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Why don't you ship jonsa? You seem to understand the basic appeal of why they're good together but leave it at that? I really feel like the two of them being together makes sense and is beautiful. If it doesn't happen in the show I feel like the books will hint at it at least

This is a question I don’t think I can really give a clear answer to, but there is something you need to understand about me. I’m not a huge shipper in general. My interest in romance is rather moderate. Like, people watched Star Wars and being huge Han x Leia shippers, and I was like… ‘okay’. Same with Harry Potter, I didn’t have any ships there. I’m ~interested~ in dynamics (like Bill x Fleur, for instance) enough to reblog content and find it sweet, but saying I actively ship it seems to be misreading how I interpret and enjoy fiction. Shipping, I interpret it as rooting for characters to be together. Usually my dream ‘endgames’ for characters, romance is just a side thing. I’m not a romantic. 

So my 'endgame’ for Sansa, is that she is happy and safe in Winterfell as well as in a leadership position.

I can count all my 'OTPs’ on one hand, and even then I’m not truly convinced I will ship them in the next decade or so. For me to ship a pairing, it takes time to 'grow’ on me. The first time I watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I had no feelings on Xander x Anya. It was only until a couple of rewatches that I started to like it and root for them to be together. Same goes for Tara x Willow. For me to like a ship instantly- like, Kaylee x Simon from Firefly is quite rare. 

I’m also kind of cynical? I think shipping can sometimes make me feel vulnerable, and that can be taken advantage of by showrunners and authors. We joke about how the GRRMs and Joss Whedons of the world are 'cruel’- and it’s bad enough characters die, seeing relationships die adds even more pain (GRRM- still sobbing for taking Jon x Ygritte away from me). I haven’t ruled out shipping Jonsa- but my thoughts on it are quite complex and still developing. I need more content!   

When I praise Jonsa, I’m not doing it as a shipper, but as someone who is being rather detached and trying to look at it from an outsider perspective. The thing is, I could ship Jonsa. It could continue to grow on me, but so far I like it. It’s a ship I get defensive over, because I can’t stand how Jonsa shippers are treated on this site. I originally had no stance on Jonsa, but I saw how they were being treated and that made me angry. They also wanted the best for Sansa and actually helped me alot when I had issues with other people in fandom. They didn’t have to, but they did anyway. So Jonsa having a safe community means something to me. Shoutout to @bluecichlid ; @themiddleliddle ; @goodqueenalys and @him-e for having my back during last year as well as the many other shippers.

So maybe after this season, my feelings on Jonsa will become more 'warm’. I’m just a very cynical person when it comes to romance in fiction, and not that big of a shipper. I know that this isn’t really the most satisfying of answers, but Jonsa is one of the very, very few ships in ASOIAF where I don’t feel as if I’m getting scorn or being attacked by the shippers. As for the ship itself, I think the story of Jon and Sansa hasn’t finished. It has only just begun.

In case you don't know what to draw

- Your favorite character with clothes they would never wear.
- A crack ship.
- Dance poses. Breakdance poses are always better.
- Backgrounds!!!!
- Think about a feeling/emotion, try drawing something that would make you feel that way.
- A magical/mythical creature.
- Modern day AUs are always fun.
- What would your fave’s room look like?
- Expressions! Extra points for making them exaggerated.
- Flying objects. Any kind of objects. Put some wings on a refrigerator.
- Your outfit!
- Design a mermaid. Or a sprite.

so i was thinking how much people seemed to overlook Lance listening to music in season 1 may or may not be because i always do the same and then this popped out. This takes place sometime during season two. (WC: 1208)

Keith lays down in bed, curling himself against Lance’s side, who is putting on Pidge’s headphones. He breathes in, relishing in the scent of pure Lance

They’re in “Lance’s” room, but in all honesty, it’s both of theirs. Their clothes are both here, they both sleep here, they both brush their teeth and shower here. It’s theirs, and that little word change has never made his heart flutter so often.

But there’s only one thing that Keith is really thinking about. The one thing he always thinks about before they go to bed.

“Hey, Lance?” says Keith, wrapping an arm around Lance’s bare waist.

Lance pauses mid-motion. “Yeah?”

“Why do you always wear those in bed?” asks Keith. He lifts his head, resting his chin on Lance’s chest to face him.

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Types of Stranger Things blogs

Type 1: ships Mileven like a weird amount to the point where it makes you cringe.

Type 2: the fanfiction authors, always writing fluffy and cute headcanons. These are the nicest people in the whole fandom.

Type 3: blog that isn’t an actual stranger things blog but became a stranger things blog without knowing it

Type 4: the gifmakers somehow they have managed to gif the whole entire show in 50 different ways how they do it you have no idea.

Type 5: the sick ass edit makers. They’re always making edits that are really cool and you get excited whenever you see a new edit of theirs on your dash.

Type 6: the meme team. You usually see their posts on your dash at least five times in a row. They come up with new content at the rate of a shit post generator. Probably have shipped a man with chicken before

Type 7: only cares about eleven and mike

Type 8: the theorists. At some point probably have made a 40 slide PowerPoint analyzing both season 1 and the season 2 trailer. They’re the angstiest

Type 9: All their posts say something along the lines of these are my children!!!! I love them!!! So much!!!!

Type 10: wants to have sex with Chief Hopper, Ships Jopper

Type 11: loves the teenagers. Ships stonathan a lot. Spends free time making monster hunting trio aus

i feel like lots of mlm fetishization discourse is just appropriated from the concept of fetishization of lesbians and bi women by straight men but with changed target and perpetrator. which has little to do with reality, because the analogy is not there

that’s not to say there’s no shitty yaoi, that m/m content created by straight people is never homophobic, or that m/m fiction created by straight women doesn’t often have its problems - the point is, it’s in no way comparable to lesbian porn industry or in general to how straight men fetishize lesbians. hell, it’s not even something that gay/bi men face to any significant degree outside of fandom circles. and even then it’s less prevalent than tumblr will have you believe, seeing how, if it’s convenient for the argument, anything can be fetishization here, any contact one might have with m/m content (any ship, or even shipping in general, sexual content, non-sexual content, etc etc) that’s not fitting inside very very narrow “allowed” criteria that seem to always change

so much mlm positivity I’ve been seeing focused on the issue of being fetishized by straight women as a primary issue that gay and bi men face compared to the fetishization and dehumanization of lesbians and bi women including the lesbian porn industry - hell, some of those posts, that put mlm being fetishized by straight women at the front as one of the major issues, failed to even mention fetishization of wlw by straight men when listing examples of lesbophobia faced by wlw.

i understand a lot of us spend lots of time in fandom spaces. because of my bigoted environment and people yelling slurs at me just for existing and being outside, ive been using fandom as escapism ever since i can remember. but basing your interpretations of oppression dynamics based on your very narrow fandom experience is just foolish. it’s how we get “gay content is privileged over straight content (because of ao3 statistics for my obscure fandom)” or, in this case, “being fetishized by straight women is one of the major issues that gay and bi men face”. it is not. it’s not even close.

and… guys. guys. i know that once upon a time, when “monosexual” discourse and all kinds of liberal feminism were really big on tumblr, this phrase was used as an excuse for homophobia and you’re probably sick of hearing it, but: being gay doesn’t mean you can’t be misogynistic. and a lot of mlm fetishization discourse is misogynistic as hell. look, when you start to talk about women (and let’s be real, that’s who you mean by “non-mlm”, seeing how straight men creating and enjoying m/m content is completely fine by you; and that’s not even touching upon when it’s deliberately aimed at women without any codewords) you deem immoral the exact same way as people who coined the term “fujoshi” did - and let me remind you, those were straight homophobic neckbeards disgusted by both gay content and by women enjoying something they deemed immoral - throwing the word “ugly” around, treating women as these vile, sexual creatures, making your language very emotionally and sexually charged by accusing them of “getting off” to this, “masturbating” to that - don’t you think there’s something wrong? don’t you think it’s dehumanizing and misogynistic to frame all women who do something you dislike as motivated solely by their “sexual urges” (which are apparently bad and revulsive when they’re women’s), because it is unthinkable that one could simply enjoy m/m content the way they would, say, m/f content

straight women in fandom are not the biggest threat to gay and bi men, period. straight women ought to be held accountable for their homophobia, but there is little to no unique ways that straight women oppress gay people that straight men don’t, they do not hold unique power under heteronormativity (which is, in fact, a double-edged sword for straight women, as much of it is built on misogyny), and your small corner of a fandom on a blogging website is not a micro-cosm of society. fan content is niche.

last but not least, feeling strongly about something doesn’t make it more important than it really is. i feel strongly about many things. i have comfort characters i feel very strongly about, as projecting on them and relating to them helped me deal with some of my issues. still, character hate is just character hate. having strong feelings about a ship, be it negative feelings or positive feelings, are just that (sometimes different things tie into it, such as racism, or transphobia, or erasing gay characters, or pedophilic/incestual content, but i am not talking about that). by participating in a fandom, one doesn’t automatically consent to being an activist, or to having the fan content they create and consume branded “representation” and judged as such - headcanons are not media representation. fan content is not media representation, not in the same way that the source material might be. the standard to which creators are being held should be proportional to the impact they have - and i do not see that happening, as some obscure fanartists and fanfiction writers or even just regular headcanon-havers are often under much, much, muuuch more scrutiny than creators of popular franchises (interestingly enough i’ve observed content creators that belong to some minorities, and are often indie artists, are put under a magnifying glass much more than white cishet male creators). which makes no sense. the responsibility comes from the impact. trying to get everyone to appeal to your taste and your idea of The Right Way To Interpret Things is futile. shipping is not activism.

Okay so i have a really funny story that I just remembered now,,,,

I was showing my boyfriend who isnt very into voltron some voltron crack. And almost every single one of the scenes was the ICONIC “we had a bonding moment, i cradled you in my arms”

And my boyfriend knows i really ship klance and so after a few videos (NOTE HES NOT INTO SHIPPING OR LIKE VOLTRON AT ALL)

he says ,,, “wow that would be so funny if the whole bonding moment scene was real and not just a voice overed thing to make it more shippy and funny”


AND HE JUST SAYS “Really?? I thought it was something this person made to make it more gay???? What”


ok i love sprousehart and sprousehart shippers (you guys are cute af) but it’s a bit weird to keep pushing the relationship on them like lili could literally post a pic of fucking mountain dew and some of y'all comment shit like “where’s cole” or “date cole” or “are you and cole dating” like she literally just wants to show you guys her mountain dew and y'all asking her about cole and it really upsets me because y'all are acting like lili’s purpose in this world is to get with cole like heLL NO LILI IS HER OWN PERSON AND I BET IT TIRES HER TO SEE THE SAME DAMN THING EVERY TIME SHE POSTS SOMETHING OR TWEETS SOMETHING

for all the butthurt people : i’m not saying that it isn’t okay to ship sprousehart, ship whatever tf you want ok it’s your ship but please do remember that these people you’re shipping together are REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES they are NOT fictional characters that have someone in the writing room making decisions for them please DO NOT FORCE A RELATIONSHIP ON SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE IT ENTERTAINS YOU

One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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This fandom has harassed Finn so much about Millie’s birthday it’s ridiculous. People started going after HIS BROTHER begging for him to making an Instagram post to the point where both of them had to tweet this. “Fillie” is not going to happen and harassing Finn doesn’t do anything but hurt their friendship. He’s a fourteen year old kid and every single day he’s attacked on Instagram by people who don’t realize that Finn and Millie are real people. They aren’t fictional characters you can ship. They’re real people who have made it clear time after time that they’re uncomfortable with Fillie shipping to the point where you can just see the strain it puts on their friendship. Do you realize why Finn didn’t post something for Millie’s birthday? It’s not because he hates her or because he’s lazy or whatever, he didn’t post anything because anything he ever says about Millie comes back to bite him when Fillie shippers go crazy over it. So he doesn’t post anything and in response he gets attacked by Fillie shippers because he’s not “proving their ship is real” or any of that bs. It makes me so angry to see how people treat Finn and Millie. Get it through your heads that they aren’t dating and harassing them about it is making them uncomfortable. They’re real people, they’re KIDS, you can’t just ship them like you do for fictional characters. Leave Finn and Millie alone, stop this Fillie bullcrap, and stop harassing them on social media. This is getting out of hand. Finn and Millie aren’t Mike and Eleven. Ship mileven all you’d like, but understand that the actors are not their characters. Leave these kids alone

Twitter is SO fucking disgusting and I am so mad with literally ALL the Beronica shippers there. They are so hateful and rude to the ACTORS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

The comment’s under this tweet are horrible and I honestly wish that Lili and the whole cast went on Tumblr to see how much support Bughead has.Let me just show you: 

‘”Congrats on not having taste” (im honestly so done w humans)

Let me break it down for you. These actors want to release scenes that didn’t make it into an episode because they are PROUD OF THEM. If they weren’t , they wouldn’t post them. So a whole bunch of people saying shit like “if it isn’t beronica keep it” probably makes them feel like SHIT.

I just can’t deal with the Twitter hate. We honestly need to get EVERYONE who ships Bughead ON TUMBLR to go to Lili’s twitter and comment something about Bughead, and then like all the tweets we see about Bughead because this is honestly ridiculous. I have said it before and I will say it okay: It is okay to not ship something/like something, but putting hate onto other people for it is not gonna fix anything. I literally saw someone with the username “@/bugheadcanchoke” and their tagline thing was “Anti lice” :) cool

Flirting Lessons [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by @memento-amare: “ How about #85 (“You have the most amazing eyes.”) with Shiro?”

A/N: My first Voltron story! Yay! I hope you like it!

Prompt 85: “You have the most amazing eyes.”


Shiro was not one much for flirting. He never felt the need, never was interested in anyone that way. But boy did you change things. Since the paladins saved you from a Galra ship Shiro was a blushing mess around you. Though you’re oblivious to it.

You’re the first human they’ve saved from a Galra prison. And Earth being to far to return too, the castle became your temporary home. Everyone was like a family that you just got adopted into.

You do what you can to help out. Often times you help train. Your old job on Earth was as a trainer. You know multiple fighting styles. Leading you to often show them some new moves in hand to hand. Especially Shiro because his arm is his weapon.

But whenever you just lightly touch him to help his form, he tenses and blood rushes to his cheeks.

The others know of his infatuation and have been trying to get him to talk to you since you got there.

“Seriously Shiro, what’s the worst that could happen?“ Lance shrugged. He would be the one to ask that.

“The worst? Rejection, embarrassment, immense awkwardness” he listed the many poor outcomes.

“Or she has the same feelings” Pidge chimed in.

“I don’t even know how I’d tell’ her” he sighed looking down at the floor.

“Flirting would help, show your interest” Lance said, standing from his place on the couch.

“Do you even know how to flirt?” Keith raised an eyebrow. Shiro only shook his head. Like said before, he never had this kind of interest in anyone.

“Well then welcome to Flirting 101 fearless leader” Lance welcomed Shiro. The other Paladins just stared at him. This can’t be good.

“Okay I’ve got to hear this” Keith chuckled. “Same here” Hunk looked over at Lance.

Lance went to begin but was cut off by Allure and Coran entering the room. “Why aren’t you all training?” She questioned, hands on her hips.

“We have more important matters Allura, we have to teach Shiro to flirt” Lance exclaimed throwing a fist into the air.

“Okay now I’m interested” She sat as well did Coran.

“Gather ‘round my teammates, learn from the master.” The others just groaned.

“Why am I worried all of a sudden?” Shiro pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Okay step one: catch their attention. Observe” he said before turning to Allura. “Sup, the name’s Lance” he smoothly said. Allura scoffed before shoving him away. 

“Yeah that’s going well Lance” Keith called out. Eliciting laughter from the toehrs. “Think you could do any better?” Lance questioned.

“I don’t know probably” Keith shrugged while Lance crossed his arms.

“This is ridiculous. Coming from a girl, just compliment her and be honest. Don’t try and be anything you’re not. Plus she already knows you so just carry it like a normal conversation.” Pidge slumped back in to the couch crossing her arms.

“I agree. Just being yourself should be enough” Allura agreed. Shiro was relieved to have gotten some actual advice. He could do this. What’s there to worry about?

His thoughts were cut off by your angelic voice entering the room, “Did I miss a call from a meeting or something?” You had just came from the training deck. In just work out clothes.

Shiro’s face was ablaze. The clothes hugged your figure perfectly, and their was a lot of skin shown. Damn, you’re so beautiful. Quickly diverting his eyes, he couldn’t do this!

“No, we were just talking about random things.” Pidge answered, the others nodded. Shiro didn’t dare look at you.

“Oh, okay. Well I’m going to go clean up, see you guys at dinner” You commented suspiciously before exiting the room. Thinking about how that was a bit odd.

“Dude now’s your chance! GO!” Lance yelled as the others shushed him.

“Let the woman shower damn” Keith huffed. “Talk to her before dinner” he suggested and the others agreed.

“Okay, yeah, I can do this” he said with confidence.

He stood outside your door, “I can’t do this” he muttered backing up. 

“Do what?” he jumped at the sound of your voice. You couldn’t help but giggle as you dried your hair. “Sorry I didn’t meant to startle you”

“O-Oh it’s okay, I was just. I had to talk to you about something” he sputtered, his cheeks red and hand rubbing the back of his neck nervously,

“Okay, come on in here” You motioned for him to follow you into your room. Setting the towel aside you both sat on your bed. “What’s up?”

“Oh, uh, well. I have to tell you something, and I just I uh.” His stuttering and sputtering was beginning to be hard to follow. He saw your confused expression, he mentally hit himself.

‘Just compliment her’ Pidge’s words rang in his mind. He examined your features, randomly picking one.

“You have the most amazing pies” wait what?

“Excuse me? Pies?” you giggled as his blush deepened.

“Eyes! You have the most amazing eyes!” correcting himself. He couldn’t be more embarrassed, “You know what, I um, this was a mistake” Standing up to leave.

You caught his hand before he could get far. “Hey wait, sorry I laughed it was just cute” smiling at him. He sat back down, “Really?” you nodded.

“Tell me what you wanted to say” You squeezed his hand. “Scouts honor I won’t giggle”

He chuckled, the smile gracing his face was stunning.

“I, well. I’ve just had these feelings for you. Feelings of wanting to be something more than just friends. And I’ve been so worried for rejection that I haven’t told you and I get all flustered around you. You’re just gorgeous and amazing.” he looked over at you. His cheeks still red as ever.

Your expression was a mixture of being stunned and happy. He likes you? He likes you! Finally a grin beamed on your features. “Well, I can ease your mind by saying I feel the same thing”

As soon as your words registered his nervousness evaporated as his smile matched yours. “Really?”

“Yes really! I have for a while and I guess I just didn’t want to get in the way of you being the Black Paladin and the leader. I didn’t want to be a burden” you confessed.

He took your other hand in his, “You’re never a burden. You’re a valued member of this team. And a valued person in my life”

Unable to hold yourself back anymore, you crashed your lips into his. Catching him off guard. Though he immediately responded. Releasing your hands to cup your face. It was passionate and needy, you both had been waiting for this since you first met.

It felt like it lasted hours but ended when your lungs needed their precious oxygen.

You both smiled at each other, foreheads resting together. He stared into your deep [e/c] eyes. “I meant what I said about your eyes” he stated out of breath.

“I know, but fyi I make a mean pie as well” you laughed. He laughed with you, a tinge of red on his cheeks still.

“I guess you’ll have to make me one sometime” he chuckled.

“I guess I will, but for now this will have to do” you muttered before meeting his lips again. Both of you finally were getting something to make up for that time in that ship. Each other.


“Alright Shiro!” Lance whispered ear pressed against the door.

“I can’t believe he said ‘pie” Pidge sighed.

“I  know right, but I wish there was pie” Hunk commented.

“Do you ever not think about food?” Keith asked, the only one not eavesdropping.

“Nope” Hunk said with a smile. “Fair enough” Keith shrugged.

“I’m happy for them though” he added before pushing off the wall. The other paladins followed, saying “Agreed” in unison.

If I ever reblog something that makes you uncomfortable, let me know. Several people have messaged me about specific posts and how that artist has made child porn or something else that offends them. I will absolutely delete posts that make you uncomfortable, I want this blog to be a safe space for everyone. And I very rarely–if ever–check my sources, so I appreciate it when you reach out.

anonymous asked:

honest question, what do you see as the appeal of SanSan? I know the series is based in the middle ages when age differences weren't as big of a deal, but it still seems weird to me

well it would definitely seem weird to anyone who hasn’t read the asoiaf books (idk if you have or not) but yeah obviously the show gives little evidence of a relationship between them, and also sandor is much older in the show than he is in the books (he’s only 16 years older than sansa in book canon). 

i could go on and on about why i love sansan, but the basic appeal for me is the whole “beauty and the beast” archetype. sandor is an older, broken, misunderstood man and sansa is the beautiful, out-of-reach fair maiden. he cares for and protects her as best he can, while she reminds him of the innocence that was stolen from him as a child. sandor wants to protect her from the evils of the world that she’s so naive to.

i also love the idea of “true knights” as it pertains to their relationship. all sansa ever wanted was a true knight to save and protect her, the perfect picture of valor and chivalry. sandor knows true knights don’t exist, as he tells her many times. slowly, sansa learns this to be true. that life isn’t a song, that knights can be cruel and fail all expectations. when sandor, the only member of the kingsguard who isn’t a knight, is also the only one that never beats her and actively tries to help and protect her. this “ugly”, harsh man is more of a true knight to sansa than any of them.

sansa is both sandor’s weakness and the person who gives him the most strength. he’s drawn to her, as she’s drawn to him. they bring out the best in each other (i.e. sansa’s bravery, her compassion, her kindness; sandor’s tenderness, his honor, his protectiveness). sandor is the only one to go back for sansa when the mob attacked them in flee bottom. he saves her, purely because he wanted to.

obviously i do not advocate for a relationship forming between them while sansa is in kings landing and still underage, it’s a ship made up of future potential and lots of foreshadowing. in the books, sansa thinks of sandor constantly after their separation. she wishes she had run away with him when he offered to protect her at the blackwater, wishes he were there with her, mistakes other people for him, and even has a dream where he shares her marriage bed. george r.r. martin wouldn’t put all of that in his books for no reason. 

but for me personally, i just think their relationship is so beautiful. sansa stark, who wanted nothing but a handsome knight of the songs ending up with an “ugly”, broken, brash man is such a great concept to me. that she could find the true love she always dreamed of with someone so unexpected. and sandor, my sweet sandor, who has had nothing but pain in his life (much like sansa), who always assumed love was something he would never be allowed to have, being loved and cared for by a beautiful, highborn girl who sees him as a man rather than a dog. i love it. everything about it. 

their relationship is so misunderstood, and it honestly just makes me sad, because those who don’t understand it are missing out on something truly amazing. i love sansa and sandor and i will ship them forever and ever. thanks for asking!

Stop With The Hate

I see too many LuffyxNami shippers being way too aggressive with other shippers and vice-versa. A bunch of ganging up, name calling, and insults between different ships IS NOT something I support in my blog or in my shipping fandom. It is nothing more than BULLYING. I think shipping should be something that everyone can enjoy. People have a right to support whatever ship they like and people don’t have the right to bash someone for it.  

There are ships that I do not like and even hate, but I try my best to not bad mouth other ships and shippers in my blog because it’s about respect. Even if the other side is not showing any respect towards you, you should just ignore it or try to show some respect towards them because it makes you the bigger person. Don’t give me that bullshit excuse of “We have to defend ourselves”. That answer is UNACCEPTABLE. If you want to defend your ship, then make posts that builds supports within your shipping fandom and NOT to argue against other shippers that oppose your ship. It will get you no where. I don’t want to hear “It will make them and their ship look stupid because they can’t defend their ship and bring support for our ship.SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! Leave the other shippers alone because at that point you are only trying to make yourself feel good by putting other people down.  I understand that some people do not do anything, but still get hate and all I can say is just ignore the haters or you can simply block whoever is harassing you.

 The kind of shipping I like is showing actual moments, hints, and development that shows why I think my otp will happen. Whether you think your ship will happen or not you shouldn’t care what people say because what matters is what you like and want (unless Oda says otherwise).

Remember these are only fictional characters. People shouldn’t obsess on One Piece or on pairings. You have other things in life you should prioritize on. If you obsess, then you could end up getting depressed when things don’t go your way. I made my blog as a hobby that I can peacefully enjoy. A lot of the time people should just go with the flow in One Piece and just accept things that Oda gives the readers and not complain because he is the author of the series.

 If you felt mad or offended by my post, then GOOD because all that says is that you have bullied someone too and you are upset that someone had pointed out the actions you have done.

I hope people can ship in peace again and stop with childish nonsense because this doesn’t make supporting pairings any fun. I hope this post helps people of all kinds of fandoms.



 P.S. If I didn’t tag your pairing, then feel free to tag in.

  • Shipper type 1: I ship them because they have a history together, something in common. They just seem happy about with each others company! SLAY ME! CANON!
  • Shipper type 2: They give us many signals and make each other happy! I ship it!
  • Shipper type 3: They stand next to each other! Just 30 cm away! They breath the same air! OMG IT IS CANON, YOU-!!
Trying to explain OTPs
  • Friend: So I don't get the difference between shipping and OTPs? Like they're the same thing?
  • Me: No, think of someone you think is cute together.
  • Friend: Uh, ok.
  • Me: You ship them, but times that by about a thousand and they're you're OTP.
  • Friend: I still don't get it.
  • Me: Ok so think of something that you love.
  • Friend: Got it, cake.
  • Me: Now does it make you happy to see that cake everyday? Would you die for that cake? Would you travel thousands of miles just to see that cake? Would you get on your hands and knees and crawl into the fiery pits of Hell for that cake?
  • Friend: But it's just cake.
  • Me: Oh my god.
I’m gonna say something that might make people angry...

I ship BlackSun…

AND Bumbleby

I don’t care that one may become canon while the other doesn’t. Both relationships offer unique dynamics that are extremely entertaining to watch, envision, imagine, and dream about. 

Why does it have to be a war? Why can’t everyone be a piece of multi-shipping trash like me?

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lol my parents started dating at 16 and 18 got married four years later and are still together and in love to this day. guess my dad's a pedophile for this??? lol.

the antis just don’t seem to understand just how serious pedophilia is and what it REALLY is

it’s not something to be used to describe a ship that you don’t like that has an age difference, it’s a real and very serious issue that has hurt and affected many lives and will continue to do so seeing as there’s no real way to stop something like pedophilia.

being a few years older then your significant other doesn’t make you a pedophile, if it did, then there’d literally be MILLIONS of pedophiles in the world, and I’m not saying this because I ship this pairing, I’m saying this because I care about such a serious topic being treated as such and seeing the way it’s treated by the antis just makes me sick to my stomach with anger! I want to slap all of them and force them to do some goddamn research before they continue on with their shit.

I don’t give a single solitary fuck if they hate this ship, I’m a mature person so they could make an entire month dedicated to bashing this ship and I still wouldn’t give a fuck, but I give MANY fucks about checking your facts and making sure you’re using something in the right way.

An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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How can Ya’ll really think they are younger than 17???

NOTE: Okay I don’t usually get involved with shit like this but I dont understand how people see them so young. Pidge, I get, She possibly hacked herself in. But in the case of Lance, Hunk, and Keith unless the Garrison is that of a correctional military academy i see no reason for them to be seen younger then 17. If you have canon Proof that show them as younger please do share I am not trying to be rude i am simply confused how a lot of others think they are all so young. Also I apologise for any grammar/ spelling errors i have dyslexia but i will try my best!.  

 I believe they are all at least older than 16. 
Guys let’s look at the facts. If I assume that the garrison is in America we can also guess, being that it is Academy and, I believe military at that, such as West Point or the Air-force Academy. It seems like ya’ll for some reason (and I am up to being proven wrong but by facts) that they are all like 15 (which is how old Pidge in if i remember correctly). 

They are confirmed to be in their late teens I believe. That can Range from 15-19. Now let’s look at the Academy’s I mentioned earlier. Now again I am talking about American military I have no authority/knowledge over other countries military rules. 
These Academy’s are essentially college’s they give you free education and in return you serve on average 6 years of your life. 

That would explain why shiro, if we assume he is 25 was 1. Sent on the mission 2. Was seen as a Senior Officer not a student. if he joined when he was lets say 17 he would be on his possible 5th year of servus.

 I know this because I will be applying for the Air-force when I am old enough. Being that the Garrison Is a Academy, I assume that all of them have completed high school. In America the average senior in high school is 17-18. And please correct me if I am wrong but the military will not even let you enlist unless you are at least 17 years of age. 

Now lets  assume that they are all freshmen in college (which I also think Is incorrect but I’ll get into that in a second) that puts them at at least 18.

 Now. Let me tell you why I believe that that they may be even close to 19. I believe that they are all in their second year of the garrison. (This next part I very well may be wrong but) Shiro was missing for close to a year. Well I believe Keith and Shiro knew one another from the Garrison, so they have to be at least 1 year in. And with the amount of Emotions that Keith faced when finding Shiro was more then just seeing a person you knew, they we friends before he left, close ones at that. And i assume that Keith left/was kicked out, after shiro leftand being that Lance knew what Keith looked like ,so well he was able to reconise him simply by the back of his head in the darkining evening desert, I’d assume that at least Lance had to have know Keith for a substantial amount of time . This makes me believe that they are at least in the end of their fist year, or  into their second year of the Academy. That would put them at 18-19. And I had personally seen them at least 17 all along???

 If I said something factually/canonically incorrect please do tell me but this has confused me for some time. If you have sources or even your own reasoning of either agreeing or disagreeing with me please do share! Also this is in no way me trying to defend ships it is simply about their ages.