something beginning with 'e'

The Beginning of the E.N.D

The scarf is still there. It’s the last bit of Natsu’s conscious.. It’s probably what saved Lucy back in the dungeon. Will the scarf survive those dark flames? Is there more to this transformation?  

look at his hands. they have become fucking demon claws. i believe we have only scratched the surface of his transformation. 

and finally his eyes. those light fierce green eyes are nowhere to be found in that dark lifeless iris. even his dialogue has changed; he says “there” and pauses and finally finishes off his phrase. Folks this isn’t Natsu and it’s gonna take alot more than “friendship” and some “Natsu!” calls from Lucy to stop this beast.

neutrality of the symbolic order functions as the ultimate guarantee for the so-called “sense of reality”: as soon as this neutrality is smeared, “external reality” itself loses the self-evident character of something present “out there” and begins to vacillate, i.e., is experienced as delimited by an invisible frame: the paranoia of the noir universe is primarily visual, based upon the suspicion that our vision of reality is always already distorted by some invisible frame behind our backs
  • (Pharah and Tracer are stuck in the transport before a map and killing time)
  • Tracer: I spy with my little eye…something beginning with “B.”
  • Pharah: (Annoyed) Boxes.
  • Tracer: Fine! I spy with my little eye something beginning with “M.”
  • Pharah: More boxes.
  • Tracer: Two in a row.
  • Pharah: (Deadpan) "And that’s when I shot her, Your Honor.“
  • Tracer: I spy with my little eye something beginning with "E.”
  • Pharah: I-I give up.
  • Tracer: Oh come on.
  • Pharah: This better not be what I–
  • Tracer and Pharah: (In unison) Even MORE boxes!
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Buenos Aires 2013 [x x]
I actually have no idea what exactly Ignazio says because I don’t know Spanish, but the second video explains what’s going on so I just went with that.