Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar Crossover (part 4) - Tangled:

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How would his life be without Plagg…

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I’m not saying there was a point to it, but I might have spent a little too much time making a transparent Bucky Barnes as he runs into battle… and you know… I’d already made it… Sooo waste not want not? I guess.


Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar Crossover (part 5) - Emperor’s new groove:

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Chloe has her problems…..

So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

Tips to finishing your first draft:

1. Stay off the internet.
2. Research BEFORE you start writing.
3. Write as often as possible.
4. Stay OFF the internet.
5. Read often to stay inspired.
6. Write in a separate room from distractions.
7. STAY off the internet.
8. Create an outline so you always know where the story is going.
9. Stay off the INTERNET.
10. Seriously. Stay off the internet.

—  The writer who is currently on the internet.