something about the plague

Why dont these shitty social media companies actually attempt to do something about the bots and harrasment that plague their websites???

something that i think is important to think about: adam & ronan, not plagued by demonic possessions or night horrors or eye horror, spending the rest of their school year & their summer behaving like shitty teenagers who are head over heels for each other, alright. because that’s what they are, on top of all the other things that they are, they’re kids who can’t stop looking at each other

adam wearing ronan’s jackets. ronan loitering looking sketchy as hell waiting for adam to be out of class, off work, done with an essay.

adam & ronan making out in the bmw, in adam’s shitty car, in the obnoxious flatbed truck ronan dreams for himself because he’s a farmer now & farmers need obnoxious flatbed trucks, in the parking lot of monmouth, of the church, of aglionby, of fox way when everyone else thinks they’re just running late. because when you’re eighteen & into each other every second you spend not making out feels like a bit of a waste of time, really. 

they steal street signs that say things like ‘high street’ & ‘gaylord lane’ & run red lights & joyride when the cops aren’t looking, run off from the grocery store parking lot with a shopping cart which ends up busting a wheel anyway but it’s still fun

adam & ronan sneaking into movies together but not actually watching them, into the national park when the moon’s big & bright, to go skinny dipping. to stay up all night & watch the sunrise. climbing up on roofs of buildings. on bridges and bypasses. up trees. on the eaves of the church. 

& staying up all night– with their friends, pitching a tent out on the lynch’s property & all of them crammed in there together, ronan’s fingers looped around adam’s ankle. & with each other, because all of a sudden they both have a thousand things they want to know about each other & they have to know them right now. 

Define: Envy

He Tian x Mo Guan Shan [ft. She Li] One-Shot

Tags: fluff, highschool!19Days, reference to sex, language(?), She Li, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day (idk how to do tags?), jealous!HeTian

Based on an ask/request I had to do a one-shot on a love triangle between He Tian and Guan Shan – or at least have a jealous!He Tian because of She Li/loosely motivated by She Li. Hope you like, anon~!

They watch a movie, something apocalyptic about a plague break-out.

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Have you ever done something weird or embarrassing while drunk? (Unless you don't drink then whoops!)

Since I don’t really have anything for Yuuji.
Have something about me!

This picture already plagues the internet; but there was a time that I went drinking and I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing; but what I had gathered that I somehow aqquired this costume while I was out and I came home dressed like it; when I woke up in the morning and checked my phone; this is the first thing that came up.

I was massively confused; but I found out where the costume came from and what had happened but it was hilarious none the less; this is going back a while though!


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pansy! (i'm sorry. nino is too much of a cinnamon bun for this.)

PANSY: loving thoughts

Ares was not expecting to be approached, especially not by a young girl. It had been a bad day and he was in a sour mood, and he knew he made quite a figure, perched on the fence around the barracks and glowering at anyone who got too close. 

Surprise prompted him to take and study the flower, though he could hardly remember its meaning. Something about love? Was she acting on the little crushes that plagued people her age? Brave, if so. Ares put on a smile for her and tried to hand the flower back. 

“Save this for someone more worthy, my lady.” 

Let me tell y'all something. When I heard Prince died, I thought my reaction was gonna be like how I felt when Michael left us. With the anger and frustration intact. I expected to feel my heart break and tears form and pity to engulf my entire being.

But honestly, I don’t. I cherish what Prince gave us, in all his beauty and complexity and starkness to any and every other pop figure. I deeply revere what he did to the challenge the hypermasculine black male archetype. I respect his unwillingness in subscribing to heteronormativity. Although he was straight by all accounts, he showed us there is another way to live ferociously and unapologetically, with all the contradictions of gender norms bound up inside you.

He truly was unmatched in songwriting, choreography and instrumentalism. He was a world renowned dancer and rock star and R&B darling all at once.

Finally, he was no one’s victim. Not even today. Yes, there is something to be said about this plague against black artists from the 80’s who seem to be leaving us left and right. Yes, for a vegan who didn’t smoke or drink, his death is odd and untimely. And yes, I’m sticking to my theory that his death can be explained by post colonial trauma.

But what I see from people today differs from the deaths of our other elders because Prince’s life was not mired in and battered by tragedy. None of his personal issues played out for the world to dissect however it wanted. In every sense, he was no one’s victim. No one’s train wreck and no one’s punchline. Perhaps that’s what gives me a bit more respite in grief. He lived an amazing 57 years and his legacy will live an even more amazing eternity.

Perhaps we should carry that with us and honor Prince the way he would’ve wanted, with joy and shade and triumph.

log date: 9 march, zr: 1.6mi

I’ve been catching up on the s3 radio, which is delightful except it keeps referencing runs I did months ago and I get a little confused and then outright wistful, like a bit about Janine going out on a motorcycle to look for Five. those were the good old days.

(I do like the ridiculous theories being spun, although I can’t imagine this helps the Cabler listeners feel much more at ease when their radio hosts are going on about Secret Government Bomb Projects and something something ghost plagues. but hey, the Phantom of Abel is around! I liked those missions.)

workout stats:
1.6mi, 14:32
ow-scale: oww


So, I started this from the 13x01 promo but finished it today at the request of @ailingnoor. It’s basically the bits of Omelia we didn’t see because Grey’s is a drama at 8pm, not 11pm…

Warning: FLUT FRIDAY. This is the definition of sickeningly fluffy smut!

I giggle as he dances against me, my back to his chest. I can’t help it. I’ve never been so happy in all my life. With three engagements and a lot of deaths plaguing my life so far, something about this just feels… it just fits. This is happiness. The final piece to a jigsaw has been placed, and it feels like the picture is complete.

My ass fits perfectly into his hips and his arms wrap round me so perfectly. He has good rhythm, and I’ve only just realised how little we’ve danced together. There was a tiny bit at Webber’s wedding but other than that, our rhythm has mainly been put to use for thrusting purposes. Then I think about the amount of times we’ll dance together in years to come and I giggle again at the thought. I honestly cannot help this.

“Can we just tell them all to go home now and go make out?” he whispers into my ear. I smirk and he pushes me forward with his body and guides me into a twirl with his hand above my head. He brings me straight back in, putting a hand on my back as we naturally fall into a ballroom pose. I feel his hand go an inch lower and my lip can’t help but go between my teeth.

“No, but we can wait an hour until the venue kicks them out for us… and then we can go and have sex?” I suggest. He contemplates it, narrowing his eyes and pouting his lips, and eventually hums an agreement, resting his forehead against mine. At first it’s a soft, quick peck, so quick I barely notice. Then he leans in and it turns into a slow, tantalising kiss. I find my heart beating double in my chest as my hand goes from his shoulder to his neck and into his hair. His lips play with mine and I feel his tongue test the waters. I usually hate PDA but right now it seems like we’re the only two on the dancefloor.

I use my nails to dig into his scalp, enjoying the bristles tickling my fingers as I move them up higher to deepen the kiss. It’s becoming breathless and I can sense he’s starting to enjoy himself a little too much when both his hands hold my hips and grind them into his. I pull away and throw him a look.

“Now now, Dr Hunt,” I whisper, “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

“Mmmm, well first off you’re going to have to stop talking like that,” he mutters through a clenched jaw as he steadies his breathing and closes his eyes. His forehead once again rests on mine and we’re happy to be like this for the rest of the night. That is, until Maggie comes over.

I’ve often referred to Maggie as Maggie Cockblock Pierce. I love her to bits, and to be fair, we’re in the middle of a dancefloor so she’s allowed to interrupt, but seriously? She says what a wonderful time she’s having, hugging Owen and kissing my cheek. She’s drunk, I can tell by how quickly she’s talking. Owen suggests I dance with her but when he goes to move away, something in my hand just cannot let go of his. I’ll miss him. So I keep hold of it as he turns to leave and kisses the back of my head. He notices and tickles my waist on the other side which makes me squirm and turn around. There is so much mischief in his eyes, I can barely contain myself for the night I know I’m in for.

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yeah!!! ooky spooky plague sprite giveaway. reblog with a something about halloween like what costume u are gonna wear or a Halloween Fact or a song or a monster or a halloween dragon u have maybe . also your username/ID. i will pick a winner HMMMmmmM just tomorrow Saturday Oct. 8 around 20:00

Scent sensitivities

Okay, if you’re like me and get really bothered by things like strong perfumes you probably avoid stores that sell it or body products like the plague.  

Well, I just learnt something really interesting about them from my counselor.  Apparently, if you’re smelling different products, a lot of these stores actually keep bowls of coffee beans that you can smell in between different fragrances.  Why?  It cleanse the palate!  

Well, on her advice I’ve started carrying a tiny bag of them with me (just a mini ziplock bag, about palm size if even, and I even made a little fabric bag to hold it in so it’s more discrete) and it’s amazing??  Now when I have to be sitting next to someone wearing strong perfume it’s easy to breathe in the smell of the coffee beans quickly (which to me is a really pleasant smell) and it helps stave off the perfume smell and clears the residue from my system.  I’m currently sitting in a computer lab next to someone who has painfully strong perfume, enough so that it’s making my eyes prickle, but by smelling the coffee beans every so often I still haven’t gotten a headache and have been able to concentrate on my work!

I thought some of you guys might like to know this fun fact because it’s seriously making things so much better for me!

Steven in Too Short to Ride: “My dad bought it, but he decided he didn’t need it. He said something about over-saturation of the media being a plague to one’s mind?”

either Greg’s a total hippy


he is just too Dad™ to figure out how to use all this new-aged confangled technology and didn’t want to admit it

“I’m so sick of hearing about Donald Trump, can’t we just pretend he doesn’t exist?”


That type of thinking is dangerous. Donald Trump is actually doing pretty well in the Republican nomination, and if he plays his cards right he will be their candidate for President come November 2016. Wanna do something about it? GET OFF YOUR ASS AND VOTE!

Voter apathy continues to plague younger generations. I always hear about people bitching about Government and elections. Use that voice to make a difference and VOTE! Quit wasting your breath bitching about it all and then sitting on your ass once its time to make a difference. Donald Trump is a dangerous man, who has potential to go very far in this election. You have the power to keep people like him away from higher office, put that voice to good use and VOTE.


57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear has been identified as the man who opened fire at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood yesterday, killing 3 and injuring 9. Among the injured are 5 police officers, and among the dead is 44-year-old UCCS police officer, Garrett Swasey and two civilians. No clear motive for the attack has been released, but according to unnamed law enforcement sources, Dear said ‘no more baby parts’ in reference to Planned Parenthood’s abortion services, which has become a hot button issue in the Republican Party, which is trying to defund the organization. The shooter also mentioned President Obama, but it is unclear in what context. According to former associates of Robert, he was very Anti-Obama, having said many times that the president should be impeached. Lewis was taken into custody uninjured after an hours-long standoff and will have his first court appearance on Monday via CCTV.

President Obama spoke about the tragedy, calling for Americans do 'do something’ about the plague of gun violence in this country. In a statement, he said “We can’t let it become normal. If we truly care about this — if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.”

Planned Parenthood locations around the country are reportedly stepping up security, including in New York where the governor ordered extra police presence at clinics across the state. No specific threats or plots have been discovered at this time.