“It stings.”
“It’s disinfectant. Of course it stings,” John says grimly and puts the spray back into his bag. He looks at the gash in Sherlock’s right hand and sighs. “Don’t grasp into barbed wire next time. Then we won’t need it.”
Sherlock makes a face. He observes, how John takes out a bandage and shakes his head.
“You’re overreacting again. It’s just a …”
“Shut up,” John says mildly and takes Sherlock’s hurt hand.
Suddenly he hears Sherlock’s breath faltering and looks up with a frown. “Does this hurt?”
“No,” Sherlock says quickly. He avoids John’s gaze and swallows. “You can go on.”
“Okay.” John’s frown deepens but he focuses on the wound again.
He works carefully but quickly.
Sherlock’s skin is warm and smooth. Once more John thinks that Sherlock really has nice hands - what a weird thought, Watson …
It’s very calm around them. The only noises are Sherlock’s breathing and the ticking of the clock on the wall.
When John is finished, he strokes over Sherlock’s hand once - why are you doing this? - and then lets go. He looks at Sherlock - is he blushing? No. Must be the light … - and smiles. “That’s it. Uhm. Tea?”
Sherlock looks at him in a way, John can’t really interpret. It’s intense. But also … somehow soft.
“Yes. Yes tea is good,” he says quietly.
They look at each other for another silent moment, that feels much longer than it really is. 
But it’s nothing …

Reaction of each sign when they don’t know how to do something

Aries: they insist and do really anything.

Taurus: they insist and finally succeed what they wanted to do.

Gemini: they are looking for a tutorial on YouTube.

Cancer: they become enraged against themselves and sometimes even against others.

Leo: they look for an excuse and walk away quietly.

Virgo: they study the problem from A to Z and find the solution.

Libra: they call someone on the phone and ask for help.

Scorpio: they evacuate stress, get very angry, and then concentrate again.

Sagittarius: they need to change the air, to do something else …

Capricorn: they insist, growl, murmur insults, still insist.

Aquarius: they finally try to do things in their own way and it works.

Pisces: they give up and fall asleep.

listen @roseshell‘s dance au is quite possibly my favorite soumako au in the history of soumako aus, just sayin. i mean it’s an au with hip hop dancer makoto and ballet dancer sousuke, how much better can you get


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek

Allen Walker, crouched on the ground, suffering because of his own innocence turning against him.

Allen Walker, trying not to cry out in pain because of the 14th awakening within him.

Allen Walker, smiling at a little girl who approaches him and asks if he’s an angel even though he feels like he is dying and is completely and utterly alone.