something about the grand canyon



Castiel fluff that’s completely platonic please? I don’t even care what it is, just a lot of it, maybe if the reader could be an angel too!

Mid-writing this took on a mind of it’s own, and I began remembering two of my favorite characters, and I just had to add them in. If only the angel reader knew why Cas tensed up once he saw them, knowing what had happened. 


Quietly you opened your wings, letting them stretch out behind your back. The feathers were a beautiful gold, each lined with a dark sparkling blue; different than any angels you’ve ever seen. That’s how you first caught Castiel’s eye. The angel was known for being the strongest, willing; the damn leader! Yet he stepped aside just to compliment your wings, for the colors blend beautifully and shine. 

The air behind you changed, and you were able to sense another presence. 

You continued looking ahead, down on earth; one of your favorite spots. There was this little area of heaven, quiet and empty, where other angels don’t spend their time. It was like a cloud, but you were able to sit and look down onto the earth’s vast landscapes. The bright greens pressed against the dry sands that the oceans spill upon. 

At any moment you choose, you are able to look into a certain spot, a gift angels have. As humans say, it is as if you are focusing in on a specific area. Today you chose an old roadhouse where people walking in an out, on old rustic cars. 

As beautiful as the grand canyon is, or even the mountains, something about watching humans converse was beautiful. Emotions are tossed back and forth without even thinking, but angels don’t think that way. At least you thought that until you met Castiel. He was the presence you sensed, and he sat down silently by your side, sharing the scene down below. 

“Why watch them fight?” Castiel asked suddenly, speaking of the two women at the front of the roadhouse. One was younger and her arms were crossed. The older woman had one hand on the doorknob while trying to explain something quite angrily. 

“Emotions, Castiel. These two women obviously care a great deal about each other, can you not sense the love in their hearts?” you asked, smiling up at your older brother. 

He radiated a sudden peace, “Yes, yes I do”. You leaned onto his shoulder, his vessel was perfect for that. 

He looked down at you, then at your wings which began to ease as you relaxed, a motion he knew you only had when you trusted someone. Castiel smiled to himself at the thought, knowing how strong the bond was between the two of you. He placed a hand around your shoulder, rubbing up and down. 

“I wonder who they are” you said, watching as the older woman walked back inside, leaving the younger who leaned against the wall, rubbing her face. 

Castiel tensed at your statement, “What’s wrong?” you asked, looking up at his blue eyes, the kind eyes that helped you through everything were suddenly sad and broken.

“How often do you choose to look at the past?” he asked and you realized that you did in fact choose a scene from many years ago to watch. 

“Often, I believe” you answered, mesmerized by a black car that rolled up in front of the small tavern. 

He nodded slowly before saying “How is your garrison?”, as attempt to change the topic.

“Oh wonderful Castiel!” you exclaimed, excited to speak of it. Recently you were put in charge, and your brothers and sisters showed great support. “Daniel helped me yesterday, when a sister of ours was missing. He helped me find her, although she wasn’t in the best condition. We couldn’t sense her because her grace was fading; a demon captured her Castiel.” you said, suddenly unsure of your standing. 

“We cannot foresee these things happening Y/N, you are a great leader” he said, and poked at your vessels side, making you laugh.

“Although some of our brothers and sisters get hurt, we will always help them and with your position, every angel is safer” he said, making you smile wider. Your brother always had a way to cheer you up. 

“Can we go somewhere? Maybe visit those Winchester boys you are so fond of” you teased, elbowing his upper arm. 

“I believe their busy, but…” he gave a sly smile and gripped your hand before you felt a sudden shift in the air. You were inside of the legendary bunker, looking at Sam Winchester, who jumped out of his seat. 

“Damnit Cas!” he shouted before looking at you. “Who’s this?” he asked, getting up.

“This is Y/N, a sister of mine” he said and Sam shook your hand. 

“Well I’m Sam” he introduced himself and you giggled, “I know, you are a Winchester. Quite famous in heaven you boys are” you said, and Dean walked into the library slowly. 

“Hey there” he greeted, smiling wide, “Cas, your sister is hot” he said before taking another sip of his beer. You shook his hand and he threw you a wink, making your vessel blush. 

“Why is my vessel-“ you started but Castiel explained what was happened over angel radio. He found a way to make it so you and him could have private conversations, without the listening in of other angels. 

“Oh” you said aloud and the brothers gave both you and Cas a funny look. 

“Angel radio” Cas said simply and Sam said “Gotcha” before re-opening his laptop. 

“Y/N just wanted to stop in, so we’ll be off now” Castiel said, and without another word you were back up at your spot, looking down once again at that same tavern. 

“They are nice men” you said, and Castiel nodded before saying “They saved the world, and still have much ahead of them. That was only the road so far” he said and you gave a tight smile. 

Castiel turned to you and gave you a box. Something very precious for it was a human object, and Castiel only gave you presents from earth when it was something important. You had the best older brother anyone could ask for. 

Slowly you opened it and found a small feather, not larger than your vessels hand. 

“Oh my” you said and lifted up the feather, a faint gold with a streak of a soft blue on top. “How did you find this?” you asked, feeling the buzz of your own feather, dripping with grace. 

“This was the first one you lost as just a fledgling angel. I went back to your original nursery area. Well the nursing area of your entire line, but I found this little feather among the other things all piled up. I knew it was yours for the colors are brilliant, and well it’s practically identical. Except the colors were softer, you were so small!” he exclaimed laughing and you gave him a tight hug.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed squeezing your brother until he said “Uh that’s enough”, making you laugh. He joined in chuckling as you closed the box. 

“Your a good angel Y/N, and if you can keep a secret” he began, and leaned in closer, “my favorite sister” he said making you smile wide. 

“And if you can keep a secret, you’re my favorite brother” you said and this time Castiel was the one to hug you - quite the rare occasion. 

Once he let go, you again looked down at the earth. “I must be going” Castiel said, “Trouble in the garrison” he said and you nodded understandingly. 

Once he disappeared you began listening to the two women, the younger had gone back inside a little bit ago, but you still listened in, realizing Sam and Dean had entered the scene.

“Joanna Beth, this family has lost enough. And I won’t lose you too. I just won’t.” the older woman was obviously about to cry, and they were somehow related. You felt sad inside, for the first time completely sad. A raw human emotion, but then you switched the scene, letting it fade. As it dissolved, another scene came into view. 

It was of you and Castiel, sitting on top of what you learned were monkey bars. Castiel was explaining how human children loved to swing, and you had begged him that day to teach you. 

“Woah!” you shouted as you swung from bar to bar, something so easy for children was so complicated for an angel. And not to brag but you were a damn strong angel, tough for that matter.

Castiel laughed at you from the other side, “Y/N! The leader of one of the top garrisons is learning how to swing from a human child’s plaything. Brilliant” he said, until you jumped down onto the sandy pit. 

“Have you ever tried it?” you asked, and true fear overcame his face as his eyes widened. 

“Gabriel is calling me” he said immediately. 

“No he isn’t” you said, hands on your hips. “You’re afraid!” you began laughing and Castiel disappeared. You were still laughing, and some children began staring at the laughing woman by their swing set. But no matter, because you realized this was one of your favorite moments. No problems, no angel-drama, no fighting. Just relaxing, and being silly with your older brother. 

Slowly you got up and tucked your wings behind you, walking in no particular direction. “Thank you Castiel” you said into angel radio while smiling to yourself.