something bad is going to happen i can feel it

What To do if you wake up with Scratches and Bruises.

Hello! So I’m really interested in the Paranormal, and I realized that some people don’t know what to do if a demon is near them. Although many witches do, here’s a post about it anyways;

First, Ask yourself these Questions:

1.Have you done anything Different?

-For example, have you moved to a new place? Did a spell go haywire? Did you buy something that feels negative? Did a Ouija board session go wrong (Even though I don’t believe that the boards open portals or are evil, I still believe that you can get demons, or if you don’t use it right something bad can happen.)? Did someone evil you knew in real life die ? Did you make enemies with a witch that does curses ? These can all lead up to a possible demon/negative entity.

2.When do  these occurrences happen?

-If you know the old folklore belief, then you know that 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. is called “The Witching Hour”. It goes that “ witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. “ Do you often wake up at this time? Although it could just be a coincidence, it never hurts to have some old wives tales.

And if this is all happening during night, just be aware that sometimes we can give ourselves bruises in our sleep, if our body is restless or you’re prone to kicking, thrashing or falling off the bed. Animals and pets can also play a role in bruises, bumps and scratches.

3.Have you been getting Sleep Paralysis?

-Demons are often associated with sleep paralysis. Though, if you’re prone to it and get it often, even before you’ve started getting bruises/scratches, it might not mean anything.

4.What do the Bruises and Scratches look like?

-Demons are often associated with the number “3″, and sometimes “6″. Most people who deal with demons often get scratched with three claw marks. Demons and negative spirits are strong, and can and will do some serious damage. How big are the bruises? How many are there?

5.Do you smell Horrid Scents?

-Demons and negative spirits can give off bad scents, such as sulfur, rotten eggs or rotten/burned flesh. Although, they seem that they can give off bad scents as well. For example, in my Freshman year of public high school, I had smelled a horrible poop smell, after angering a witch I used to be friends with. She had always told me that she and her friend would send ghosts to each other. But, anyways.

6.Do you feel a Presence?

-Ghosts and demons will often make you feel a presence. It’s a little different for everyone, but it is normally a feeling of dread and fear.

7.Do you see Shadows or hear Sounds?

-If a demon or spirit is strong enough, it can manifest and show itself to you, or can talk or, if very strong, can move objects around.

What to Do if you answered ‘Yes’ to some of these Questions:

1.Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more

-Cleanse this thing. Cleanse yourself, cleanse everyone that lives in the home, cleanse the home itself, and cleanse the whole property, if you can.


-Banish the thing. Make sure to protect yourself and others, so to make sure it doesn’t possess anyone.

3.Set up wards, immediately after banishing.

-There’s many different kinds and types of wards, but make sure they’re charged and will work, once you set them in place. Wards will help keep the thing out.

4.Cleanse again.

-I personally like to cleanse a couple of times every time something like this would happen, To cleanse again right after is optional, though.

5.Line the windows and doors with Salt, Holy water or Rose water.

-Although I don’t know much about holy water and rose water, salt is a good form of protection. Simply line the doors and windows with salt. Or for extra protection, mix salt and garlic together and leave under the moonlight, then put on doors and windowsills (this was my very first thing I did as a witch)

6.Fill the space with Good Energy.

-Live plants, flowers, Himalayan salt lamps, or even herbal pouches and poppets made to bring good energy can work.

7.Continue to be Careful.

-These beings are far different from us. Be careful.

Note; Scratches, bruises and panic attacks can also be traced to health problems. Go to your doctor as well to make sure you’re in good health. Also, if you make yourself paranoid enough, you will put yourself on edge, which can make you see/hear things.

Basic Angst Starters

because sometimes what’s left to the imagination is much more terrifying.

“Are you feeling alright? You don’t look it.”
“I just heard something… Something bad…”
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?!”
“What’s all this blood?!”
“Will you tell me what the fuck is going on?”
“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”
“You should probably sit down for this.”
“Please tell me you forgive me!”
“I can’t live without you!”
“Oh god, It was a mistake coming here… I’m sure of it.”
“What the hell happened to you?!”
“Where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for hours!”
“You promised you wouldn’t do this anymore!”
“I knew not to trust you!”
“What’s that in your bag…? Is that–? Tell me it’s not!”
“Is this what a dislocated shoulder feels like?!”
“How could you do this to me?!”
“Wake up! Wake up!!! You’re having a nightmare!”
“I feel weird… what was in that drink…?”
“I don’t want to leave you, but you’re not really giving me another option.”
“Please… you’re scaring me…”
“Ssh, I heard something again. How aren’t you hearing it? It was loud… and getting closer.”
“Are you okay in there? You’ve been so quiet.”
“I came as soon as I could! Did he/she get to you already?”
“I don’t know whether I want to do this. I don’t know whether I CAN do this.”
“Do you remember anything?”
“You have to tell me who did this to you!”
“No, no, I’m not alright. I’m definitely not alright.”
“What’s your fucking problem?!”
“Are you crying?”
“You’re freaking me out! Please calm down!”
“I’m leaving. And I’m not intending to come back.”
“You… are dying?”
“Did you drink the whole bottle while tripping? Seriously?”
“Do you have a deathwish or something? Jesus!”
“Ever been held at gunpoint? Want to know what it feels like?”
“Stop screaming! Shh, calm down! You have to keep quiet!”
“When’s the last time you slept?”.

Deep Ass Sentence Starters

“When you think about people who have died, do you picture them anywhere?”
“Sometimes it freaks me out that everyone around me has a life as complex and real as my own.”
“Do you sometimes suddenly hear your own heartbeat and feel sick because… What if it suddenly stops or something?”
“I sometimes just want something really bad to happen to me. Something that’s just really awful. I don’t know why… Do you get that too?”
“I can’t stand the thought that I don’t know what’s going to happen to the world in hundreds of years.”
“Does thinking about Primary School make you sad, or happy?”
“Most pets we keep only become a fraction of our age. Do you think that if they’d know this, they’d call us gods?”
“What are you more afraid of, space or the ocean?”
“There’s no way anyone can tick everything off their bucket list. We all want too much. It’s frustrating.”
“Do you think we’re in control of our lives, generally? Or do you think we just think we are?”
“If you knew you were going to die next week, would you tell people or live the way you were till the end?”
“I think most people remember the exact moment they realised they were grown up. Because of something said to them, or something they saw… Do you remember that moment?”
“One of us is going to die first. Do you think we’ll still know each other to find out who?”
“Do you think we’re all capable of murder when it comes down to it?”
“I’m so afraid of the moment you know you’re going to die.”
“Are there things people have said to you that have legitimately changed you?”
“Why do people fear losing things that they don’t even have yet?”
“How do I know you even have a consciousness? I can’t know.”
“What do you think our purpose is?”
“What if everything is just a coincidence? For instance: What if gravity doesn’t exist? Everything has just always coincidentally fallen to the ground.”
“If nothing else, we at least won the sperm race.”
“If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?”
“Do you think other people’s judgments motivate us or hold us back?”
“If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?”
“Right, we’ve probably had enough alcohol for the rest of the night. We’re getting way too philosophical.”

just something ive seen happen, and feel the need to bring up

stop being surprised when a disabled person is able to do something, stop being surprised that your ignorant assumption was wrong.

the only reason youre surprised that a disabled person can do something YOU thought they couldnt, is because you didnt know their limitations, but thought you did, and if thats not bad enough, people will go the extra mile and make that ignorance the disabled person’s problem.

its beyond disrespectful, i dont wanna see your raised eyebrows or hear your voice go up an octave, i dont want to know how surprised you were that my disability doesnt stop me from everything, i dont want to know how shocked you are that i, a disabled person, can do something/is good at something.

I dont want to see you act this cringy because i dont want to be reminded that people who are THAT ignorant exist, i dont want to be reminded that ableism is so normalized that its completely fine to act surprised when a disabled person can do something.

like its embarressing enough that youre that ignorant, but its even worse when you openly express how ignorant you are through being surprised.

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OK, so that character flaws thing is really cool and helpful, so I'll ask a similar question: what do you think are some of the best character quirks in general? Just anything actually noteworthy as character development that isn't a good or bad trait per-say or too cliched? The way they dress, fidget, etc?

oh this makes me happy, i’m glad i could help

since you said character quirks, i’m going to assume you mean things characters do and not traits, which are a part of their personality (you can totally let me know if i misread or assumed wrong) 

i don’t have favorites, but here are some i don’t see often

involuntary twitching & erratic movements - sometimes my muscles just move and feel the need to move, something i can’t control. side note, sometimes happens because of too much caffeine or nervous energy

carrying small charms - whether they mean something or not, these characters carry the trinkets everywhere. 

phobias - especially uncommon ones, and the things people do to avoid them. my cousin’s boyfriends were scared of water but took him to this park and they had to cross a bridge. to get across it,,, they crawled on all fours. 

scars and extreme stories - that small mark on their wrist?? they got from holding a kitten wrong, of course they’re not going to tell people that. no,, they got that scar by skydiving. how?? well- [twenty minutes of exaggeration]

improbable dreams - like a character wanting to become a cat, of to replace their arm with a shark. just fun things.

no fear (just kidding) - fearless characters are cool too, but i especially love when something really mundane happens to be their biggest fear and they’ve been so careful about hiding it

averagely average - at everything they do, from school to arts & crafts.

really into collections - like,,, they might even have a problem. no, _ you don’t need more rocks/swords/buttons. stop, put that down

falls asleep anywhere - you might find them in the tree or in some odd position you’ve seen your cat in. 

wears a wig - i’ve not seen characters that struggle with premature hair loss and the struggle that comes with it (while i think that people should be proud regardless)

has personal traditions they never stray away from - like there’s this really good book they have to read every year, or every wednesday means hanging out in the tub with some candles or something.

mx. not perfect - they’ve always been seen as such, but they just,, don’t,, understand??? maybe, if they have siblings, they know them the best, but everyone else seems oblivious to their super obvious imperfections??

pep talks themselves - it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps them and that’s what counts

natural manipulator in a not-cruel way - how do they always wrangle their friends into taking naps when they need breaks? how do they always get their friends to eat?? we just don’t know

religious - i, personally, don’t have a religion, but i don’t mind seeing characters who are guided by their faith. 

always knows - about something specific, like what phase the moon happens to be in, or when it’ll rain next

thinks they’re a mythical creature - doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly or not real, they’re still going to believe.

i think that’s a good amount

maybe these will spark up some ideas?

thanks for sending in an ask

when i wake up everyday
  • depression: no, stay in bed. you feel like shit
  • depression: you also have no energy or motivation and life is pointless
  • anxiety: you can't leave the house today... there's PEOPLE out there!!
  • anxiety: something bad is going to happen, something really awful
  • depression: just stay here and go to back to sleep
  • anxiety: yeah just stay home
  • me: fuck sakes

“Feeling? In my heart? It’s as unlikely as you think.”

“I just don’t think I can comprehend what I’m looking at right now.”

“I thought I heard someone calling my name, but if it wasn’t you, then who?”

“It isn’t my responsibility to tell you when you’re in the wrong all the time.”

“Don’t go through my stuff. I can’t promise you won’t find something strange.”

“I’m sure nothing bad is going to happen. Absolutely not.”

soft andreil because it’s v day & these boys own my heart, i’m sorry in advance?? now excuse me while i go put my andreil playlist on repeat 

  • So there are nights when Neil just watches Andrew sleep because he can’t fall asleep for whatever reason, and of course, there are always a thousand reasons. The stress of getting back into something as trivial as schoolwork after everything that’s happened, dealing with the new additions to the foxes who Neil sometimes feels were placed there just to torment him further, the PTSD and the bad dreams, that drumming fear in his chest & that odd twitch in his feet that still function on an old familiar instinct to run and just get the hell out.
  • On those nights looking at Andrew, asleep and undettered by his side is therapeutic, it reminds him that this, this, this is what he’s fought for all these years without even realizing it. This sense of stability, home, hearth.
  • Sometimes it collides with a warring sense of utter disbelief. There are times Neil still wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat afraid out of his mind that he’ll be alone in some strange city somewhere, or trapped in Edgar Allan with nothing but Riko’s abuse for company or watching his mother’s corpse go up in flames at a beach. There are times Neil has to sit down and relearn breathing, times he has to remind himself that this isn’t some cruel dream. That he gets to keep this. No hallucinations. No sick games. Just this. The two of them. Together. 
  • Watching Andrew sleep always sends the haunting thoughts spiraling away, because all he can focus on is the loose set of Andrew’s jaw, the dim fluttering of his pale lashes that catch the moonlight like powdered sugar and the way his breaths come and go. 
  • How lucky he is, he thinks, to be the one to get to have Andrew like this, in the way nobody else gets to. He would never admit it to anyone, but sometimes, he feels almost smug about it.
  • But mostly, he feels grateful. Grateful for the kisses and the keys and the company, for the trust. He couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be for Andrew to let himself fall asleep next to someone else, to not yank out the knife everytime he feels Neil twist in his sleep or hears Neil’s breathing at his ear, to restrain his movements so that he doesn’t wake in a violent spasm and break one of Neil’s ribs in the process.  
  • Andrew’s an extremely light sleeper, so sometimes he thinks he knows Neil’s watching him, can probably trace his gaze blind, but he never says anything about it, never reprimands him over it. Neil’s just glad he doesn’t have to hear Andrew go “stop looking at me like that” with his eyes closed and feigning sleep. 
  • Neil can’t help but think how young and unimpeachable Andrew looks in his sleep. The way the light spills into his hair, how it frames him like a portrait that deserves to hang in an art museum somewhere. Sometimes, Neil thinks, Andrew tries so hard to appear baleful, that the people around him forget that he’s just a damaged kid, coping against all odds, in the only way he knows how. 
  • He really will be pummeling someone six ways to Sunday if they ever try to convince him Andrew’s a sociopath ever again.
  • Some nights, when neither of them can sleep, Andrew just silently gets up and grabs the keys for the Maserati before heading out the door, knowing Neil will follow. 
  • And they drive and they drive with no particular destination in mind. Sometimes they’ll talk. Most times they don’t. They just soak in the reassurance of the other’s presence like they might run out if they don’t keep acknowledging it. Usually, they don’t bother to turn on the radio. They both appreciate the silence. Sometimes Andrew will allow Neil to crack a window. They’ll enjoy the night breeze, the sound of the tires squelching smoothly against the asphalt, a weirdly calming percussion. 
  • Tonight, Neil’s feeling experimental. He flips on the radio and Andrew says nothing about it. Not an approval, but not a negative either. 
  • There is something torrentially exhilarating about driving as far away from Palmetto State University as possible then turning right back instead of skittering off into the unknown. He’s mapped these roads into the back of his hand, he knows them like he knows his own name. He knows he’ll always find his way back from here. Back home. 
  • The song on the radio intones what he’s feeling, the artist says we’re running on fumes but we’ll make it through the night.
  • Sometimes they’ll park the car on the edge of the highway and kiss each other until they can’t feel their mouths. Neil thinks Andrew is the only thing that keeps him grounded sometimes, that keeps him from having a virtual panic attack every ten minutes.
  • “You’re real,” Neil says, between kisses, it was meant to be a statement but it comes out as a question. “As real as you.” Andrew’ll reply. He knows how much Neil needs to hear that, even if it gets repetitive and annoying, he knows he needs to keep being reminded that he’s home now, and that he’s fractured & reeling & disturbed but that he’s okay
  • When they do eventually go back to sleep, Neil will wake up before Andrew just to run a finger through his hair or over the ridges of his cheeks as he sleeps so that he can memorize this touch, the feeling of this touch, burn it into his brain for when it gets bad again.
BTS Reaction to coming home late to their girlfriend having extreme period pains

Seokjin- When Seokjin would come home and see you lying on the couch in extreme pain, he would instantly get really worried if something bad had happened while he was away. He would go up to you asking what’s wrong, what do you need, what can he do to help you ‘‘What can I help with?’‘ When he would figure out what is wrong he would calm down to the zero, and start getting you everything you needed. He would be really sweet to you, trying to help you in every way he can.

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Yoongi- I think Yoongi would know what’s up as soon as he comes home. Even though he would definitely help you, I feel like he would be a bit awkward with it all, he might even be a little bit shy and stuff, but yeah mostly he would be awkward while trying to help you ‘‘So……w-what can I help you with?’‘ which would somehow probably make you laugh a bit, about how awkward and cute he is being. Nonetheless he would also be trying to be helpful to you.

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Hoseok- With Hoseok, I feel like he wouldn’t really think about it at first, not understand what was wrong with you, but it would hit him a lot faster than he expected. I think he would mostly try to help you not be sad and stuff, he would try to lift up your mood, but it wouldn’t really work so he would just ask you if you wanted to cuddle ‘‘Hey, let’s cuddle okay?’‘ since I feel like he would feel quite awkward with all of this. So he would cuddle you until you would’ve calmed down to a point where you could fall asleep.

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Namjoon- I feel like Namjoon would also be quite worried about you, coming home to see you in a lot of pain would put him in a more serious mood. He would quickly understand what’s wrong though, so he would ask you if you needed something ‘‘Y/N, do you need anything?’‘ and if you did it would take him 5 seconds to get it for you. If would say that you don’t really need anything, since you’ve done everything that could help you, but it just needed time, then he would be with you there, cuddling with you and trying to help you fall asleep.

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Jimin- Jiminnie would be so worried when he got home, but when he finally understood what was wrong, he would try to help, TRY. I feel like Jimin would be the shyest and most awkward one, together with someone else as well though. He would really try to help you with stuff but it wouldn’t really work out that much ‘’W-wait you need what?’’, he would succeed in making you smile at some times though. Since in the end nothing would really be helping you, and you would need to just rest he would just like most of the guys, try to help you fall asleep.

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Taehyung- I mean Tae is kind of oblivious most of the time, but he isn’t stupid. So when he would come home and see you lying on the couch in pain, he would understand what’s wrong. He would ask you if you need anything, if you said yes then he would obviously get it. I feel like Tae would be the most chill one I guess, haha. He wouldn’t want for you to be in a lot of pain ‘‘Do you need a hot pack?’‘, so he would be trying his hardest to do everything he knew would help you.

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Jungkook- Welcome awkward and shy number two. I think Kookie wouldn’t instantly know what’s wrong with you, but it wouldn’t take him a lot of time to finally understand it as well. He kind of like Jimin, would try to help you, but he wouldn’t really know what to do or say, so I feel like he would be trying to help you ignore the pain as much as you could ‘‘Uhm….want m-me to sing a……song…..?……..’‘ Since he wouldn’t like seeing you in so much pain.

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mtl to confess through text

I honestly feel like most of them wouldn’t/would try not to, like I said I can see Youngjae or Yugyeom wanting to confess through text but ultimately they probably wouldn’t. Also, I can see all of them accidentally confessing to you through text lmao since accidents happen!

Youngjae - He probably would because the thought of him confessing to you in person made him so uneasy, to him there were so many things that could go wrong. While with confessing through text he could play it off if something didn’t go well, so Youngjae would confess to you through text but then immediately call you after to tell you since he’d feel bad for confessing through text.

Yugyeom - Same reason as Youngjae, he’d be tempted to just confess through text and he probably would. It just seemed easier to him, until 15 minutes passed by and you still didn’t respond. Yugyeom would go into panic mode and regret confessing through text and call you to apologize and talk out his feelings for you.

Mark - He’d accidentally do it. Mark had been in love with you for the longest time and he just found it so difficult to ever tell you in person. He’d always type out “I love you” so tempted to press send, but ultimately would tap backspace, knowing he shouldn’t confess through text. Yet one day he accidentally pressed send… making him extremely nervous yet quite relieved??

Jackson - He as well would accidentally confess through text. Jackson loved you so much, he always thought about how much love his heart held for you and how he’d do anything for you. So one night, when you sent him a goodnight message he’d reply with, “Goodnight, I love you.” without even realizing that he basically confessed his love for you.

BamBam - He wouldn’t dare to confess through text unless it was an accident or he just really wanted to tell you but couldn’t call or see you. But BamBam would rather tell you in person because that’s the type of person he is.

Jaebum - He’d chicken out of confessing his love to you in person there’s no way he’d do it by text too. Jaebum is too cautious to ever accidentally confess to you by text but of course it’s still a possibility, but it’s not likely. He just wouldn’t want to confess by text, he knew it’d be better to do it in person.

Jinyoung - Absolutely out of the question, he’d never confess through text, wouldn’t even think about it. For Jinyoung, if he was going to confess he had to do it right and to him, doing it right meant confessing in person face to face.

People don’t like rejection, and that’s smart ‘cos rejection sucks. But something I’ve noticed is that sometimes you can anticipate getting rejected in advance and feel bad even though it hasn’t happened yet and may never happen, and that leads you to half-ass whatever it is you’re doing so at least you’re not committed and it won’t hurt as much when you fail.

But half-assing it increases the chance of rejection! You idiot! You blew it.

“I’m going to try really hard but if I fail I’ll do something else” is a tough attitude to acquire.

Listen as stupid as it sounds Robron and Emmerdale is something that keeps me going it allows me to do and think a lot of things and feel less sad (most of the time). I’m not going to apologise for something that makes me happier and feel like i’ve got purpose when my days get hard. I am allowed to be sad over ‘bad writing’ or something shitty happening because when you feel as connected to a story or a character as I do you can’t help but emphasis or feel the emotions yourself. It’s okay for me to get overly excited when something good happens as well. Let me try and be positive so I can feel happy at least sometimes.

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Hi having a bad day :( would appreciate if you could write me something fluffy to cheer me up?? But only if you're not too busy..

title I love you
summary for those days that don’t feel so good
pairing itasaku

“Haruno-san. You have a visitor,” someone whispered. No one nudged each other in the lab. Explosions, both metaphorical and literal, were bound to happen that way. 

“Mm…who?” asked Sakura without looking up. She set the flask down on her workstation. Rubbing at her nose with the inside of her wrist, she glanced over at her coworker. He shrugged.

“Some Uchiha. Brooding. Dark hair. Can’t tell which he is,” he answered. Sighing, Sakura nodded. Better honesty than a random guess. To the untrained eye all Uchiha could look equally sulky and unapproachable. She had often described them as a clan of cats in human bodies. (To which Sasuke had conceded with minimal protest.)


“Excuse me! You can’t just waltz in here! You could contaminate everything!” someone grumbled from across the lab. 

Completely ignoring the warnings, he trudged in, hands shoved deep into his pockets. Sakura started when his forehead connected with her shoulder.

“SHISUI-SENPAI! I almost spilled that!” she shrieked as she whirled.

“I need you,” Shisui said, dodging her angry swats.

“Get out, you degenerate,” she snapped in return. Rolling his eyes, he grabbed her wrists. 

“Not like that. Like I need your help. Let’s go,” Shisui retorted just as angrily. Hefting her over his shoulder like a sack of rice, he hauled her out of the lab. His grey flak jacket and the sword on his back probably had something to do with the fact that not a single person stepped in to defend her. 

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this might be a silly thing to send but i was having a bad episode and started thinking about how if something happened to my leo it would be all my fault and i was a bad owner. i know it's my anxiety and other stuff because she is fine, she's starting to have an appetite but she had a bad shed and she's been off food and ugh. im meticulous about her husbandry and do lots of research but i still get anxious something will happen to her and ill be responsible .

here’s a secret: this could’ve been an ask from myself. You’re not alone in thinking these things.

I have severe anxiety (it’s my primary disability) and obsessive compulsive disorder.  And, unfortunately, those feelings of ‘what if I do something wrong?’ will never go away.  So here’s how I deal with these feelings:

1.  Routines can be helpful.  

2. Records.  It’s ok if one of my geckos skips eating TODAY because they ate YESTERDAY, for example. I find photo records particularly helpful.  ngl, i originally started posting pictures of my critters so I could easily compare them.

3.  Reminding myself that these animals evolved to survive.  They’re not going to keel over because of a small mistake.

4.  Reminding myself that they are animals.  There’s an unfortunate tendency to consider reptiles as ‘sort of’ animals.  Like… we fully recognize that they ARE animals, but at the same time we treat them as almost mechanical: proper husbandry goes in, live animals come out.  While technically accurate, this fails to take living processes into account. 

Sometimes animals just have bad days, like humans.  It’s important to recognize this happens to reptiles too. 

5.  Researching.  I try to stay very aware of current studies on my species.  Again, there’s a tendency for this hobby to stagnate and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to my reptiles.

6.  You WILL make a mistake.  It WILL impact your reptile.  I’m sorry.  I wish there was a way to avoid this, but it’s pretty inevitable.  Forgiving yourself is valuable.  Look back at number 3: they WILL survive. Forgive yourself and move on because self-flagellating won’t help your gecko.

7. Forgive yourself and do better. 

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I know i already asked something but i had a really almost deep question to ask... How do you know somebody loves you? and/or how do you know you love somebody? Sorry i am asking again i just need to know before i go insane

i guess it depends on what kind of love you’re talking about.. romantic love can sometimes be tricky but i honestly think you just /know/ and i know that’s what everyone says and it’s so cliche and annoying, but it’s honestly really true. love isn’t something you can force or something you can make yourself feel towards someone, it just happens. you just know that you have a deep affection towards this person and that you care for them and want them happy and healthy and you want to talk to them and spend time with them and hear about their day and help them work through the bad things they’re going through and celebrate the good things. 

in my last relationship i was writing them a letter and i hadn’t planned this, but i remember signing it “ps i love you” because it just felt right and i was ready to say it and i wanted them to know. and i can’t remember the first time my best friend and i told each other “i love you” but i without a doubt one thousand percent love her and i know she loves me… the way others act can definitely show how they love you.. you don’t always need to say it for someone to know. things like “let me know when you get home” or “i got this because it made me think of you” are definitely signs that someone loves you or really really cares about you. 

love is tricky and confusing and hard to explain or analyze so you definitely have to go with your gut and listen to what your heart is telling you :) 

parting line of a breakup (if you break their heart)
  • aries: "I deserve better anyway. You never would have been enough for me and this should've ended a long time ago."
  • taurus: "I'll never forget you, but neither will I love you again."
  • gemini: "I'll admit, you made me feel something for a while. But I will NOT hurt over you."
  • cancer: "I feel so stupid. When did everything go wrong? I thought we were forever."
  • leo: "You can't leave me. I'm the best thing to happen to you. WE CAN WORK THIS OUT."
  • virgo: "Well, what can you do? They didn't deserve me anyway. I'll find someone better, someone who wouldn't deliberately hurt me like you did."
  • libra: "Why do I feel like leaving is the bad option? Shouldn't I give you another chance. You deserve that. WAIT, no. I'm already gone."
  • scorpio: "You'll regret it. I promise you of that."
  • sagittarius: "Were we really even a couple? Couples aren't supposed to drag each other down like that. I was feeling trapped and you were too blind to even see!"
  • capricorn: "Did I do something wrong? No, it couldn't have been me... But was it?"
  • aquarius: "You changed me. I didn't want to be changed. We're better off as friends anyway... right?"
  • pisces: "You hurt me, you hurt me so fucking bad and yet I'm still in love with you. How is that?"
If you read this, rad. If not, alright

Here’s the thing with me…. Are there times where I’ll overthink? Of course. Will there be times where I’ll get upset or irritated about something. Yeah, but it won’t be for dumb shit. Will there be times where I might do something stupid or say something dumb? Yeah, but we all do it. Do I have imperfections? Fuck yeah. But will I ever go out and make you wonder if I’m cheating on you or talking to someone on the side? Fuck no. Will I ever make you feel like I don’t love you? Hell no, and if I happen to, please speak up. Will I ever do something to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself? No. Will I ever go out and party and do shit I know you don’t like? Never ever. Now, will I love you with everything I can? Hell yeah. Will I support you in all you do? Absolutely. Will I make sure you know how beautiful you are every day? Always. Will I ever make you feel like I don’t love you? Fuck no. Why? Because I never want you to leave, and I know that what I have is something not many people ever get to experience. I know what I have to give, just like you, and I want nothing more than to give it all to you. I have a lot of things I do independently, but I want you alongside me as I go through them. I don’t want some other random chick trying to figure me out. I have you, and I’m the luckiest motherfucker alive because of you. I know I’m not flawless, and I know I can say dumb shit, and I know I can piss you off, but fuckin a if I don’t love you with everything I possibly can. And still, to this day, not a day goes by where I don’t think about you more, love you more, miss you more, or want you more than the day before. I’m here, and I’m here to stay. I hope you are too.

AN: I am sorry for the strange updating schedule, I know that it’s been inconsistent and borderline slow. Thank you for sticking with me. And thank you anon for the request! *The photo is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling or typo errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Idk how this works but ur an amazing writer&I think requests r closed but if u get the chance to could u write 1 where reader(also an avenger)&piet have a bunch of sexual tension but then when something almost happens between them he gets angry and says they can never be together bc he thinks he is a bad guy and will never be able to make up for the bad things he’s done but then the reader tries to make him feel better + aggressive “I’ll make u love urself” kind of smut if that makes sense haha

Warnings: It’s gunna be a smutty mess. Plus, language.

((I’m going to apologize in advance for my dumb smut writing skills. Sorry 😅))

~“Love Yourself Like I Love You”~

Nothing could have prepared you for the loose canon that was Pietro Maximoff.

Whatever he did was spontaneous– he would just run around with no rhyme or reason, and he could never stay in on place for very long. Everything he did had a certain lightness too it, nothing with him was ever serious.

Honestly, he was the type of guy that you would normally be annoyed by. However, you sensed something in him. Underneath the layers of laughs, jokes, and random behavior, you could tell that there was something heavy weighing on the white-haired Avenger.

You could even see it now. He sat on the farthest corner of the small couch the he could, his elbow propped up on the arm and his chin resting in his hand as he watched the movie with his ice blue eyes.

You were sitting on the other end, watching him rather than the screen.

It was small yet strange things that you picked up about him that made you see past his normal facade– for instance, the fact that he still was wearing his sneakers. Seemingly insignificant, but you couldn’t get past the fact that the two of you had been sitting on the same couch for the past two hours, and he hadn’t bothered to make himself comfortable. His jacket with fully zipped, his sneakers were tightly tide, and his eyes would occasionally dance around the room, almost like he was looking for a way out. He looked like he could jump up and run any moment.

Sighing, you decided you have had enough of his strange behavior. You knew that it shouldn’t really be a big deal, but you didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable for any reason. And, truth be told, you felt something special for him, which only fueled your desire to help.

You snatched the remote up from the side table next to the couch and hit the pause button. Pietro looked from the motionless screen to you, but he didn’t even really move his head, only his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“I should be asking you that question.” You replied, shifting your body so that your legs were laying across the cushions and your arms were in your lap.

“I don’t know what you mean, Y/N.” He said with a plastic grin, one that was natural enough to mold properly to his face.

“You look like your in pain.” You commented, gesturing to his tense posture. “Honestly, Pietro, if you didn’t want to watch the movie all you had to do was say so.”

He chuckled lightly, shaking his head back and forth and knocking some of his silver waves over his face. “I am enjoying the film, don’t worry about me.”

“I am worried about you, Piet.” You said softly as you scooted towards him, and once you were close enough, you placed your hand on his cheek. “Your not really as happy as you would like for everyone to think, are you?”

He swallowed as you continued to get closer and closer to him. You stopped moving when your knees were folded against you chest and you were pressed up against his side.

Whispering, like he was trying to keep something within himself at bay, he said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

He finally turned his head, only to find his nose pressed against yours. And, with the distance between the two of you being practically non existent, his behavior shifted.

Without so much as thinking it through, he gently slid his lips over yours. After getting over your initial shock, your eyes fluttered shut and you reached up to run your fingers through his silver hair.

Once he saw that you weren’t pushing him away, he moved from a slow and soft kiss to a quick and rather desperate one, which you replied with the same amount of passion.

His arms circled your upper body and crushed you against his chest, pulling you from the awkward angle at his side to a more comfortable one on his lap.

His soft hands ran down your sides and along your hips, making you shiver under his touch.

Just as his fingers crawled under your shirt and found your bra, he went cold. His hand motions froze and he pulled away from the kiss, even moving his head to the side and looking away from you.

“I-I can’t do this.” He mumbled, his swollen lips going numb. “You are such a good person…such a genuine hero does not deserve the misguided affection of someone like me.”

You reached up and forced his chin to be steered over to you, yes he still refused to look at you. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t be with someone like you, I’ll just…” He sighed and set his jaw for a moment. “I’ll ruin it. I’ll ruin <b> you <b> .”

You bit your lip and whispered to him, attempting not to show how much his words were upsetting you. “Why would you ever say that about yourself?”

Pietro looked down, resting his head on your shoulder. “I’ve done some shitty things. I’m selfish, I’m rude, I have no concept of when I’ve gone too far.”

“That’s ridiculous. Do you have any idea of how many people you have saved?”

“Do you have any idea how many of people I have ruined?” He asked sharply, turning your question around. “I’ve let so many people down, I don’t want to add you to the list.”

He snapped his face to the side once more, glaring at the wall.

A silence fell over the common room, the only thing interrupting it was his heavy breathing and the white sound of thee buzz from the paused TV.

The other Avengers had gone out for the evening, so you had Pietro to yourself for the next few hours. You wondered if he would have told you all that if the rest of the team had been in the tower, or if there was something about being alone with you that made him want to open up.

You figured you would take your chances.

You leaned foreword and wordlessly began to kiss his jawline. Pietro’s eyes went from hard glares to fluttering closed in mere moments, his hands mindlessly finding your hips and resting there as your tongue swirled against his creamy skin.

“Stop this.” Pietro demanded softly, but it was half-hearted and lacked conviction. “Don’t do this.”

“I am going to make you love yourself the way I do.” You murmured against his skin, then began to run your hands down his arms and pulled yourself closer to him.

You left open-mouthed, large kissed down his neck as your hands found his jacket zipper and tugged it down. Pietro, despite his small protests against it, slowly tilted his head back to give you more access to his skin. You nibbled at his neck, and his pink lips parted and released a small moan.

You coaxed his jacket off of him and threw it on the ground next to you, revealing his tight grey and blue shirt. He moaned even louder when your hands slipped under the fabric and over his abs and chest.

It wasn’t long before you had his shirt off and next to the jacket. You pulled away from him for just a moment, just looking at him. He was half naked with his head tilted back along the top of the couch, his eyes shut tightly, his mouth parted in bliss, and his hands lightly resting on your sides. Between that sight and the feeling of his aroused member pressing against your thigh, you had decided that he really did want this. And that only turned you on more.

“Oh my god…” He groaned out loudly as your pressed your hand over the top of his jeans, finding the zipper with your shaking fingers. His hips rolled against your hand even before you were able to unzipped him, just so he could get some friction.

With a small smile, you quickly unzipped his pants, then you lifted your bum off of his legs just enough for you to shimmy them and his underwear down to his ankles.

Apart from the pool of clothing at his feet, he was completely naked under you.

He let out a small whine–yes, a whine– as his fingers fumbled at the hem of your shirt, clearly not liking that you were still fully clothed.

You pulled your shirt over your head and tossed it on the pile along with your bra. Pietro let out a large gasp when you leaned into kiss him again and your bare breasts pressed against his chest.

With your lips still attached to his skin, you unbuttoned your own jeans and shimmied them along with your underwear down your butt and off of your legs.

Now there was nothing but skin against skin between you two.

Wordlessly, you positioned yourself above his member. He opened his eyes and watched your carefully, you could see the list burning in them.

You lowered yourself onto him and felt him fill you, both of your in turn released loud moans of pleasure.

Almost immediately, he began to thrust his hips out of instinct to create friction. You met his thrusts with large rolls of your hips as you clutched tightly to his shoulders.

Sweat beaded down his skin and his arms circled you to pull you impossibly tight against his chest. He grunted and let out choppy breaths as his paced quickened. It got to the point where you couldn’t keep up and his iconic blur of silver began to show through, making it impossible to see any one feature of him in detail.

A tight could formed in your body, and before long your insides fell apart and came completely undone around him.

In feeling your orgasm, his pace began to slow and his thrusts grew shaky and sloppy, allowing for you to finally be able to see his face through the blur of colors.

“I-I"m going to–” He let out a rather loud shout, shaking the already bouncing couch. “I’m coming!”

He spilled inside of you and groaned loudly, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut.

He slowly pulled out of you and released you from his iron grip, allowing for you to roll over and sit next to him on the couch.

You snatched a blanket that was folded on one of the cushions and spread it over your two sweat covered bodies.

“I…” Pietro began, cringing at how his voice sounded. “I would really like to maybe try to be in a relationship with you. You know, if you were willing of course.”

You laughed quietly and snuggled to his side. “I am glad you changed your mind, Piet.”

You hit play on the remote as his arm wrapped around your shoulder. Smiling slightly, he murmured, “I love this movie.”

((I really suck at smut, sorry!))

Because I'm a girl.

Because I’m a girl if I go out with my friends and I don’t text someone back everyone assumes that something bad has happened.
Because I’m a girl if my phone dies and I can’t reply to someone there is suddenly a search party under the impression that I have been abducted.
Because I’m a girl if I take charge of the situation I’m a bitch not a leader.
Because I’m a girl I can act as mature as possible and I’ll still be treated like a child, being asked to check in and constantly share my location.
Because I’m a girl every man that approaches me when I am alone is immediately perceived as a threat to my safety.
Because I’m a girl if I hook up with someone I’m a whore, not someone trying to find companionship.
Because I’m a girl people don’t respect me when I ask them to do things because I don’t have a physical advantage.
Because I’m a girl when people want me to do something and I say no they overpower me physically.
Because I’m a girl I can’t wear the clothes I want without being told “I’m asking for it.”
Because I’m a girl I get sexually harassed, and instead of someone saying sorry, like they should, they ask me what I did to deserve it.

Because I’m a girl I am forced to follow a dress code that is built on the principle that boys should not be distracted in school Because I’m a girl more than half the worlds extremist religions regard me as nothing but a child bearer

Because I’m a girl I’m constantly reminded that society views me as less.