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Monsta X Reaction: Their S/O Begins To Cry Because They Said Something Rude

I’m not sure if you got my request because as I was sending it they wifi was cut off from my phone. Oh well. Well my request was Monsta X reaction to them fighting with their girlfriend and them saying hurtful words to her and she ends up crying and sobbing in front of them? Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 💛💛💛


The argument would’ve started over the silliest thing.
“Shownu that’s not true.” You sighed, keeping your voice calm, not wanting him to get too worked up. “It’s not even that deep, I think you’re overreacting.” You lightly chuckle,

“Overreacting?” He would ask, “You think I’m overreacting? I’m sorry for getting so pissed because my girlfriend doesn’t know when or how to keep her fucking mouth shut.” His words catch you off guard, you don’t respond but just shrink in your seat, looking up at him with doe eyes. “It’s not that hard! You’re always just starting shit.” His voice shook the house, tears brimming your eyes as he stood there, towering over you, shaking in anger.

“Nu-” You start your voice cracking, “I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to.” Shownu watched the tears roll down your cheeks and his eyes softened. All his anger dissolved as he watched your body begin to shake with sobs. He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Y/N, don’t cry.” He begins peppering kisses over your face, guilt overtaking his body. “Please don’t cry.”

“I don’t like it when you’re mad at me Nunu, let alone when you yell at me!” Shownu rocks you back and forth, whispering sweet nothings in your hair.

“I love you, baby.”


Wonho would feel extremely terrible about the whole situation but he couldn’t crack and say ‘sorry’ first, he wasn’t even the one in the wrong. “All I’m saying is you could’ve told her to back off, she was all over you.” You tiredly shrug your coat off, slipping off your flats but the door. “I believed we’ve had this talk before….no guys on me….no girls on you….” You roll your wrist trying to get the point into his head.

“Yeah, but she was a fan! It would’ve been rude to tell a fan to back off.” You plop down onto the couch, scoffing.

“Yeah and the guy we met last week was a fan too but when he was all over me I told him to back off, you know why? Because I respect my boyfriend’s wishes.”

“Really? Really? You don’t think I respect your wishes? I do! It’s not my fault you’re so fucking insecure that any pretty girl within a 100-foot radius of me makes you feel like shit!” You both stare at each other for a few seconds. Your body shaking as you processed his words.

“You know what?” You shoot up off the couch, poking his chest with a stern finger. “I knew what I was getting into when I said yes to you. I knew we would have to hide our relationship, beat around the bush but I didn’t think you’d consider yourself so much better than me.” You were shaking with anger now, hot tears rolling down your cheeks. “I can’t fucking believe you.” You grab your keys off the table and go to the door grabbing your jacket and slipping back on your flats. You pat your back pocket to make sure your phone is there.

“YN, please! Please don’t go!”

“No!” You swing the door open, “Don’t come looking for me either!”


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It was really a slip of the tongue that started the whole thing.
“You seriously told that man to go impregnate his goat.” Minhyuk shakes his head, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel.

“Yeah, I need to practice my Korean some more.” You give a small smile leaning back against your seat. “I honest to god thought I was telling him to have a good night.” You worry your bottom lip with your teeth, trying not to burst out laughing.

“Yeah, I think my career is over.” He runs his hand down his face,

“Minnie, calm down.” You place a hand on his shoulder, which he shrugs off. “Whoa! You don’t have to do all that.” You place your hands back in your lap. “You’re overreacting just a little…the translator reassured him it was an honest mistake.” Minhyuk scoffs, sparing you a quick glance.

“Maybe if you weren’t so stupid.” The words slip right past his lips and as soon as they do he wishes he could just shove them right back in his mouth.

“Excuse me?”


“No, no, it wasn’t nothing. I’m sorry I’m so 'stupid’ because Korean isn’t my first language! Sorry, the only reason I’m learning Korean is so you don’t have to stress yourself too much to learn English.” You didn’t want to cry over the slip-up but you couldn’t stop the tears that had begun to roll down your cheeks. You quickly wipe them away not wanting him to see you cry.

“Y/N I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean it.”  You lean your head against the window, “Please don’t be mad at me, I’m sorry, I really am.” He places his hand on your knee and you push it off of you,

“Don’t touch me.” You snapped, “I’m too stupid for you to touch.” Minhyuk sighs and quickly looks over toward you, noticing how the tears continued to spill down your face.

“I’m sleeping on the couch aren’t I?”

“You’ll be lucky if I even let you sleep in the apartment.”


He honestly meant no harm by his words, you didn’t know that.
“I think I’m improving on my singing,” You practice your high note again, Kihyun wincing at the pitch. You had some surgery on your vocal cords months ago and your voice hadn’t been the same. “I’m better at my low notes than my high notes. Exactly the opposite of how I was before my surgery.” Kihyun takes a sip of his water,

“You think so?”

“Yeah, you don’t?”

“Yeah you’re improving and you’ve been trying really hard I just don’t think you’re getting any closer to how you used to be.” You furrow your brows at him, cocking your head to the side.

“I’m sorry, what?” Kihyun repeats what he said and you cock your hand back, wanting with every nerve in your body to smack the shit out of him. “You know what? Not everyone is going to have honey vocals like you Kihyun.  Ugh! You are such a jackass.” You shake your head, grabbing your phone off the floor. “So do you think I’m just wasting my time? Should I just give up on my singing career?” Kihyun worked hard to avoid your intense glare, his heart crushing when he looked back to find you crying. “I don’t need you to tell me I’m not going to sing like I used to when I have every doctor I go to see telling me that. All I need to know from you is if I’m wasting my time.”  Your voice was raw, more tears rolling down your face as you basically worked yourself up.

“Y/N, please don’t cry. I’m just telling you what you already know.” He wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings all he had wanted was for you to realize you weren’t going to get back to where you had started. “I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing, by the way, can take a complete turn for the best, you’ll never know.” You shove your phone into your back pocket, using both your hands to wipe the stray tears from your eyes.

“I’m going out. Don’t wait up.” Kihyun winces at the coldness in your words.


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I have some horrifying food poisoning situation so DUMB PROMPT YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO FILL- 5 videos of Aaron Robert has on his phone that he probably sadly watched when he thought aaron was gonna leave him bc he wanted to hear his voice xxxx

we keep this love in a photograph 

ao3 link

Robert took a lot of photos, and videos. He was a sentimental sort of person, at heart, and he liked having the memories. He’d take all sorts of videos, silly ones, videos of a nice view, videos of Aaron doing entirely mundane things.

He had five favourites.

o n e. wales

“Robert, what are you doing?” Aaron asked, hands on hips as he glared into the camera lens, Robert’s sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He was standing at the small barbecue that had been sitting in the shed of the little cottage they’d rented in Wales, burgers charring on the too high heat.

Robert remembered the heat of the late afternoon well. They’d gotten lucky, with the weather, getting a whole week of close to constant sunshine, the summer well and truly kicking in as they enjoyed their beachside holiday.

They’d decided to have a barbecue, their last day, buying all sorts in Tesco, burgers and salad and a crate of beer, overly enthusiastic about the summery sun and their last evening as a trio.

“I’m capturing the moment,” Robert’s disembodied voice replied. For posterity.”

“For posterity?” Aaron responded, barely holding back a snort. “I’m cooking tea, Robert.”

“Yeah, cooking tea on our first holiday together,” Robert responded, the camera still focused on Aaron as he flipped the burgers, sunshine blurring the focus of the camera. “I’ll want to remember this, you know. The first time we had a proper holiday together,” he explained.

Aaron’s face softened, more close up now as Robert moved across the small garden of their rented cottage. “We’ll have more holidays,” he said, decisive.

“But this will always be the first.”

Aaron smiled, really, genuinely smiled at the camera, tongs in hand. “You’re such a soft lad,” he teased, affection clear in his voice. “Now turn that off, and give us a hand. You’re supposed to be helping me, not arsing around on your phone.”

Robert had watched the video a hundred times, but the genuine love, and affection in Aaron’s voice, even back then, a mere few months after they’d decided to give their relationship a real go, astounded him.

It had been the beginning of something so good.

t w o. the beach

“Robert, are you filming me again?” Aaron asked, exasperated. He was sitting on a low sea wall, ice-cream in hand. The weather wasn’t half as nice as it had been when they were in Wales, but they’d braved the chilly day to spend a few hours at the beach.

“I wanted to record the day you won me a keyring,” Robert had the camera in selfie mode, pointed at the two of them now. He held up a gaudy keyring, a horrifically bright yellow and blue snooker ball. “Aaron Dingle, reluctant romantic, won me a keyring.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, tongue darting out to lick away some of the melting ice-cream. “Its only because I didn’t like it,” he shrugged, hoodie tugged up around his ears. His hair was mostly gel free, the aftermath of the quick splash they’d taken in the freezing ocean.

Robert nudged his shoulder against Aaron’s, wrapped up in his leather jacket. His own hair was lowing wildly in the wind, half flat against his forehead, cheeks flush with the late summer chill. “Have you had a good day?”

“You need it on camera to prove I’m not lying or summat?”

“I need it on camera because I want to remember all the good times we’re having,” Robert said, resting his chin on Aaron’s shoulder. “For when we’re old and grey.”

“You afraid we’re not going to be happy when we’re old and grey?” Aaron inquired, his focus on Robert now, an intent expression on his face as he licked at his ice-cream.

“I know we will be,” Robert said, stealing a lick of Aaron’s ice-cream.

“Oi, this is mine!”

“Whats mine is yours,” Robert said cheekily, taking another lick of the ice-cream, Aaron yanking it out of his reach.

“We’re not married, mate, and even if we were, I wouldn’t let ya have any.”

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hallo!!! i just want to say i absolutely ADORE your writing! it's very admirable & wonderful to read! i have a request if it's not too much to ask :0 i'm very insecure because i'm about to go into my 20s without ever kissing a boy. could you perhaps write about josuke being someone's first boyfriend, but s/o tells him they're insecure because they never thought anyone would like them, let alone THE josuke higashikata. pure fluff & praise? (she/her pleas) ty for doing gods work on this website ❤️

- Josuke’s practically a paragon of perfect boyfriend-dom. Not only he is attentive and kind and funny and handsome and smart, but whenever his s/o talks he listens and he remembers. He wants his s/o to be happy more than he wants himself to be happy, and anything that’s been weighing on their mind is something that, by extension, begins to weigh on his. 
- So if his s/o is insecure, even if they don’t tell him, he’ll notice little things like how they blush when he goes to kiss their cheek or how surprised they look when his hand goes to grasp theirs. He won’t mention it out and out - despite how brash he can be, he’s sensitive when it comes to feelings - but when his s/o finally confesses their insecurity, it’s not as much of a surprise as it might have been. 
- When they confess the reason, though, he is surprised. 
- “It’s just … nobody else has ever looked at me and thought I was girlfriend material, you know? To think that anyone could want me - especially when I think about you, being the one to want me … It just seems like I’m in some kind of dream or something.”
- He doesn’t understand it at first. “I dunno what ya mean babe. I mean, you’re great and gorgeous and the sweetest girl in the whole world, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t wanna be your boyfriend?”
- His s/o bites their lip. “I didn’t think anyone would ever like me,” they admit, their voice quiet and their lips bitten. “I figured I’d go through life sad and alone because nobody would ever see anything good in me. I was kinda … used to the idea. Resigned to it. And then you came along and you wanted me and you’re so good–” They sniffle back tears and, alarmed, Josuke wraps his arms around them immediately and strokes their back and begins to whisper soft and reassuring things into their ear. 
-  “Babe, babe, babe,” he whispers, his voice just as quiet, trying to be soothing. “Anyone’d be lucky to have you. You’re smart and you’re funny and you’re beautiful and … shit, babe, there’s like a hundred words I could use t’describe you and it still wouldn’t be enough. I love you, y’know? All of you.”
- More sniffling, and then, quiet and muffled against Josuke’s chest; “I love you too.” Josuke grins into their hair. His first step into the process of making his s/o like themselves as much as he likes them. 

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hi!! i need some help finding a fanfic, if you can help. i'm looking for a fic that i read a while ago where dean is a pirate and cas is a son of a rich man. i think it's a/b/o, where basically they meet at another place (i honestly don't remember much about it) and dean comes in right before cas has to marry some creepy old guy and saves the day. it's cool if you can't help, it's just been bothering me for a while.

I’m pretty sure I know the fic but I can’t recall it. I scrolled through some AO3 tags and the closest I got was 

The Myth of Castiel Novak by adestielable

Dean “The Righteous Man” Winchester of the Impala 67 was the Pirate King. Fierce, merciless, formidable… You name it. He was everything any pirate could ever hope to be and more. You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of him or his crew aboard the biggest ship to sail the seas: the Impala 67.

On September 18th, 1692, the governor of the City of Heaven, Michael Novak, faces his biggest fear: Dean Winchester stopped at his docks. Michael’s sole goal was to see Dean Winchester and each and every one of his men and woman on his ship’s crew hanged.

That evening, Dean meets a young man with black hair and striking blue eyes. “Cas,” he tells Dean his name. What was Dean to do but offer the gold in his pocket to the kid who looked as if he’d just been fucked in a dirty alley?

Cas accepts and 17 gold, a short walk, and a few orgasms later, the two are fast asleep on Dean’s bed. For the first time in years, Dean didn’t have any of the normal nightmares from his past; and Cas fell asleep feeling protected and safe in the Pirate Kings arms.

That night was just the beginning for Dean and Cas. The beginning to something neither wanted to end.

It’s not a/b/o but Dean is a pirate, Cas is the son of a powerful dude, Cas would be married off (to a woman though. I did a quick document check *lol*). 

So, what do you think? Is it this one?

Monsta X Reaction: Their S/O Begins To Cry Because They Said Something Rude

I’m not sure if you got my request because as I was sending it they wifi was cut off from my phone. Oh well. Well my request was Monsta X reaction to them fighting with their girlfriend and them saying hurtful words to her and she ends up crying and sobbing in front of them? Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 💛💛


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“I just weighed myself I’ve lost a total of  twelve pounds.” You marked it down on your calendar, noticing how you had lost a respective two pounds over the last two weeks. “I’m three pounds away from 15.” Hyungwon stops scrolling through his Twitter feed.

“Only 15?” You don’t catch on at first,

“Yeah, 15 for now, I think that’s a reasonable amount for two months.”

“Maybe you should cut out Kimchi too, you’d lose more weight.” He picks up his drink and takes a small sip resuming his scrolling through his Twitter.

“I’m sorry I just caught on did you say ‘only 15’?” Hyungwon nods,

“Yeah, I mean I thought you’d at least aim for twenty..” He spitballs and then looks up at you, “maybe twenty-five pounds.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It just means you could lose more weight! Nothing more, nothing less!” You look over at the mirror frowning at your reflection. You were wearing sweats and sports bra, and yeah your stomach was a little over the hem but you thought you were doing well. You hold up your arm, grabbing at the fat there, feeling tears well up in your eyes.

“I thought I was doing a good job.” Your voice cracks and Hyungwon’s head snaps toward you, his face falling when he notices the tears in your eyes.

“Y/N…” His voice is small, his heart dropping to his stomach when you race away. “Shit.”


You had managed to cry yourself to sleep only to be woken by a small voice and someone shaking you awake. “Y/N?” You look back to find Hyungwon, a huge teddy bear in his arms.

“What do you want?  Jackass.” You make sure to add the last part, the word cold as it slipped past your lips.

“I went out and got your favorite from the restaurant down the street and I brought you a huge bear. These things don’t make what I said any less harsh or rude but I had no ride to have said what I did. You are not fat, you are not disgusting either and it honestly tears me apart when you say those things about yourself. As your boyfriend, I’m supposed to support you no matter what and I’m sorry about what I said, I really am, please don’t ever think you are any less, I love all of you, every single inch of you.”

“The food please?” Hyunwon sets the food down with a chuckle.

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?”

“Maybe…maybe you can seal the deal with a movie night.”



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“Y/N/N, please let me in!” Jooheon had been banging on your bedroom door for the last two hours. He slides down to the floor hanging his head in his hands, remembering how he had gotten here.

“Joojoo, please explain to me what this is.” You flash him your phone, it was a picture of him and Lisa, they were kissing. “Why the fuck are you kissing her?”

Jooheon furrows his brows, “I-I wasn’t-” He was going to explain him but the testosterone coursing through his body wouldn’t allow him. “That’s actually pretty good.” He hadn’t meant any harm by it, he meant the photoshop of the picture was good, he had never even actually been so close to Lisa.

“What do you mean it’s good? Kissing her was good? Was it better than kissing me?” What really got him was the jumping to conclusions and before he knew it he had initiated a screaming match.

“I don’t know Y/N, maybe if you didn’t always jump to fucking conclusions you-” He turned around to find you staring daggers back at him, your hands at your side balled into fists.

“'I swear to god if you finish that sentence.”  Jooheon was taken back by the harshness in your voice, noticing the way you had begun to shake as he hadn’t made a move to apologize. “You know what? I’ll be upstairs, don’t fucking bother me.”

“Princess?” Jooheon called out again softly banging his head against the door. “I’m sorry, I-I’m a guy and you know sometimes guys are idiots.” He smiles when he hears you laugh from the other side of the door. “I just want to let you know the picture really is fake, you know I would never do that to you. I love you and no girl is ever going to change that.” He hears you stand up off the bed, soft footsteps as you make your way to the door. You slowly open the door, Jooheon standing up just as you had fully opened it.

“You mean that?”

“Of course, no one will ever trump my love for my princess.” You jump into his arms, giggling into his neck.

“I love you,”

“I love you too, princess.”


“I can’t fucking believe you!”  You pushed Changkyun’s shoulder. “After everything I’ve fucking done for you.” Changkyun watched you shake as you continued to push him. You were so angry all you could do was cry and it pissed you off to the extreme. “You’re seriously going to start a fake relationship with another idol vs me because she’s 'who you’re supposed to be with’?” Changkyun stayed silent, taking each hit and push you dealt out. He felt his own tears begin to spill down his cheeks.

“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He wanted to take you in his arms, tell you it’d be alright, that he still loves you, but all he could do was stand there, watching you break.

“Why didn’t you say no?” You slowly shook your head, body racking with coughs as you began to gasp for air. “Why didn’t you say no?” You screamed, crumpling to the floor. Changkyun finally gathered the strength to move, falling to the floor to take you into his arms.

“It’s for the group…” He explains, “Our managers don’t think we should date because you’re not Korean but you know what? Fuck them, if they want me, they’re going to need to be a little more accepting of our relationship.” Changkyun cried his words into your hair, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” He repeated. You wrapped your arms around him, letting him rock you back and forth. He had a long day ahead of him tomorrow, lots of explaining.

So the opposite of me then? Lol. If you met me you’d definitely be able to tell that I belong at Weenie Hut Jr.’s, but apparently I’ve watched a couple of horror movies and didn’t realize because I didn’t think that they were scary. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


• Not a big fan of them either.
• Is impervious to jump scares so, like, half of them don’t phase him.
• Thought it would be the same for S/o.
• Nope.
• Why did they suggest this movie anyway? They’re shaking like a leaf!
• He has seen them run into a firefight to save a team mate, and absolutely kick butt, without a single sense of doubt or fear.
• How is this the same person?
• Offers to turn off the movie.
• When they refuse, he offers his arm to be hugged and squeezed as needed.
• It’s sore the next morning.

• This boy loves scary movies!
• He is also horrified of them.
• The kind to scream then laugh.
• Finds it kinda weird that S/o was kinda hesitant with his movie selection because they never cared before.
• When the title screen pops up, he notices something’s wrong with S/o, and suggests that they could put something else on.
• They refuse and he starts it hugging them close.
• The first jump scare hits S/o harder than it does for him.
• Through their screams, Lúcio can’t help but remember the time they literally took a bullet for him like it was nothing.
• That person was grasping onto him for dear life at a movie.
• The whole concept was wild.

• People don’t really like watching movies with her because she always talks through the whole thing.
• That was the exact reason S/o agreed to watch this movie with her.
• She was talking about something that caught her eye in the beginning until S/o let out a short scream.
• This completely stopped her in her tracks.
• She asked if they were alright and when they confirmed, she continued with her story.
• Then she felt her arm being forcibly grasped.
• Can’t stand to see them scared.
• Decides to start telling jokes to calm S/o down.
• When it works, that’s all that they do for the rest of film.

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It’s a Hichi/Ichi soulmates thing, but with a classic me twist

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Hello!! I've got hugs for you!! -sends big hugs, but only if you're comfortable with them!- Also I was wondering if you would be willing to flesh out the clever/on-equal-footing S/O idea with Dark?Can be nsfw and/or sfw, I just really enjoy the idea of him falling sincerely for someone because they can keep up with him, and the power couple dynamic works so well for that. I hope this was the kind of attention you were wanting! (ps listen I love your blog, I'm always so excited when you update!)

((Thank you so much aaaa???? I don’t know what to say -sends hugs back because hugs are great my dude, of course only if you’re okay with it-  gosh just thank you, and yes, all attention is good attention))

Dark probably wouldn’t originally be all for it. The guy is a pretty big asshole to be fair, again he’d originally just seek someone easily persuaded, but then they came along.

He’d be intrigued, this person kept up with them no matter how hard he put up damn walls, impressive. He’d probably make it kinda hard for them (He’s not the typical guy what can I say, again, doesn’t accept his own emotions quickly if ever he has) but once he saw how they kept finding way to circle back around his manipulation attempts and controlling attitude he’d be impressed, curious and genuinely starting to fall for them. They would probably start catching on too, wanting to learn more about why Dark is how he is, and finding a nice challenge in keeping up with him, it kept things interesting.

Once they actually decided to try a couple dynamic out they’d be fucking terrifying honestly. Sure, Dark would always try to be the more dominant, but imagine, they’re at an equal level, but s/o understands that for Dark to keep control and keep his image he needs to seem in control at all times. S/o pretends to be toned down, no one can believe that the clever guy/girl/person that was almost beating Dark at his own game is so docile now, it makes everyone start wondering what Dark would’ve possibly done and some can’t even look at him, anxious with him around. Dark is smug about it, truth is, it was s/o’s idea to begin with.

S/o can tell whenever Dark is planning something, he just gets this… look. S/o always consults plans with them, they make each other better, when they have a plan no one else can tell. Dark finds himself finding comfort in the way his s/o understands him. They can keep up with each other and probably have at least a general idea of what the other is thinking most of the time.

S/o is the one person Dark lets around him when he’s working. They understand and don’t bother him anyways, usually whenever they come around they have some helpful suggestion. Dark is there when s/o needs help, leveling with them and they discuss situations, always somehow being able to see eye to eye. 

((Hope that was good!! Tell me if you wanna see more or any of your own thoughts!!))

Tay’s Kpop Reactions Masterlist♡

Okay, so, the following groups listed below are groups I stan or groups I’m getting into or groups I plan on getting into, either way, requests for every group below are open!


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Their Reaction To Their S/O Being Bratty (1,2,3)


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Their reaction to their S/O wanting a threesome with another member (1,2)


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Their S/O faints (1,2)

Their S/O begins to cry because they said something rude (1,2)


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BNHA by someone who has never watched it

Ok guys gather round cuz I’m about to completely mischaracterize all of them.

This is Deku. Deku isn’t actually his name but maybe it’s from the kanji of his name or something? His last name is Midoriyama or something, and I know that “midori” means green so is that why he has green hair? Was he just destined to have green hair? Anyway he seems really sweet, looks a lot like Yamaguchi from Haikyuu and maybe he has a similar personality? Needs confidence and to come into his own. Don’t mess with him, he probably has 50,000 people on his defense squad ready to beat up anyone who talks crap about him.

This is Gravity. Her actual name is Uraraka or something and her first (last?) name begins with an O. A lot of vowels in her name. Her power (quirk?) is gravity. She wears pink in her battle suit. Big eyes, big heart. Besties with Deku, probably memes with him. 

This is my main man, Todoroki. IcyHot/Fire and Ice/whatever you want to call him. I hope people come up with a lot of funny nicknames for him and take selfies with IcyHot packs and in front of Fire and Ice. He’s hot and he’s cold, he’s yes and he’s no. His dad was bad so he doesn’t use whatever half of his powers is inherited from his dad.

This is Bakugo. Problematic fave. 

This is Kirishima. Put a shirt on, dude. 

Then there’s that frog girl and a guy named All Might who is voiced by Chris Sabat in the dub (perfect voice for him from what I’ve seen of All Might!) and Deku looks up to him? Everyone looks up to him? Does he have a quirk?

Also Deku’s mom is really sweet?

How did I do?

Thanks for the request! I have a feeling I’ll be terrible at writing amaimon, but I’ll give it a go. This is the first preference I’ve written, so I hope you like it!


Rin has a tendency to be quite stubborn, so to begin with he would ignore them too. However, after a while he would begin to miss his s/o and would plan something completely dorky and adorable to get them back. He would probably mess up along the way, but still show that he’s sorry for whatever he did wrong.


The atmosphere would be pretty frosty to begin with. He would have a little trouble admitting that he’s in the wrong or talking about his feelings. There might be a few arguments or angry outbursts, and he would probably get absorbed in his work for a while and hope the problem goes away, but eventually he’d give in and try to make it up to his s/o however he can. 


Amaimon would play dumb to begin with and insist that he’d done nothing to deserve the silent treatment. He would try to win his s/o back, but without admitting to being in the wrong. If all else failed, he might give them presents and flowers or sweet talk them into forgiving him.


Mephisto certainly wouldn’t be one to give in and apologise immediately. He’d be pretty smooth about it, trying to tease his s/o and sweet talk them into giving in and forgiving him of their own accord. Failing that, he’d plan some elaborate gesture to get back in their good books without apologising outright.

;;;these are pretty similar so i’ll answer them as one^^!! TYSM for sending!

Lance: Upon seeing his s/o step foot into the training deck, he’d rush over and remind them that it’d be better for them to lay down if they’re feeling under the weather, but he isn’t exactly the persuading type, and his s/o insists on training anyways. He’d keep an eye on them during the team’s usual Voltron exercises, growing a little concerned as they refuse to take breaks in between. Although, when they move into the gladiator simulation, he can see just how much they’re overworking themselves, swinging their bayard like their life depends on it. Before he could voice his worry or suggest a break time, his s/o’s legs buckle underneath them and they collapse right then and there. Lance freaks the fuck out. He’d wait by their bedside for how ever long it takes for them to wake up, bouncing his leg nervously. He would feel like it was his fault for not stopping them from training so recklessly. When they finally wake up, he’d pester them about staying in bed from now on if they’re not feeling hot, and how much water they’re going to have to drink, and of course, he’d ramble on about how damn worried he had been.

Shiro: His s/o would have to keep their sickness a secret if they even thought about leaving their bed under Shiro’s watch. Shiro can always sense something off about the paladins, whether it be his s/o or not. He’d notice how labored their breathing would get after mere minutes into training, and he wouldn’t waste any time pulling his s/o aside to ask if they’re feeling alright. If they give him a dismissive answer without seeming suspicious, he’d reluctantly let them go back to training (while watching them like a hawk, of course). When they pass out during the gladiator simulator, Shiro would almost have a heart attack. His feelings would be similar to Lance’s in this situation, feeling guilty for not stopping them from overworking when he had noticed something strange to begin with. When his s/o comes to, he’d look at them with eyes so distressed that his guiltiness would suddenly become contagious. He’d feel vexed as to why his s/o kept their physical health hidden from him, but he can’t stay mad at them for long and instead holds their hand with a relieved sigh. “Just… don’t do that ever again, alright?”

Hunk: He’d understand his s/o feeling obligated to train that day, but God, would he fuss over them. His s/o feeling even a little unwell would put him on edge, it would have taken a buttload of persuading to convince Hunk that they’re well enough to train for a while. They’d basically be attached at the hip throughout, but soon his s/o would completely ignore his wishes to avoid straining themselves too hard, and luckily, Hunk’s there to catch them before they hit the ground. He’d cradle them, thinking for a second that they might have actually died. When Coran tells him there’s no need for a healing pod, he’d feel wary about it but would sit by their bedside, murmuring to them as if they were awake and could hear him pestering: “God, I told you training was a bad idea…” “Sometimes you’re just so insufferable, you know that?” “Shouldn’t you have woken up by now? Maybe I should get someone. Don’t die on me!” His s/o would wake up to Hunk pressing an ice pack to their forehead, pretending to be asleep a little longer just to hear his worried rambling.

Keith: “Well, if you feel well enough to train… I guess I can’t stop you.” He’d say this at first, but he’s begin to regret training with them after watching them blatantly push themselves to the limit. Keith thought that he had been the most hard-working paladin when it came to the training deck, but his s/o was certainly starting to outshow him. Keith is an observant person like Shiro, so he’d easily notice his s/o becoming more worn out than he preferred, but they refused take a break. When they finally get to one on one combat with the fake bayards, his s/o’s healthy facade would falter, and Keith would watch with a paling face as his s/o’s falls onto their side after looking as if they’d just run a marathon. He’d worry like crazy, pacing their room whilst biting his nails, waiting for them to wake up. Keith would wonder if it was his fault, but he hadn’t pushed them too much, had he? Relief washes over him when his s/o’s eyes open, and he’s at their side in an instant, coaxing them to drink about a billion bottles of water. “You’re an idiot.”

Pidge: Pidge isn’t a big fan of training, so roles are switched and their s/o has to persuade them to go out onto the training deck instead. They’re reluctant, but they just can’t say no to their s/o. But they weren’t ready for such an intense sparring session, and soon Pidge is already out of breath and suggesting that they take a break, since they can easily pick out the equally worn out expression on their s/o’s face. But when they would point out that they hadn’t nearly trained long enough to take a break, Pidge would groan and go along with it. But nothing gets passed the green paladin, and they can definitely smell something fishy about their behavior. Since when are they this serious about training? Their s/o passing out cold in front of them would freak Pidge out beyond belief, they’d be quick about getting help and making sure they’re completely fine. When they finally wake up, Pidge goes off. “I nearly had a heart attack! I thought you died right then! Why would you work yourself so hard like that? I can’t believe you!” But they’d say all of this while hugging their s/o close, relieved and pissed at them for scaring the life out of them like that.


“What did you imagine… for your life?”
“Service, promotion, retirement, death. You?”
“This is exactly what I imagined. And a couple of kids.”

anonymous asked:

(I've been following your blog probs since I got tumblr, you're such an amazing writer! But alas, I sit here with mediocre skills.) If you're not too busy, could I request Nordics finding that their s/o is so stressed they're beginning to cry?

Awww Anon, you are too sweet for this world!!! Thank you so much :’) I’ll bet you are alot better than you think though. Keep on writing, you only get better the more you try! I believe in you Anon o(^▽^)o

Sweden: When Sve found his S/O beginning to cry due to something stressful in their life, it would then be his job to take their mind off of it. He would take him by the hand and just hold them. Letting them let it out and just comforting them by being there. To him, the best thing to help a person was just being their shoulder to cry on and telling them that no matter how much the anxieties of the world and life piled up, he would always  be their pillar of strength.

Finland: Finny would be so upset and sad that they had started to cry. Though he wouldn’t show it so he wouldn’t add more stress to them.  He asking what got them so down and what was going on. Knowing that they needed a listening ear. Fin feeling for his S/O and wanting to do whatever was in his power to stop their tears, giving them hugs and kisses as they told him everything. 

Iceland: Icey would freak out at first, he not being the best at situations like these. He would ask them what the matter was as he tried to get a grasp on what had happened. Icey giving them a kiss on the cheek and telling them it would be ok, and offering if there was anything he could personally do to take some of their burden off. Icey feeling for his S/O, hating to see them anything else but happy.

Norway: Norge would take his S/O into his arms and rub their back, rocking them a little trying to calm them own. He being as calm as he could be, trying to get them to stop crying as he told them they needed to relax and that stress will always be there and it was not worth getting so upset over no matter what it was. Reminding them that there was no problem they couldn’t face without him by their side.

Denmark: When Den saw his S/O crying and figured out why, he would tell them to drop everything and come with him. His S/O not sure as to why, he would simply tell them that they needed to get away, if just for a little bit to go for a walk so they could get out of their environment, get some fresh air and talk and maybe get some ice cream. Den taking them by the hand with a smile, trying his best to get their mind on something else.


Analysis Time!!!!

If you haven’t yet seen the two-part Lemonhope episode, I suggest you watch it before reading this because it is super awesome! :D

[ [ [ SPOILERS BELOW ] ] ]

I want to talk about this extra weird scene at the end of Lemonhope part two which everyone seems to be confused about. Aside from Princess Bubblegum singing (!!!!!), this scene is especially interesting because it is our first glimpse into the future of the Land of Ooo!

As is well established in canon, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake takes place roughly 1000 years in the future relative to today. Ooo is the world one millennium after a global nuclear holocaust which destroys human civilization. Many times throughout the series we see shots of decimated cities, dud nuclear warheads, toxic waste, and all other sorts of destruction.

However, this scene takes place an additional 1000 years later, 2000 years after the Mushroom War.

At the end of the episode, PB sings to Finn the song she wrote about Lemonhope’s brave return to free the Lemon people. Unfortunately his return is short lived. Instead of ruling Lemongrab as a champion, he decides to wander off until he’s “tired of being free” in “a thousand years I guess.” Then, as Princess Bubblegum sings, we see an old Lemonhope wandering the Land of Ooo far in the future.

Just like his time in the desert, he is completely naked, except now he has boots, dreads, and a water pouch strapped to his chest so he won’t be thirsty again. Additionally he has a red forcefield surrounding his body. It’s unclear what the practical purpose of this forcefield is besides being a direct metaphor for the emotional walls that Lemonhope puts up between himself and others.

In the second and third pictures we see what was formerly Finn and Jake’s treehouse. Originally planted on Shoko’s irradiated body, the ancient mutant tree is now massive, piercing straight through the cloud layer. In the background we see what was formerly the Ice Kingdom, no longer icy. Because the Ice Kingdom’s iciness is a direct effect of the Ice King’s residence, we can infer that either the Ice King no longer lives there, he has moved, or the magical crown which supplies his powers has been destroyed. (Maybe because of something Betty does?) :O

In the fourth picture, Lemonhope begins walking towards a destroyed city reminiscent of the type of destruction we see in “Simon and Marcy.” Except, as Lemonhope proceeds, it’s clear that this isn’t human wreckage… Out in the fields there are futuristic vehicles, broken and long abandoned.

In the ruined futuristic city, Lemonhope is completely alone. We can see the original Candy castle now shadowed by tall buildings; these are the ruins of the Candy Kingdom!! The lamp posts look like candy canes, there are lollipops hoisted on the sides of a buildings, and candy corns printed on a sign. There is even candy corn insignia adorning the wings of the vehicles in the previous image.

Obviously at some point the Candy Kingdom moved from using candy as raw material for buildings to using more traditional materials like concrete and metal. The once flourishing tree atop the castle (where the Lich was once imprisoned) is now barren. With the aircraft crashed in the fields, and the buildings of the Candy Kingdom falling to pieces, it’s clear that everything was once again destroyed in some catastrophic war. “A war with whom?” you might ask, but you could ask the same question about the Mushroom War. It doesn’t matter; the world destroyed itself again. The writers are making a comment on the inevitable end of all civilizations: self-annihilation.

Lemonhope eventually makes his way to the old Lemonfort, which neighbors the Candy Kingdom. Surprisingly, it is completely untouched by time! Undoubtably a result of Lemonhope’s decision to abandon Lemongrab. The Lemon people are gone from Lemongrab, meaning that immediately after the events of the episode they must have immigrated to the Candy Kingdom, left for elsewhere, or died.

Lemonhope walks through the fort and enters, for the first time, the room which Princess Bubblegum prepared for him. Everyone has gone, but it’s clear why he has returned. Having had his fill of freedom, having spent a thousand years alone, away from his people and those who care about him, he lets down his forcefield; the emotional walls he built around himself that constituted his true prison. Though in each shot so far the skies were gray and hazy, the sun shines in through the window. He then lies on his bed, close to the things that Bubblegum made for him out of motherly love, and smiles, because he has become truly free.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed my analysis! :D If you have any ideas or further observations, I’d love to hear what you have to say. :)

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Oh, oh, love the blog! Can I get the gom+ imayoshi preparing a winter surprise for their s/o?

Thank you for the request, and enjoy the rest of our blog too! -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko wants to surprise his S/O with something that they can keep forever, so he leans towards any activity that would leave them with a reminder of the event. He finally settles with bringing his S/O to a workshop for making Christmas crafts and toys, and the two of them decide to make a snow globe together. Somehow their pair ends up with the most accessories and toys to put in the globe, while everyone else is confused as to why their trinkets of snowflakes, pine trees and stars keep disappearing. No surprises as to why that is.

Kise Ryouta:

He plans way ahead (and disregard any assistance from Moriyama; that guy is not helping) and waits for the perfect day to take his S/O ice skating. Not in a public ice rink - a frozen lake (safe, of course) that looks almost dream-like in the winter night. He’s very patient in showing his S/O the ropes, although he can’t help boasting a little when showing off all the fancy tricks and techniques he’s copied learnt from videos he’s watched online. Kise still makes sure his S/O stayed safe, almost never letting go of them and remaining close to them when they tried skating on their own.

Midorima Shintarou:

Midorima wouldn’t even dream of planning anything unless he checked with Oha-Asa about ten times that both Cancer and his S/O’s sign were ranked high on that certain day. He couldn’t risk anything going wrong - and yet his surprise for his S/O was relatively tame. A simple visit to a Zen temple and followed by a coffee date where he tries his hand at making latte art. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a pleasant surprise nonetheless for his S/O to see how hard Midorima’s trying. The cups of coffee with various wonky-looking leaves and hearts scattered over the table is proof of that.

Aomine Daiki:

Snowball fight, hands down. Being the sneaky bastard that he is, he lures out his S/O with a cryptic text message to the open snowy space where he’d set everything up, and hides from them until he finds a good spot, then chucks a snowball at them. But he still plays fair, and makes sure his S/O can access a ready-made pile of snowballs to retaliate. It doesn’t take long for him and his S/O to exhaust the existing supply of snowballs and move on to trying to destroy each other’s stock, then finally the two of them end up rolling around in the snow and laughing.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

At first he’s way too lazy to plan anything, but Himuro soon persuades him to at least make an effort to surprise their S/O. Surprisingly, Murasakibara’s the one who comes up with the idea of taking his S/O to the zoo to see the newly hatched penguins, and even Himuro can’t find fault in that. For someone who’s normally so sleepy he makes sure everything is perfect before springing the surprise on them, waking them one day with a massive penguin plushie for them and tickets to the zoo, and, of course, sharing his snacks with them.

Akashi Seijuurou:

He’d pick the most romantic thing ever, probably. Akashi would bring his S/O to an expensive restaurant, dismiss all the staff and - wait for it - perform a beautiful romantic song on his violin. He’s not brave enough to sing or anything, but anybody would be moved (and surprised) at the gesture. He ensures that every aspect of the night is utterly perfect, down to the smallest detail; the serenade is only the beginning. probably plans to propose

Imayoshi Shouichi:

Imayoshi would plan something that his S/O would never expect - a simple sleepover at their house, for example. He still can’t help himself in spoiling them when preparing food and drink though: he brings in chocolates, ice cream of various flavours, and an assortment of drinks, hot or cold. His S/O secretly appreciates the effort though and is content with snuggling with Imayoshi in their homemade fort of pillows and blankets, and falling asleep to Imayoshi listing out the faults and goofs of the movie they’re watching.