because it makes sense!

Essentially, if you are coming to the film 4 Somerset House Silence of the Lambs screening with us in London (information here) and wish to place an order with me, I can give you that order at the time meaning you don’t have to pay postage. Just follow these steps

  • Place an order from my etsy, this order cannot contain season 2 heateus survivor badges (as I don’t have any), before the 8th of August 2015.
  • Use code SOTLSOMERSETHOUSE to get the shipping eaten away.
  • Keep a note of your order number, if you don’t have it on the day, I won’t give you your order, which would suck.

Please note, I will not be accepting any payment for items on the day, I won’t have any stock with my other than what is already promised to others. I’m just giving the ravenstags a day off.

Hope this helps some people! Thank you!