something blue wedding

i can picture lance over the years trying to drop hints that he wants to marry keith in the wittiest ways like “hey do you know you traditionally need something blue at weddings?” “oh? yeah!” “well….i’m the blue paladin you see, we don’t need extra objects for it :)” and keith gets the hint and cries tears of joy

Who were you
this time last year?

I was his baby,
his August kiss in the middle 
of January 
we planned to have a home together soon
right after i donned a white dress,
something borrowed, something blue 
a wedding amidst the flowers  

I was her friend,
staying up to ungodly hours having dance parties
smoking because we thought it seemed cool
i remember how clear her eyes looked 
when she was tired 
and how she was a nervous kisser, 
moving her hands too much 
and her mouth too little 

they loved me, I’m sure of it 
i felt it in the coldest parts of me
but wedding bouquets wilted 
and the music stopped suddenly, harshly 
I left before there was anymore movement 

Who am i today?
I’m not sure 
but i know that my heart is now made 
of lacy dresses and 
blue eyes too tired 
to see anything clearly

—  we live, we love, we break things// hnl 2018 

Joe Sugg x Reader #3

Warnings: none that i can think of 

Word Count: 2.3k 

Requested: nope just realized that i’ve never written about a wedding before, and i’ve been in 2 and i love them 

Note: i don’t know how i’m gonna write vows for my own wedding after writing these tbh ~K

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Everything in the past 5 years in your relationship, had led up to today. All the planning, stress, and tiny little details that came with 6 months worth of wedding planning accumulated to today and you could not wait. Today you were getting married to your best friend, as absolutely cheesy as it is to say that. Leading up to today you had not been nervous at all, but as you were surrounded by your mom, the getting ready team, and your bridesmaids, sipping on the mimosa that had been placed in your hand as you got up that morning, nerves were running through your entire system.

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Who knew that we could have a winter wedding without freezing temperatures in New England! So in love with this shot by @slamzeeny of my newlywed wife and I in our wedding finery. And getting to wear my mother’s gown altered to fit my style was a wonderful experience that I will cherish forever. I even used extra fabric from the dress to wrap my bouquet in. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!