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This is for Erin (somesaysheise). I have crush on her. I think she is really a wonderful person. I admire how she handles herself here. All her posts are so original and love reading them. Someday I hope I get to meet her and have a beer.


My face is clearing up. Like seriously. And without hormonal prescription medication and expensive prescription topical shit. I still have quite a bit of hyperpigmentation (dark spots where acne used to be), but that will take much longer to go back to normal. What I do not have, though, is a shit ton of painful, deep, hideous fucking boils covering my goddamn face and making me embarrassed to have to go out in public and like interact with people who could see my face. I know it sounds dramatic and I am admittedly prone to hyperbole, but I really was just humiliated by the state of my face.

Erin told me about a line of skin care products called (by?) Mario Badescu, so I tried it because I will literally try anything when it comes to my face because I have tried almost everything so what’s one more? And because I’ve tried so many things that inevitably had little to no effect, (or sometimes made everything much worse) I didn’t have high hopes. But holy fucking shit, something finally worked. I even went out and got refills of the things I’d run out of and a few more items, including a whitening mask to hopefully help with my hyperpigmentation. It’s available online or at ULTA, if you’re curious.

I’m very happy.


Richard Marx - Now and Forever

Here you go, E.


Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

Because I know Gabby loves this one.  And Erin, too.

I am most proud of (for somesaysheisE)

I am proud that I am trying hard to recognize the things that are making my life harder and, while perhaps not to entirely fix them, at least make some adjustments, try new habits, to be happier.  I know that I can be, and should be, happier than I am for all the good things in my life.  

But I refuse to sit here and whine, worry, and sulk.  To wait for, or search for, someone else to fix my problems for me.  I have to make the effort, or I won’t deserve it.  I am working diligently to make the very best of this one life I have.

I’m proud that I am my own savior.