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The Only Exception (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,442

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes

A/N: Okay, so I saw a movie a long long time ago that was terrible, but it inspired the ‘bad’’ love advice and the firemen. I’ve been dying to have fireman!Bucky in one of my AUs.

And yes, the title comes from the Paramore song. I felt like it’s how reader feels throughout. Hope you guys like it. I had some writer’s block, and some house guests, so this is a little late being posted.

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Imagine...Dean Figuring Out You’re Sick

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Request: Could you maybe write a Dean imagine where your getting sick but you don’t tell Dean so you can help him on a hunt and you go with him but he ends up figuring it out?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Sixteen

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

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-Chapter 16-

“I’m going to find you!” Felix sang. He knew exactly where his sister was from her giggling. He knew she was behind a tree in front of him, but was just letting her think she was going to win their game of hide-and-seek. It had only been hours since he returned home from his mission to the mortal lands, and all the other members of the Elite had been dismissed. He, however, was awaiting the arrival of a certain bastard and heir and couldn’t make a public appearance until they were with him.

He’d lied to High Lady Feyre and told her that he and Eleana were going to spend some quality time with Quathryn for a few hours, but that would become longer if Eleana didn’t arrive home soon. He was a little worried about how long Laya was taking to come home from the wedding, but there were multiple explanations for it. Firstly, her and Kaden were having such a splendid time that they let time slip away from them. Unlikely, knowing how angsty the two were. The second option was that they had a fight and Eleana is blowing off steam somewhere, but if that had happened Kaden would have come to him by now. Then there was the possibility that things went so horribly with his family that they were all dead and Felix would never see his friends again.

“Come find me! Lis!” Quathryn sang back to him. Her little voice warmed his heart and made him think more realistically. Together, Kaden and Eleana were an unstoppable force – he had to believe that nothing would go wrong. He’d go insane if we worried about them as much as they warranted him to.

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Hi there! Just wanna say I absolutely love your blog! I wanted to request headcanons of Akutagawa, Dazai, Atsushi, Chuuya, and Mori (if that number is too big then just the first 3 are fine! ^-^) with an S/o that is an artist, but when they get really into their paintings/drawings, they don't always pay attention to the boys?

(I did general artist HCs too, I hope that’s okay?)

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • For the sake of Akutagawa’s interior decoration, it’s probably a good thing you’re an artist. The only thing clothing his otherwise naked walls is your artwork. No matter what you paint, it’s going on display.
  • Painting is one of the few things Akutagawa compliments often and openly. Art is one of the things he appreciates most; the fact that such emotion and intensity can be displayed without words amazes him. Normally, Akutagawa wouldn’t be anywhere near as vocally encouraging, but he wants you to know how much genuine pleasure your work brings to him, so he praises everything from your brushstrokes to your color choices.
  • Secretly, Akutagawa slips your sketchbook in with his belongings if he’s going on a long trip for the Port Mafia. Looking at your drawings comforts him, and the lines winding across the page quickly become his solace when the two of you are apart. Even when he’s countless miles away from you, a mere glance at your sketchbook’s pages makes the distance seem a little less cold.
  • Akutagawa doesn’t want to pull you away from your hobbies, especially ones that he enjoys as well, so he’s a bit more reluctant to recapture your attention while you’re focused on art. Despite this, he still takes your sudden cold-shoulders a bit personally, even if they’re not intentional.
  • After awhile, Akutagawa will flat-out tell you he’s sick of you tuning him out. He points out that he really doesn’t have that much time to spend with you, what with all the Port Mafia business he’s got to handle.  If you still don’t pack up your supplies, his mood sours instantly. Akutagawa doesn’t dare start putting away your tools himself- he’s worried he’ll screw something up and you’ll be forced to scrap countless hours of work. Instead, he sits perhaps three feet away from you, glowering. He stays there, glaring, still as a statue until you’re simply too uncomfortable to continue. 

Dazai Osamu

  • Dazai praises your art exuberantly and often. There’s no one in the ADA who hasn’t been victim to him waxing poetic on your mastery of shading, the delicacy of your lines, the poetic beauty of your finished pieces. Often, he’ll google complicated artistic terms, just so he can compliment every possible thing there is to point out. Plus, he sounds smarter when he uses words like ‘chiaroscuro’ (even if it’s not always employed strictly in the right context).
  • Often, Dazai seeks out art exhibitions in Yokohama for the two of you to peruse. No matter the quality of the pieces shown, Dazai always pretends to be disappointed, bemoaning the fact that none of your art is there. Whenever you pick out a work that you like, Dazai sidles as close to it as the gallery attendants will let him. After scrutinizing it for awhile (he usually whips out a magnifying glass), he draws back, sighing dramatically and shaking his head. Dazai points out all the aspects that you could’ve done better, mourning the fact that this got into a gallery and your work remains displayed only in his home.
  • Depending on the mood he’s in, Dazai either is alright with letting you alone as you work on your art, or he simply can’t handle being ignored. If he’s in one of the latter moods, kiss any potential progress good-bye. When you focus on your art instead of him, he’s immediately scheming ways of drawing your attention back. All of his brain power is channeled into getting you to acknowledge him.
  • Dazai tries every trick in the book. He starts off with sweet little kisses, smattered on your cheeks and neck, but it only goes downhill from there. If you don’t give in instantly, he morphs into a whiny toddler. Dazai creates racket in the background, pokes at your cheeks, complains about how cruel you’re being, pouting face about two inches away from yours. Things only escalate the longer your will holds out. Once, he set off the fire alarm just so that you’d acknowledge him (he apologized, but he wasn’t really sorry. Setting it off was so satisfying, not to mention effective, he’s got a burning desire to do it again.).

Nakajima Atsushi

  • Atsushi’s simply amazed by your skills. Whenever you show him a finished piece, he beams, eyes shining with awe as he admires your work. Atsushi’s never been too talented with a pencil and paper, and your creative prowess is only one of the countless reasons why he adores you.
  • Unless you specifically allow him sneak peeks, Atsushi avoids your unfinished pieces like the plague. To him, something just doesn’t feel right about glancing at such a personal object in progress. If he does happen to notice an uncompleted project, he’s instantly apologizing to you, begging forgiveness for invading your privacy.
  • If you let him, Atsushi loves to sit back and observe as you work on projects. He admires the way your hands swerve across the paper, sweeping lines with unbelievable grace and precision. He also thinks your facial expressions as you concentrate are adorable. Every time your nose scrunches, or your tongue pokes out of your mouth in concentration, Atsushi can’t help but grin, delighted at your sheer cuteness.
  • Although Atsushi feels a bit slighted when you spend hours fine tuning artwork instead of hanging out with him, he would never dream of interrupting you. Your level of focus amazes him. As long as you’ve got a paintbrush or pencil in your grasp, Atsushi doesn’t disturb you, occupying himself with something quiet and unobtrusive. He doesn’t even want to cause accidental breaks in your concentration, shying away from all loud noise and distracting activities while you’re at work.
  • When you’re in your zone, Atsushi keeps close tabs on you. Meals are left by your workspace to ensure that you don’t forget proper nutrition, there’s always a full water glass somewhere nearby, and his inner mother comes out when it’s long past time to pack it up; Atsushi strongly ‘encourages’ you get enough sleep (ignoring him results in an indignant cold-shoulder; he’s trying to look out for your health and you brush him off?! Unacceptible), no matter how much progress you’re making

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Soon after he discovers you’re an artist, Chuuya’s constantly bothering you to paint something for him. He insists on paying commission. If you won’t let your recompense be money, he’ll settle for paying you in kisses. 
  • Instead of keeping a photograph of you with him, Chuuya holds onto a pocket-sized self portrait. Staring at your likeness, one that you created, brings a smile to his face no matter where he is. The picture especially helps when he’s called away on long Port Mafia tasks; glancing at the image every so often eases some of the loneliness of being apart.
  • Chuuya will love anything you create, but he’ll especially enjoy a scene of Yokohama at night, with the lights glimmering over the water, or a portrait of you two together. After letting you pick out a suitable frame, he hangs every art piece you give him somewhere noticeable; usually, it ends up decorating the walls of the front hall or dining room. Chuuya’s special favorites go in his bedroom. When you’re not with him, it helps ease his loneliness if the last thing he glances before he falls asleep is one of your artworks.
  • You have to be careful complaining about your art supplies when around Chuuya. He’s prepared to splurge any amount just so that you’re outfitted with top-of-the-line tools. Whenever he notices that your pencils are growing dangerously short, or that your paintbrushes are fraying beyond redemption, he immediately surprises you with replacements. They’re always an unbelievably expensive brand, probably foreign, and usually, your initials are etched somewhere.
  • Chuuya will never directly let you know that he’s annoyed when you’re ignoring him. He’ll try every trick in the book to coax you away from your art, though. Chuuya taunts you with the promise of your favorite meals, tries to rub your shoulders until you’re putty in his fingers, even hints at all the other, more… exciting things you could be doing instead. If you’re completely determined to work on your art, he’ll eventually let you be, but he won’t go down without a fight.

Mori Ougai

  • Mori’s absolutely delighted when he finds out your artistic ability. He encourages all of your hobbies, but this one, he’s especially enthusiastic about supporting. Mori’s no art critic, but he does enjoy browsing pieces. If you’re the one to create it, his interest only skyrockets.
  • To Mori’s absolute glee, Elise takes a liking to your art, too. Whenever you’re slaving away on a project, she’s probably got one she’s working on, too; she likes to pick out the same subject as you and compare when you both finish. Mori can never decide which is better when pressed for his opinion (usually by Elise). They’re both masterpieces, he insists, and there’s no competition between masters. Both artworks are hung up together, a plaque underneath them identifying the pieces as a collaboration between the world’s two greatest art masters.
  • Without telling you, Mori calls in a designer and sets up a massive studio for you to work in. The room is fully equipped with every art supply your heart could ever desire. It’s absolutely gorgeous; there’s windows overlooking gardens filled specially with all of your favorite flowers, and skylights littering the ceiling filter in moonlight when you want to work at night. Mori brushes it off as nothing, insisting that artists of your caliber need work spaces that measure up to their skills.
  • Generally, Mori leaves you be when you’re devoting all your attention to your art, although he’ll whine a bit. After he complains for a few minutes that he deserves your attention just as much as any canvas, he abandons the pursuit of your acknowledgement. Mori’s busy enough that he can occupy himself until you’re ready for him again. He’ll be mopey until you’re back in his arms, though.
  • There are, of course, exceptions; when Mori’s looking for sex, no amount of charcoal smeared on your hands is going to stop him. He’ll fuck you right against an easel if he has to. In addition, if Elise wants your attention, he’ll stop at nothing to fulfill her demands. Mori will ensure you give the girl what she wants.

[title]: Missed

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[prompt]: Kind of a “You never know what you got ‘till it’s gone” type of thing when the Reader leaves for a mission and Bucky misses her.

[warnings]: swearing, fluff, fluff, fluff

[a/n]: ft. me rambling again this is actual nonsense 

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           [y/n] liked Bucky Barnes. She had never heard him speak a word in English ever. The only noises she had ever heard him make were mumbles in Russian, grunts, and whines of terror in the night. Bucky was quiet and [y/n] liked that. And she was so confused when other people didn’t feel the same way.

           She couldn’t fathom why some of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would look at him the way they do. She didn’t get what people didn’t understand about the fact that what happened wasn’t Bucky’s fault. She wondered why Bucky sat all by himself when Steve was away, the others avoiding him like he was fucking diseased.

          So she sat next to him one day. He was staring at the blank television screen while Steve was away on a mission. She plopped down next to him, turning the TV on. He turned to look at her with an expression that she couldn’t read. So she gave him a small smile and flipped through the channels.

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So I just rewatched your Mummy episodes. What did you really think about Imhotep using the Ten Plagues? I remember something about "theological nerd rage" and "with a rusty spatula", which sounds intriguing.

Ah yes. 

Briefly, the Ten Plagues of Egypt were plagues sent by the God of the Hebrews in order to convince the Egyptians to set them free from slavery so they could go find their own land to live in.

It makes absolutely naff-all sense for an Egyptian high priest of the Egyptian gods to be able to summon plagues which were explicitly sent against the Egyptians.

Er…no, guys.

What about a character in musicals who doesn’t know they’re in a musical?

When the MC starts singing about how fed up she is with her day to day life, this person runs along beside her saying stuff like “are you okay?” “Why are you singing?” “When did you write this song?” “Oh my god! Can you not stop?!” Then freaks out completely when passers by start joining in with the song because “OMG IT’S SPREADING!!!”

For every other character the musical is about true love or growing up or racism or something, but for this one person it’s actually about defeating ‘the singing plague’ while hundreds of people watch you from behind a screen (which none of their friends can see? Even though it’s really obvious?)

There’s just this whole subplot about this character constantly breaking the fourth wall and getting labeled crazy and wondering if everybody’s right about them— then at the very end of the musical, they join in the singing to fit in— even though they keep tripping over their words and can’t understand what’s going on.

It’s a funny romantic comedy with a subplot about this one character who gets sucked into a musical cult.

Stories are funny things. They unravel in a way most intricate, but if you snip off their beginnings or undo a certain knot, then the events become something altogether unrecognizable.

So we start with a story of a girl and a boy and an umbrella.

And suppose, the girl is for once prepared.

Suppose the girl has her own dilapidated umbrella, blue and with bent spokes twirling agitatedly in the rain. The droplets bounce off, a little bit sad as they’re thoroughly repelled.

Suppose the boy watches her walk away down the street, just a little bit too late to
apologize and a lot too late to gather up his courage to chase after her and explain.

Suppose a weary old man watches them from under his umbrella with a look of disappointment on his face.

His kwami gives him a dubious look.

“Excellent choice, Master.” Wayyz laughs. “They aren’t even talking to each other. She looked angry. Looks like I might win the bet this time.”

Master Fu simply glares.

“Patience. Those two are made for each other. Wait and see.”

Wayzz hums in disagreement, but thinks that circumstances are as cloudy as the sky. Supposing, of course, that the girl keeps her pride and the boy maintains his shyness, this might not work out at all.

If that’s the case, then Marinette doesn’t fall for Adrien and this is where we start.

It’s been about two weeks since Adrien Agreste made his debut. The newness of his arrival has faded, leaving behind nothing more than a few blushing schoolmates and a constantly clinging Chloe.

Marinette doesn’t really know what to think. She lets her initial dislike of him settle deep into her impressions, shifting her emotions of distaste to place him in the same decidedly unpleasant category as Chloe.

She would have let things go. She would have kept her head down and moved on with the new school year the same as every year…but he sits in front of her and smiles at everyone, including her.

He acts as if she never caught him putting gum on her seat. He acts as if he’s done nothing wrong.

He smiles and waves and simpers and she gets really tired because exuding perpetual pep and cheer seems so exhausting. She hates it. She doesn’t hate him, but she hates that he annoys her. It’s not worth the effort.

So she does what she does best and keeps her nose to her work, feigning disinterest when the rest of the class surges to hear tales of his escapades and merely returning his smiles with a vague little wave.

He’s relentless. He’s always around, bright eyes shifting to look at her with what she takes for consternation, and perhaps a little mocking. Let him laugh, she thinks. She can’t hear him past the state of the art, sound muffling headphones Nino let her borrow with a wry grin.

She can’t hear him…but she also can’t see the look of despair on his face when he finally gets the courage to apologize and she’s thoroughly invested in not noticing his existence.

Despite the slight annoyance of days spent in forced silence, she finds reprieve in the cheerful chatter of Chat Noir.

They’re on patrol, a perhaps unnecessary protocol born of caution and kept because of the freedom it offered them. A chance to leap above a myriad of golden light, the roofs of Paris welcoming a stray cat and a glittering bug with alacrity.

They speak, carefully dancing around anything that could give away their identities.

Except maybe not that carefully.

“Something bugging you, My Lady?”

Ladybug resists the urge to roll her eyes. She’s too care worn. Still new to the whole superhero thing. And her relationship with Chat Noir is still in its formative stages. Something in between absolute trust born quickly in the heat of battle and hesitant amusement.

Her nerves are frayed. Her mouth numb from biting back so many remarks during the day.

She takes a breath and gives him a guarded look.

“Don’t you have enough problems without carrying the burden of mine, Kitty?”

His sharp smile merely softens, humming thoughtfully as he contemplates her question.

“You’re never a burden, My Lady. And sometimes it’s nice to make someone feel lighter.” He turns away from her scrutinizing eyes, eyes darting to the dark horizon of the city. Then a bit more quietly. “It can help you forget your own problems for a bit.”

Her smile becomes sweeter as his drops. She scoots a little closer to him on the roof, curling her legs closer to her chest as she fights against her instinctive need to shy away.

She’s Ladybug right now. And Ladybug has a friend she can talk to.

“It’s school stuff, that’s all. There’s someone who owes me an apology.”

Chat Noir stiffens, a slightly distant look glazing over his green eyes as he says-


“And they walk around smiling all the time like nothing is wrong and it’s just really irritating because I have to see them everyday.”

He gives a stiff laugh, something about owing an apology resonating with the guilt that’s been plaguing him all month. Speaking of owing apologies…he still has to give one to Marinette.

But right now, he gets to focus on making his partner feel better. And that’s a distraction he’s willing to take.

“Well, that sounds like a cat-nundrum.”

Ladybug let’s the silence stretch in between them, blinking a few times before Chat concedes.

“That one was really bad, wasn’t it?” He chuckles.

Ladybug laughs, the tension seeping quickly from her shoulders.

“It was a cat-astrophe, Chat.”

Adrien Agreste is a nerd. Truly and thoroughly a nerd.

It might be attributed to his initial schooling years being spent alone with multiple tutors and teachers drilling everything a son of Gabriel Agreste ought to know into his impressionable little head.

Or it might simply be that Adrien loves to learn. He holds some bit of pride in his academic performance, and so it’s never been a long shot for him to do reasonably well in his new environment.

So it’s not without a bit of surprise that he finds the girl he can’t apologize to is also a bit of a scholastic achiever.

Both their names are frequently called on by the teachers. A litany of questions that he answers with an endearingly soft confidence and that she answers with a quiet surety he wasn’t expecting.

their grades lag just behind Max in mathematics. Adrien just barely beats Marinette in physics. She takes the lead in language studies and really, anything that involves an iota of creativity.

It’s intriguing and a little sad that he’s so happy about this development.

He notices how she perks up when the teacher is handing back their exams. He can feel her staring over his shoulder, surreptitiously looking at his grade and reacting with quiet cheer when hers is higher and with dismay when he has beat her.

Adrien still owes her an apology, so he doesn’t begrudge her this. In fact, he even takes to tilting his exam a certain way so she can more easily see the scores on the front.

And he quietly enjoys her vivid reactions. He can almost picture the gleeful vindication that would light up her eyes, those same eyes usually narrowed at him or pointedly looking away from him. He’s glad that he can at least interact with her on some level, even if she’s isn’t aware that he’s aware.

God. What a pathetic attempt at friendship, he chides himself. But there isn’t much he can do when Marinette has headphones on every free minute he’s around her.

Still, this little competition is something that brightens his days. He’s grateful for that, at least.

Marinette isn’t quite sure how this comes about.

She knows she dislikes him. She dislikes Chloe too. But Chloe has never made her work half as hard to beat her.

Adrien Agreste, with his sunshine smiles and his enthusiasm towards life, brings about the best if her in the worst way.

“Are you coming over tonight, Marinette?” Alya asks a little wearily, a resigned smile on her face because she already knows the answer.

Marinette glances up from her worksheet a bit apologetically and shakes her head.

“I’m sorry Alya. I’ve still got to study for the physics test tomorrow.”

“I know. I know.” Alya waves her off, before giving her a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. “I’m just worried you’ll get an ulcer with all the pressure you’re putting on yourself this semester.”

Marinette gives a sheepish laugh.

“I uh…it’s uh…”

Alya simply peers at her best friend over the rim of her glasses.

“You know, if you’re really worried about nailing the physics exam,it might be helpful to have a study buddy.”

“Eh…but I thought you hated physics?”

“Not me.”

“Not you. Then who?”

Alya merely laughs, nodding her head discretely towards the empty row in front of them. It’s a few minutes before lunch ends, and Adrien has thankfully vacated the room at Chloe’s usual behest.

Marinette’s ire grows. She angrily mumbles something about pride and mean people who won’t apologize and goes back to her work.

Alya sighs in defeat.

This was going to be a long year.


“It’s been almost two months, Nino. I don’t think…gah…apologizing this late is going to be really bad. She won’t even look at me when I try and talk to her.”

Nino can only shake his head.

“I already told you. Just apologize. Better late than never. And Marinette…uh she’s really nice.”

It doesn’t escape Adrien’s notice that Nino flushes a bit everytime he talks about Marinette.

Adrien is agitated for once. Between battling Akuma, fashion shoots and keeping up his end of the unsaid competition with Marinette, he’s been spread thin.

Even his patrol nights with Ladybug are starting to seem like more of chore than a freedom.

And really, at the base of it all is his absolute hate of being disliked by someone else.

It needles at him. Weeks of strained silences and sharp looks from her vicinity have made his guilt rise terribly.

‘Forget it. She’s not worth losing any sleep over.’ Chloe had said the first week.

But he’s learned fast that taking Chloe’s advice would not make him a lot of friends and he’d rather be as honest as possible

So it’s why he’s so grateful he met Nino…and so disheartened that he’d managed to anger one of the nicest people in the school.

He doesn’t have to actually talk to her to figure that out. Aside from all the things Nino has filled him in on, he watches her.

Not in the same way she does. She watches him to find out his scores, to see if she can get some kind of advantage over a person she rightfully dislikes.

He never begrudges her that.

He watches her in what he hopes is more of a “I’m really awkward and I’m trying to apologize way” than a “I’m a creep who thinks your bluebell eyes are really nice” way.

She never watches him. It’s a bit disheartening.

And it all breaks apart one morning when they’re the first two in class. The correlation early birds and high grades is significant enough that they’ve both started coming earlier to school.

He gives a friendly hello. She merely nods in his direction, a strained smile on her face as she turns back to reading her textbook, headphone placed squarely over her ears.

He tries to do the same, but her presence is disquieting. A silent dislike for him that is palpable as she sits behind him.

Adrien, being Adrien, tries to break the silence.

“So uh…how’s studying going?” He calls over his shoulder, but there’s no answer. He mentally chastises himself for this. She has headphones on, of course she couldn’t hear him.

He’s about to turn fully to grab her attention when Alya comes barreling in through the class door, squealing incoherently about something.

“Marinette, oh my god

She makes a beeline for Marinette, who in a rush to understand what her friend was shouting, stands up abruptly.

Her shock is made complete when the plug of her headphones falls out from under her desk, limp and unconnected to anything at all.

He knows it wasn’t previously connected to her phone because he can see it peeking from the edge of her bag.

She glances down at the dangling end, mortified and Alya’s mouth drops in gaping surprise.

Marinette’s face flushes a deep red, before she glances at the only other two in the room.

Alya closes her mouth and gives her best friend a sympathetic look.

Adrien breaths a little harder, his sadness mingling with his slight irritation that this whole time she had been deliberately feigning not hearing him.

“You…Do you really hate me that much?” he asks in a pained voice.

Marinette’s words are caught in her throat. She does the only thing she can.

She runs. Out the door and past a surprised Rose.

Alya follows after her, shouting her name.

Adrien stays standing, eyes wide and feeling oddly burning with unshed tears.

something that i think is important to think about: adam & ronan, not plagued by demonic possessions or night horrors or eye horror, spending the rest of their school year & their summer behaving like shitty teenagers who are head over heels for each other, alright. because that’s what they are, on top of all the other things that they are, they’re kids who can’t stop looking at each other

adam wearing ronan’s jackets. ronan loitering looking sketchy as hell waiting for adam to be out of class, off work, done with an essay.

adam & ronan making out in the bmw, in adam’s shitty car, in the obnoxious flatbed truck ronan dreams for himself because he’s a farmer now & farmers need obnoxious flatbed trucks, in the parking lot of monmouth, of the church, of aglionby, of fox way when everyone else thinks they’re just running late. because when you’re eighteen & into each other every second you spend not making out feels like a bit of a waste of time, really. 

they steal street signs that say things like ‘high street’ & ‘gaylord lane’ & run red lights & joyride when the cops aren’t looking, run off from the grocery store parking lot with a shopping cart which ends up busting a wheel anyway but it’s still fun

adam & ronan sneaking into movies together but not actually watching them, into the national park when the moon’s big & bright, to go skinny dipping. to stay up all night & watch the sunrise. climbing up on roofs of buildings. on bridges and bypasses. up trees. on the eaves of the church. 

& staying up all night– with their friends, pitching a tent out on the lynch’s property & all of them crammed in there together, ronan’s fingers looped around adam’s ankle. & with each other, because all of a sudden they both have a thousand things they want to know about each other & they have to know them right now. 

not to keep rambling but… its also SO UNCOMFY to talk to my thin friends about fatphobia bc its just like “haha okay” when im talking about something that plagues my everyday life…. its something non-fat people cant see but is so PLAINLY OBVIOUS to fat people. like fat people are so adept at noticing side glances and whispers and being attune to how clothes are falling on their bodies and knowing what, how much, and when to eat in public and knowing which shops they can buy clothing in and which stores are just “look around” shops and just the smallest things tell so much about how a person perceives you when youre fat and thin ppl just do not get it & never will lol

Single Neck

Fandom: Don’t Starve
Main Character: Wilson, Maxwell

Note: I wrote this a while ago, a slightly less detailed version, after I was done with a vent piece of art, featuring the same quote. Yes, I know where the actual quote is from, but it’s a very depressing one, and certainly fits a few things. I rewrote this because I’ve been feeling down. Content Warnings for suicidal thoughts and almost attempts

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Define: Envy

He Tian x Mo Guan Shan [ft. She Li] One-Shot

Tags: fluff, highschool!19Days, reference to sex, language(?), She Li, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day (idk how to do tags?), jealous!HeTian

Based on an ask/request I had to do a one-shot on a love triangle between He Tian and Guan Shan – or at least have a jealous!He Tian because of She Li/loosely motivated by She Li. Hope you like, anon~!

They watch a movie, something apocalyptic about a plague break-out.

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The Infinite Threads Daily Draw | May 22, 2017
~4 of Wands, 3 of Swords

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

The fear of success is something rarely talked about, but it is a valid plague upon the minds of those that strive to build, create, and manifest their desires into reality. With due honesty, that means every single one of us. Part of Life is getting what we want, but what about what we need?

While we may not feel complete right now, and our hearts are left wanting and broken, this is okay- but we can’t expect someone to come forward to fix us or offer the magic solution.

Today, explore in your creative pursuits and take time to see what will put you back in balance. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, because it is for you and no-one else. Keep working, and you’ll do amazing things.

Remember, that you deserve time for yourself like everyone else.

Mod Sol

Deck: Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley

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As soon as i turned 13 I found this blog and stopped worshipping 'devpai'. My brother is now 12 and worships him. Coincidence?

It’s a plague and we need to do something about it.

-Mod Sega

The Stars in Your Eyes

Pairing: Michael x Reader
Warnings: None; this is pure fluff. 
Word Count: 1276
Summary: Michael and the reader are star-gazing on top of the Bunker’s roof when Michael makes a startling confession. The theme song for this is “All of the Stars” by Ed Sheeran.

You woke with a start, echoes of your nightmare still clearly etched in your mind. The nightmares had been going on for months by then and after each one you rarely were able to return to sleep; they were a side-effect of being a hunter. You could already tell that this was going to be one of the night’s where your racing mind wouldn’t permit you any more sleep. Instead, you pushed yourself up off the bed and grabbed your old hoodie off of the dresser near your door. You threw it on over your tank top before slipping out of your bedroom and treading quietly through the bunker until you reached the stairway that led to the roof.

At the top of the stairs you pushed the door open to reveal the desolate rooftop. It was rather chilly out but that didn’t stop you from wandering over to the edge and sitting down. You gazed up at the stars in admiration. Each night, if you couldn’t sleep, you would simply stargaze on the roof. It helped to calm you and forget the terrible dreams that plagued you.

There was something about the stars that always held your attention. The way they shined so brightly in the night sky and illuminated the darkness. They were marvellous and magnificent. Like angels, you mused ironically. When you were a child that’s exactly what you thought they were: angels watching over the earth. Even every now and then, you still liked to think that.

The sound of ruffling by your side drew your attention away from the sky. You turned to see to see Michael sitting in close proximity to you. He wasn’t looking at you, though. He was gazing up at the stars in the same manner you had been moments before.

“The stars were one of my favorite creations,” Michael commented. “I found joy in helping my Father create them throughout the universe. Sometimes, I would be allowed to hang them in the sky. When Father left, I carried on creating the stars and galaxies.”

“So how many do you suppose you made in this sky?” You asked with a small smile. Admittedly, you had a fondness for the eldest archangel that perhaps went beyond the usual feelings of admiration and friendship. However, you never shared your secret with Michael; you were a human and he, well, was an angel. One that didn’t even believe in free will at that. You would bet money that he wouldn’t return your feelings. It was best to love in silence than ever voice your feelings.

“Too many to count,” he presumed. He finally met your gaze with a quizzical expression. “If I may ask, what are you doing out here so late?”

Always the one to be concerned. You shrugged, pulling your sleeves down over your hands. You were nervous about the possibility of discussing your nightmares with Michael. “I couldn’t sleep. Thought getting some fresh air might help.”

“I can tell when you’re lying, Y/N,” Michael remarked gently. He pulled one of your hands out of your sleeve and took it in his own. “I can sense emotions and I know you’re nervous. But you don’t have to be. I care about you and I’ll do anything I can to help you.”

You gazed over at him once again. You rested your hand within his, entwining your fingers with his own. The contact, along with his reassurance, gave you some ease. “Thank you,” you responded softly. “You’re already helping. I’ve just been having nightmares, so on the nights I do I’ll come up here and watch the stars until I think I might be able to go back to sleep.”

Michael listened intently as you explained your reasoning, judgement never passing through his green eyes. He didn’t ridicule you for your nightmares as many of the other angels would; instead he stood up and pulled you to your feet along with him. “Well, I do have an idea to get your mind off of the nightmares.”

“Yeah, and what idea is that?”

“We could dance,” he remarked in response, leading you towards the center of the rooftop.

You willingly allowed him to lead you, smiling at the suggestion. “I didn’t know angels knew how to dance. Or more importantly, that you did.”

“You learn a thing or two by watching humans all the time,” he joked as he placed his hands on your waist. You began to sway together to your own silent beat as you rested your hands on the back of his neck. You were practically pressed chest to chest, cheek to cheek. You could feel your heart start to race from being so close to the angel as well as the physical heat between the two of you. You had never been this intimate with him before and being under the stars made you think that maybe anything was truly possible. Michael pulled away slightly and took one of your hands in his before twirling you and pulling you back. You couldn’t help but laugh as he placed on hand on the small of your back and gently dipped you backwards. You met his gaze and were pleased to see that he was smiling, watching you with the same admiration you often gave him. When he finally pulled you back upright you sighed in contentment and continued to sway together, keeping one hand in his while the other rested around his neck once more. He placed his other hand back on your waist and pressed his cheek to yours.

Moments passed in silence before he spoke again, his voice low and soft next to your ear. “Y/N, I think there is something I should tell you before I lose the courage to do so.”

You pulled back just enough to look at Michael as he spoke. “Okay, well, what is it?”

“I’ve been in love with you for some time now,” he confessed, watching you with a mixture of an anxious and hopeful expression. You only stared back with a blank expression, startled by the sudden confession. You were unsure of what to say, let alone what to do, and the longer you stayed silent the more worried Michael grew that perhaps he had been mistaken; perhaps you didn’t return his endearment. But slowly you leaned in until your lips met his; soft and sweet, hesitant and needing all at the same time. He pressed you closer, with one hand now cupping your cheek, as he returned the kiss and your eyes fluttered close. Your lips moved together in harmony, creating a profound sense of serenity that you had never experienced before. It was nerve-wrecking and exhilarating but you wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything in the universe; not even the stars above.

You were certain that Michael could hear your heart beating wildly, if not feel it, as you pulled away. You grinned at him, a faint blush evident on your face. “You know, sometimes if you tell someone that you love them and they kiss you it could mean that they love you too.”

“In our case, is that what it means?” Michael smiled at you, his green eyes shining with love and happiness. It was an odd, but nevertheless beautiful, look on the archangel, given his usual stoic expression similar to that of the soldier he once was. You found yourself wanting to see that look of joy more often; even more so, wanting to be the one to have caused that look.

“Yes,” you nodded, kissing him once more. “That’s exactly what it means. I love you, too.”

Confessions: An Amourshipping Oneshot

I wrote this small oneshot in honor of Amourshipping week! Sorry I missed out on day one, but I will try to make a one shot for each theme this week. Regardless I hope you enjoy!

Ash stepped out onto the balcony of the gangs room. The cool, fresh air surrounded him as he waltzed passed the threshold of the double doors. It allowed him a moment to breath. They had chosen to stay at a hotel this time. Usually when they stopped at a town they would stay at the Pokemon Centre for a day or two. But, on the way here, Serena would not stop gawking over how beautiful this town was in the pictures. She had read all about it. Apparently it’s a vacation paradise. So, as a result, the group decided on staying here for a couple of days. Making this a bit of their own vacation. Ash took in a deep breath and calmly gazed at the sky above him. The sun was about to set, painting the celestial sphere a deep shade of vermillion. He was lost in thought. His mind wandered, unearthing deep reflections within his mind. He contemplated how it was possible that a single person could destroy and rebuild him, over, and over, and over again. That a single person had the power to completely control him at will. Serena.

A calming breeze whistled through the air. The trees swayed back and forth in unison, humming a soothing melody as wind passed through the gaps in the leaves. Fall was approaching, and Ash could feel it. The setting was a harmonious one at that. The serene atmosphere made Ash grow tired. Though it was just cold enough to keep him awake. Ash rested his arms on the railing separating him from the balcony to a not-so-fun thirty foot drop to the ground. He settled his chin on his arms and looked on. His eyes drooping. Thoughts plagued his mind. A constant stream of nothing but Serena and the way she made him feel. It had been months since they saw each other again. It had been months since they started their journey. And yet still, he hasn’t found a way to tell her exactly how he felt. It was eating away at him. Every passing moment was another piece of his heart being torn out. And it was finally starting to take its toll. Recently he’s been letting up on his battles. He’s been losing them left and right. He’s become restless. Despite always being tired. And now, he has come to the realization that nothing will change, unless he changes it now.  I have to do it. He thought. I have to tell her. Today. Or else, I’ll have to answer to my Pokémon. I’m letting them down too. I have to put an end to this.

“Enjoying the relaxing air, are we?”

Ash jumped. He turned around and, as if on cue, Serena stood in the doorway, smiling.

“Yeah I guess you can say that.” Ash chuckled.

“See, I told you staying here would be a good idea.” She replied, her smile becoming warmer.

“What can I say? You’re a genius.” Ash joked.

“Mind if I join you?” Serena giggled.

“Uhm. yeah sure. Why not?” Ash gulped.  

She ambled over to his side, resting her hands on the railing. Ash did the same.

“So, Ash. Can I talk to you about something?” Serena muttered.

“Uh, yeah. Go for it. Whats up?”

“A-are you doing okay?”

“Yeah… why?” Ash beckoned, shooting Serena a confused look.

“It´s just that… you’ve been acting really weird the last couple of days.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. You seem restless. Like you constantly have something on your mind. You´ve barely been eating, you’ve barely been sleeping. You aren’t exactly trying your hardest in your battles, and frankly, you haven’t been keeping up with your training.”

Ash didn’t respond.

“Ash, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?”

He still didn’t respond.

“Ash, please. Talk to me! I want to know what´s wrong. You’re one of my best friends and I hate to see you like this!”


“Please, Ash. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Ash sighed. “Fine.”

Serena smiled and nodded Ash to go forward.

“So… I have this secret. And… I really want to tell someone. But… I can’t.”

“Ash, I need you to know that no matter what secrets you have, it will never change the way any of us think about you.”

“Yes, it will. Or at least I think it will.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to tell a specific person. But, i’m afraid of their reaction.”

“I know what you mean.” Serena chuckled.

“I feel like if I tell them… It’ll make things awkward. And I won’t be able to be their friend.”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

“I can’t.”

“I promise my lips are sealed. I won’t tell a soul. Please, tell me Ash. You can’t go on like this. It’s unhealthy! You need to tell someone and maybe you’ll feel better.”

“I-I don’t know.”

Serena stayed quiet. Another light gust of wind blew through the air, adding to the tension. This is it. Ash thought. This is the best chance I have of finally telling her.

Ash sighed. “Serena….”

“What is it?” She asked calmly.

“Look. Serena, there isn’t any easy way to say this but…I like you.”

Serena froze. And Ash continued.

“I really like you. I don’t know what it is but every time I’m around you I get nervous. Every time we have ever touched, it sent a shock up my spine. Since the moment I saw you again I’ve held all this in and recently it’s been getting to me. I haven’t been myself. And I just needed to say this. Serena.. I-I love you.”

Serena’s eyes widened. She was frozen in place. A tear rolled down her cheeks. A few moments passed. A few moments of sheer intensity. A sense of panic plagued the air around them, destroying the serene ambiance that had previously settled. After a moment, out of nowhere, Serena ran out the door and off into somewhere in the hotel room. Ash stood, dumbfounded. He just poured his heart out to the love of his life and her response was a fit of tears. He was right. He should’ve just kept it to himself. He shouldn’t have told her. And now, his worst fears have come true.

Ash took a deep breath and stepped out of the balcony. He rushed over to the front door in a fruitless attempt to get by without being noticed. However, he was stopped by Clemont.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Clemont asked.

“Just going for a walk.” He muttered under his breath.

Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder.


Ash lowered his shoulder and placed Pikachu on the floor.

“Sorry buddy, I think I wanna be alone for a few minutes.”

Pikachu and Clemont both looked concerned, but let him pass anyways. They knew he needed some space. Ash cast his glance to the ground as he slowly made his way out the door.

As Ash walked down the sidewalk of the city, he began to realize something. For whatever reason, it had become noticeably colder. Every color around him lost its saturation. Everything seemed so grey. His chest felt like it was caving in. He could feel all of his pain and emotion begin to crawl up his throat. However, despite the pain, Ash kept walking. The streets were completely empty. Not a single soul roamed the sidewalks in this so called ‘bustling city.’ As the sun neared the end of its journey beyond the horizon, streetlights started illuminate the path in front of Ash. Tears began to pour from his eyes. The small azure droplets rolled off his cheeks and fell from his chin. Eventually, they splashed across the floor, leaving a trail behind him as he continued walking.

A few minutes of walking pass and the cascade of tears began to wither. Finally, Ash wiped away what was left.

“Ash!” A voice called from behind him. It was a familiar one.  

“Ash!” The voice called again.

He turned his body around to face whomever it was the was calling his name. As soon as he spotted the person yelling, his eyes widened. Serena ran up and stopped about a meter away from him.

“S-Serena.. What are you doing here?”

She didn’t respond. A look of regret was on her face. They locked eyes, both of them

refusing to look away. There was something about Serena that made her so enticing to Ash. More thoughts plagued his mind as he laid eyes upon her. It hurt. It physically hurt how much Ash loved her. After a short while, Ash couldn’t take it anymore. He looked away, holding back tears.

“Ash… I-”

“No. I get it. You don’t like me.” Ash cut her off. A shadow cast over his eyes. “It might take a while. But, I’ll get over it… eventually.” He continued.

“Ash you don’t und-”

“Look, Serena it’s fine. It’s not like you’re obligated to like me back. I just want you to know that I still want to be your friend and I st– “

“Ash please listen to me!” Serena yelled.

Ash nodded.

“Look, Ash. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have run away. It was the wrong thing to do, but I was just so overwhelmed that I had to. Ash, I need you to know that I care about you.”

“It’s fine. I understand. But…does that mean…?”

Without so much as another word, Serena sprinted up to him as fast as she could and flung her arms around him, locking their lips together in an affectionate kiss. Ash couldn’t believe it. At first he was totally shocked. However, as soon as his recollected his thoughts, he absolutely melted. They broke away for a moment. Serena looked up at Ash with tears in her eyes.

“I love you too Ash.” She choked.

Their lips collided once again in another kiss. However, this time, it was much more passionate. They both loved each other to the ends of the earth. And at this very moment, no amount of pain, discomfort, heartache, or torment could ever match this amount of sheer ecstasy.

The sun finally fell behind the horizon completely. Millions of bright stars began to take its place. And finally, after so long, all of Ash’s grief, pain, hatred, suffering, and anguish was undone. Undone like the ribbons of a bow. His heart and soul were mended. The constant weight on his chest that he had felt for so long finally dissipated. He felt whole again. And this was all done at the hands of one girl.

Can we talk about Masters of All Time pls? Also, I have no idea how read mores work with this new update, so sorry if this appears as a horrifyingly long post to you.

Something always felt weird about that episode. One of the things that plagued my mind has already been contemplated by the Phandom (Maddie’s strange reaction to Danny telling her he’s her son) but that’s not the only thing.

The first is the comical ghost ray bouncing the protoportal shot does just to get to Jack since Vlad is out of the way. What are the fucking odds that things were set up in just the right way for that to happen? I always assumed this was because Clockwork focus on this path in particular. To teach Danny a lesson. Which means that this was not the only way things could have gone, it means that it could very well have been one of the worst case scenarios. What other timelines could things have taken? Would there have been one that Danny would have settled for unless Clockwork did what he did? A timeline where things were all okay, where everyone was happy and existed? Is that one of the reasons Clockwork refused to let Danny try to alter the past a second time, because there was no other “loosing” lines to dissuade him from his attempts?

While not really food for thought, I always found it comical how Altered-Jack named his cat Jasmine. I realize it was most likely for this intended purpose (as well as revealing in canon who actually named which kid.) but this makes me think about if there was an “alternate-Danny”, so to speak. In theory, every main character would still “exist” in some way in this alternate timeline, it’s simple logic: everything that can exist has and will in some way. Given Alternate-Jack states he’d never named his kid Danny because “that’s dumb.”, if there were an alternate-Danny, even if he was a pet or something, he’d be with Maddie and Vlad. Which brings Maddie’s reaction to the forefront. 

Maddie doesn’t call Danny a liar when he tells her he’s her son until after he say’s he’s Jack’s son. Her first reaction is shock. That’s not something women are blindsided by. And that’s weird in and of itself, but Danny isn’t in human form when he says this. He’s in his ghost. And I just re-watched the episode, it’s never specifically revealed to her that Danny is still partially alive, even after she accepts he’s from an alternate timeline. And she doesn’t recognize him as the kid from the door until after that too. At that moment, he’s a ghost. Purely. Dead. An ectoplasmic remnant of posthuman consciousness (or however that went). So why does she react with shock? There’s no disbelief in that shock either, it’s like she actually believes him. Connect the dots in this way, and you have Maddie having a son to Vlad, possibly naming him Daniel, and then loosing him in a way that killed him, making his existence as a ghost possible. It’s never stated in the show if she is aware that ghost ages (fanon seems to think that she isn’t, or fanon ignores the canon evidence entirely), but if she is, there’s no way of telling just how old this alternate-son might’ve been when he died. But that’s just one way of connecting the dots. It could be they aren’t meant to be connected at all.

And now that I think about it, is it possible that this alternate-son is actually a ghost?

Maddie is shown to have what appears to be profiles on ghosts, notably Clockwork. This is something never shown in the true timeline. So I ask: Why? Is she searching for her son’s ghost? Is that why ghost’s aren’t allowed to be mentioned in the castle? Maddie being so distraught over her child’s loss that she’d focus on her ghost research again or more fervently if she already was and Vlad being unhappy with this is something I can totally see happening. It’s never specifically stated why Vlad is so opposed to ghost in this timeline. I assumed before that it was because he was afraid of loosing Maddie to Jack, because Maddie was still interested in ghosts. Keeping Maddie away from ghosts equals keeping Maddie away from Jack equals keeping Maddie period. Vlad went out of his way to keep Maddie away from Jack, telling her Jack blamed her and never wanted to see her again. But this excuse seems a little flimsy now. If my connected dots are correct, Vlad has to play into it somehow. The most logical thought is that he doesn’t want to deal with opening the can of worms that Maddie actually finding their dead son would entail. Perhaps he couldn’t handle it, or he though that her efforts would’ve been in vain. Perhaps he foresaw that she’d obsess over trying to find something he didn’t think would exist, it would drain her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She’d not be able to let go. So he tries to force her away from it.

Edit: Catching something I didn’t catch before, When Vlad interrupts, he states that she’d been “experimenting again”. Again. As in she’s being researching ghosts before and he’s caught her before. I have no idea what to think about this.

Vlad character in the episode is so wibbly wobbly, its hard to try to predict what he would’ve done and why. I feel like this version of Vlad is desperate to keep what he has, almost like he knows it wouldn’t last unless he took measures to ensure it prevails. This implies that Vlad was manipulative and harmfully conniving as a person, not traits he gained from being half ghost. But the root of this manipulation is different. In the alternate timeline, it could be fueled by selfish fear, calling back to the above desperation. The strongest evidence towards this is his reaction to Danny trying to return things to normal: “You think I care?! I like it this way!” He knows this isn’t how things are supposed to be. He refuses to give it up. He’s clinging to it, fighting for it, because it’s all falling apart. I used to think this reaction didn’t make any sense, especially since he’s revealed to have some compassion and humanity left in TUE. But this reaction makes perfect sense. This is his life, he’s been fighting to keep it stable for years, with his lies to Maddie. He’s unwilling to let it go because he thinks its his only shot at happiness. Vlad isn’t dumb, he knows he would’ve been hit with the blast had he not been shoved inexplicably out of the way. He saw what happened to Jack. He knows that would be his fate. He knew. His words ring chillingly once you take it all in: “You think I care?! I like it this way!”

There’s something else that bothers me about this Vlad, though. And I don’t know why because my though process doesn’t make any sense about it. It’s completely separate from the above though, so blank your minds again. When Vlad interrupts, he’s in a suit: his exact same outfit he normally wears in the normal timeline, to be exact. This is drastically out of place for two reasons: First, he’s a home and there’s no special occasion. Earlier, he was wearing…..well, whatever monstrosity that blue t-shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulder’s was. So why suddenly wear a suit? Which brings up point 2: it’s at night. I’m not assuming this either, it’s specifically shown that Danny is searching for the lab at night, transition clearly shown. Maddie being up and in a jumpsuit makes sense, she was in her lab. But Vlad? Awake at night in a business suit?! Why?! Was he called into a meeting at midnight to sort out whatever the hell being Dairy King needs sorting?! It just doesn’t make sense. My first thought was that this wasn’t the alternate Vlad. The normal timeline Vlad being dressed like that makes sense because he’s like that all the time. But this makes no sense either because it couldn’t be the normal timeline Vlad because of, again, two reasons: Normal Timeline Vlad was currently dying at the time, and he makes a reference to what happened earlier (the ectofoamer.) Even if a slightly off-present normal timeline Vlad was dropped in, the second point still stands. Which again begs the question of why is he in a suit in the middle of the night?! It bothers me and it’s so off but I can’t figure out why it feels so off to me. It’s not just that he’s overly viscous, its not just that he’s willing to kill both Jack and Danny, It’s not just the suit, it’s everything. It all feels like it’s not the alternate-Vlad. It all feels too disconnected. Even the theory that he’s fighting for his life doesn’t explain why he doesn’t care he blasted Maddie onto a control panel. It’s clear he was possessive even before, but the confrontation is extreme. There’s no remorse, no care for the consequences of his actions. Again, he’s so very wibbly wobbly in this episode.

The entire episode is wibbly wobbly. Perhaps this is just to further cement the wrongness of this alternate timeline.

Or perhaps I’m still too hung up over the missed opportunity of actually giving Vlad character. Ahhh, the sour scent of what would’ve been….Vlad haven’t actual reasons for his motives, not just being “evil for the sake of being evil”, insight into why he he steamed over his accident for so long and why he blamed Jack so much. The revelation that Vlad was actually a pretty okay guy before and that he still could be if only he’d let go, if only Danny would stop fighting him, if only Danny took the fucking time to question things, to understand, to realize that everything has reasons, even if they aren’t obvious or easily understood. It makes me so angry to no end that Vlad continued to be a cliche rival with so little reason as to why. Everything else about his character was there, it was right there, this stuff was all he needed but he just fell so fucking flat during every episode after this one. Perhaps that’s my disappointment talking again, but still. Danny was a good hero character because he made mistakes, and often repeated some of the same ones. He wasn’t perfect, he gave up numerous times with varying results. He was willing to cheat, he was generally unaffected by the destruction shown by Dan until it was revealed his family and friends were dead. He did bad things, of his own accord. He pushed Vlad to his villainous breakdown in Kindred Spirits. He lies constantly. He’s snarky. He see’s things in right and wrong, good and evil, and even by the final episode, this perspective remains, and for someone with that much power, that’s damning. Danny had the good, the bad, the ugly, the substance. Vlad was his opposite solely for that purpose. The show offered little to sympathize him, to make him complex. He was the bad guy, he was supposed to loose over and over and over again, he was expected to just keep getting back up and trying again and he did and it broke him. And yet still, the show focuses on the fact that Danny was the hero. Vlad was villain. Danny didn’t care about why Vlad did what he did because that’s not how hero’s work. They beat the bad guy. Asking questions complicates things. It brings in sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding, compassion, confusion, DOUBT. “He doesn’t deserve this.” “Am I doing the right thing?” “If I’m supposed to help everyone, shouldn’t I try to help him too?” “I feel bad for him.” “This isn’t doing anything but making things worse.”

I repeat again: The sour scent of what could have been.

Maybe I expect something too deep for a children’s show. But can you blame me? Vlad had the perfect setup. The show dropped bombshells with TUE. It had the potential. It had the potential.

That’s all it will ever be now.

Let me tell y'all something. When I heard Prince died, I thought my reaction was gonna be like how I felt when Michael left us. With the anger and frustration intact. I expected to feel my heart break and tears form and pity to engulf my entire being.

But honestly, I don’t. I cherish what Prince gave us, in all his beauty and complexity and starkness to any and every other pop figure. I deeply revere what he did to the challenge the hypermasculine black male archetype. I respect his unwillingness in subscribing to heteronormativity. Although he was straight by all accounts, he showed us there is another way to live ferociously and unapologetically, with all the contradictions of gender norms bound up inside you.

He truly was unmatched in songwriting, choreography and instrumentalism. He was a world renowned dancer and rock star and R&B darling all at once.

Finally, he was no one’s victim. Not even today. Yes, there is something to be said about this plague against black artists from the 80’s who seem to be leaving us left and right. Yes, for a vegan who didn’t smoke or drink, his death is odd and untimely. And yes, I’m sticking to my theory that his death can be explained by post colonial trauma.

But what I see from people today differs from the deaths of our other elders because Prince’s life was not mired in and battered by tragedy. None of his personal issues played out for the world to dissect however it wanted. In every sense, he was no one’s victim. No one’s train wreck and no one’s punchline. Perhaps that’s what gives me a bit more respite in grief. He lived an amazing 57 years and his legacy will live an even more amazing eternity.

Perhaps we should carry that with us and honor Prince the way he would’ve wanted, with joy and shade and triumph.