System: TBA

Status: In Development

Release: TBA

Developer: Chris Olsen

Website: / /

Description: “SOMERVILLE at it’s core is an episodic cinematic platformer with responsive shooter mechanics. It draws influence from my beloved days of grinning through Eric Chahi’s Another World but dragged through a nice contemporary wash. Expect a core mechanic that borrows a little bit of Treasure shooter, a smidge of rhythm action, bookended by a fleshed out adventure game experience.”


“The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead.” And if the toy store don’t have the Rey action figures you see, follow the example set by these awesome kids, and make your own. During a recent Winter Camp session at Parts and Crafts, a family makerspace and community workshop in Somerville, MA, a group of kids were provided with Bratz dolls and the materials to convert them into Rey figures. Paint was removed, doll hair was dyed, new costumes were sewn, accessories were made, and new facial features painted on.

These kids were as resourceful as Rey scavenging on Jakku. One enterprising participant made herself a fantastic Maz Kanata figure instead (another fantastic and thus far under-represented character from The Force Awakens):

[via Nerd Approved and Make:]

In Union Square in Somerville, across the street from a Dunkin Donuts, cast iron radiators dominate a busy corner. We dropped one off last week, a three-hundred pounder removed from a kitchen we’re renovating in Arlington. It felt like we were returning it to its family, that it would be welcomed into the rusting, paint-chipped crowd. They used to pay ten bucks when you dropped one off. Now it’s nothing except a lighter load in the back of your truck, and a new member of the lot, cold to the touch, still radiating something.


House on Boston Street, Somerville by Blake Gumprecht


Here’s another sneak peak of some of the artists that we are representing in the first stop of our Feminist Fiber Art exhibit in Somerville! Not all of the artwork in our show has an explicitly feminist agenda, we strongly believe that women artists should be able to make whatever the fuck they want to! 

Here are the artists represented in this post, from top to bottom:
Sarah K. Benning
Molly Burgess 
Jesse Schissler
Emily Hiller
Laura Bundesen
Somerville will not remove Black Lives Matter banner despite police pleas
Somerville police officers are calling for the removal of the Black Lives Matter banner at City Hall, but the mayor says it isn’t going anywhere.

The local union published a letter Tuesday calling for Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone take down the banner that has hung since Aug. 19, 2015 and replace it with an “All Lives Matter” banner.

“The Somerville Police Employees Association and its members are deeply troubled that the city continues to display the Black Lives Matter banner above the main entrance of city hall. It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our city would propagate its support for this movement while standing silent over the seemingly daily protest assassinations of innocent police officers around the country,” Somerville Police Union President Michael McGrath said in a July 19 letter to Curtatone.

But Curtatone said his support for police officers cannot preempt his commitment to addressing systemic racism locally and nationally.