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Aaand here’s the illustration I did for @ceruleancynic’s terrible high school AU Kylux fanfic Boys on the Radio chapter four! You can pretty much rest assured I will illustrate choice scenes for the rest of the fic (I’d illustrate the entire thing if it was even a tiny bit feasible lol).

Have I told you lately how much I absolutely love this part of the fandom? No? I do.

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Could you please write something about taking a bath with BTS? Ty!💐💗

Aww, that is a cute idea. Thank you for requesting!

Jin: Okay he might be the one to suggest it in the first place. After cooking you a nice meal he’d bring you to the bathroom, where you’d see some candles and a bathtub full of hot water and pink bubbles. He’d have you sit between his legs, but facing him, while he’d gently wipe your arms with a washcloth and make it as relaxing as possible.

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Yoongi: He probably would think you’re joking. He loves you, of course, but he’s insecure and would rather take a nap with you. After he watches you preparing everything he would feel bad to say no so he joins you and you would sit face to face in the bathtub. He’d interlace your fingers and tell you how much you mean to him.

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Hoseok: He’d agree immediately, most probably preparing everything with you and help you undress just like you helped him. You both would be in the bath, you sitting between his legs with your back leaning on his chest. He’d tell you about his day and he would want to know everything about yours.

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Namjoon: He’d read books where couples took baths together and see movies with those scenes, so it definitely was on his list of things he wanted to do with you and once you brought it up he’d agree straight away. He’d want to help you set up everything but he’d be afraid of accidentally breaking something. After you were finished he’d get in the bathtub with you and started talking about something he recently read and you’d listen to everything he says with a smile on your face.

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Jimin: He would love the idea but he’d blush and be a bit shy about it nonetheless. He’d probably prepare everything without you and surprise you like the cutie he is. He’d have some sweets like chocolate ready and would play some music in the background. He’d make you sit between his legs and would hold you softly, putting his head on your shoulder and listen to anything you’d tell him.

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Taehyung: Right after you suggested a bath together he’d disappear into the bathroom and turn on the hot water, not even giving you time to take in his following actions. He’d smile brightly and might even let some dirty comments slip. But after you (jokingly) smack his arm he’d be all cute and mushy again.

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Jungkook: He would be very shy at first. When the topic about taking a bath together would come up he’d be blushing and wouldn’t take it seriously but once you actually prepared a bath he was caught off guard. He was still shy once you both got into the bathtub but with some jokes, his awkward feeling subsided and he enjoyed the relaxing time with you. 

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I'm the one who request smoll s/o C: i'm doing fine thanks ! Can i request something else ? Headcanons about Bath/shower with they s/o and sleeping with Izaya and Shizuo ? ** have a nice day C:



- likes taking a long bath instead of showers and is more than happy about having you with him

- bubble baths need to happen at least once a month

- prefers it when they sit infront of him with their back leaning on his chest + insists that he does your hair and back and you do his

- he becomes even more talkative but it’s not the usual shallow talk

- his touch is very soft and he’s very careful when he’s washing your hair


- matching sleepwear

- actually depends a lot on whether he had a busy day or not

- if he had a very busy day he’ll just collapse on the bed and cling to you without even properly getting under the blankets

-if he wasn’t that busy and went to bed earlier than normal he’s super energetic and lays on his side playing with your hair and talks until he gets sleepy. (It doesn’t matter that you fall asleep in the middle of his talk)
- isn’t the clingy type and even if you two went to bed in each other’s arms you wake up with izaya sleeping with his back turned to you



- prefers showers because they’re faster and he doesn’t have his own bath tub at home

- no matter how many times you two shower together he’ll always be super flustered but doesn’t shy away from you

- even if he’s shy he likes it more when you two face each other

- kisses you a lot in the shower and his touch is firm but careful

- always holds your hand when entering/leaving the shower because he’s afraid you might slip and hurt yourself

- likes to see you in your bathrobe it’s cute


- isn’t much of a reader but enjoys you reading a book for him it calms him down and the books content is 100x more interesting when you read it

- usually doesn’t touch you when the two of you are still awake in bed each doing their own thing but when Shizuo pulls you in for a hug you know he’s ready to sleep

- he is very warm so you’re never cold and even need to kick the blankets away

- Shizuo barely moves in his sleep so unless you push him away he’ll wake up with you still in his arms

- snores a little in his sleep and it’s super cute he himself seems unaware of it though

My latest resolution has been to start commenting on fics more because I am REALLY TERRIBLE about this. I usually have an inner monologue of “Oh, nobody cares what I have to say. This author definitely doesn’t. And they might even find me annoying or they’ve seen me around fandom and they don’t like me (for whatever obscure reason I’ve dredged up from my low self-esteem). And look, this fic was written like five years ago they’re going to think I’m a total loser for spending so much time reading fic I’ve found one from that long ago. Nah, better to just hit ‘like’ or ‘kudos’ and say nothing.”

I love getting comments of course, but I have a weird thing or habit or whatever of thinking that I am somehow different from everyone else and my feelings aren’t the feelings that everyone else feels. Like I get obsessed with a show or character and an inner voice whispers about what a loser I am and how unhealthy it is to like something so much, no one else gets this invested in a show about a nasal-voiced woman taking care of three rich kids and having hilarious shenanigans. Seriously, weirdo get a grip on yourself. Go do things normal people do.

Anyway. Commenting more. That’s going to be my new thing.

#and i just thought of alec standing there mentally making the biggest note of this#so down the line some day after a big battle or after magnus has had a long day#and alec isn’t romantic but he does know how to run a bath and cook a steak so he does that and greets magnus at the door#‘i can’t make a martini but… medium rare right?’ with a smile#and magnus’s shoulders just slump and he just stares at him as that sound of the bath running hums in the background#and he just nods 'yeah medium rare’#they eat steak and alec says something about the bath#but magnus tugs at him#'join me?’ and alec’s eyes light up#and that’s how they spend that night

izsak’s tags were exactly my thoughts. you’ve done it again you dear hearted soul. read my malec thoughts and put them into beautiful words. your tags are always the best.

First Date

Daddy!Derek and your teenage daughter going out on her first date and he makes the date really nervous. Requested by anon

“Derek would you please stop pacing?”
You ask your husband for what feels like the fifteenth time tonight.
“How are you not stressed out?”
“Because Laurence Daniels is a good kid.”
“Well with a name like Laurence I doubt he has a choice. Either be perfect or be a punk.”
“If I recall you were a bit of a punk when you were a kid.” You remind him as he paces back past you on the couch. You catch his hand and tug him gently down next to you. He drops down causing the seat to bounce, you wrap your arms around his waist and snuggle into him. He never could just relax when it came to your little girl.
“Mmm. We’re going to have the house to ourselves tonight. Hank is going to be out with Sarah and now Grace is going to be out with Laurence. I’m thinking some red wine and a bath sounds nice.” You tell him before kissing his jaw.
“Baby I think he’s here.” Sure enough you can see lights in the driveway so you let go of your husband and as he makes his way to the front door you make yours to your daughter’s room.
“Grace. Laurence is here.”
“You left him out there alone with dad?” She asks looking horrified.
“He’s not in the house yet.”
“Mom go! He’s going to embarrass me!” She cries as she throws some things into her purse.
“Alright alright.” You chuckle before heading out of her room. Sure enough when you get back to the front room Derek is staring the poor boy down. “Hi Laurence, Grace’ll be down in just a minute. You want something to drink?”
“No thank you ma'am.” You wrap your hands around Derek’s arm and squeeze gently.
“I want her home by 10:30. No later.”
“Yes sir.” Laurence swallows.
“If you lay a finger on her-”
“Derek stop it.” You say weaving your fingers through his.
“This is my baby girl we’re talking about.” You roll your eyes but Laurence looks like he’s going to be sick.
“Okay bye mom bye dad!” Grace cries as she comes bolting down the stairs. “I’ll be home by curfew! Aunt Penny already promised she wouldn’t track my phone. Love you!” She blurts as she drags a surprised looking Laurence out of the door with her.
“He’s a nice boy Derek.”
“Like hell Penelope isn’t gonna track her phone.” He says pulling his phone from his pocket.
“She already is.” You tell him passing him your phone. He grins down at you and kisses you soundly.
“I love you woman.”
“I know. I know.” You laugh as he kisses your neck. “I love you too.”
“Now, you said something about a bath?” He asks and you laugh as he pulls you up the stairs behind him.

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If it's okay, could I request I request the SDR2 boys finding their S/O sleeping in the bath tub? Thank you! : D

Of course it’s okay! I hope you like it :D

SDR2 Boys finding S/O asleep in bathtub

Hajime Hinata:

- You told him you were going to have a bath

- He didn’t really think much of it as he was busy with gaming

- But after about 10 rounds he realised it was rather… Quiet

- “S/O?”

- Silence

- He started searching for you checking your room, kitchen, garden but no luck

- He then remembered you said something about a bath

- He knocked 3 times but when you didn’t answer he carefully opened the door to find…

- You fell asleep

- “Seriously?”

- He lets out a chuckle before coming over to you and kneeling by the bath

- “Oi, S/O, wake up”

- He gently shakes you and laughs as you turn a bright red colour from blushing

Kazuichi Soda:

- As usual he was covered in oil

- So you told him you were going to make a bath for the two of you

- “Soda - kun! Come on!”

- “Five more minutes S/O!”

- It turns out 5 minutes actually meant 30 minutes

- Once he finally got to the bathroom he just… Froze

- You managed to fall asleep, several rubber ducks floating all around you

- He just kinda stares for a while before finally stripping and jumping in causing water to splash onto your face

- “WHA-”

- “Woah chill, it’s just me!”

- As revenge, you start splashing water at him

- By the time your bath is over, the bathroom is soaked

Nagito Komaeda:

- He wasn’t really listening to you as he was so immersed in his book

- But he did hear the word ‘bath’

- Hm.. I could probably join… But one more chapter won’t hurt…

- Being the little book nerd he is, he actually manages to finish the whole book before finally snapping back to reality

- “S/O - san/kun?”

- He waited for some sort of response

- But he didn’t get one

- Oh that’s right! You said bath

- He makes his way over to the bathroom only to find that the door is cracked open

- Wait… Did my luck-

- Before he can finish his thought, he swings the door open

- And there you are, sleeping among a mountain of foam

- He smiles before walking over to you

- “Hey, S/O - san/kun… I’m here”

- He kisses your forehead and once you finally open your eyes he moves to your lips

Nekomaru Nidai:

- The two of you had a pretty intense work out

- So he suggested you should take a bath as a way of relaxing

- You happily agreed and went ahead to prepare everything

- He on the other hand got things such as oils and towels in order to give you a massage after

- He was literally gone for 2 minutes

- But when he entered the bathroom you were already happily snoozing, your cheek pressed to the edge of the bath

- “Bwahahahah I worked you a bit too hard ey S/O?”

- He pokes your forehead causing you to groan in disapproval

- “Alright alright, I’ll do everything now”

- He then proceeds to give you one of the most relaxing evenings of your life

Gundham Tanaka:

- He was worried

- You were in there for a rather long time

- Like, longer than the average bath time

- “S/O, what is taking you so long? Are you performing a ritual or something?!”

- He knocks for a solid 10 minutes before finally mustering the strength to open the door

- But as soon as he sees you, he turns bright red

- “Oh- I-”

- He stutters a few words before turning on his heel and slamming the door shut

- You are quite beautiful like that

- No wait, this isn’t the time to think about that!

- He just hides his tomato red face in his scarf 

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- What on Earth is taking you so Goddamn long?!

- He was getting kind of bored without you around him

- … But he can’t just…. Come in like that can he?

- He spends some quality time pondering

- If I go in they might hurry up

- But I might get slapped or splashed

- Heh, then again that doesn’t seem too bad

- He finally decided.

- He knocks continuously for 2 minutes

- Nothing

- Well… He tried

- He slowly opens the door and takes a quick peak

- You’re… Asleep?

- Fuck me you look so cute

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He was busy perfecting his disguises

- But he realised you’ve been gone for quite a while

- He does a quick check around the house

- Hm… Where did you go?

- There is one place he didn’t check…

- Well, the bathroom door isn’t locked so… It’s okay if he takes a quick look right?

- Purely to see if you’re there obviously

- He opens the door enough to stick his head through

- And oh boy was it worth it

- He takes mental notes of how you look


Teruteru Hanamura:

- The second you mentioned you were going to have a bath he already decided he was going to join

- He just needed to finish cooking of course

- “Hohoho I hope you’re rea-”

- You were… Sleeping?

- Geez how long did he take?

- Well no matter he’s here now 

- He quickly disposes of his clothes before carefully climbing on top of you

- “Wh- Huh? Hanamura - kun?”

- “Hey hey S/O - san/kun, want me to wash you?”

- He winks

Long Day: Part I / Haz drabble

Pairing: Haz x Reader

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield

Warning: light smut

Request - I need more Haz smut babe

ok the smut i write is usually low key so please don’t expect this to be like total smut cause it probably won’t be


The door shut behind you as you stepped into the apartment. Today had been a decent day at work, but your feet were killing you and you had slipped on the sidewalk. By standers were of no help, and the icy weather that hit Toronto was not friendly. 

“Ow,” the croak came out as you placed your bag on the floor. Your ass had taken the fall and now it ached every time you took a step. 

“(F/N)?” Harrison’s voice called from further in the apartment. You looked up from the floor and watched as your boyfriend came around the corner. 

“Hey, babe.” You attempted to smile but it came out as a grimace. Your body screamed as you stood straight, wincing and falling backward against the wall, only making your body scream further.

“Hey, woah.” Harrison moved swiftly as he came to stand beside you, his hands placing themselves on your waist, squeezing slightly - soothing your ache by the smallest. “Are you alright?” He asked, his eyes searching your face for the answer to your discomfort. 

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Renegade Life: No time for haircuts

c r u n c h

flower crowns | michael gray

anon and @peakyblinders1919 wanted fluffy summer protective michael

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I thought you were napping”

“You didn’t answer my question”

“I’m making a garden in your hair”

Michael was laying in the grass, his arms behind his head. He peeked open one eye, squinting as the sun hit his face. You picked another daisy and threaded it through a gap in his temple.


“So you’re pretty”

He laughed, closing his eye, and laying back. He shuffled a little, getting comfortable again.

“Don’t wiggle! They’ll fall out!”

“You’re ridiculous”

“That’s not how you say adorable”

“I have a meeting with Tommy this afternoon, you better know where all these are going. If a fucking flower falls out my hair while I’m-“

“Shush your mush, Mikey, you’re ruining an otherwise lovely day”

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72 :(♡


“And that’s why I think Happy Feet is underrated,” you conclude proudly as you and 2D sit together at the bar of a local restaurant.

“Interesting…” 2D says smirking as he takes another sip of his drink.

“I just really like dancing penguins, okay?” you say in defense which earns a small snicker from 2D.

A stranger takes a seat rather obnoxiously next to you, and the two of you stare at him questionably. He looks around nonchalantly before speaking to you, “Sup.”

You and 2D exchange glances, you look at the stranger before answering cautiously, “Um… Hey?”

“Let me buy you a drink,” he says, sounding more of a demand rather than an offer.

“No thank you,” you reply coldly and turn back to 2D who’s holding his drink while sitting uncomfortably.

“Just one drink.”

“I said no thank you,” you turn to face the intruder, holding your ground. He grins smugly before saying, “Really?” He turns to look at 2D as if he just noticed his presence and scoffs, “You’re with him?”

“Hi, I’m 2-”

“Whatever,” he cuts him off.

“Hey, don’t be rude,” you say firmly, “How many times do I have to say no for you leave us alone? Go away.”

2D doesn’t say anything and neither does the stranger. The guy pushes himself off the small table, a weird unattractive smirk on his face before he shakes his head and mutters, “Seriously? This guy?” 

You don’t respond to that and neither does 2D. The stranger ends up leaving you two alone. You look over your shoulder to see if he’s anywhere in sight before speaking, “What a jerk…”

2D was staring into space. You rub the hand that’s loosely clutching his drink and he snaps out of it. “Y-yeah..” he agrees.

You look at him skeptically but he sits up suddenly and shoves his hands into his pocket looking for his wallet. “I think we should call it a night,” he says putting the money for the drinks on the table.


“Yeah, I’m tired,” he says, looking at the exit.

You bite the inside of your cheek and look him over, noticing that he does look a little sleepy. “Alright then…” you say before getting up and following him out of the restaurant.

The car ride is uncomfortably silent and the two of you hesitantly open the door to the shared house. You walk in quietly, hoping not to disturb his band-mates as it appeared they were in their respected rooms, most likely sleeping. 2D doesn’t wait for you as he walks to his bedroom searching around for clothes to sleep in. You lean against the door frame and watch him, concern furrowing your eyebrows together. He walks past you mumbling something about taking a bath and you finally say something, “Was it that guy?”

He stops in his tracks but doesn’t turn around to face you, “What do you mean?”

“Stuart,” you say seriously, “Talk to me.”

He doesn’t answer you for a while until his shoulders loosen up a bit and he drops his arms to his sides. He mumbles, “I’m just no good for you.”

“What?” you ask, not catching what he said.

You deserve so much better.

Your heart clenches in your chest after hearing that and you walk over to face him, “I don’t need anything better because I have you,” he looks at you, “And that’s all I could ever ask for,” you finish. He doesn’t react immediately when you hug him but his lanky arms eventually find their favorite spot around your waist. You rub his hair for a while, feeling comfortable and happy before you ask him, “Do you wanna watch a movie and eat the leftovers before we call it a night?” He nods his head, rubbing his cheek against your neck. The two of you watch his favorite film on the couch, him holding you securely and comfortably before you eventually head off to bed.

“our most fatal error was just saying hello” // a creamsicle fanmix of 37 songs to show both their feelings regarding betrayal, hate, love, lies, and death

  1. bangers and mash – radiohead
  2. blood roses – tori amos
  3. breezeblocks – alt-j
  4. candyland – cocorosie
  5. carry the zero – built to spill
  6. don’t you touch me – soko
  7. fall in love – phantogram
  8. girl with one eye – florence & the machine
  9. gun shy – widowspeak
  10. heavy in your arms – florence & the machine
  11. hide and seek – imogen heap
  12. highschool lover – air
  13. how to disappear completely – radiohead
  14. i’m not calling you a liar – florence & the machine
  15. jigsaw falling into place – radiohead
  16. keep on lying – tame impala
  17. liar – mumford & sons
  18. lies – the black keys
  19. little motel – modest mouse
  20. lovesong – the cure
  21. mk1 – radiohead
  22. mouthful of diamonds – phantogram
  23. no past lives – baths
  24. something about us – daft punk
  25. song for zula – phosphorescent
  26. sparks – coldplay
  27. take me somewhere nice – mogwai
  28. tape recorder – hammock
  29. tessellate – alt-j
  30. the amazing sounds of orgy – radiohead
  31. the dumbing down of love – frou frou
  32. the funeral – band of horses
  33. the ghost of you – my chemical romance
  34. the moment i said it – imogen heap
  35. videotape – radiohead
  36. we might be dead by tomorrow – soko
  37. white blank page – mumford & sons

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Title: Steam
Pairing: Noctluna
Rating: M
Genre: PWP
Summary: Look, it’s smut and I’m lazy, do we really need a summary? XD
Author’s Notes: @mistress-light said something about taking a bath and having a thirst for older Noct in the tub, and then this happened ^.~

Noctis let out a heavy sigh as he lowered his body into the deep tub, steaming water immediately loosening up stiff muscles. Sinking down until just his face was above water, he closed his eyes and gave in to the much needed relaxation. He wasn’t sure if he had drifted off to sleep, but the water was still so wonderfully hot when he felt it get disturbed.

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