something about a tree

things to notice

- how eyes sparkle when people talk about something they like
- the colour of the trees in fall
- birds chirping
- the moon and the stars at night
- how people react when you compliment them
- blossom trees


The sunset as incredibly beautiful. It glowed through the spindly winter branches. They were reaching for the vivid sky, same as I. There is something captivating about forest sunsets, trapped beneath the trees. You can’t see the full splendor, but you see enough to know it’s there. I ran through the forest to get a clearer view, but it wasn’t until we topped the mountain that the real artistry unfolded. It was certainly a sight to behold.


oth meme: [4/5] relationships: rachel and mouth

You know,you’re really beautiful now, Rachel. But I just want you to know, I could have loved the girl in that picture.

“There was something about the word itself that was magical. Cabeswater. Something old and enigmatic, a word that didn’t seem to belong in the New World.”

wild flowers | morning dew | the forest

What the Types Write

ESTJ: A self help book telling people to stop complaining and get their crap together.

ESTP: A book on their experiences as an athlete or another exciting career.

ISTP: A guide on how to dismantle and reassemble a computer.

ISTJ: A guide on how to repair some machinery they really care about, but their friends don’t.

INTJ: A book on how to use logical reasoning. The first half is spent complaining about how stupid people can be.

INTP: A book on a scientific theory. It’s quite detailed and revolutionary, but they didn’t get past the third page.

ENTJ: An autobiography on how they made it to where they are today in their corporate position.

ENTP: A Reddit article on all the different ways you can get banned on Club Penguin.

ENFP: A crazy coming of age romance novel. Either a lot of kissing scenes or unicorns, depending on the ENFP.

ENFJ: An “article” about a current human rights issue (it’s actually the length of a short book.)

INFJ: A novel that has running themes based on their deep rooted morals.

INFP: Poetry about their emotions

ISFP: Poetry about a tree or something

ISFJ: Their recipe for chocolate chip cookies, with specific instruction to sift the flour before adding it in.

ESFJ: A book on how to effectively communicate with children and the elderly.

ESFP: A guide on easy and impressive dance moves

Three Is Good Company [m]

Genre : Smut / Threesome 

Summary : In a series of perfectly placed moments you witnessed something you probably weren’t supposed to see.

First of all, you didn’t mean to see it. It just happened. Literally. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time…maybe right place but still, you weren’t supposed to see it. But then why was his door open!?

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: everyone keeps asking why they both keep wearing the pink & yellow color scheme mixed together (they share clothes)

Here you go!

Kimberly had been wearing Trini’s bomber jacket all day, the same bomber jacket Trini wore when they first found the power coins, the jacket Trini wore the first time they met. Something about the jacket made Kim’s heart clench, it smelled faintly like her, trees and pinewood, the smell of the forest, calming and refreshing. Kimberly could also smell the hints of a floral perfume, but it didn’t cover the earthly smell. The jacket smelled like Trini, like safety. Kimberly hadn’t meant to take it, she really hadn’t. She had climbed through Trini’s window last night, same as always, with krispy kreme donuts, for the sheer irony, and she lost track of the time, she usually does when she is with Trini, finding herself lost in the girls bright smile, her doe eyes, everything about Trini was warm, and comfortable. Trini was home. Kimberly always made sure to leave before the sun rose, every time, to make sure that she didn’t get caught by her parents, even though leaving Trini was difficult, her girlfriend begging her to stay and cuddle, among other things, though she usually was pretty good at saying no, the keyword being usually. Last night, she wasn’t as good as saying no as she thought she was, which was proven in more ways than one.

Kimberly had woken the next morning, the sun shining through the window blinding her, as she was laying in bed with Trini, the majority of her clothes spewed across the room, Trini’s soft brown hair spread across the sheets in front of her. The smaller girl was pressed up against her, Kim’s arm thrown over her midsection, holding her close, the other girls chest falling at an even pace, Trini’s light snoring filling Kim’s ears. Kimberly took in the calm for a moment, appreciating the beautiful girl in front of her, who was also her girlfriend. She then realized where she was. At Trini’s house, in the morning, after sneaking out of her house to see Trini. Kimberly jolted out of bed, quickly checking the time on her phone, which was in her pants, which were thrown across the room, on Trini’s desk, along with the assortment of their clothes everywhere, it was five a.m., giving her about an hour to get home, before her parents realized she wasn’t home. Trini started groaning, as Kimberly ran around the room, trying to grab her clothes, as she rushed to get home. Trini’s words were barely audible, but Kimberly could make out a “what the fuck?”,also a “its too early for this”, and a “come back here,” which is what Trini said as she pulled Kimberly back, tugging on her arm, Kimberly falling back into the bed, as Trini tried to pull her closer, Trini still being half asleep.

“Trin! Trini I have to go, unless you want my parents to find out their daughter isn’t home.”

Kimberly exclaimed, trying to pull herself from the other girl, who was incredibly strong, but if she was being honest, she wasn’t really trying that hard, not wanting to leave herself. Trini’s grip didn’t loosen, still pulling Kimberly closer, a small smirk on her face.

“Well that’s too bad princess. Maybe if you hadn’t suggested other activities last night, you would’ve been home on time.”

Trini teased, a mischievous grin on her face as she yanked the other girl forward again. Kimberly was about to yell Trini’s name but stopped herself, realizing that Trini’s parents were literally across the hall. Kimberly falls right next to Trini, their faces inches apart. Her breath hitches as she tries teasing back.

“Suggested, huh? So last night, that’s what you think suggesting is?” 

Kimberly hadn’t suggested it, but she certainly wasn’t opposed to it, she also wouldn’t admit that she was secretly hoping.

“I don’t remember you saying no, or complaining, but I do remember a few other words, like OH TRIN-“

Kimberly silences the other girl with a kiss, as they both melt into the kiss, Trini’s hand coming up to frame Kim’s face, her grip loosening on the other girl, allowing Kimberly to slip out of her iron grasp. Kim pulled away from the bed, a whine leaving Trini’s mouth, and rushed to grab all her clothes and her jacket, and she wasn’t really paying attention, mainly because of her incredibly adorable girlfriend whining and begging her to stay, even though they both knew how that’d turn out. Kimberly threw on a bunch of random clothes, anything she could pick from the assortment on Trini’s floor, before kissing her girlfriend quickly and rushing home, barely making it back before her mother came to ‘wake her up’.

What she hadn’t realized until she walked into school, was that the jacket she was wearing wasn’t hers. The sleeves were too short, it wasn’t long enough at the waist, it smelled faintly like pinewood and cedar, and it was bright yellow. It was Trini’s, which meant her pink shirt, and pinkish red jacket was at Trini’s, and that they had accidentally switched clothes. Kimberly didn’t mind, they’d done it before, but just in the safety of each others rooms, she liked the vague smell of Trini left on the collar, she liked how short the sleeves were too short, reminding her of how small her girlfriend was, something Trini was very defensive about, but Kimberly knew she secretly liked being the small spoon, having to stand on her tiptoes to kiss Kimberly, and wearing Kimberly’s clothes. She knew that nobody who didn’t know them personally wouldn’t notice, but she knew the boys would notice, but they didn’t know that Kim and Trini were dating, although they had been asking questions and wondering what had changed between the girls. So when Kim walks into english, which she has with Jason, she notices his eyes do a double take of the outfit, and how he narrows his eyes curiously, examining how Kim was acting, looking for any of the cues that she had been with Trini, happy, blissful, bashful. Jason wasn’t clueless, he was the team leader after all, he also knew the girls very well, noticing that they had changed in terms of friendliness, so Kim knew that he noticed she was wearing Trini’s jacket, and she waited for him to ask. Thirty minutes of class passed before he said anything.

“You’re wearing Trini’s jacket” 

It wasn’t so much a question, as it was a statement. Kimberly doesn’t turn her head away from the front, she just skims over her outfit before saying.

“I guess I am.”

Jason’s face scrunches up in confusion, as he nods his head slowly, looking back at the teacher. Kimberly had to contain her smirk, she could go along with this, teasing the poor, innocent boys.

What Kim didn’t know was that Trini had also switched her clothes, wearing Kimberly’s bright pink shirt, a colour very uncommon on her, but Kimberly had no complaints. As they went on through the school day, both girls got different confused questions from the the boys like, “um isn’t that Kim’s shirt?” and “when did you decide to start wearing the colour pink?” or “yellow’s new?” The girls were both getting joy out of seeing the boys confused, and Zack very suspicious.  

At the end of school, the boys confronted the girls, determined to find out what had been going on between them, ready to get their answer. As the girls were leaving school, both wearing a mix between pink and yellow, the boys stepped in front of them, Zack’s arms crossed, Jason eyes narrowing, trying to figure out what was going on, still slightly confused, and Billy, sweet sunshine child, just stood there, still very confused himself, but not really caring, a small across his face. Jason starts off.

“So…what’s going on with you two?” 

He asks vaguely, gesturing between the two girls. The girls share a quick glance, small mischievous smirks pulling at their faces, as they continues to tease and act clueless.

“What do you mean red? You jealous?”

Trini teases, causing Jason to stutter, his face almost as red as his suit. He doesn’t say anything else. Zack though, Zack wasn’t afraid to press.

“You’re sharing clothes, even perfume I think. You go out on cafe dates like everyday, and you two are suddenly very close, much closer than before, so what’s happened?”

He states, not wanting to push any boundaries, knowing he’d get his ass kicked. The girls just smile, and intertwine their hands and Billy just says sweetly.

“Well if you guys are happy, we’re happy too.” 

He says before clapping his hands, giving the girls a reassuring smile, but something in his eyes is telling them that he knows, that he understood, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips. Trini’s smirk widens as Kimberly speaks.

“Thanks Billy, and what can we say guys, we’re just your regular gal pals.” 

She pats Jason’s arm, before pulling Trini’s arm as they pick up their pace, leaving the boys clueless, but not a minute later, Kimberly hears Billy say something and then Jason and Zack yell in unison.


Trini tugs Kimberly as they start to run, the boys chasing after them, questions being shouted, as they ran away, together.

More N headcanons nobody asked for

- N has no artistic ability. He’s a deep thinker but doesn’t really have an interest in doing art or writing himself

-He isn’t very good with music either. He can’t clap on beat and isn’t very familiar with songs circulating around in Unova. However he will enjoy music that comes from pokemon and appreciates their abilities.

-He has debated his whole life about whether or not to nickname pokemon. On one hand, he thinks names show a sign of ownership. On the other hand, it could symbolize friendship. Ultimately he chooses not to nickname every single one, but he might name a few he sees frequently, or has multiple pokemon of the same species that he likes to distinguish.

-He befriends Alder a few years after apologizing to him. N, despite having some clashing views, slowly learns to forgive himself in this way. Alder becomes like a father figure to him over the years. 

 -He reads books to pass the time. You’ll see him in and out of the bookstore or library sometimes. 

 -N isn’t too big on sweets. He can only eat a little bit without feeling sick. 

-He starts a pokemon preservation because he doesn’t deem anything previously created enough to protect pokemon, especially ones for hurt/abused pokemon 

-He becomes an activist for protection against abuse of pokemon. Due to the lack of laws and regulations, he decides that it’s time that a reform happens. He works hard for years, overcoming his dislike for working with people to work with the law to enforce safety. He’d rather do it himself, but eventually he is convinced this is the only way they pokemon aren’t being hurt by their trainers.

-N also develops a heart for abused children. Seeing neglect and domestic violence being a raging epidemic, he revisits and comes to terms with his own hurt he tried so hard for so long to push back for the sake of pokemon. 

-N likes to try new foods. Every time he does to a restaurant (as long as it doesn’t contain meat), he’ll try something he hasn’t tried before.

Bonus: He tries coffee one day, and loves it. 

Maple Dragon - I did a commission a little while back which involved dragons and SCIENCE! (hopefully I’ll get to post that one after the event it’s for)

When I do commissions, I usually draw a number of thumbnail/development sketches. This one didn’t get picked, but I liked the concept so I painted it in my own time. I might make a series of these, something about the style really works for me.

on the day you were born

based on the poetry of the moon.

on the day you were born, the passion and zest of your mother was brought into you. you sparked and sizzled and sprung into the world, leaving a trail of fireworks. your smile left hope for new beginnings. you were a chance, a glimmer of light- aries moon.

on the day you were born, the earth’s forests and trees rejoiced. you were born from lilies, honey, and willow trees. something was so familiar about you the moment you came, and you brought with you flowers from your journey- taurus moon.

on the day you were born, your tiny coos made melodies and awed the bystanders. glitter seemed to dance around your twinkly eyes, and every time you blinked, they changed colors. you searched and inspected everything with a playful gaze- gemini moon.

on the day you were born, the moon cried pearl tears for you. your essence was serene and glimmering, a quiet compassion seeped through the edges of your soul. the skies were murky and dripping love for you to hold- cancer moon.

on the day you were born, the sun spun golden beams to cast down onto your precious being. your happiness and joy was left stained everyone who held you with tangerine hues. the sunset that night was like nothing seen before- leo moon.

on the day you were born, all of the world’s most beautiful words were blessed upon you. your soul etched and stitched intricately with creativity, intelligence, and compassion. you left traces of stardust all over the people you loved- though they were unable to see it- virgo moon.

on the day you were born, roses bloomed in the fall. their petals engulfed you in red and pink, kissing your forehead with their soft lips. they gifted you one bleeding heart, and a yearning for harmony- libra moon.

on the day you were born, the skies opened and poured rain onto your soul. the entire purple night sky found a place to stay inside your heart, holding you accountable for it. they could not contain the water within you, but you would not let it spill without permission- scorpio moon.

on the day you were born, the gods rejoiced and had a large feast. while looking down upon you, they blessed you with wisdom and knowledge; luck and optimism. the souls of the forgotten nomads were entrusted in you with only a compass to guide you- sagittarius moon.

on the day you were born, the clocks stopped, the wind howled, and the moon seemed to go backwards. the responsibility of the world was left to you, and you generously accepted. instilled in you was both the future, present, and past; timeless- capricorn moon.

on the day you were born, lightning struck your mind and heart. thunder claps echoed in the distance, as you glided along the skies. your mind a library, and as your bright eyes opened, they seemed to have the entirety of this planet within them- aquarius moon.

on the day you were born, neptune accidentally spilled old film reels, mystery, and the range of human experience into you. it lifted your sensitivity, making every bruise an ink stain of blue and purple dye. you held every emotion inside of your soul, forever conscious of them- pisces moon.

Karin:  Hmm I can’t find Sasuke…

Suigetsu:  I got this *puts hands over mouth*  Itachi sucks and has ugly hair!

Sasuke: *Destroys Konoha*  YOU DARE SPEAK OF ANIKI IN FRONT OF ME!

Suigetsu: Found hi-shit.

Naruto: *Bursts through ground* WHOEVER SAID THAT IS DEAD!  BELIEVE IT!

Suigetsu: Uhh-

Shisui: *Drags reanimated corpse from river*  Let me tell you something about my cousin…

Sakura: *Rips apart trees* HOW DARE YOU!?!?!!?!


Suigetsu: I was just-

Kakashi: *Bursts through wall*  I heard Itachi and ass.

Itachi: *Floats down from heaven*  Rude.

So, for shits and giggle (and because i’m sort of sick, poor, and desperate) I got these Near-sighted Myopia Glasses from Amazon to see if they’d help with the fact that everything past my elbow is a blur lately.

I put them on.

And it was like waking up from a dream and you were there, and you, and you, and Oh my god why is there so much dust and cat hair?!

trees shivering, the moon glimmering, there’s something strange, about how reality momentarily breaks, when the night sails past the midway, in the ocean of dark blue haze