Calling out to my wilderness:
Wake! Rise!
Find your way home
You’ve been in slumber for too long
The days are aging quickly
Time curling in as leaves do before they fall
Be swift in your return
Unapologetic for your delay
Bring the jungle with you
The paltry civility is sliding to its demise
Heed the whistle of war
Wander not! Waver not!
Come baring those fangs
Announce your arrival with clamouring armour
Till no doubt exists that you’re here

Reaction of each sign when they don’t know how to do something

Aries: they insist and do really anything.

Taurus: they insist and finally succeed what they wanted to do.

Gemini: they are looking for a tutorial on YouTube.

Cancer: they become enraged against themselves and sometimes even against others.

Leo: they look for an excuse and walk away quietly.

Virgo: they study the problem from A to Z and find the solution.

Libra: they call someone on the phone and ask for help.

Scorpio: they evacuate stress, get very angry, and then concentrate again.

Sagittarius: they need to change the air, to do something else …

Capricorn: they insist, growl, murmur insults, still insist.

Aquarius: they finally try to do things in their own way and it works.

Pisces: they give up and fall asleep.


THE BEATLES - ‘ABBEY ROAD’ (1969) - Concept Posters

created by Minimal-Pulse-Art []