Backseat Serenade by All Time Low is such a sweet song, especially acoustic. I’m in love with it.

And I’d like to give props to All Time Low for making a song about a blowjob sound so romantic.

I don’t understand how people expect others to dress like their favorite kind of music??

Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical ever. Do I look like I wear a mask and a cape and travel by boat everywhere no didnt think so

“gays will destroy this nation!” yells the senator sternly into the microphone. his supporters all cheer as his anti-gay speech ends, but their cheers soon turn to shrieks of terror as laserbeams fly violently across the hall, setting the room ablaze. amidst the falling debris the senator looks up through a haze of smoke and ash. the gays have arrived. they are bent on destruction. they are coming for the nation at last.

Shoutout to Tatsuhisa Suzuki for being able to sing like a complete grungy sexy rock star in the opening theme song of an anime and then doing a complete 180 and singing like a cutesy kawaii boy band member for the ending theme song of the same anime

While voicing the sweetest, nicest, most caring and motherly character in said anime