bucky breaks down again, crying on Steve’s chest and just saying, “They wouldn’t let me see you. They wouldn’t let me see you.”

It’s heartbreaking, and Steve knows what he’s gotta do, already planning the menu in his head as he gently strokes Bucky’s hair.

It’s a four-course dinner at the Howling Commando: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Except, he doesn’t make it obvious on the menu, just does a very traditional French appetizer, a second course that speaks to molecular gastronomy, an entrée recipe that borrows from a number of cultures, and finishes it off with Bucky’s favorite blueberry tart.

“Can’t believe you didn’t let me do drink pairings,” Bucky mutters, smiling as he takes a bite of the whipped cream. Steve (who hasn’t been behind the line at Howling Commando in a while) smiles as he watches Bucky start to eat the tart.

“Needed you to be focused,” Steve says.

Bucky snorts. “Why’s that?” he asks.

“Did you figure it out?” Steve asks, raising an eyebrow.

Bucky furrows his brow. “What d’you mean?”

“The menu was a riddle.”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “That’s ridiculous,” he says, then, “but you should grab another copy so I can look again.”

Steve does. Bucky still doesn’t get it.

“Okay, I’m a dumbass. What does it mean?”

“You’re not a dumbass,” Steve says fiercely. “I’m sure you’ll get it if I give you a clue.”

“What’s the clue?” Bucky asks, taking another mouthful of tart.

“I wanna marry you,” Steve says.

Bucky drops his fork, which falls with a clatter to his plate. “What?” he asks.

“I wanna marry you,” Steve repeats, pulling a ring out of his back pocket. “Will you? Marry me?”

Bucky blinks a few times. “How is that a clue?” he asks. “I mean, of course I’ll marry you, but that’s an awful clue.”

“I love you,” Steve says.

“I love you, too,” Bucky says, then adds, “even if you’re terrible at riddles.”

I Do

Dean Winchester x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary:  It’s your wedding day. Everything was perfect, except for one thing. The groom wasn’t Dean Winchester.

“Honey. You look beautiful.” Your Mom told you, while you sat in front of the oval mirror, applying the finishing touches to your makeup. The hair stylist had already left, after fixing your hair up in gentle curls, some gathered on top of your head while others floated softly around, framing your face beautifully.

“Mom, I don’t even have my dress on yet.” You exclaimed, still sitting in your silk robe. You were in a small room off to the side of the church, a room that was filled with you, your Mom, and your maid of honor.

You were getting married, your white satin dress hanging up beside you, but you felt a lump in your stomach instead of the joy you should be feeling. The reception hall was perfectly decorated, you had checked that earlier this morning. Your flowers were perfect, you had something borrowed, something blue. Everything was going as it should. Everything that is, except for who you were marrying.

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