something 2 prove

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Will you please do a "something to prove" Pt. 2? I absolutely loved it!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader ; Pepper Potts x Tony Stark (mentioned) ; Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes (mentioned)
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: /
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Summary: The Avengers return from the mission. Tony finds out about Peter and you.

A/N: thaaanks, darling! <33 I was gonna do a second part anyways, but your request made me write it a lot sooner, than I originally would have, so here you go! (also, beware, third part in the makings)


The mission had been a total success.

No casualties and no injuries for any of the Avengers.

They rarely had missions like this one, so everyone was in a good mood, when flying back home.

But Tony noticed that ONE Avenger, was almost ecstatic with happiness.

He sat down across from Peter, who was grinning at his phone.

“I know that face. Steve has that face when he texts Bucky,” Tony glanced at Steve, a smug smile on his face. Steve tried his best to ignore him, despite the fact that he had DEFINITELY heard him say it. “New girlfriend, then?”

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why do you love ziam?


let me just preface this. I love anyone who loves Liam. And Zayn fucking loves him some Liam. And yeah, the others do too, but Ziam from all we know about them, was on it from day 1 at a diff level. liam is this guy, who came to 2010 xfactor with something to prove. Spent 2 years getting his act together, teaching himself the guitar, taking vocal training, and  performing everywhere he could. this boy was prepared. And not many other 16yrs olds roll like that, especially not the ones he ended up being in a group with. And I’m sure that didn’t make him the coolest guy-being an overachiever is not fun. but somehow, Zayn- super cute, effortlessly cool, with talent coming out of  every pore found him cool. Cool enough to move into a separate room with him when it got a little too much, cool enough to announce to a nation that hey had a legit bromance, cool enough to tell the world that Liam Payne is his favorite friend by talking about him all over Dare to Dream.  He’s never been shy about letting the world know just how much he loves Liam. I think that’s important because maybe a lot of people think Liam doesn’t really need that. But it makes a difference when someone is vocal about it. It really does. And I strongly believe that  for Liam having Zayn there made all the difference. 

Other things:

Their dynamic. Liam’s got a lot of sides to him. And all of the boys have particular sides of Liam that they relate to/bring out more, but with Zayn it’s the WHOLE of Liam. It seems like there’s a lot of respect and mutual admiration too.  I really really love how Zayn engages Liam in conversation.Like the others will occasionally look at Liam like he has a third head, but Zayn’s always seem to get what/where Liam is coming from. I love how they’re both in awe of each other’s talent. We all know how Liam feels about Zayn’s vocals, but if you ever pay attention to Zayn, his focal point in the group is always Liam. I’m not even sure he’s aware of it, but that’s who he looks at to lead him onstage. 

Their friendship is one of the only ones that I’m sure is just as consistent off cameras as it is on camera. And that’s not saying that the other’s aren’t, but-there’s just something about them. Case in point. Throughout the Australia/Japan trip, a lot of Ziam/Zilo fans noticed that an important component of the trio was missing publicly.  Liam kind of did his own thing those two months and we really didn’t get anything from them offstage. But then 1D day happened, and you watch all the videos filmed throughout that trip and what do you see? Ziam ziam ziam. This is BTS stuff. Kind of like This is Us. And they both share Louis in such an interesting way…but that’s a whole different topic.

They have a lot of the similar interests in movies and music. Liam gets Zayn to dance and act goofy and also TALK. God, Zayn gets so in his head but Liam loves to include Zayn’s opinions by either asking Zayn to talk or just flat out telling us what Zayn would think/say. But guess who almost always knows the answer to a Liam question? Zayn.

I could go on forever and tbh this is a lot of rambling but it’s really hard to explain.  It’s just. It’s there. It’s the fond. It’s the gentleness. Zayn said it best: ‘Just like me’ :)

When Larries call antis “teenage girls”

1.  You’re wrong.  Most of of us are not teenage girls.  Most of us are full grown adults who don’t feel the need to use our age as a weapon to prove something.

2.  What’s wrong with being a teenage girl?  Why do you think that they aren’t intelligent?  Because they don’t have the life experience?  Are teenage girls not allowed to question things when that line of questioning doesn’t lead to YOUR conclusion?  Why does that somehow make them stupid or worthy of your belitting?  I have called young people “child” before, but not because of their age.  It’s because they were behaving like a child.  You know, like all of you oh-so-sophisticated “adults” do all the time.

3.  You do realize that your audience is mostly teenage girls, right?  Are you just this unaware of yourselves?  Why do you belittle an entire group of people when they’re the ones reading and buying into the stuff you post?  Do you not realize that you’re questioning the intelligence and life experience of the very people who follow you and agree with you?  

4.  Age is not a factor in maturity.  Larries who are adults, twice Louis’ and Briana’s age, have bullied, abused, and harassed them, cursed their families out, shown zero compassion toward them, and when they’re called out by “teenage girls”, they bully that teenage girl. They spend hundreds of dollars for dolls in order to mock an actual baby.  They drive hundreds of miles to obtain a birth certificate they have no business obtaining.  They encourage people to stalk Louis.  Is that really something an adult should be doing?  So there’s no accounting for maturity level here.

5.  Stop basing someone’s intelligence and maturity level on the fact that they might be a teenager.  Get to know them first.  If they behave like a child, feel free to point that out, but don’t make the assumption that someone isn’t intelligent based on them being sixteen years old.  Don’t belittle or patronize them.  Just as young people shouldn’t laugh at you and degrade you because of your age, you shouldn’t do the same to them.

6,  Stop assuming that the person you’re speaking with is a teenage girl.  People who don’t believe in Larry are a vast variety of ages, genders, and occupations.  

In conclusion, instead of using your age to “win” an argument, try actually addressing the point being made and speak to people of any age with respect and dignity instead of hostility and condescension. Otherwise, you, the “reasonable adult” in the situation,  negate any credibility due to your age and you just look like an overgrown child.